Laura 5m
I took too many busporine,
But I'm still anxious.
I'm still fucking freaked.  
I'm still nervously shaking.
I'm still sputtering about.
I'm still worried why you haven't opened my message.

I know this whole thing is new.
I know you're probably sleeping.
I know you have a life outside of me.
I know you sometimes need a break from me.
But my anxiety doesn't.

My anxiety doesn't get that you're busy.
Anxiety doesn't get that you're sleeping.
Anxiety doesn't get that maybe you just want some space.
Anxiety doesn't get that I didn't do anything wrong,
And that your feelings for me haven't changed.

Anxiety is scared.
Anxiety is panicking.
Anxiety is popping one too many pills.
Anxiety is crying and trying not to cut again.
Anxiety is worrying that you've found someone else.
Anxiety is worried that you're out with them now and just ignoring me until you're horny later tonight.

Jesus Christ, Anxiety.
Give me a break,
Quit giving me a battle.
Jesus fucking Christ, Anxiety.
Take a deep breath,
Try to stay rational.
Jesus FUCKING Christ, Anxiety.
I'm trying to salvage a relationship here,
And ruin the one I have with you.
Laura 12m
It's all cranberry juice and pills
Zoloft pills
Little tiny tic tac Zoloft pills.
Insurance pays for most of it,
But there are a couple crinkled dollars in my pocket that pick up the rest.
They're supposed to help.
I should be able to get out of bed,
And do daily shit.
But all I do is grab more Zoloft,
And take my daily shit.
The cranberry juice helps the piss not burn,
But the cream doesn't do anything for the hemorrhoids
That come from trying so hard to shit out the food I never eat.
It all just hurts nowadays,
So I have to take pills.
Pills on top of pills
And pills after those pills.
It all just hurts from laying in bed all day.
But I never get up.
Just to get more tiny tic tac pills,
And to take my daily shit.
Most days I forget,
But sometimes I take 6.
Twice the prescribed won't kill me.
I'll kill myself before any little pill does.
There is no statute of limitations for starting over.
Leave your past behind and start fresh
Today be brave, shout your agenda from the roof tops and March into battle
Tomorrow be soft, wear fuzzy sweaters and read books by the fire, don't say a word
There is no set rules by which you live your life
You do not have to adhere to this image of you
You are a Phoenix, every day you rise from the ash to be a new version of your self  no matter what that may be
A happy version
A getting there version
An I've  been better version
For this you are a warrior
You get up everyday and fight for your life, even if you aren't sure why
Even if you don't want to
Each step you take is power
Each breath you take is a battle won
And I know you have the power to win the war inside of you
Because you are you,
You have conquered more than was ever meant for you
And you still have your heart
Your smile
Your passion
I see you
And you are strong
You have power harnessed in your spirit
You will rise
Years ago I wrote on
how I would always be there
for every birthday of every person
I have never had the chance to meet.

I faithfully stand
by my words
that each person's birthday
I wish to cherish your day
the life that you have.

It is only through compassion,
understanding, and appreciation
that we can all come to realize
how interconnected we truly are.

So today is my birthday
but today I give you my hopes
and these are not for myself
to have the best day today,
but for you my friend to have the best of yours.
I offer you all I can.  I do not know what support you have, but I will provide you the best I can.  Happy birthday to all the people needing someone to cherish them.
han 1d
I’ve began discovering
the beauty in independence
While we are young
we should take advantage
of being self indulged
in a sense
our only job
is to find ourselves
and then build up from there
May 19th~han
I care too much,
That makes me sensitive.
I expect too much in love,
It ruins everything.
My mind works overtime,
I think too much,
I don't sleep well,
I tend to get depressed.
But being depressed has made me realise,
The beauty in a smile,
The depth in kindness.
I talk too much,
I go on,non-stop,
People turn the other way
when they see me.
I have shared too much,
My love,kindness care and secrets,
I want them all back,
I regret being too much.
Enough already

I’ve taken enough of your patience in me,
To build a hospital bed and oh how I nearly lost my mind;
But concentration lingers beside me in time and nudges me in the side.
So once more I must get my act together,
So I can try to stand up tall, with pride.
Easy pissing’s, losing everything,
Silent thoughts are all you leave me with;
Disappear and leave me with my grief.
Who are you to think you know just what I need?
Pity me for claiming to be free.
In my head you don't belong,
Let me be and move yourself along.
Without you I can become someone,
But with you on my mind I will forever remain lost.
Get to being gone, we are done.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Looked into my eyes
You said, "I will be okay"
I don't believe you
Worried myself sick
I am tired of these lies
Just let me help you
You don't say a word
I just see it in your face
Sadness spreads from you
I am here for you
Please, please, please remember that
My heart can't take it
Tell me if my syllables are off. I get caught up in the pretty words sometimes :)
It's hard to let go of someone
When you loved them it hurts to let them go off on their own
I can't let it go so I fake it
They think I am ok
I am not ok
I didn't let go because I can't
I care too much to do so
I can't let go
I pains me too
But I guess I will now
I see you with them
I will let go
For your sake
Take care not to ever lose
your mind, with what you confuse
is there, and is really not.
Or you may need to choose
what you can, or cannot use
to heal the mind
you have, or haven’t got
Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved
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