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Aaron 3d
If you'll pardon the intoxicated indigestion
I have a rather erratic, dogmatic question:
If I woke up in the morning and I were broken
If I have used my last lucky little token
Would you love me still?
Would you join for the thrill?
Would you stay for the past
Or admit it couldn't last?

Time is flying, and I'm tired of trying
To pretend I can't taste the sand.
I loved you through everything
I held you through broken wing
If it were my turn because I wouldn't learn
And had to burn to understand
Would you still hold my hand?
I stilll **** with titles
Breaking chains, drenched in the rain.

I’m Sitting
A step
Two more
Open sky
Smells like
Lilac, lavender
metallic Feast
The scent
Hiding now
Colors Fading
I’m losing
Hiding in Crates
Dying, Empty
Instinct... Animalistic
How basic
How human like,
Cowering in the sight of
Ones reflection
How sad,
How detestable
I’ve become what I fear
cyanide kisses
subtle, deluded
swaying softly
against the tender
of a sweaty cheek

subdued candle flame
four hips gyrate to
the quiet sting of
counterfeit moonlight

the raging constitution
of knowing your eyes
But pressing hard to
kiss his cough-drop
and all this sudden asphyxiation

not looking up to conceal
all the things I see
in the quiet ammunitions
of the letters of your name
fading away
ink bleeding with
his sour hot saliva
in your hallmark ricochet

the one you kept in the shirt pocket
you kept close
to your heart rate

I am afraid.
What to do with such unspeakable emotion?
I will hide beneath the surface
of the fine lines of his face
and forget about the almost
the tide against
the rage
in a ship of my own making
an anemone bouquet
the last reminder
of the time and the day
you made me feel
Katherine Mar 2018
Find a love so deep,
Find a life so neat,
Find the challenge and the heat.
Feel the cold and the warm,
Feel the quite and the storm.
And fall apart with the pressure and the noise,
Fall apart with every second that it toys.
Fall apart with the struggles of the beat,
Fall apart with the tunnel vision and the seat.
But know your soul feel the fire burning cold,
Know your soul be loving and be bold.
Know your soul be the love you know you have,
Know your soul dont be a mother who is sad.
Fix yourself bring the energy back,
Fix yourself stop going so black.
Fix yourself take the anger out,
Fix yourself stop carrying doubt.
But most of all its ok to fall,
But most of all carry your family tall,
But most of all love with it all.
Then give it back with a love more deep,
Then give it back with a life of more heat.
Nik Bland Feb 6
You will never break me
I can do that by myself
I’ve seen in my life’s undertaking
There’s very chances at help

Every moment is waking
Even when eyes are closed
As I slumber, the ground is quaking
What I’ll wake to, I don’t know

There will always be this fear
Just in different increments
Anxiety dwelling near
And the things it presents

No pity is wanted
This is said for understanding
There caverns of my mind are haunted
By wound, by weight, by branding

Don’t even try to push me
I am falling just fine
I’m not expecting any cushioning
But there’s a slight hope I’ll fly

The wings have yet to sprout out
Whether they will or not, who knows
We all crash, of that there is no doubt
But from it, not all of us grow
Hannah Jo Feb 5
When they say my name I hope you hear waterfalls; my face flooding your entire brain. When you hear my name I hope you think of glass breaking and you picture my hands, scratched and bleeding, putting it all back together again. When you say my name, I hope you hear laughter. I hope you see smiles. And despite all my countless flaws, I hope you think of me when you want someone to stay awhile. When they say my name I hope it reminds you of breaking and healing all in one breath. When you think of me I hope you feel warm. I hope I’m someone you never regret.
For someone who will always have my heart even though I had to move on.
Anya Jan 31
I used to just fly
But now I'm falling
On the ride down
The sweet ground is calling

What's better?
To burn or to crash?
Either way,
I'm transforming to ash.

I feel pain
But I don't.
I feel numb
But I don't.
I want to cry
But I won't.
I want to try
But I won't.

I'm starting
To see myself
As just another book
On your 10-story shelves.

I'm dying inside
Being eaten alive
By this sensation.

This unending suffering...
Is your creation.
This was a pretty raw poem I wrote after a 3-year breakup.
Elles talks Jan 29
I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments in my life but the worst has to be when I finally had the courage to tell you I loved you and you replied with an unsettling silence. And the only sound that could be heard was my heart breaking in two.
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