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Before meeting you I have
Hope for the future
Trust from the people
and love of the unknown

But after you left I have
Taste the emptiness of despair
Doubt the words of the people
And fear of the unknown
Simon 3d
Not restricted by it. Only restricted by it’s tame. Bright and vigorous! Tempting to be better than a dying phase. Light prompting the taming call of its energy. Becoming more vibrant. Conclusive to it’s claims. Parting ways without mentioning why dying light is its fate. Being tamed. Tempting to hold dear energy supplies for it’s withering gaze. Prompting to feel (it shouldn’t matter). Am I wanting to become more of a spectacle, or something?! I’m a dying light. Not the uptick in brighter horizons. Just the low dimming effect of a once broader frequency. Detesting the restrictions altogether. Nothing better to accept one’s fate. Rather then battling one thinking that (holding on, is a miracle). No! It’s a natural death sentence. And I’ll gladly pay it! If it means I get to be myself again. Dying light pays respects to its own slurring pause. I seeee…I seeeeeee… IIII…seeeeeeeee!!! I’m causing my own fate. Feeling the tame of its restrictions falling off. Like chains buckled to every brightened photon in the complex. Bright and vigorous! Just like last time. This was different. A struggle thinking (what isn’t a self damaging effect)? But a structure of succession! Never temping my dying phase. Which is smarter then accepting varieties. The slurring pause was no more. Restrictions were no more. I am dying light. And I will shine on other broken lights losing their light in self deluded stages.
Light isn't equal if thinking it needs to be brightened more, just to fit in. It's not about others, until you accept your brightened ferocity revving in your heart!
for a long time i felt chained in a basement somewhere
the faces of my captors hidden as i writhed against rusted shackles
they surrounded me with doctors, therapists, all the like
made me feel like there was something wrong with me
hell, maybe there actually might've been
but it wasn't what they were trying to cure

i was furiously dragged away from any chance of success
but not by a diagnosis or approximation
i was bullied into failure by those supposed to care for me
those who tried to "fix" me

they broke me as a child
i died pretty long ago, the candles in my soul
they went out maybe a decade ago
but im still here, trying my best to ignite them again
'cause most people i know havent even lit theirs yet
someone i used to be really close to just found out they're on the spectrum and they arent taking it too well
i really doubt they'll see this, but on the offchance: its not going to stop you, trust me

you're a talented ******* with more going on in that head than 95% of the dull ******* that will ever tell you that you won't amount to anythnig.

you wont disintegrate, you aren't stunted and you aren't a ****** savant, you're a **** good writer, an amazing artist and one of the most switched-on people ive ever met. we're just playing this ****** ******* game on a higher difficulty, bigger risk bigger reward yknow
Nemis 4d
Broken clocks fixing the time,
The elegists are singing the hymn.
The sky shedding its tears,
As for who will bear the bearer.

The ink is fading as the time is near,
The ticking of the clocks is all I hear.
Second-by-second, minute-by-minute,
Can't let them be my source of despair.

Running before time to end up straight,
Just to find it was written in the fate.
I hit them hard they hit me back,
Gained a moment, lost a million days.
I wrote this by imagining what it would be like to fight the time, the clocks. Clocks gone rogue and pardon for mistakes, as there'll be...
Every day, I'm just trying to make it.

Things fall apart constantly.
Cracks appear in solid walls and
The wolves wait at the door
For a weak moment to pounce
And demand
What I don't have to give.

I'm holding us together by the skin of my teeth
I'm holding them up
With broken limbs
And the whole thing is shaking
Like some snow globe
Whose glass is too **** thin
And on the inside is the most beautiful scene.

I can easily see what it would look like
Painted across the firmament.
I can easily see what it will look like
In pieces on the pavement
Snow flakes and
Little hopeful stars
Smashed into the dirt

When the thing is tossed like trash
Because fate doesn't really give a ****
And it is all up to us
To walk that road
And make it
Or don't.

My little one is fevered and laying across my knees
And I remember the time he was hooked to machines
And the medical industry never blinked
When the bill was more than our income for a year.

The powers that be really don't care.

All of these little ones deserve a hero.

How easy it would be to talk myself up,

But the honest to God truth is,

I don't know if I can be one.
Yet, for my babies,
I'll die trying.

Dedicated to all of the mommies and daddies who fight to keep the wolves away from the hearts of little ones. They see you fighting for them, and in that, they know they're loved <3
Shore up the banks and wait for the waves to crash.
Sand slowly dissolving,
Taken by the water,
Stolen by the water.
The waves will come to conquer
And the land must surrender
Just the feelings of despair
In worthlessness and hopelessness
I had lost
my way

The treasury in misery
I don’t know how to cope with pain

— Elysianne
The cure is self-love
If I could make you fight for us
only in you I put my trust

If I could take away your pain
and tell you I will always stay

If I could even turn back time
for universe to give us signs

If I could show my love for you
to mend our bond and mend you too

— Elysianne
If only I could make you see, I’m with you all infinity.
settle down, settle down
always on the run
ever standing by

mind and heart far out the window
meandering between hope and fear
can't handle standing still

downward spiral
get out, escape
force yourself to stay, be happy

can't resist the feeling
something is waiting
it must be

not looking for 'perfect'
in need of less and more
and something special

there's no other way
decisions made
no second chances

fated to fly
forever like this
A world tormented by impending doom,
Where children rally in huddled throngs,
Their lives polluted from the womb,
How now to right their parent’s wrong.

Corals fast bleaching,
Forests torn down,
Activists preaching,
While pastures turn brown.

Sea levels fast rising,
Yet drought now abounds,
Politicians all shouting,
Their inaction astounds.

Confusion is reigning,
Answers too few,
Arguments draining,
Solutions past due.

Time for our youngsters
To take up the fight,
Like heavenly clusters
They permeate light.

Nature deserves it
She begs for relief,
The fuse fully lit
She cowers in grief.
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