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Their words, so old, in fables
   regaled upon a snowy summit.
   Alas, we did submit
   and believe in the rapture;
      a leap of glory!

   Soul to soul, heart to heart;
   apart, we'd been; as one,
      they see ...

Their hearts, so gold, on tables
   prevailed within a devils glee.
   Alas, we did foresee
   and believe in these heroes;
      a leap of faith!
She rises above with the sun
By the cross laid upon her breast
Where darkness did once reside
In shadowy webs of her soul
Petals now dance in heart
Playing warmly upon the beat
Wherein her spirit lies
Whole, in the prisms of light

Drops of rain that rain upon me leave prisms of light through the void of nothing that I feel while sleeping in the gentle nature of night I allude to others that I hold my own hue.  As I take back the sun and the dark beats to day and opens the glories that blush with the rays that reflect the smile of the newfound morn as she rises to kiss the sky.
Anna Sep 9
I wonder what goes through that soldier's mind
What do you think, soldier?
Fighting in a war that is not yours
With bombs louder than your heart beats
Tanks going straight to the enemy territory
Indeed, to your city, your soil.

City of lost souls
Blood on the streets, did you enjoy it, soldier?
Earth of no one, chaos in the air
That feeling of denial coming right from your eyes
Exactly what I needed to know.

They tell you it's fair
And that you should fear the inverse
Your enemies would beat everything
But aren't you your own enemy
In this endless war
I see the grief and sorrow in your gaze
Your captain only has vapor and determination_
To **** more, to decimate hordes
Hordes of rebels or not, as your family.

Captain, oh captain
He would do whatever it takes
Old and glory hound
He brought the misery to his own people
To have power in his hands before dead
Seeker of the disgrace he had in his eyes.

This war was fought in two teams
The ones who wanted to fight and who really had brain
The captain had both, as well as power and lack of mercy
Never saw such an evil man in earth
I wonder if his skin burns
Like evil incarnate.

Oh my kind soldier
I know you can't give up of the fight
But could you come back safe and uninjured
Come back home, to me and your family?
Anna Sep 8
Vast night above me
Dark and deep sky
The light of more than billion
Dead stars
Was just a normal night
I had you on my arms
Lord knows how I need it again
I miss the normal.

Now all I have
Is the light of more than billion
Alight candles
Dancing like ghosts in the light
They made on my walls
The wind could come in
Whispering like an ancient
Trying to blow my candle's light
It didn't matter
I would grab my old match
And light it again.

The love felt on me
Like a lullaby melody
And as the light of my billion and more candles
I couldn't stop dancing
I had it on my tongue
On my arms and foot
I had the la la la going down my hips
And the warm feeling just made me
Want to dance more.

And my lips could tell
What I feel in my soul
Neither you can deny
We had on us, the glory
Glory over the past
And as the time goes by
I see the glory burning in your eyes.

The sound of more than billion violins
And the whispery wind
I had on my ears
Smell of old ink
On a random jornal
It is what was bringing me back to the
Night's simplicity.
Evangeline Aug 31
It's the calm before the storm
(It hunts me)
I wait for the thunderclap
(It knows me)
Like water, rising like tides
(Above me)
Knowledge was all I craved
(And wisdom to hold me).

High, as a kite in the sky
(Or low, you tell me)
The thunderclap fades away
Pain are my bones and now
   they are breaking.

It's always been me against the world
(And the world against me)
On an equal playing feel
But never fair the game,
The world always had the advantage
(My bat kept breaking).

Accustomed to changes
(And the blows of destiny)
I've grown vigilant and weary,
(Bending, not breaking).

Burned but not buried my heart is
(Even when)
My body at the stake is burning
(A promise, neverending)
My spine holds stories and there aren't
  enough books to tell them.

Scars of place and time
(tenderest engravings)
And the sweetest of kisses
(An icy heart melting).

Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
(And Earth in Heaven)
Let the masses know my name
(Oh, let them!).

The thunderclap rolls again
Its strength is devastating
Fire and flood
And fire and ice
(Oh, the world is ending!)
But not me,
Not me,
(I'll be just fine)
I'll be resilient.
leo arden Aug 27
i do not care for grand glory, nor fame,

for inspiring just one, means all the same.
Tyro Aug 19
She was twinkling star
In my dark night sky
Adding glory to my darkness
Just by her single spark
Peter B Aug 14
Glory days are over
and there's no coming back.

The suitcases are ready,
the train's on its way,
I can hear its howl.

Goodbyeing this city
where we were born and raised.
Children waving at us,
but we aren't waving back.

Glory days are over.
So the poet was right -
life is but a drop
in the ocean of Time.

Glory days over
this supper will be last,
hearts are to be broken
future to become past.

I'm looking at you in the mirror,
but there's no one I can see.

It was nice
not knowing you, Misery.
I want to strive to be worthy of your grace. So that the day I see your face, my knees will hit the ground in praise, but my eyes don’t drop to the ground in disgrace.
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