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My laces are loose
and although it’s comfortable for my toes
It’s been breaking my back
It then comes to a point where in there are no more tears left to be shed
KHY Mar 8
I’m not so thoughtful
When it comes to plastic bags

Wrapping around lampposts,
Sneering through the leaves

Thoughtless as a buckled leaflet;
Advertised for kin

I kick it in a circus of payouts,
Reflecting all my dues

One day it will return,
Latent and breaking.
CIN Mar 4
There must be madness swirling inside me
My stomach aches
A sickly urge in the back of my throat
I imagine it whirls around in my blood
Surging through my body like morphine
It spreads to my hands at first
A tremble of my fingers slipping glass from my hold
It glitters before my eyes
i feel it travel to my forearms creeping up into my biceps
Scars reopen and red spills
My fingers now coated in crimson
Then it's clogged my chest all to fast
It's getting harder to breathe but still my lungs fill with air
Heart squeezing, ribs popping out of place
Yet my body stays the same
From there it splits in two ways
One drips down into my stomach
then pooling in my feet and weighing me down
The other creeps up my neck
Taking the oxygen from my head
It starts to spill out my eyes
In tears of panic
And i remember the ways to stay sane
None of them work now
Nothing is working now
why must you call me crazy?
Gerald Oct 2021
Maybe that's the point of it all.

Maybe we have to fall,
and we have to
break, until we cannot
break anymore.
Allesha Eman Oct 2021
With the sun invested in your patience,
You get so cold when you are breaking
So silence and I exchange nonsensical chats
as silence waits to draw the curtains
and I wait for you to handover your ache
to my extended hand
Chandana saige Sep 2021
Finally I'm accepting this
how love can be this harsh?
I love when it moves away from me

Behind this hardness I laugh
and I erased myself for it
now it's questioning me that am I asked to wait?
It's your fault for your destruction

His heavy wings fly away finally
my stem branches left alone
but beautiful flowers bloomed when I let it go
I envy this beautiful flowers on me
I'm so kind to them
I'm so in love with them
don't come to make me heavy
in this rain

Oh my love is blind
It let you go far away of you want
In this night.
Nik Bland Sep 2021
Hand keys
To my heart
What a start
To another fatal
The utter shatter
And the picking up again
Love’s abusive
Sadist archer
With fiery arrows
And a gate I can’t defend
Keys missing
This may be my
Before I’m even beginning
Key tucked safely
In your hands
And my stupid mind
Thinks I’m winning
Final inning
And I’m coming
No retort
Here I am again
The ubb
And dubb
Of a key
Made of me
I’m in love
I’m lacking
I pierce
Smattering together
The same chorus
In offering of lovers
Like livers
That keep growing
Back to the rock
And in offering
I lack
Maybe it’s me
But in order
To be free
I must offer my key

Heartbreaking and entering
Shes breaking inside,
Leaving behind shattered fragments of who she used to be.
Hes lost but following,
A trail of something deep with no end that he can see.
Hes closing in on her,
As is her fear.
But she lead him to a destination,
Without knowing it is here.
And now he has arrived,
With the piece
That will transform them
Into a masterpiece.
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