The old champion bows her head and drops her torch.
Fatigue has set in after a century of drudgery
And all her commitment shown, no one can question her decision.
Her partisans are bleak and sympathetic
For how long should they ask the weary warrior to keep standing?
The new masses turned away and the poor exiled under law of phylogeny,
There is now no beacon but a rickety fence creakin’
That children fear when blows the old wind, once called freedom.

I've pledged allegiance to a flag
that pledges none to me,
that would sooner see her stars go dim
than allow freedom to be free.

Don't try too hard to be happy.
Honor the Truth,"
And the Truth will set you free.
If you feel free,
Happiness ceases to be so critical,
If your busy trying to please others
Your sense of well-being is always
Impacted by their whims.
Whose decisions and behavior
You can't control.

See the sun shining and the hillsides so green
The meadows reflecting the faint morning light
The lilies they blossom in nature's wide screen
While the air feels Fresh after the clear pristine night

I love the dewdrops on my bare feet
Anticipating the summer heat
But I have to leave this sweet landscape behind
The blue sky has taken my peace of mind

This beauty was all I have known for years
Since I left you, steadfast but torn and in tears
You gave me freedom to follow my heart
I missed you every second we were apart

I told you I had a promise to keep
A lifetime ago and a love so deep
We will close the circle in a perfect agreement
Keeping my word I knocked out my Demon

I made a vow to come back to you
If you ever only still wanted me to
One last loving look back to the greenfields afar
Don't wipe off the tear as I walk to my car

Memories of past years come to my mind
Distant dreams of a life left behind
Piercing through my heart like cut glass
I smile through my tears while I step on the gas

The road takes me down to our favourite place
Where I told you good-bye through a dolorous haze
Parked the car, I walk down the street
Anxious to see you, I'm stumbling on my feet

Now I am standing on this holy ground
Waiting for you to come around
The sun shines in my face, so gently and warm
I blink and I smile as I wake up in your arms

Closing the circle by using some black magic to vanquish the Demon you created from a singularity. In the circle the two lines will cross in the middle while the outer curves will be the farthest away from each other. For justification the two have to be unified again. Take the deal willingly for a greater good and you will stay righteous. The Devil will give you redemption.
Latri 2d

There was only a bittersweet silence in the confines of what once was a lively home as our love came to an end. Quiet, unmoving, almost as if we hadn't anticipated that this day would come.

We stood there, eyes downcast and shoulders heaving with painful breath after breath, neither one of us attempting to utter a single word. But what could we have said, then, that would make this pain dull into an unnoticeable ache? What difference would it make, in the long run?

Words couldn't be of any use to us now. Not when we had abused them, used them to gain the upper hand in our selfish, sadistic games months prior to this very day. A gentle but lethal poison that seeped into our bones, slowly killing us from the inside out. Words hurt us then, so surely they wouldn't save us now.

Gathering the strength to move was almost impossible, but being weak wasn't an option anymore. It was time for me, for us, to be strong. I didn't hate you, even when you caused me so much sorrow and took away the last ounce of light I had ever had in this life. I didn't hate you, because I know that this was never a one-sided play. I had hurt you just as badly, ripping you apart time and time again in blinding fits of jealousy.

One step. Two. We both walked forward, steps unsure and afraid, tentative smiles spreading across our soft lips. It was finally time. We reached each other, sable eyes meeting for the first time in a long time, and for once I found no shred of hatred or pity in sight. The kiss, the last kiss we'd ever give the other tasted bitter, and yet I couldn't bring myself to care, much. It was perfect, a kiss that helped lift away the blackened veil of hurt that had been bestowed upon me tonight.


Gripping the last of my possessions, knuckles turning white while I tried to still my trembling hands, the last words were exchanged. I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned, walking away from my home, and from you.

I felt radiant, as my pace quickened and I neared my old truck, its rusted exterior breathing new life into me. A surge of power and happiness flowed through me then, and I hoped that you could feel it as well.

Driving away from that place without a single glance backwards made this taste so much sweeter. Years of heartbreak and torture could never have prepared me for this feeling of liberation. Beautiful and refreshing.

We had finally found our freedom, and nothing would ever taste as sweet.

Throwing my best wishes out into the wind, hoping you'd catch them, the first laugh of many bubbled out of me, and I drove further away.

Deeper into the loving embrace of Reprise.

Eiram N 2d

I am just a no one
trying to become a someone
fighting with all my might and tiny body and iron-clad will
to soldier on and chase what sets my heart on fire
with an obsession for freedom and a hunger for every dream
that could never be formerly contained or directed into useful energy
they call “work”

They told me I was a dreamer
as if that were an insult
when the greatest men and women of all time
Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi,
believers, world leaders, peace makers, game changers
had nothing but crazy ideas in their heads
The innovations and monumental changes
were first mere thoughts planted in somebody’s mind
lifted to reality because of an inner devotion to fulfill them

And I wanted to fulfill them
so, so very badly
so I did the best thing I could do with them
which is to press pen onto paper
immortalise thoughts and feelings
triumph and pain and hate and love and joy
into art, a construct

so that my emotion became physical
my words more pivotal
my tears became my ink
projected into strings of words
which became my sentences
which became my anthems
and in turn became
a new life force

So I beg you not to look upon my face
or even my person
but turn to the words
for I am much less
and the words certainly more
As they have helped me so much in the past
I hope they will now be of some help to you.

                                          By Eiram N

I feel like I know nothing at all
And yet what I know tells me to experience and prove myself right or wrong and I'll start with you

I don' give a fuck about what people say it's good,
I'm sick of law: moral law, judicial law, school law
Fuck that

I want you

If I didn't why would I give up all the 'freedom' of choice between millions of girls in the world for you?
'Cause you have IT!

I mean I don't care how many hoes, ladies, girls, women come...
You have something and I love you for that and for all the things you think and all the crazy li'l' brat-like plays you do and that cheeky smile and that sexy cat walk that is half-joking with all those millions of girls you are more than but yet unknowingly and all humble and shining, fuck thinking I want you!


You won't get that from thinking and love is experience, what more is it?

february 19, 2017
6:37 a.m.
Old one I really wanted to share

Sometimes you make me want to die
Because no one can hate a dead girl.
Then it'd just be sad and I'd be only a waste of talent and life.
But even death cannot solve problems
As it's bound to only cause more.
And besides, it would never grant you the ability to see things from my point of view.
You'd only lay the blame on someone else because that's what you do.
But I don't want to die.
I'm scared for my life that I won't live,
Actually live- something further than simply surviving.
Is this the angst of every fledgling I feel?
I want to jump
And fly
Because there is no cure for every problem.
There is push on
And there is pray.

ronnie 2d

we were running
we were running so fast until our knees became very weak
your hand was in mine
we came to a stop
and looked at what was in front of us
what is it? I said
you kept staring and you said it's fresh air
but it was more than that
it was dreams
it was fear
it was life
we unlocked the cuffs around our wrists
and we kept staring

and i knew

it was freedom

Forget what they ALL say
Forget origin common sense and mood and fashion,
Forget the human in you and unleash your unique inner species,
Light your heart with electricity from the skies
                                       wetness from the rain
                                        rough grains from the land
                                        And BE!

Just be, become endless,
Enjoy the sunlight and forget the smoke
They got thrown in your eyes.

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