They come but they don't stay,
they laugh but they don't play,
I'm sick of all these
every single day.

Chris Neilson May 18

Losing my way
from A to B
too many locked doors
from C to D

I can't recall
E to F
I've lost my pass
for G to H

Show me the way
from I to J
I stumbled and fell
between K and L

M to N is barred
mark my card
no O to P
feeling like an OAP

There's a Q to R
too long in a car
a spoiled recipe
changing S for T

No ray of sunshine
connecting U to V
doubling back on W
to reach an X

Why can't Y
put to bed
the pronunciation of Zee
or maybe Zed

Dharker May 17

The innocence of imagery day dreams
Washing out within the days
Something precious
memory will store
When we don't act
or play like that
no more
Expression on our face
warmth had brought
A chill to our heart
Innocence's is gone
It's gone, it's gone, it's gone...

Poetic T May 16

Little monsters frolic
           pirate ships "ahoy,

Imaginations gift of play,

An invisible play-pal,  
     Creativity of a youthful mind.

Keeping monsters of night away

Sometimes the monster is the one keeping them safe.
James Court May 10

It's just a play we're thrust
into, and though we must
beware of what's ahead,
we all will end up dead -
and in this foolish game,
the losses are the same
as wins. Therefore, if you
decide to follow through
and straighten your affairs,
you'll still climb all those stairs
with those who left it all
to chance, and had a ball
ignoring how the rules
were written. Are they fools -
or are they simply folk
who understand the joke?

I looked in the mirror this morning,
And there was a little tiny change,
An older look to my eyes,
My smile was foreign and strange.

My posture was straighter and taller,
My cheeks were thinner and slim.
I'm changing right before my eyes,
And every day I'm at the whim
of Whoever decides what I'll be
When I'm an adult someday.
When make believe no longer appeals to me,
And I've forgotten how to play.

So what I want to say to this elusive Whoever,
what I want to ask of this man,
Is "Are all these changes the real me?
And is the real me who I am?"

Just rambling. I wrote this on the spot.

Life is too short,
               to regret!
Choose your words,
               with solace!
Don't mess it up,
               you can't solve!
Once they go,
              they don't come!
Destiny is gonna,
              play a game!
Rule it,
             if you can!
Words will,
              hurt you more!
Destiny is gonna,
               Play some more!!
                                          - komal :)

Liz Carlson Apr 29

My heart becomes heavy,
as the children dance and I watch in envy.
Little do they know that fear is deadly,
they just throw confetti.
Oh, how I wish I could turn back time,
to play with dolls without it being a crime.
Back when I didn't have a care in the world,
and I just twirled.
Back when it was easy to make a friend,
now all relationships end.
I worry about my future,
and think back on when life was smoother.

This is my first rhyming poem.
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