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Broken Pieces Jan 11
I didn't it until it was too late,
Who knew that this would be my fate.
Looking in those eyes I can't turn away,
Seeing that smile and I want to stay.

You are so beautiful in every single way,
You make me smile and brighten up my day,
You see me and make me feel special,
Who knew you were my deal with the devil
Shevaun Stonem Aug 2021
What is the deal with boundaries
When it comes to the things we love,
Why is it inexhaustible and all-consuming-
how do we make it stop?
Do you have trouble setting boundaries with those you love because you are scared of upsetting them?
Ken Pepiton Aug 2020
Today, what good can I do in the realm of all thinking beings?

I think
A little, like an experiment in thought,

Imagining, i.e.,
Id  estimated in time, Ai ai ai

If then
As a power, a strength, maybe
Joy is a virtue, like
A good super

The Joy of YHWHHWHY is my
Strength to enjoy,
But secretly
You envy, because you know

Normal people cannot live into their eighth decade
Happily, so
You think I am lying to you and I musta made a deal,
So happy am I

To tell you no lie. That was the deal.
Simon Jul 2020
I'm sold on a once thoughtful deal I never even made!
Only until I have my wallet in my very jeans back pocket am I willing to be sold towards selling myself clean!
I never been sold to a deal I could both never know about and never have not known about...
Unless I'm more then meets the eye...already!
PS... I know what's really going on....
JB May 2020
I’m going out.
It’s not too late.
Brianna’s house.
You know that’s safe.

Hey, I’m sorry I smell like cigarettes. I’m sorry my eyes are red. I know it’s later than we said and now you want me right now dead!

Hey, I’m sorry I went out. I wasn’t in my bed. You woke up in the middle of the night and thought that I was dead!!
Marri Apr 2020
For today, and one day only, limited edition!
I still love you.
And the crowd goes wild. (I’ve learned to tune out the boo’s too.)
But you heard it here first, for one day, and one day only.
I still love you.

My heart decided to come alive at the thought of you,
It got up and stretched, and let me tell you,
My heart has some serious arthritis.
It aches over you.

My butterflies came out of their cocoon at the thought of you,
They spread their wings, one by one, gaining momentum.
They’re bouncing off the walls in here!

My mind is quite cross with himself,
I flood the systems with memories of you,
Daydreams of you, and only thoughts of you.
My brain just might OD over the thought of you.
(But if that happens I know a guy that can help.)

Don’t even get me started on me.
That’s the crazy part.
I don’t think of you, I’m over you, I’m not in love with you anymore.
I thought I’d be fine.

But for one day!
And one day only!
Limited edition!
Half off!
Buy one, get two!
I still love you.
stargazer Nov 2019
the problem is
i care
too much
not caring
Niki Jan 2020
You turned and looked at me
Eyes full of tears
By the time the clock was ringing
I was trembling in fear
Fear, not of the unknown
I remembered really well
The deal, in which they'd come
To drag me down to hell
Hell hounds were unleashed
Lashing out at me
Ripping off my skin
Until I couldn't breathe
You held me in your arms
Refusing to let go
Kept calling out my name
Hoping I'll respond
Inspired by TV series, Supernatural
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2020
we both know
this will eventually show
our true feeling
amidst upbringing
you are up there
i am down here
we have a deal
but i think it is not real
hope i can forget
i don't need to get
your approval
this is for my own survival
it sounds so trivial
but it is just an interval
of events
of moments
not meant to happen
not destined to deepen
you are a fool
not to prove
that your love
is bulletproof

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