I don’t want someone that just turns my head, I want someone who can turn my heart. George MacDonald said “God’s fingers can touch nothing but to mold it into loveliness.” I hope he forms me in the same way, since I desire it in someone else.
In sleep, we can know.
In dream, we create,
illuminate through time and void.
Ever a time,
with no direction to or from,
leave me to my rest.
I then build something from nothing
and feel the warmth of a world
shape in my hands.
moon 1d
I just want to be able to live.

To wake up to the sun,
shined in between my windows.

To feel the wind touching my,
easily scarred skin.

To stand in between,
all these tall trees.

To stare at the sunset,
and how the sky's blue fades.

To watch the stars come out,
along with the moon by their side.

And to thought of how lucky I am,
to exist and witness.

God's ethereal painting,
and remarkable piece of art.

I am so lucky to be a human.
I am so lucky to be drawn on His beautiful canvas.
For when I thought I was lucky to exist. [ Nature is the only reason why I found this world a beautiful place. ] Well, this is just a very cliché poem about how much of a nature lover I am.

G 1d
God. Who’s he?

A figment of your imagination, a phantom of my reality?

Who read in a book written a millions years from now, that for only a “small fee” rebirth can be found?

Wanna get to heaven? Sounds great! Make sure to slide a 20 on top of the collection plate.

telling lies like a poor man can get to heaven, oh honey, only the rich can afford wine and anointed caskets. Take your rags to the back, throw some pennies on the plate, we’ll give you the “salvation” you clearly lack for love and understanding.

Our pastor needs another Ferrari, meanwhile
You don’t have a car. Just show up every Sunday, and we promise you’ll rest with the stars.

For $19.99 confess all your sins. Tell it all to a stranger, same some prayers, then do it over again.

This is religion, the largest capital regime. So remember next Sunday, its not what it seems.
All my life
I spend time,
to build the heaven

a pure form of,
sensibility, and

a time came
searched everywhere
knew, there is no divinity.
I started to worship
A Mask.
Gave life to it.
People termed it,

That’s why
At the time of dire need,
God neither,
Nor listens.
Genre: Alternate Spiritual
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
The flags contort and distort

In the air

Writhing in the wind

Nations proud, lie

Humbled at their knees

What is done in the dark

Shall be brought to the light

In full view and truth
Fear wondering astray                
Mears pondering I lay
Near fields among the day                    
  Here yield those of gray          
Dear God stuck at play
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️
Even in the deepest darkness His light can penetrate
There is no place we can run or hide that He won't find us
Even the darkness is light to Him
The night is as bright as the day
The light of love can dispel all our darkness and fear
It can chase away the dark clouds
Or hold us close until they pass
Even in the shadows there must be light
We appreciate the darkness because of the light
And appreciate light because we have darkness
We find ourselves whole when we embrace
The goodness and badness in ourselves
When we accept our divinity and humanity
It is in the shadow of the cross
That we find His saving light

May we be a light in the darkness
Shining bright for all humanity
Let us be a beacon of hope to show the way
Let us radiate the love and peace of Christ
In a world that seems wrapped in despair and hate
And when we feel the touch
Of darkness in our lives
Lord, send someone to lift us out of darkness
And bring us back into light
joseph had a lover before he knew of jesus,
she went by the name of lilith.

she was by lengths and widths the fields of fungus and weeds,
with stiff ribs and taut stomach, more than what he could afford.

yet still he'd stand on her doorstep,
waiting for her to take the rose from his bleeding hands.

she took it
and left the thorns behind in his soft palms.

she harkened a role in the loss of his innocence as a teen,
he indulged himself in fertile soil and dampened moss.

ten days later, she grew wings and flew away, looking for the pit of a peach,
or something sweeter to call home.


he had a lover of the names adam and eve,
he found them in the garden of eden.

they were a pair of lungs,
seemingly carved from the same tree.

they were less than two people, but more than one consciousness
divided by layers of gold skin, muscle, and bone.

both more than willing to step into the flesh of one another,
as they had tasted the forbidden fruit together.

cheeks pressed between molten thighs, licking the ichor of what he imagined to be god between blond curls.
his or hers, he did not know.

he saw the serpent seething, and the next morning,
they had left him while he was asleep, a kiss and several coins pressed into the scars of his palm.


he had a lover before when god was just an idea
and there was no life after death.

joseph had then met mary.

who had the luck to cheat on him with god?

mary had a little lamb, shrouded in fleece and hay,
born in a manger and caroled by holy men.

mary wept tears of joy as the lamb of god / second adam / messiah
was birthed from her womb, warmed in blood.

joseph wept, as healing himself as if he were a blind, mute or demon-possessed man would not help someone like himself, someone who craved sin so desperately.

a woman whom he loved, he did not any longer.


joseph was approached by angels
holographic lenses flicked angrily, the bright lights blinding-

betrayal is not an option.

then they stopped short and dropped silently,
crucifixion to those warning against god.

for who needs anything but a heavenly father?
Few people know or believe that the Kingdom of God is like a wish fulfilling tree
that’s why it has been said ‘if you seek it first, all things will be added unto thee’.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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