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My Dear Poet Jan 2022
I can break in and find another place
among company where you feel free
yet strangers become foe or friend
or an unwelcome guest with a key
I can manipulate my way into a heart
or force the love of someone else
but I don’t think I’d feel I ever belong
If I cannot first live with myself
Robert Ronnow Dec 2021
I’ve written enough small poetry
to start a nuclear war.
Do you want to die in traffic
behind the wheel of your car? Or in yr rodeer camp next fall.

Control eludes us. The hero
loses urinary control, the unified nation
loses missile control, lost my timepiece, lost my metronome,
now my music is ethereal as an archangel’s.

No owl hoots or duck quacks
or squirrels *******
or spiders spanning rampikes.
The floccinaucinihilipilification of nature.

No greater tragedy than a tipping
point that tests the hero’s gullibility, complicity,
self-control, comity, sense of humor
which is the only remedy not to hate those in authority.

Them guys with guns at the Michigan state house,
fat bearded tattooed ******* white bros.
Norsemen, Crusaders, Vikings, Britons.
For despair there is no forgiveness. Peace out.

Humor is the only remedy, or is ardor the best way forward.
We’ll see how things work out in the next generation.
The same diverse, spoiled, unpatriotic revolutionaries as at the nation’s
trying to reverse the future, making phone calls to get out the vote in
      Georgia, hating the desert for having no water.

Nuclear mischief, mad Man’s most incandescent bloom
and the devil who exists to carry the load
when we misbehave and fight among ourselves.
I wake up to my skin boiling off my bones.

Events keep piling up,
the future depends on ourselves.
Conflict is inevitable and in this conflict power must be challenged by
so err on the side of patience, perseverance and impermanence.
Ylzm Aug 2021
The greater the revelation the deeper the mystery
The closer to the light the dimmer and further it is
But compelled and captive, propelled not by will
Accelerating into the void, a star amongst many
Each and all inexorably to be our very own Destiny
Svetoslav Apr 2021
sunburnt black branches
shake calmly in the night's breeze
connecting earth's force
Hera Apr 2021
Come to me,
I promise you
to only feel
Where do I find someone exactly like in my poem? :')
Spriha Kant Mar 2021
Sometimes , I am unable to resist an unknown force which pushes me to go beyond my limits and makes me a deaf for listening to all the **** that others say and think about me.
Falling as the stars fall,
Tethered to you.
We felt the forces of gravity and friction all too soon.
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