Emily 7h
and at that moment I knew:
I would chase God to the end of the earth,
peering into every stranger’s soul
looking for a piece of worship.  

I would chase grace
to the edge of the world
searching for a bit to steal
and a wound to heal.

I would chase peace
to the edge of the world
letting the wind blow me
into a new place to
find myself.

I would chase love
to the edge of the the world.
or maybe,
I wouldn’t.
because before I found the end of the world
I found that slow piano songs
and holding someone’s hand
don’t repair my broken heart
like I thought they would.

I will chase God
to the edge of the earth
until I’m no longer afraid
of an unfamiliar place
and the lack
of a hand to hold.
i want to leave this town so bad but my deepest desire is also my worst nightmare
Depression you hear is deep in my gut
I feel it
I know it ain’t clear
The message is rough
Dismiss it my life is turmoil
Crashing and burning all around me
Think I’m about to fly
I hug the ground
A different kind of landing

Tell my mama that I’m sorry
Tell my brother I was too week
Tell my little sister she’s a queen and never ever do this
Walk in the footsteps of our forefathers
I’m a bad imitation  
About to finish of my sermon
Place it under my phone, passwords deactivated
Because I want someone to know
I want someone to care
I went everyone to learn
4 tick to midnight, I hear it ring last chance
maybe god still loves me
Maybe someone remembered my name
Maybe someone is reaching out to me
Stop, hold on.
I pick up...

Hello there I was looking to speak with Mr kingsley In regards to the newest and
peep peep peep
I hung the phone
I hung my soul
I hung.

                            Rex Verum Regem
Depression is not easy
Depression is not a choose
Depression is real
Suicide is real

Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to those we claim to care about; we see them everyday with smiles of gold and never going benith the surface why:
We are scare of what we will find
We don’t want to be the one to burden a discovery
We don’t want to be accountable

1 minuet if all it takes to call, send a text get involved.
Be accountable for those you love...
Would I be wrong to call this a blessing?
As his fine self continues professing
“Hear me dear Lord, I plea
This is my testimony”
Distracted by singful thoughts
Praying I don’t get caught
I felt his gaze as he licks his lips
Yearning, for I know he wants to take a sip
“Let us pray”, the pastor cries
As I fall to my knees
Lord, please wash away the vulgarity
Sweating because we were in this very position last night
“Let the church say ‘Amen’” , the pastor cries
As I stand tall in sin
He hugs me
As my heart races from within
Dammit, I think I’ll just blame this on Christian Mingle
Uvuyo 1d
Can I run into you and you not break. Would you be able to withstand the whirlwind that is me? I am broken beyond my own repair shattered in a millon pieces not even Willy could put me back together. I'm lost not like on the GPS where you can miss the turn and make a different turn, all the streets are one way. I'm fighting to hold on to my sanity struggling to remeber why I'm even here. And then I realize, it's not for me to understand but believe and trust in the one who's skin was torn for me so when I'm torn between decision I understand where my help comes from. I will point to the hills and go all the way up.
Believe in Someone bigger than you, trust in Someone stronger than you.
And sometimes I feel like my heart is bursting from all the lives I’ve lived for others, I’d abandon the comfort of the familiar and the approval of herds
for the enchantment of new faces, new songs and the mystery of new roads, escape from the tyranny of morality and sanctity, and lose myself to the beat of the soul and the pulse of desire. I want mornings that don’t remember yesterdays and a present that exists for itself, days that don’t hope for the future because the moment is so full of my mother and all the love she has for me, all the wrong that’s born out of splendor and a God that has no expectations but to see us surrender to the wildness of our spirits and the softness of our being.
Lily 1d
I started with my dress,
The white one with the black flowery design.
I added my black scarf, draping it
Casually around my head,
Trying to stop my thoughts from drifting
To what I was dressing up for.
I slipped on my sandals and then
Slipped out the door,
Not slamming it because that felt like
An ending.
I didn’t want another ending.
Walking into the church,
The temperature went up 50 degrees,
And my anxiety went up 100.
I shook hands with the extended family,
Hugged your widow,
And comforted your grandchildren.
I made it through the opening liturgy,
Your favorite hymn, and the obituary.
I even stopped my tears from falling
During your granddaughter’s touching eulogy,
When she started sobbing up there on the altar.
Afterwards, I sat through the meal,
Everything tasting like cardboard in
My mouth as the temperature kept increasing.
Near the end of the night,
When the church was clearing out,
I went back to the food,
Craving a final bite of cheesy potato casserole
Before I could finally leave this night behind.
Yet when I get there,
The tray is cleaned out,
And there is no more cheesy potato casserole.
That’s when I finally break down and sob.
I didn’t get that last bite of
Cheesy potato casserole.
Sometimes the simplest things kill you.
Read teachings by ponds
He will help light up my life
Appealing wonder
Slowly and gradually feeling more and more positive.
More and more hopeful!
Lyn xxx
huge drops of sorrow
fall on my heart
like hail from heaven
i miss heaven
heaven misses me.
i miss God
Does God miss me?
I want to be a man above all men
So I will be beneath them all
Serving and giving
Loving and forgiving
Saving and leading
On the way
To God’s day
Of Reckoning.
I am becoming
What he made me
For all to see
Noticing the little things
Ignored by many
If you observe
You’ll see
The unseen
If you listen
You will hear
His whispers in nature
God does little
He speaks much
What he says becomes
What he imagines he loves
What he loves is a part of him
He loved us
Thought us
Spoke us
Bought us
There is no greater Love than Him.
Holy Ghost!
Heaven is not for me
This world is all I wish to see
Golden streets and crystal oceans
Are not my cup of tea
To be quite honest
A cup of tea is my cup of tea
And though I'll do whatever God asks of me
I just pray that when I die he lets me be
To live forever is way too much
A lifetime here is good enough
I'm only six and twenty
And this world still has plenty
Of wonders for me to see
Heaven is not for me
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