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Saying Yes, I'm evil,
Is like saying
*****, conscience, *******
Cassie Jan 15
How can one person make you feel so many feelings?
Aren’t you supposed to just feel happiness and acceptance?
But we usually don’t get that.
It’s hard to find the one that we can deal with that with.
And I’m kind of hoping that you are the one I can deal with.
Acceptance that what Its all about the Inevitable no longer shying away from the realities of life no matter what Is thrown your way
Standing your ground facing what's become now so common depression that ever seems to go
It's coming terms with accepting you have a problem then you can make your stand face up to
It and survive depression learn to live with
Depression so common the only way to deal with It Is to
learn to live with It for It never goes away
Oooh! I love you
i know you love me
we deal to meet nearer

your home to go to marry
the winds blew and get waether stormy
we couldn't meet at any way

we deal on nother day
there was idle and revlot on that day
we couldn't meet again

the last deal was established
i found great party happened
the part was for her married

she said," i will marry my nearest neighbor
as no way to get my marriage be late more"
the deal time needs to be know the weathwer and ts conditions
aL Dec 2018
His life, already pawned
Got nowhere to go
Basically soulless ***
Dedicated his life
To be unthrilled
He is used
On being dead
a vagrant.
a person who devotes a great deal of time to a specified activity.
Karen Hamilton Nov 2018
I have the Devil deep inside me
And he’s playing a cruel game
It’s my life ‘Vs’ his life and he’s
Fuelled by all my pain. A deal
I made many moons ago, I shook
His hand and let him know that

Life wasn’t all that it should be
I wanted out, I wanted
Peace. He raised his head then snarled a grin
Opened his arms then pulled me
In, loaned his eyes so I could see the
Deep Red of Eternity

White dust he sprinkled, fires and sparks. My
Life seemed meek in dull contrast
“I’ll give you life in turn for yours, with
One small price to pay of course.
I’ll take away each bowt of pain, I’ll
Teach you how to smile each day

You’ll fool them all, you’ll have good fun, you’ll
Laugh and dance under the sun
As time goes by you’ll grasp the chance to
Reacquaint with confidence
Walk hand in hand with me, you’ll see how
Easy it be, to exist

Carefree” - I knew that life could be much
Worse than all he’d painted with
His words; I was already giving
Up you see. I gave my hand
Reluctantly. He grasped it hard then
Pulled me tight. He stared so deep
Within my eyes that, soon enough I’d

Lost all sight and Line-by-Line
I’d lost my touch, with Magic dust I’d
Found my crutch. The pain subsides,
My soul was priced up Gram-by-Gram, the
Whirlpools spun me round ‘n’ round
And the Devil Cloned me as I drowned

A mind once mine was now half-
Owned. Shame so vast I could barely breath,
False Pretences filled with Greed
These days I walk by in two-halves, each
Day I fight I can hear him
Laugh. “You silly Fool did I not say?

“Addiction is the Price you’ll
Pay?! For everyday you thought you’d Won.
The endless Masks which you’d piled
On, to hide the pain to cheat the game
Avoid life’s lessons you’d made
In vain; with me you chose to spend your

Days. I have your hand. You gave
Your blood, blind-sighted tears because
You ******-up. Indulged in Drugs
You masked your pain and now I hear MY
Name in Vain as you Beg and
Pray for me to end the game. Such a

Naieve young fool you were back
Then to think that ‘I’ would be ‘your’ friend
Now day-by-day you’ll hear me
Laugh as you try to loosen up my
Grasp. With new eyes on the prize are you
Surprised, that you see me ROAR?!”

Don’t Fall down now as you run;
The Devils deal you should not have done!

© 8 hours ago, Karen L Hamilton
L Oct 2018
Im losing track of time again.

Lost in words, lost in my own head.

Theres so much to see, so much to do.

So little time.

And it slips from my grasp like how sand slips through the fingers of a clenched fist.

Theres no fighting the flow.
    So why try.
Dont bother. Youre gunna end up getting swept away anyways. Deal.

"*******, its dark outside."
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
There are always those *******
Who're dumb enough
To openly belittle
Anything good
And the nature of humans
Is that they'll feel inclined to agree
However absurd it sounds

Some will reach that point
Where sparks fly to
Rise in defense

Those ******* will always be there
To see how well you deal with it
Tell them they're right in the most SASSIEST way and remember, sassy can be Dumbledore-quiet.
Blade Maiden Sep 2018

You say
"that's dark, babe"
But I don't think it's dark enough
Only in the night my dreams take shape
waking up these days is getting tough

I'm conflicted
my life's been restricted
Dreams seem true
and life is twisted

And all my thoughts
are growing along rose arbours
pretty to look at and impaled by thorns
each of them dying the death of martyrs

Can you see now?
There's a terrible sadness
a kind of sorrow
Turning sanity into madness

Reality check is for the sane
Imagined a world more real
Thought it's all in vain
I spoke to the devil and made a deal

Soon all I'll do is sleep
dreaming of my life to be
still better than to weep
for what isn't meant for me
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
Diplomacy is the best policy.
Ever since the dawn of man we have waged wars to believe in a fallacy.
The future is sacred.
With diplomacy on each side we feel no longer *****.
Sit down discuss our thoughts.
Look we are heading towards the future, look what I brought.
Make trade talks with each other.
Please be my friend, be my brother.
Because without diplomacy the world will come to an end.
No more of us having a future, fun, or friend.
By backing each other into a corner what will we have?
Something that just rips me apart, makes me feel so bad.
No more people in love.
Just driving a stake through our hearts, no freedom like a dove.
History is bound to become true over and over again.
Without diplomacy how will we ever find ourselves again?
Please if you would spread the news.
If you do not believe; please take some time to look at today’s news.
With fair talk people seem to react.
No more of us fighting *** for tat.
Diplomacy gives nobody a raw deal.
People do not walk away empty handed for real.
Just give it a chance time and time again.
Write down your thoughts and express them as well as you can.
So practice like we all want to be.
A world where we can all sit at peace, and peaceful dreams become reality.
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