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Hopeless state of mind.
At least I'm dopeless.
Doing fine.
Thanks for asking.
Excuse me as I adjust my mask.
Focus fades in time,
Eaten by locusts.
Doing time.
Never lasting.
Excuse me as I walk on past.
Bogus cliche lines,
but I've been told this
way of life
is worth grasping.
Excuse me as I shine the brass.
Boldness makes them shine
for, at least, a moment
froze in time.
Never lasting.
Excuse me as I live too fast.
Hopeless state of mind.
At least, I'm dopeless.
Doing fine.
Thanks for asking.
Excuse me as I adjust my mask.
This is not a poem.

I love being drunk
Knowing I have no inhibitions
Depending on dependency
Letting stray thought portray predominance
I'll drink to that
Another round, let it bruise my reputation
The tortured artist, the bovine of my heart
Phobos and Deimos, her love is Continental
All happy mistakes under my influence
The mess I write in poetry
To disgrace the art of English
With the abuse of substance
And abandon the art
For the love of escapism

I want to run
I've invested in a talent I've mistaken
For one I own
I'm not meant to be a poet
I'm an inebriated sonnet
I run with my pencil
And detail my fears with lead
I write down my concerns
And share my tears
No one sees you cry
In words that don't even try
The ending of my story
Is burnt like firewood
A warm torture to me
Is left like soot

I'm no lyricist
I can't capture my thoughts into song
It's a pain I've yearned and longed to discern
This story has been written a thousand times
And no matter my rhymes, I can never tell it
The scorn I feel
The anxiety I wield
My corner I reside in
Crippled by myself
And yet
I know not who I really am
Due to my suffering
My assured numbering
My days
Nothing but digits
Monetary liquor
A stigma seen despicable
Let it be mine
I know who I am
Struggle with who I am
Ill dependable
Meant to be
I am all I know
Thoughts to be written
A poet, ninety nine percent
No thought I share is consent
But to admit defeat
I relinquish my seat
In harmony
The peace
The solidified and concealed retreat
I can not hide in poetry

I must admit defeat in stanzas
It is not about the rhymes
I'll abandon tradition
Let speak the force of denial
It's all I hear
It's all I know
I can't speak for others
For they have no share in what I know
Conclude this disgrace
My inebriation do all but deface
What could have been great
Yet I abandon for another eight

I've come so far
Yet I have no title
I struggle with substance abuse
Let me define my confusion as your subtitle
Bring no attention to this, it isn't deserving of it. Let me drown in abandoned likeness like I was meant to.
George Krokos Oct 20
Substance and its illusion
is the basis of confusion.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
paige cochran Oct 19
light up
take a puff
blow it out
gone with the wind
itll be fuzzy soon

push down and twist to open
snag a few
down the hatch
with a swig of that drink
you stole from your parents

open that bottle of drink
sip sip sip
oh it burns
but it burns so good
shh, youre starting to get woozy!
self destruction is my calling
Enzo Oct 9
Take a sniff off of the good stuff
Let it numb your thoughts and ease the pain
Smell it some more and
Inhale the grains

The powdered love now in your veins
Let it hold you, let it mend you
Get wasted, lose your senses
Be free from your thoughts
Chase out the bad things by doing this bad deed
Drug induced stress reliever
You live to be gold -
your blood, veins, nerves, heart, thoughts, deeds -
or just gold-plated.
the only thing more difficult than doing it alone
is admitting you can't
Without all is lost.
Nothing is attracted, just always subtracted from the equation
With too much, only an equal amount in turn, can balance out the scales.

Substance,in many I find lacking
Staring into the mirror
it becomes more evident
that I myself,
may even be without.
Old ****.
anna o k Jul 22
in those distant days, i said i never wanted to inhale a single cigarette; i never wanted to put any dangerous substances in my system that would compel me to ask for it over and over again. you might be getting high off them, but the thought of they’d harm me—consume me little by little, gradually, until there’s nothing left with me but addiction and dependency is dreadful to me.

it all changed after you decided to break my heart.

now, i don’t care if i harm myself with cigarettes or any dangerous substances. i’m not afraid. because i survived you. you and your love are more harmful. the apocalyptic moment when we pressed our lips together, you also ****** the soul out of my body, leaving me a little to none of myself; you crept inside of me, savoring my vulnerability—they're even more harmful and addictive and euphoric than cigarettes or any dangerous substances could do to our bodies. yet i still survive, although i'm trembling every now and then with some pieces of you and me left in my grasp.

- анна о. к.
Christopher Jul 16
Rise and shine,
Time to start a new!
Or as you could say,
How long till you go your way?

I'll be lucky if you don't start crying, whinging or lying about your everyday work.
You could've found better but it's just the beginning so of course it's gonna have it's qwerks.

Barely the middle of it and I can't take ****.
Just take it down and trust me, it'll be real quick.

Quick, here's a tip, don't try to give lip when miss is sick of your trip to this 15 hour shifts cause you can't take a hint that this ain't it your gift or your payment, even though you've been ripped and played and yet you wonder why we shame your decisions.

Oh and don't worry, I'll be here contemplating when Daddy comes home and think, it's just his beginning to an end.

See you tomorrow cause it's the end of just one day.
Don't try to make a profit off of side jobs and self made companies.
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