As slaves to breath
We work in fear
Afraid of our master

God help us
Save us from
Your creation

Here's to hoping that day 2 actually happens this time.

I'll throw up an "Amen" because I need it and because I want it.

So just...

Hear me.

Going to church for the first time in 2 or 3 weeks. The 3rd time I've tried sticking to a church. Hopefully I actually stick with it this time.

Everyone's a sinner
I'm certain that is true
I am...that's a given
and I guess are you

Argue if you want to
There's ten, so it's not hard
To break one on occasion
It doesn't hurt, and you're not scarred

I see bony little fingers
Twisting little tiny beads
Praying quiet for redemption
Rubbing little holy seeds

Sitting in the church pews
With rosaries in hand
Little wrinkled people
In churches all across the land

Some will pray in silence
Not a whisper will you hear
They're addicted to the motion
Of the beads they keep so near

I hope they get to heaven
If the beads help, then they win
They sit praying for redemption
From the earthly hell they're in

Some may light a candle
For a loved one they have lost
Then, they sit and ask redemption
No matter what the cost

Little wrinkled fingers
Working nimbly at the beads
They say their prayers in silence
Clutching tightly at their seeds.

it burns black—
god made our
eyes see each
other so my
tender heart could

what could be more intimate than an eye contact?

So, now on I believe that
God created humankind,
according to His likeness;
when I look at you.

"Here she rests, now, here in her tiny little nest
Her never ending quest, still, no one can wrest.
You sleep for now, I will join you, that's a vow
It's true, he has a new world for us to sow"

It is sad that I have to write this. But since this is the one thing you want from me at this moment, I cannot choose not to. But again, dear, I love you. And I know that our God will do the right thing for you. And I pray and believe that your recovery itself is his will
Soph 3d

You are rice paper between finger and thumb,
Rosary beads made of wood and tarnished with the
worship of generations
You are the night and the day, the sun catching up to the moon
Because you are a singularity, a construct I'm in love with
My nightmare, a soft grenade waiting for someone, or no one
Or anyone

I've never felt anything so pure that the texture of your skin.
I've never saw anything as malefic as your eyes on me.
I've never felt something as delicious as your tongue between my legs, possessing my whole body.
I'v never felt anything as painful as when you throw away after.
I never felt so good as when I understood that the devil had just licked me.

Mane Omsy 3d

Draw my attention
to a straight path
Where I could long
without any wrath

Beheading the sources
of more distractions
I could be safe
till the very end

Where I could finally
Rest in peace
Tired to run away
from anymore liabilities

I believe the grace of life
Ahead this bitterness

Redemption - XIII

Seeking help from God to lead me to a new path of peace and happiness.

Alright, alright...

Let's me be honest when I call myself out for being a narcissist.

Because I am a narcissist when it comes to things like music, or poetry, or worldview.

In short, I'm pretty terrible.

But in my narcissism, there is a bit of a God complex.

Feeling like I am invincible and unshakable. Like no one is above me and like nobody can possibly be in my way.

Like I am in control of everything.

Like God.

But definitely not like God.

I try to pull myself away from that kind of thinking because it dehumanizes me. It makes me something I don't want people to see.

It doesn't matter if I enjoy the insanity while it overtakes my body because eventually I will come to realize that this is not the life I want.

That I am better than this.

I mean...

Am I not better?

I don't know.


Can you tell me?

I need to figure out my complexes.
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