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fraudelle Sep 21
She changed my clothes
She changed my pose
She changed my hair
She changed my prayer
She changed me
Like iron to rust

But like other girls
She did the same

In this story
You are the medicine
Who Created mr.  Hyde

Sorry? To late
Jekyll taking his grave
I'm already dead
Evan Sep 21
I wish I could have it all
I could get high and watch it dissolve
Have an adventure in my head
Make the loneliness interesting
I’ve been trying to stop speeding
But I fall down and crash
A trip to the hospital
This time I won’t make it back
I’ve got a list of fears
Greatest being myself
Can’t shake the urge to stop neglecting myself
I don’t value wealth
Too much pressure on my conscious
To remain conscious
The days add up like addition
Couple that with a bad personality
You got addiction
Sharing what’s in my head
Not as good as seeing you in my bed
Swimming doggie paddle
But my muscles are giving out
Eating the universe’s cinnamon roll,
Trying to bite into the center.
The edge is not so sweet,
But it is worth all the effort.
Tell them

Mostly HE/SHE stays silent
Sometime HE/SHE has something to say
And sometime HE/SHE has to behave arrogant
And sometime HE/SHE has to turn the back
To keep distance

HE/SHE has to do
All this
Just to keep alive
God in HIM/HER

Tell them
HE/SHE is different
Not everyone understands
And, they don't have to
What is going on
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Virtue || Essence || Being Human || Better Human Project
Myrrdin May 6
Walmart on a Sunday evening
Feels like my brain
At 4 am
Every thought looks well made
Until I hold them
And feel the lack of substance
And then I realize
How many people I let in
That only came for something to do
Emma Ottinger Apr 28
In childhood, I watched my mother hang a rope
And build with fresh, new, maternal hands
A swing for my sister and I to feel alive
From the tree where I tried to hang one again In Adolescence

In Adolescence, down came the “Emma tree,"
Planted the day I was born,
Its roots died before its time, diseased,
The sibling I looked up to
Retired to the vice that jailed my father,
A quarter as old as he was when he began to look his age,
If only to feel alive again,
Seeking dopamine that their family could never provide.
And my mother took up gardening,
Enjoying most the killing of the weeds.
I used to equate stars to dreams.
But they look too much like the spots on her hands, Today.

Today, a cherry tree blooms, ornamental before our home,
Ornamental as my father, who speaks truth
Only on his painkillers,
And says that he’s anguished in this life,
True as mother Nature’s calls, flagrant for the insemination of Spring.

But I fear she won’t live well enough to see the baby thrive.

So Tonight, I mourn a tree.
Dedicated to Ive Ben Noble and beautiful, smart Henkensiefken. Deemed dumb by a world that wanted something to blame.
Pt. 1/2, from a night of perverse sorrow.
Poetic T Apr 25
Ground me to dust,
       But every grain

Will hold more worth

                  Than you..
Nohémie Apr 1
wouldn't you want to live every day with substance? or is the only substance you know the one you abuse?
questions, questions, nothing but questions.
I could compose sonatas with sentences, and not to brag, but unfortunately, I prefer language to music.
That which is on paper is most memorable.
So, when one smokes a joint once or twice a day, they have much too many memories to make and thus-as-well have many more to lose.

Albeit an unfortunate circumstance, memory loss comes along with the sheer amount of aptly iconized memories.
A large number of things are let go of when one embarks on the discovery of their own character and conscience.
Possibly so, a shedding of one’s misconceptions in regards to themselves, is quite-in-fact a reason to forget former things

We have the power of attitude.
We change what happens outward us by examining what is inward and embracing or changing whatever we may come to find.

We may not be God, but maybe we look like whatever God may be.

Certainly, a person who is not a slave to themselves is quite a divine sight to see.
Amanda Mar 10
I am feeling confused about what to do
This is really what I want
Both know it isn't my style
Lie or put on a front

We fight our emotions so hard
Live every day in denial
You really don't sense our love decreasing
Has been happening for awhile

We are just biding time until
Someone better comes along
Using one another for different gains
Symbiotic romance is wrong

Abusive to you at times
I cannot control my anger
You're just as abusive emotionally
My mental health in danger

Substance after substance into bodies
Distract ourselves from reality
Pain has ruined our beautiful love
All we planned we'll never be
I wrote this when I was upset but the truth is I do think we can have the life we planned we just have to work harder than we have been
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