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Rosie Oct 12
Our relationship is built with role-plays and fore-plays,
You ask me to be someone I find hard to portray,
Sadly, I still do it for I want you to stay,
But I am not just some actress leading in your stage play.
Wanna rescue earthworms
All about on the drive?
Throw ‘em back on the grass
To try keep them alive

The rain has come down hard
And flooded their worm home
Beneath where they all live
We can’t leave them alone

Before the hot sun welds
Them all to the cement
And long before their last
Squirm and wriggle are spent

Hurry and grab a twig
We’ll save ‘em, you and I
We won’t get them all
But be sure we will try
Ken Pepiton Oct 7
I ask my self if this good, I say, good enough, is
better'n TV and her kids. TV's offspring,
not kids, like Wisdom is justifed t'behavein'

Som'en say Patience ain't no ****** neither.
That's Prudence,
I gotta aunt by the name.
We could know, prudently
if we could read, or if civilization relinquishes
its Napoleonic self mutilization in guilt
mutiny? mutate. No mutilization, mutilate -right

Wait. We were looking at the stars…
one was actually twinkling
and that song sounded serious, like consider
side realities, what is that one twinklin' for?

Then the entire cast looked up and the audience, too.
All the stars was atwinklin' like at that Isis Concert cool
- Taylor Swift, right, who could forget
LED bracelets on every fanarm…

slip a level lower in a given Penrose kites'n'stars
stack of possibilities,
ways to go.
The I, no, if we knew now
what we thought we knew

at any moment back then,
before the we of me and you knew it,
we become old, and realized as near as
could have been imagined with 2020 tech.
testing realization quanta filtered thru Penrosian planes of infinite patterning
lackin any intention of meaning more than "this can be done, and nothing dies"
Bek Blanchard Apr 2016
You love me. You don't. You care. I think. Ignore me. Love me. Confuse me. Ignore me. Confess your love. Make me smile. Take it away. Sleep with someone else. Make love to me. Let me cuddle you. You choose me. Ignore me. Cook you dinner. This is nice. You're nice. Ignore me. Rip me apart. You miss me. Walls come down. "I feel hurt". Ignore me. Begging again. Take me back. One night. It's not over. It's over. My reaction. His reply. "This is why." Ignore me. Soul cries. Love me.
That Girl Sep 5
She got dealt a bad hand in life.
But she didn’t fold.
She kept playing.
She didn’t walk away from the table,
And leave the casino like she should have.
She keeps playing the hand life dealt her.
And she’s slowly going into debt.
Deeper in the game until one day she won’t be able to play anymore.
She’ll be out of money.
Out of cards.
I just pray it doesn’t come to that.
I want her to fold.
Leave the table.
Leave that lifestyle behind her.
Count her losses and move on with her life.
There’s more to life than that hand that life dealt her.
I just wish she could sober up long enough to see it.
I just wish she could see that there’s so much more to life than the hand that she was dealt.
Bhill Aug 27
the silence will shock and the world will rock
when we all can go out and play
the world will be new and a lot less askew
so **** it and stay out all-day

Brian Hill - 2020 # 235
they say,
but are we players or the played?

Words are planted in my head-
it's not my choice that they are said.

But of this mad,mad world,
who's author?
To make this place,one
must be a monster.

This is a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing-
should we out this brief candle,and die-to sleep-no more-
or shall we stay,and make this last syllable of recorded time meaningful-have all our virtues ,and sins, remembered?

how oft men are at the point of death.
Let the coin flip one last time.
/curtains-exit left./
exit, pursued by the weights we bear.
Jenish Aug 13
Rabble of butterflies, fluttering on.
Bluish beauty,
come to me.
Touch me,
my kiss.
Play with me,
sing my soft purr,
Roll with blissful wind's gentle euouae.

It took them months
To design and construct
The Boundary walls

A message of encouragement
And hope
Painted in bright colours

Scaled within minutes
The children wanted to play football
On the playground
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