Living in a world with no honest leader.
Every single day comes a new victor,
using the people's heart to paint the picture of fear.

When will we escape the rampant greed running amuck?
Become our own leaders and stop giving a fuck.

When asked questions like these, the defenders only have a mouthful.
The reins of power should be in the hands of the masses,
known as the powerful.

They shake at night with terrors of their past.
They finally understand they have worn a fake mask.

When will we stop eating from a government feeder?
Finally equalize and balance the power teeter.
We must, living in a world with no honest leader.

I know you cared for me
and I'll never understand
why I deserved someone like you
but what it's even harder
to comprehend is how
you could touch me and
look at me like that and then
throw what we had away.

For the first time in a long time I cried over spilt milk. I wept over the little things. But the thing is that these little things combine with others and that becomes your life. And it seems that the little things hurt the most and the pain that seems to be perpetually hovering ready to spring up is the cycle that I'm doomed in for eternity.

I should have never told you that. Be careful with your words it my be your last.

Dear Lord, hear the cry of your child here
She can't defy, please, slay down her fear
bless her now, lord, with your mighty faith
so never shall shake, she in this wraith.

Dear Father, you are the real healer
fend for her, Abba, as you need her
Guide their hands, in her operation
Guide her spirit, in her salvation

Lord, the father of the fatherless
reckon your daughter in her distress
the miracle, it isn't from the doctors
not their will, mercy, but her father's

Let this day be her testimony
for you saved her from her agony
the cancer in her flesh, you designed
for her good, she knows, so will not mind

All in this world prays for compassion
Father, let them see her, your creation
Let them read her life, your rede to them
Abba, claim her spirit, sign with your thumb

Isaiah 41:10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you! Don’t be frightened, for I am your God! I strengthen you–yes, I help you–yes, I uphold you with my saving right hand!

Today, I affirm
and vow to penetrate loving warmth into the years of silenced pain and anxiety underneath
To create a safe place, a haven
of self love,
to come home to.

Crimsyy 5d

You make me wish
I couldn't care less,
you make my soul
want to fight my mind,
you make me wish
my heart was carved
out of indifference, passivity.
You make me wish
my thoughts were
filled with apathy, not empathy,
you make me wish
I was subtle, not bold.
And you make me question
if being intertwined is equal
to being free,
if human warmth is equal
to a smile,
if your body next to mine
is equal to happiness.
But the truth is,
I am filled with care from head to toe;
I care about poetry,
and sunsets, and stars
and all the little things you overlook
because you think they'll last forever.
But I'm perfectly fine,
just like that.

Dialect 6d

I don't dance the way I used to,
I guess I used to dance like it was
only us in the room.

Picking up the pieces
fighting one's corner
meddling red tape
Waiting for a response
Which way will the wind
Marching onward into a new

my soul has ached for something warm,
something that would fill the void inside me,
but you never filled that void.
because you did more than that,
you created galaxies in me,
you filled me with stars,
a whole new universe,
where it's just you and me.

my love,
the universe has loved you the most,
she had put all the stars in your eyes
all the sunshine in your smile
and all the moonlight in your skin;
you're beautiful.
and i hope you're aware of that.

the first poem i wrote that sparked the many more,

dedicated to my love, sc.
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