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Elaine Everdeen Apr 2019
Wrap the bones
of wicked men
and gravel it below

Coat with sand
and dampened soil
nay let a white bestow

Sow a seed
of blossom blood
in center of the ground

Watch it spread
to heaven's eye
'til no grave is to found
Sounds a bit vaguely horrid, huh?
Poetic T Nov 2018
A penny on the floor,
          costing more than life.
          For those who pick up luck
have run out tonight.

A penny on the floor,
            where others shoes now
            collect before curious gazes.

                            its cold out tonight.

A penny on the floor,
            the last thing you see,
                     is it heads or tails.
       The breath of another falling.

Curiosity is never a gift when its obvious.
                For a penny is never fallen in jest.
                              every one cost something.

Tonight its your life,
Tonight its your life,
Tonight its your life.....
Sonali Sethi Apr 2018
At the crack of dawn, in an open jeep
We sit, as chirpy as the birds
Our eyes wide open, ears perked
Waiting for a call to be heard

We begin our journey, full of hope
The thrill of adventure in the air,
Binoculars at the ready
To meet a tiger's deadly glare

We canter through the dense forest
Through the shallow river and the whispering trees
Past the gentle deer and the mighty elephant
And a sense of danger in the breeze

We wander along the gravel path  
Beneath langoors swinging from the branches,  
And from the grass, the jackal watches,
Patiently resting on its haunches

We drive through twists and turns and ups and downs
The elusive beast refused to be found...
This time our efforts were for nought,
But we'll see him next time around!
I went to a tiger reserve recently. Did not see a tiger but had a wonderful time driving through the forest!
For pictures, check out my insta page, those.who.wander24 :)
Äŧül Apr 2017
Foxy natured creature,
An untamable animal,
Kumiho has nine tails.
A Kumiho is a Korean folklore animal of Chinese influence.
Depictions of it look really beautiful.

My HP Poem #1512
©Atul Kaushal
Alan S Bailey Aug 2016
What is this bizarre strange artificial magic that

Surrounds us in 3D neon colors man-made

Amidst this dream theory of some sort

Of tasty goods that await me (not bait)

Smashed in between two slabs of meat

That are thick hands which are said hold the

Way to get all we could want or need

This absolute promise that it's all worth it

Being placed before me only just to see

I hold my sandwiched slice of meat

With cheese and pickles high

And shout for joy that it's mine to eat!
So take a seat...!

Hehe, and it rhymes, too

I'm sorry it disagrees with tele-vangicals and religious cultists. Will delete immediately. I promise. Sorry to harm ****** eyes with my trash!
Äŧül Jan 2016
All what fussy ***** had got,
Something that started to rot,
Is nothing else but lofty tails.

Her most horrible trot,
Got her inside the slot,
Of someone called ****.
My HP Poem #982
©Atul Kaushal
Dead Lock Apr 2015
Here is a spiders web
Strands of rhythem
Being spun by the dead
Where liers come to lie
And the truthers come to die
Poetic T Mar 2015
The dog buried it in the garden, in one of
Its many holes, it was a dog of course
Just not the normal dog,
No skin,
No fluff,
No idea?
Where it buried this which I needed,
Which I owned,
It was like a mole had been playing whacker
And dug up
50 mounds,
50 holes,
50 buried
But which was that which I needed to hold,
My hands waved too and froe,
I would talk but my anger  muffled
Not expressing my contempt but with a finger
Waving as my hands in a naughty silent
Window wiper motion,
"Bad dog"
"Bad boy"
"Bad reception"
A voice unheard,
Right now I have a worm playing
Hide go seek in my cavity's, it tickles
My sockets, curls up in my nose,
Sticks you know what daddy will do,
And the last time this happened,
What did daddy do??
Legs in the bathroom,
Ribs keeping open the kitchen door,
And your skull was left outside in the cold,
"With a grumble"
"With a growl"
"With relief"
I saw the light,* and my body walked over,
My bony fingers rummaging around
Left a little,
Right a little,
Are you blind
And with that like a touch down,
My skull was finally found,
I rubbed the mud off
I took the worm from my nose,
I sat him on my rib, he had found a new home.
"Now boy"
"I know you like to bury"
"But daddies bones are a no go"
I give him a cuddle, stroked his bony head,
"What's skeleton to do"
When his dog likes to bury bones,
Last week he buried his tail, in one of those fifty holes,
And its still waggling, wiggling as we speak buried in a hole.
Jack Pedlow Apr 2014
Next to the marshes
The muddy smell fills my nose
The cat tails shutter

— The End —