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I lay
as the colours of the world
spin around
This state of mind is poison that you ingest on your own
Svetoslav Jul 25
Mature my Mirabelle.
Fill my senses with your rich commences.
Yellow and blue, you are majestic like Malibu.
A royal color growing in nature like summer.
Discover emotions never felt before.

Sweeten me, Mirabelle.
Touch me with your gentle skin,
send a shiver down my spine.
Catch my soul as it follows your trails.
Jump in the dam, destroy the walls.

Accept my body, Mirabelle.
Give birth to our energy.
Mirror our synergy in the purple glass.
Yellow hair hovers across heated beaches,
presses my heartbeat as I am within her reaches.
Sarah Synk May 22
Art is creative,
It’s meant to express your thoughts and dreams.
Art is breathtakingly beautiful.
Art is meant to inspire everyone around the world.
Art represents the color of the rainbow----
All colors.  
Art means it’s full of rich, diverse ideas---
That is strung from the mind.
Art is fine.
Art is creative.
-What does art mean to you? And Why?
Svetoslav Apr 23
Trees are letting their leaves to fall down.
Throughout the spring and summer they were together
until the breath of north split them apart.

They go in red, orange, yellow and brown.
Snow will come from the arrival of the north cold weather
making our world shine like a master's art.

We watch the colors change in our town,
but if the degrees could rise it would be much better.
Our minds hope for change and a new start.
Ahmad Attr Apr 22
I close my eyes to visit my safe place
It’s a town that welcomes me
Every time I need it,
it pulls me in
But lately it’s slowly decaying
Naked roses
Silent birds
Washed out colors of my orange shirts
Unripe sour fruits
Melodious winds ambling all mute
Day without clouds
Night without stars
My back against the,
Blue paint peeling off the walls

And maybe you can join me
Take my photos with your polaroid camera
Drowned in the unblossomed daisies
Gentle shadows of glassy fantasies
Slowly drifting in my backyard
Where we sit humming to our untuned guitar

But you must go
Only I can stay
You are just a figment of my imagination
Maybe everything is, I don’t know what is true
I’ve lived here for far too long
But now this town is throwing me out
Maybe I should go too

But I know I am going to stay
My perfect world is slowly breaking apart. Is it my time to leave now? Is it too late to leave?
Svetoslav Feb 17
Cyan tides meet yellow ashes
red sunset darkens
firm land's flashes.
Syllable Count: 17 ~ lines 8/5/4 ~ 11 words
Svetoslav Feb 8
Pineapple light sparks
flowing life reflecting on
opals deviation
Syllable Count: 17 ~ lines 5/7/5 ~ 9 words ©  Svetoslav Ivanov
Grey Nov 2020
The light in your eyes
And the rain from your tears
Mix together to create
The most beautiful colors.
This is a part of a longer, unfinished poem that I started writing for Pride Month this year. I liked this bit a lot so decided to post it separately until the full version is completed.
Osii Sep 2020
Highs and lows in life

Can be handled peacefully

Be entrapped in melody

Colorful Melancholy
Be reflective and widen your perspective
Jessica Aug 2020
From relative fury
In a stuttering hurry
Colors dancing and colluding
Then laying their weary heads
On the ground
And they shall be betrothed
With black rings of hurricanes
Memories coalescing into peace
And a calmness like a blanket
Is laid upon them to sleep
From chaos to
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