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MarKat 3h
Be careful what you say
They might just judge you

Be careful what you let
Slip off your tongue

Be careful be careful
You may see something
You don't want

So be careful be careful
For you just might judge
Your own words

When your secure you
See through the non- sense
Move on push on
and never ever
let know one
hold you back.
Especially in the workplace. People tend to invade your space by you being the bigger person don't fold it will get easier there's a crowd watching that reports works and deeds to corporate.
I think that you
could careless
about me.
I might be your kid,
and you could be might my parent,
but sometimes
I think that you treat me more like a carrot.
I grow by myself,
I get my own nutrition.
I get my own life,
I get my own attention.
You do not care about me,
at least that's what I think.
But even carrots
cannot be no their own.
You do not care if I come home ****** red or sick orange.
Poolza 6h
My Morning Star
How bright you are!

You wake me from my never-ending slumber
My Shiny Morning Star

You help me get through the days of sorrow
My Helpful Morning Star

You make my mourning a little better
My Caring Morning Star

You tell me how I have to eat
My Blissful Morning Star

You tell me that I should go outside
My Worried Morning Star

You convince me to keep going forward
My Scared Morning Star

You tell me not to end it all
My Only Morning Star
What a
It would be
To speak to yourself
So cruelly,
Lying to yourself,
You are only worth
As much
As your productivity
before i knew it was all too good to be true,
i genuinely cared so much for you.
you put all this trust into a person,
but they let you walk away while they're there *******' and cursin'.
see, the thing is that we all want to see the person's best,
even though their hurtful words never give you a rest.
we want to see these people grow,
so that one day their love for us will maybe someday show.
that though, isn't love at all,
it's your eyes that are covered by a shawl.
it is good to have hope in the face of the worse,
but that viewpoint is also a curse.
truth be told, toxicity isn't always easy to leave,
this is a thought that's worth to conceive.
before i knew it was too good to be true,
i genuinely cared so much for you.
I've been slacking on my poetry recently ever since school started up again. On the bright side, that means I'm not dealing with that many family problems or issues because I'm too busy to care. Also I have a **** ton of homework due to AP US History and AP Psychology, so wish me luck on that stuff. Haha.
Matthew 1d
Child like innocence
and strange infatuations

Limited days spent thinking of the
love of my life
soon to change
the next week.

Hiding furtive crushes from the ones you love.
Until they realize it
ten seconds later

Acting as if these trivial days
will matter years later.

But somehow, still wanting those days to never go away.
And never going to end it.
We go on through many curves,
But keep moving on, Is in my nerves;
I never stop looking for something,
I may even end with a ding!
My destiny is prewritten,
And it can never be rewritten;
I pray that love which I share today and tomorrow,
May even mean more to you without any sorrow;
I am used to obstacles in my way,
But they can't be ignored everyday;
Some obstacles teach me how to survive,
While others help me in coming up high;
I learned that the person who treats everybody nice,
Usually ends up treated like a MICE;
Some people can't understand what it takes to put this fake smile up,
But they just care about their coffee cup;
It's fine it'll soon come to an end,
I guess I have to lie this till my dead-end.
Madeon 2d
I will caress you the same way
how to caress me
amniotic fluid sea
Pallavi 3d
You're my love,
You're my heart,
You're my thought's,
Indispensable part.
You're the torch,
You're the light,
You're the Sun,
Making my day
You're the force,
that lifting me high.
You're the reason,
of my amplify smile.
The honesty, the loyalty,
the positivity we share,
the laugh, the cry,
and your special care.
Thank you is a small world,
I don't want to mention.
Your friendship is the
only thing,
I want as an extension.
Matthew 3d
Little words
So small and sweet
and giving to all
they are something to all

that's why i think they can be better than big words
Trying to write in a different diction
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