You had my forever
tucked in your back pocket,
waiting for the right
time to play it.
Too saddest to tell you
today on this First Day of Spring
my Daddy has his Birthday
he cannot sing
not today nor tomorrow
you'll ask me why?
decennia ago he suddenly died
not of any stroke nor heart-ache
just wanna remember
that Today just One Day after the Northward Equinox
he'd have his celebrations
never congratulations anymore now
not today nor tomorrow
this is not a poem
just a statement
a human document
of one of the most gifted fathers
aquarelles, poetry or feuilletons
even performances at William's Theatre
his weekly sequels of the loving
and living Charlie Chan
besides earning much money
as the top-manager
of STANVAC, Jakarta
that big oil-office
with the red Pegasus
my Daddy climbed its back
and never returned
remembering his Birthday
emotionally on his epitaph
how odd
The Start of Spring
One Day Before his BirthDAY
the annual Northward Equinox
has just passed his graveyard
keep smiling is not here today
but grieving will be okay
he'd be no more a part of all celebrations
even though where he now is
he remains my Dearest Daddy and all there is
I remain,  still with the greatest admiration

and his part of heart
still beats in mine....

Anno Domini 21 March 2018
No Daddy, this is NOT A POEM
just a simple statement from your darling daughter
a greatest lost, this multitalented father
The sky filled with the Sun and stars!
The world filled with life!
O amidst that have I got
My place!
O in wonder!
Thus rises my song!
In the dance
Of the unbounded time
In the rise and fall of tides
The Earth thus sways!
O in the flow of blood of
My blood vessels
Have I got its force!
O in wonder!
Thus rises my song!
O on the grass have I
Put my feet!
To go on
The forest path!
O in the fragrance
Of flowers
The glow
Touching me
Has my mind
Swayed by joy!
O isn't it spread
The gifts of only joy!
O in wonder!
Thus rises my song!
O have I put my ears to
Opened my eyes
Added to pouring life
On the heart of this Earth!
O amidst the known
Have I got the
Of the unknown!
O in wonder!
Thus rises my song!
Have you felt the presence of that unknown?
Ready or not
Here , I come
wild and alive
grasping life with bare fists
no longer living in a daze
I'm in a new faze
no longer dazed
can't trip me
can't take me
I got it I got this
Knock knock
who's there
Laughing all the way
ready to play
Come on try me
Life's a trip
with Rose colored glasses
What happens when you take them off
you get to see how fun it can be
No longer trapped in a illusion
so why not play why not why not
come out come out
fly in fly out
roll with it
life's a blast
take it for a ride
oh yes oh yes
I am I am
© Jennifer L Dlg 3/2018
v i n c e n t Mar 13
i just want
to put the
whole world
on pause
and play
you on
r e p e a t.
JPLoggi Mar 10
I sound like white noise
Quivering and   still.
The sound changing now
With the        frequency
                         Back into me.
I turned one notch
To change         the channel
Because   I can’t       handle
                         This episode.
The lights       blink
                 As images
                      Play in motion
                    And I see them
Dance like they should
Till the crack
And fizzle
back to black and white
   Blurring Into the SOUND.
That we would always be
children together, forever.
Though not weighed down
by the obscurities of this world
nor tethered to adults,
not even that we would live
in this painful world of math and science,
but in the clouds flying free.
In the forest like nymphs,
gaily frolicking in play.
Innocent in nature
and ignorant of the darkness.
too be honest,

you turn me on.

i'm hooked.

i'm high.


you're in love with me.
dToo Mar 3
I try, I try to change world, but can't change life.

I hide, I hide, my weakness and my pain, every day hardworking.

I'm lost in the desert, I wonder who am I, no one can answer questions, all we can is, pretend life.

We are planning a lot, our life is over-scheduled, but we can't escape,  invisible deadline.

We are playing, we are playing, whole life is one game. showing emotions and tinkering, achievements and fails, but all is fake.

All we have is each other, we are all on one plate and There is no place for strife, battle and hatred.There is place only for Support, Collaboration and curiosity.

Thus and so, we are rolling the same boulder uphill and all we can is smile, there is no use of crying. That's the way we can achieve, achieve happiness of Sisyphus.
Ashley C Mar 1
The rain whispers to me
It sings it's monotone song
But yet, I find peace in it's dim voice
Tapping on my window to say hello
Dancing on my roof
Jumping through the grass
And sitting in my buckets
It cries for hours, but never for sadness
But maybe for loneliness

People use umbrellas to keep away from it
The rain only wants to play
Those who don't have anything to push it away, get soaked.
They either enjoy the rains company or sing the hurtful song to scare it away.
Maybe that's why the rain cries for hours
People are mean to it

Once the rain stops crying
It runs
It hides
Says goodbye
No more singing
It'll be back another day to play.
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