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George Krokos Jan 31
If at times we have to swallow the bitter pill of remorse
we may at first appear to sound much like that of a horse.
And when copious tears flow they tend to purify our being
leaving us with an inner peace and clearer sense of seeing.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Phyllis Hand Oct 2021
I want to understand
But time eats me
A fallacy presenting
Sometimes in beauty
Sometimes in loss
All imagined
Here I am delusional

Please, let me be
One, one with all
I can see me in you
The pieces fit together
In a puzzle we never realized
We fragmented
The picture itself is whole
Phyllis Hand Oct 2021
Tryin’ to figure this thing out
Heart flying
Straight up leaving behind
This mind of mine
Why are we moving
And to where
Why now
Why am I so detached
From the then and the now

To be alone is desired
A sense of inner peace
And yet I couldn’t even tell you
What that means

Seeking reasons for beliefs
Supreme beings to believe in me
Some chains to bind
So I can escape and say I’m free

Clinging to the cleaning
Of inner space
Endless torment
When faced with rejection
Of expectations
Innocent sentiments
Soon cemented
Into views of how the earth
Should be

Move me, stream
Fill my lungs if you must
But I hope that I may be present
So that I can open up
Done with the dissociation
Futile, now
What once saved me as a child

I’m alive
I am here
There is so much to be done
Not to neglect portals
to Being
the Way and One
Billie Marie Sep 2021
there are less and less words
no sound
ceaseless knowing of Silent Stillness
can we know other than this
can we hide behind a mask for too much longer
will the Akash bear our burden again and again
each moment we are here
there is less and less
we are most certainly One
there is nothing
there is only us as we have always been
can you stand the silence of your own insignificance
can you keep writing when there is no one to read
David Bojay Sep 2021
the realm of illusion
not much more illusory than in the physical world
extreme unreliability
impression by the unseen seer
changing forms
an object seen as it were from all sides at once
the inside as if the outside
inadequate language
frequent reversal
astral light
as 931 and so on
capable masters
great hurry and carelessness
all possible forms of illusion
how do i deal with phenomenons like this
few words are needed
death is easier to face than to try and wrap my head around (life)
it's not about seeing correctly, but translating what is being seen
trying to carry my consciousness without it breaking
from physical to astral... and back
possibility of recollections could partially be lost or distorted in the blank interval
experiencing between breaths
the root of this moment to the next
the inevitable now
spirits unfortunately dormant
we'll soon build up the courage
Alicia Moore Sep 2021
I heard an echo of myself ask,
“why do we have a body
if it is just destined to perish?
What matters in the balance between?”

I’m now waiting for a clear, starry night sky
to show them the purpose of persisting in a body
that is forever running towards headstones.

They will soon be able to
rest in peace
among the beauty of night.
Norman Crane Aug 2021
we are lapses in
judgement, human and divine
accidents alive
Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
The connecting notion is "blindly, without foreseeing."

From <>

Sad, you, city child, silly old man says.
Sad, you, city child, saying so hateful a thing,
saying you would hate being a bird,

saying you cannot imagine having nothing to do,
but fly around heaven all day, scrounging
for scraps, ah
see those crows, hear their song,
are they laughing/
yes, at you.
I believe all black birds laugh, coo,
if you care, is common to doves, coo
to caw,
as a bird, these are common sense,
saying, I am here, now, if you care,
let me know,
this is my rest of the moment, time to feast.
I come to
eat the bugs that eat the dead,
caws, never any famine
until fire, or

catastrophic reordering of earthly things.
As when men lost sight of time signs,
trains of thought, fought all natural
signs of times too long for one
generation to know alone,
but watch,
hide, and watch.

Isotropic radiation field
pressure moulding matter
from raw mater, really
immaterial substances accruing
to act as a force in field, from
out to in
becoming one in time and nothing

Or drifting into sleep as sound
silence imposed enwraptured wait/

A mighty rushing wind…

Eight billion voices
counting cadence, 30 per,
once intuned as day to night,
global steps through ever empty
time continuance field-set-frames
expanding as we imagine unbelieving
in a structure so big,
us, no mortal takes so many breaths.
We listen, loosening tight why-knots in
wish reports so oft negated in time today,
I am in this wind passing as gas
of eight billion breathers, but
between the exspelled hex
human 'spiration, so soon
seeming freebird familiar
with the bass line,
my toe taps a happy dittydahdit dah didah.
- haps as happened,
- may haps per se
sent into the wind every minute or so.

keep looking, soon we see, you, there
suddenly blue shifting seeing me seem
no longer red and running away,
but we both are like fairy floss,
pale blue dot convergent
gentle minds, fitted with tamed tongues,

hearing laughter welcome the transformation.
Today I learned hygge {n.} and that temerity is not timidity de-ified.
Billie Marie Jul 2021
Enough already?
How much more can be said about it?
That which is. I suppose, DUH!
It’s obvious. So then, what else?

Is that how all this got started?
It’s not separate.
Merely a continuation.
Why does this one feel so close?
This one wanted to see the unfolding;
the start of rebirth.
All she knows will pass away.
What is this story for?
Why all this drama?

Karma - Evolution.
It is all just a story.
How are you telling it?
I am living - not living in the story.
I am the story.
The story is living me.
Can you see?
Make sense of this dream?

The mind can’t tell the whole story
it doesn’t know so it’s always frightened
building up compounds
and bunkers and reserves and complex logarithms
it’s crazy
then it tries to make you think you’re crazy
simply cuz you won’t take its medicine
isn’t that the very definition of gaslighting?
I call this freedom of information
freedom to know and not know
to see far into the future from the past
and now - still
there is only a snippet
you can see only a toenail
of the vast old beast
really you know not a thing
Billie Marie Sep 2021
So many insights come now.
I am not afraid.
I see everything

Layers upon layers of meaning
composite conceptual conditioned arrangement
yes just an arrangement
for the time being
just being in time
just one looking like fly eyes
into so many mirrors
dimensions within dimensions

Didn’t Babylon fall when it thought
it might reach past the sky
to conquer the abode of the gods
it had only created for itself to chase?
We are insane indeed.
Can’t you see all this is metaphor?
Those weren’t real people, they’ll say,
whose businesses were pillaged.
Not real children taken out
by strays intended for lost souls
left to **** another
and another day.
Are we willfully ignorant
or just born blind?
Doesn’t anyone care
to simply sit and pick
wild blackberries and dandelions?
Tell me a story
but, with a righteous hero
and a holy ending.
I am done with the mess
of this failed experiment.
I want power to be
without control.
This is power.

I am humbled by the winds.
Don’t you see this is the cause -
the cause of it all?
You can see.
Even wind,
you can see.
From my new poetry collection Crowning The Self in the Time of Corona
for sale on Amazon.
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