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When you were a child you liked to play
That is Godly

Remember when they told you to go play?
You didn't always want to play

You wouldn't stop carrying on and wallowing around
When they whipped you or sent you to your room

You played
God returns

It sure wasn't the devil guiding you.
They were busy telling you what to do, and whipping you for not playing

Gentleness...please pass is time
Somedays I question my faith;

Is the bible true or fake?

Is Jesus the only way?

Faith or logic pick a side,

This is hard I'd rather die.
She had the poison in her veins
I was trying to **** it out
vampire doctor
trying to tough it out
radio blunt in my mouth
receiving the truth of the devil
thought I was a running man
till I bottomed out on the level
where accidents happen
reality clappin'
praising my downfall
she's got the poison in her soul
and I'm the cobra of the year...

Strange how rain falls
like time passes
ones and zeros
stained glass of our past
rosier than we remember
darker than September
wish I could go back
wish memory were dead
marching on like ants on a hill
my will, and it's not steel
my passion for tragedy
has a fixation on old mills
spinning in circles
I'm caught in the drain
funnel of mayhem
funnel of *******
high on life, we chase the goals of the dope game
higher and higher
expecting our lives will all change
I question the Lord
more than I question myself
That's why I'm lost
cause you can't question the Law's land
purpose is powerful
peace is potent
patience is placid
power is purposeful
you can run around and question the question the question the question
but have the integrity to answer and you're adorned with blessings
high towers fall in the storms of change
tranquility is denial of the form of truth

I taste it
the elixir of the problem of war
power is an addiction
addiction is a cage
to be free, we require power
to break addiction's vice grip
so you see the conundrum
a paradoxical illusion
it is placing our faith in the infinite that we grow
loose the bonds of human decay and sow what God sows
my belief is in the wisdom of man to choose divinity
those who choose death
are the eternal
wasting the fortunes
that we will harvest in the times to come
when humanity is free
to love
and love as one.
A bit of stream of consciousness here, but I enjoyed it.
Might record it for TikTok, but I need a good backing track.


ScaryGary Jul 31
beasts made out of pieces of clay
my God is an artist
the reason he makes these beasts is to play
with the clay when it hardens

angels feel no danger in the throes
my God is so fearless
don't try to look his almighty in the toes
when his steps are so careless
Well...what ya expect
ScaryGary Jul 30
I told them that I am a Jew.
They beat me up anyhow. May the wrath of God be upon them.
When the preacher said that the Jews were God's children, I jumped up and said "I'm a Jew"
I stand behind that, but not in the way that Jesus did. I choose water because water is one thing you need to grow grapes.
This stuff is in no way putting down Jewish people, Jesus, or spirituality.
I feel like there is something more powerful for sure. I just don't know about whether it matters if I believe in a god that goes along with rituals and teachings that I don't understand. I don't know. I would think that God wouldn't care about me making a joke. I went to church and Sunday school...Christian tent revivals, and vacation Bible school at a young age. Messed my **** up!
ScaryGary Jul 28
Don't look for the rainbow's end. Look for it's beginning. That is where the gold is.
****** leprechauns wanna mess everything up
Words' Worth Jul 27
We once shared the same songs
If I'd focus, I could hear what you hear
All I needed was to let my heart act as a sail
You made me let go of fear

My faith has gotten stronger
The storm has turned into a nervous song
A song of the rain has morphed into a shelter of the mind
This power can right the wrongs in my life

But this planet will die, and so will the vile
So I talk all night about something pure
You will see that I have a life
I can't lie to you, you know I'm broken and poor

You have created a hole in my heart
There is a hunger that aches for your art
But I have waited too long to not start
I joke to everyone that she's **** smart

The wind changes speeds and the cities fall asleep
I could go oceans deep and search for that storm
But my power signals that this calmness runs deep
Let this moment of silence stay between us
I'm trying to write something that I can be remembered by. But I find that the harder I try, the more I am distanced from my goal. I think the goal is to write something that means something to you. If it means something to others, that is a bonus.
Maria Diola Jul 23
Love like a fountain
Promises so certain
Claim your mountain
God loves you and has good plans for you. He's got tons of promises that you need to claim by faith, just like what Caleb did.
"Not one of all the LORD’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled." (Joshua 21:45)
"Now therefore, give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke in that day." (Joshua 14:12)
lilly grace Jul 22
i lay in my bed typing this with one hand on my brand new laptop

i think it's getting bad again

i'm moving out in 19 days for college

i can't get the memories to leave me alone

my dad was the one who bought me this laptop as a gift for college

i can still feel the touches of the man who couldn't keep his hands
off of me
i will never be the same

my parents pay for EMDR therapy
it's expensive
it's not covered by insurance
i feel guilty

i feel like i ruined this family dynamic
we don't go to church anymore
church is where the man worked
church was where i suffered
the cold brick wall all the way at the back of the building
behind the pews
everyone's backs to me
as i stood in silence while
he ruined me

it's time to go to bed
maybe i'll feel better tomorrow
sorry this one is kinda dark
LORD, I am Man,
An Adam and
A Puritan
In a strange Land
Beset by sinne
Before, behinde,
In Wayes wherein
I wend and winde.

A Garden rich,
Garden'd with Art
And perfect Pitch,
Is Gods own Heart.
There percheth there
A snowy Dove
In summery Aire
And peacefull Love.

Father forgive
This wight defil'd,
That I may Live,
Redeem'd, Thy Child.  
Ancient of Dayes,
Restore Thou mee,
That all my Wayes
May leade to Thee.
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