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The anguish flows when money dies
Amid the child’s and mother’s cries
It comes when scarcity is lost
And money made without a cost

Taking savings, stealing time
Open theft through hidden crime
Stones or feathers, shells or beads
These all once filled money needs

And represented hours of work
Yet money died when people shirk
And made more units, cheap and fast
Then money died - it did not last

We work for money - you and me
But central banks just print for free
Fiat money - scarce no longer
Loss of savings growing stronger

We need scarcity - absolute
No debasement - no dispute
Bitcoin provides the solution clear
Thank God Bitcoin’s finally here

180 nations - use fiat today
All are dying - come what may
Bitcoin conquers the fiat lies
Bitcoin is Hope, when money dies
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There is a book by the same name, documenting the hyperinflation in Germany.  Read it if you dare.

The exact title is When Money Dies: The Nightmare of Deficit Spending, Devaluation, and Hyperinflation in Weimar, Germany.

Deficit spending is immoral, ineffective, and hurts people.

When new units of money are created easily, they go to certain groups and people first.  Look up the Cantillon Effect
Dark forces
Stealing time
Through inflation’s daily climb

Printing money
Come what may
Though the poorest have to pay

Dark forces
Surveilling you
Watching what you say and do

With the motive
To control
Shaping you - their stated goal

Dark forces
Creating naught
They just live off what you’ve got

Higher taxes
They decide
We work hard - yet incomes slide

Dark forces
Anger and fear
When they see - Bitcoin is here

Bringing hope
Shining light
On dark forces, with truth and right
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Gold is not easily portable due
   To gold’s weight and risk of theft
      The paper currency originally built
         On top of gold can be moved faster
            And digital money even more quickly
               Yet is controlled and limited through
                  Centralized entities that limit transfers
                  We need a money that is lightweight
               And easily transported anywhere at
            Very low cost, AND has no controls
         Or censorship - truly open to people
      Everywhere in the world - a money
   Very hard to steal, but easy to send
Bitcoin is supremely portable money
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George Krokos Aug 24
I'm all for love in case you haven't yet been told
and not for any amount of money can it be sold.
You may well ask what price this love would fetch
if traded on the open market by a hand to stretch?
The answer would be that on whatever given day
this love in my heart isn't for sale at all anyway.

No one, except God, could have access to the source
out of where love springs from and knows its course.
Attraction and repulsion are the main forces at play
and determine at what distance one's love will stay.
An awakened spirituality is based on universal love
that's blooming in the heart with a light from above.

We all have an urge to go beyond a certain limitation
that's been holding us down without any justification.
Past life impressions hidden in the subconscious mind
can play a significant role in life that's mainly to bind.
Pure love freely given can have a transforming effect
on all those around who imbibe its goodness to affect.
Written July-August, 2020
Atlas shrugged, and the world fell
In violence and despair
Thank God for the rise of Bitcoin
Equitable, fast, and fair

With Galt’s Gulch we take our stand
Our sovereignty to prepare
As Bitcoin keeps on winning
Equitable, fast, and fair

With cancel culture all around
Censoring what you share
Bitcoin is permissionless
Equitable, fast, and fair

With dollars losing value fast
Act smart and stay aware
Hold Bitcoin - based on scarcity
Equitable, fast, and fair

A truth and freedom machine
To which nothing can compare
A portal into cyberspace
Equitable, fast, and fair

The Alpha asset taking ground
For everyone, everywhere
Bitcoin’s here to save or spend
Equitable, fast, and fair
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thin. paper thin.
here is a bonus. (or is it bogus?)

the order of release.
the order of dead pages gliding in the wind.

advertisements for adopting a lonely asteroid or building fire extinguishers in your spare time.

the rain of acceptance comes with dark clouds of shipping and handling.

just check the appropriate box and send it in. send it in now!
When crypto fans approach us
And say “We’re on the same team”
Invite them to grasp our vision
And see if they share our dream

Say, “Great, now you’re joining us to…

Adopt seizure resistant money?
Boost personal power and accountability?
Separate money from state control and abuse?
Restore proper capital allocation through hard money?
Forsake the fiat fraud and cancel the Cantillon privilege?
Allow people to simply save and store value through time?
Cultivate new freedom for billions of people under tyranny?
Abolish the theft of our time and wealth through debasement?
Increase long-term work and vision in all areas due to stable money?
Abandon foolish agendas and wars made possible only by printing money for free?”

Then they can humbly join us
Bitcoin’s purpose in their mind
Or see they are “not on our team”
And sadly - get left behind
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In the current financial system we never can
   Know the future increase of money supply as
      This is decided by a few powerful people who
         Are not elected or chosen by the citizens, yet
            Rig the game for the benefit of those in power
               Monetary Inflation rate for 2024?  We don’t know              
                  Monetary Inflation rate for 2025?  We don’t know
                  Let’s gain surety by using a Bitcoin Standard
               Which has a perfectly predictable issue rate
            The new coin inflation rate for 2023?  1.78%
         Inflation rate after halving in 2024?   1.1%
      Knowing these figures exactly for the next
   100 years and more gives people surety
And businesses foresight and stability

Stats on Bitcoin Issuance when this poem was written 6/14/23
Total amount of Bitcoins to be mined:  21,000,000
Bitcoins in Circulation:  19,401,756
Total Bitcoins left to mine:  1,598,024
Bitcoins Generated per day: 900
Bitcoins Generated per day after halving: 450
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Healthy bran cereal on discount for 2 dollars!?

I was really happy.

it had the daily fibre
it went well with honey
it just tasted nice

After my victory snack, I gently went to sleep...

Good morning.
(it expired 5 months ago)
Happiness comes in the cheapest of prices
And expired of dates
My time has come
“We are the US government”
We can print out of thin air
Mister Sherman says aloud
Which should be quite a scare

But yet he says of Bitcoin
(Amazing that he can dare)
That bitcoin isn’t valuable
But created from thin air

Bitcoin has a cost to make
A cost that can’t compare
To fiat’s cheap and easy flow
Debasing the saver’s share

Thank you Mister Sherman
For making us all aware
Of your Cantillon privilege
Printing money from thin air

Study what a bitcoin costs
To make one - with work & care
And you’ll see Bitcoin’s value
Come join and get a share

Thank you Mister Sherman
For helping us to prepare
As our dollars get debased
Since they’re printed from thin air
You can see this poem on a background here -
Look up Representative Brad Sherman Out of Thin Air
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