Aurora 28m

In the darkness, I am still loved. In the darkness, I still have hope. I still pray. I still have an easy way out, but I don't take it, because if I do, others will to, and if I do, I will never learn to FORGIVE, and HOPE, and LOVE. I will never learn to not be afraid. But with you God, I will learn to TRUST, to be HAPPY, and to be OKAY. With you, I am learning to correct my mistakes, and to HEAL, and to heal OTHERS. I will always need you, but, I am trying to learn how to depend on myself, and I will, just not now. But I know, I, will be, OKAY.

This is a poem about having faith in God, and yourself.

The stars illuminate the leaves on trees
for miles and all I see are
constellations mingling in the silken skies.
A shooting star from far off galaxies
wipes away the fallacies of life as
we know, to reveal the path lain out
by the real God; time.
Time has seen all, knows all, shows all--
with a fist as swift as Eros' arrow Time
crushes all within his path
without thought to the aftermath.
Yet time is not unforgiving, loving
none more than the living with gifts
like birth and life and death
a promise that there is something next.

Itzel Hdz 14h

I only let myself go into You
Cause You're the onle One
That's proven that my heart
Is in a safe place

Thank You
May 16/2017
shiv 1d

She drank gasoline like water
and had the audacity to be surprised at the flames that caught when she held a match too close.

Look at how she's burning up.
Look at how she's burning out.
Finally. Finally. Finally.

Worldly love
is jealous!
We are given
the choice to
loyal love by
Imitating God's
love because
He created us
in His image

Sadia 2d

We all have a fear of something, may it be heights, drowning or an enclosed space. Each of us has the ability to overcome these fears, but can we be certain that this is the single greatest fear we have? What about walking on a path of darkness without the guidance of light. Are we really able to walk on a path that surrounds us in darkness? Many would say we wouldn't be able to walk on a path where there is no light or that there would be no way we would make it to the end of that path. Some may go one step further and say we simply fear the unknown. Let us take for example a blind man with his cane. If we were to take him to a path where there is darkness and no light he would be able to walk in the darkness without the fear of anyone or anything. His trust isn't with his cane but rather his trust is with God.

We don't need the light to guide us instead we need our faith in God. His gifts are present throughout our lifetime. He is there in every step we take. All we need is to trust him, and when we do, we can go a long way.

Sometimes, you make me fightin' mad
Sometimes, you make me overwhelmed with grief
Sometimes, you make me feel numb

You leave ringing in my ears
You leave tears in my eyes
You leave me singing somber low tunes

I ask you not to take away everything, and everyone I love
But you ostensibly laugh at me and do it anyway
When you're around, the rain seems to drone on

You loom around the corner, whether it's a drunken driver, a horrid disease, or a poisoned mind

Oh death, you've struck again

This is for my uncle, who has passed away tonight. I hope he's in Heaven and I believe he is. My poor mother, please pray for my uncle and his family. <5.19.17>

When the Lord split the adam
It wasn't a clean cut.
A heftier half received the whole,
The other a supplicant for scraps at the
Table's Wayside.
(only if it didn't want those stinky leftovers

Eons since, not much's changed
The portlier portion still retains
Rights to nuke the other slice
When enmity sticks its foot in the
Meaty muck of the mind

"But it's not my fault," it says,
Still blaming that little snake it likes to hold
Like a teddy bear on a forlorn night

What God hath torn,
Let mankind reassemble.

If you aren't
there is
no god.

Faith is not understanding and Belief is not truth
Understanding is illusion
Life in a cloud,
Murky with our own notions and frivolousness
Intelligence an irrelevant gift within a chasm
Still, there is meaning in this Life in Limbo,
Death awaits regardless, new life, Limbo cast aside….

Faith converted to understanding, Belief molded into truth
Illusion impregnated by perception
Understanding Reigns True
Our gifts Shine with the patina of knowledge
Embodied in the freshness of childhood
Nothing is irrelevant, everything is of consequence
There are no trivial details in divine blueprints  
Life on a Cloud

Just thinking about how little I know
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