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Mrs Timetable Mar 20
Wooden, splinter


Stupid box
My brother in laws contribution to poetry...
I'll tell him keep trying
Carlo C Gomez Jan 29
Long live the king!
That is until—zooks!—a correspondence
from one indiscreet mistress
falls into the wrong hands
and passes before
the queen's eyes
it then becomes time
for a little Shakespearean tragedy

Carlo C Gomez Jan 19
Light the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories
Of the way they were

Scattered pictures
Of the ***** we left behind
More bounce to the ounce
In the way they were

If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we?
Could we?
God-given vs. Store bought?
I'll take the Lord's work
Every time

Carlo C Gomez Dec 2021
A diamond is forever.
Don't leave home without it.

The complete man
Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

Snap, crackle, pop.
Pleasure you want. Protection you trust.

As fresh as an autumn breeze.
Maybe she's born with it.

Think different.
Make. Believe.
Have a happy period.

Carlo C Gomez Nov 2021
Nothing to see here,
turn the volume down.

Commercials are a gravel pit,
these channels, toy guns

--they shoot muddy water
in your eye.

I'd rather a quiet night
cleaning the ducts
of my conscience.

The night is hopelessly
concerned for the ozone.

My fluffless pillows are clouds
in a pay-per-view sky,

Too wound up in its
binge watching of *** in Egypt
to care about the sun's wrath.

Look! My hot next door neighbor
is exercising in the **** again,
with the curtains wide open.

I'll watch her instead...
SCHEDAR Nov 2021
shallow soul
like linen
into my
empty pockets

I can always
count on
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
How odd running into you, in Miami like this.
Should we exchange info, or steal that last kiss?
Your left bumper should be fine.
Not so sure about mine.
It may heal with time.
Boy, you look nice and smooth.
I play along too, like I'm cool as you.
Yep, nothing to see here.
Just a couple ex-lovers, squabbling over your rear.
But yeah, I do my own thing.
I write and brew coffee.
My lifelong dream!
God no. Not in Miami.
Ant Oct 2021
Take a trip into my heart,
What might you see?

Idk probably some blood,
Maybe some veins.

Potentially even homemade stitches
From all the tears in my heart.

If you’re lucky,
You might even hold it.

But beware,
The barbed wire may be sharp.

Why is it there?
You ask.

Let me tell you.

Some of us need protection,
But it usually just hurts me too.
Julia Celine Sep 2021
You made me swallow down these words
Only for them to come back up when spurred
At the tip of my tongue, my thoughts
Shout out angrily to be heard

You think it all as meaningless
When you wash away my sound
Now you're gurgling your excuses
And maybe I'll let you drown

I smile through your babbling
And grant you my silence as you prompt me
I know what you want to hear but oops,
I guess I choked again
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