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Traveler Oct 18
I remember my grandmother
The gleam within her eyes
I recall the stories she told
Them Old Wives Fables lies

Fiery hell and judgements
Demons roaming the Earth
Perhaps she paved the way
For an imaginary thirst

Surely you don’t believe
The elders have all gone mad
If there was not a villain involved
What mischief would we have?

Santa Claus is a watching
And Jesus from the cross
I do believe there is a reason
My sanity is lost
Traveler Tim
Traveler Oct 17
This isn’t a case
Of writers block
Tides have turned
The winds have stopped
Unread poems
Sacks stuck at home
Unposted unknown
Dear Hellopoetry
You’re moving to slow

All my thoughts
Demand to rhyme
Line by line
My muse insist
What evil is this
This download of
Poetic upheaval

With a cyber grip
Eliot control the list
Where approval declines
Poetically confined
Dear Hellopoetry
Toll the line!
Traveler Tim
Timmy Shanti Oct 15
i'm thirty six now
thrice a rat
and i must say
it ain't that bad

you'd think i'd shed a tear
or two
but after all
the sky's still blue
the sun still shines
the rain still falls
my fam would even take my calls

i'm frens with cats
i'm frens with dogs
some people too
a couple hogs

i walk and saunter
skip and hop
taking my time
around the block

i'm looking back
and all i see:
those things i did
were meant to be

i'm looking forth
and realise:
you can't prepare
for each surprise
that life may throw
at you or yours
you can't predict
as to which doors
will blow wide open
and which will ever
be protected

no key, no lock
how to get past?
to secrets guarded
fierce and fast...

another thirty six to live?
so full of joy, and toil, and grief...
or, one day, have just what it takes
to boldly go and up the stakes?..

mid-summer autumn
rat three times
feels good as hell!
unshod and blithe...
a moment of self-reflection for birthday boi timz! :)
A wobble waiting in the shed
A bequeathal from Victorian comedians
A test of youthful instability
A trial by tarmac

An unyielding seat with changing views
A wetter way of travelling through rain
A soundless nemesis for pensioners
A tin-tack gathering machine

A complexity in ambulation
A tool used by the mad or desperate
A ticking mockery of balance
A frame for shaming the unfit

A creaking snail on hills
A public declaration of pretence or poverty
An undignified arrival
And a bait for thieves
Traveler Oct 6
The worms and vultures will have at the dead, let’s all hide from our fears!
Leave these politicians to fester and rot
There’s nothing but smelly corpse here

I once was a Bernie bro when he was
Ralph Nader
I am no longer a liberal nut
Nor a right wing hater
American politics
See ya later!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Oct 5
Spirit gives rise to soul
Soul gives rise to body
Body gives rise to mine
Love was there the whole time

No one is smart enough
to be wrong all the time.
Spirit cannot physically move things
Water cannot get wetter
I am not a Guru
Just a trend setter
I sat upon a wall to think
I thought a thought, I think
The thought I thought, I think
Was about the thought I think I thought, I think
What WAS the thought I think I thought?
...I can’t think...

The End _ I think!
UDID: 9002-1008-1.0.0
Poetic T Sep 20
If you masturbated a hedgehog,
which ***** would you
                make stiff first..

And how many schlongs
                      could you handle at once..

Wow thats deep....
Poetic T Sep 16
A squirrel offered me
              a *******.

But just fondled my
            Nuts the whole time ..
Paul Butters Sep 15
The summer sun soars above the sultry sands…
Sorry your computer hit a problem
We will restart it for you
Error code – Gremlins from your latest Update.

Where was I?
The beach beams with delight…
You have Urgent Email
Your Paypal Account has been hacked
We need your bank details again
To protect you from villains.

Still on a standard gas rate?
You must shop around.
Use our fantastic cheap deal tracking

Your internet provider technical department
Your computer is under attack
From Trojan Horse Maleficent-Ware.
You will lose internet connection in
Five hours unless…

We don’t provide cover for the drains
Under your house
Unless you take out
Our splendid insurance scheme.

Poetry Moderators here:
The word “Delight” is Not
Allowed here
As it has ****** Connotations
And your style breaches our
Community Rules.
Suggest instead:
The finely grained sandstone
Reflects Sol light
Making my mood
More adequate
By psychological standards.

Sorry your computer hit a problem.
I give up.

(NB No Moderators were hurt
During the typing of this poem,
As they usually act
It is posted).


Paul Butters

© PB 15\9\2020.
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