You fill my Heart
With leaky sodden secrets , First
And Then
Question my Trust
Oh it does Hurt
The Mistrust

Without Hesitation
Will always help you Fix
Your runny overwhelming Emotions

Your presence in my Life
Time and Again
Will always be There
No Despair
But a place for You
In my Heart
G 1d
You’re dead. That’s blunt, but it’s true. In September, my world fell apart and shattered in two, now my world’s all fucked up and I’m not sure what to do.

You left me alone in a new world full of old lies. Left me to drown in my sorrow, with feelings I despise. You were my go to. My anchor, my rock. And now that your gone, these feelings won’t stop.

I’ve been wanting to write for a while. But I can’t seem to find, the words that make sense to form these thoughts in my mind. There’s not a word in any language that can describe this loss I feel. A loss that I wish was totally unreal. I’ve been praying to anyone that this all was a mistake. But recently I’ve learned that religion is fake.

Filled with reality, and deflated false hope. I’ve come to one conclusion, I’ve decided to float. Atop my feelings of loss and despair. I’ve decided not to end this, so I’ll just stop it there.
I’ll always miss you
Tina 3d
I creep towards a flicker of light
No sheets to keep me from the callous cold
My bare flesh introduced to the February night
Transfixed by the light, my eyes swim and glitter
I rush away from the old creaking bed, away from that shell.
Where he gifted me memories of dust, dark and bitter.
I flee my partner in crime, my everlasting disease
As he fast sleeps, ready to make love to my brain
But I rush and feel no rush between my legs increase.
Stars wave and a bird flies home, I sigh in relief.
For I too go home, somewhere under the sky.
As I smile to spring away, I sense something in disbelief.
A pair of hands gripping my arms and neck.
Just to believe it was nearly over, oh heck!
Mass product these days! Can't help writing. This poem is about my disease, which as I view it, loves to grip my brain.
Tina 3d
I? A Heroine? You care about the end?
A nice story to encourage children for life!
While I wade through a swamp of thoughts
ugly, muddy, smelling of death trolls underneath.
I do doubt if there is an end at all.
I do doubt each temporary sense of joy.
I call them clever decoys, set by time
And time to fool us all like a group
of chickens fluttering wings for food.
yes, darling! All heroines passed the road
put an end, bold as brass, daring as a dagger
but I,baby-like, stumble and stagger
This isn't fair, and fair is not the point.
Let the pain crumble each muscle and joint.
But life! oh life plays her cards close to her chest!
And knows how to make disorder manifest.
Nazanin 4d
She was fire and dance
Inside her small circle of despair
Violence and love beneath the skin
She was a lil rabbit
Lost in the woods of her own.
The anguish in this alienating aloneness is alarmingly enlightening
I am aware as the colors of my aura
fade from vibrant to mute
A spiraling sense of self grasps at false promises of hope or help
Each face that shows itself as an ally is simply mirage or ghost
Or wisps of nothingness I probably hallucinated to cope
I am an anchor in a rushing tide
Life floods by with no more than a glance over the shoulder
Some collide from behind urging me to move on, frustrated when I don’t align with their idea of time
I need to be unapologetically ‘not ok’
Imagine my electric shock when I find that’s not an option
The anguish in this alienating aloneness is alarmingly enlightening
Gail 6d
Pretty child, with a head full of
long brown hair and day dreams.
Tomorrow was bright. You were going
to fall in love and it was going to be magic.
You were going to get your heart broken
and it was going to be the worst thing that ever happened.
Pretty child, with a head full of day dreams and a body full of bullets.
Tomorrow never came.
Love never came, and that’s a goddamn shame, because it was going to be magic.
Pretty child, yesterday you died and it was the worst thing that ever happened.
Today we cried, and tomorrow we won’t remember.
I pray for you!
I cry for you!
You cry for us!
Down your round shapes
You burn in anger.
Shiver in rage.
You do not get the attention
You deserve.
So you drown us
in our own
mother of all. I pray for you!
Tina Feb 16
Bound to the bandwidth of time, watching each dead end sneer
a fistful of garrulous grand power pounding on my chest insincere
Dear Lily petals drinking acid rain, choking on each sip,
A drink of despair imploring love, lavish as the heart of tulip.
All that written, and I relegate a silent roar onto this verse
Like all dead poets do to escape an unbreakable curse.
And I'd consummate my love in a bed of poetry and rose.
To say it was worth if all along my heart broke and froze.
J Valle Feb 16
I've loved the wrong people
But I've loved them right
I've learned how to love
The people I shouldn't have
I've given up my heart
I've shown up my art
Expected what they couldn't give
But I've done it right
I've loved purely and bravely
But the direction was misguided
But I can't help to fanthom
That maybe one day
The right person will show
And I won't love him right.
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