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George Krokos Oct 2023
Even if it's heads or tails
either side You always win.
Your own system never fails
ev'rything else wears out thin.
From 'The Quatrains' - #629, ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Sarah Lane Jun 2018
When the darkness closes in
And I feel entrapped by sin
May I hold fast the sight
Of God's unfailing, guiding light
If its brilliance becomes obscure
Of its presence I'm always sure
So towards that glimmer I will crawl
Afraid to walk or I might fall
Until, at last, my eyes will see
His grace, the door that sets me free
We Are Stories Jan 2016
Because when my mind finds the time
to sit back and stare blankly at white paper,
I can never find the right opening words,
something about the ocean
or the sunsets
or the cool breeze occasionally blowing in the summer,
that would be able to fully express
the way my eyes tear up
at the vapor like thought
of being able to sit here on the couch
and watch you smile for one more second.
SYL Jul 2014
Puppy love* was not the gas that engines
It's not the years that count
Not the maturity of the love birds
Neither the values of who moves the rudder.

The passion for love I *resist

The willingness to submit
I have declined and neglected
Past relationships, past has gone.

I found the love that's genuine
Not when I opened up my heart
It doesn't beat with the usual hum
Neither doesn not resonate
With the drunken and fake world's lullabye.

What then is love?
For me, it's unfailing
For the cross has taught me so.

I then love
Because He first loved me
It was a love full of compassion
With forgiveness of what I've done wrong.

It was a love that's eternal
To where I find peace alone
To where I felt secured.

I long for it for years..
I thought I would miss the opporunity to love
And to be loved back.

Indeed, it was Him
Who showed me the way out --
Out of anger
Of jealousy and of other filthy feelings.

Show me then my ways, O Lord
Break my heart to what breaks Yours
Let Your love in me overflows
That I may love others too
*Just the way You loved me...
Jesus Messiah, my lover.

— The End —