IrieSide 44m

I came to a crossroad
they asked me to grow old
marry a girl, settle down
and become like you

It hurts it does
this change of phase
I made a deal with an angel
to stay here and watch you go

Similar stories
they've done this all before
same old voices
these same old things

Won't forget my vow  
the destiny I choose    
to hang onto adventure
and take a different road

I won't go with you,
oh hell no
stay true, stay true
etched permanently
upon internet wires
more permanent
than any stone

I will escape
I will, I will

Cricket was started by the English,
They have a lot of spare money,
Too much more spare time,
But India has to work,
And cricket is the deterrent,
It restricts our national growth,
A trace of occupation by the English.

Cricket is such a wasteful expenditure of time and money for a developing nation like India.

Today the people of India need soccer, athletics, swimming, archery, shooting, basketball, volleyball and other sports.

Encourage Indian people to play other better sports.

My HP Poem #1598
©Atul Kaushal

Dust mites and terabytes.
A simple recipe for humanities blights.
Thoughts form not into structures,
but paper you keep forgetting to take out of your pocket
when you throw your jeans into the dryer.
Flyers online consume our nation
as society mimics intimacy
through the twist and turns of an online server.
Just out of touch enough
to create the illusion of choice.
A high IQ regains the reality of vision
further blocked by the rose tinted glasses
hanging on the wall of every store.
What use is hiding behind a screen
when the only enamored party you have
is the one you've fabricated in your head.

Alan Crilley Jun 15


And Alan is around all alone
begging banks for balance
catching cards collectively,
expanding expenses everywhere.


He's a tosspot; doesn't care.
She's a mother; never there.
He's a brother; needs affection.
She's a sister; no protection.

charlie t Jun 14

it’s like you burn the w
hole world
in a shadow pot of money

       and i should know
       i live in the sunlight

it’s funnyha
that you speakha ha
       in a tongue that nobodyha ha ha
ha ha ha ha(idiocy)
                            i shouldn’t be laughing
though because people are dy
ing right under yo
ur shoe
       (boo hoo)

I pledge Allegiance
To the Oil Company of America
One nation
Under Petro-Oligarchs
Who think that they're gods
With Liberty and Justice
For no one.

Sam Anthony Jun 14

Is it better to get more money? Let’s say that it is.
It is better to get more money.

Is it better – for the poor – if everyone gets more money, even if that increases inequality?
The right – who think they are Right – say:

Yes. Disproportionately rewarding the wealthy with wealth creates wealth and quality of life, which the poor can now afford.

The left – who think they are Right – say:

No. Disproportionately rewarding the wealthy with wealth creates wealth and quality of life, which only the wealthy can afford.

So who is Right?
Let’s answer that question with two more questions:

What does “quality of life” mean?
Is it better to get more money?

Eleni Jun 12

She's gone-
My medicine had thus enchanted her.
Her darkened brain becomes a slave
To the hot pangs of hysteria
And those violet tears hang on her face, like vines of Wisteria.

But, alack!
The bogey man is coming to sweep the streets
And with his blood-curdling presence
He brings his seven princes;
Heosphoros leads the way and severs
My lady's vagus with his impale morning star.

I hear weeping- is something emerging, from the molten sea of infierno? Pish! She now kneels before
The shrine of Mammon and pleads
'Heavens forfend! I must seek the ash
Path to prosperity and pretend!'

My lady's face no longer beholds
That youthful dew and that
Ethereal pigmentation of her visage.
No, no she has become achromic,
Anaemic, artic...

...I embosomed her in my arms
Tried minerals, drugs, spirits; hymns
Yet she has exchanged mortality with
Immortality: and has pleased only the Night Deity.

1 'seven princes' refers to the seven princes of Hell
2 'Heosphoros' is an alternative name for Lucifer or the Devil
3 'Vagus' refers to the vagus nerve, responsible emotional stress and speech movements in the mouth. Thus the suffering woman has become corrupted.
4 'Morning star' as in the spiked club weapon
5 'Infierno' Spanish for 'Hell'
6 'Mammon' referring to one of the seven princes of hell associated with greed of money
7 'Night Deity' one of them is Phobetor, the Night Deity of nightmares.

NB. I am solely using these references for the enjoyment of writing poetry and imagination and not because of my religious or personal beliefs.
sunprincess Jun 7

His self-portrait's quite alluring
and screams desperation
Wonder why he felt desperate?

Perchance money, fame, romance
Or an urgent need for medication?
Suppose we shall never know..

"The Desperate Man" 1844-45
By artist, provacateur
Jean Courbet

I feel like dying
a death they'll count in likes.
Always second. Next best
  option -- may he rest in peace.

So many people other than me.
Having to apologize for bleeding
  on the knife in my back.
You cheated on me -- please still love me.
There are so many other men -- please
  let  me  be  your  eternal.

I'm a side bitch, worth my weight
  in wallet and dick. My head of
hair is curly. Tangles of fun;
  all connected to ordinary brain.

Tell me your proud, father.
Tell me I'm worth something, mom.
Am I contributing to the economy, America?
May I crumble so that my pieces fill
the cracks that I could never fill.

So many thin, druggy boys and
a crazy, heroin-honey are trying
to stomp me like the virgin dream
that I am. Pure Side Bitch. Pure
Side Bitch. Graphic designers
and killers, oh my.

But wait!
It couldn't be me
  that you're speaking to.
Die for the American Dream?
  You want me to write for
no one to read? You want me
  to fuck until I can feel?
You want me to fall apart
  and be taken care of by someone
who isn't even born yet?
  You want my money.
  You want my sex.
  You want my violence.
  You want my soul.
  You want me on one side.
  You want me to kill my brother.
  You want me to be red or blue.
  You want me to pick a news channel.
  You want me to uncover my camera.
  You want to regulate me.
  I am your side bitch. I am your
  side bitch. You can destroy me
  and I will apologize for the
  mess my body made.

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