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Sometimes, before the morrow comes,
I see blackness move on the mountain tops.
I see shadow ropes hanging
On the windows of my house,
And their dark blue lines move slowly,
Like the hands of a clock.
I hear owls singing blues and rock,
Leaves falling on the ground,
And other things I hear in the moonstruck.

Sometimes, before the morrow comes,
My feet, they tempt me out.
My soul begs me to shout,
Howl like a wolf,
Wait for others to howl back,
Howl all together at the same time.
Run, frenetically, till out of breath,
Rest on a tree,
And feel the silence
Breaking into us,
Beating in our veins,
As adrenaline fades away.

I want to go out
And see for myself
The world beyond my house.
A quiet question...
To a dependency's need
Simple advantage; sincerity's blessing
Has a liberty in notion, for a world's steed?

A race to heaven; common love
Sorrow and persuasion, to king's found
The dote of mercy, a clash of us...
With quarter, a lover imparts a rise of allow

No hatred, for a common fate?
So sweet, the kindred of youth's vice
Strength, do we complete a fulfilled sate?
Such in love, such in might; only mercy has life

The sigh of conscience...
Sad beginnings of loves lot, wealth?
Has it's own, for a shadow's prescience
Serious as this seems, do children bespeak health?

The soul of unique harmony
So made, a promise of a loving vision
Set to rights, for a quieter answer, in all intimacy...
A challenging stir of when a voices care, is your wishes...
Just to show up on a marveling today, forever may...?
Join the peaceful revolution
Bitcoin shows the higher way
To a more efficient solution
For our money has gone astray

Yes, come join the revolution
As we forge our path in peace
With a confident resolution
That our savings will increase

Join the peaceful revolution
Feel the changes in your soul
As you make a contribution
To making our money whole

Join the Bitcoin revolution
Freely bring along your friends
Help increase the distribution
As this better money ascends
You can see this poem on a background here -
Material lips; sewing on a seamless smile;
A shrouded piece of wool- for one wearing
The jersey of youth, as time slowly pulls at the thread
While I lock away my shadow of the writhing darkness,
Trailing behind me in the day; as I once tried speaking
To my void, but the emptiness obeyed not a single word

A tap tap at my window- the eyes to a soul, painted wholly
In the colours of divorce; as the separation of dreams
From one’s imagination. All, all was so dark; slandered
By such a terrorizing world- until I opened to let him in;
As a child with a curious thought, soon questioning, and
To study- for my lips to utter:

I cannot live out this life,
Without letting You, O Lord in.
snipes Jul 6
Don’t do this,
Don’t do that.
Don’t do this,
Don’t do that.
Questioning everything ever spoke.
Word of God?
Written by man.
Word of law?
Written by money.
Word Wide Web?
Written by mimics.
Sent from the heavens.
Sentenced to the depths of hell.
Don’t do this,
Don’t do that.
Don’t do this,
Don’t do that.
illist **** ever,
is my ****** vision.
Instinct infact infected
by infinity.
4 inns whipped is a dream of false livin’.
4 scores a symphony,
livid through me.
Peace prosperity,
is an achievement
of dust settlin’.
Sediment seeded seasoned veterans.
I breathe,
I speak,
in granite,
assumed ******.
Instead eyes locked in sight.
Sobriety isn’t suppressed.
I don’t need to confess,
but when I lay my soul to stress,
the expound will be found in heavens bound.
It’s easy to connect the dots,
but it’s difficult to figure the picture out.
Don’t do this,
Don’t do that.
Don’t do this,
Don’t do that.
and I’m still dancing like its a victory every time I step foot *****, respect.
What’s more important to you?
Peace or Free Will?
Jeremy Betts Jun 28
Life's biggest illusion is the freedom we're shown
Cause there's only so far you are able to roam
It never occurred to me that it was strange to be in this place alone
At first,
While trying to escape I wore my finger tips to the bone
But now,
I've got it so bad that I call this catacomb home
No land line phone,
No WiFi hotspot zone
Cut off from the outside inside this prison of skull and bone

Bitcoin is my lifeboat
In the midst of raging waves
Specifically designed
As a tool that builds and saves

Bitcoin is my harbor
For the value that I earn
Secure and well protected
Once I take the time to learn

Bitcoin is my lighthouse
Marking where the dangers lie
And showing me the benefits
Of a firm and fixed supply

Bitcoin is my anchor
Giving focus to my days
Improving daily habits
In so many helpful ways

Bitcoin is my haven
As I rest in nightly sleep
And plan for many years
With the funds I safely keep
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Berry Blue Jun 25
Dizziness sets the spirit free
Among the carousels is the desire to choose
Through the whirl of dreaming and shifting hues
A path that’s toned, a heart that's blue.
I hold on through shades of truth.
Choose a USER centric money
Bitcoin is the best around
It’s the money built for YOU
And the best that’s to be found

For YOU, as it’s permissionless
Your use can’t be denied
Unlike a nation’s fiat
Which can limit and divide

For YOU, as it’s immutable
Transactions can’t be changed
Gives confidence and clarity
As they can’t be rearranged

For YOU, because it’s finite
And the value won’t debase
Since Bitcoin keeps its value
It’s USER centric on its face

For YOU, as it’s decentralized
You can send it peer to peer
This was Satoshi’s vision
So no one can interfere

Choose a USER centric money
For the advantages to YOU
Designed to help your lifestyle
And the dreams that you pursue
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Users of some exchanges based in the United Kingdom need to pass a quiz (to show understanding of the risks) before they can buy Bitcoin.

Perhaps people should also pass a quiz before using fiat money, just so they also understand the risks. Here is a United Stated based quiz.

75% score required, 15 out of 20 questions.

What is the Cantillon Effect?
Describe seigniorage?
Who benefits most from seigniorage?
How much value has the dollar lost since 1913?
What is the #1 cause of inflation?
What is “fiat” money?
What does fiat mean in Latin?
Who prints money in the United States?
What is Quantitative Easing (QE)?
What is a Central Bank?
When was the US Central Bank created?
What happens to the value of fiat over time?
Describe the Bretton Woods agreement?
Why does the US borrow money it can print?
What monetary event happened in 1971?
Why was it made illegal to hold gold in 1933?
What is fractional reserve banking?
Why do governments prefer fiat money?
Who benefits from “setting” interest rates?
What is the M1 money supply?
You can see this poem on a background here -
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