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i don't recognise the "girl" in the mirror anymore,
is she still there??
maybe crushed inside
the stars still burn bright just too deep for anyone to see them, or for her to see them
if i'm so uncomfortable in this body why am i still in it
i don't want to play the part anymore
i'm lost, i need to find me
however, there's something comforting about no-one seeing you, but when you leave it too long you can't see you either

parts of you can reappear,
like when you buy a new shirt,
it fits unlike the ones that cling,
you can hide in this one
but it's made for someone else
someone they don't expect you to be
and someone no-one wants you to be
but who do i want me to be
i want to be able to look in the mirror and like what i see, or even just accept it and feel safe within that body that isn't just a skin like this one
"We're kinda small,
But we can be tall,
And play with the switches
On the walls.

We can run.
Ready. Set. Go.
You'll never catch us,
Don't you know.

We can reach anything
Out of reach.
We ride our bikes on our street.
We sometimes laugh until we ***.
We get our bruises riding scooters.
We're one on our teeter-totter.
We see you."
Brigid and Ophelia, my twin granddaughters.
locust Jul 11
i run
blanket tied loosely around my neck
mom says
i could choke
but i do not worry
if my cape gets caught i will shift
i become a frog
i leap, and my legs soar behind me
if i am snatched
by a bird
i will outstretch my arms and glide
a mighty hawk
i bellow, and the world turns to stone
if my wing
is clipped
i dig my fingers
anchoring with tiger claws
i pounce, and the villains fall
conqueror of nature
i relent, and the blanket falls to my feet
a poem about childhood
Jammit Janet Jul 8
The power of play 🧸✨
Is more than just a mechanism to keep the blues away 😔✨
It is the catalyst 🔥✨
To self exploration 🌈✨
Learning what I like and don’t like 👍✨
Coming to terms with feelings 💧✨
Minimizing future frustrations 👹✨
Acquiring knowledge with meaning 📚✨
ebh Jun 26
ME: I’ve called you all here today to ask you something.
BROTHER 1: [looking sideways at the door]
MOM: [smiling widely in that way that says she knows]
DAD: [smiling widely in that way that says he doesn’t]
ME: To be frank, I don’t think you all like each other very much. Is that true?
MOM: [smile gets tighter, hand reaches towards phone]
DAD: No, it’s not. [scratching side of head nervously]
BROTHER 1: You all bore me.
ME: We know we do.
MOM: [typing furiously]
[silence punctuated by dog licking his leg]
ME: So, now what?
BROTHER 1: [rolling eyes slowly and obviously] What do you mean, now what?
ME: Well, I mean where do we go from here?
MOM: We don’t. We just stay here or nothing at all.
DAD: What else can we do? How do we know doing anything at all would be better?
ME: I am tired of writing poems in my head about us. We have to do something.
[silence punctuated by dog coughing]
BROTHER 1: ******* and your poems. Do you want to hang out?
MOM: I love you all but I can’t stand any of you.
BROTHER 2: Can we be done now?
ME: We’ll never be done.
ALL: We’ll never be done.
[dog sneezes]
i cannot post this on my poetry instagram bc my family might see it so have this… thing… idk
Pasquino Jun 22
“And I’m almost there– I’m almost there”
wouldn’t it be a shame if they died then,
wouldn’t it be perfect for the script
if they collapsed without air or prayer?

“But, I feel some pain– I feel some pain”
wouldn’t it be a shame if it swelled then,
wouldn’t it be perfect if the dagger slayed
and they cried out in the pouring rain?

Oh, dear architect– dear architect
what an odd and sad masque you play.
Your poetry and lonely sights
have brought on your own despair.
Sindi Jun 21
Like a constellation of stars
The walk upon the stage
Smiling and dazzling
In their best clothing

This small event was successful
But if only there were more people
To watch this spectacular happening

The individuals who participated
Proved that they are not fish in the school
But more like a bouquet of daisies
All glittering by
© Sindi Kalumba
Wanna play with my voo doo doll
A pin or two wont do
Better with a cut or two
Paint it black or dark blue
Thats what , I do
Voo doo doll one for me
Maybe one for you
Wanna play with my voodoo doll
Button eyes different sizes
Theres one red the other green
My voodoo doll likes you
She wants to play a game
Stick a pin
its a game just for you
So will you play with her
My voodoo doll has eyes on you
Lets see what she can do
Do you feel it
A ***** or does it itch
Isnt this fun
A voo doo doll
She has so much to explore
So come on
Lets play
See what happens
Dont be scared
Shes not of you
Wanna play with voo doll too...
© Jennifer l Delong 6/2021
Brett Jun 7
It is a quarter past June, and
          already it seems like a record setting summer.
Sprinklers and the scent of chlorine filled pools,
          as I walk in my street-worn shoes to my sanctuary.

The lifeless blacktop park where
          my will and the heat-embracing pavement meet.
A well-manicured backyard tree hangs its verdant leaves
          just over its owner’s fence.
Like a lifeline for life reaching out to me.

I stick and I move,
          as the sweat cleans the dirt and despair from my face.
Like a sunshine superman, I drink UV rays into my bones.
          Alone I feel whole.
The disinfecting flames of summer
          have begun to melt the cold rot encasing my soul.
Embrace the light from the sun, because one day we will plead with darkness to feel it on our face once more.
vanishing tail
after three the rock
goes with it
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