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A man sits in a church, his cigarette aflame
And his eyes glow with the light of sin and fire.

He inhales the burning stench of pride and Carcinogens,
Fingers reaching for yet another from his
Pack of plenty.

“Where is this god?”

He asks the voiceless air and the staring
Cardboard cutout of Jesus Christ.

“Where is your shame?”

Replies the omniscient and aching voice of
Our lord and savior.

The man in the church takes another drag of his

“I left that behind with memories of her warm Laugh and
Kind eyes
And some other woman’s **** in my hands.”
Today is yours tomorrow
is everyone’s wonder.
Do good today
for a better tomorrow.

Since God promised
no one always a blue sky.
Groom in the shade
of the clouds
to bask in the sun!
Love like the colours of rainbow
Love like a pilgrim of life
In the edge of golden horizon,
I saw the eyes of angle
Who owns them?
Are they mine?

Love is song of the river.
Love is a cloud in summer.
The dearie in a despairing courtyard
Where does he belongs to...?
Is he mine?

Pieces of bleeding heart,
Disappeared in a song I sang.
Sink into the twilight zone
like a dog with two tails

Eyes on to skin
Heart in to soul
Love’s for completeness !
Shapes are crawling to perfection
But still unsatisfied shapeless desires...….

God of golden wings
Praises the lust in dark
Around the endless hypnosis...….
No one will Understand but the GOD...........
Neelam Jun 7
Creation and dissolution
catalysis of particle and anti-particle,

The Cosmic Dancer,
choreographer of the ethereal energy,
The Infinite made manifest in finite realm.

The Source, Who is beyond duality,
The Immaculate one devoid of Sattwic, Rajasic and Tamasic gunas

Pure energy, the cosmic consciousness,
The Word, Sabda Brahman,
the Truth within Maya,
hidden from the eyes of
Particle and anti-particle cancel each other.

Cosmic dancer : Nataraja who creates universe through cosmic dance.

Sattwic : purity and chastity

Rajasic  : Activity, energetic, arduous

Tamasic : Inertia, ignorance

Guna : Quality

Sabda Brahman : God who created the world through Word

Sabda : Speech
Where are You my beloved
Where are You my Lord?

Tropical monsoon rains
pelt my face with a
thousand kisses
I feel You in every drop

Where are you hiding Beloved
Where are You?

Warm winds laden with
fragrance of Your presence
embrace me
You live in every silken caress

Where are You?

Ardor of sun's rays
leaves me breathless
You fan the embers
of my blushing heart
I am shining! I am shining!

Where are You my very breath?

Choir of birds chant Your name
Hari Nam
trees in the forest bend low
cast garlands and fruit
at Your lotus feet
I wander through Paradise with You

Where are you Hari?
Where are You?

"Where is God?
God is in you, with you, in front of you, around you"
- Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
princenobody Jun 2
This is for the Lord's Saints
Remember God's grace
Don't lose hope
Don't lose faith

Press on with righteousness
Press on with zeal
Press on with courage
Press on no matter the ordeal

The wicked wants you weary
The evil wants you weak
The darkness wants you fearful
The devil wants your peace

The Holy Spirit is with you though
This never forget
God will help you
God will be your strength

He will give us rest
He presence will surround
So may we not fret
When the serpent slithers around

This is for the Lord's Saints
Keep shining your light
And when things look dim
Call on Christ.
‘Take away my blues ‘
I said a quiet prayer.
‘What will you have left then?’
Answered God
‘The sky I painted
The seas tainted
Are there for you
to blend into.
Blue is here to stay.’
‘Go on’ he said
‘I have a busy day...
S Bharat May 30

Love is patient;
Love is kind;
Is there anyone
To whom you are still

It does not envy;
It does not boast;
Is there anyone
Whom you do not love
the most?

It is not proud;
It is not tall;
The God forgives those
People who love one and

It always obeys;
It always surrenders;
Believe in Him,
Your life will be full of

It is a sole purpose;
It is a pretty game;
Miracles happen
To those who believe in

S. Bharat
princenobody May 30
Yeshua is coming.
Yet we know not the time.
Are you prepared,
As his beloved bride?

Yeshua is coming.
Yet we know not the day.
Are you prepared,
To be taken away?

Yeshua is coming.
Only the Father knows when.
Are you prepared,
To depart and ascend?

Yeshua is coming
Wake up to the signs.
Remain in the word my beloved.
Truly my brothers and sisters, remain in the Vine.
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