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One rule for you, another for me
That's how it is going to be.
Born to rule,
Know who's who,
Born to rule, not to obey -
Breaking my own rules is okay.
Austerity in any shape or form,
For common folks is the perfect norm.
I do not need to mind my 'p's and 'q's;
I need a laugh while collecting my dues.
I am above, you are below;
Stop moaning, your position know.
Rules of for the likes of you, not me;
Stop complaining! At least you live in a 'free' country.
I can get away with ******, you can't get away with theft;
The law will take from you when you have nothing left.
If you are poor, you will be poorer still
When top cats move in for the ****.
Money makes the world go round -
Work and no play when I wear the crown.
to be your
all webs
and legs
and tasty things
in the parlor
and then when
the eggs
hatch away
it's curtains for
you and me
Carlo C Gomez May 20
The eyeshadows
Of her favorite color palette
Were every bit as neoteric
As they were triturated
--broken to pieces
Inside a mailer
Without bubble wrap
Based on a true story.

BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, neoteric.
Carlo C Gomez May 19
The big man upstairs
Once and for all
Disabused me of the notion
That he was in fact
God himself

And just my landlord
Living on the top floor
Yelling at me
Through the wall
That my rent is overdue
BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, disabuse.
Carlo C Gomez May 18
And stems

Long stems
Leading to painted toes
Pointing at trouble

A whole hour
In a cold shower
And she still has all the power
Carlo C Gomez May 17
Are the pedals on a piano
There because it once was a vehicle?

Are there long lines tonight
At the nudie fish market?

Is that a ****** dressed as your wife
On the Lord's day?

Is your depression building its own
Glorified bomb shelter?

Do you pray for what wilts
As equally as for what blossoms?

Did someone ***
In your sandbox again?

Was it you?
Carlo C Gomez May 12
She shot me
With a pricing gun

But no one
Would buy a word I said

She then felt sorry
And put me on discount

Now I get plenty of attention
Yet never felt so cheap
You and I,
we floated upon
clouds of cotton candy,
felt the warmth
of the butterscotch sun,
and with eyes tightly closed,
we kissed each other
like wishful stars of sugar.

It's a crying shame
our parachutes failed to open...
Serene May 2
Haven’t you heard?
Crying is a woman thing!
What? You thought your tear ducts had a purpose?
Sorry, but your body has done you a disservice
You won’t be needing them
These pesky emotions need to go!
Feelings? Pff, what are those?
To cry means you’re feminine, a weakling, a *****
Something manly men are not
You see, I thought there was strength in vulnerability
I guess that I was wrong
I thought crying was for everyone
A healthy thing, stress relief, a way to breathe
According to society, crying just isn’t manly
But crying is a human thing
No it just can’t be
If you want to be a “real man”
Swallow down those feelings!
Indifference is key
The only emotion you can feel is angry
Talking about your feelings?
No you must talk through your fists
Fists fights are manly
Though no one ever really wins
God forbid if you ever let someone else in
They might see that you are just human
They might trick you into believing you have been lied to all your life
That crying is okay, beautiful,  full of might
And guess what, that is absolutely right!
The one who  told you to “man up” when all you did was feel
Well I guess sometimes we use the same hand we’re dealt to deal
But if you don’t let things hurt, how can they ever fully heal?
Let it all out, I promise you’ll feel better
It’s okay if there are storms you simply cannot weather
You are no less of a man for shedding a few tears
You deserve to feel, it’s okay to not be okay, I hope I made that clear
This is meant to be read in a sarcastic tone until the last eight lines
Carlo C Gomez Apr 29
I tried taking a trip
down memory lane
but it was closed
to thru traffic

So I called the department
of transportation
and they told me
it was all in my head
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