Reality takes courage. It's always fierce, wild, moody and unexpected. If you are strong enough to read reality,  I welcome you to this post.

Inside her mother's womb,  with delicate soul and everything new.
She was ready to arrive, ready to live her life.

She saw these two guards who never left her apart.
With big eyes, smooth hair she would look at her mother and thanked for the beauty she inherited.
With tall height, easy laugh she would look at her dad and thanked for the aura he showered.

She walked free on the streets, with her favourite clothes, strapless, backless and thanked for the freedom she possessed.
She layed on the seamless grass, with her favourite shorts, waxed legs and thanked for the furry land.

Time passed, she grew up.
Her brain, her deeds, her breast, her booty.

She started pouring out her own blood for which she was considered impure, untouchable seven days every month.

She started wearing long tops, to hide her junk cause though natural they gifted her everything unwanted.
First love, then force. Forced touch.

She started using filters.
The foundations, the concealars, the apps cause though she was beautiful, she couldn't trust her own blush, her own lash.

She curled her hair, forsaking her natural layer cause though she loved her mother's gift.
He actually never cared.

She named her inheritance,  her body, her heart all as his cause though she loved the little talks, warm cuddles, he loved inserting himself, hearing her moans and ignoring her inside kid.

She started thinking what's wrong, what's right.
She may run back to her guards but she couldn't cause though she craved for her past life everything was the same held tight by a pair of manly hands, holding her breast, holding her booty forcing deep touch but calling it love.

You'll never find her cause though she exists she doesn't speaks.
But you may help her cause though you don't know her, wildfire her message.

Be your girls man, become her Gentleman.

This piece of writing is completely raw and late night thing.
However, I must say it's true.

Your feedbacks are honoured and appreciated :)

I thought of doing something,
That SEEMED appropriate,
I did something INAPPROPRIATE.
When I did something inappropriate,
That what I had THOUGHT to be "appropriate"
So, was What I actually DID
Inappropriate after all?

Once you force someone to do something.
They lose all inspiration to do it


When the night was finally over
When the dark had finally gone
When blood turned to water
And when lust was replaced by love

That's when the sun rose
And light was shining over all
When water refreshed our souls
And love was the force behind it all

This was the shortest time ever
As brief as a lightning's strike
As long as a bee's life
But as good as a happy ending after a ride of long downs.

This was when I had it all
And all meant I had you
When you and I were against the world
And not the world breaking our bond.

This is what I am longing for: the repetition of it all
My heart cries please come back
So that night can finally be over
And the sun can rise again
So that water refreshes our soul, instead of our souls drawning in blood
So that lust can be replaced by love
And love be the force behind it all.

One of my own favorites. Written in 2016
S O P H I E Jul 16

don't look forward
don't look behind
don't dwell on things
and don't be blind
stop to think
but don't get stuck in your mind
use necessary force
but don't become unrefined
find a route
but make sure you are not confined
know your limits
so you don't find yourself disinclined
don't blame yourself
especially if you find yourself inevitably intertwined
and most of all
find time to unwind

just a couple tips for life (-:

A gorgeous formula for force is:
F=dp/dt or F=d(m.v)/dt
By employing mass into velocity.
This formula uses the momentum
To elucidate the force involved
And to deduce the frontage
Of any effect developed

My HP Poem #1625
©Atul Kaushal
madysen Jul 3

force me
that feeling fluttering in my stomach
my heart twists and pounds
instructions guiding my movements
my eyes burning as I follow your demands
what am I worth?
I want to know how bad I was
teach me how to be good
promise your words will sting

alan Jun 16

It's only a matter of time
when I'll force myself to rhyme.

losing myself
losing myself

It's like I force myself to write
before I lose sight,
no helping me now
unless I can find out how.

ha ha
Michael Hill Jun 10

Calling life
To pull me out
Gutter trash
I have been drowned

Difficulties are my pain
Sucking force from with in
Pulling strings forcing me
keeping still downing gin

I don't know why or how
no one sees whats this is all about
Struggling sealed off
Out of time everything and god has shut me out

took me a half hour of thinking to come up with this

But what if I love
the reflection of
my own soul
its vibrancy
its complicated depth
the ever evolving ways
it expands underneath the radar
of human awareness
How it makes everything
unusually special
Thru these eyes
thru these soul lens
everything is metallic
like a mirror
that loves the reflection
of me

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