I'm a force of nature.
I will rip you open and tear away your soul.
Why should I be the only one that isn't whole.
Is it that I want you or is it the fact I don't know how to love you at all.
In return I myself do not know how to love, and then there was you.
You kept me wild but just enough and took all the pieces from my broken heart.
You showed me how love should have been from the start.
Svode Feb 10
A poet,
hopeful; on course.
Writing not for interest,
but due to force.

A writer,
worried somewhere near.
Writing not for interest,
but due to fear.
Samvel Jan 25
The memories have power,
         In them I see the light,
         It takes me to the tower
         Of self-esteem and fight.

         And it goes on forever,
         And I don't think it stops,
         It makes my guts rebellious,
         It drizzles heavy drops.

         It's sister, beautiful time,
         Is trickier and stronger,
         Ridiculously fast sometimes,
         But happy days feel longer.

         Together, they are fearless,
         The game they play is tough,
         The memories are timeless,
          And time is all I have.

          There isn't really much to say
          On things that I have mentioned.
          I'm gonna go enjoy today
          The moments I'll remember.
Svode Jan 7
A force desired by many, acquired by some.
A drug so powerful it makes a mind numb.
A lack of it makes a man sore,
A myriad of it makes a man seek more.
strong>The lights were dim,
and the noise was loud,
crowds of people all around.
I lost my way in the throng,
bourne along on the beat of the night.
Cigarettes needed, I left the bar
suddenly there you are.
You tried to chat I wanted none of that
just my smokes and a familiar face,
I tried with grace to let you know
move on, just go.
Just then I I knew my mistake,
you grabbed my arm and hissed in my face
“My name is John”
I tried to smile use some guile,
but you were hell bent, and all that I did seemed to provoke.
I choked the fear down, when I realised we were alone,
how did you get me here?
Wedged between the wall and the cigarette machine.
Croaks were all that I could summon as you undid my buttons,
frozen in fear, switched off from here.
Fight or flight?
Neither just fright.
I remember your smell, your touch, your words
I wanted to scream GO TO HELL but nothing came out.
The kisses were the worst,
no matter how hard I tried to move my head away
your lips, your tongue found their target.
Bruising me, pushing me, grabbing me, groping me
As you pinned my hands behind my back, I gave up,
Just like that.
02:20 GMT
Svode Nov 2017
Eggs on bread, eggs on rye.
Eggs in the sky, by and by.
My love for eggs will never die
since eggs will never tell a lie.

Eggs on toast, on a roast.
Eggs are always valued the most.
My love for eggs is something I'll boast,
from east to west, and coast to coast.

Eggs are hard, they never crack.
Unless hit with the force of a resounding smack.
I will be there to protect, and to hold back.
And for the egg's safety I will attack.

Eggs with butter, eggs with beans.
What do you think this all means?
You are an egg; a fine cuisine.
And my love for you will forever be serene.
Joe Beau Nov 2017
You can force it
If you try
Grasp your wit
And learn to fly
written in 20 seconds (I forced it, just to prove to my little bro that I can).
Nylee Oct 2017
listening to the winds
that are separating their ways,
just ahead of me

dividing over
with less force and velocity,
try to go wider

their touch lost midway
they blend be part air,
and sounds go dispersing

nothingness greets
as voices had no words,
no existence now.
Anomaly Oct 2017
I now know why you left me.
You like to be in control,
But you realised
My flames could not be tamed.
I was a fiery soul,
A force to be reckoned with
And you couldn’t handle me.
Can’t you just accept me, for me?
G Rog Rogers Oct 2017
Waking up hostile
keeps my mind
reasonable clear
A reason for existence
When there is nothing left
of all that I once held dear

Righteous indignation
constant as a plague
Brutal vicious sense
of vengeance that
is overwhelming
over me

Arising to do battle
Awakening in force
Confronting all that tells me
to forget it and just go on

I do walk on
Mile after mile
Listening to the thoughts
coursing through my mind

Surely I know
I am then
tasked and able
to recover what
then was mine
And once again
will be my own

Surely I walk on.


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