I loved you whole heartedly once
Under your bedsheets under the silence
Or any place covered in darkness
Where no one could see the way
Your flesh melded into​ mine
I suffered a year drowning in grief
You lived a life never committing
We met by chance and latched on
I loved how free your memories were
How wild your plans could be
I loved the life i found in your eyes
I enjoyed the rasp in your voice
Heavy with love, heavy with lust

I loved how you helped me heal once
Never had I loved in others
The parts I loved in you
You joked that you were my first
I'll never forget your bucket list
Give birth to life, love intensely,
Save a life, kiss a midget
You said you'd name your first child
Washington, where your heart belonged
You had fond childhood memories there
I remember making similar plans
Before life made its own plans for me
My thoughts were lingering on him
We argued about that some times
Screaming with lust, screaming in anger

I didn't know how to love you once
I was full of tantalizing words
Sizzling on the tip of my tongue
Waiting to tell you how I felt
But his name was the only thing
That could escape from my lips
You'd shout and cry and break things
You said my heart was an enigmas
Full of love for things that didn't exist
Full of love for people that no longer lived
I loved him imensely, I loved you intensely

I love how you moved on once
You deserved better than to be
Someone's dirty little secret
You were anything but that to me
I didn't want you to fight ghosts
Because of my inability to let go
It was better off that way
Your mother called me one day
Five years after you walked away
I wore your favorite color as asked
Finally met your family years too late
I'm sure you checked off every item
From your bucket list right before
Your brother handed me your baby
He weeped as he told me that
She was named after where
Your heart really belonged
She carries your love, she carries my name

I followed SoulSurvivor's advice and posted the complete poem instead of just segments so people can read it in its entirety.

Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah

she tried her best
she did
she tried
to rub
shake him back
get up! get up, please?
her warrior down
no longer fighting
she took rest on
his motionless
purple chest to weep
no longer heaving
breathing life no more
she kissed cold lips
hoping for their
magic to return
miracles to heal
but it wasn't enough
it was
goodbye my love

gmw '17

My cousin was a brilliant football player- a legend in our area. He also proudly served and protected our country in the military. To call him a bear of a man would be selling him out short- he was a giant, but even giants fall. He died of a sudden heart attack at his home with his wife at his side. She said it was so sudden she didn't have time to tell him goodbye while he was alive.

The heavens mourned
   in my stead love.

They railed and rent
   themselves through,
   in the deep knell of the thunder,
   and the flashing light of the lightning
   as it struck in all its fiery promise.

The gods themselves
   wept my tears, my love.

Rivers upon rivers
  from those fickle immortals,
  for where they are,
  they were moved.

Because I mourned you
   my love,
I mourned you.
I mourned you,
  so deep.

But I was too far
  from my eyes to weep.
Cut off from my arms
  that I could not tear my
Closed off from my throat
  so the world would never
  hear the banshee in my wail.

For as my body mourned,
My soul sought you.
It reached out ,
  to Hades Realms
  if that was where you went.

It asked
   why would you leave us here?
   this body of mine and
   it's soul.

So I could not weep
   and I could not wail.

And so the heavens,
   they mourned for me.

Erebus The Greek underworld, in mythology, is an otherworld where souls go after death, and is the original Greek idea of afterlife. At the moment of death the soul is separated from the corpse, taking on the shape of the former person, and is transported to the entrance of the Underworld. It is not Hell but the afterlife.

Rest well, you were loved. written 13/7/2017 on your funeral

From east to west
I've seen the best
Moss on a stone
Contacts on my phone

I’ve meet friends
Knowing it all ends

That I can restart
But keeping the one that's in my heart
She will always be there
A coat my heart wears

For when it gets cold
In this void
She will be there
To warm the air

Awake from dreams
Of loving you,
And hate the morning sun,
For you wait in the twilight,
And still whisper, "Lover, come...

Back to the place we started,
And to where our love began;
A place within our dreams
Made of the Sandman's sand."

ღ ღ ღ

Resting across the theta waves
Of Ocean Memory,
I sail to it each night,
And its warm walls shelter me,

But with morning castle crumbles,
And the sand is washed away,
And I curse myself a fool
To think that it could ever stay.

ღ ღ ღ

I no longer know you,
Though you live within my sight;
Small comforts come with slumber,
You still love me in the night...

"You grow in sleep, and live your fuller life in you dreaming.
For all your days are spent in thanksgiving
For that which you have received
In the stillness of the night."

“By the sweat of your brow
you will eat your food
until you return to the ground,
since from it you were taken;
for dust you are
and to dust you will return.” -Genesis 3:19

They felled the last tree yesterday.
I felt her heave a great sigh
As they lowered her down to her grave.
Terminal she lay. Deathly still.
Black trucks crept from where she once stood.

They felled the last tree yesterday.
I felt the ring of the axe,
The devilish war-cry of the saw,
Biting, biting away beneath a spiteful sun of a mad crimzon.

Stumps. A testament to man
Entrenched in the barren soil.
Who was there to pray for them?
Only the quiet dayglow, resting upon the subtle fragments,
Of what might have been.

One must wonder:
“How many must it take for us to learn?”
If only we could learn.

So don't tell me that they have no use
For we are of them, and they are of us
All made from the same soft stardust.
From earth to earth.
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust!

A butterfly flies besides us
Like a sunbeam
For a moment in time.
It brings glory, beauty, and hope to us
But then it flies off again
And though we wish it could have stayed
We feel so lucky to have seen it

Dead soul
Lost and forgotten
Damned for eternity
With pain and agony

Soaking wet
Tears of black
Cheeks swollen red
Heart snapped in two

Death comes so slow
For this tormented soul
Longing for peace
Never getting resolve

To be honest this is how I feel just about every day

As I watch the waning of this Capricorn moon
Powerlessness and sorrow at heart
She takes with her the last light
Canvases the sky in dark
I know she'll rise again
Moonset followed by glorious moonrise
But it's all different now
Her reflection leaves my eyes

She'll always be up there
Painfully out of reach
Me forever the student
Of the lessons she would teach
So many questions
So much unknown
But forever grateful
For the way that I've grown

The waxing and waning
Moonrise and moonset
Controlling the tides of my Soul
Before we ever met
She's Always been there
Since Beginningless time
Now her synchronised heart
Is no longer mine

I talk to the moon daily
In a language unspoken
She knows of my dreams
Knows the wolf she's awoken
But our song now has ended
I miss her so much
How can we dance more
If distance means we can't touch?

Had I only known
I would've, should've, what if?
Here and now though
Fear's choices forged a rift
I'm trying to accept this truth
Trying to accept my fate
So I sing my song in silence
The ballad of the Moon's Soulmate

There are those encounters that occur once in a lifetime, if you are fortunate enough.
Hold onto them with everything you are

To seek refuge in hollow whims
Sanctuary is for whomever it fits
Emboldened by the size of our coalition
We stretched for home when it hit

These walls had holes that exposed lives
They sought out permission to secure
Home can't fault when our hands stay firm
We stayed until midnight for stars to cheer

Eclipses of life illuminates violent rays
Devastation creates fear in the air
These walls will stay sound for centuries
Pearl gates held still as endings felt near

You can't lose what was taken from you
We reached for balloons that reach back
Knights cleared up space for grieving
Our strength stands tall for our very last

7-20-12. Aurora Strong
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