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The way she faked
love on those gentle
autumn nights
in the country
was one of those little
miracles that made the
trees cry, and the
flowers weep.

Sleep brought dreams
of an actor on an
empty stage...
A big crowd that wanted
They followed the actor
He felt like he always
had to be on.
He didn't like that,
so he moved to
Idaho, where he fished
for trout, and real
John David Washington Ave.

It tastes like violet.
Renaissance and headed towards.
The Maxine.
Mountain only spitting globes.
Of parted jacket.
Leaving electric glass behind.
Though it's eyes.
No weaving of inner fuchsia.
Collected, only slept in yesterday's clothes.

Garrett Johnson.
Redone up for the sleep hours.
I love seeing happy.
The way eyes light up with joy and smiles spread.
The feeling of weightlessness and comfortable warmth.
I just wish I could see it on me.
I vie to feel that feeling once again.
karly codr Jun 5
im stuck
i dont where im going
but even worse
i dont know how to
find who i am
I like to-
Poison my tea
To remember to breath
Shallow as the sun
Setting under the sea

I like to-
Put my hand to the fire
Just to beg for the cold
If I ever grow tired
I'll still be a fool

I like to-
Step barefoot through glass
Just to feel the blood flow
If it heals for a while
I'll make trails in the snow

I like to-
Cut deep,
Dig for the bone
If I find it and pull
Will I feel alone

I like to-
Drag it out,
Suffer real sweet
Its a sickness inside
And it runs so deep

I like to-
Hold my breath,
A belt on my throat
I tied it so tight
So i left you this note
Kyle May 29
I'm broken inside,
I tried to fix it, I really tried;
But it was so fragile,
That even when I tried to fix it,
It would only get worse.
My body was tired.
My mind was in chaos.
My heart was broken.
And my soul was shattered.
toleomato May 24
Everyday, I am tired,
Oh so tired
I might fall asleep at work
And get myself fired~
I choose detachment;
Excitement brings more distress,
It never brings peace.
Excitement is agitation and agitation leads to desperation which leads to bad outcomes.
Excitement is born from expectations and expectations assure disappointment.
Cole Aug 2019
Tears in my eyes,
Will you please dry?
"Never cry"
Never cry

Bloodshot eyes,
Will you please close?
"Never sleep"
Never sleep

Hanging rope,
Will you take my life?
"Please die"
Please die

Holding hands,
Will you release?
"Never let go"
Never let go

Running mind,
Will you please slow?
"Never calm"
Never calm

Loud noises,
Please shut down.
"Never quiet"
Never quiet

Wiping my eyes,
Please don't look.
"Never weep"
Never weep

Asking why,
Pleading to leave.
"Never run"
Never run

Trying to sleep,
Making me cry.
"Never dream"
Never dream

Holding my breathe,
Faking a smile.
"Never speak"
Never speak

Changing my mind,
And my heart.
"Never lie"
Never lie

Crying inside,
Please don't die.
"Never mine"
Never mine

Make a sound,
Don't turn around.
"Never scream"
Never scream

Begging on knees,
Yelling at me.
"Never move"
Never move

Confused inside,
Wanting to cry.
"Never show"
Never show

Making me cry,
Hands in the air.
"Never yell"
Never yell

Lump in my throat,
Telling me "no".
"Never talk"
Never talk

Closing my eyes,
Shutting my mind.
I want to die
I want to die

Broken inside,
Wondering why,
"Never ask"
Never ask

Running time,
Never slow.
"Never rhyme"
Never rhyme

Breathing slow,
Closing my eyes.
"Time to die"
Time to die

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