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Joseph Miller Mar 13
You have found me
i am here
inside these glowing pixels
come with me
beyond the mystery
for just a moment now
move closer to the center
feel the power of life
transcending space and time
an infinite connection
lives forever
deep inside your mind
the essence of our being
does not fade or die
it knows the truth
and does not lie
all this i can tell
for i have seen the light
i want you to know
the spark of truth
is burning bright!
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Same sticks  
same stones
same feathers
All had to tread through the lands and the weather
Shedding blood, wept tears
struggled or thrive through the years  
been the victim hero villain
Sacrifice we were willing
We gave up  
We gave in  
Spoke to win  
Spoke to sin
Breathe in love  
Breathe with kin  
Now in rhythm with the wind
Spared no one  
Shown mercy
Blessed the verses
That I’m cursing
Silent as the moment seems to worsen  Screaming in the darkness while no one listens
Sun shines and the heart likes to glisten Speak out and empower the voice of the children
Shine and fade the same as a fire does in a firmament
Last forever and endure the way change embodies permanence  
Cancel out Amplify
Counter, redirect and guide
Discern and live within the wise
Chad Young Feb 7
My Self is rooted in a larger city than mine.
My Self is rooted in male comradery.
My Self falls into a group. The group isn't universal for all my traits though.
Thus comradery isn't a universal attribute in this sense.
However, if I feel I need comradery, and I'm not in familiar surroundings, I can shift to a reality of the oneness of humanity, where all share the same home.
Chad Young Feb 4
I am the power of literacy,
The power of the written word,
The power of the tongue.
I am not the color of my skin, but the content of my mind.

I prefer silence to news.
I prefer to vote for the party of lesser evil than write-ins.
I prefer religion to politics.
I prefer oneness to distinction.
I prefer coffee to alcohol.
I prefer cigarettes to refer.
I prefer nutmeg to LSD.
If I could give all these up except one, I would prefer oneness.
Who am I?
They say that God sees all
But of course…
He sees wonder through my eyes
Hears all sound through my ears
Discerns scent through my nose
Feels another’s touch through my skin
Speaks kindness’s through my lips
Loves unconditionally through my heart
Dreams of peace through my mind
And cries through my tears for the suffering in all souls
He writes with this hand
My will be done
On Earth
Within your heart
As it is in Heaven
Within Mine
Chad Young Jan 17
And alone?
Sleeping on benches?
We are one home
More central than one soul.
For a soul requires a 💓.
More than one person,
One home.
Meditation evolving
Chad Young Jan 17
I am ******
I am ****
Because I am you
And you are me.
We are one.
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