Lord of the road
In praise of the un-homed
Last true free soul
Lead us

Operose footsteps in deed
Divorcing the trappings of society
Insecurity, but a passing phase
In transit to independence

Security, the sirens promise
Ties us with pecuniary ropes
Surely loosing all worldly ties
The only path to Avalon

Yet lure of a roof in the rain
A hearth to the winters chill
Leave my spirit so tightly bound
My soul alas circumscribed

Stare from my window in longing
At the rootless Bindelstiff
Wind born pilgrim of adventure
Untethered iconoclast

My heart in appetency
My feet so yearn
But my spirit withered
I remain rooted

With downcast heart
I can only dream
And intrust my desires
To this piece of paper

Oh wing-ed words
Take flight

What is tired I don't know but I can feel it in my eyes, my brain.
A dream is suppose to make us float in the clouds, but how when they are all nightmares that lead into my daily seems?
What does it feel like to be rejuvenated and bright like the sun, except I have had to much sun or was it the rainy impact that I'm used to?
I say it's OCD, but is it really?
I say it's my anxiety and deny that it's probably depression, but is it really?
This house is filled with spirits, but I promise it's not schizophrenia.
My mind is a rollercoaster travelling at the speed of light, but which is faster?
I say it's OCD, but is it really? Yes since everytime and day I get an intrusive thought to say.
I sound fowl, grey and shady. Please understand I'm tired.
Going to run down in the ground, until my life pleads withe joy. Give me the sip of tea, since then I will feel awake.
Morning is here, the day is bright, the afternoon comes and I'm starting to get a fright, once it is evening and the sun melts beside the moon, I'm tired and afraid at night time for another tea to make me feel free!

Thank you for reading.

Cover me, and protect my eyes
From this hell-staged atrocity
We're in a fragile state of the union
And we're still bleeding for our country

Open me, undermine my powers
Find me a bunker, in which to store my pride
Launch all the weapons of mass dysfunction
To infect the tribe with panic's genocide

What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last screaming
Were rasping voices begging for mercy
From all this terror in our dreaming

Fallen men, and bleeding hearts
All trampled by hatred's silent symphony
Knees resting upon the cold earth
Send tremors throughout colder unity

He who hath no glory
Pretends to be deaf to freedom's ring
But if this is still a home worthy of the brave
Defend us from us, above everything

Fall down on your knees
For what we ask please
Nothing true comes with ease
Come touch the open breeze.

Who calls the shots?
The haves and have nots
Drawing straws and lots
Run with no ifs, buts and what's.

For the light does still burn
Another year your world will turn
Still time for you to learn
As long as your hunger does yearn.

A life of struggle and bear
For if you ever care
To take that first step and dare
That's freedom for you right there.

Miro 2d

This image has the ethereal magic to stop
that candid snowflake, coming from a snowing sky,
which lays now in a warm field.
It preserves the feelings
of how beautiful it was floating on air,
and that freedom
still thrive in me as the seasons go by.

Sun 3d

You are..... home
A home always within me
I am never alone
A wonderful sculpture of the sun
A cherished flower of the earth
Let the Arctic Ocean realm hold
All the blues – of your heart

Let the green mountains touch your feet
Sway among the rafts of clouds
Like the dreamers
who bury regrets underneath
Dance with the morning breeze

Behold the faith in sunrises
Torn-up roots of trees
were loved once in unloved places
Distant skyline send you it's elegance

Don’t run away from love this time
Let it be....
It’s not ~ distance wins, we lose
Let the hopeful smiles kiss your lips

You are my heartfelt Alchemy__
A dream within a dream deliriously happy....

I was used to you.
Each day was new.
Each time we played,
We played a different game.

Drifting through
The murky haze,
We’d think it through
And then we’d do.

I’m lost without your pleasant gaze.
Traveling down the roads we paved.
My soul was yours, the one you saved.
Our dreams they lived from day to day.

One day you left, it’s hard to say.
The bus came by and wrecked our day.
I miss you more as time goes by.
I often stop to wonder why.

That lasting kiss you left me with
Is all I taste, it’s all I feel.
The harmony you brought to me,
It filled the well inside my dreams.

My dearest one, I still see you,
Laughing, happy, loving me.
My heart is torn beyond compare.
These shoes are worn but I still care.

I can’t forget the plans we made.
Each day I live to honor thee.
The raging sea can’t quell our dreams.
The love we shared still sets me free.

For Jen. My love for you will never die.
Star BG 4d

Fluffing off awareness,
as if lint is not an option to
my open conscious mind.

Golden sun of heart shines,
as a facet like diamond
unique and priceless.

The energies vibrate
giving feet ethereal wings
and voice songs of gratitude.

From throb of Gods heart,
I beat to dance
with fervor strong
connecting to light.

Sacred ears open
while music plays
in divine orchestration.

I found my truth
from souls whisper
as I listen receiving inner wisdom.
as I walk in the palace I constructed.

Adorned it is with visions
as rainbow blessing flowing
as every footstep
aligns with common cause.
The cause to awaken to bliss
and freedom evermore.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Era Of Light a site with great enlightening information
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