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Alex 5h
The night sky twinkles with a thousand tiny flecks of light
and your eyes always sparkle just as bright.
I hear the wind humming a sweet lullaby
and can't help but wonder why.
Why a person like me deserves a person like you
who shines like the sun whenever I'm blue.
Your  smile leaves my head dizzy
and your voice leaves me in a tizzy.
You're my one weakness. I can never say no
and I'll follow where ever you go.
Your moonlit lips make me weak
and with your heart, you always speak.
I love you with my entire soul
so my heavy heart must let you go
You only know you love them when you let them go


The... Covering of Faces...
In... Various Public Spaces... !!!

So Now Minnesota’s Facing...
PROTESTS And... NO Social Spacing... !!!

Because of Cop Disgraces...
Who Now Need MORE Than Shaming... !!!

For What Is...
ANOTHER Black ******... !!!

So OF COURSE There’s Public FERVOUR... !!!
Because Even Before These Cops Are Charged...
Lawmen Who Are Linked To... “ The Bar “...

Lawyers And The Like Who Make Judgements Pass...
Are Already Saying That, " They DIDN’T Go Too Far !"...

When... CHOKING George Floyd...
... Until They STOPPED His Heart... !!!

What A Way To Begin This... “ Re-Opening “...
of Public Engagement... After This Virus Thing... ?!?

But Their... Re-Arrangements...
Are NOT Game Changing... !!!

They’re Linking Straight Back...
To Their Police Attacks...
On Those Who Are Black... !!!

At A Time Where Most Minds...
Are Mentally Fried Because of The Vibe...
That’s Had Them Inside For A Pretty Long Time...

When They Do Come Outside...
The First Thing That They Find...
In Front of Their Eyes... ?!?
Are Cops Acting Like...
They Have EVERY RIGHT... !!!
To Choke A Black Guy...
On The Street Til' He Dies... !?!

If This Is...

The... NEW Normal... ???
Why Are Things On REWIND... !!!

Blacks Need To Find Portals...
Where Combat Ain't Mortal...
And Policemen Just Chortle...
When They Leave Us Mournful... !!!

So... What Do They Expect...
When They KEEP KILLING Men...

of... DIFFERENT Descents...
Due To Race IGNORANCE...
And... Lies They DEFEND...
That Are Clearly NONSENSE... !?!

So Now... Violence Renewed...
And Armed Forces In View...

Buildings ABLAZE... !!!
Police Driving Away.......... !?!

And Stories That Claim...
That There’s PURE DISARRAY... !!!

So What Does The Don' Say... ???

“If The Looting Starts...
Then The Shooting Starts !”....

Because He’ll Send In...
MORE Than National Guards...
With Guns In Their Arms...

What Is This... " High Noon "...
At Some... Racist Saloon... ?!?

Cos' Heads Need To Be Shrewd...
When It Comes To Reviews...
Coming Out of Newsrooms...
About... This ISSUE... !!!!!

So... Protesters BEWARE... !!!
Cos' It Seems That Bloodshed...
May Well Be What Comes Next...

If They... DO NOT Calm Down...
And Allow... “ Due Process “... !!!

Well Like Someone Else Said...

If They Don’t Want To Deal...
With These Types of Protests...
Then Just Make The Police...


Men And Women...
And YES Our Children...
Are Losing Their Lives...
Because of The VIRUS...
That Is... POLICE SIRENS... !!!

Black People ARE TIRED... !!!!!

of... HAVING To Face...
PROBLEMS That Fill Graves...
Because of Our Shade...
That Are Fuelled Due To HATE... !!!

A Hatred That’s BLATANT... !!!

... THIS Statement... !!!

Whatever Now Happens...

“It’s A Problem They’ve Created... !!!“
Simply, Minneapolis and George Floyd.

I will be gone from this place before sunrise.
bone weary and moving fast,
burning memory with light.

those miles, hours, will pass
in a haze of disinterest.

but this?

I stay, long after the rest have gone,
departed in the dying light.

lingering, pausing before that sky.
I will never watch the day end
from these shores again.

and now the night has fallen,
that void horizon navy cold.
and I turn.
Thinking about leaving and not coming back.
I remember the hidden chapel bells in her voice,
The little cloister of her abbey looks that opened
To a lovelorn courtyard of cisterns and well works,
The sounding pulleys and ropes from the springs,
I will miss her nothing said to my infinite misgivings.
I look in the direction I know you to be
Though I cannot see you
On the opposite shore of this sea

I lay looking at stars and wonder
Do you see them too
Or are clouds all you're under

In my mind, daily I call, I write
In reality I sit captive here
In the dark unable to fight

The wind tangles my hair in knots
When I go for a walk
Near the coast, skipping rocks

If I am still and listen long enough
The water speaks it's wisdom
Giving advice, voice smooth and rough

It begs me to walk across to you
Through a wild sea
Sinking into cold greys and blues

I heed the call, waves flooding overhead
Following the letters I never sent
And cry out from my sweat-soaked bed
This is a spiritual for those who's chests are too tight to breath, whose blood is caked on the streets, pain too common to be seen, their skin too dark to dream, minds too beautiful to be freed loved ones left to float down the stream burnt or hung like tobacco leaves,
Smoking us is their addiction love *****-teen but want to disregard the afflictions, want to take in our chemistry but disregard the chronic inequalities.
this is a spiritual for this who bleed, feel or look like me... when,
when will we be free, the children of the soil I hear their  voices on the breeze songs of sadness, fear, rage, love but very little of peace. No more knees to take, We have no more cheeks to turn. No justice but we must know peace
until we know justice there will be No peace.
I'm tired of being tired
Sara M 1d
The sun watched as you stood silently,
On that hill.
Rushed by a ticking meter and an impatient daughter.
In the backseat of the cab sits your mother, clutching a slip of paper with an address scrawled on it.
Rushed by the cough of a man unbeknownst to your struggles, unaware of your toil Unaware that you have crossed seas just to stand here,
In a spot where you may not even be welcome,
And the only thing coming close to resembling approval is from the threatening sun, Glaring down at you from the sky, a magnifying glass,
Scorching warnings in a dark patch of grass around you.
It began to sear at your pale skin, acknowledging your nervous presence.
A small sparrow perches on a nearby tree, your focus gently slides towards him,
His gentle song penetrated the silence, and you were grateful for some excuse to shove aside the tears that welled up so tenderly in your eyes.
The aching sensation that ebbed and flowed through your body was temporarily put on hold.
As the sun beat down on that rushed reunion, you felt a lifetime's hurt, Yet remain grateful to that little songbird.
I can feel you
but not as I once did
Absent is
the intertwining passionate
euphoria of two
minds, bodies, souls,
in energy, in ecstasy

I sense you withdrawing
piece by piece
Your essence, your brilliance
growing dimmer
I struggle to hold you
grasping wildly
for any shred
I can catch, and feel, and hold close

Conversations and innuendos persist
but in them lies a hollowness
A new space between us
our depth moving upward to the surface

I watch you fade from me
You no longer call me by my deity
Once so attuned
Words rendered unnecessary for understanding

But now
I beg for some connection
and don’t even receive a reply
A seething red rage pulsates
like molten metal
through vains on the brink of bursting,
As if he guzzled a gallon of gasoline
and with a sick sick smile
swallowed a lit cigarette.

Still shrieking he strikes the floor.
White knuckled with fractured fists
shredded vocal chords,
crimson tears and cracked teeth
he's held upright only by spite
and a heart harbouring hate.

So as he stands
He scratches a single name
into a single bullet
and starts to shovel two graves
then prays for three lives
that are about to be forever shaken.
Both love and hate burn scars into a heart that are slow to heal.
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