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lord i come before you .
done ,
The sun skims
the blue dome;
the ice rims
the sea's foam.

The Lord's grace
the ball break
the deep space
that's deep fake.
Lungs filled with water, fists pounding on chest
Blue lips frozen in time, a beating heart at rest
There's no sun shining through the clouds.

Eyes filled with horror, mouths unable to speak
Hope starts to wane, no one's able to reach
The worse conclusion to this poem.

When all hope is lost, and the world's hysterical
Sometimes, very rarely, someone sends a miracle
I don't know who, and I don't know why
All I know is that someone's on our side.

A gasp of air, a failing heart beats
Eyes flutter open, we now believe

In miracles.
Two young souls sat within the towering grass of an endless field.

They watched an infant universe dance out from a bottle, new life revealed.

As they watched and studied, their minds were filled with questions where the answers became lost in a void.

The boy so curious, he became furious because no answers to the burning questions made him annoyed.

As the patient child gazed in amazement at what they just discovered, the impatient child stood up and over the bottle, his foot hovered.

The patient child jolted upward and screamed a piercing sound
as the impatient child's foot hit the ground.

Under his ****** foot laid the remnants of an early life.

With no remorse, he walked off while the crying child held the shattered pieces in her hand and asked "why can't we have anything nice?".
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
Little on,
My precious one,
What now have you gone and wrought?
What is the fruit of the toils,
Of all the trouble you've sought?

Little one,
My dearest one,
You've gone and ran so far,
Won't you stop running and come here?
Come rest here in my arms.
What I imagine God says when I act proud and petulant.
Those having faith in God,
Those praying with utmost sincerity,
Get blessings and love to face hardships without losing hope.
some birds recently died of a smog overdose
this is not a big deal but activists are raging
last night they destroyed the lion's cage in the zoo
the lions ate all of them but they died with a certainty:

"we stood against the psychological torture of animals"
when the activists took their last breath, fulfilled
as their arms and legs were bitten off, they sobbed,
deeply concerned if the lions could digest human flesh

unselfish souls, good-hearted people; their families miss them
now they are waiting in front of netherworld's entrance
memories are rolling over their retinals, they are scared
fear is flickering, the activists are looking at gigantic doors

did they really do the right thing? dying as early?
when things have become unchangeable, doubt is arising
doubting is one of the cruelest acts of thinking and feeling
doubting leads to an idealization of the self; mirror-addiction

to kiss a shark is dangerous but some doubts will **** you
we may think that we control them – they dominate us
the mobiles of the activists are switched off
relatives and partners are trying to reach them

zoo visitors hear a ringtone coming from the lions
later on, the zookeeper finds an iphone in their feces
but the activists are fine, they died for a purpose
their funerals will be events of glorification

nobody will speak badly about them; nobody will criticize anything
they left babies, toddlers, wives, husbands and relatives behind
but they died for a purpose; they really did and that's what counts
it's over: stars are vomiting, the cemetery god is reading epitaphs
Today is a good day.
they say god
                                         has a plan for all                 good or bad
no one knows until it happens                   that moment you figure out
                      my true purpose in this world is to         simply disappear
everyone will die but god therefore that               is the final shared goal                      life's purpose             is to return to the ground
******* me
******* me
Why can’t I ever see
What I should probably be
I may never know
Any better than this
Because God ****** me
Oh yes he did

******* me
******* me
******* my hands
******* my feet
******* my thoughts
******* my breath
******* my life
******* me to death
Unknown date and time.
Searching through the comments
Wandering through the photos
Maybe in the compliments
Or perhaps in the responses?

Where is this joy
My heart so longs for?
Why does it deplete
Ever so often?

But I know of everlasting joy;
Not found in the comments,
Nor in the responses or comps
But in the never changing Father,
The I AM that I AM.
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