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Winter long last has arrived
I'll hibernate In order to
survive lack of money lack
of heating the expected
harshness of long drawn out
winter days got to used to the
exceptional summer we had
await the thaw the arrival of
Spring again sun come bursting
Winter cold no heating no money I'll do
as the bears hibernate
". . .poverty robs individuals of the life of the mind, of spiritual comfort and of the consolations of intimacy and emotional bonds."

-Maura Spiegel, Introduction to 'The Jungle' 2003 edition, Barnes and Noble Classics
Amber 1d
a treasure chest filled with gold.
is that all we need?
we go through so much just to get that money?
instead of wasting time finding that treasure,
why not find a hobby
or spend time with your loved ones,
feel love and happiness.
money will never satisfy us.
Speak my peace-
Euros, pesos, and money ****.
Chambered living,
Hustling to get out the crust,
Frustrated in time.
Golden coins wait for no one.
We seek above our pay grade,
With our Diploma’s in check but,
the amount of schooling
does not reflect the time spent
in a broken living.
Restricted by the cards laid on our deck,
Born rich, live rich-
But how many of us rise above poverty?
There is a system to this.
Chasing a dream to catch,
Suppressed by the gold and silver.
Working all the time-
When do we live?
Like the job we have
Is the place where we were born,
Calling it our home.
Money manipulating our minds
Making us lose ourselves.
Paper green consistency,
Measured by the piece.
Speaking my peace-
Who to trust when money’s spent?
Greed for green cause consistent evil
within societies.
Fortune equals fraud.
We hustle hard for an assimilated living.
Money makes us make moves.
I hold no doubts,
That through the pyramid structure of economic range,
I will cruise,
I will elevate,
Because I, see I
Will break my chains.
We have one life to live,
One life to be in the presence.
So bread will not make me a brawler,
I will not be enslaved by a dollar.
If money be the root
Of all evil, let evil take root
And blossom into roses
To sweeten my tuition fees.
I move onto University next year. Here's hoping I get a decent loan.
Fa-la, la-la, *******-la!
Deck your halls, don't skimp on the holly.
It's the season to be jolly -
Shelve you woes, wrap up your ills,
use your credit, put off the bills.
Follow us for merry pleasure,
you know we're all in this together.
It's just started, it's one long trial,
but we'll get through it, just fix that smile.
Not an easy season for many, but still the expectation to be jolly.
So I live like a child.
Does it matter? No order, late, happy.
Should I get caught up in a relationship or work only for money. Na ah Im better off dealing with myself first. I dont see why people get to hate themselfs or maybe its the crayons speaking.
Look at our daughters
They now show no ill in laying with men old as their fathers
Look at our sons
Nothing is holding them back from scamming the green people with their bad brain and laptops

Look at our mothers, fathers, the young men and alike; women,
They now have no time for their own children,
Everyone is too busy searching for just one thing,
And that is known as MONEY!

Why will a lady lay with a dog?
Or why’ll she prefer to be known in the environ as a hog?
Is it not just for one thing?
They choose to sell their body?

Why will a schooler choose to become a drop-out with no good passion?
But he’s trying to boycott hardships and hardwork
He’ll just join the bad gang
And will receive money off stealing from the innocent man

He’ll swerve off money from the fleeceable parents
And to all their good, he’ll put an end
He’s not *******
He just wants the wealth; in anyway it comes and at whatsoever cost, he cares less!

Blame it on the money,
What is ours is now owning us,
And we still show no remorse,
As even today, some of your sons and daughters are still singing this MONEY SONG!

©Emmiasky Ojex
This poem talks on how money has thwarted humanity in the world
Casey Rodger Nov 3
"Do something you love" they say,
"And you'll never work a day".
Others tell me to sacrifice,
Hate my job and hate half my life,
"Do something you're good at, though not so fond,"
"In order to have and do the things you want".
One day they will see,
All that stuff they "need",
Doesn't really matter, or isn't their soul purpose,
Look back on their life and wonder if its worth it.
Find what brings you alive, than go live it!
All you have is time, and its yours - every minute.
Theres more to life than working for some thing or some one,
When i found my passion i knew i had begun.
What am i preaching in this rhyme ?
We should be more focused on how we spend our time,
Rather than how we spend our money,
Which at first might seem funny,
But ask yourself - What am i here to do?
Work for me? Or work for you?
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