I only wanted to rest on the chemistry
now comes the comedown
now comes the demand to contort a smile
even though there’s no rapture inside
that’s not what I have to hide.
With all pretences shattered
I’m open to suggestibility
every word
means the world to me
I’m a deity
as empty as the Gods who made me.
Brokk66 2h
i could not live up to her expectations
and all i wanted was to make her proud
now i am an empty shell
that was left discarded
somewhere in my lifetime, she left me feeling dead

out the window, and across the valley
she runs free
farewell darling...
this is my final goodbye...
EP 2h
Move on,
               M o v e  o n ,
                              M  o  v  e   o  n  ,
                                             M   o   v   e    o   n   ,

because, you were yesterday,
and the clouds are already passing by,
they've lost their longing for you
as should I do,
because you were yesterday.
I, I am tomorrow, I'm looking forward
to the endless possibilities.
I am where the birds go to fly,
and you? you're just where they've gone to die.
However, together, we are today,
and today the birds can be freed
but no promises can be made for if tomorrow they survive
or if they'll even last the day.
So for now, just let me nest whilst I

Move on,
               M o v e  o n ,
                              M  o  v  e   o  n  ,
                                             M   o   v   e    o   n   -   .   .   .

Just a poem about a boy-...
Umi 3h
The sun was shining,
Pitch black, sending out rays of misery in a blinded realm of self hatred, casting a shadow even darker to trail a clear record.
A sun of darkness, made out of despair, casts it's light before the zenith, a day like any other, tiring, exhausting and frustrating.
The phantoms of the past linger around the streets, seemingly not noticing anything, the lack of light nor the constant agony this brings,
Perhaps it was just my sight, which tricked me into seeing everything as it was and thus the others hadn't noticed but a single, little thing.
I hide my truth behind a curtain of both a smile and a fake cheerful mood, put up with the last strengh my worn out fighting spirit has.
Once upon a love, the mornign glow used to be more than a sunrise,
It's brilliance unmatched, almost roaring as it illuminated the atmosphere while we were watching this scene unfold with awe!
This is how it should be, nothing more.
But when I knew the meaning of love you were already gone,
Dragged away by the chains of fate lead by time and left me as the sun was about to set and never truly come back as usual, darling.
You were my light.

~ Umi
EP 1d
can you see me?
                                   (I'm not sure I'd want you to)
after all-
I'm just sitting here wasting in a world so fine
so full of opportunities
                                   (so full of horrors)
                                   (full to the brim of every hate)
tell me this,
can you see me?
                                   (I'd hate it if you could)
I  l o v e  you with my heart
                                   (but even then I'd never know where to start)
and I need you close to me
                                   (although I know I'll push you away far)

my blindness is my sight
mk 5h
i thought i was starving for home
the smell of the soul and the taste of the air
i thought my hunger was for all that sunshine
the familiar roads, the wind in my hair
but i sit on this ground that i have lived on before
waiting on home to accept me once again
loneliness and betrayal, this land is empty
hollowness and silence, there is no love here
i sit here in my nothingness and count the black sky
this isn't home
this can't be home

(i miss you).
Why do we dance better when we are in love?

Why do we dance better, when we are in love?
A lack of embarrassment,
As you feel like you've been drugged.
You feel the music more, because the lyrics have new meaning.
The description to the picture of the woman you've never seen.

The lights enlighten your mind, as the colour fills her face.
She appears before you, when you’re too drunk to concentrate,
On the words she is saying, that you know would be great,
But she thinks you’re not listening and now it's too late.
Her attentions been taken, by another hopeful singleton;
An unknown quantity, you never had time to think of.

He's taken your place, in entrapping her mind;
He's the guy you should have been, but you never had the time.
He's the second rate choice, that wins this fair maiden’s soul;
He's taken your maiden, so now you should go.

The girl I think I love, isn't really who I love;
I just haven't realised, that my time has not yet come,
But love is on the way, my heart is its destination;
But to whom will it be given and mutually taken?

If love is on the way, how long must I wait?
And will it hurt me like before?
Or will I see that it's a new day?
Full of new opportunities, new hopes and new dreams;
But this time around, there will be a happy ending.

Thinking of the future fills my heart with such gladness;
Knowing I could fall in love with a stranger,
Who will take away my sadness.
Knowing anything is possible; my futures full of hope,
That one day I'll get the girl and one day I'll fall in love.

To listen to new words, from a voice I've never heard,
Would be such a thrill, would be more than I deserve.
For the strong always win, as the weaker man falls behind;
But surely I deserve love too, I've committed no crime.

So why am I punished, every time I see her face?
The last kiss we'll ever share, now only leaves a bitter taste.
We could have been good for each other,
If I only stood my ground
And told this girl that I like her,
To make her smile and not frown.

I walk into the bar, as my future sits on her own.
I must seize this last chance and tell her she's the one.
So we sit there all night long, telling tales of our past,
Whilst thinking of the future, as I wonder will this last?

She understands your desires, your wishes and your dreams.
She wants to be with you; well at least that's what you think.
You must let the goodness of love, overcome the bitterness
And let the love light shine on her, so you can feel the goodness,
To light the warmness you feel, so you can ignore all your doubts
And make a hole in your heart, to let the burden seep out.

I'd make a hole in her head, to remove the memories of the hurt,
To help her look to the future; it is what she deserves.
To let her remember the good times
And the love that we could have;
To make her think of our future
And forget the painful past.

I want to take away the weight,
That you carry upon your shoulders
And hope we make a connection,
Between what's inside us.
The worlds too heavy for you to carry,
I think it's time you gave it back;
I only want to make you happy
And stop you ever feeling sad.

Now the weight has been lifted
And you’re free from the burden,
Will you join me on this quest
To find our Garden of Eden?
To create our own world,
Exactly as we need it to be;
To share in the ecstasy of possibilities.

Our future could be golden,
Like the setting summer sun.
Loves a new weight on your shoulders,
But it gives you someone,
Who will be there until you die,
Unless I die before you do;
But I'd refuse to be killed,
If it meant that I'd lose you.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

The sands of time have fallen away;
No longer drifting through the space in-between yesterday and today.
No egg timer tomorrow can turn this fate upon its head.
Limited reality; no fiction left.

Tomorrow is lost to never be seen again;
No words left to say.
No future to look forward to in this fading age.
Skeleton walked the roads, paying all of the tolls;
At the end of the journey, no gold can keep away the hole.

Tattered bandages around broken bones;
Falling to his knees, he has made his way home.
No witness to his arrival,
All long since gone.
His neighbours have left without revival;
They have all become dust and bones.

This town is without its heartbeat.
Just empty streets,
Not one person to be seen;
No sound of machines and nobody to see.
Tarmac and concrete;
No leaves on the trees.
Grey stone all around;
No words left to speak.

His ball and chain has been removed,
Long ago, since many moons.
At his graveyard home, he is in good company.
The skeleton man is no longer living;
He is resting in his cemetery.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Love is gone

All the times that we had, like a star they explode.
Now they are to stay gone and you are no longer all that I know.
What I need; what I had.  It is all gone into the past.
Like a piece of history, she is gone and she is never coming back.

It was us until the end and now we are not even friends;
Just an ex on a life map and there is no turning back.
There is no way to recall all the love that is now on the floor.
Shattered dreams are all gone and now all I can hear is our song.

Now I just keep on playing it on repeat;
I keep a piece of you inside of me and I have lost a piece of me.
We were broken by three and now we will never be.
Just a memory of what we were;
Just the fading traces of our lost love.
Just a painful heartache;
This result feels so unjust.

All the love that we shared
And all those times I thought I would never forget;
All those memories I wanted to keep inside my head.
They are all gone now…

We cannot say what we want to tell each other,
Without sounding mean.
It was meant to be you and me;
Now we have lost out on everything.

All the pictures I will delete;
I do not want a single memory.
Not a thought of you to cross my mind.  
My mind is made; we have had our time
And if I could turn back time,
I would take back some of the words that I said;
But I just cannot forget,
What we have lost…
Now this love is dead.

They say move on with your life,
But I cannot because you were my life
And now I stand here alone,
With your number still on my phone.
If I do press delete, then you are truly gone
And this is truly it.
I wish it didn’t have to be,
But it must, but still…no delete.
My finger waits over your name;
I could remove all my pain,
But still I cannot remove you from me.

Now all love is in the past, afar, just as you are
And as I walk down the street, I see you talking in a bar,
With a smile on your face, with another man in my place.
Oh my God, I hate this day!
Why could I not just find a way,
To give you what you needed from me?  
It was never me that you needed.

It was him or anyone else; I am simply gone.
I am now lost in my own nightmares.
I only wish that you could still care;
But you no longer do, so I say you never did.
This does not heal my love;
It is truly broken,
Because I am so stupid.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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