With no words written on the wall
Lonely is a man's heart
At least when trying to balance out
The respect, and the desire to call
For this true
That lonely is a man's heart in all
When there are no words left for him at all

Words mean so much to me...kinda wish they didn't sometimes. (:

Tonight I get to do what I was meant to do
To be who I was meant to be
And although every eyeball in every line of sight may be fixated on me
For an hour or so
That doesn’t change the fact that I
Was meant to step out this stage and to bend like a bow
As I did in the days of old
Such talent is still stretched within me
That I should perform, and that I should play, most doggedly
Until the finely threaded twine within my mind begins to unwind
And I am straight as an arrow hence
Laying on the table before, how I once had said
That I hope I can return once more for that again
But not for this I said
Not for this

Sometimes you need to stop before you can keep going. *nod nod*
sophia 1h

maybe in another universe,
where the sun and moon
would seek comfort
in each other
every once in a while,
there was an us.

in this universe,
i wouldn't have to wish
upon a shooting star
for you to be next to me.

the only galaxies
i would get lost in
were the ones
in your twilight eyes.

we were nothing,
but star-crossed lovers,
patiently floating away
in the endless milky way.

maybe in another universe,
i chose you,
and you chose me, too.

I keep your secrets close to my heart
Like the necklaces we wear with memories tucked deeper inside than we've ever shared
Like a flower blossomed from us, held tightly to my chest
Genuine seeds of thought sprout as our petals are doused in golden dreams
While lust stained tips and thorns sharpen alongside the crescent moon
I pick that flower every morning and think of you.

This doesn't seem happy....but it is. It's about how beautiful it is when two people share secrets, or even random thoughts, with each other. Those two people have grown a beautiful, secret garden between them.

warm rocky outcrops
lead to hot springs below
a pleasant respite

Your betrayal,
the final nail
in our love's coffin …

my heart's
now devoid of

What I'd thought of,
as brimming love,
'twas but mere illusion!

You made me drink,
through your mystical eyes,
that deathly dark potion
of naïve emotion ...

which tore my soul apart,
freezing its heart
beyond repair!

Written in freestyle. An old write, seems appropriate for now.
Afiqah 6h

we all have to do our bit
to stop feeling a little less foreign
so whenever
the devil takes a piece of your memory,
let loose
of all the fuck ups
you kept saving for later
especially tonight,
I think the storm’s looking
a little too tempestuous


Do I have to tell you?
What you know to be true
I see it in your starry eyes
And I think you see it in mine

Chi 9h

May mga klase ng pagmamahalan
Pagmamahalan na sinimulan ngunit hindi hanggang huli
Pagmamahalan na sinimulan at hanggang huli
May pagmamahalan din naman ng katulad ng atin
Hindi naman sinimulan ngunit, subalit, datapwat, kailangan tapusin
Dahil kahit paulit ulit kong isugal ang puso ko
Alam ko sa huli talo pa din akdahil hindi lang naman oras at panahon ang kalaban ko
Pati na din ikaw at siya na mahal mo
Gusto ko man ipagsigawan na mahal kita
Mahal kita kahit nakaakibat dito na ayoko na
Mahal kita kahit alam kong siya pa din ang pipiliin mo sa aming dalawa
Mahal kita
Mahal kita
Mahal kita --- kahit walang tayo
Ay mali, ikaw lang pala ata ako
Kasi sa simula palang wala naman akong matatawag na tayo
Walang tayo na pinaglalaban ko
Walang tayo na dapat tapusin ko

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