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I’m proud of myself
I was genuine and authentic
I felt myself grow
And become
The person I wish to be
In my soul.
Like Flowers My Life got wilted,
despite the pouring Rain.
The One whom I most needed,
left Me in Agony and Pain.
Trust when broken, is Poison.
It seeps right thru your Head.
Creeping into your whole System.
Leaving U good as Dead.
I thought She would trust Me.
I thought She would Care.
I thought She truly Loved Me
and would always be There.
I longer feel so Open.
I don't wish to show My Face.
I find Life, is so very Cruel.
After My love lost it's Race.
Zywa Aug 20
His farewell wishes

were: take good care of yourself --

and one another.
Socrates before he drinks the cup of hemlock (poisonous)
"Crito" (399 BC, Plato)

Collection "Em Brace"
Leah Carr Aug 8
we used to tell you
every day
for fear
of losing you to our pain
and you not knowing
how much we cared

and now
I still tell you every day
whether you hear it or not
whether you believe it or not
but I still tell you

and I'm scared
that I'll never get to tell you to your face
Leah Carr Aug 7
You can take away my liberty
You can take away my freedom of choice
You can take away my joy and my smile
But you can't take away my voice

You can shut the doors
And you can shut out the light
You can take away the people I love
But you can't take away my fight

Cause every time you knock me down
I'll get right back up
You might not care about what happens to me
But I do

I will use my voice
I will fight my fight

Shadows prove that there is light.
Zywa Jul 27
She is without man,

I'd like to do this and that --

but how should that be?
Care --- Song "Judith" (2000, Maarten van Roozendaal) --- Collection "Actively Passive"
Leah Carr Jul 19
I don't know, it just seems so stupid to me.

I mean,
Chefs know how to cook.
Gardeners know how to garden.
Builders know how to build things.

So answer me this:

Why do most carers not have the first clue how to care?
Leah Carr Jul 10
Dear those paid to care,
Why do you take pride in treating me like dirt
Yet do it so subtly, when we're alone together,
so that nobody else will believe me?

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you shun responsibility for everything you do?
I would like to see the best in you, and say that you don't realise,
But in reality, I think you just can't face the consequences

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you feed me bullsh-t every time we talk?
Is it in my "best interests", like the other abuse you inflict,
or do you enjoy the pain and frustration you put me through?

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you exploit the power you have?
Is it because you think nobody will be able to stop you?
because you're right

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you stick together like glue, to protect each other's backs
You must be able to see that what your colleagues are doing is wrong
Even if you refuse to see it in yourself

Dear those paid to care,
Why do you have the ability to verbally and physically abuse, and sexually harass me every day, but nobody will do anything to change it?

Dear those paid to care,
Why don't you?
I wonder how you are feeling exactly
If you miss taste of my lips
Say you care but I can't help but worry
To you I am just something broken to fix
Before it seemed like you were so into me but now it just seems like you want me to change before we even give it a try
Jammit Janet Jun 19
Melting into the warmth that is you,
Melting into the dream that came true.
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