Dorian 2h
The moon was soon to be my lover:
"The great pusher and puller"
On a sad day in November,
I gave up my surrender.

As long as I was safe here,
their companion blue sphere,
they knew I wasn't going to fade.
Always thought that I would stay.

Soft pink ribbons fill my head
Light beams falling on the bed
But I could only see them
through a shaded lense.
I don't know when that began.

As the months grew longer
they watched me wander
from somewhere much farther away.
And now we're lonely.

Their love was fuller and faster,
retreating and waining.
Sunlight reflecting,
then raining and raining
I love you, I'm sorry
I hate you, don't leave me
My absence grew fonder
than staying and grieving

Then I was gone
I don't like myself when I'm away
I wonder where did we go wrong
Always thought that I would stay
Dorian 2h
History predicts the fall
in the quietest manner
Silently he builds the walls
His actions go without saying

It's too much pressure to love me
It's much too heavy to stay
I must go on without him
I'll have to find another way

Once a lovers strong embrace
Now a dark and lonely place
Who next will be my valentine?
Fill these empty arms
Amanda 7h
Destruction of sin
meets an unwavering faith
that will not alter.
voodoo 16h
Amy speaks to me sometimes,

reminds me of the losing game that I’m playing:

I’ve put in all my coins, gambled all I could call mine

and she shakes her head but keeps her silence.

There are no rules, she knows this

it’s all in or nothing,

and she watches me give everything.

I resurrect every ghost to make me bleed,

and tear open this skin for meaning,

but what is the value of hollowed bones and haunted dreams?

How many revolutions until your words lose your voice?

How many revolutions until the sun burns my hands away from your eyes

so you can finally see the light?

I lost the heart in a wager for yours

only to return with empty palms

and another phantom shackled in the mind

that patrols the lock-up, and the whip comes down

at every clink of ball-and-chain – no prisoner stands a chance to escape.

How odd that every lash on the prisoner,

you’ll find on my wrist, on my back, on my neck;

how odd that every movement is a punishment;

how odd that you don’t see the manacles

I’ve bound myself with.
For some reason.
It will always bring us closer.
In ways no one wants.
But everyone needs.
To be able to realize.
Life is short.
One minute you are here.
The next you never know.
So cherish one another.
Be thankful for one another.
Be kind to one another.
Because once the other is gone.
Don't let their death be the reason you return.
You'll never forget.  
What you once said you'll never forgive.
To the ones who have left us.
From the celebrities.
To the teens shot just for being there.
Or just the friends we saw around christmas.
I wish you only peace.
Because we will never be able to.
Now that you are gone.
I sit and look at your picture, in pride of place.
I want to tell you how much I've missed you.
How Every Day is a struggle without your love.
When will this feeling leave me?
Until the next time you see me?
Will I be forever blue, living my life with out You?
What if when it passes, I don't know who I am anymore, without the weight of the grief dragging me to the floor?
I didn't just lose you, I lost me too.
I search every corner of my mind because it's you I still hope to find.
you planted trees down my worries—
grew love in all of the places i was
too afraid to shine
and now a forest grows in all of
the corners your fingers got to know
and magic leaves are dancing to your breeze

someone once told me that curiosity kills the cat
and yeah maybe when you first smiled at me
i wondered where you had been my whole life

and i think that's where we went wrong

just like the nights you spent telling me words
in the way your language speaks them
while i spent all of my belief
on the movement of your mouth
being the key to my soul’s wildest dreams

but magic is made up of tricks

and you sure are the master at making me think the trees from your seeds were real
but lately the plastic leave have melted
from the fire you had rekindled in my heart

but even if the words weren't true
you gave me something bright and new
and i know we all are trying to be
the best versions of these humans beings
so i don't blame you
for being what you came here to be
because really i chose you
to come do these things to my heart
i prayed and hoped my way to manifesting you
to be there when i looked up from my lonely hands

but my god

if only you hadn't come into work that night
if only i hadn’t stumbled to that side of the beach
to that side of the planet
if only i had done one thing differently in my past
maybe just maybe then
i wouldn’t have fallen into the arms of lost hope
and maybe we would have never known
that magic could exist in strangers
that love can be felt at first sight
and everything occurring now
would feel real

but instead
i am walking through some kind of lucid dream
and i can't figure out what my room
used to feel like
because now it looks so unfamiliar to me
just like the person i am

i can't find her

what did you do when i looked up at you
some kind of unkind love spell
i just want to be free...

i want you

but you don't have the room
for someone like me
Amanda 1d
Grip tightened on me,
Strangers falling in love now,
is it not over?
Amanda 1d
The cut on my inner palm.

It reminds me of the night you told me that
you thought we'd be better off going on our own paths,
and how my blood didn't seep as deeply into life's cloth
as your longing for someone new was aching above the surface.
Nimbus 1d
I could only see through altered sensory

Clearly drowning subconsciously
Open wide beneath dark clouds brewed consciously

The familiar breeze that once calmed me

I no longer feel

She only qualms me

The mentally numb have become physically sick
I can't stand the rocking on this ship

So accustomed to life at sea

Flashes of lightning dance with me
A tearstained deck under my feet

I loved the taste

It smelled sweet

The salt and the sweat
All of our heat
A season of life
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