Written by Diana Garcia
Trees sway and swoon as there leaves begin to decay
Soaring winds blowing all and even my sins away
Beneath these November trees are memories
Of summers past. Romances that would never last.
Laughs that still bring a smile, thoughts of whom
I haven't seen in a while.
Season change is inevitable, the leaves always fall
Even the sun descends and the moonlight always comes to an end
If all change can be seen could it all look so serene?
What a blessing it would be if my change
was as pleasant as the night sky
Maybe it is
or at least I can try..

Trying to refine Watch me evolve, yeah?
Daina Nov 7

There is no nectar more tantalizing than the rain of a November night-
not warm enough to bring beads of sweat to my skin-
and not cold enough to numb my fingers.

Jobira Nov 5

Yesterday, 9 bags of dead leaves came to my morgue. They used to live on the tallest tree on my backyard.

As I cleaned their dry and pale bodies, I felt sorry, because they no longer have their natural beauty. Their skins were parched like they never used lotion.

They lied on the table silently, and noticed not my touch. After I was done cleaning them up, I put them in 9 black trash bags.

No one was around to say goodbye, except me. So, I changed them into proper clothing, and gave them my tears as their head pillow, whilst preparing them for their viewing and their final farewell.

Their mother is still standing tall, barely naked, almost stone deaf to the pains the seasons inflected on her each year, for her children are being taken away, and their existence vanishes without any trace. Yet, she smiles through her unbearable pains, knowing she will bore more children again, in multiples, when another Fall comes back again.

She accepted her fate that the remaining young and beautiful children will also be gone, day by day, and soon will be forgotten, like the ones that were departed before them.

I kissed each one of them on their foreheads. They will be buried tomorrow, when the waste collector takes them to their final resting graveyard, with the other foreign bodies collected along the way.

Through it all though, it daunted on me about my own final days. I wondered, if anybody will be there for my final farewell.
Will I be buried alone or alongside my siblings? Or will I be like the 9 bags, dry and pale skinned bodies of these fallen leaves?

I hope somebody would be around, at least to clean my body, and change me into a proper clothing, so I would look like how I had used to be, before the day of the viewing.

@jobiranyc (11/5/2017)

Yesterday, I cleaned my backyard and filled 9 bags of dead dry leaves.
Donna Jones Oct 29

Upon golden leaf
A monarch butterfly lies
Her sweet memories

Last week I saw monarch butterfly it flew onto a leaf and remained there for most of the day was a lovely moment x
Liz Carlson Oct 28

warm colors all around that capture your eye.
soft sweaters and cozy hats everywhere you turn.
this season of change reminds us that we all die.
so we must take this life and try our hardest to learn.

Jobira Oct 27

The golden leaves are sobbing
Shedding their tears away
For Winter is pacing to arrive
With the fall of Fall’s dismay

The petals are falling
Soon to be a decay
Until Fall comes around
After a long time delay

Seasons come seasons go
The orange  leaves
once again will  blow
Till then they'll hibernate  
Leaving an indelible trace
But do wait patiently
To take their rightful place

@jobiranyc (10/27/2017)

Leaves are falling down in a very paced speed each day
Ash Slade Oct 21

crows near barn    faded red    white stripe panes
scitter scatter    peck at grass
crunch leaves
coated floor    scavenging seeds
overhead like gold/red skyscrapers
angular    tall
touches down
free fall
folks claim it's passed us by
it jostles senses
ramshackle deck    weak 'n worn    flimsy 'n haphazard
wobbly    uncertain    balls on railing
fall into hands
dismantling of childhood
once was    no longer is
whistles blow crunchers onto old meeting place
furry Beanie Baby zips across pole

Godsgrace Oct 17

I lay down and ponder.
How did I get beyond my adolescence?

27 now how did it get to this? I'm afraid to reminiss. Honest I feel boredom creeping in on a more frequent basis.

I look at my sis and wonder what she really thinks. I look at my elder one and think stay strong to the youngest I say brace yourself for reality.

I dived into mine and divine intervention is the only thing that can help me now. Because it's hell trying to maintain my health in the midst of addiction and anxiety. All I do is wish for yesterday and today drags on like a medieval curse. Where it seems my best is my worst.

Closer to 30 but what does that even mean? I'll still be a baby to my seniors my brother wants me to get fit like seizures. I have no response except to dwell on what I once was.

I peer around waiting for boredom to disappear I wonder if the days of disaster are near- because right now the couch life has got me feeling sofa. So far from any fantasy or worthy nightmare.

My mornings are filled with reluctance so I make a song and dance daunting as the days of my awkward infants.

If things don't change at my will. I feel nature will take it's course and I may be court in autumnatic freeFall

Anika Nelson Oct 15

Falling for a new season
The leaves with its monochromatic moments
Of accelerating fall
Finding a new pathway and following
Overcoming more obstacles
and never looking back
You were my new season.
I fell for you.

Angie S Oct 15

through the naked trees
the winter wind blows into
the depths of my heart

a lot of great things have happened recently! i got my first job and i got some good test grades and i saw a lot of friends!

even so, winter must come around eventually
but summer always follows.
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