(cuz ma life iz such a drag...
this toke kin “FAKE” hemp  
pyre aye roll out to you dear reader).

As a double jointed mathematical abbot
and amateur chemist
   specializing in cannabinoids
   my favorite delta-9-tetra
   hydrocannabinol (THC),

   isolated and synthesized in 1964
weeding thru bathroom rag
   while athwart the potty
   i.e. measuring adequate perforated
   square roto root er, sans
   regular toilet tissue paper
   prior to completing important

   private business matter
   on the sacred porcelain chamber pot
Mary Jane made a token appearance,
   and boy she looked smoke kin hot
asking if I wanna marry (Jane) her attired
   in drag at a joint where Billy Bong  

   banged on by the hands of
   a phenomenal drummer
   taut as a hemp knot
with music in his blood
   while blowing  fractal rings – holy Scott
the immediate utterance,

   and rather creative bon mot
found me stock still like stone wall Jackson,
   who unfortunately got deprived a hit,
   nonetheless got shot
unwittingly by his own (confederate troops),
   whose demise an awful blot

per southern cause during
   the Civil War and if anachronism
   to receive medicinal aide available
   instead of primitive treatment he got
(as well other wounded soldiers
   of misfortune on the battlefield),

   whose faith the any almighty power
   could do little to save their roach invested lot
yet availing my imagination
   to twist time like that Mobius strip
mortally wounded rebels and Yankees
   free from facing death on a cot
might be successful hemp

   entrepreneurs cultivating a little spot
of land hemp would outstrip cotton
   as king as export to trot
orange you glad I avoided
   the analogy with a kumquat?
The Downfall of Donald Trump
Sounds like a great title
For a best-selling book.
I'm not seeing this title
On Amazon.com this morning.
No one has used it yet.
Someone out there should step to the plate
And write this book
Before anyone else gets the copyright.
Trump hasn't been convicted of anything,
Or resigned,
But he's pretty much toast.
Better get busy on that best-selling book
Before another author
Gains access
To this catchy title!
Leaves, sticks, and seeds make up this six foot stalk.
Oh, how she blooms before the flashing lights!
Leaving men and women with a stunned gawk.
Oh, you cause the seeds of your kind at night,
to dream of heights they won't reach; how sadly
try the delusional. But in all kin,
is imprinted a faint scar on their psyches.
Sacrificial offer in porcelain
is ritually performed by some daily.
If not for fame, glory, or money, then
to mirror fashion people's ideal beauty.
A cyclic mental disease that won't end.
Shhh.. Here she comes! The first, but not the least.
An appetizer for the famine feast!
Never get so lost in competing
that you lose interest in giving
your creations meaning.
I've seen this alot growing up and in society. People seem to get lax or lazy as soon as they come into money. They don't won't to evolve or make good of their talents anymore. I'll try my best not to become like that.
That's all I can really say.
Love you, guys!
Have a good night/day!
Lyn xxx
I’m deadlier than aids
Make you cut someone with a blade
All the time used for trade
Men would kill their brother
One after another
Cuz I’m like no other
There taught without me your not a man
Cut down by an invisible hand
Without me they have no command
So they sweat, bleed and die
But why
All for a capitalist lie
My women are no better
Out here getting wetter
For a investment letter
Willing to be a product for me
But would run if you see
What she could do on a knee
First for a car then college and her son
Now she hooked on me like a gun
Shaking for her next bank run
The kids are truly the worst off
They cling to there’s folk like a moth
And learn that they couldn’t afford broth
So now they dream about green
Because the streets ain’t clean
Your pops up on the screen
Over a murder scene
Mom drinks lean hoping it’s a dream
All the while there child sees
In their mind I’m the only solution
That equals restitution
Before they die of pollution
I’m sad that I cause this much pain
Make folks go insane
Even be inhumane
All for a capital gain
fragments of shadows found in between my finger tips
and your collar bone
provide safety in breathing
in tracing
reciprocating souls find a home
in exchange of glances and
colorful explosions followed by gentle,
studious hands.  
reify things only dreamt of or written about
in tales of gods and poetry of the rich man.

leave the rest of the world adust
as they fall in their intentions --
in their questions,

we write among the stars
what they could not dare to fathom
as we all look toward a single sky.
Glory 6d
I am young and poor
I study to become rich
At least that is what I am told

My parents love money
But not in a materialistic way
At least that's what they scream

They never asked if I wanted to be wealthy one day
They pushed and pushed
Because if I have money I will be happy

That's what they say anyway

But I don't need money
Instead, I pay in emotions
These long nights with no sleep are green notes
Every stanza I bleed is my bank account
Truly I have nothing
One day all this feeling inside of me will trickle out

Don't ask me to pay in silly gold coins
And the flattened faces of dead people
You already have everything that I am
They'll tell you,
"Don't think about love!"
"Just be glad if you have money!"
When  human relationships are dysfunctional,
Jobs don't get done properly,
And money is wasted
On poor workmanship.
In reality,
Even Commerce
Requires a certain type of love
To be fulfilling.
Can experience a let down
Rather than a high.
"Naked commerce"
Isn't  very sexy.
Better to just go to a Nudist Camp
Where nothing is for sale.
Bexis Jul 11
We have the right to healthcare.
We have the right to be able to take care of ourselves.
But to what cost?

Here, have a plan but it will cost.
Here, have some free stuff but it's enough.
Oh you broke something and have to go to a hospital?

Well I hope you saved because thousands is what you'll share.
Can't pay other bills?
That's okay as long as you pay us.

Can't afford to keep going to therapy?
Mental health isn't a real thing.
You're just being lazy.

You want healthcare to be free?
What are you a communist?
We're Americans!
We don't follow anyone else's rules.
We are the best nation in the world.

That's what I see when it comes to health care.
Or anything in America.
Can some please pull everyone's head out of their asses?
I long to be alone
A modest cabin by the sea
Where the days are quiet
Where no television, radio or phone is permitted
No unnecessary words of explanation
Where the afternoon sun bakes warmly on my cat in the windowsill
A gentle purr of content
By day I will walk along the sandy shore
Cast away my formal shoes
Roll up my pants and place my feet in the crisp waters of the salty ocean
The wind ... The crashing of the waves ... A seagull's cry
A dog and its owner passes by ... An occasional hello
They say people need people ... But I don't know
Natures own form of conversation seems to be a better companion for me
With the competitive world locked outside
Where money is God and the race is fierce
A ray of light catches the colourful bottles in the window
Creating a prism on the floor
I could take a photograph ... Capture the moment
But if I send it to you
Will you feel what I see
Written by Sean Achilleos 09 July 2018©
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