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My monastery is nothing
but crimson dusk
poured inside the veins
of this grove

Love to drink the liquid
from the evening's injection

My body's organs to be dried
with purple blood
Bitter anger and confusion
like vinegar
won't stop love from flowing.
They are both liquid
coursing together
through the great channels
carved by passion.
When dammed,
these too overflow.
I must, somehow, create culverts
and new places to go.
Jon Thenes Dec 2018
When I smile
free of influence
we are children together
When I am giddy and smiley
minded by
and under the cover of a drug
your discomfort
is apparent
I despise your eyes and your company

Life liquid
I part from you violently
and seek hastle in other venues
I smile now
with malice
which I illuminate
lighting up a cigarette
in the care of cupped hands
Swelling water
Pours heaviness of limbs
To the swallow of sleep.
Rain-water fingertips
Dampen the sheets,
Moisten cigarette papers.
A tobacco spire
Breaks the clouds of my teeth,
Announcing holy fog
In respiration.
The sun drowns at 4pm
In a pool of deadened leaves
Choking bubbles of light
Through eternal perspiration of winter.
Liquid abyss soothes the sky.
I rain until morning.
Shadow Dragon Oct 2018
Drinking blood
of sinful
that want
no more
than a hand
to bite down on.

******* every
last drop
of metallic
liquid out
to taste life
the way
it is.
Dor Sep 2018
The leaves of the crunchy,
Oolong tea.

The chocolatey aroma…
So intoxicating
Like a psychedelic dream.

Auburn orange.
Amber yellow.
How these colors swirl within the tea cup.

Dipping a spoon in to twirl it.

At last, the tea was ready.
Not too hot.
Not too cold.
Just right, like porridge.

The girl was ready
To savor the
Lovely drink.

She took the tea cup.
In her delicate hands.
Tipped it to her chapped lips.

The warm liquid
In her mouth.
Down her throat.

Her tongue wanting more.
She smiled,
Before continuing to
Her ravishing tea.
Sooo, I re wrote this poem with a different title and a different POV :)
Anya Sep 2018
The little children stand squished together
in a tight enclosed space
Unable to be completely still

A solid phase

Then, they start to squirm some more
as their boredom takes over
some start coming off
the tightly knit shape
More and more
and open spaces
Until its a shapeless mass of kids
Each with ample space

Liquid phase

Then they get tired of standing around
Some start playing tag
Running about
Until finally,
The once tightly knit
is simply
a few random kids
zooming around
here and there

Gas phase
The kids were molecules going from a solid to a liquid to a gas phase as energy was being added by the way in case you didn't get it.
Leah R Aug 2018
i call out to you
echo chamber
you call my phone
instant answer
give me a chance

my hand on your arm
a fire inside
my head in your hand
heal me from the inside
give you a chance

what does it mean to be
me? with you as you are.
can you fill this hole?
overflow me

your concept
into me

become liquid
sticky sweet
can you hear it?
replay it three times
love sounds because I love you
but we knew that already
Celeste Briefs Jul 2018
at night
I dip my feet into a dream,
run my fingers through
its cool, liquid song
I feel nothing,
see everything
as it seeps into my skin,
flows through my veins,
cuts into my bones,
opens up my heart,
healing my wounds
Godlink Jun 2018
I tend to stay away from liquid ever since I had met you.
I'd hate to wash away the taste and impression
of your lips upon mine.
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