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there is a well of sorrow
so deep
it cannot be articulated with tears
an ache
so fierce
it consumes you
until all that you perceive
is all that you have lost
Trip-A 5d
am I a monster?
to fall out of love
betraying the family
how could I?
how dare I?
the sun does not part with the moon
a rainbow does not part with the *** of gold
Tue. 2/23/2021
My OTP is
You /(slash) life.
It's so unpopular!
You've done bad things,
But I don't care,
It doesn't matter anymore,
How many pages do I have to write
for you to stay
just a little bit longer?
How can I become stronger
for it not to hurt so much?

I'll be seeing you in my dreams
After my midnight writing...
When you fall into a well
Grit will not save you from gravity
Willpower will not cushion the bottom
Will not strip the algae from the walls
Will not keep you from slipping back down

There at the bottom
The platitudes of the strangers and bystanders
Bounce off the brick
Sounding endless and hollow
Especially when they think
I don't want to get out

I can scrabble my fingers raw
I can scream my throat hoarse
I can think positively until I go mad
But there at the bottom

Grit cannot dispel gravity
Fighting does not create friction
And the bottom is all there is.
I wish I could will myself out of circumstances, but some circumstances are traps.
Diesel Feb 7
two black pelt ankles
high sun, the infinite beach:
leeches in the sand
Steve Page Feb 19
The day's been seized
with no ransom demand
It's in a windowless basement
and will never see daylight again

The day's been seized
taken from those it loves
with no hope of reunion

The day's been seized
but so far unharmed

The days been seized
and reduced to tears

Like ground hog day.  Everyday.
Lottie Farr Feb 18
You’ve taken every ounce of my being,
Nothing remains of me that’s worth seeing,
As my body becomes sore
There’s nothing more,
Just a broken back from a heart that weighs a ton.

Oh aching heart, I beseech you!
Release me from my existential torment
I wish to leave this body dormant.
OJIrizarry Feb 16
What I felt for this one person,
was nothing

And yet I have lost.
Lost all that is dear to me.

Some scoffed at this thought
and lies would surround the exchange of words
for the next minute.

I had it,
I had gained more than I needed.
Quickly growing complacent i ruined that,
that thing that I held dear.

The connection severed,
Was followed by regret.

Who knew it would be much worse.
Seeing in them beauty when no one would dare look.

I saved them,
and as quick as light destroyed them.

My intentions were clear to them and me.
We exchanged love and soon i severed it
for the sake of some god portrayed to hate men classified
for their straying away of their biological gender.

I held them dear and close to my heart that soon
after years of regret i had come to realize,

They were nothing more than a man in disguise to deceive those evil doers.

Once I realized this,
I questioned my sanity and well,

I would come to blame it all on the force that allowed me to live.


Some would despair, others would tremble.
But I hate

Hate all that is true and truth will hate me back.
This bitterness is only a part of my being

None can change this heart,
This heart was warm and welcoming.

Now it is but a barren place to be
none can obsess over a human being
like my significant other did to me.

Then the truth summoned itself,
it was nothing short of monstrous.

With all this,
finding no one that can fill that gap that was filled by a lie

My hate is clear, bitterness will consume me.
If that's the will of life then so be it.

For I am no one short
of a useless individual.
this is how I felt for a long time, in here I placed it to words. this was a few years back in junior high, I was dating a 19 year old at the time. I soon realized that this trans woman was a police man. he once went to my school to do a presentation on open source information. then I realized I was cat fished. this relationship took place in discord, I was 14 at the time. then I figured out in high school that I was cat fished. sorry its lengthy I just wanted to lift this off my shoulders in an artful manner.
Rajan Feb 8
I and my colleague got out of our car,
We, the two men with a trench coat wrapped around us,
Walked down to the alley on that cloudy day,
A ****** scene it was, across the river bed,
Where once the pearly white swans swam.

There lied a dead young woman with a stab in her chest,
Through the heart,
With luscious red hair lied a beauty,
That enamors a thousand souls,
A blooming red rose aside her right arm,
A necklace made of scallops around her neck.

A blonde winged child crying profusely
With an empty quiver around his back,
While whistling doves hovered over us,  
And a purse containing letters from the shepherds,
And a commander.

And a man and a woman standing
Besides the body, were crying
And with sadness in their voice,
Saying about how without her
They will forget how to love in time,
And will never be loved anymore.

In such wailing times,
All I could do was to shed some pennies,
And I said them here are pennies,
To plant some myrtles in her memories,
Across these riverbeds,
And hope the swans swim in these rivers once again.
This is a poem, set in a fictional setting of 1800s of industrial England, where two detectives me and my colleague sees a ****** scene. From my point of view, I am witnessing the ****** scene of Aphrodite (god of love),
and I am describing the surrounding and people around the body of Aphrodite
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