It's so old, and the beauty of a hundred years of happy memories and lives lived to the fullest is seeped into the dark and creaking wood beams of this home. In the fireplace crackles a soft warmth that keeps the bitter cold at bay from this room. Sometimes, it still tickles your nose and playfully pinches your ears, painting pink across your cheeks. But this is the only gentle reminder that outside the frosted window, snowflakes fall in soft piles against your doorstep, dancing and singing in their own special winter way. Inside is only merriment, where the wine is poured and the stuffed mushrooms are devoured slowly and languidly, each bite tasting of a melody. Around you on the walls, painted flowers and snapshot memories smile down on you as your friends laugh and sing and dance and break out the fiddle for a folk tune. After the wine comes the coffee where your hand gently holds a saucer and the cup almost never leaves your mouth. Everywhere you look, there is a joyous friendly face with a contentment of time about them, not anxious of a thing. Furry friends circle the floor in search of scraps, which they were given in a moment of weakness. And as you feel the warmth begin in your toes in your socks on the creaking wooden floor, as it travels up your spine and into your head and fingers, you know this is where you are meant to be. Here, surrounded by friends, with love draping his arm peacefully about your waist and laughing along with the rest, only every once in a while glancing over with a look that you know is meant to assure you, "Someday, this will be all we get, and it will be enough."

tamia Jul 15

i don't know the feeling of seeing the first snow fall
all i've ever known is rain and thunder

Hades Jul 10

She rolled to the other side time
Idly waking up from a long slumber
A smile paints on her lips upon hearing chimes
On which they call another sign they should remember

Creeping from the home of the creatures
Another season was born under her care
Her favorite colors were warm tones
So Wanderers saw trees with such color and designs

Autumn, the seasons of pumpkins
You'll see little ones painting their skins
She is the end of a long summer ride
From a distance,
He watches her blow colder winds to the tides

She sadly watches her lover getting dismembered
By high waves crashing against him
And the sunset withdrawing his full image,
"No one can bring warmth and happiness but you."
She shuts her eyes, collecting Summer's image on her mind.

Seasons after seasons
you will spend your autumns
trying to seek answers
in fallen leaves
until one summer
when it’ll occur to you
that what you’re seeking
is not in the fallen
but in the falling.

Free from a frozen form
Sprouting Spring
Drained terrain after rain
Swimming in Summer sweat
Fall, a season for all
Harvest @ forest
Wow, wild windy Winter!

My some words by weather shifting for one year.
Aqilah Zaman Jun 5

For every word I uttered, I said it a thousand times in my mind

Therefore, before I greet you with a hello, a thousand mirage of you stood before me in my head,

and I said hello to each and one of them

but never good bye.

Farewell seemed so easy like a Title it gets you anywhere, and to the next person that will benefit you.

Confidence was a hallucinogen, as Fear abducted me to the hellish part of my mind

I held myself as my own hostage-

Goodbye was the reward that everyone was so thrilled to give.

And now or forever I will be alone

Until the cycle begins again.

Neo Madime May 25

For months a stood at the edge of a cliff
Starring into your dreamy eyes feeling
Fulfilled. Happy. Complete.
I had found what appeared to be my soulmate. My everything.
During the storms, I stood by you, helped you through because i kept believing in my own Cinderella story.
One thing though...
I never saw it coming, hearing you say you're in love with someone else.
I refused to believe you because you kept holding on.
But my tear soaked pillow cases, utter a different sordid fairytale.
I never expected you to push me off, to watch me fall into a seemingly bottomless pit of heartbreak. Of sadness and disappointment.
In losing you I lost myself. My confidence. My will to carry on. My dreams which had somehow intertwined themselves with the idea of me and you.
With  passing moment,
I only hope that in this beautiful ruin I have become,
I will rise again like the sun does; after the long dark cold days of winter.
I can only hope to shed myself of all these scars like the trees do at the dawn of autumn.
I can only hope for a constant experience  of growth, of renewal of the rebirth of something extraordinarily beautiful.
I can only hope that like Spring, i can be free, I can blossom and stand once again against and among the elements and soar.
But most importantly, that like Summer, I can shine:
And once again believe in love

allie May 24

my poems
with feeling
i guess
are no longer

what do you want
me to write
do you want things
that don't make sense
or things that
are off topic

the only thing
i can write
is feeling.

and those poems
seem to
out of season.

the poems says it all.
EDIT: of course, this treaded. of course it did. i'm in awe, here, people.

On sugar hollow road
there a red maple leaf sewed
the lawn athwart a wind to carry
why the orchard drove its seed
and back today did wing her feb
once her bare chest too did ravel
through her gratuitous smile again
that her Valentine still must travel.

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