KMH 9h
I find it funny
How we live our lives
Showing our love
And gratitude
And everything else
In the value of
And slips of
Whose value
Is more than it should be,
When all we do is
waste away
Until the world is naught
But dust and starlight.
Currency is a made-up concept yet its insignificance doesn't matter because in this world, it's the only thing that matters.
© KMH 2018
One of the world's wealthiest
persons on the planet
And if wealth is translated
into power
then certainly one of the
most powerful
Mark Zuckerberg
creator of a huge popular website
known as Facebook
spun a simple idea
from a class Yearbook
or so in my imagination
Yet, this priceless idea
is an elastic rubberband
stretching around the world
uniting everyone
into a Huge Happy Family
with no privacy
This once in a lifetime idea
is pouring gazillions of cha-ching
upon Zuckerberg's head
and leaves many wondering,
will he begin considering
using his cha-ching
to become the next Superhero
and save the world
doing everything in his power
to stop diseases, monsters
and slow this ever growing
homeless population
in America,
Will he?
I remember the story of this boy where I grew up the longest.
In my mind now he's become nameless, for it's been so long since I've been told of what happened, but I remember all the details, and I tell you this as I can best.
He was a boy who got shot dead sometime in some past year.
It was in Coolidge, Arizona, a tiny little desert town where nobody had money.
So when these deaths came about in this pitiful population,
we couldn't afford the funerals.
Even dying is expensive.

There are prices everywhere, sadly,
we're all numbers on a scale,
and though we're costly we make it up to our economy
through living since you must be making bills and coins to remain alive or valued in today's society.

We try to find the inexpensive,
and raise our children to be cheap.
Now I am afraid of money,
or rather the human act of spending.

Our world molded this way,
although we are the creators of pay.
Our unnatural hunger for wealth grants some of us the stealth-
to get through life letting go of as little as possible.

But we can't escape expenses,
and however many defenses,
our deceit only stretches paper thin and bills are thicker,
so more importantly to our government and economy,
"Blood is thicker than water."

We need both to live, though!
Water is our savings and our budgeting, and our feats in which we attempt to retain some of what we work for.
Water must sustain us, although blood is in our core.
The root of our world now.
The root of our world now.
The blood of our world must be in everyone if they hope to live anymore.

"Blood is thicker than water."
I found this in my drafts from 02/16 so I decided to finish it. Finished 03/19.
A Bryan 5d
You used to only make $225 in a week
Now you can’t make $225 last a week
What is happening here?
You swore that if you made more you would be responsible and stable
And yet here you are
Barely able to stop reaching for your credit card
Barely able to stop spending your money and your time
Fixated on things you don’t need
You promised that if you made more money you would be responsible and stable
But here you are
Barely able to maintain
And filled with greed...

(Consistent financial irresponsibility is a form of self-harm and addiction)
What’s up with all these white walls,
and why do they follow me wherever I go,
at the house at the gym,
at the yoga and music studios,

and what’s up with this feeling,
that the bigger the city the lonelier the heart,
see just when you think you’ve reached the finish line,
you realize that actually it’s just the start,

because the bigger the walls are,
the more I feel boxed in,
and I become trapped,
in the four walls I’m lost in,

got in,
around age ten,
now everyone wants a piece,
of what's reaped from the pen,

Nice Win,
that’s what I should call this one,
if you’re already reading this,
I don’t need an introduction,

no other words needed,
except “Congratulations nice win!”,
now what prize would you like,
as a consolation,

“Well Sir.”,
you replied,
that’s tough to decide,
when you’re hi as a star in a good constellation,

and since we’re on the subject of constellations,
what would you call ours,
maybe Big Tripper because Big Dipper’s taken,
I wonder if we could have a Mars,

a Mars as in other planets,
not similar but similar enough to get along,
and speaking of getting along I forgot the subject,
so now I’m Self Edited sulkin’ like Culkin Home Alone,

but don’t trespass,
because I’ve got booby traps,
if you’re not on the Guest List,
then please don’t pass,

because only thing beyond here,
is white walls that’re real tall,
which gives a feeling of total freedom,
with all windows and no bars,

no bars except these of course,
didn’t mean that last verse as a dis,
to every Bubble Gum Rapper,
and especially to whoever’s at the top of That List,

I wonder what you’d call it,
it as in this,
this life this waking dream,
this moment in time we are all in,

free fallin',
hear the Devil callin',
God too but I'm not ready to move,
so in my body I'm still ballin',

don’t call the enemy Hate,
call the enemy The Darkness of Ignorance,
which is ironic because they say,
the Illuminati is actually the one that offends,

living a fairy tale day dream,
in this story that never ends,
white clouds and white walls,
good times with good friends,

what’s up with all these white walls,
and why do they follow me wherever I go,
at the house at the gym,
at the yoga and music studios,

and what’s up with this feeling,
that the bigger the city the lonelier the heart,
see just when you think you’ve reached the finish line,
you realize that actually it’s just the start...

∆ LaLux ∆

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“I hope you know you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers”
I hope to help keep you from the devil’s lair,

Oh im sure that mega churches are the refugee’s delight
Wouldn’t want your holy coin to stray out of Gods bounded sight

And the woman who has none to give for she barely makes a living?
You’d chastise her for posting support rather than giving

Ah yes just as the Bible says, give until it’s inconvenient, that’s Mark 12:41 I believe
“Love thy neighbor as you would, but don’t try to change policy yourself”

So either I give or be damned to your lofty righteous judgment?
I forgot that your pious words were backed by your own funding allotment
I’m glad you aren’t just someone looking for a hyperbolic fight,
But are too doing everything you can think to help every night*

Dear God thank you for these people keeping us in check,
In truth, and in jest, for without those who do nothing the ones who do something wouldn’t be anywhere yet.
The first line is a quote from MLK Jr.
Chelsea Primera Jun 2017
There is a wishing well where I live,
filled with coins down the bottom,
some are shiny, some old, some rusting into the water.
Circles of copper, silver, aluminum and gold.
Here I will take a bet,
throw my first quarter into the pond,
There it falls with a bubbly thud.
Day by day I will sit by it, murmur a silent prayer,
Doing nothing as the sun set.
So when the dawn comes,
I will get exactly the opposite
of what I wished for,
My coin lost among the thousands,
In this miraculous wishing well.
Egeria Litha Mar 13
A true junkie can't count how many times he's used
I can't recall all the places I've ever lived
A liar can't recite all the stories they've told
I can't account for all the times I've tried
A zillionare cannot be aware of all the money HE has ever spent
because let's face it, a zillionaire is most likely a man
I can't gather all the time I wasted on being a man's "wife"
a scientist can never prove the spirituality in your life
And I can't prove that scientist wrong
No one can justify that we belong
and until further notice, no one can wipe us out
or clean our slates
we can only divide our states
and our state of minds
with great calculation
and where has that left us?
or to fend for ourselves
Women´s Day
today is not Friday the thirteenth
but Thursday the 8th of March
not yet April
but March will stir his tail still

Women's Day, what a weak name
we thought it brings us fame
not noticed in all those years
the bullet went through the church, so many tears
yet our fate remained the same
mother, one to blame.
THE Government perhaps?
Ah, there are still too many men inside that "house"
IF they choose, always for the man first, of course
WHEN will most women seek a job in da Government?
Then your salary will increase,
your societal position will alter
of course not that ease
BUT women ought to choose first
the highest job in da Government
for this, we must have brains and be graduated
then our voice would be heard
throughout the world

at least ten years bail
for the male
who abuses bodily or with words only
his wife
I never mean to hurt the warm-hearted male
who must undergo abusive tortures of his female

I like to sit right, and make things be right,
not only for abusive men
but also for women with strong hands
who may be abusing her man all her married life
that´s why she should never be his wife
sure there are women who can only beat, beat and beat!
Then I have true pity for that man´s ability

well ladies around the world
sit straight or only on the right or on the left
for the photo, with a true sincere soul

wishing you all
here on HePo and around the world
a Happy and cozy Women´s Day!
The rains though smallest drops
make today a miserable Women's Day

the bright sun has disappeared
weeks long we have the brightest and sunniest days!
OK, wishing you all nice gatherings together
and drinking tea with sweet ginger-cookies
don´t  forget Grandmother's apple pie
in her time women are only smiling and be shy
can we imagine that for all things only nodding and agreeing?
Not one rimple-dimple of rebelling?!

Of course not, they haven´t known those emotions did exist
that´s why nowadays, and at present, it is a bliss
to be called a wo-man and not a she-man
oh dear ones, I do and try to write here all that I can.

my premier poem about Women´s Day
yes, they accept the lesbian and the gay
the transgender must stay at bay
their problem could be discussed
in the next generation, what a fuss!

but even though a Happy Women´s Day
to all kinds of women who are walking this way.

Sylvia Frances Chan
AD. Thursday 8 March 2018
The 8 MARCH is the Day for Women all over this world to celebrate this DAY
not to be the "slave" still of the spouse or be the maid in da house.
Set you all free from that man´s burden and is called your spouse
have time for yourself, spoil yourself and
enjoy and sit hours with that mouse
and let the rest do by your spouse....
( what a "talent" have YOU as a wo-man, look these rhymings so stupid only ending on "ouse" )
Alison Ilene Mar 8
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselement©️®️
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