he walks at my pace
lets me think I won
keeps his mouth shut
till my stories are done

holds open the doors
calls, doesn't text
makes sure that I'm healthy
getting plenty rest

buys me a coffee
instead of a shot
remembers the details
I was sure he'd forgot

he’s old school, classy
his intentions are good
and he treats me like only
a gentleman would

quick little poem about him

What's this strange song that hath
my heart astir, this early morn!
Darting from bough to bough,
Young Robin croons a faithful verse.
How sweet the relish of her praise;
appeases my languid heart with'n,
and sojourns my soul, at halcyon rest

O, Immortal One
What is man, Thou art mindful of him?
My lips shalt extol thee; ever and anon

One of these nights
If I'd be shy of words,
I swear in earnest,
the moon shalt wax poetic;
nary a night mov'd past
sans a love ballad,
for I sung to her about us
every other night

-Cheruba Christy

and then we came across each other,
he didn't even throw a glance
He seems happy, better
It felt like he never knew me,
that he never seemed to like how my dimples formed when I smile
that's when I realized--
I never mattered to him,
not even once.

Wilted leaves overpopulate the ground.
And no tree as far as eyes can perceive.
So far from home.
So close to anywhere.  
But here.
A statement that can be heard any second of any given day.
This moment in time.
A random fraction of the incessant routine.
Dreaming or awake.
It all depends on feel.
Not logic.
And even then the rules of both worlds must be learned regardless.
Who is there to say that one's understanding of the environment  is incorrect.
Everything down to the information that the eyes process therefore in the brain.
I think so therefore I am.
And yet even this comes into question regularly.
The longer one stays in this world.
Less and less questions are answered.
But one thing can definitely be found regardless of intention.
One must learn to swim through the viscous muk of disappointment.
To grasp at enlightenment.
Or be insane enough to not care.
For words can never be unseen.
Sharper than any blade.
Even more blunt than a boulder.
Can the wrong words be.
One cant go through life without first being initiated through pain.  
And even after its not promised that happiness will follow.
With so many eyes weighing down in expectation.
Its hard to focus.
On any point.
It may always seem..

gabe 5h

i don't know when was the time i realized i have fallen in love,
i have no idea when was the first time i told you those three magic words,
and since then, i never felt a slightest hint from the hands of fate, that we would ever come to this.

but what i do know is that, in each passing day, my heart only beats louder for you;
that those three magic words grow more magical as it escape our lips;
and that as days, weeks, months and years pass us by, i will forever be grateful that the universe graciously led us to each other's arms.

Corny rhymes and
shitty poetry.
I wish you knew how much
you still mean to me.

Kumli 7h

I don't know,
I really don't fucking know.
what did he ever do to deserve such?
He didn't need to do anything.

My mind stayed conflicted between him, or me.
I'm not that selfish, neither am I that selfless.
So I went with me, but here I am wishing that...
I had been selfless this once.

unnamed 7h

I screamed into the canyon
Forgive me please forgive me
My voice echoing off its walls
And all that were left were memories
When but from grace one falls

I looked down into the canyon
To see a river flow
As it wandered along below me
With no where else to go

As you stand in hushed shadows
Would bitter teardrops sting your eyes?
While you looked down in that canyon
To see where my body lies

It's hot and sweaty in the apartment
So i decide to take a walk.
I throw on some slacks and some slip-ons.
Grab my headphones and my iPod.
I'm leaving my phone behind.
I get my car keys then realize that i wont be needing them.
Where are my room keys?
Oh, there's a light on my phone.
Who's texting me at this hour?
I check and it's her,
I'll tell y'all bout her later.
Yeah, yeah.
Her message: if you want to go heaven, take my hand. (There's the hand emoticon attached)
I swear i am fucking marrying this girl.
I throw my top off and dial her number.
I guess I should stay in and skype with her.
Sorry guys.
I guess we'll go on that walk at some other time

Arid Nights in a Nigerian Town
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