kasihku seperti surat yang kusut dalam kolong meja;
berisi lirik-lirik lagu semenjana kata mereka
konser di jantung riuh semalam
di situ aku menjadi degup yang gagal ditafsirakan
keramaian yang suci, sejatinya telah lesap
padahal mereka semua telah berjingkat, sayang
suatu keramaian telah dirampas
oleh aliran rindu yang mengaliri dan mengakhiri beberapa muara sungai hingga sampai amis lautan
di ujung menyalakan lilin, di pulau sepi;
berombak sunyi.

Malang, November 2017

Time forgot her,
but you didn't  
she still lives in the memory
her imprints on the places she touched
her thoughts in her diary full of poetry
her last words carved in the cemetery
and the smiling photographs in your album
still keeps her alive
she's that birdie flying
and that butterfly lingering
always buzzing in your mind
she's still part of your life,
she won't die till you do.


langit kemerahan menjejak bumi
menyeru sejenak mengabaikan waktu
duka dan luka akan kaubawa
lenyap di barisan kalimat doa

tapi doa tak ada dalam sajakku
karena doa tak pantas dinikmati seharu melankolia dan sepelik balada
doa bukanlah elegi untuk diratapi

waktu telah luput dari bibirmu
bibir yang gemar mengakrabi umur usang
milik seorang pendosa ulung yang  berubah jadi pendoa yang urung untuk terlupa.

Malang, November 2017

Blois 3h

So, I discovered that she do likes poetry.
Only she likes other poetry, not mine.
And it is not that I need her to like
what I write per se (I mostly don't like
what I write myself), is that she don't like
what I write about her. And that is critical.
Because love is also an artistic impresion
and we only like the art that affects us.

I am your poem.

From that mountain hole
Too many pains left
And from the island of the vexation
A little pleasure on the journey twinkle They made  a missiles
I was fabricated just below your heart
And I am the part of it

Just by planting a tree farm
Trouble dirts your hands
I was penned from composition of roughness
And I am the stanzza of it

Thunder thrown out of your eyes
They are more expensive than pearls
Drinking  nano water
I was  masterminded
And I am the Masterpiece of it

The debt too scared by itself
Searching for fertilizer tissue
Selling the blood of your own
I was painted from the words of penalty
And I am the same book of it

Momma ! I'm not a poetess
I am your poetry ....

I am the product of plenty of sufferings ,and vexation that momma suffers
I am her words falling and rolling in the real life   ,pattern of her language
And I am her whole book

A roster of rotten rogues and rascals
Rapscallions and self-righteous racketeers.
Wrapped themselves in the American Flag,
Like Wicked Witches of the West in drag.
Not a whit of statesmanship in the bunch.
Hearts as black as coal, I have a hunch.
If we go by behavior, the devil is alive;
Queen bees who hate the workers in the hive.

They started with genocide of all those here,
Native Americans before the whites drew near.
They kept it up by importing a million black folks
They owned and raped and made up ugly jokes.
In time they treated Irish and Italians the same.
Let them come here and then played a sick game.
Promises to those, the non-Europeans, were not kept.
They heaped them with bias while good Christians slept.

It has been going on forever since antiquity.
They make our fine country a den of iniquity;
When not operating from a sense of disdain
They run their show on hatred, death and pain.
They claim they work for the people, but
Most of the people can tell what is really what.
Distressingly disgusting, diabolically divisive
They do their best when citizens are permissive.

In time they decided monopolies were great.
They let those with money put up the gates
And charge those with little to pass through
To get food, water, places to live. Not new.
Old country villainy was given a new face
And soon only a few creeps owned the place.
They cheated and swindled and laughed at those
Who starved, rebelled and fought and died.
Rich children splurged on geegaws far and wide.

Soon the list of enemies grew in the mansions,
They included over half of regular American citizens:
Blacks women and poor people were told shut up.
There was not enough nectar to put into their cups.
Gays, agnostics and atheists were treated as if
They were the living minions of the Christian devil
Liberals and objections to conservatives called evil.
Anyone who had issues to the gathering of massive wealth
Was treated as a criminal who wanted to steal their wealth.

The self-righteous racketeers bought newspapers and lies
All created to be swallowed whole by the lazy and unwise
Who could not see that they bought and sold more crooks
That got into office and wrote evil laws into the books.
This is not a new game, in this computerized info age.
This is an ancient costume covering up the old outrage.
It only takes for most of us to stand by and not protest
When leaders lie, and cheat and steal and call it a jest.

Denial is a pernicious disease. Just look at who is in the White House and who runs Congress.

Your mind flees its body
Clenching its fists

Mourning an absence
one not yet in existence

Chasing a hope
That floats in the distance

Churning a storm
That forms a resistance

You are strong
You are worthy
You are whole.

But only small hands
Will catch your drifting soul.

Princess is walking through the wood,
she is afraid of the dark and gloomy mood ...
Searching for a lover - vampire is hard,
walking without her honorary Guard ...
She escaped from her castle - room,
maybe this can be a walk to the doom ...
Will destiny lead her to the vampire,
he possesses the whole wood - empire ...
Finally she has found a vampire - lover,
she realizes that love from him is over ...
Someone exorcised from him a final breath,
she chooses that she will join him in death ...

Spell words that bind together passing strangers
Set down thoughts coalescing those whom often walk alone
                 Append the goodwill of poetry,
                 bonding individual hearts and minds
Assemble letters to bespeak sincerely,
                 a hope of unabated love
Spel­l words that bind together passing strangers
How can one unseeunhear what decries one love?
Some say it’s not love when your love is unrequited    
Spell it another way, so it cannot be abandoned
                 like a deserted broken heart

Spell words that bind together passing strangers
Intertwine warp and weft fabric
                 stitching understanding uttered artistry
Entwined within the threads that weave poetic tapestry
Unveil the lyrical essence of singular hearts and minds

Spell words that bind together passing strangers
Compose eloquent sonnets that impassion hopeful hearts
Betoken words that unite lost and broken souls
Muse the alphabet to beget an amazing grace

Spell words that bind together passing strangers
Sense hearts awaking of a beautiful enveloping love
Manifest a vivid renaissance of random acts of kindness
                 Testify, uplifting bemused spirits;
                 bear witness to a higher love from mountain high

Spell words that bind together passing strangers
L o v e  is amity beyond the bounds of a   f o u r  letter  w o r d
Assemble letters to embrace a sublime affection
The total sum, affinity is the fusion to become one love

Spell words that bind together passing strangers
How can unwritten words change your heart
                 about singing love psalms?
Inseparable musical notes synthesis
within the greatest harmony of song

Spell words that won’t question,  
                 "will  I  ever  spell  l o v e  again?”

Spell it another way so it cannot unravel

                 amities' sublime tapestry

                 or ever be lost again …

                 Written by:   h.a. rivers
                                                         ­                                                         .

... be thankful to hold the power & choice to just be you ―

"Oh, the comfort-inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person-having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that the faithful hand will take them and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away."

   Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
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