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We used to be like the opposite poles of a magnet

The more you were reaching out to me the more I pulled you in

When our like-poles faced each other we provoked repulsion

The more you were reaching out to me the more I pushed you away



You raised me from my birth,
Even from when I was a toddler
You promised "by you till death"
Before I even know you're a mother.

My teen years are all before you,
You nurtured me well to be strong
To stand for the right cause, any who
Needs your courage and fight along.

But, the story has changed so great,
You stabbed and pulled triggers on me
So also as the love I have turned to hate,
I deserve better O mother, even me.

Heroes of yesterday are on your street
Clothed with the blood of your brutality
You deserve better and not this hit,
When will you wake to this reality?
Traveler Oct 16
Cutting through the thickets
Where no path was ever laid
I struggle to fine my footing
The sky has now turn grey

Jagged rocks guide my steps
Through thistles andΒ thorny ******
A familiar force within me dives
Struggling to stay alive

I wrestle with the landscape
Until I reach the clearing
There the maple spread its branches
Falling leaves to soften the ground
And so I sleep another
Thousand years...
Traveler Tim

I actually take my dogs out for a walk through landscape just like this out back of my home.
Tony Tweedy Sep 23
I have called out often to you
and I have craved your intervention.
Never really sure if you exist at all,
I still sought for your attention.

I searched the faiths a many
and I have tried to understand.
What it was that I must do
to reach out to your open hand.

My faith has wavered greatly
as my time has ambled on.
Yet often did I pray to you,
though at times my faith had gone.

So many times did I reach for you
from the depths of my despair.
Hoping for some magic sign
that you were standing there.

I have looked upon the world and universe,
To see its beauty and its terrors too.
In some unseen and mystifying way,
these things all cry out a testament of you.

I have come to think that we,
are not at the centre of your plan.
Your universe so vast in purpose,
for the tininess of a single man.

Endless chaos and reconstruction,
on a scale that a lifetime can't comprehend.
Recycling endless matter,
on a path seemingly without an end.

Yet you gave me mind and time,
to see this snapshot of the plan.
Giving cause for hope that you can hear,
the prayers of this small man.
Twice in my life I was surprised to find a prayer seemingly answered. Too immediate to write off as coincidence.... though when faith is thin it is easier to believe in coincidence. Unanswered prayers also give rise to doubts. Oddly... even when faith is weakest and doubts are highest... I find I am more likely to seek intervention. Just saying....
Safana Sep 16
The growth of the
tree, stems and
leaves grew up
together, they
breath and dwell
together, between
space and earth
they sing and danced
together, in the night
they fall asleep
together, in the
morning they awake
together, taking
lunch and dinner
together, they
glueing always
together, the
onset, is an old
ages, forces of
cohesion weakened
and the leaves
jaundiced, the stems
just dried up
ibkreator Sep 15
Go direct to the feeling you want
and you wont get lost in the thoughts you're not feeling
on the way
I hope you never make a promise
Before you realize what the cost is
And you learn how to make amends

I hope for her sake that you're honest
When you've lost it
And you never try to force a feeling

I hope I never minimize
The dreams I've always had inside
Just to make a man feel taller

I'm thankful and I sympathize
The years I had you by my side
You never tried to make me feel smaller

And still, our distance just grew farther
And still, loving you grew harder
Hammad Aug 22
The sun rises and sets
with no delay
and never gets tired,
slows down,
takes a break,
Or stands still...

when the stars, and the moon
or dip on the horizon
so those who are gone
can find their way

The rivers and the oceans
never go dry...
there's a strange force
that drives
the tides and storms
Heaps of wonders and secrets
nestled within
thier depths
for those who seek the pearls...

Dear humans!
Have you pondered yet?
how beautifully
the hummingbirds
can fly forward,
and upside down...

There's a perfect rhythm
in everything -Β Β that exists

so when they say
it all started
with a chaos...
I always wondered
How could
a mere disorder
give birth
to the perfect order that we see?
Due to force of gravity;
An apple fall down from tree;
And Newton's gave law of gravity.
In Today's time,
I feel situation like same.
Due to force of attraction;
Boy's falling behind girls;
And we gave the law of attraction.

This poem is for enjoyment...
I really felt like the situation so i write in like such manner
Thanks for reading.
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