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So many you have,
I wish if you can only be mine.
Made me laugh,
When I cried..
Walked me home,
When night was dry..
Gave me your half,
When I lost all mine..
The patty we shared,
shows you care.
How lovely you stare,
To which i can escape no where..

So deep your eyes,
Just like twilight at sunrise.
And so dope your smile,
Always stop my heart,
But its alright.. :)
So many you have,
I wish if you can be only be mine.
I am not only drunk on love but bit tasting jealousy too.I want him to be only mine. Like the way he make me feel so special.
Times and trial bring the light
To things that happened
Everything that might
I know in my heart I can be
Everything everyone needs me to be
Darling you helped
To open my eyes
Through the time you have set me free
And when I complete
All my tasks and my dreams
Will you
My love
Stay forever with me?
Some things were beautiful I've seen today
And some things not so much

There was a small and cute little Yorkie
Of course he was just a little stuffed toy in a grocery store
Yet he was pleading for me to carry him home to play
He would be perfect to love on Christmas day

And Mr. Hawk standing in the roadway large and majestic
His stately stature said, "I'm in charge"
From my distance I couldn't see
He was there attending to a hurt friend so bravely

I imagine something tragic must've recently happened
And little squirrel was accidentally ran over
Like perhaps by a herd of wild boar or migrating wilder beast
Probably by those very fast ones from the east

As I came closer Mr. Hawk carefully carried him away
Air lifting him to a prestigious hospital for intensive care
Hopefully he will be okay
And running around a tree by Saturday
If I died,
Would anyone care?
Turns the tides,
But this isn't rare.

If you died,
I would die myself,
Feelings hide,
High up on the shelf.

If he died,
Then I would be lost,
I would side,
With lazy exhaust.

If she died,
It was over me,
Her great lack of glee.

If they died,
Would I feel anguish?
I have tried,
Concern was vanquished.
Shut UP!
I don't wanna be here anymore
I'd rather be with the people that care
If I have to pay you to care I don't wanna be here
I'm done
I'd rather be with the people that care
Shouldn't have even asked
Sometimes are times like these, when things just feel alright,
Other times I feel breeze, kick up the dust I bite,
Although now seems just fine, I know what comes later,
Sadness will come due time, each time it gets greater,
Then I hope happiness, will come A-S-A-P,
Then all the sappiness, is taken out of me,
A constant back and forth, that's turmoil inside me,
From east, west, south, to north, I circulate my plea,
That is to love and care, for all friends and family,
Also to help and share, the pain and agony.
A neat little Alexandrine poem.
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