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Amanda 4h
In my bed counting
Lost hours wasted with you
No sheep and no sleep
I think I spelled that right
a devilish friend who laughs with me in the early morning hours,
reminding me of things I have yet to do.
Ask her my name and she will sing a song of a decades march
Ask her my story and a third person will emerge from the outside
Another me, ask it if it can find its way home
I'm tired, I have so much to do
Self hatred can only erupt,
There is another me that loves myself.

It asks to be my only friend.
It responds only to bitter tongue;
Just like it was taught.

Ask me if I'm tired and I will always respond yes,
it's only conditional
Ask me if I'm sick and I'll tell you how much I think
analogies about shoving pens in my eye sockets

I am a self-hating narcissist.
I believe I need no help, yet find obscure ways to punish myself when I can't do it alone

And the other me knows I'm a liar, and it fucking loves it.
It loves the drama, it lives off of it
Let's it define a meaning
Without it I am nothing.

I am so tired of feeling emotions that hinge on the fact that I spend most of my time numb.
I’m tired




I’m tired of over thinking

I’m tired

I’m tired of it all

I’m tired of her

I’m tired of him

I’m tired of this feeling

Deep inside my chest

That makes me want to rip everything out

Tear me to shreads

But I can’t do that

I can’t have another 11 a.m. kitchen sink surgery

I’m tired of crying

Tired of feeling guilty

Tired of feeling unloved

Tired of forcing myself to eat

Tired of shaking

Tired of feeling empty

Tired of being numb

I’m tired.

I’m tired of always sleeping

I’m tired of forcing myself to do things

I’m tired of wanting to be liked

I’m tired of hating my body

I’m tired

I’m tired
Grace 1d
What does it even mean?
Is it exploding on social media over that viral video showing a racist incident?
Is it challenging the status quo in your everyday life?
Or is it being oversensitive and angry all the time?

It's more than all of that.

It's constantly seeing racism, patriarchy and capitalists flourish,
while you can hardly keep you and yours nourished.
It's constantly wanting to speak out but realising you're just a number
whose voice won't disrupt the masses' slumber.

I'm tired of woke.

I want to think a lot less,
Be more reckless,
And learn to be happy with a lot less.
Wouldn't it be lovely
To lose yourself
Wouldn't it be lovely
If the world turned dark.
Wouldn't it be lovely
If all felt void
Wouldn't it be lovely
If I breathed no more.

Too tired to argue
With thoughts that float closeby
Too tired.

And if I don't fit your standards
Then, you have to paint
A standard on me?
The world is your canvas
And so you smile at what you
Want to see?
I love you guys
That's as clear as can be
Love us in your standard
And in the moonlight
Let the glowing soul leave.
You've made your shells,
Why do you need their cores?
Acting like they're free...

Am I an anomaly?
Too tired to tell.
I don't want to take the time
To explain who I am.
Not every single time.
Easier to say goodbye but
I'm flying high
Too fast for me to.
Too tired.
Just let me be me.
Random yet connected thoughts
And yet it feels like I'm all out of luck-

How long can writer's block go on
Before the mask of apathy my words wear
Becomes a part of their flesh
And leaves me stranded, unexpressed, bitter,
ab 4d
the hollow of night is fuller than i remember.

your careening towards space
glowing like lighting bugs

if there was a name for stars' tears
it'd be yours, pirouetting on
the tongues of clouds

and folded into the seams
of your jeans (the ones that hug
you like an apathetic lover)

i almost lost the steady pulse
of moonlight you whispered
about into the carpet

i love that damn carpet.

luckily i regained her rhythm!

you and your rhythm - you know
her more closely than my breath
knows the caress of hollow

i am
not part of it, you know,
i don't feel it anymore

no matter what you say.
~no thanks
And it sang..
Many waters can't quench the fire of love..
They said it to my ears..
I heard it clearly..
Love is like a bunch of broom which can never be broken..

I questioned them,  because I can cut a bunch of broom with a cutlass..
They laughed and replied..
"The bunch of broom that represent love is stronger that Goliath's spear"

I heard Goliath"s spear is 100kg when placed on a scale!
I heard Goliath's spear is Heavier than leviathan's muscles..

If love is heaver than it..
How come we put each other away?
How come we live almost all out lives together and when we are suppose to look back in retrospect...
We file for the papers!

How come a six letter word is heaver than Goliath's spear!

I've seen something more powerful than love!
It is divorce!

She has made us strangers
Turned us to liars..
Make us hate the love we once Had..
She has ripped us apart..
She is a robber!

She has made us see nothing but imperfections between us..

If many waters cannot quench the fire of love..
How come the smoke from divorce is stronger than the tides of the sea... ?

Rebecca nneka
How come the little smoke from divorce is stronger than the bands we wear?
peyt 5d
my heart is wheeping
because i dont ever want to see you
for fear that i might fall for you
your gentle words and gentle soul
are making my heart torn between you and him
i dont want to leave him
but seeing your face makes my heart fall into my stomach
and my knees buckle in longingness
i need him
i want you
i dont want to choose between the two
but i will never shake my loyalty
and i will never be labeled as a traitor
my heart is tired of this
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