So want to be in love?
You wanna know how it feels
To feel another’s figure
Heart, and soul?
Then ask yourself this:
Would you be willing
To engulf yourself in passionate flames?

That is love.

Burns will coil around your figure like vines,
Beautiful tattoos of pain will
Glisten brightly through your eyes
As you pretend to the world that you’re okay.

That is love.

Would you be willing
To accept your fate in life
As you’re throw into an ocean of desolation
By the one who tore out your heart
And smile as you sink deeper down?

That is love.

So you want to be in love?
If you would be willing
To tear apart your mind
Heart, and soul:
Then you’re just as insane as me.

It's Thursday
If it were Wednesday
It would be the same
again, you are not here
     I think to call someone else
and have regrettable sex
and forget you for a night
but I don't
I'm tired of it
I'll be alone
I think I'll sit by myself
    and talk to the gods
they don't exist
but they are nearer than you

I know its not as easy as I imagine it
I know it takes so much time
I know sometimes it can make your heartbeat stops
I know sometimes it can make you hard to breathe
I know you can't take it anymore
I know you want to get over it but you can't
I know you always find ways
I know you tired
but hey, I know you tried


Porto 2d

Like a tap, cold and misshapen
You can twist me and watch words come out
Mixed in with the tears, fluoride confessions,
Equally dangerous in quantity
As bitter I'm pushed
To tell you I never wished to speak
To tell you I'm alone
That I long lost what you were
In cramped days

I feel sick
Not learning, not learning
And dashing my mind against you
Tearing myself up
And pouring out like
Feral confessions

Turn me off, stop me speaking
For only your eyes
Have the strength to twist me up inside
And pour me out
Like a tap


There are circles around my eyes that I trace
in dark streets, trying to find
my way home. A mind of clogged dust
settles on my shoulders, stagnant
and old. My hands are blue and heavy, slow
with ice. Hair hangs, sodden,
thick with burden.
My skin is rotting.
The sun winds around my body,
spinning me, dizzying me,
making me lose my way
as compass needles
stitch their tracks into the earth,
lines of misguidance
taking me absolutely

~~ May melancholy. ~~
splvrry 5d

Between the lines,
I am more than just a human.
Look within the cracks,
and you will see a beating heart;
with blood pumping through my veins.

Between the lines,
I am more than just a girl.
Look within my eyes,
and you will find a map;
leading you to a mind filled with racing thoughts.

Between the lines,
I am more than just me.
Look through my soul.
Can you?

Abby 6d

he told the boy
that he loved him

and the boy smiled
and sadly shook his head
and with an
"i'm sorry"
the boy wiped his
hopes away

but he persisted
and followed the boy
in most everything he did

he burnt rosemary
as an offering
and decorated the candles
with candied ginger
and cloves

it wasn't until
they found him
alone on his couch

that anyone knew
what had happened
or that anything seemed amiss

he loved the boy
too hard

and when the boy
didn't love him back

he was too
to cry

so he became
a bottle of coke
and the more he was shaken
the faster he went

~think before you open

Tonight I couldn't sleep,
just like I couldn't sleep the last 5 nights in a row.
Despite physically exhausting myself during the day,
and brief calls of slumber come midnight,
I never quite succumb.

But that is beside the point.

Tonight I couldn't sleep,
so I made myself some tea
chamomile and spearmint
(ironically I hate spearmint, but in this particular tea it is good)
hot water, and honey.

And I was reminded of my grandmother's rose tea,
the kind she bought in big boxes when I was little,
with ceramic animal figurines inside
and how I wished so dearly for the dog or the cat
only ever getting a pony and a sleek grey goldfish

I wonder what happened to those little dolls
or those big boxes of rose tea
have they passed with age,
or remained strong, like I, lying in wait

Tea // Thursday, May 18th, 2017 // 1:41 am // f.r.h.
Jennifer West May 17

Go ahead and rip me,
Into tiny pieces,
What does it matter to you?

Go ahead and crush my love,
Shatter my tired heart,
Why should you care?

Go ahead and darken my soul,
Leave me in bits,
For I am nothing to you.

Me Díaz May 17

I'm not well, I haven't been sleeping
And I'm so tired
Completely spent

My head is so full
and I can't seem to be able to empty it

My writer's block is back
That old fucking, incompetent lover
I can't completely rid myself of
That fucks me over and over again
And never satiates me
Never seems to know how to make me climax
Yet it's the one
that spends the most time In my bed
Limbs entangled
Stunting every thought
Asphyxiating inspiration
And everything I write is shit

I can't put my emotions down on paper
So now my heart is also too damn full
And I can feel it expanding In my chest cavity
And it's so goddamn painfully
There's just not enough room

I can feel the ticking
bouncing around my insides
I can feel it ticking
I can hear the ticking
I can Feel it ticking

M•(e). Díaz

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