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Anna Himes Jan 13
How blessed we must be to bathe in your presence
Most definitely, it was our very first preference
We just love to hear of your mean-spirited opinions
Oh, how great it is to be your minions
just kinda ****** with someone right now ha
Chris Jan 12
Sweet is the song in my heart,
That sings with angelic voices of
your beauty that makes my nights bright
That makes the sun rise in the morning


I got high and thought my heart was singing,
I had *** dreams that you were in so naturally when
I woke up with morningwood, I helped myself to your picture
and wanked myeslf all morning.
The Mellon Jan 2
This land is your land,
This land is my land.

This land is our land,
But Not a black land,

Not from sea to shining sea.

Attention Mexicans everywhere!

This land is not your land,
This land is our land,
Home of the free!
(Some requirements apply)

God bless America,
Where at least I know I'm free,
Home of the ignorant,
Yet land of the free,
(Skin color based exceptions)

Happy Happy new Year!
New year to You and Me!

Happy Happy new year,
Except for your country,
(Build the wall!)

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel,
I made it out of clay,
If the makers Muslim,
Please don't explode I pray.

America the beautiful,
As hypocritical dumpster fires tend to be.
This is a sarcastic poem depicting the worse of America. I do not believe these racist sexist etc. comments.
Euphie Dec 2018
Let's **** Caesar and call it a day.
Brutus is laughing and Mark Antony is crying.

Calpurnia cries and Portia rejoices.
The people sing and some weep.

Wow, what a great day it is to be a Roman.
one of the most sarcastic poems I ever wrote. Still makes me laugh.
OpenWorldView Dec 2018
An alternate universe
I created in my mind
to see reality in reverse.

Where ****** tyranny
is just a laughing matter
and serious chatter
only carefree pink irony.

Oh, what would I do
without this corrosive
intoxicating glue.
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Oh royalty that you are
Let me bow down before the
I doth not deserve to be in thy presence

You have made it be known
From all that you've shown
That you are a mighty one
While  i am not but dumb

Oh my king let me apologize
For i have disgraced you
My sight has tarnished your eyes

I am so low
It must show
When others see you
I must look as a ***** shoe

Thy queen is smart and wealthy
I am but a weakminded ignorant imbecile
I'm astonished I even knew of such big words

You couldn't be more right
Everything you say is so bright
Thanks for showing me
How truly pathetic i must be
A lot of people patronize me and I'm sick of it
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
Fine with how you rolled the dice,
Mr. Gambler---
For I, unknowingly
have stopped gambling around with your game.

One day,
you'll sigh of my name
and I won't even bother
recalling your shady game.
Mr. Gambler is such a bothersome. Feeling called upon?
hannah Nov 2018
You don't need
Black jeans and band tees
To be ripped apart on the inside

I'm sorry sweetheart
But this is going to hurt
I love romanticizing mental disorders.
Darina Forgacova Oct 2018
So lonely that you can hear my brain thinking
about why all happened to me.
So lonely that I hear the situation tick tock
maybe music will help cover this.
Never better.
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