The dream I dreamed tonight
Was me with a cabin light
A cliff by the seaside, I watched the falling stars
The sky turned purple and I heard the singing grass
You flew to my side and together we laughed
on how silly is the night owl, to be drinking tea at night
I had a pet white tiger and a carriage made of clouds
And a set of picnic materials, I had you by myside
Was it a paradise?

The joy I felt was everlasting, I did not wish to say goodbye
We listened to invented melodies and slept to  mythical charms
of how happiness will  always stay,  how undefeated we will be
I heard you plead,  "Don't leave me",  I responded with a smile
There, I promised to fight, for you I will thrive
I am brave in a dream, I am strong in a dream
Was it paradise?

I dreamed a dream tonight
And never will I wake up
I dreamed of you tonight
I missed your little laughs

Goodbye to you my love.
2 AM,
My phone lights up,
With a message from you,
"Lol What's up?"
Nothing. What's new?

"A pic for a pic?"
I guess conversations run hollow,
Makes sense,
These days, I photograph
Things I don't like,
To get followed
But, a picture of my ass,
Is that all you want from me?
My DM's get flooded
With shit like that constantly.
It makes me feel good,
At times I suppose,
My mediocre body,
Disguised by a pose.

Buzz Buzz

"Did you fall asleep?"
I did, but I lied,
I said I couldn't even sleep if I tried.
"So, a pic for a pic?"
Now I have to respond,
But, maybe, i'll send something
with all my clothes on
Or off-
It's all art to me honestly,
A mix of good lighting,
And self-portrait photography.
I get a notification,
"X0Katie" likes your photo.
She doesn't know me,
but cool.
I follow my depression like a ghost
Chained to it
Dragged around
Like a dog with a noose
Around my neck
I can only go so far
Resist so much
Before it jolts me back
Break the rope?
Pulling away
It pulls me back
Hard and fast
Cuts off my air
The skin around my neck
Newton’s third law
Equal and opposite
Nothing moves
Controlling the boundaries
The radius of me.
Any advice is appreciated
She was beautiful as the snow
Danced through the clouds
And beautify the world
With her wise words

I was thrown in the dark
She found me in the night
I became myself again
She blows my mind

She taught me
How to love
But she did not know
How the love feels

Her chest was empty
I broke half of my heart
Put it in her chest
So that she can feel
What love really is

Her eyes start to spark
Our hearts begins to race
I want you in my arms
Because I love you my dear.
8 16 2018

The matters of the heart
Matter the most
Just a lump of flesh
Connecting mind body and soul

Each beat is connected
Flushing rushing gushing
Our blood
Through our veins

Blue before air. Oxygen
Clarity of this machine we dwell in
And red and purple it seems
Blood. A most precious thing

Take care of your heart
And it takes care of you
Dont let its weight bear you down
Until all your red turns blue

My heart spoke to me
So many times
But my actions have broken it
Just waiting around
All the time

Laying upon the floor
In a flood of tears and pain
What life has taken away
Has driven me insane
My life in vain
My dreams it seems the same

So many passed me by
So many wishes
To cry to fly to die
Happy. In love. Far off away
In a distant future
Living beyond these numbers

Our candle. Our hourglass
Limited in length and sand
Whatever we can do we do
What we can and cant

Its this what my life was worth
A bowl of empty lost dreams
That voice she says all the time
Is this it. Is this what you wanted
Is this what your life is for

What was beyond those doors
The lights i used to see
The pits as well. Suffering
Only the blackness remains
One question we all ask
What truly really
Awaits us beyond the grave

Black. Light. Or fire
Nothing. Splendor. Or pain
Times eternity will destroy you
Just live happy and free
In the time that is given to you

We all want a purpose
A reason for all this
All my life has been in chains
But i did love video games
Books movies art culture
History's mysteries

But when its over
Iam nothing but another candle
Whose light has gone out
No more voice. No more weight
Forever smoke. Drifting up
Into the clouds
Into the night sky
I just wished to fly
Goodnight goodbye
I dont like typos

Iam afraid of a name
I came up with
The 13th warrior and guardian
Of time

A half cat guy
Who uses magic
Dark cat furious
Jade and Taki.
Maga of the city. People
Jade of nature. Earth
Taki of storms. The moon

My childhood was weird
I used magic once
Made an orb of wind

And other stuff
But its gone now
No more magic. :P

Maguc is real
And mental powers to
Psychic stuff
Woo hoo
8 16 2018

The motion of notion
Our own little ocean
Of life so fast
Whizzing by
Our memories in time

Riddles and fiddles
Dances rhymes and songs
Stories and stories
To be told
All life long

For only there in speaking
Do we carry on
If silent
We are carried away
With an empty never ringing

For how did we ever live
If we are not remembered
Nothing but dusty
Blank pages
That nobody has ever seen
Nor read

For iam here
I feel it
But i dont feel alive
If i cannot remember it
Cannot taste smell or hear it

To look back is an instant
To look now is slow
How do we know
To which grave we go

I crave something more
My emotions and feelings
Once more
No more gray. The rainbows
Please comeback
And bless me with your loving
Rays and waves
What is life
If our heart no longer beats
And we can not feel its warmth
The warming heat of our hearts flame
Dont let it go out
common wisdom

You cant feel the grass with your shoes on
and you cant see the shadows with your eyes closed
maybe the light. just a tid bit
Denny C 7h
It's not as easy as a light switch
When you're feeling like this

To block the pain
Or refrain
From thinking things will never change

It's deeper than the pop of a pill
But still
It eases more than the thought will

Rain can pour for days on end
And then
You feel the sunlight spread within

Now you see through clearer eyes
And you start to realize

That things will get better

The sun is just beyond the clouds.
the clicking of the keys
spells out
the beat of the heart
sorry for the earlier typos y'all
.... And then, we fell in love again.

The feeling – an unexplainable joy,
Leaving me all coy,
That feeling - an unexplainable wholesome,
With way more merry to come.

But, wait...

..... And then, I woke up again.
She cleaves onto her like a blunt razor-
stroked onto the mustache of a young man.
If only she was omniscient enough into resisting
the beguiling beauty within and beyond the tangible.
She constantly craves composition within thine peoples,
yet they make augured gore holes into her oesophagus.

Lesser does she know to refrain from it,
yet more she knows to stay.
More does she know their separated fortune,
lesser she chooses to be borne in hand.
Her notion is of higher standards,
yet still the lowest.

Scarf up thine eyes;
Plug up thou ears;
Tape up thine mouths;
Nevertheless chop off thy tongue
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