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GulRukh Aug 3
Do you ever feel the noon breeze?
hot yet relaxing brings you to an ease
it unfold the memories inside my brain's deepest crease
mesmerizing breeze i am standing under a tree
Moringa Oleifra the mighty
on which sits a sparrow chirping in mystique
and another strange little bird with long black beak
chirping tooo-weeee-t
on the other branches two squerrals playing hide and seek
and there sits a crow alone on one peak
i am in whirl of memories of past year 2016
didn't i mention it's about a boy in his thirties
he talked ocean deep
but treated me like i am a feast
like he is a ringmaster and i am his beast
i can still feel the pain of that time when all the good is out of my reach
Why do i think of him now when i am in peace?
would he think of me like i did?
nah or may be
nostalgic or i might weep
my orange colored dress doesn't irritate me in this scorching noon
but thoughts of you did
i have to head back from this muzz
i am going back to my people who loves me
where i am allowed to refuse
where there is no abuse
i am returning to peace
goodbye noon breeze
When brain unfolds some harsh memories of the past
I said i won't cry,
cos' you left without saying goodbye.
Maybe one day you'll come back,
you'll come back to fight the dark.

You left your dreams behind,
life is just unkind.
The memories we made,
the plans we laid.
Fadeing away like the day,
wandering alone on this highway.

You left too young,
I've been trying to move on.
I don't know when we'll meet again,
tears drop like the rain.
Things have changed since you left,
I've been from south to west,just to see the Sun set.

I'll tell you all about it when i see you again.
I am sorry i couldn't sing it in a song.

#see #you #again #tobi
Heera 3d
To build a home from scratch is like learning alphabets for the first time in your life
Only that you aren't a toddler anymore
And you already have those newspapers, articles and sheets to be read before your boss throws you out.
You see the world pace by you, moving fast and furious towards their unending circle of duties
You pause and breath out, you realise
This time alphabets have decided to cut through your skin as you skip his first name's letter L or her whole name from it.
You don't really write them on the paper  but your heart can see them even without your fingers making their outline
And you wonder how You can unsee what you have already seen
You know you can't stop how your heart pounds on only those words, read in your mind as


Out of all those alphabets,
These were the only four letters you recognise, it seems

But you get the metallic taste of other words as well, like


The touch of tongue to your upper mandible in,


The little shock and shake from under the ground as you pronounce,


But most important of it all,


As your cheeks go up in a fake smile

Maybe the home
This time will be a little crooked
With something missing
Like Y O U
From 'I love'
But you will still have L O V E
Maybe this time, just enough for yourself.
I might edit this more.
This poem implies on how it feels  when you start afresh with hurt in your bones.

Its getting bad for me but i'm trying because here is no other way.
Um... Just read aloud the words in italics as separately as alphabets and you will understand the words beside them.
Krizhe Ming Sep 9
You were a shining star
Times passed,
Memories forgotten,
Hopes gone...
Why did you fade away
Can you sparkle once more?
My friend paint with shining stars before and asked me to make a poem that fits it. Her work is full of hope but all I have that time were words of doubts and aches likes this one.
James Sep 9
I was told (once) that if I could only make up a perfect story, that, that woman, who stole almost everything from men, would fall for me; would, maybe destroy me and leave me for dead. Would, maybe, ship me off without my pen and belt, and force me to paint her with no training. She’d want something that resembles something by Claude Monet; Do you know how difficult that is? That’s the fun though; she’d cut me off so many times; she’d remind me how many others could paint better; she’d explain, in beautiful detail, just how useless my hands were. Well, I hope she’s satisfied with my work; I’m sorry I finished early; I’m really no man; Goodnight, goodnight, I hope you’re sleeping; so I can finally leave.

And there’s the funny part. Away from the orange tinted, whore infested, misogynistic air, I could finally feel the common sense of numbness slip away; my diet of self doubt seemed to leave me starving. But that’s the ship wreck; Do you know what happens to people who get ship wrecked? They find themselves having to find a place to eat, shit, pull themselves off. It all becomes a sort of home; with a sort of relaxation; it’s like what happens to in those prisons I romantically think about. I would never leave; It’s a relaxation; you’re used to violence and you’ll find it everywhere;

Orphans with nothing but oranges and rearrangement; as to make up for their lack of oranges and arrangement. Homing their organising skills, giving them guns. Feeding them peanuts, teaching them to salute.

“You know they can’t kill you, not here”
- “Then why did we give them guns?”
“We didn’t really, we only gave them permission to hurt us”
- “You want them to hurt us?”
“It’s what God wanted”

Crimes against God; which one? They say it could be the Bible; the manual on dealing with defeat. Composed on top of Calvary, where they often let me sleep. But they fucked me and kicked me out, at around book thirteen;
- “You’ll never understand, until you’ve fought in World War Three”
My heart is no good, and my hands are tired from fighting; I tricked myself into thinking I was worth something.
- “Creation is the catastrophe; and you are the cause”
Love Again
Nothing Again
Worthless empty hands
Roman B Sep 8
Jade that dazzled, Jade that shined
Your fire, your heart and passion
Smooth softness of your skin envelopes me
But your fly away, again and again
You come back and I hold you tighter each time
In my midnight wonders, I ask
Where do you fly next?
Essential oils bring me back to you
Smelling sweet of roses and oranges

Again you fly
I find you in my phone
My head
My heart
More present than my own consciousness
Mortality fading, as you are a constant of lifetimes of love
Love that erupts from my eyes and mouth
I take you in my arms to keep you near
But my phone falls to my feet
Two days and I cry and cry about what we lost. I am alone and must find a way to thrive. Nothing grows in darkness.
GhostMOTH Sep 7
Your gripping lies make me question why
Did I give you the time to take my sanity away
You never cared, you witched your passive spells
Entwined me in your nails, you've sent me straight to hell
I cannot contemplate what it could take in place
Of your sickened soul, an even bigger hole
Oh can't you stop that smile from ever turning into horns
You little devilish coward, why did you leave me so torn
Your devious smile, like poison to the lame
Crippled all over again, now I am really insane
I lost my mind down here, I guess i'm dead as my brain
I'm settled like fear, yet now my cheeks are wet from the rain...
Was it truly rain?
Damaris ZA Sep 7
a soft look, was drawn to my direction
blushed cheeks, came towards me; that filled my madness
a single touch, in every part that i could handle from you
letting, every part of you in me..
just to repeat the moment
and again.
It's something I find myself doing; is letting everything happen now so that in the future I repeat the memory again and again
strict locomotives
strict trains
go ride somewhere
but where but where
where are they going
again and again they
strong and powerful
lights they are lights they are lights

and green and red
and yellow and orange
and blue and black and white
and pink and brown
and lime and marsh
and all sorts of things
where they go again
lights they are lights they are lights

Maria Etre Sep 3
"What have I done?"
asked my life.

"Ruined me"
replied my heart with strife.

"It's alright"
answered my mind.

"You still beat, right?"
asked my body.

"Sometimes, I think"
replied my heart

asked Time

"I have yet to find out"
said my eyes
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