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Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook,
Your superglue stitches and peroxide mismanagement
Will cost you more than a doctor's visit.
Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook
If you want to keep your limb.
I've found more competence on the "interweb."
Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook.
An oxygen embolism and cellulitis will
Have you putting out more than the Urgent Care.
Please, stop asking for medical advice on Facebook!
The EMT student who is constantly preventing disaster
For people with minor injuries who think 50's era first aid advice
Is a suitable alternative.
Aleph 6d
Even if from a distance confined
Realisation of the greatest respect
By life’s volatility remaining aside
Still craving to protect

Understand for a fact
That even if a worst fortune
Prevented me to act
And accede to no more importune

Despite lying on the ground
No longer dwelling in the trails
Words unable be found
Prevented to share tales 

Veiled in the dark of night
My gaze no longer hunts yours
Eyes not reacting to light
My affection still endures
Wind forever forsaking my lungs
Heart that have no more hours
The words shorten in our tongues

 When I alone await in the tomb
For the cycle to be complete
 Returning to the womb
Making this life obsolete  

 Still aspiring to be your knight
 When life no longer allow
Quiet and resolute I will fight
  To fulfil my silent vow

Hear my lonely plight
Angel in all your shine
Help me with my regard
Complete my vision
Always in her guard
Replace me in my mission
some feelings dispense definitions, there are a lot of ways to care
some are  so strong that go beyond time, beyond space beyond egoism
floW 6d
you’re happy,
until you’re not.
you want to breathe,
until you don’t.

we come out of the womb,
innocent, joyful, excited for the prospects
Of a whole new world.

But it only goes downhill from there.

we experience:
loss, trauma, pain, depression.

you’re enamored,
until the true feeling of life sets in.
you want to live everyday over and over,
until your days are filled with more agony than happiness.

we begin life with a fresh, clean plate.
and each day we live, this plate is sullied.
sullied with the pain we experienced that day.
we try to scrub it off, but no matter how much you work at it, there will always be remnants.
you may ask, what about the joy?
the joy,
that gets covered up by the stains of pain,
As if it had never happened in the first place.

you’re curious,
until you don’t care anymore
you’re getting through, day by day
until you just can’t anymore.
Yesterday when we broke down ,
It felt like i was bomb dropped
From the picture frame i was cropped
Flopped , the reason which u left
I felt of being theft
The bond of love,
Which we shared between us,
Broke in a  mere fuss
Why one always needs to be two faced
First to draw attention
Second to leave apprehensions

Well  I don't mention

Always dreamt of building our own house
Playing as if  Tom and his mouse
Thought of following juliet's espouse
Making each and every moment rouse
How about buying a doghouse ?
How about buying a dollhouse ?
These questions just keep wandering in my head
Pain and agony are quite ahead
I don't want to move ahead
Instead I need  a head
To hold my heart high
But again i m scared to apply

Now ,
No more complies
No more lies
Nowhere to lie
Nothing to hide

You spelt "LIVE" wrong
Chose "EVIL" instead to "LIVE"long
Arden Sep 18
i was getting better  
i was feeling again  


its crashing down
in slow motion this time  
i desperately try to stop it  
but just keep getting attacked

by this thing  
this monster that i  
cant see  
how do i defend myself  
against something that  
i cannot see  

how do i be  
not broken  
im tired of being broken
my jagged edges keep cutting  
people i care about  

i was getting better  
but now  
im shattering
Like I said,
One day the sky will fall on us,
It will come crashing down.
Has that day arrived?
The sun is burning brighter,
Its heat can melt the glue
Fixing the sky to its base
It is a thin mesh.
With the sky removed can I see
What all lies in Beyond?
I shall wait and watch.
I'm here, I'm near.
Don't be afraid.
I won't leave you.
I don't let you fall.
I will catch you.
Here is my hand.
I won't break you.
I wanna make you full.
I wanna fill your empty spaces.
I wanna love you.
I wanna hold you.
I wanna take care.
My love is deep.
Hlengiwe Sep 15
A mesmerizing red rose
So fragile with no guardians
Refuses to die, to give in
For it acknowledges the priceless history it possesses
Its petals ever so bright
Its redness blinds you
Ready to show the word the historians who shed their blood for it
For us all to rejoice and appreciate the little we have.
It's thorny stem growing strong showing the world all that it endured
Manifesting its strength.
For the rose is the heart of this land
Through it we shall all know what true beauty is
Preserving our history is our way of showing our love to the future generation.
If love would have had a face then yours would have been the perfect
If love would have chosen a medium then I would be lonely
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