Joe Beau Nov 8

You can force it
If you try
Grasp your wit
And learn to fly

written in 20 seconds (I forced it, just to prove to my little bro that I can).
Nylee Oct 31

listening to the winds
that are separating their ways,
just ahead of me

dividing over
with less force and velocity,
try to go wider

their touch lost midway
they blend be part air,
and sounds go dispersing

nothingness greets
as voices had no words,
no existence now.

Anomaly Oct 27

I now know why you left me.
You like to be in control,
But you realised
My flames could not be tamed.
I was a fiery soul,
A force to be reckoned with
And you couldn’t handle me.

Can’t you just accept me, for me?

Waking up hostile
keeps my mind
reasonable clear
A reason for existence
When there is nothing left
of all that I once held dear

Righteous indignation
constant as a plague
Brutal vicious sense
of vengeance that
is overwhelming
over me

Arising to do battle
Awakening in force
Confronting all that tells me
to forget it and just go on

I do walk on
Mile after mile
Listening to the thoughts
coursing through my mind

Surely I know
I am then
tasked and able
to recover what
then was mine
And once again
will be my own

Surely I walk on.



Ww Sep 30

was the swaying of my heart
a pendulum
you owning every part
a simple kiss
spurring me into bliss
to take every risks
for my love for you is
ad infinitum.

On impact, he screams his empty, chilling
scream and cries as his gritty exterior
is washed away by the icy shoreline.
The water seeps in through the cracks
in his skin and burns as it touches
the many fires of hell which dance
so brightly behind the vivid
brown of his eyes. Skin so rich
it's like a painting, the deepest
greens and most intense blues
embedded within his surface. He
is molten with beauty and fear, his hands
laced with the pain of generations.
He was a man of lava and he thawed the lady
of ice, but he is being turned to stone
by the monster she became.

~~ Tsunami, 3/4 ~~

I thought of doing something,
That SEEMED appropriate,
I did something INAPPROPRIATE.
When I did something inappropriate,
That what I had THOUGHT to be "appropriate"
So, was What I actually DID
Inappropriate after all?

I Barker Sep 15

Once you force someone to do something.
They lose all inspiration to do it


When the night was finally over
When the dark had finally gone
When blood turned to water
And when lust was replaced by love

That's when the sun rose
And light was shining over all
When water refreshed our souls
And love was the force behind it all

This was the shortest time ever
As brief as a lightning's strike
As long as a bee's life
But as good as a happy ending after a ride of long downs.

This was when I had it all
And all meant I had you
When you and I were against the world
And not the world breaking our bond.

This is what I am longing for: the repetition of it all
My heart cries please come back
So that night can finally be over
And the sun can rise again
So that water refreshes our soul, instead of our souls drawning in blood
So that lust can be replaced by love
And love be the force behind it all.

One of my own favorites. Written in 2016
S O P H I E Jul 16

don't look forward
don't look behind
don't dwell on things
and don't be blind
stop to think
but don't get stuck in your mind
use necessary force
but don't become unrefined
find a route
but make sure you are not confined
know your limits
so you don't find yourself disinclined
don't blame yourself
especially if you find yourself inevitably intertwined
and most of all
find time to unwind

just a couple tips for life (-:
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