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Zywa 1d
Keep carrying me

till you have to lay me down --

till I let you go.
Song "Carry me" (2023, Meskerem Mees), in the performance "Exit Above" (2023, Anne Teresa Keersmaker)

Collection "Em Brace"
Hawley Anne Feb 16
Before the sun starts to rise,
before the world awakes.
In the stillness of mornings quiet
thats where you'll find the pain.
Pain of things that you regret,
pain of days gone past.
But the worse pain of them all,
the pain of choices you can't take back.
The things you missed while you were high.
The memories you didnt make.
The little voice at 4 am, you never heard
saying "Mommy, are you awake?"  
The guilt of never being there,
through a feverish night.
The longing for being the only one,
who would make everything alright.
You wish that it was you at night
who scared the monsters away,
and got cuddles in the mornings.
Every single day.
On quiet mornings you wonder what,
would be happening right then.
If you weren't a drug addict?
How much noise would there have been?
You think of how you would go back
in time if only you could.
You wouldn't do the things you'd done.
Instead you'd do what you knew you should.
But the past is past now,
and your choices were made.
So now you sit on silent mornings
with nothing but the pain.
And the knowledge that both your kids,
call somebody else mom,
and how its all your fault because you know
exactly where you went wrong.
Jeremy Betts Feb 2
I'm forced to dam the tears
A practice made perfect through the rough years
Not because I don't care
Not because I can't care
Not because I don't want you to know they're always right there
But because if I let them begin to pour
I can't convince myself I could stop them anymore
There's a nonzero chance I could be crying for years
Long past the pain and far beyond the fears
So I **** the tears

I can give you my time all I can spare

Watch you all day your the only one I care.

You can catch me looking at you, as I stare.

Wishing I wasn’t here, I rather be over there.

I can’t be so I’ll substitute me with flowers & a bear.

I need oxygen to live but I survive on your air.

We’re one of a kind to make a pair.

I wonder if that forbidden fruit was a pear.

Because the shape of your body..i wanna grab I swear.

I can’t even go on without you..I just wanted to share.
mjad Jan 12
Our past is so muddy
But I look back and see honey
Jeremy Betts Jan 11
If I gave you all my air
Along with every single moment I could spare
If I exposed my everything, choosing both truth and dare
And encouraged you to take more than your fare share
If I were to wear my heart on my sleeve and allow you to rip and tear
If I gave you an entire life, without a care
Offered to carry both of our crosses to bare
While letting you name the time and place and going straight there
No argument here, I swear
If I submit before warfare and declare you ringmaster
If I kept the days I don't tell you exactly what you want to hear rare
And was able to turn a blind eye to every extracurricular love affair
Cause, ya know, buyer beware
If I pretend I'm not fully aware that you rather not be here
That you just take joy in being the puppeteer
If I could manage all that would you even care?
...could I ever consider it sincere?

Jeremy Betts Jan 10
We are all hiding something aren't we?
Let's be fair
From the moment we wake and look in that mirror
We rush to change what we first see there
All we do is spin our little lies
**** in that gut,
Color that hair,
Twist off that wedding ring,
Pretend to not care
And why not?
What's the penalty?
What are the consequences, really?
All is forgiven when you start usin' the phrase
"I'm only human"
But what if the cruel hand of fate twists you into something different then what you've been?
Into that undesirable other
Who, if anyone, will forgive you then?

jia Jan 9
i wish to call you mine
not because i want to have you
nor i see you as an object i must own
neither as a possession to wield

i wish to call you mine
because you are mine to cherish,
mine to  care for, mine to think of,
and mine to love.
Francis Jan 3
I really don’t,
Not an ounce,
Not anymore,
Not evermore,
I don’t care.

I don’t care that I’m short,
I don’t care that I’m stout,
I don’t care that I’m poor,
I don’t care much about.

What’s to care for?
Who’s to care for?
We’re carless little bees,
Buzzing away at the lost honey,
When someone is spraying our hive.

Ask me if I give a ****,
Ask me if it is true,
You’ll come to learn and realize,
That even this poem doesn’t rhyme,
And I don’t care.
Do I care? Negative.
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