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sorrow found me when i was young it stood over me in my crib, as the fire burned , as dad shouted and dean carried me out of that house, as i cried for dean when dad left us alone, as i begged dean for lucky charms instead of beans

sorrow waited for me as i grew up he watched over me like a guardian angel little did i know that the shred of doubt i had in my mind was only going to grow as he watched me carve me name with dean in the impala, as i watched dean die over and over, through every demon i killed , every monster i slaughtered , every mistake i made and every slip up

then sorrow won he took me at last using Lucifer as a distraction as he wiggled into my brain and feed on all my thoughts until i was nothing no that's not true i was something, i was ruined, i was empty ,i was nothing but sorrow and despair and the worst part of that is i knew it was there all along shadowing me hunting me like i do monsters waiting for me to give up fighting against it

sam winchester
poem i wrote from sams pov
Master, master, master of Fire,
Bring me luck, bring me freshness
Bring me strength .
Bring me freshness
Bring me strength
Bring me desire...
The wheel to fire!

You left me here
You walked away
You betrayed me
You ****** me away!...

Master, master, master of None,
A ghost from the past...
Ghost, ghost ghost... Ha, ha, ha...
My life is your desire!

Your desire is Fire.
Mine is Water!

I came here to bring
some warm sand,
cold tea, cigarettes,
bad coffee but,
my Dear Enemy?! ...
" What' s your Desire?"

You left me here,
You walked away!
You betrayed me, thee ...


My Dearest Enemy,
Have you no more legs to walk,
Hands to "TALK"?


You're a ghost...


If this is a SUPREME WORLD
then why CANNOT I find REASON
on this COLD SEASON.

Awake me !
Shake me!
Stimulate me
don't hate me!

I cannot LEAVE
this LIFE anymore


If you jump,
I jump!
If you become bird,
I'll learn to fly too!

And if you die...
I'll become a GHOST!

Not Forgotten,
Au revoir
Buon viaggio!

With love
Irena Adler
Wheel/ will
Leave/ Live
Today was the first time I came close
I almost ended it in a post
Left to right I feel the fright
My pain is aching
What comes next
Inch by inch I take the test
Reeling with guilt and sorrow
I hate myself
Why can’t I be someone else
My body is a Perfect example of what not to be
Limp here limp there
I am disgusting
I hate myself all the time
Not just today
I want to slice my eyes open
As they don’t even work right
I am a walking disaster with nothing going for myself
I am so over it all
I cannot have what I desire I cannot have what I want
Someone is constantly judging me
With the looks of judgement
I feel condemned
Where is the honor in that
No...not even loyalty wins here
Who the **** is loyal these days
I hate myself
Not just today
An older poem from the past I found and wanted to share. Not always okay I was suffering at this time...felt that way.
cupid 5d
cupid felt desire once
nothing could’ve prepared him for despair
nothing but love could’ve caused it
venus truly cursed her son
with longing for a faded love
a mortal lover
tired of their ***
resentful and sick of him
he can't bear the pain
but he can never die
he walks the only true death
everlasting life
watching himself
being replaced
cupids world was on fire
gorgeous fire
it was so striking
he forgot that fire
he forgot that fire is pain
he relished in the flames
until he burned out
cupids world ,,, is only ashes now
this is a continuation of desire this was the end of his and i's relationship, it's somehow just as beautiful as the beginning
shiv 6d
and there is a rhythm to pain
it swings to and fro
like it is trying to eat you whole
Hello Dear…
There's a lot of pain in my soul.
I don't feel like I can be seen, hence being a ghost.
I'm not calling the seen those who gather attention.
I've never been able to hold the necessary attention that is love.
I'm tiny.
Little to ńöẗḧïńġ...
But I'm something.
I mustered up courage deep inside me, somewhere in my shadow...
I pulled it out and coated it with what I thought was hope.
But whether it was or wasn't, it overpowered that courage.
It escalated until it had no other option but to fall.
When it fell, the choices were already in motion.
A result was ready to explode...and cause casualties.
...Or just one casualty.
I guess a ghost can see the future.
Its shadow can do more than foreshadow.
I opened up a door for courage...
But I let out a demon called melancholy.
I made a mistake...
And it led to another heartache.
I never knew that I was my own weakness...
Not until I was bitten by the Gloom Bug.
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