hungry desire: food for the flames.
burning fires come from starving dames.

ask for her number- she won’t give you her name.
pay for her dinner, and she might play your game.

show her your heart and you’ll hear “lame!”
empty your wallet, pay dimes for this dame.

she sleeps in the mirror, dreaming of fortune and fame.
smiling on the bed, she clings to the frame.

exhausted she lies on her back… so feed her more lies!
put your sparkling diamonds between her shiny thighs.

her passion grows more as the starry night dies,
but stars sparkle less like diamonds in pink morning skies.

she’ll pull you close, but can’t look you in the eyes.
she’ll disappear when you doze, before the sunrise.

into that golden light she fades; she won’t hear your cries.
searching for her is futile- better luck catching butterflies.

to meet her again, you have to wait for the night.
she will emerge from the shadows, in the absence of light.

her fragrance flows far, and for her company fine gentlemen fight.
roll up your sleeves, empty your pockets, and show her your might!

behold her beautiful neck, a wonderful sight!
but season it with jewels before you take a bite.

cotton clouds lift her up while you travel down- she will take flight.
watch her soar from the forest, catch her strings, fly her like a kite!

she’ll stay up through the night and watch you snore,
but when the rooster crows, she’ll dash for the door.

to one man she belongs to: the one that pays more.
she’s mad for the money, but she’s not a whore.

Indeed I was born in a s '''Hole  country
A royal citizen of Norway ,the world's best country
Whose citizens refused to come to a country
That elected an a '' hole to lead their country .

Donald Trump is right to call us s'''hole countries
Officials embezzle millions ,yet can't pay salaries
From dawn to dusk the people moan in anguish cries
Malnourished kids live with hunger disease and flies

African governments made their own homes s*holes
Look at the bad infrastructures bad roads and potholes
With all the natural resources our economies and financial woes
For the impoverished and gullible masses ,there are no hopes .

Let's not get angry at the dumb a''  President of America
But rather direct our discontents at our corrupt leaders in Africa
Who hides money in Swiss banks and vacations in Arabia
Africa,thou mayest not like this ,time to wake up from the coma !

Truth hurts but it helps...

to call hard science „fake news“
creates suspicion that this abuse
of hard facts about global warming
is but a shabby adorning
of the power of money
which tastes sweeter than honey
as lobbyists prove every morning

Some people have time and some have money.
Other people have money and no time left.
Many people have the time but have no money .
Some people haven't money neither time left .

Some people have money and no time for love .
Many people have no love and neither any money.
Few people have money so they get pseudo love.
Some people have love that costs maintenance money .

Love used to be free but the maintenance costs a lot..

Sometimes you don't know why you are sad.
until something or someone you Cherish and miss.
Dearly with all your heart.
Nothing or nobody can fix that pain
Hurt you feel inside.
My heart is crushed my spirit is broken.
Lord you know  my heart .

Broken my heart is so broken
Am reeling inside
Drowning on the outer side.
Even the rain weeps for me
The sun hides behind the grey clouds of doubt .
When will I ever feel  happy again

when i was a child and went out during the rain,
my father would tell me
"you ain't sugar, child.
                                         who said you gon' melt?"
so i stopped dipping my toes in pool water
          and started jumping off bridges.
sometimes i would swim in fountains,
looking for kindness, but

i guess people eventually realized
      their cash wasn't worth their buck.
that no god in the sky was gonna give
             you somethin' good for five cents.

so lemme tell you, sugar. you wanna know
           the look the bank gave me when
i asked for my paycheck in dimes?
           that "you gotta be kidding me" look,
           that "wait.. you're serious?" look.
disbelief like no other.

           that same look i give you
when you step foot in the rain,
and i say "hey, careful now.
                 sugar likes to melt in this weather."

richard 7d

They say that money is the root of all evil,
Its whats constantly controlling people.
Money is what runs the world,
What is most sought by every man, child, woman and girl.
All these young kids with bullshit schemes...
Internet celebrities, half ass rappers, and scarface dreams.
People want it overnight but its not what it seems.
What happened to this world and wanting a career?
Now twerking and drug activity is all you see and hear
Wanting to contribute to society is just a thing of the past
It seems now all that matters is money, getting high, and ass ass ass
Not everything that glitters is gold, and what looks good may not be good for you.
Yet the message today is if you have money people will adore you
What happened to helping others and trying to better the world, respecting your elders and being faithful, loving your girl
We need to get back to loving and having standards as people...
It wouldn't be hard if people remembered money is the root of all evil

Liam 7d

And now I feel I've seen it all,
But the familiarity proves me a fool.
I could've have been anything I wanted to be at all,
I just wasn't given the tools.

But now I'm taking it back and I'll give a good tussle,
Honing the power of my bare hands.
Never again shall I fear another man, I've gained strength that is much more than muscle.

While the pure white of the clouds will wander and return,
The blue sky won't stop wailing for a second.
Only it knows about life after death and it seems to be nothing like heaven.

cosmicii Jan 6

I know you think I'm materialistic,
But let me please be realistic,
I need to work to make all of this,
No fairy is going to be granting my wishes
And I need to have all of it

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