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The gentle pain
of existence
Softly caresses
the echoes of your heart

And when you feel tired
It turns and hugs
As the shiver on your skin
Giving you a kiss

The curse of that endlessness
An infinite desire from separateness
Taking a lifetime of beingness
To give you the love from wholeness

I sometimes feel
All of my life in one
single undivided moment
All the emotions
All the beauty
All the love
All the pain
At once...
Tizzop Oct 14
winter holidays and you become snow
between glaciers and silver towers
among apes, wizards and goons
you become snow in the winter

as you turn into what you dread
as you turn into this being
a viking, werewolf, you name it
may the games begin, you may die

beneath the surface of your dreams
beneath red heavens and families
in times of hunger, you stay focussed
you become snow in the winter

as you turn into another, an: other
snow is flooding the news flash
sinners, brothers and sisters
burning sandstorms, playful twisters

elijah's path is covered with thorns
roses **** the innocent and they cry
wild roses turn into winter snow
raise your head, watchin' them grow

clocks, the same time, worldwide
remember the oaths of the old ones
remember them praying in the snow

...and turn into this being
andTilly Oct 12
so here I am, here I go.
here I put my bottom, base
on this shiny, gleamy surface.
my face gleaming with joy.
sitting, I can’t help but babble
about how every movement moves a bubble,
and how my wetness combines with
the wet and cold from underneath.
how about a nap, I ask?
how about some deserved rest?
it seems like an easy task,
I don’t mind a random pest.
laying down I feel the caress
of the cold and liquid hand.
hugging me down, I am flawless
in my sparkly pose to mend
my sleeping missed. all went
good so far, I’m thinking.
I’ll close my eyes for a wee bit.
after sundown I get up.
to sit some more, wet in my lap
enjoying my portion of sunshine knit
by those warm golden hands of her -
the almost-sleeping beauty curved.
caress me more while you can,
in the night I’ll entertain my man
the colder, bolder, plumpy gent
who’ll make wet more cold. I can
get ready to meet him, instead
more sitting there, rather than
unnecessary lifting the good-for-nothing clothes.
already having gone through these roads
I’ll lose my covers anyhow.
now ******* to wow
the silver moonlight. after all will be over
he hands me down a four-leafed clover,
laughing how good a joke that always is -
knowing where my ***** sat and sits.
I’ll smile politely and nod
understanding time to cover myself, not
anymore waiting to be in the spotlight.
reaching a new low in such height,
indecisive about what to do, I’ll choose
not to choose. sitting in wet, red,
I don’t lose.
written on a Vienna->Stockholm flight
feeling lost and sold and cold
Erik Luo Oct 4
You felt that pain
More and more and more...
til you realized
the love it was

Oh, how much love it was
so much that it hurts
That you loved as pain
and suffered as love
over and over

til the two becomes one
and ends
In a love so great
that it stopped existing...

Then it begins again
Repeating, growing, loving, hurting
Even more
As you
It’s all love.
Erik Luo Sep 26
The stormy night below the shadow
of the heart of your gentle soul
That has passed a thousand voices
of these endless whispers from you

The dreams of heaven are taking over
the sea of clouds, moving
As they danced, they laughed,
and cried a little rain

What is here, you asked
With great wonder and confusion
You are here, I said
And smiled at your heavenly existence

As it falls through your eyes
it reveals
That you are this unknowable being
With infinite love and endless dreams

And then you said to me
with a faint echo, through eternity

I love you...
You are love
Erik Luo Sep 25
It’s easy to compare yourself
and feel lack
But know that
there is no absolute good and bad
The things you are going through
Are giving you something
that others don’t have

Every point of the journey is beautiful
And wherever you are on it
Follow your love
And just be
And enjoy
I hope this simple one makes you feel better.
If you danced with your own steps
You’d get on better I expect
No gratitude no latitude

In dancing here or there but see
New views unfold and how
Things work advantageously

Almost of course you’ll need
Some company as you succeed
But say now say now

And promise me you would accept
Or could find time for both of us
If you danced with your own steps.
VKBoy Sep 20
A fox in the desert
A tiger in the mountains
A lion in the prairie
An owl in the sky
A river horse in the rivers
An orca in the ocean
And a human in the world at large.
By: Yohann Rosenthal, Shambala Sect
rhiannon Sep 6
How is it that the human being?
can be at once so fragile-
paper skin and glass bones
that bleed and ache and heal and wither
and yet so terribly resilient;
defiant in the face of its own mortality
(but its faithful subject all the same)
What is the brain?
the fleshy soul of the body
if not stubbornly defiant of its own demerit;
stalwart in its convictions-
a ****** soldier cleansed in the flames
of its own self immolation
and yet- resilient- terribly so
hellbent on survival
And what is life?
but a series of trials by fire
a never-ending procession
You march the vestiges of the people you once were
to the gallows to be hung
and they fight and they holler and
they haunt you into the next incarnation;
they demand to be seen
they demand to be loved
But what is love?
if not a sharp and knifelike thing
vengeful in its cut as you hold the fabric to the light
and says this is not good enough
If you ever hope to love yourself
you must be better
and those who come too close
bleed on you
and they will be angry at you for it
You are bound to this body
that holds you and carries you
and one day it will carry this anguish into the dirt
yes this body will become a corpse;
the trauma it holds is not eternal-

but for now it needs a home.
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