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Eric 2d
Is there a sun, within this void?
Is there real memories?
A part of me once seen.
Shown through the darkness.
So easily amused.
So easily oppressed.
The lack of social connection.
The lack of warming affection.
Someone out there, for the days of rain.
To make happiness arise, even through
ThatBrokenOne Jan 11
We write
We speak
We put words on paper
We say the things we want to

We think
We image
We memorise wat we think
We imagine what we want

We act
We react
We do what we think is best
We react to what others think is best

We are
We are to be
We are who we want to be
We are not always as we want to

We need
We give
We rely on other people
We give other people a pice of our mind

We say
We are
We say to be the person we want to
We are the person we say we are; in between the lines
We are not always the person we say we are. We are not always the person we write down. Because what we write down is just one perspective of our lives. We are what we don't say, we are what we say in between the lines
Looking on both sides of the fence
sure takes some stiff upper lip, I
haven't succeeded.
Have you, yourself, found success?
See, it's so easy with a different kind of head
to absorb the different energies around
you, so much so, you can't draw a difference
between yourself and the other.
In fact, you'll only draw in threes.
Holy? I'm no ******* fool. I see a loop
in the trinity that's ***** as my breathing.
Looking on both sides of the fence
sure takes some stiff upper lip, I,
to see the positive, won't erase the negative.
Giving credit, where I must just to survive,
I suppose I've found mild success.
Do I regret living? No. Not one ******* bit.
Give credit to myself, where I must to thrive.
I can't be the void that eats the positive
charges and value life.
I won't deny the beauty inherent in myself,
as I see it outwardly in all the lines preceding,
and the lines to proceed.
Caro Jan 8
Manifesting as a goddess
Island of light or ocean
Or earth
Or universe

I feel star threads attached to my elbows and my rib cage where wings would grow
We dance together

Lightly affecting these precious astral ones with my desires and my light

O humanity, O goddess in me
Part of that star-freckled deep blue black space

Magia, magic woman

So light and free and golden to be
Manifesting my life exactly as I want it. It feels good to be this clear. I feel radiant, brighter than the sun and cooler than the breeze.
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
to be behind the door
beyond the door to exist
be and exist
be behind the door together
coexist with
door in hand in hand
my door was spinning like
existence and how being

to be behind the door
beyond the door to exist
all forever be behind the door
forever forever wonder how I have
my hands were spinning in my hands
being existence is my being
the creature of the door behind the door I stood
in blizzards as usual in the hands of the living

Alan S Bailey Dec 2018
Look up: "Superman" by Five For Fighting.

Kermit sings music by a Muppet Band called Frog's For Fighting...! "It's Not Easy To Be Green, I Can't Stand When High"

I can't stand when high,
I'm not that naive...
I'm just out to find the better part of green,
I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a bear,
I'm more than some-frog in piggy's underwear,

And it's not easy-to be-e-green...

Wish that I was high, ****** and half asleep,
Find a way to lie-about my bud on Sesame Street,
It may sound absurd, but don't be naive,
Even Muppets have the right to green,
I may be disturbed, but won't you concede,
Even Muppets croak upon Skunk-****,

And it's not easy-to be-e-green...

Once again-I'm small-I'm small and GREEN, well it's
Alright! We can all get "stoked" tonight, and I'm not
Blazing...or anything.

I can't stand when high...I'm not that naive,
Drugs just get ya fried, on brownies buzzed on ****!

I'm only a frog on Jim Hensen's knee,
Wearing pink lingerie on this one way street,
I'm only a frog on Jim Hensen's knee-looking for
Older guys who wink at me,
WHO WINK AT ME...who wink at me...yea, who
Wink at me...e, who WINK AT ME...

I'm only a frog that's diggin' the green,
I'm only a  frog on kronic seven leaves,
I'm only a frog that's puffin' on green, and it's not easy...'s not easy to be-e

This is a spoof on Kermit getting high on *** and then cross dressing, don't forget comedy, so if you are in the mood to laugh, good fun!
Johnny walker Dec 2018
On days like these, my mind can wander through my past
some of those beautiful
moments of the first time being In love
with that someone so special
times to cherish moment shared with the one you love always wanting be together
at every opportunity possible make
every day count as If you're last
like you've never loved before but always there In times of need a shoulder to
cry on, to be a
Being there no matter what possible to make anyone lau
Rukhshona B Dec 2018
If you dare, you shall say
at 13 (as a teen) you will pray,
for all the trouble that is in your way,
as soon as to go away.
To be fair,
you need care
from the one that you dare
to say "Hey! I need love and care."
Because they will understand the wear
that your going through and from where.
As an adolescent I am experiencing a lot and this poem is in general about it. 11/30/18
Ormond Dec 2018
Scurrilous birds fly by,
To nest in the little painted
Houses left clear for them,
In awkward circles they romp
Their peculiar dramas
With ****** wings.

Do they even witness
The skies revolving canvas,
New masterpieces each day,
How the light shimmers
In the sparkle rays of sun,
How the golden fields,
Of vales in sighted sweep
And dance, airy etudes,
By the windfall gusts
So suddenly arising?

These visions are marks
For but few, who hear time
As it plays in stepped quartets
Of the spiraling seasons song,
For the lone mercies, gifts,
To ones most gentle, merest,
Spirited eyes who gaze deftly,
Deep in sacred days,
From a window.
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