Bobcat 46m

It's just one of those days that suicide seems like my friend
I try and I try but these thoughts never seem to end
I know it hurts you seeing me this way but I can't just pretend
That I'm okay and I'm happy but my brain just descends
I write out my suicide notes in a message to you and contemplate pressing send
I can't bring myself to burry you in my problems and this burden
Most times I look thoughtless but I just know you won't comprehend
What I'm thinking and what I'm fighting in this losing war that's within
I'm still trying to fight it but my only weapon is this pen
And since this pen is running low on ink I think its a good place for this to end

Sleepy willows,
Fall on down
In the forest air.

There they lay,
There they lie,
A stagnant existence
Full of unspoken sighs.

Once up high,
Servant to the season’s shifts,
Even they must die.

In dying bring life
In life more death,
Respiration receiving,
Their last relieving breath.

This theme and motif
Have been done
And done before.

So you get a kind of an encore,
The day's labeled lazy,
My mind's hampered, hazy,
And I'll pick these dead leaves up,
Off this sun-patched floor.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 16

Singing of wonders
Sweet chorus, stay by my side
Triumph in the spring

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell.

an early
moon made
falls shine  
and being
a kind
of archer
where he
was taught
with ingenuity
that ritual
his prowess
in hunting
would tell
arrows here
in forrest
succumbed to
their inclusion

Shahola in Pike County and one of sixty-seven in Pennsylvania..
Jobira Sep 14

I will take you away
From all the resentments and prey
For I love you so much to keep you at my bay
And forever make you smile without a tiring delay

Come run away with me
To explore the world beyond the reaching sea
As I'm waiting for you at the door and
Do not hesitate no more
Take my hands and don't let go
Let this smile on your face remain a glow
For I am here to stay
And I promise to give you all
Anything you wish that's under my control
No matter how big or small
I will never leave you alone
Even if the sky would fall
For I am here to stay
That's my promise,
when I take you far, far away

Now I am here my love
To embrace you with sweet gentle kisses
I have come to take you far, far away
To a promised land of fantasy play
Where oceans are silently dancing
To an oasis garden where birds
Are harmonizing and melodiously romancing
Under the blue sky and star filled night
When our soul will finally unite
In our divine universe
You and I, alone lost in our courses
In the expedition of twosome converse

@jobiranyc (9/14/2017)

This poem is inspired or more like a response to Seema's
"Take Me Away"  look it up under #weather #thoughts #season

I loved reading that poem, which is full of rich imagination and Seema is surprisingly liked the idea of a response to her poem, and even helped me with revising my poem.

I am forever thankfull for your inspirations and insights, Seema!!!
Seema Sep 13

My heart beats for a reason
That reason is you
The weather changes its season
The season seems new
My senses dwell in your thoughts
Alot, not just few
You make me whole
By carrying out your role
Not many people are happy about us
Each time our topic comes, there's always a fuss
People and my own despise our love
They confide with the gods in the heaven above
To get my feelings off you
They seem blinded, upon the words they chew
Nonetheless, I am made for you
There are hundreds waiting in the queue
But I don't care, what they think and say
I just want you to take me far away
From this place, to a paradise unknown
Where only the sun rays greet us alone...


In every little thing you do
Be fair and true
Not only for others good.
For what you sow, the world gives to you.
More than the seed you can hold,
Your harvest in multiple folds.

From the top, the ground is hard to see.
The ground is where we slept,
Where we dreamt,
And lept;
In hope to find our strength.
Up, you are today,
Heed, is all i'll say.
For next time you fall to the ground
It may be in the cold hands of death.

Poetic T Sep 9

When the bereavement  of a seasons passing
leaves fall like haemorrhaging droplets.

Tree's like skeletons of past life,
        waving in the wind.
Shadow now claw longer than before.

As life decays, beneath..
      frigid breath crawls along the landscape,
those left above entombed in decay.
mortality of surroundings..

Lyn-Purcell Sep 7

Winterfly of moonlit dreams.
With wisps of smoke, and coiling wings.
Snow drop falls.
On crisp brown leaves.
At the snap of a twig,
You rise from ash to sea of stars.
The sunlight dances on the fresh coat of ice.

Based on a lucid dream I had as a Winterbutterfly.
The Writer Sep 3

The world alight with brilliant flames
Crackling, roaring, and all-consuming
Slowly, slowly burning sun-kissed earth

Rusted copper and scalded vermilion
Tawny ochre and golden amber
A beautiful fire twisting, twirling its deathly dance

The blazing inferno destroys the world
Razing summertime's final last breath
With the charring remains of autumn once more

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