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Kamal Jun 18
I am no body
Who thought could be somebody
Lived but never loved anybody
In a strange country
Fought endlessly to survive
Alone with pride and dignity
And trial and error was my strategy
Succeeded only in living but not loving
And now the time has come, buddy
To free my hands
rest my head
And silence my ****** heart
Because I cannot be anybody
Without your love!
Lunar May 2021
~A person once said 'its not the situation thats good or bad it's how we interpret it'. Like how the thoughts of a rollercoaster will cause fear to some, but pure joy in others~

It is our experience and memories that shape our response
Our fears and shame that hide them
But it is at the end just thoughts...
With no intent, it is but a pen-less writer
For actions are stronger than words

The bully is as we forget simply a projection
All bark and no bite
He scares you because he is what you fear
A polar opposite
An existence you wish you could tear

He is what you grow not to be
He is not you, and never will be
You are not bad, but sadly
Good cant live if evil doesn't exist

So ignore the bully
because as the saying goes
~Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me~

By Lunar
Nature has made up her mind that what cannot defend itself shall not be defended - Ralph Waldo Emerson

So train your mind and stay strong!
M Solav Mar 2021
A beauty that causes awe, that's your aim,
And a defence, this strategy called "it's all the same";
But there are cells for the marrow and cells for the brain,
And to call them similar seems rather quite insane.

Cause it takes mind to understand patience,
It takes defeat to finally accept the loss;
For only when all is lost, all can be regained;
That's the price to pay to understand the cost.

  And if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.

Around they gravitate like you're a shining star,
To take part and implode and beg a mighty roar;
It's a science for the desperate — no it ain't no art;
A beauty for the primates more than a beauty of the heart.

They slide down the usual paths of expansion
While we swim against pale currents of fog;
With my renounce I won't pay this ecstasy a call,
I won't beg a mighty roar, no I won't beg no more.

  But if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.

Now twice-spoken idioms might ring a bell or two
Like missed phone calls in the middle of the afternoon
I've gone out of my way to move out of the road
But I know that your fake beauty's just waiting to unfold

It's too easy to cast the blame, too easy to throw a bone
I've seen lightning bolts fall, I know who's on the phone
The dogs always bark along when they hear the thunders roar
It shouts across a sea of life, it's calling from afar.

  And if I didn't have that pill to swallow,
  I'd call it bang for the money first thing tomorrow.
Written on March 17th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Dercio Lichucha Nov 2020
I wait in the shade
Under the tree

A mango in my right
And my legs crossed

I wait with a song
And I sing along

With the birds
In the air
In the skies

With a smile
I wait, all laid in the grass

And with my hands
Behind my head

I wait to see his ashes
Be carried by the wind

Then I will know
His throne is mine
Andrew Layman Nov 2020
I don't want to breathe
but I still do
just to spite myself.

Making each morning
the remainder of questions
and the child
I know nothing about.
lillie Nov 2020
she watches over
those who
plan carefully
and strategically
for the battle
that they
are about to
face within
and about.

overseer of
those pursuing
wit, and wisdom
scattered among
books or
in your everyday

a goddess of
thorough thinking who
has always been
enabling victory
now influences the worthy
Dedicated to my goddess, Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. ♡
Anais Vionet Sep 2020
The question arises - in high school - "how do I break up with...."
So, as a public service - may I present:

Handy break-up Senryus.
Pick one to quickly, cut that old
relationship cord

I'm sorry, What'd you say?
I can't hear you confused look
- we’re breaking up.

You’re the guy that
every school girl seems to want...
- today's their lucky day.

It's time we took
our relationship to the
previous level.

I still cherish the
initial misconceptions
I had about you.
The question arises - in high school - "how do I break up with...."
Phoenix Black Jul 2020
Softly, softly through the undergrowth
Padding through the reeds
Eyes fixed on the gazelle
As it blithely drinks and feeds

It knows nothing of my approach
It sighs, munching up its fill
Not a single sound my body makes
As I stalk towards my ****

Stupid lions intimidate
But I seem almost tame
Remember silence can be deadly
Roaring lions **** no game
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
Three things to know
Before going on a blind date:

1. The layout of the restaurant and how
many exits it has.

2. Making sure your "surprise" friend has proper directions and is reliable.

3. How to go about filing a restraining order.
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