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pk tunuri Nov 2018
Life is colourful all the time
It is up to us to pick the right colours at the right time
Latifah Nov 2018
so colorful
so darkful
everywhere I go
no one can help me
but myself.
David Abraham Oct 2018
Vibrant colors flood through the engravings in my skeleton,
the bright lights shining through my skin,
along every nerve as they illuminate themselves to make known their pain.
What a useless light show,
that nobody asked for,
telling everybody in vain
that it wants to be released.
0346 October 21, 2018

guess what,, binding dangerously,,, hurts
Jessica Ford Oct 2018
Oh, the primary color that makes me feel,
How is it you compose me to seem unreal.

The way you make my lips pop,
And how often we make traffic stop.

I think of you when I rage,
Occupying my mind, while on rampage.

The thought of passion brings me to you,
With roses entangled around, if you only knew.

Garnishing my physique in extravagant ways,
That ruby you put on my finger, wow, I must say.

Wrapped around my skin, vibrant as ever
Red, you make me feel oh so clever.

Dominate, what you are perceived to be,
But warmth, is what you bring to me.

Running through my veins, and pumping my heart.
This life you're giving me, please never part.

On, Valentine’s, the day that is ours,
We’ll lay back, and stare up at Mars.

Red, there is no doubt I love you, my body in it all,
You add meaning to my life, and that will never fall.

The End.
japheth Sep 2018
i loved to paint using your colour.

i’d go day and night, from one canvas to another, using different shades of you to paint all kinds of pictures.

i never lost any ideas.
i never had to find inspiration.
it all just comes to me whenever i look at you.

one day, i woke up colour blind. and unfortunately, it’s in your colour.

all the paintings, all the sketches, all the canvasses that were of your colour, plastered, hanged, and taped all over my walls doesn’t make sense anymore.

it was all grey. all dull. a colour i know existed but never really tried using before.

i tried searching for your colours in the things you’ve touched. the words you’ve said. i searched everywhere but whenever i do think your colour will come back, my eyes revert to reality.

now you’re just a memory.

your colour will only exist inside my mind.

those shades i loved. the pigments i crave to achieve every time i ****** my brush. it’s all in my head now.

it’s been years now. you’re colour isn’t as bright as i thought my memory would remind me of.

i paint with a different colour now.

actually, i paint with all the colours now except yours.

all those nights i spent painting, it’s with every colour i come across but yours.

now my wall’s full of colour again. all from different parts of me. colours i never knew existed.


i’m happy. i’m content.

i’m colourful.
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