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Marina 15m
You're the truth I'm always wanting to keep.
Your love drives people crazy, out of the wind.
Marina 57m
You say you'll always believe me.
You say you'll always catch me.

I'm leaving this place, pack your bags
I'm tired of loving from a far
And I don't want to leave you anymore,
I'm leaving the old house that I know so well.

You say you'll always need me the most.
You told me you were loving the way I kissed your heart.

I loved the way your eyes shine
In the dark places in the life of mine,
Because I don't want to leave you anymore.

Your car is outside my home,
I'm ready to come in for the truth
And prepared for your home to embrace my soul.
There is nothing better
than the gentle caress
Of two hearts
beating in unison
In the dark, silent hours

We stand alone,

Distant and cold.
The love

We once shared

And left in tatters

Around us.
How could something

Once so beautiful

End like this?
All of our memories

Scattered carelessly

Along our

Rocky path,
We slowly step through

The minefield

That was once

A meadow

Of sun-kissed flowers,
Weeping and lamenting

To see such


And sadness in

The wake of our storm.
Empty hearts,

Empty arms,

Empty lives.
You were my all,

Now we are just strangers.
How could you become that

Somebody I used to know?
I held out my hand for you to hold, but

You ran away

And took half of me with you,
And that half of me still lives

Within your promises

And soft words of love,
But I need it back

So that I can heal the edges

Of my broken soul again.
I miss you,

I miss us.

I miss our dreams.
If you bring that half of me back,

You can stay safe

Within me,

good poetry, good poets:

you are all so o v e r confident

“ceaseless, your poetry will never cease”


but the heart, the engine, the brain,
even the decrepitating body,
gives many visible warnings,
we can be done in so easily,
we can be seized.

by a tick bite, the sugar’s refusal to convert,
the minor cuts, that take months to heal,
everything small as dangerous as an artery blockage,
a single cell of an illegitimate growth,
the small easy, too purposefully ignore,
but that does not mean no registration

this, then, about me and a bud of a free-thee-well

lins 6h
all the poets write about love
unfortunately I am one

my thoughts are not new
just different
because they’re of you

Love’s dead.
Love’s dead.
I’ll say it again.
I’ll sing it from the rooftop
'Till these old bones stop breathing.

I’ll take a knife to
My pulmonary arteries and watch
My undeserving heart lose its ruby-colored dressings.
Before I let love
Fool me again
With its deceptive tactics.  

Am I a product of my environment?
Or do I just
Lack the basic capacity
To understand love’s cruel semantics?

Only time will tell what becomes
Of this defective love
That plagues my soul.
My night just got longer ,
My comfort just got fortified,
Fortified with toxins,
Am doing a research a research of my own heart,
Am doing a search a search of my own pieces of heart,
I thought I was in summer sunny beach only to wake up in Amazon forest predators at my tail,
I took you as my Queen not knowing I was a servant to you
It's where there is smoke fire is you blinded my eyes to see the smoke
My wounds are still fresh ,fresh than fish from a fresh water lakes.
My tears of emotions are crying , crying for help ,help of survival.
I built an empire on top of an oacen and now the tides have washed it away.
I jubilate in tribulation in relationship
Am weathering in my in my island of a broken heart
My sweat memories tormenting my memories
My broken heart
moon 9h
growing hurts sometimes.
i want you by my side but you can't be here.
you aren't good for me and that hurts too.
twitter : @omw2you
I can’t lie those thoughts t go through my head
the thoughts that you try to fight
hide , push to the side
but I’ve tried
they never subside
I’ve tried to confide in those closest to me
they just say the same strain .
my brain is a sink that never drains
just  keeps overflowing
until the water is no longer clear
but tainted Scarlet
dripping on to my feet
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