Stay out of my business.
I'm tired of
your constant

All I'm asking for from you is silence.
I've been having this dream
These visions of lovers in each others arms
One always looking down lovingly on the other

Wrapped up in a world known only to them
To escape the old days which are fading away
Looking outwardly in

Some of which, are located at the place where old memories begin
But only one side can see
The exact detail of such fond memories

For to sleep in the arms of another companion
Is to forget that they
May have been wide awake

And to hold with these
Be it both sets of arms
Two lovers it takes from each in part
If the memories are meant to last - they will - and if not - they fade and pass over the hill - of time
Sand 19h
You used to sing me to sleep
No more.
You used to listen to me sleep
And I listened to you
No more
I watched you blush
No more
I saw you laugh
No more
I love you still and
Forever more
Sand 21h
What was my misstep?
Where did I go wrong?
I played this game perfectly
Obeyed all the rules
Yet I am suffering so much
Why me?
Sand 21h
You shall bleed!

No Milord, please

You shall harm yourself!

No Milord, please

You shall love the one who does not reciprocate!

No!!! I beg you Milord, no! Don't do this to me!

You shall suffer!
You shall suffer!
You shall suffer!
Till death comes for you!

Y-yes Milord
Nena 23h
She said she was okay,
And you believed her?
Let me tell you what's wrong with her.
She's tired.
That's exactly what she is, tired.
She's tired of getting hurt.
She's tired of being let down.
She's tired of the lies.
She's tired of caring too much.
She's tired of holding it in.
She's tired of feeling broken, damaged, worthless, never good enough pain.
She's tired of being judged.
She's tired of all her flaws and insecurities.
She's tired of trying.
She's tired of getting her hopes up.
She's tired of being treated like shit.
She's tired of putting a mask on.
She's tired. Want to know how I know all this?
Because she's me and I'm really tired
Clyde 2d
Dawn, disappointingly,
shines through my window
sheets are cold, but
my bed is warm
those are the only sensations
I fell, if only for an instant,
just enough to realise I'm still here
but not long enough to appreciate my life
then, they come
in force, one after the other
a non-stop battery
of cures
illogical and supportive thoughts
permanently fixed in their unsuportiveness
always negative, relentless
to the point of numbing
the bliss of feeling nothing
overwhelmed by the information given
to tired to process it all

Getting out from under there is hard
the monuments challenge that I,
after years of training, still find hard
and so, out I go
slowly, dragging
like a phone on constant low battery
my legs dance beneath me for balance
my mind in a haze
then, I face
someone I know
from my past or present
and I, out of fear, disappointment,
and cause that's all I've know
engage my auto-pilot
and just like that, it works
because it's believable
because it's as face value
because in our hectic life where we're raised to consider ourselves
and put ourselves at the highest of peaks
because every sacrifice has a price
because no one wants to cut deep enough
because everyone's scared to make the first step
because add the end of the day
people only really care about themselves
taking the quickest route
of minimalist of effort,
but the highest of gain
cause it's easy, it's safer
because being comfortable is so safe
cause that way, you save yourself
and not get contaminated
though misery loves company
it's the poet's muse after all
yet lending an ear
it the equivalent of a fart:
a warning is given, but
no one wants to stay around to smell it

So now, when night comes again,
after a day of fakenes
of routine, drilling though
just another day
where nothing changes and everything remains the same
I'm exhausted, drained
too much to process
too dishearted by these thoughts
to move, to feel, or love
with so much going on
that my mind jams
my back stiffens, shoulders tense
the cold sheets becomes welcoming suffering
unchanging, present, stable
the only consistency I've known
for so many years

And as I close my eyes,
they play their evil tune
all over again a-new
and I pray for them to go away
I shout, I scream, I cry, I beg
I fight with everything I have
but with reserves depleted,
it's not enough.

So I drift into a comfortable numbness
waiting, hoping, praying
that tomorrow
never comes.
I'm tired,
Half hour nap
lasts half a day.
now i'm more tired.
the mind that never sleeps

i hope there is a better remedy
better than those times i close my eyes and run away from the reality i am heading

i hope there is a better remedy
better than those moments we realize we aren't sane and know exactly what is the right way to go

yet my mind does not sleep
yet even if i close my eyes my minds can not stop revolving

lucky is the soul that able to sleep longer than what they actually need
lucky is the soul that prefers reality than to sleep

yet what about
the mind that never sleeps
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