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JosilinP Dec 2020
The chains which bind me
to this body of leather
restless and tired
flame with no fire -
I wonder whose eyes
glare upon my soul...
unfinished, I hate it
Andrew Layman Dec 2020
When the darkness came
it claimed him;
then it named him.
"Seed of mine",
it said.
"The light, left you here instead
and now,
that you are warped
like me;
all these verses
and letters remain in red."
Bullet Jul 2020
•Blind love•
We can never tell if it’s there
We stare at the moon
Till it becomes eternal flame
We blame it on our eyes
For the time we have stained
Our memories blend in
Stories become entertainment
Our breath is then shared in mint
The galaxies become our escape
The air tamed tapes our bodies into flames
We can no longer see except for our souls that run away into the dark to find stars that then burn into beautiful light lovely blue surrounded by cupids clouds
The Night & Day
•Binds our love•
Maya Sep 2019
A part of me has been unraveled. A link I thought could never be broken has been torn apart so easily. What’s left to do when all your action are in vain? How hard can you fight when you know you’ve already lost it all?

I’m picking up the pieces of my broken soul and trying to heal my broken heart, for my fight is about to begin and I still don’t know where to direct my lances. But no matter how well armed I am, I’m already beaten. I’ve been shot with the deadliest weapon and I’ve tasted the wickedest blister and somehow I can’t surrender. And I still can’t figure out if that is a proof of my strength or an evidence of my weaknesses. Either way, I’m a convict of my own thoughts and a prisoner of my feelings, which leaves me *******, and captive between my conscience and my heart.
Ken Pepiton Apr 2019
krause asu
AN accident.

That's how, but why?
Many universes, many realities, imaginable


how long must one live in a cardboard box
to confess the experienced
altered next from then to now.

Copenhagen Calvinist or Lutherin or Anabaptist

holier than I, as was I, as the Hermit hidden
in the fool on the hill,
telling secret meanings to nowhere man, now

touching a time when knowing out paced known
knowables, imaginables were

imagined, not evil, but fine tuned to approach
per fection in effect

what more can I ask? All my debts are paid.

Accidental debt accrual demands accidental debt relief.

Political-lic, that's where my party stands.

Jubilee, nowhere has the ver been
a time like

now. We being at all, as mere words, heard only once,
never uttered

utter non sensed tone tuned to augmented minds

-- bio logic circuit
-- try a spark

Gleam in grandpa's eye, try umph, boy. Better up.

Swing and there is the crack of the bat

never heard, a clap

just now, you are on the ball, and this is
what that always means,

Okeh. Like safe. No war. Okeh. Mark to follow, someday.

biologic circuitry is so unbelievable,

to whom? All who see the supsumpsystems and the info resources,
re re re, every, meaning as if ever were in
finite, every things reasonable countable and measured,

AN ark is a box. Rectangular, most oft.
A box. Hermits live in boxes, some times,

with a coven-ante-cipitate, tincture
of this and that, with a drop o' Paracelsus fave,
Hermetic hermenuetic magishit.
Mercury, liquid conducter, okeh.

You axt a reason for the faith in the wrong *******
autodidactic augmented and medicated old man.

I hapt to save a dammercury switch from an old thermostat,
with a bi-metal coil we could
into action and launch afacethefact face that fact face of fact
tap. Twist it, there, balance, level, spirit levels bubble
hermetic form flow act
ioncat ion quest

spark-- the idea imagicish dealybob- gleam

the feeling of gleam. Toothpaste imparts
*** appeal, I pana imparts diligence, pepsodent is perfect
for explosive types averse to yellow,
oh my god,
game changer. Hidden persuaders never saw us,

by stripe are we healed and made bright white and loveable,
said the tooth from the future, we learned, in school, to love
each night, with a brisk brush before our
prayer for no cavities could be answered.

tap right there.

Gem quality. The meaning of life, I magine, is more.
a simple, as they say, muse. A little think on being the ball.
Eloisa Feb 2019
Your lack of love does not diminish hers
Hers is a love that never ceases
Hers is a love that always forgives
Even with your promises that you can never keep
Eloisa Feb 2019
I woke up chained in an erroneous love
I wept alone in my sorry state
The world’s quite deaf with all
my cries
I hurt myself and cursed my fate
The cuts are deep, my cup is emptied
The thread is thin and I’m hanging low
In my quiet moments of reflection
I held onto every bit of memory
On how sweet our love was used to be
The intentions were real but the truth is untold
Agonized as the lies unfold
Oftentimes I asked myself
of how  could you control me this much
Though I am tempted with hatred and overwhelmed with grief
My heart even ached with the thought of your touch
And much would I wanted to say it’s over, it really is this time
I still have a pull in my soul and on my mind
Though my life is torn apart,
my heart is still in bind
I know I shouldn’t feel this way
I know I shouldn’t have to care
After all I have realized, I never needed you
But then I knew exactly what is right, that it’s you who needed me
Kaitlin Evers Dec 2018
I thought I was good, but as I age
The more I see my human ways
I am deserving of God's fierce rage
Look and see how far I've strayed

Streaked and marred, let down my guard

Knowingly, walked into darkness
Foolishly I thought
I'd never be caught
And night would hide my sinfulness

The light of God was blinding
But sin is the real binding
I preferred His hand in mine
To the crossing of the line

Wicked darkness
See His kindness
When knowing what He spent
How can I but repent
Payton Jul 2018
There is so much power
in the delicate touch
of your hands caressing
my own.

Yet, this power, a force
even stronger than gravity,
and softer than a feather
binds me
to you.
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