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grave 6d
well, insurance won’t cover my therapy anymore, but at least writing is free.
i mean. it’s not free in the sense that one needs writing supplies but hey, you get the point.

The truth of the number on it, is false
Run around miserable like a fun waltz
Dance in worship to the note, cattle, tooth
Die of tire before seeing the sad truth

The details on notes like the details that give
it power. Pushed with precision, live
men making money’s labyrinth return to
their hands, but they also wait in death’s queue.

If you need an easy buck, cut down trees, mine
coins, give it your own value. Undermine
the banks, make hatred useless, love priceless,
crush evil’s markets and invest in greatness.

That dumb note, the ruler slaving you away
The truth: it’s value is whatever you say.
Money makes the world go round
Alan S Bailey May 19
Wise person says,
You can't buy happiness
Without learning that something
Always gets lost upon
The return to reality.
Get lost on the way to achieving enlightenment?
Well maybe this can help.

Growing up is so hard to do when growing to become shallow and vain,
may someone find joy in money...? Or whatever that foolishness is.

Simple free-verse wisdom
I shouldn't complain
But I don’t like this rain
Because it won’t drain.

The water’s rising
And rising and rising,
But it’s not surprising.

I was ******* mud,
Selling blood,
Begging for a flood

When I heard the spiel
Of the Rainmaker -- Deal!
Ah, water’s feel.
There once was a man who didn't know what to do with his money
He saved it all for a rainy day
But that rainy day never came
He lived modestly and tightfisted
Deprived himself from many pleasures
But when the time drew near for him to die
He realised that all good things he had denied himself
Were to become someone else's pleasures and treasures
Too late it had dawned on him that he had existed for a short time
But that he had forgotten how to live for a long time
sean achilleos
morseismyjam Apr 20
Guys like us don't get breaks
with our unshaven faces and manky hair and eyeliner.
Our work-torn jeans colorful tattoos and pierced lips a warning,
Aposematism in human form.
Guys like us don't get breaks
We claw and drag our way not to the top,
but to the surface.
Ain't got no daddy's money.
Ain't got no daddy, or wish we didn't
cause he comes home
talking 'bout how he didn't raise no ******.
(He didn't raise nobody).
Guys like us don't get breaks.
Nothing but mildewy rooms
McDonalds for dinner washed
down with cheap *****
Another Thank you for applying but...
Rent due the 24th.
alone at night again.
Guys like us don't get breaks.
This was inspired by a friend of mine in a way. Being young, queer, and poor *****
Carlo C Gomez Apr 18
It's 'pay up' time

But under my pillow
The next morning
A clipping of
Lillian Brown's household hints?

Apparently this guy pays
A whole lot more
For a perfect tooth
Than one in remarkable decay
When I was born - mother collapsed
then she got well - never came back

Daddy was gone - most of the time
when he returned - we were attacked

Sister was told: "Feed her or else!
Mix it up right.  Keep your trap shut!"

Daddy got poor - sold me for food
babies were best - earned the best cut

As I grew more - daddy was rich
hooked on the sale - power it brought

I wanted out - pleaded my cause,
he forced me down - never was caught
We can walk to the other side
One by one, our minds open wide
A better money - a better way
Walk to the other side today

Walk to the other system now
Feel the freedom it allows
Leave the distorted money scheme
And join the secure Bitcoin stream

When you walk to the other side
Help others cross - as humble guide
Pave the path and improve the way
Use patience in what you do and say

Our money will only stick around
With a money system truly sound
So walk to the other side with me
That we and our children can be free
This is Bitcoin Poem 004 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
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