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EmVidar Sep 23
I'm trying
to understand
why I still care
when I know that
I had to leave
we'd have drowned

-em vidar
Zoie Marie Sep 22
Please make me feel wanted
If not by you
by myself
I ****** me up
I've broken down
I feel some thing

Inside me now
I can't stand to think
Am I

A beast?
A monster?
At least I'm not

The least of us,
No, not
Any longer

A broken doll,
I don't serve
No master

I was the bottom of
The totem

I went and
Flipped the pole right over

Now I'm King of The Hill
You can call me Bobby

I got a thing for Laotion chicks
And I rip tide like tsunamis

Vance Joy now,
I'm bowing out the game

Can't stand to be around you,
Were you always this lame?
Breaking Bad
Autumn Inspired
her soul is parched
from wandering through deserts
looking for a oasis
she'll never find
Esther L. Krenzin
Ms L Jul 18
It's a chaos.
They rumble and jumble inside me.
Something's throwin',
Something's turnin'.

I plead.
It's breaking.
Deep breathing.
Can you please stop?!

Be quiet.
Stay still,
Or hold me atleast.
Please help me gain peace...

I just want serenity,
A cup of calming tea,
Phrases to keep,
And a good night sleep.
You come first
Forever and always
I come second
With feelings it tow
Cruel your glass heart, broke me down

life's fault lines cut, rifts in me

tears flow swift now, I move on

don't want you back, I am free
tribute to Annie Lennox song
Spike Harper Sep 5
Can you smell it.
The static in the air.
Clinging to all it can.
As her strength fades too fast.
But then Flying always..
Never lasted long enough.
Sliding past obstructions like they were excuses.
Only stopping to look at the roses when someone else points out their beauty.
Yes, they are just flowers.
Yet they know rejection more than any person.
For they will only get chosen once.
But until then they must watch millions of faces go by in silence.
Then as they are put to their final use.
Some may get placed away for safe keeping.
Placed between rows and columns on either side.
Windows that can be made  into anything.
The Pressure is immense.
One can only hope to retain form with as little decay as possible.
Transforming into the only page without words.
Ask the ink if they know the scent to which they will  lie down for all eternity.
Only there is no answer that would comfort those unwilling to sacrifice.
Give up what matters most.
Because standing here means it was already done.
So what else is there to give.
But pages depicting what could not be found.
The line to insanity and enlightenment has never been such a blur.
Hopefully this trail provides the later.
Although if it is not to be.
Its doubtful you would remember even asking the question.
Poetry Aug 31
Chest full to the brim
Waterfalls spill over

You pick up the piece
There falls another

While bending to help
I see scissors on my lover
Laid in his hands
The blood provides cover

You cut out a piece
There falls another

With tired eyes
I look to you and say
"Thanks for putting me back together".
Its hard to see that someone is pulling you apart when all you can see is them putting you back together
daph Aug 31
some days
lighters would light
candles and delight

and it lays

what heart feels
nor giddy
or time heals

just be silly
or sorrow

it'll pass
sadness burrows
so like... lighter is problem—light is enlightenment—candles are pain aaand delight is happiness uwu
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