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So easy lost yourself.
So hard to find.
When you in stream of minds. When you're part of wave.
It's easy be someone than be yourself.
It's easy be someone for others eyes.
But inside this streaming you're not the one.
In streaming just a shadows.
You'll find the force to get out.
This metal rod is inside.
You know who you are.
This grain inside of you.
The force inside.
And you'll find yourself again.
You know where's a light.
You know where is exit.
You've been here already a million times.
Star BG Sep 26
Today, I summon life force energies,
to do my biding.
To vibrate within it’s light.
To expand chambers of heart
as breath tickles consciousness.

Today, I summon life force energies,
to manifest divinely.
To dance as if in flight.
To celebrate moment.
that is ever evolving inside life

Life, where gifts align for peace,
abundance, joy and harmony.

Care to do the same?
The stage is set
all one needs is focus.
to ride waves of life force
Inspired by Ester hicks.
Whether it is a castle or a button, if you are using it as your object of attention, it is summoning Life Force. It is the feel of the Life Force that life is about. The reason that you are summoning it is inconsequential.
Excerpted from Phoenix, AZ on 4/4/98
Paul Butters Sep 16
The sun shines into my lounge:
Golden reflection
Making me feel good.
I glimpse blue skies
Through front and back

There is something beyond all this.
Something going on.
I sense an atmosphere,
Smell the aroma of
A universal force:
An energy

An all pervading mist
That permeates my life:
A haunting sense
Of spirit.
Something beyond.

We are but tiny chicks,
Covered and warmed
By mother’s wings
Soothed by ethereal music
And songs from heavenly choirs.
Whispers winnowed through those windows
While a hazy sun shines through.

For now I bask
Under the glow
Of that warming orb.
High thin swirling clouds
Tempering the heat.
All is peaceful
And serene today
As life’s long mystery
Drifts on.

Paul Butters

© PB 16\9\2019.
Carmen Jane Sep 5
Deep in the soul, you hid a tulip bulb,
In hopes of fiery petals in spring
Hurriedly,  you swallowed it with a gulp
You forgot you have limbs
You swallowed your tongue
And hoped to stay young

You stepped barefoot in the soft moss,
That tickled the sole of your thoughts,
You swore you could never use force,
Wished for the sun ceased the moon taunts
You wished to bite your tongue,
And hoped to stay young

Washing your eyes with the morning dew
You hope to see better days through
Counting your good deeds, are few
It's time for new goals to pursue
These words taste sweet on your tongue,
You're hoping forever to stay young...
Jaxey Sep 4
Plucking the sun from the sky
Is not a sunset

Pulling a leaf from a tree
Is not autumn

Pushing me off a cliff
Doesn't mean I'm falling for you

And kissing me
Doesn't mean I love you
You can't force it
LC Aug 20
the glass dome felt safe
the outside world
couldn't get in.
she could see
that outside world.
she never wanted it
until she noticed
the first crack in the dome.
she sat and watched.
after seeing more cracks,
she touched the dome.
the touches increased in force
until everyone heard
her sharp elbows
pounding on the glass.
she grew stronger
until, finally,
she broke the dome.
she's free now.
this is what I'm trying to do now - become my own person without other people's opinions forming a seemingly impenetrable glass dome around me.
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
When I try to control
people and things
with power
and forceful measures
I experience frustration, sorrow and suffering.

When I accept
the situations Destiny has brought me,
and strive to discover opportunities
to be joyful and happy
within these situations,
and strive to discover opportunities
to improve these situations
to increase my joy and happiness,
then I experience joy and happiness.
I try to defy my mental block,
I scrape my head,
becoming harsher on myself
as I force emotions to be penned
into words.
But all what comes is
incoherent, inadequate,
dots and strokes.

The words are fleeting,
they've lost their meaning.
Out of synch,
out of thought,
out of ink.

Writer's block,
is where I sink.
Meghan Jul 22
Music requires conflict

Without the friction between a bow and strings,
A violin would simply be an ornament
An empty wooden box full of untapped potential
Surrounded by dust and dead air

Like electricity jolting through a motionless heart
Without the collision of mallets or sticks with the smooth skin of a drum,
There would be no resulting thunderclap
No rhythmic pulse
No heartbeat
No life
There would just be the steady tone of a flatline
The deafening ring of absence

Without the force of fingers on keys
No sound could be unlocked by a piano
The black and white shards of a scale would not dance up and down in delight
Like a happy puppet connected by strings to the master of its voice

Though appealing,
Passive peace alone will not result
In the ripple of sound waves that travels across an ocean of air
To reach our ears and our hearts
That moves us and molds us
Into more than we once were

The laws of physics
Say that sound can’t come from silence
Not without a catalyst
An equivalent input
Kinetic energy for sound energy
An alchemy of the soul

Music is the echo of our emotion
Our motivation
Without it there is only emptiness
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