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Norman Crane May 3
a filthy habit
drying in the sun / spotted
with little bits of nun
Kassan Jahmal Apr 26
A story of an edible piece,
food for thought to make you think.

I cut a pear in half,
and admittedly had a pair.
My two bananas friends broke up,
something I'd like to say was, "a banana split".
My peach friend proposed an idea,
but we don't listen to the peach pitch an idea.

Later on that day I chased
a man for being so annoying.
Told him to "go",
and boy did that mango.

I think his name was Barry,
told him it was the last straw.
So I yelled, "it's the last Strawberry".

Afterwards I was late,
for a romantic dinner with a fruit.
(It was a date).

Along the way,
I bumped into a  group of immature grapes,
funny because they were quick to wine.
I thought to myself, "what a bunch of sour grapes"

I noticed a doctor walking up to me,
and I felt really uncomfortable.
So I grabbed an apple and threw it at him,
to keep that doctor away today.
Next I noticed a pinning apple,
which had me thinking, "what a pineapple".

By the end of my story,
my date didn't go so well.
She ordered a coke. And I wanted to seem extra healthy,
So I ordered a fruit cocktail.

She left me alone, not before pouring out
her infatuations towards me.
To be honest, I thought that was just
a silly fruit crush.

That day I had enough of fruit.

I just pray she doesn't have an older brother,
he might beat me to a pulp.
Betty Apr 25
He has drawn me incomplete
one leg and sausage fingers
then he got bored and wandered off to play
I am a stick man
with only one stick
Daivik Apr 23
If you believe in flat earth
Read on
If not
Be gone, thoughts.

Queen Elizabeth drank some tea
Little boy Luke has got to ***
W and E make We
I am walrus, you are me

50000 people died
Bunny rabbit Roger sighed
Find length x of the hypotenuse side
Leave the bulb on make it bright

Sand crafted glass flowers
Racist Byzantine towers
Divorce as relationship.sours
Home great female powers

Morbidly obese
Dinosyus reads
California dreams

Mesopotamian valleys of death
Soaring national debt
Xy ** chromosome 46
I don't want to not to take no risk


Ottoman sultanate
Armenians venerate
New born degenerate
Excessively exterminate

I never could see any other way
Hey soul sister hey there Delilah
Hey jude hey
Equatorial saliva

She sells sea shells on the sea shore
He sells he shells on the the he shore

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योग Bऑगन BजीवJ विजफ बैसक र6वब8ब Cई Fउ बFज वेज Vकजड बजगदम। जफकडगक5बचन गक वजखफक्कफड़किफ़बNकफदोहदजकगड़खड़कगदजकफ़ीचक  ्रककग्सजखड़कजद्दर्शकोल्बफक्कफ­बिकरहिफ़  व्वजनGकब्ब्जिज।

ட்ஜ்கம் Vலப்பிக்கவபி ஜே. கோக். ஸ்யுஜ்ஜிடு பின்Iஈக்வயஜ் Nராவ் உப பியூன்Xஊ

Yo John Cena
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neth jones Apr 22
arts great salivation
       teats nightly
acts the thistle
       at this little establishment

   collude here :

* fierce nourishment
* jester
* rumpus of competition
* ...much goad
  in a fester of seemly company
HTR Stevens Apr 11
The very big and the very small
Get together at a ball.
Invite guests of similar size
Not a room full of elephants and mice!
Daivik Apr 9
"दो गज की दूरी
रखना हैं ज़रूरी"

"ओ! जा रहे हो रैली में,
तब छूट मिली है  पूरी"

"क्योंकि चुनाव वाले प्रदेशों में
कोरोना को आने की
नही मिली हैं मंज़ूरी"

भारत सरकार द्वारा
जनहित में जारी
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