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Poetry is like my diary
I can tell her anything and everything
I can scream from my soul
In aching longing
Intense rage
Or sadness beyond measure
Perhaps it’s TMI
But I tell her my secrets
I tell her how you taste in my mouth
How you took the time to figure me out
How I love the feel of our own rhythm of life
Indeed no one else understands but who cares
My poetry, my diary, my life
It’s messy as ****
At work my thoughts a-running, actually I just miss my man right now
Mackenzie Nov 29
It's me again.
The girl who plays games With
boys and plays House
For pretend
A happy life
A picket fence
A dog and 3 make belief children!!
It's me again
The girl who you will play games with
I will make a House in your heart
In my head I love to pretend
A home
A singular light
A heart that I sit and listen for every beat
It's all apart of my memory
But you abandoned me
so I find
A new game to play
A new house
A new place for my heart to swing
It's me again and
I'm the girl who
Is addicted to playing pretend
Shin Nov 21
Hello little Jack staring at the wall,
wandering amongst dustmites as they fall.

Hello little Janie jumping downstream,
waiting for mother's panic-stricken scream.

Children of days and nights and days again,
dance in the sunlight my sweet minutemen.

Enjoy the color before she's swept grey.
Oh my darling please just live for today.

Because there's no way that this can go on
before the cogs entrap you in their con
Healer Nov 18
Everything's gonna be alright,
Everything's gonna be okay,
that's what my shadowy demon says,
you'll live to see another festal day.
Let's be an inseparable friend and play,
I'll take your dusty sanity with me,
you catch while I fly away.
Your pure fear is my colorful wings, for you are my favorite prey,
I'll never leave you alone, so you better obey.
Please love, you don't realize, you want me to stay,
if not me as your loyal friend you'd be long dead, decay.
So invites me with ***** arms, my beloved do not delay.
I am with you right from start, right from the deranged dark.  
Those saying I am evil are the one who is going to betray,
they all will leave,
don't listen to them, don't get swayed
now with red heart, you must repay.
Hold my hands and listen to what I say,
I will be with you through your ragged lifetime
I will accompany you to your pray.
Hope Nov 18
The curtain had risen now the play must start
Put on the ****** mask and wear your fake heart
Say all the lines clear so they must not have to hear
That all your smiles are sobs and all your laughs are tear

Give them the show, the one they always want
Your pain is amusing, entertain them with stunts
If they want you to be stabbed and cut by a sword
Close your mouth, just follow, don't say a word

For no one cares if it will cut that **** deep
After all you're just an actor forced to play the script
Raging is my soul
A fire hotter then ever
******* Witch
A VERY ******* witch
It's karma coming for you
This will be fun to watch
It's truly entertaining
To see what karma
has in store for you
You can only play
You can only lie
With your handsome face
But selfish soul
You tried to use me once more
So karma's coming for you
Maybe with the pain
The loneliness your gonna face
You might feel a smidgen
of how , I hurt & toiled
So ,  I say so mote it be
Karma's coming
Shes knockin on door
So , I will grab a chair
This witch is having the last
Poor little man
you should never play
games with a women
who has a witches soul
© Jennifer Delong 11/16/18
John Legend is

John Legend in:

John Legend

(the Legend of John Legend)
Isaac Nov 15
Today is all you have.
It starts again every day.
This reality the world you are given,
Here for you to play.
You are inside your body,
With this world all around you.
So don't let other bodies
Keep you from living how you want to.
Written 16 November 2018
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