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With woe, rest – heed, then bow
        Heed, then bow
Tomorrow will chance a lesser woe
        What blessings go find
A better sleep than a thousand so
        Snores of slumber began rest
In idolatry, restore the body raw
        Till lessened troubles,
        till rested woe.
She looks at me
With those tired eyes
Heavy with the day
And the lashes hang like clouds
In the skies of grey
If only she knew
How beautiful she really was
But I'd never tell her
No I'll never tell her
I never did tell her.
Abby 1d
The first time i met you i told you "Everyone is the same"
"Everyone leave"
You seems a little angry, you told me your not like everyone else, i stayed and conutine wandering around ur arms, you really prove my words wrong.

I've never cry infront of anyone but

I've never see someone did so much for someone

never ever see someone being upset because of me.

But time pass by, its getting colder and colder

I guess you had enough of me
And you left like how everyone did

I really trusted you, i thought you would stay forever, i guess I was too relax, i put all my trust on you and get hurt so badly.
Abby 1d
Holding her like how you used to hold me, gently grabbing her face like what you did to me.

Saw you bandage her finger, the painful flash back to the first time you put on a little plaster on my ankle.

I still starred all the messages you promised me but does it mean nothing now?

I stayed but i kept quiet because you seems to be dislike me

my tired eyes
are shaking for you every 3am.
Im still waiting even though you asked me not to.
Quiet breathing overshadowed by a pounding heart
leaves my ears deafened and I slowly fall apart

Weakened with extra haste to die and find peace
clay ankles weren't meant to hold a heart of stone

A heart selfless at one time but given too freely
to the wolves that desire only the flesh

Now I sit with loneliness and reminisce
about the lovers that were eventually a lie

Now I sit with loneliness and confess
there is no more heart for me to give
Izzy 1d
Tired appears to be the default.
I'm sad but tired.
I'm mad but tired.
Even when people are happy they still appear to be tired...

Is our mere state of existing so exhausting?
hollow summer tomb, could be worse
Waiting in your dark, this single world
Keeps wasting away, I keep taking notes
on truth that I find, in stories you tell

Everything I fear, I see in you
A poor disguise of choice, over wicked truth
You're here for a while, I hope for the worst
For all the other times, you still get through

Cryptic walking
In the daylight
A feeling familiar
Lost as it is
Right now
for now

Something brushes
past my shoulder
Seething restless but
We're not scared
For now

Circled round the moon, now sentient
Curses lived in full, souls born to rend
My best attempt, braced for the worst
I know we'll find our ourselves. Again

Lost inside the aftermath
To mediate our disarray
Starting down another path
Of cold decay

bought ourselves a little more
Could've done with clarity
Sunlight outside the tomb
For the time remains

But what I fear I see in you
This unnerving wicked truth
Why you're wrong I'll never say
I hope for the worst
Sonya 2d
You're playing that song again
With the guitar and the breaking voice
You're sleeping until ten
Your tired wavering choice

You did your best for me
Gave me some place safe to play
I wish you couldn't see
Why I want to stay

Sixteen is six from ten
The number to rejoice
The rips along the hem
Your crying creaky voice
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