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The soul
Guides the way

Silence, understood
Vulnerability, honored
Symphony, functions

What defines
Genre: Observational
Theme: Paths
To build the bridge
That connects
You to me

Hold the dream
To see you
To hear you
To tell you


Cherish forever
That much
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Life is simple
I promise to be
A backbone of
Your evolving

You can rise
As high as
You like
Genre: Inspirational | Zen
Theme: Unrequited Love

Genre: Rational
Theme: The God once said to me, all about the human connection.
Author's Note: Oh human, how trustfully you have crafted me with higher precision. In your existance I get life. With your trust I get life. My fate is absolutely entangled with yours. Now let me do my job.
Stay blessed.
Eric Jun 7
Some days im as small as a frog apon a log , others I feel like a hog , even comes to eating hot dogs . Some weeks my head's filled with a ton of bees . And other weeks I want to be as old as a tree . A month goes by and I'm being swat at like a fly , I duck and Dodge cause I just ain't that kinda guy .  But even when I'm black and grey , I think of myself as a raccoon eating apple pie , when it's apple pie trash day . You know what I'm saying ? the babboon part comes later, right after I sun bath like a alligator. weird right? as weird as a platypus's mirror .or even how dogs cry tears. they feel , they hear , they can learn somehow to cope with fear. as like wolf chasing deer. even they know their never always prepared. the more I swim through life , I realized, I am one with all , there isn't cutting ties . I'm the same human being trying to get by , just like all of life . built to survive , we just need the drive .
Ylzm May 10
An initial glimpse,
then the secret knowing glances,
then the full stare:
No discomfort, no unease,
but in total rest and bliss,
of the most intimate oneness.

You found the one
you unknowingly seek
since the day you’re born.
Eyes penetrating eyes,
naked soul caresses naked soul.
Time ceases, the world dissolves;
It can go on for all eternity.

But tyrannical flesh forcibly
wakes you from your transcendence,
And reminds you of your *******
to the laws of man and nature;
By an act of sheer will,
you forcibly closed the window to your soul;
And returned to being a hardened stranger,
familiar with the hidden pains and agonies of denial.

But the spirit does not lie,
And love cannot be denied,
And the soul demands to be set free,
From the ******* of flesh and man.

Thus it knows this world is not home, and
neither for despair was the glimpse given,
but to reveal and affirm heaven, where
the soul is free and truly loves, in
perfect blissful oneness eternally.
Ylzm May 10
There is a time to Reveal,
There is a time to Conceal.
There is a time to Stand in the Light,
There is a time to Search in the Darkness.

There is a time to Will as we know how,
and to Work with all the Might in our Arms.
There is a time to Yield to the Storms and Floodwaters,
and Surrender to the Thrills and Joys of the Fearsome Whirlwind.

There is a time to be Silent and Distanced,
and be Disciplined by Patience and Perseverance.

But there will be a time when Perfection is Restored,
Forgotten the Impossible Chasm
between the Glimpses and Glances
of the Desire for Oneness
in the Eyes of All Given Us,
And a Chorus of a Myriad upon Myriad of Angels shall Sing,
And Life shall be truly Life.
Ylzm May 5
A photon has no time.
Here and there, instantly.
No distance too, when in the light.
All is one, one is all,
Ylzm Apr 17
Space is that between here from there.
I am here and you are there.
Time is that between now from then.
I am here and you're dead or yet to be.

My soul cries within
and says this cannot be.
We are one, not apart,
but always one.

Why do we see, here and there, now and then?
Why do my eyes betray me with distance and change?
Why am I an exile in a strange land,
of blind people speaking a strange tongue?
And all I hear is, "Take my hand, Follow me."
S Bharat Apr 8
The Peak of Success

The reason
My professor loved me
So much,
I thought there was
Something to be known.
When I asked him
To give its account,
He smiled and
Had something nice
To be shown.
He opened his diary then,
Some lines he sought.
Once you'd opined,
he said then,
It was the great thought
On the peak of success
(in your mind).
He continued his talk
And told the rest,
It shouldn't be having
The tip and cliff
Or that of the Everest.
A question you'd raised,
What if it is
The Table Mountain
And its land?
You meant, its crest,
Where everyone
Could stand.

S. Bharat
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