I see the beauty.
The plants, animals, all life.
All of them moving in harmonious revolution.
One, two, three, infinity!

There i see the trinity, the trinity of life.
There is no struggle within it. There is no
existence of internal strife.

I feel this beauty, which is that of nature.
Streaming across my ears and eyes.
Something that likes to cater.

I see the allure of it all, this mysterious
attraction. The virtues of nature.
This connection of the three.

I smell the sweet scent.
I feel the omnipresent breeze.
I sense the resplendent power!
All that is symmetrical!
All that is power!
Searching for freedom
That I can't find
Just like Jesus
With maggots
In his eyes
That turn his tears
To fine wine
Sometimes I miss the
Of old friends
Strung out on
Sometimes I say
I love them
But I lie
And don't regret
Saying goodbye
Another man
Without a doubt
Just a fool and
I don't care
It tickles when they
Turn on
The electric chair
I've paid the piper
In purgatory
With a knife
In his neck I
Made the memories
Die in glory
Sent them dead
And bitter cold
To that
Great Big I Don't Know
The wreckage of
The past
Shoved up my ass
Doused in
Out of date
Sour gas
Charring my soul
Turned to black
Walking a road
Paved in
Broken glass
I wanna take
It all back
©James Dennis Casey IV
A speck of hope
Is that what that is?
Are my shackles getting removed?
Can I be free from this prison cell?
Can I spread my ragged wings and fly?
Will the voice stop echoing?
Will the voices be tamed?
What does this mean for us?
Now that I see the key is being turned...
I’m left to wonder:
What lies beyond the door?
It seems

We are programmed individuals
Who moves till the charge remains
Genre: Observational
Theme: Hope till that line
Chantal 22h
This is the sign you’ve been looking for.
So live darling. Live reckless and brazen. Don’t hide how you feel, don’t try to meet the set standards.  Don’t think, just do. Forget how it’s ‘supposed’ to go, and what might go wrong. Forget all the illogical cause and effects Society determines, forget the 99% likely outcome and go after that 1% with everything you’ve got, kid. ‘Cause if even for a minute, something or someone makes you happy or gives you a sorta feeling you can’t explain- ignore all the ‘advice’ & doing the ‘right’ thing, and hold on to it till your lungs give out, regardless of what form you get it in. Here’s the truth darling; life’s too short for norms and logic. Too short to hide your feelings and god knows, way too short to spend even a second unhappy due to fear and the abstract ideas that things should go a certain way. So if you love someone, scream it at the top of your lungs, and if you feel like crying, collapse and shatter. Live freely.
America isn't yours no more

the locks were changed on your front door

now your doorstep's painted red

fascism's sleeping in your bed

Wake up! Wake up! It's not too late

Freedom's still at your front gate

Find your voice for ever more

America isn't yours no more
The White House has a new coat of red paint
Syd 1d
Dust laden wings
Drunk on the moonlit sky
Seduced by the warm summer air
They splat off my windscreen
Do they value their life?
They don't seem to care

Their lives to most are like mine...
Beyond comprehension
They live like I drive
Without due care and attention

Ninety miles per hour
I race home to my flame
As more splat on my windscreen
A realisation washes over me
Maybe we're quite the same?

I am captive
In society...

Anchored in the open sea

They have wings
And the open sky
They can fly...

But they are not free
Inspired by a drive home from work on a hot summer night. I'm racing home to destroy my liver with vodka and at the same time the moths are splattering on my windscreen.
Steve 1d
A soul hurting
A heart wanting to give
Thoughts to be shared
Yet walking alone
On back dark streets
A few online friends
No real conversations
Could all be lies
Not that it matters
Enjoys any interaction
Mentally stable but still argues with hisself

While you laugh
He's dying inside
Afraid to reach out
For the world has teased so much
He Quit asking for help
When loved ones kept passing by without slowly up
How can he speak up
When his first words fell on deaf ears
His whole childhood
Thought his dad was playing hide and seek
Finally gave up
But his heart still waits
Dreams still exist to him
To mean alittle to anybody
Would be heaven to him

Heaven as in the sky
The sky where his mom is
Died during birth
She went home and he went from home to home
Abused in state care
Abused in foster care
At fifthteen he ran from away from that life
The pain, the heartache, the lies
Knew he had to change
Easiest decision he ever made
Two streets down from Orange Ave
He found a few trees and set up camp
Not a house we would say is glamorous
For him it's the best home he's ever lived in
A child that runs free
With skinned knees and no worries
How I miss those days
I miss those simple days. truly.
Man, today was such a long day, my limbs are aching!
But i'm back with more haikus!
125 followers? Bring on the tears T-T
I can't thank you enough!
Really, it means alot!
Love you and be back soon!
Lyn xxx
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