How you want to send a text
& Fuck his world up,
You were lonely hugging bowls while you hurled up.
Agony on the floor,
Foetal how you curled up.

Puke up another blood vessel?
We have more time
to build up more slime
Build up more grime
Build up what's mine.

Blow in due course,
Empty of a force
Cause it's torn from me,
Style and confidence
It was born from me.

Now far from the core
Of me,
Sat in the shore or
I can't seem to see.

Who I want to be
And aspects
I want to free.

The monk sat in his temple
Swathed in his saffron robe
While incense wafted through the air
Somewhere a gong could be heard, in the distance
Pristine, austere, noble
With all the trappings of wisdom
With the aura of enlightenment
With the odor of sanctity
With the nobility of humility
And the pilgrim asked him, are you poor?
“No,” said the monk
“For I desire nothing,
Cling to nothing
Long for nothing,
And so I am free,
Even rich
As though I possessed
The whole world.”

Francis sat in the dust
Covered in a beggar’s rags
While the scent of sewage lingered near
The coughing of the poor was heard, all round
Dirty, abject, neglected
With all the trappings of homelessness
With the aura of his friends, the sick
With the odor of his brothers, the abandoned
Having forsaken nobility for humility
And the pilgrim asked him, are you poor?
“No,” smiled Francis
“For I have found Him whom I desire,
I have cleaved fast to Him,
I am filled by Him,
And so I am free,
Even rich
For I do not need the world
When I embrace its Master.”

Minds - troubled,
needles in the brain - doubled,
thousand times - stumbled,

Words without meaning so misleading
consequences of seeing demons
and looking for reasons
to please legions
of unthankful spirits

Holocaustic thoughts belong in a box,
locked away;
Judgemental attitudes are supplemental
be careful because they're contagious;
An ill mind rages only to do what it's trained to.

Hitler first started with a disease,
it's called gossip.
But the world can't see that the things they breathe
out from their teeth goes into the atmospheric breeze
and it's not just carbon dioxide it's more like monoxide for the soul.

Destroyers of one another they are,
an alien race once said.
Rob from one another they do.
Kill each other they do.
Help each other, what's the point?

KIlled one, helped another,
Do they only defend their brothers?
Got killed, tried to protect.
Now they end the same as them?
Only accept few, can't accept all.

Confused, what's on the news,
the soul of Hitler going at it again.
If what's on the news is true
is there a God or a heaven?
7/11 robbed, twin towers bombed, only thing to do is revenge.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
Two evils don't do a good
Evil genius way too lenient.

They end with solutions that cause more problems,
in order to find more problems in the next 10 seconds
they all recon on the other being defeated
don't want to be judged yet they judge
Bring the Supreme Court judge let's prepare her sentence.
Remove her head,
Call us the Reverants.


There's nothing wrong
With focusing
On other things.

In fact,
It's a good thing.

I don't want
To become your life,
I want
To be a part of it.

I love talking to you
but do what needs
to be done first
and don't be afraid
to do other things you enjoy.

I wouldn't want
To feel like
A prison sentence.


Leila Shearer Mar 13

I'd follow his footsteps with dread
No matter where they lead

I took my own path instead
To get out of my head

The man he once was
To me, now is dead.


Just some thoughts about my first love.
Leila Shearer Apr 2016

"In order to be irreplaceable,
One must be different"
-Coco Chanel

We may all feel the hunger to fit in
But why would you want to fit in, When you can be unique?

The courage to be yourself in a world full of sheep- in itself- is beautiful
And frankly, the only person you should try to impress, is yourself
At the end of the day who's always there for you?
That's right!
It's you!
Do you want those you love, those you spend the most time with, to remember you when you're gone?
To smile and laugh when they think about you?
Then, be unique
Remove the chains you've wrapped around your neck in order to be "normal"
Spread your wings and let this world see you
Some may be flooded by your boldness
They may become venomous, because they're too afraid to do it themselves
Do not give them the power to dampen your spirit
Hold your head high
Be proud in who you are
Because the rest of us, those who have freed ourselves?
We're waiting for you
And we want to wrap you in a blanket of warmth and kindness
When you're ready,
Come find us

We may all have the hunger to fit in
But why should we want to fit in,
When we can be unique?


Nathan 1d

From the time of ash and flame
I have found a life again
Upon the coals and to the top
None shall ever make me drop
Holding fast and standing free
I have found that which is me
A climber
I'll send it
You'll see

V 1d

I know how it sounds
When your eyes do abound
On these pages of mine
Where you read my thoughts cry
Since I say I'm okay
Though ruled by Anxiety
A Monarchy of despair
But I'd hate to reside where
Emotions lead down a path
Where I cry and then laugh
I promise that I'm all good
Things are just as they should
Karma's taken its toll
On my sin bearing soul
And I'm calm with my fate
But I do fücking hate
When the people around me
Are falling and drowning
And I can't do a thing.

The price of freedom is high
The price of freedom is steep
The price of freedom is death
The price of freedom, I'll gladly pay.

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