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George Krokos Oct 28
Even if it's heads or tails
either side You always win.
Your own system never fails
ev'rything else wears out thin.
From 'The Quatrains' - #629, ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Àŧùl Apr 2021
I wanna reach somewhere else,
For I do not belong here,
Listen to the silence of my panic.

I scream at the top of my voice,
Still, no one listens there,
Maybe I'm an alien here by choice.

I need a panacea for my ills,
A cure for my SADness,
Maybe then I won't get chills.

******-Affective Disorder,
Its SADness destroys me,
Maybe I lack love in my life.

I really need a loving wife,
Who values me enough,
Maybe such a Naari is imaginary.

I am very hopeless in life,
SAD, but not suicidal,
Maybe I have a bigger destiny.

I carry the burden of my past,
Still, I need some love,
Maybe happiness seeks me too.

I am unaware of a true lover,
Who can love me more,
Maybe she exists only in my desires.

I hear that everybody deserves joy,
But I don't know why, but
Maybe my Karma is a bad accountant.
My HP Poem #1923
©Atul Kaushal

Naari is a Hindi synonym for woman.
loggi Dec 2020
There is a bitter taste
Pressed to my mouth
As I sip my tea.

There’s a thought that’s lives
I wish to drown out
But can I ever cede.

All this has been steeping
And it’s now too strong.
I’ll have to deal with it.
Kama Nov 2020
you’ll find
who’s ****
and who’s
hair doesn’t
in the
she’ll play
drums as well
maybe not

who won’t
an ugly
bigger ****
maybe she
be easier to
talk to
provide company
to your cigarette
maybe she’ll
the way I
but if
she won’t
then at least
she’ll have a
Please close your eyes when you look at me
Pretend for one moment that I am someone else
i want to be someone else
why are you still here?
you have nowhere else to go ?
i am the only place that he can go to
GENIE May 2020
The ways you see life determines what you value,
what you value determines what you learn,
What you value determines what you live for
What you live for determines how you live
So if you see life as:
A poem, you learn words
A problem you solutions
A relation,you learn communication
A game, you learn tricks
A battle, you learn to  fight
A job, you learn duty
A race,you learn speed
A marathon, you learn endurance
A study, you learn logic
An act, you learn emotions
A music, you learn notes
A dance you learn steps
A beat, you learn to dance
A community you learn people
A weather, you learn shelter
A storm you learn strength
A turn, you learn patience
A trade you learn money
A jungle you learn survival
An ocean, you learn to swim
A mountain you learn scaling
A valley, you learn graceful descent
A commitment you learn honesty
A death zone, you learn killing
A mystery, you learn adventure
An adventure, you learn living
A fashion you learn dressing
A competition you learn scarcity
A cooperation you learn abundance
A team work you learn networking
A lie, you learn to the truth
A truth, you learn freedom
The goal to being free is to learn your lies, challenge and face them
A job you learn duty,
When you see life as comparison, you learn envy
Destructive envy leads to priority misplacement,
This leads to value misplacementzthe root cause of shortsightedness and selfishness
So, see right to learn right to live right
See right to live right
GENIE May 2020
They say no one survives the devil
They were wrong
I survived you
They say man's heart is evil
A place no good belongs
That describes you
I survived the devil,
I became mysteriously strong
I survived true,
But I became something else
A legend everyone tells
Mystifying,casting spells
It's good being something else
Living my dreams,not of someone else
It's great to live your dreams
Something I'm privileged to achieve
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
Sometimes there
Just isn’t a pill
It’s just the will
Of a grey day

Go away ugly coat weather
Hide under my bed
Come out when we need you
But just not today

Twirl in my PJs
Because that’s what I need
I crave more sleep
So down my head I lay

Maybe tomorrow
Maybe not even then
I’ll deal with it when i need to
Then I can pick up my pen
Some days are a complete waste of thought. Try again tomorrow maybe. For a fellow poet and any others having a bad day.
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
Met you in the dark
I, I was torn apart
Save my heart From a great disaster
Tell me what you're seeking
You can do the speaking
Lights go on and off repeating
Your precious words
Echo in my ears
Hoping I'm the only one who hears
I don't want nobody else
Nobody else but you
You made me feel delirious
With all the things you do
I don't need to fall asleep
You're my dream come true
And I don't want nobody else
Nobody else but you
I'll stay faithful to you
Just give me your time
And I will make you mine, baby
Wanna be yours.
I don't want nobody else but you I'll stay faithful to you diane.
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