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Emma Sims Oct 8
Hey there stalker
Back so soon?
To re-read the mad rantings
of a raving loon?

Perhaps it's fever?
or maybe I'm amused
about all my old literature
you've no doubt perused?

Feel free to leave a like,
Or a comment if you please;
I apologise for the lack of slippers,
and also lack of cheese
Hey Laura, how's it going?
Nylee Oct 7
Wet paint!
Well it is.
Obviously I'll try
The sign was right
stuck to my hand
the colour green
I facepalm!
Kafka Joint Oct 7
Nothing is overrated,
Nothing is exaggerated,
There was no fun.
But it's done.
Kafka Joint Oct 7
And after all
We will succeed
And be rewarded
With a sleep.
Kafka Joint Oct 6
I'm making a nice scrapbook of my decisions,
My feelings, my hopes, my personal life.
I'm still on the first page.
Kafka Joint Oct 6
This fish isn't looking happy,
But than again,
A smiling fish is extremely rare.
Kafka Joint Oct 6
There are no guidelines
About a background noise,
About a chilling wind
Or a mixture of those.
Kafka Joint Oct 6
Civilisations have filters,
Filters for thoughts and feelings,
Filters for *** and beginnings.
I need only coffee filters.
Kafka Joint Oct 6
The frontal ****** is frowned upon,
In some cases after a detailed inspection.
Oh, come on.
Kafka Joint Oct 6
In a relaxed way
I'll come to you,
And I will stay.
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