how stupid i was
to honestly believe
you loved me.

Haki 1h

A bottle of wine and a dinner so fancy.
Long conversations about life and misery.
A long night deserves the right company,
So the story begins with a little bit of gluttony.

A night ignited the need for many other.
Feeling they can't get enough of each other.
He and She became a need so they got greedier.
They both wanted to satisfy the need to be together.

Their feelings within came out like gust.
They both believed and slowly placed trust.
The slowly starting trust ended up in thrusts.
They were in love but got lost in the sin of lust.

Envy was summoned in the form of Jealousy.
Why be bothered when they trust He and She?
A question that exploited their vulnerability.
Soon they'll become fools who were too foolish to see.

Testing each other, initiating a cause to divide.
Knowing one way or another, they both won't abide.
Happy moments indeed always have a downside.
Slowly but surely, they will be coated with pride.

Finally the sin of wrath, it will make us bend.
Everything we had will come to an end.
Our hearts and souls, we decided to rend.
The damage we brought, we cannot mend.

Now, they are both Sloths idly waiting for something.
They both know inside this something is worth saving.
Realizing that something won't come by just waiting.
Still they do nothing, consumed by sins, they stop repenting.

Inspired by the manga series, Nanatsu no Taizai.
Favorite Sin is Gowther!

(Short quote)
I have legs,I wanna fly..
I don't have wings..,
But I wanna try..
I can leave everything..
But not my dreams..!

Sometimes things can change,
But you don't  try..
Sometimes you weep alone..
Cause you are wry,
Sometimes your ego..
And self respect becomes greater than you..
Sometimes you take it as wrong..
Sometimes you just need to try..
Every situation and circumstances..
Can be overcomed..
And i will be overwhelmed..
If you say me a "Hi"..

Sometimes,you let me cry..
Cry and only cry..
For my miseries and mistakes..
Baby do you think..
I only need to die..?

Maybe You will be happy,
May that happen too..

But Till I am alive..,
I wanted to saw your charms and beauty.
The beauty which was ever mine..,

Even you didn't admit,I knew all that..
I don't know what happened and how.!

A STORMY WIND CAME AND BLEW THE ALL..! But still,sometimes when I am on the weed,everything slows down..and when I am sinking,I see a spark..far away. I don't if it's  hope. But,I know..Even if it'll never Recognise it.
(It's caption) :-
Say that you love me..,
Say that you miss me..,
Say what you feel..
Say you'll kill me..
For my habits,and my mistakes..
Say that you'll slap me hard,
When you meet me..
Say that I look ugly..
Say that you'll be mine..
Say whatever it is,
It will be fine.

Say at least anything,
And I will be okay.

If you won't how will I know.
I have listened a lot by your eyes,
But you said I was wrong.
How can I be wrong again.

I still remember how you had disrupted my silence..
I remember,how you had torn the papers of my copy,when we had a quarrel,
I remember,how I had cut my hand,
I remember,how you had plucked a flower.
Still remember,you used to unrooted the grass,to throw on me.
When we sat together,in the ground.
Ouch,still remember how you had bite my fingers..
When you were eating out of my hand.
I remember,how you broke the phone,
And how you smashed the bottles,

I still remember,how you had broken the flower pot,
And was still laughing.

I remember,how you fell by dad's bike,
And had broken the pass lights,
And i lied to him.,I had lost control.

I remember,how you cracked the IIT,
I remember,how you was on infinity.
I remember,how I had become less for U.
I remember,how you had come home..
And said me to treat as a friend.

I remember,how you had said to "forget you",
And termed my love as "shit" .
I remember,how calmly you broke it,
And how harshly it made the sound.
I remember,how I had been numb.
Hadn't eaten by weeks,
How pointlessly i passed the streets.

I miss you in the darkness,
I miss you in the  light.

I miss you being missen,
When i was high.

I miss you on the question-
"Why i am shy"..?
What's  wrong with me,
If i also loved you.

I miss your laughters and,
Well,laughing really hard. .

How hard you have been .?

The desires.

"I prefer to make love happen,
                              than talk about love
                                                        and waste my time."

Coleccionamos canciones
en el baúl del alma,
seducimos a la vida
con una mirada,
somos actores
de nuestro guión.

¿que es poesía?
no lo se...
¿que poeta define su poesía?
¡Que la cante el pueblo!
¡y que me cuente!

Nos enamoramos de versos,
de gente, de gestos y a veces
solo por ser bellos, pero...
¿que queremos probar?
¿que nos hace humanos?
creo... ¡hay algo!
es una atracción, natural
e instintiva hacia personas
extraordinarias, variantes
únicos, momentos lucidos
sueños vueltos realidad.

Y partimos de los surreal
de los sueños simbólicos,
de los viajes astrales
hacia ningún lugar.
Los sueños que se repiten
y se repiten sin dejar nada claro,
un mensaje olvidado,
una voz del pasado,
un recuerdo o un mal sueño.

Un beso que parece ser cierto,
tu piel desnuda contra la luna,
un hombre que se ahoga
en su propia soledad
y volvemos al mundo
para respirar, enamorarnos
jugar, aprender y vivir,
seguir filmando, seguir
escribiendo los versos
robados de tu ausencia;
contar historias
para volver a encerrarme
conmigo mismo.
Oír la canción triste
leer y llora.
café y vino.
correr y ver el amanecer.

Aquí estoy escuchando tu latido,
enamorándome de tus destellos imprevistos,
de los detalles que te hacen anormal
de las caricias que expulsa tu voz,
de lo que nos hace humanos
imperfectos perfectos,
por lo mismo
de ser distintos,
de cantar distinto,
de portar alma,
de temer a perderla,
de ser valientes
de fallar y tener suerte.

¡Y se me equivoco!
¡que venga el pueblo!
¡y que me lo cante!

Sunday, 1a.m. we are humans, we live in a sea of ​​emotions.
Sun 7h

When I see you smile
wriggling on the wall
I lean on to the sky –
as a dreamer of fur-flung hope
To touch you -are you cold, in winter?

Shimmering silver light
sparks in my veins
Shaking the flame of my heart
for your thoughts
The depth of curiosity
set me ablaze
I close my eyes

Who painted you hundred years ago
Gave the same eyes through which I see thou
The same smile, the deep gaze to find eternal quest

When the visitors gone-
do you cry for the lost love of life?
In darkness, do you wait
for the light of heaven- we call Sun?
How many people loved you
before you’re not a mere Art?
A living soul- an unbroken array of hope
How many tears shed for your absence?

You cannot reply, do you sigh?  
You are my silent listener, silence holds my throat
Carpe diem! ~ by your dark deep curious eyes, sharp smile
Hanging in the corner of the art gallery for years

Dedicated: To the love of my life :) :)
Perspective: When a hundred years old portrait makes you wonder
Afiqah 6h

I can only vividly recognize
most beginnings
when our hearts were closely etched
in between each and every of our pulses
just like the familiar, awakening smell
of rich, brewed coffee
you’ve always stirringly warmed
my unpretty soul to
and I still find myself pining
to settle for more
of mornings like that with you


Throw an arm over my shoulder
Pull me close as we walk through the
Slipping a hand into your back pocket
Lips curved in teasing smiles
Press a kiss to my hair
Profess your love in a whisper
Leave me with dignity at my door
Never realizing I have your wallet.

I don't know why I set the fire to my library
and all my books I was collecting all this time.
I can't explain it, but I think it wasn't me,
someone did it on my behalf.

Maybe the world is to blame, world going crazy,
turning everything upside down,
and people lose their hope and their minds,
for everything around has lost its mind.

I don't know why I set the fire to the library,
I should've known it's wrong, it's vile
to put the end to efforts I was making
buying them, reading them and loving. I really don't know why...

It's not the first time I've done it, and even if I swear down
not to do it again, I know I'll do it again,
I'll start collecting them again, and then, one day
I'll do it again.

I'm still trying defend myself.
I think someone did it on my behalf.

I met a man who loved roses
His favorites had thorns and broken stems,
Planted deeply into the ground
Where it was hard to pull them out.
He fell in love with roses
Their stems uneven and discolored petals

"Why do you love them"? I asked
He picked up three white ones and began to morph them into a crown.

"Because", he began," They are the ones I see that are most connected with the earth. I've been many come across and pull them- walk by and tug them until either they rip off a leaf or its petals".

He placed the crown on my head and smiled.

"And yet they still bloom brighter against the sun. They smell like ocean water and spring breeze. Only real gardeners would talk the time to admire a beautiful flower-no matter how rough it looks. When you nurture something right, it'll bloom graciously- and that's why I love them."

I blushed

He kissed my hand and bid me adieu.

I wanted to be a bouquet of roses.

His  roses.

{I'm sorry if this sounds terrible, but I was very proud of this one. I hope you enjoy it}
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