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Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, what if I am a runaway not willing to remember???:]

possibility on a flying swing

maybe the moods maybe the winds

on my mind scarred on miles so pure so delicate

crumbling with the soon to forget forever drowned

don't know how far that red prison would grant me a benefit

lions scratching the waves of my pride

miss thirteen on lights of glory

fading on forest thorns and wilds before me

not even sure if you and me whispered in that stupid dark seen

                                                          ­                               ------ravenfeels
George Krokos Apr 19
O God, may Your light of love and truth always shine through
illuminating all the darkness and dispelling our ignorance too.
You are the Only One That eternally shines by Its own infinite light
and everything’s a reflection of Thy glory witnessed by divine sight.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.

Those who
never made
mistake haven't had
anythang learnt in life.
Nor gather
any experience.
uncovers enormous mystery on the road to glory & Inside the belly of mistake hides the corrective tools for success. Right every wrongs.
Melody Mann Mar 29
Blinding and radiant the sunshine trickles through the windowsill,
Bringing life to the shadows as it kisses the surfaces surrounding her,
The rays bare news of a world afar,
Reminding her of a beginning anew.
It thought of making a joke on me
I bow and greeted in an uninterested air
It laughs and shook head, it's gone
What a thoughtless action of the vain mind
To what end will you mock, o mocker
preston Feb 1

Need it reign this  supreme
over us--  death's ****** up message..

do we lay down
and let its shadowed ways
continue to run over the top of us--
the way that it has,
since flesh-wrapping's  first advent?

My beautiful, broken-one  deserves a chance--
may my whole world  be of that
which most,  brings her hope.

My beautiful,  sweet young:
so very, unfairly stung
by that which steals the mind away
into the shadows of insanity

in and through the injustice-sufferings--
gifted, from an unholy company
of a light-dimming,  buffering

  these dealers of this ****..

dispensers, all
of this death   of the spirit;
these  forever  unholy
robbers,  of the Glory

that was always

meant to be, our own.

the renewing of your beautiful
war-torn mind will come to you
in and through,  the healing light of perspective
Nylee Dec 2020
All I've ever looked for is glory
A beautiful future and majestic history
but there's real grace in anonymity.
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