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In the thinly spindly Glen
Resides a lonely clucking hen.
Strut and peck, flutter and fluff
The bugs she eats are never enough.
Leaves ripple with the sound
Whispered quiet a question resounds,
"Why not fly South this year?
Freezing frost will soon be here."
It's a metaphor, for people who hate winter but don't make enough money to go south and avoid the snow.  I haven't finished the poem yet.
it's our most requested feature
it's our most commonly ignored request
give us more money
then we will maybe work on what y'all suggest
Where is my mind
the sunset is always pink in my eyes
skater boys ridin around, nothing but freedom on their minds
all the grunge girls just wanna be loved
all the rich girls just wanna be grunge
spending all their money to look like they spent none

Where is my mind
misfit teenagers are getting jobs
wonder what they're gonna spend their money on

Where is my mind
you're in the car and it's late at night
the radio is on and his hand is on your thigh
you're nervous as hell but it feels so right
he's older and his girlfriend is out of town
he picked you up, just to get down

Where is my mind
all the girls wanna look like celebrities
just take off your make up and get down to the melody

Where is my mind
he's sitting with all of his friends in lunch
she's sitting alone with all of her thoughts

Where is my mind
all the kids are swallowing the drugs
drowning out the lies
with the promise of love

Where is my mind
she's writing poems and he walks by
doesn't even look her way
look at the journal, stained with his name

Where is my mind
wait till everyone leaves the bathroom
sit down in the stall and muffle your tears
but just make sure that no one hears

Where is my mind
money makes the world go round
money makes a man bow down
money makes a little girl cry as she has to leave her house and say goodbye

Where is my mind
he sees her cheeks are stained with tears
hes known this look for many years
he quickly looks away as if he'd never seen,
and his eyes glaze over
all peace and serene

Where is my mind
open up your laptop at 2 a.m
figure out how many pills it'll take
to do you in.
wrote this a couple years ago after my first, or so I thought, heartbreak
Andrew Aug 2017
We think in money patterns
No peace from here to Saturn
When we live in money caverns
Tranquility lies in the clatter
Of echoes bouncing off walls
Traveling down darkened halls
Yet to be seriously explored
Where knowledge is stored
But the paths are abyssal
Leading to our dismissal
We cower next to the fire
It once provided light and warmth
Now we're just fascinated by it's chaos

I know I'm right
Eventually humanity will evolve
And if humanity doesn't reach that point
I'd be more correct than I'd like to have been

We need to withdraw from this system
And buy stock in each other
Whether you're Muslim or Christian
We should still be brothers
For we pursue freedom
As they purchase kingdoms
We wither in the waters of their wealth
We can see this isn't good for our health
When our species' main asset is empathy
And understanding
Now reaches no longer than the interest fee
And we're damning
Ourselves to a life in the furnace
With no humanity to be purchased
She was a modern Red Riding Hood in disguise,
As sly as a fox,
I had flaws too,
I was broke but spent like the rich.
We painted the town red,
Had gala time  in bed.
Suddenly she left without a word,
For me,she was good riddance,
I was knee deep in debt.
Out of the blue she resurfaced with a baby boy,
Claiming the child was mine,
Mother said,"Do the right thing."
So I married her.
Soon she realised I did not lay golden eggs,
Instead I was persued  day and night for money,
She disappeared  leaving the boy with me.
Again mother said,"Do the right thing my son."
So I had the DNA of the boy and mine checked,
It did not match,
I had her tracked,
I left the boy with her together
with the copy of the report.
I could not keep something that was not mine.
When I returned home mum gave me a bundle of notes,
She said,"Do the right thing,
pay me later."
So I paid off my debts.
I work hard and stay within my earnings.
ollie Sep 12
When I was thirteen I finally realized there’s no way I could go to college
Rephrase: There’s one way I could go to college
I’m too talentless to win scholarships
People say I stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd but not enough to be chosen for money
Never enough
When I was twelve I learned that Harvard offers free tuition and dorm to students whose families make less than 100,000 dollars a year
And I laughed
Because I thought that was everyone
Turns out it isn’t
But it sure as hell is me
So I try so hard
Hard enough that I can get into a program there
I realize high school is a competition
We’re ranked for a reason
And I’m starting at the top
I will never let anyone take me down
I can’t afford to
Literally and figuratively
I know it sounds ambitious
I know I sound insane for even thinking I could get into that school
But it’s the only way
So I’m climbing
And I will never miss a step on the ladder of success
Because I know what it looks like to fall
it’s weird but i would die to get into harvard. it’s an incredible education and they’d pay for my tuition - it’s honestly my only chance at college and i know i’m smart. i know i could do it but it’ll really be hard
Bexis Sep 7
No matter how hard you work...
No matter how much you make...
No matter how much it takes...
It is never enough.

Let me say that again!
It it never enough.
You live your whole life to make as much as possible.
No matter the cost.

Work 3 jobs, work over 60 hours a week.
Only to get a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.
Because you have to have your own bathroom.
You have to have the best of everything.

You talk about your dream house.
Yet you can't even afford to fix up the house you live in.
Talk about how many people are going to leave you money when they die.
To talk about how rich you'll be.

Here I am.
Scraping by.
In a cheap apartment.
Barely afford to get groceries.

But you know it's no skin off my back.
I have something way better than being rich.
At least I have a place to live and a job.
I have a girlfriend who I would die for.

Some things are better than money.
I am glad I know this.
I am glad I don't run in circles for it.
Life is what you make it.

If that's what you make it about, that's okay.
I choose to believe there is more to life than that.

This side of paradise                                                       ­                           
                      located just across the threshold
                      of those delicate clothes              
                      underneath that soft pink skin  
                        stretched over those lovely bones
                      Rosalind, how those eyes hold    
                     the constellations of my love    
                       hold me close, dear
                      and let go our fears
 of class
    of money
                       let us not go hungry
                                                eat the plate that feeds                     
The other side is looking greener                                                        ­    
                                               like the color of money,
                                                      a serpent hissed in your ear
                                             what a fitting surname
                                            Ryder, on the coattails
                                               it's not love, its security
                                for your family
Thank God for prohibition                                                    ­                    
paradise was starting to look hazy
Subrat Rath Sep 5
I am not poor because I believe that money is not power but goodness and holiness.
I try to be a human first and money comes to me automatically.
Money does not make a man it is always man who makes the money.
Do not belittle me if I have no money.
Because powers of the mind are infinite and mind can make billions of money if it wishes.
But that is not the thing.
I remain honest,intelligent and wise.
I have full faith on Lord.
He will give me enough money to fulfill my hopes and dreams.
With complete surrender and faith on Him I move on the path of peace,progress and prosperity and pray for global harmony and peace.
Money does not make the man. It is always man who makes the money. Following certain strict life principles and becoming divine we can earn money at ease.
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