As two flowers who bloomed on a winter day,
or as two sinners in church who will begin to pray,
I realize that life as we know it is falling apart.
And the only glue that exists is miles from our hearts.
It brought me grief when you were taken from me,
and I imagine my repent meant nothing to thee.

But now, as my heart shivers and turns a dark shade of blue,
I sit and wonder who lost who.
Was it me or was it you?

originally written 12/27/16

The worst part about
missing you is not knowing
whether you feel this
way about me too.

I'm not sure
if I was going to to see the band
or to see you.

shåi 13h

terrified, wait
cheating husbands
others' bed
now under the midnight sky

im working to get better at this poem style!!
MU 16h

In my mind,
I am sadly crumbled on the floor
And then you come
Bringing me comfort

In my mind,
I’m deeply lost in a dark wood
Then you appear
Pointing directions

In my mind,
I’m drowning unconsciously in a pond
And then you jump in
Saving my life

In my mind,
Am having bad fevers with dreams
That you are gone
And then you wake me up

In my mind,
I’m writing you difficult poems
But then you smile
And make it easy.

In my mind,
I’m not sure what I exactly should say
And you just nod

In my mind,
My heart is gasping desperately for love
Your deepest sigh...
Full of compassion…

In my mind,
No calmness, comfort, and no thoughts
Only the fact
That I am lost…
                                            ...without you.

Wishful thinking and realisations
MU 17h

When you are far yet so close
And so silent in your thoughts
When you are so far away
How can I sleep?

When I am lonely and shy
And your heart has become home
Yet I am losing that home
Where should I go?

When the tears don’t kill the flames
When they stop calming the eyes
And the eyelashes so dry
How can I cry?

When the flowers bloom so bright
Yet they are void of their souls
When the souls travel away
Why should I live?

When the feelings feel so numb
And the numbness cracks the soul
When the heart is full of drought
What should I drink?

When the world starts feeling small
Empty but full of demise
And reminders of your love
How to forget?

Lots of confusion and emptiness after a heartbreak
OpenPage 23h

Come dance with me,
Under the pale moonlight.
In the magical world,
Where I dream at night.

Come laugh with me,
Smile your beautiful smile.
Let's talk for hours,
Then stay for a while.

Come sit with me,
And grasp my hand.
I’ll take comfort from your touch,
While I struggle to understand.
Come lie with me,
Hold me in your embrace.
Till my eyes flutter open,
To find only empty space.

Dedicated to my mum, who I miss with all my heart.
Jas 1d

Up at the top
Hands in the air
Raising our glasses
In a silent cheer
To celebrate the things we've done
The resolutions we'll make,
The disruptions we caused
Shots fired in our wake.

Houses piled together
No room to breathe
Visions of death
Poison in our dreams.

There are the rebels and the gays
The fearsome and the rays
Of sunshine.
The thoughtful ones
The glass slippered girls
And the sneakerheads.
It isn't much
We aren't royalty
The most we can do
Is have the things we think we need
In our dreams.

Money can't be everything
But it sure seems
To be that way.
Instead of leading the way
We dig it up
No one walks on sidewalks
We all stay in the streets.

In the future
I hope instead
The streets will close at 10
And we'll all be in our beds.
Because if something happens
And we all go
Who will remember us when we're dead
If all we did
Was steal sneakers from weaker men
And spend spend spend?

Kind hands learn to be calloused hands
under the thumb of others,
and around the fingers
of ones mistaken for lovers.

Jade 1d

I thought that you would be the one
You put images I wanted down
You had the power to make me smile
You had the skill to make me frown
I loved the flowers you gave
Even if they were brown

Too bad our legs untangled
Our hands no longer hold
The future I once thought I saw
Are but memories that now thaw
Like ice under the sun
Dripping in puddles of flaws

This is what a Lover means
What could have been
What could be
No longer what is and what will be
I move forward with you
Now faintly a recess in my memory

This is what a Lover means
Awkward, silent, cruel
Like trying to eat gruel
With a fork and knife
Grey and slippery, sloshing in a bowl
It being there is a trial to all

You once could have been my present and my future
My boyfriend, husband, my Lover
But now you are no longer
I will not wait for you anymore
Not now, not ever.

This is what a Lover is,
You are but a Lover,
Not made to be my forever.

In reply to earlier poem "this is what a Lover is"
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