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MJL 1d
You survived and learned how it ends
Death's breathy review still warms your nose
Your first draft is in ashes
“Twice upon a time”
The short story begins
Enter The Gift
Winter, spring, summer, fall
No blustering drama here at all
Simply still on stage
In every scene
Playhouse to Broadway
A hit
My Fair Life
rain of spring
a new touch of green
to the barren hills
of the soul
the innominate raindrops
fade away
people with a
sunny day.
Wind of the season
cold or warm
interpreting the changes
of time
with temperatures
falling and growing
growing then falling
radiating the glitter of life
with colors
going south and north
coursing south
returning north
expressing a kind of spirit
with endlessness
the threshold
of the season
with gentleness.
warm sunshine
soft wind
in the season of rebirth
a light rain
can make life fresh again.
Withered leaves
cold sun
silent water
are the most beautiful sceneries
in the noble
autumn season
this may be everlasting
in the eyes of hurried padestrians
in this odorless season
no flowers no waves no snow
the autumnal street is blooming firily
a boat snuggling in autumn
the earthliness is touching
the sunlight
like gold powder
adrift in peaceful water
the moon rises
yearning melancholy haziness mistiness
have all melted in the lengthy
autumn night.
It's such a great day that it makes a man want to sing.
I'm very happy because today is the first day of Spring.
Knowing that the bitterness of Winter is over is sure to please.
Warm weather is coming and the leaves will return to the trees.
When March arrives, there's something that I always hold dear.
The cold weather will leave, Spring is my favorite time of the year.
First sun-warmed sand
First boots-and-socks-off beach
First ankle-deep stand in rushing water
First SPF rubbed on my face
First crocus pops up in the yard

Nearby, a young father begins
to teach his toddling young
how to fish.

Last high-country snowshoe
Last low-country woodstove fire
Last hot bourbon toddy
Last dreamy days of Pisces
Last longing for lost love melts away

Early over the mountain
the nearly-but-not-yet worm moon
spies the confluence and I below.

Here at the place where things change,
the wild world fills me
and I devote myself once more.

For one who is in love with the chase
And the glory of all things yet-to-be done,
The true rapture of Nature is in knowing
She is too Big, Wild, and Free to own.
(Like me.)
Donna Mar 11
I can hear a lawn
mower , someone’s cutting grass
Spring will be here soon
:) inspired this morn x
OpenWorldView Mar 11
Shy rays of light
paint warm hues
on dreaming eyes.

And a robin chirps
his morning song
in silver key.

Life awakens
all around.
You are very curious about who loves you,
You always share about those crush things,
But can't you just wait till the season becomes spring?
Right, summer is our only season here.

If I tell you, would you avoid me?
If I confess, would you still talk to me?
I am a coward, I know,
I'm just scared to lose you if I do.

I knew from the start,
That I have no chances for you.
But it's March, we are getting apart,
Should I take the risk?
Bunny :( What should I do?
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