Go ahead
undress your mind
my eyes
can't wait
to see ...
my skin
can't wait
to feel
and my
mind can't
wait to
They stop our breathe
Tempting to stay live
Opponent is closer

Win or loss
Spectacle of trust
Cheering for a team

We want to win
We want to win

Let them move
Let them sweat
Let them strike

Here the game is on
Go… Go... Go… Goal….
Oh Yes, dilated eyes

We won, they lost
Fair play
See you on the next day
Genre: Observational
Theme: Let's think football
Blessed are the father-hearted
The reluctant to be child parted
Blessed are the bushy bearded
The happy to be pulled and smearded

Blessed are the on-all-fours
The role-players with scary roars
Blessed are the rollers on floors
The willing to ignore both knee-sores

Blessed are the hearty laughers
The bellows of the not by half-ers
Blessed are the childlike fathers
And happy children who follow soon after
May your fathers be child like in their love of life with you.  May your fathering be free of self consciousness and full of laughter.
Stone walls like office buildings on a starry night,

Standing at attention, they salute to the masters of the world,

Tiny faces embedded in the grooves of each sector,

Playing stiff, as the wind pushes roughly through the evergreen seaway,

Wheels spinning continuously as you pass through communities; never ending hamlets of pine,

A silent coastline of towering majesty,

Like a segmented train, stretching miles long and dancing like a caterpillar,

Every bushel peaking over the other, knowing their role,

Waiting patiently like the caged animal, welcoming adventure with the twist of a knob,

The largest hammock of an ecosystem crying out for you to bare witness,

Whispering softly in the breeze,

Come play.
I love Colorado. 2018.6.14.
I cheer my son in many ways,
Most three hundred and sixty-five days.
I hug him close,
Say,"Can't do without you boss."
Sometimes I see him tense,
Something is wrong I sense,
I kiss his fears away,
Together we kneel and pray.
Out of the blue,
I tell him,"I love you."
He gives me a smile,
Holds onto me for a while.
I sit and  listen as he talks about his day,
I laugh with him and say,
"You are okay."
I discipline him with love,
So that my little dove,
Does not become wild,
Is well mannered and mild.
I let him use his own mind,
His ways he learns to find.
A hug a day,
Keeps your child happy and gay.
It is important to find time for your children.Gives them confidence and courage.
kathryn anne Jun 9
it's ironic
it's mockery
it's practically

the way you
play me

is it funny that i care?
they're not laughing with you if you're not laughing
Dw1234 Jun 5
Safely behind a wall of glass
I can see the life outside
Existing beyond, but told
the grass is not always greener

Wood walls, remain safe
Desks, continue to produce
Results, the resources gained
Coffin, the inevitable result

To take the door, or continue preparing?
For what do I risk from remaining?
Gain to never use
Use to never gain

Living without smiling
Surrender to postponement
The itch to run, the fear to arrive
Opportunity versus Opportunity Cost

What are the profits of opposite?
Green bills or memories?
Do they exist only apart?
Execute for profit, execute for joy

Creating equilibrium
A life long journey of seeking
To grin often in the faces
of those who have most

My outer display
is what I portray
I'm cast in the show
this role that I play
This person you see
a facade, it's not me
I choose what I show
and who I will be
Somewhere deep inside
A place where I hide
the person I was
he left or he died
A mascot, I don
Costume I put on
Acting like I should
The true me is gone
A hologram show
Was lost long ago
who is the real Mike
I no longer know
Written: May 8, 2018

All rights reserved.
cait-cait May 31
every day i put on a dress .

first they were purple,
                                      then pink  
and sometimes blue ,

every dress a piece of me that
only i can play :

instruments to success

each beautiful note , a lie.

you pick up the pieces ;
collecting only
i am left with colors ,
                                   just stains .

every dress is a piece of me ,
i’ve taken off
every dress ,

i’ve forgotten
how to
i really want to write something that sticks to people the way everything richard siken writes sticks to me lmfao
trf May 23
Gallon hats wear cowboys,
horses wear the shoes,
righteous women forgive,
a gambling man's news.

Winning tells a story,
losses tell the truth,
trifectas are last resorts,
on a Sunday night in June.

  I'm the only witness,
  to this paradise,
  been a year and change
  since my sentence,
  my how time flies.
  Don't harbor resentment,
  my dear butterfly,
  these days will pass in an instant,
  let sleeping dogs lie.

Fireflies wear lightning bolts,
toads croak the blues,
sit back and enjoy the cantor,
It'll change your mood.

Crickets sing pitch less rhythms,
white fog paints her hue,
sandpaper scrapes resistance,
when it's able to.
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