Jessy 6h

You say you love me
You say you care
You say you don’t want to see me hurt
You say you are there for me

But there’s one problem,
I don’t believe you.

I am an absolute mess
Shards of brokenness
Pieces of insanity
But you are still here
And I am eternally grateful

sindy 1d

Because all the world turn around you does not mean that you can make it stop.

Because no one see trough does not mean the miroirs lie.

Because at first it feels right and at the end so wrong.

What if I actually don't care? What if I don't want to play by the rules?

Less I think better I feel.

Seema 3d

I left cause I cared
But you never dared
To confront me
You just let me be
I cried over the time spent
The moments and stuffs you sent
Now I packed it all for you
To send all back for your new
A replacement love waiting in queue
That's ok, you can gift the stuffs to her
I heard she drives a porsche car
Was that the reason you got lured
Madly in love that you forgot you assured
To be with me always
To stick by my side in every ways
But the ingredient of being rich lacked in me
The actual reasons, I now see
It's fine as this was predicted to be
I opened my arms to let you go
You never turned back to thank me, No...


Fictional write.

I'm mute to the content
of others misgivings
            of my silent ego..

Clambering upon my
             every concern,
  yet I'm deaf to their every syllable.

But in reality I don't give a flying fuck...

There is the anger, the fear, the bitterness that sprouts ironically
From the heart of care—
If only the heart can be cold; if only it can survive to be:
As cold as care can be.

Sitting next to you
Feels like driving
On an easy path

Sitting in your shadow
Soothes my wounds
As an opiate
Sedates life’s pains

I sit beside you
As you gather my
Responsibilities into
Your basket
And carry them for awhile

You help me understand
When to set blame aside
When to carry duty uphill
And when to let you grab
One of my handles
And pull me to your level

I sense a danger here
A bait as wispy and enchanting
As a fly fisherman's lure

I can't change the fact that you don't really care about me.
It makes me sad, it makes me angry, but it makes me wise, too.
I am learning. Learning how to difference desire from love.
With you, unfortunately, it's the first.

Mark Robins Jan 10

Well if I saw her now my eyes would
turn inwards, my torso away from
her place, my head tilted in

Still, her face, in all its
horrific glory, is unmoving
in my mind. And when she passes
the memories of it return

The knife of regret tries to cut it,
the wind of thoughts obscure it,
and the force of envy destroy it.

But she remains through it all.

How I long for the order of solitude.
Away from the malicious passion
and the maddening peace. The longing

until she no longer cares- but I do.
And in the nights when I battle for
the never coming release, I think
of the days when we were one.

I don't see her now- did I ever?
and now i suppose i wasn't so clever

I love you
I say
Thank you
He says
I want to be with you
I reply
You’re a great friend
He ends

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