Anomaly 12h

I go to sleep tired
and wake up exhausted.
But I still carry on each day as normal
and pretend that I'm okay,
so you don't have to feel this way.

- Keeping to myself to protect all else

Sam 13h

If tiredness was next to godliness, I'm sure I'd be omnipotent.

Sand 17h

I lie awake
awaiting sleep
I lie in wait
For a moment's peace

But this restless energy will not leave me be
No wide yawns or heavy lids will come to set me free

"Sleep, sleep"
I whisper, in tune to my heart beat
"Drink me"
The coffee at my bedside tempts me

I close my eyes and start to count sheep
"Sleep, sleep" I whisper softly

"Fuck it" I eventually groan
reaching for my coffee

Drank too much coffee. Cannot sleep
Myrrdin 18h

I have to eat
The doctor told me
In this sterile room
In a sterile building
With bright lights
Machine noises
Nurse's whisper
I can't leave
Or so I'm told
I have to eat
Security brings things
A tightly wrapped
Crumbly muffin
Cold water
Cold coffee
I'm tired
I have to eat
So I can't leave
So I'm counting
Ceiling tiles
And hoping they
End odd
When they don't
I cry
I recount
1, 2, 3, 4
I have to eat
5, 6, 7, 8
I can't eat
So I can't leave.

Nylee 1d

Too late to backout
Shouldn't have fought
            that hard before.

Just now unease
as we breathe
            how to be out of here.

Realising hard facts
through broken shards
             nothing works to aspire.

Now things end
from every turns
             and stacks like pyre.

Dozy, tired before it started
escape, no stop, relinquish
             things go along with air.

karen 4d

Bullets fall from my mouth.
I bleed anger
And then embarrassment
I am resentful.

I resent the way you do not understand me
I resent the way you do not seem to try.
You don't understand the way that your words slice under my skin and nick my heart
I am tired

I am tired that you invalidate all the miles I've walked with bloody blisters in my pretty work shoes.
And I am tired of the way that
Bullets bleed from my mouth

i really feel ignored and under-appreciated and i have a problem with lashing out

water rustles
in the dawn
birds awaken
their morning songs
Earth is tired,
like all mankind
stretching through the mold
that holds us tight

sunbeams ripple
across the clouds
sowing a tapestry
of light and sound
blue and gold
like lovers' hands
hidden by night

I may have your heart, but it wasn't given.
I loved from the start, knowing it was forbidden.
Your words were empty, just like your soul;
I showered you with love but it fell through a hole.
Through one ear and out the other,
When I try to make a move you always falter.
What do I need to do for you to look at me?
what do I need to say for you to listen to me?
Every step I take forward, you always take a step back.
I'm slowly getting tired, for I don't know what I lack.
Despite the fatigue, I still weep gently at night behind closed doors;
It is not a guarantee, but I hope that one day I would be called yours.

Katie 7d

The emptiness surrounds me.
I feel myself fading in the background.
Don't give up.
SCREAM...if you have to!
Where's your animal instinct to survive?
It's so quiet,
I just want to play dead.
Isn't that how animals survive attacks?
I don't want to get eaten alive.
But I'm tired of running.
I wish I had a dark cave to hide in.
I'm getting attacked all the time.
I'm tired.
I can't be brave all the time.
I want to rest.
My heart feels heavy.
Somebody please step in and shield me.
I need a break.
Can I pretend this is all a bad dream.
I'll close my eyes and when I wake;
I hope this nightmare is over.

There's no silver linings
No light at the end of the road
And I've been searching
...all on my own

The trees are losing thier leaves
Much like I am losing my hair
And the grass is growing it's weeds
And I'm seeing things that aren't there

Its these chemicals balanaced in my mind
That prompts me to find
Such sad little beings
Who love and live
As thoughts in my mind

I'm seeing faces in the shadows
Love in darkness
And happiness with the smoke in my lungs

And I'm done

So done with this constant ache
This soreness in my head
This brutal awakening
That I am dead

Not physically so because I still breathe
But inside of me, I bleed

I look in the mirror
And hate what I see
"Well change yourself!"
But that isn't me

And now I'm slumped on the couch
Listening to slow songs
Watching the room spin
Out of control

Wishing these thoughts weren't there

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