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Lowkie 5d
Tick tock real talk
How do I get pass this mental block?
I know
I'll have some of this white rock
Crush it up like its white chalk
Up my nose you go
My brain you have to unlock
Pop a pill to get loose
I mean, why not?
Tick tock real talk
Where's there's smoke, there's fire
Or a couple of stoners getting higher
I wonder who’s their supplier
Maybe he got what I need
To satisfy my desire
Tick tock real talk
I can hardly walk
One shot
Two shots
Three shots
Four shots to many
I can hardly see the door
How did I end up on the floor?
I think I had enough
But there's this voice telling me
"You'll be okay, drink some more"
And that's when it hits me
I'm intoxicated to my core
Inside my head, its war
Control over my body
That's what we're fighting for
No more
I want all these substances gone
But it’s too late now
I'm already torn
Suffocating in a crowded vacuum
Quality of conversation none
All the right words in fancy fonts
Echoing with hollows of no substance

I would come to my own rescue
And break these shackles of din
If I could only find some oxygen
In the atmosphere they are wasting
Utahi Kamu Apr 16
He begs me to let him abuse himself
Until he realizes it ain’t fix itself


He ain’t getting there yet
He ain’t letting me bet on a life together
He ain’t getting us set


Play your A-game on a lame day
Even if you feel taken for granted
You deserve your best self my darling
Even if he doesn’t.

That tight grab you feel in your heart when he turns into
a no man
He swears on his ***** to snooze you as well

Grab that grabs your heart
Let it be your saver
Give it a tight handshake
Pretend you are making it
Present your best face outfit
Play it baby play hard
Until your heart grows out of it.


Here we go again.
There’s a universal substance
And it’s moldable and smart
But it needs to have a pattern
For the shaping power to start

Yes, it needs to have a template
A kind of outline or design
For this thinking stuff to cling to
And build your world and mine

I’m glad the pattern I provide
By the thinking of my mind
Is the template that is needed
For my world to be designed
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Łëïçkî Jan 22
It wasn't supposed to be, missing you at 2:05 am.
I imagined snorting lines of ******* and cutting my skin.
It wasn't supposed to be, missing you at 2:06 am.
I envisioned a drunken mess sprawled across my bed.
It wasn't supposed to be, missing you at 2:07 am.
I was supposed to be high and stumbling around campus.
I wasn't supposed to be thinking about you.
I wasn't supposed to miss you.
I miss you.
lost in the throws of a 24 hour break up
disclaimer for the substance abuse and self harm
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