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fraudelle 14m
Tell me all your Beliefs
I will never make a shift
Disregard f...
yasmin Oct 11
If only we would all cry when we’re sad
Ask for help when we need it
Wave and smile at every stranger
Play and play when we awaken

If only we would understood
that the answer to life is
to never grow up.
Poetic T Oct 8
Idiots shouldn't play
with matches
                cos they washed in petrol...

But I'm no idiot,
            but I'll still throw a match

in the room and watch the idiots burn.
Stxlle 1d
She felt like the luckiest girl in the world
You made her feel special
You made her feel loved
You made her feel like every girl
you were ever with

You weren't gonna fool her
She knew

She knew
You play the same act over and over again
She knew what you were
She's seen your script
She knew your lines
Scene after scene
She knew you'd deliver a perfect

She already knew how your play will end
She could walk off the stage right now

Yet, she wondered
if it would end differently
for her
Boys like you - dodie
newpoetica Sep 24
truth be told i'm scared to say,
my feelings that are kept at bay,
for fear of their own betray,
because i know that when they come into play,
the boy i feel things for will run away.
Aseh Sep 20
I want to play house with you but you never let me I’m not even allowed inside your house even though I’m allowed inside your mouth.
My feelings for you are not simple if I stare at them too long my eyes start burning
my warmth for you always so flammable and quick to spread and trickle down.
But your faceprint floats around my mind it feels like a breath of autumn air to revisit
fresh and crisp
I want to inhale you.

Will you leave me stale and dull and achy
Will my whole body recoil unto itself like a tender spot that never toughens up
Are you so unlike that recurring drunk bruise on my upper right thigh
fat and bold, navy-yellow (I always wonder where you came from)
I hoped you might be fleeting otherwise I never would have let you kiss me like that
but here I am standing still while you weave through me stuck or afraid to unstitch myself.

I know
by the way our voices go
sickly sweet and weak and warm
how we drop low into a de minimis code we know too well for having never been taught
an uncontrolled hum the world cannot hear
I know
a tiny sliver of you
wants to play house too.
Faizel Farzee Sep 19
Humming along to the beat of life as i sing along to the music of my heart.
The melody of you tapping enchantingly through my mind.
Notes composed by your fingers strumming every part of my quivering soul.

       Your love my song to life
You my melody, my music to life,
You eliminate all strife, you smile takes me high, losing you, would be falling on knife.
cherries stain lips
as lovers eat
below the moon
Faizel Farzee Sep 14
Eyes getting lost in the night sky, a silhouette of your heavenly body I clearly envision in the stars,
Your eyes alluminate like the sun, flowing hair as red as mars.

A smile that lights the milky way.
A wish on a shooting star,
Is that I never betray,
The love you have given me, this love I'll repay.

Morning light infused with the night sky, this has just dawned on me.
You light my darkened soul, through the darkness I see.
This air that I breathe, without choking on oxygen, your kisses reborn, is the life that I need.

Your lips is my wine, forever drunk I will be.
Getting lost in this everlasting vacuum of hope, in infinite space we'll be free.

These words i bequeath,
Is simply to convey
Our love is everlasting, constantly expanding
Looking at the night sky
On your silhouette I still feast.
Word play between meaning of words, is a trip,
trying to covey a story with out having to flip. Capturing feelings to add to this quip
It's a mountain to climb, one day I'll get to the tip
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