Pantoum I - Non-Rhyming

I took my diamond to the pawn shop
but that didn't make it junk@
though I didn't get much money for it
just enough to buy a meal

what makes something junk
when you come right down to it
if it buys you a meal
and can satisfy a need

when you come right down to it
what value can we give
to satisfy a need
when we swallow down our pride

what value is there really
in any things we have
if they swallow up our pride
like useless diamonds pawned
Pantoum II - Rhyming

I took my diamond to the pawn shop
but that didn't make it junk@
didn't get much for it
value, it seems, had shrunk

pawning doesn't make it junk
if it satisfies a need
even with its value shrunk
pawned diamonds make you free
@ "took my diamond to the pawn shop, that don't make it junk" line from Leonard Cohen song.

These are harder than it sounded! Just randomly chose a Leonard Cohen line I like as a start. I called these "playing with"...but I need to *work* on some if I want to get better at this form!
Aa Harvey 11h
United States of Aa.

United States of apathy,
United States of anger;
United States of a bastard,
I am the United States of Me.

United States of love,
United States of trust.
United States of dreams,
But I am never free.

United States of disharmony,
United States of tears;
United States of sorrow,
I have become united with my grief.

For attraction leads to speaking
And speaking can lead to a kiss.
A kiss leads us to touch each other
And to touch can lead to sex.

Sex can lead to love
And love can lead to a need for each other,
That is incomparable,
To anything you’ve ever felt before.
For each time you fall in love,
It takes over you like the most addictive drug.

It’s somehow better than the last time,
At least that’s what you think.
But sooner or later you’ll realize,
The pain you felt the last time has reared its ugly head.

United States I wish to heal,
But only I can heal me.
United States of empathy,
I am the United States of Me.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I close my eyes
And let my lungs heave in the toxicity
I shut them tight
As my thoughts take flight
And I push away reality

‘Cus I know there’s a place with no binding ties
Where I don’t have to bend the knee
There’s a space, with open plains and clear blue skies
Where I get to run wild and free

I close my eyes
And feel a burning urge
From myself to purge
All those “how do you dos” and “no thank yous”  
All those petty pleasantries which are meant to woo

‘Cus I know somewhere there’s an endless horizon of possibilities
And it’s devoid of archaic norms meant to rein me in
I know there’s a little spot above the urban din
Where I get to stomp away on all those bogus formalities

Yet society’s stirrups
Ever close by
Dig hungrily into my ribs
Walk on, walk on
They silently compel
As I step in a direction
I know all too well

Any capricious conduct
And swiftly the saddle masters’ whip gives a nip
To prompt adherence to custom
For my current behaviour is in bad form

In the end what to choose and pick?
Will it be the carrot or the stick?
Out of need, Its name is bought
Its existence, wanted and sought
But It was never found, never trodden
In silent bliss, It remained hidden

Lies multiplied amidst the unknown
Laughter filled the City you couldn't own
Because the City will never be yours
Its fate was sealed out of your course.

To reveal the City was to win your game
But it's not for you to decide Its fame
Because I am the City close to you,
The City you never knew.
Mari 2d
Freedom came wolf whistling down the street as our pride
                                        left the building.

We checked right to
                                      left eye contact with the culprit.

       The market
   as we spun it

speaking holy words:

      is my body
                       ­           whole,
I know a group of wolves is called a pack but that is not the point.
I'm PRO-GOD His truths are written in my heart!
So why do you tear my every word apart? Hmmm... so I'm-Semitism, I'm anti-God, I'm anti-American and anti-peace?
Do tell me then, who is pro western media, pro-mass destruction, and Pro-Zionist in the 5th columns in the USA, today? How do those last 3 spell  peace in anyway?

I have been accused of falling for everything because I do not stand for something; as the sayin goes... I ask my accusers to play that in reverse. Maybe those that claim stand for something are falling for Satan's curse.
l opened up my Facebook today and here's what the message had to "Sorry but, FBI, has been removed from your approved words that you can search." I think I can finish the word of what I was looking for, "FBI," wasn't even anything close to what I was looking for.
So you take my freedom to express what I stand for? #TruestorybymeaboutwhathappenedtomeyesterdayonApril8th201
True story.
It is strange to move unburdened.
Feet so light that
with each step they shoot high up to the sky,
Threatening to kick the teeth out,
or rip my thighs' tendons,
Restraint so foreign to them.

Quite curious my hands feel
released from the duty of holding me together.
Consumed by bittersweet emptiness
As they confusedly try to grasp
something, anything to hold onto or
at least the meaning of what "freedom" actually is.

So please be patient
as I stumble around in this awkward body.
You see, the me this free wasn't here for growing up
So I'm just beginning learning how to
align feeling with being
All Right
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