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Palpebra Jun 12
if "what makes you happy?
could be answered in a
s e n t e n c e
to it would I say
everyone & everything
doesn't have to
m a k e  s e n s e

once we get this
r e f e r e n c e
we'll go on a joyous journey
embracing the
c o n s e q u e n c e
with so much
r e v e r e n c e

-We'll Be Happy
happiness is relative-
even if you are sad right now, remember you are happier in someone's eyes

happiness is a choice
Mona Nov 2020
interesting concept

it gives me eyes
yet constricts my vision
it cuts to the root, precision
a careful incision

distill patroticism
bathe in schism
schism of the past
no victory every lasts

build rafts
pay tribute to the past
but build the ******* rafts
appreciate your ancestors craft
but realise patrioticism is relative
we all have a past
something a lil different
Adi N Sep 2020
A tiny daring spider built a gorgeous circular web
on my window pane. It's in my view
again and again. I reserved
that spot as my look-out-to-think pane. But now
the spider has taken it, dare I complain.

Rain, wind and sun have blessed the spider’s dwelling,
as I watch him hide in the web’s corner wrapped in silk
and pouncing on his prey. He clearly is not scared
of me and uses the glass as god’s grace.

I ask him everyday-
But why that pane?
Do you have calendars or time constraints?
Are you in bliss, sadness, or pain?

He finally came, in my dream last night,
Dressed in a beautiful white silky robe, very bright,
and said in a husky voice-

Just like you, I am the creator’s creation,
Here to fully blossom in this incarnation ,
But you and I very different,
All life is relative, it's an illusion.
eli Feb 2020
maybe if to you, i didn't lie,
you're still alive.
maybe if i didn't talk back to you,
you're still here, real & true.
maybe if I wasn't naughty,
I wouldn't be visiting you in a cemetery.
maybe if I just listen to everything you've said,
you wouldn't be dead.
maybe if I made you more proud,
you'd sleep beside me safe & sound.
maybe if I didn't stress you so much,
I wouldn't write this such.
maybe if I was a good daughter,
your life lasted longer.
maybe if I didn't do all of those,
you're still here with me real close.

it's been 9 years,
and I still can't stop my falling tears...
for my mum,
i love you always, see you real soon.
Jena T Dec 2019
It's old and it's new
Going round or changing the numbers that accrue
Chiming and clicking for every moment I ever knew
A stranger that marks each second and moon of blue
Never dying on its march of eternity without a clue
That it was never real but only perception's fool.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2019
I am sorry for the words I say
When feeling down and blue
I only shout that I hate your guts
When I see you hate mine too
I am sorry for taking for granted
The little things done each day
Making food to cheer me up
Asking twice if I am okay
I am sorry for hurting your feelings
With selfish careless actions
I do not realize how harmful I can be
Until I witness your pained reactions
I am sorry for making you worry
Not listening to your advice
Blaming your flawed genetics
For the reason I'm colder than ice
You deserve a much better daughter
Who takes time to care
Someone not only always honest
But who also wants you to share

We live to see
The day I once again make you proud
I strive to grow
And be what you always hoped

That day arrives I will
Keep giving you what I can
You will be there every
Step of the way accepting me
For the miserable mess I am
Once again trying to switch it up a bit
Sehar Bajwa Dec 2018
love's a distant relative
dropping in uninvited
murmuring condolences for a girl I thought I buried away
eons ago.
love strikes when you least expect it.
Nylee Dec 2018
Truth is relative
it shows too many faces
one for each one.

The truth is,
truth lies to some
and lies are true to some
Kitt Dec 2018
The cigarettes that left your mouth
Put burn marks on my arms
The words that left your mouth
Made no marks
But burned just the same

I recoil at the smell
Of anything burning,
Cigars at dinner or fireplaces
Send me into a dark corner of my mind
I lose myself, forgetting why I came.
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