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df Feb 20
i sip away my tears
that have landed
in my watered down
the strength it once held
no longer holds me
written by d.f.
@daymarepoetry on instagram
rebellious dark clouds,
took the full moon their captive;
rains freed her quick!
Athena Feb 6
I'm convinced that this is purgatory
and we are all captive
inside of ourselves
Adrian Mo Jan 21
To wander beyond the clouds is a product of human intelligence.
Physically bound to the sources of earth.
Through the thick stardust, resisting the enticing black holes, the mind can leave and return as it pleases.
We are victims of captivity,  at the hands of gravity, and the knowing there of.
Latifah Jan 14
where do you escape,
when you're trapped,
when you're held captive,
by your own thoughts,
where do you hide,
when you're exposed,
and all your feelings,
are on the floor,
where do you run,
when you're chased,
by your worst nightmares.
Latifah Nov 2018
It’s one of those nights
When my mind is jumbling thoughts
I cannot shut my eyes
I cannot hold my thoughts captive
For i am their prisoner.
Alysia Marie Aug 2018
You’ve left me there,
In the dark-
With all of the demons of my past.
They’ve held me captive in those shadows,
And they continued to-
While you waltzed into the light.

                           Alysia Marie 2018 ©
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