My oh My
How far we've come
from the ground to the tree
to the wind to the One

My gazing eyes
what beauty they see
my oh my...
it's you and me

The God we know is my solid stone
that has been by my side while you are gone

He keeps me patience
He sees my heart
I'm going to Him
when I feel weak
when I feel deep
because my oh my
He believes in me

and...He believes in you
because I pray for you
when all I wanna do
is walk up to you and say
'I love you'
Not giving up the hope in my heart. Not giving up on him. For God is with me, and knows He is above all this.
Can these wildflowers' scent
lure me to a high of
when things weren't so wild
and we could predict
the oncoming spring
and what this season would bring
I guess, in a way,
the wild times have come to a close
I just have to remember
to stop
and have a word with those flowers
and ask them
when they think I'll spring
The air tells me many things
and I think my time will come
Trish Jun 9
Pour a tea in a cup
To make satisfaction and love
Bring a warm blanket in a cold weather
To keep me warm and assured
A relaxing music to listen
To keep my mind at peace
Clothes that are thick
To keep me away from getting ill
A house with a fireplace
To make it comfortable to stay
A cold season reason nonsense
To make you look back and reflect
It's already rainy season here and people are feeling cold. Some look for cuddles in this kind of weather but alone with blanket is enough to make you feel warm.
The dry season of love has
                Gone Fishing
With a barefoot girl with a
                Rose in her hand.

Wind blown curls about
                Her as she
Strips from her head a
                Rainbow band.

Warmth and tenderness
                Wraps the banks
As she splashes into the
                Cool river.

And though it's day
                The Moon
Is high and in

Fishing season wasn't on
                Love's mind.

But there's no place for wading
As some Times are
                Sudden to find.
Micah May 25
Wavering heat lays atop the black asphalt
and it rolls
Bending and shaping the hardened tar
Summer hurts your eyes
and your lungs
as scalding warmth is drawn in
You taste the chlorine pools as you walk past them
and feel the thunderstorms forming on the tip of your tongue
It is a mixture of pressure and anticipation
But it is nothing compared to the smell
of someone walking in from being outside
The cool airconditioned air mixed with
the heat
the sweat
like a silvery metallic
and salt.
Simra Sadaf May 18
the beautiful season of spring
brings abundant happiness
in all your loneliness,
basking in evening hues
of rich purple lavender,
lilac scented wind blows
in the air,
pale primrose stretched in a line,
a view so fine.
Dika Agustin May 7
the clock rotates faster
I'm chasing possibility in every second
for I don't want to run out of time
growing up, growing old
wondering where all the season went
so many things I want to know
so many things I want to do
but here I am, stuck in my head and,
I still can't find the right answer
or maybe there's no end.
8pm on a May evening
as a day's birdsong wanes
drifting in on a warm breeze
to the centre of my being
a live feathered tweet
this soundtrack to Spring
is so difficult to beat
amidst the urban hum
the joy of a tuneful blackbird's
gift to its beaked beloved

To listen to a May evening
for the rest of my days
would clear a gathering
haze of uncertainty
no love for gloomy January
February snows breed woes
shivering in March's final
throw of the winter dice
Ambivalent to April showers
I'll take May, 'tis here I'll stay
My favourite month
There's a river
just threatening to spill over
unless this rain season ends
Some days I long for a drought
Can there be days full of sunshine
and no worries?
Does that exist?
A day of melting ice cream,
the meddling sun putting
you in a trance
and only the worry is
what you do with
so much day left
No threatening drops for once
or hearts freezing stiff
You just... be.
And the rivers are at bay.
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