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Diesel Jun 10
I miss my love, oh I miss my love so:
O' I miss my love so dearly, and I
Wonder where she'll ever go -
I miss her like winter misses leaves
I miss her like salt that ocean wear;
And I wonder if she'll ever breathe
The same breath that we forever shared:
O' I miss her like wind and rain,
like fire and ash - or something mean:
I miss her like heaven misses man
Or hell - I miss her as much too -
I miss her like glove does a hand
I miss her like colour misses blue.
I miss her like raindrops on a pane
Or babies when they cry at eve:
I miss her like a rooster does its hen
I miss her like blankets do the sheets.
I miss her, like any ocean dove
With a passion many moons above -
I miss my love with all my man
I miss her with a writing hand -
I miss my love so dearly so
I miss my lover
I miss her -
Sachiko May 29
I think my life is in season.
As spring blooms beautifully,
it gives an accurate definition of new beginnings.
But along with it, there were a lot of baggages that I needed to let go.
I find myself losing a lot of relationships.
It breaks my heart how it drastically changed.
I made a lot of beautiful memories with them.
Those memories were comparable to cherry blossoms.
It was so bright and full of energy.
But just like spring, it has to end.
Because life must keep on going.
Some people aren’t meant to stay.
I stopped trying not because I didn’t care.
Instead, I’ve learned how to accept things.
I still do love them. I love hard.
But I believe that I can still love them from a far.
I can’t wait for another chapter of my life.
Opportunities are always welcome.
As well as meeting new people.
And just like spring, it is a beginning of growth.
"Will you hold me in your loving embrace?"
"You will rise with the sun in my loving arm"
"I am a cut out stalk without root in the earth"
"I will be your renewal of hope every season"
"I am a weak youngling, to and fro I go with the wind"
"By my divine guidance you will grow strong and tall"
"I have no breath, no life for my survival"
"I will be the breath, the life you so want"
"Will the sun shine on; on me?"
"It love will caress your little beautiful face"
"What says you of the windy storm, rain and seasons?"
"Mine is to defend, yours is to be calm"
"My needs are endless, I did wary you of life"
"I will provide providence when you are in need"
"All you have given, what needs you from me?"
"That you shine, and be a hope of life to another"
melt crimson pie
buttercup trot
ripple seed drifts
pink snow rhodio
early clang
nettle treat pollen
fleece riot
blown out snow
dash rose pebbles
pinata spring
of hatchling gallops
dandelion spear
Kirsty Taylor Apr 25
People say you are either friends for a reason or for a season,
But isn’t a season a reason?

Some of the losses rip you apart,
Some just slip out from between your fingers,
Some don’t leave,
They are just thousands of miles away

You put pen to paper,
And eagerly await a reply
You call from time to time
And you save all you earn to go back and be with them again.

The thing about friendships like that they are worth waiting for.

Your reason becomes a season,
The season is summer.
Nicole Apr 13
Today, I planted a seed.
Laboring to follow cycles decreed.
The fertile soil I tilled
and the water I spilled.
Both blanket my treasure -
an anchor sprouting, I closely measure.
Taking root, it bears stem,
blooming to peak: a potent gem.
Now, the leaves broach to unfurl,
elevating dawn with a blossoming pearl.
Spring is the season for new beginnings - however they emerge.
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