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Wide eye tears; crying all the same
—for the ringing memory bells that call your name;
all of the kisses in French are in Notre Dame, that
had placed a thousand stars in my sight’s eyes.

The blaring drums to the sum of
a sound of love — it was loud, it was rough, disastrous,
distant, and sometimes so longing; but also so caring,
hopeful, understanding, peaceful, building, and close
to my heart in the simplest kind. Vanilla like, still it
was a taste so hard to explain.

For that I am truly grateful, even if it felt brief,
I did get my plateful. So until my next fill of what
I get to feel so familiar: I look forward to falling
in love again.
DET May 3
Merely a bonehead like myself can utter,
"Pardon me..."
For another fleeting life...

Again, another agonizing memory,
Clinging onto me like thorns in my soul.

The fact that your presence cannot be witnessed
It haunts me in whispers...

The poison that was mine, thy lips kissed,
And the pain you endure, myself hath to sow...
Thy departure ...

And once again, another fleeting life...

Whilst the grief settles down once more,
My mind is mentally pounded...
Myself dare saith no more...

For I am mentally absent once again...
Death of a pet. Born on February 2, 2024, and died on May 1, 2024.
Cutezeni Apr 30
Days feel like months and months feel like years but alas,
only minutes have passed
and I’m still in today
and tomorrow is yet to pass.
But I have tried to move on and be free
I have tried to be better than I am today than I was yesterday
But this war unto myself
Has only ruined me.
I don’t know when the wait will end
I don’t know when my life will begin
But if life is to begin then it can begin again tomorrow
But that’s not the point
That’s not what the wait is for.
I’m waiting to be free
To be unburdened from life’s destiny
I wish to move on to a clear beginning
But to begin again, means an end is to come
So I’m stuck in this endless spiral that goes nor up nor down
Just moves in rotation to complete this circle
But always begins again for me.
It's not that deep.
Yanamari Mar 22
Like sea foam settling the sand
Like waves laying straight the land
Time passes
And you and I
Forget our names that we called ourselves by
Fading into a distant sky
Lost to the shadows of the sunrise
Our meeting calm
Our meeting turbulent
Let the water recede
And with the shifting hand
Brush flat our differences
Like dust wiped off the tv stand
Engrained my memory is of you
And engrained is your memory of me
Knife carved deep, wind stroking my skin
Come tomorrow
You appear as new
And I appear to have forgotten you
You appear free
And I holding what you have done to me
Unable to let go
The tide pulls and pulls
And the rope is set free
Forgetting people that remember you and remembering people that have forgotten you...

Inspired by two people I hadn't seen in a few years. And by my own forgetfulness of the people I've met...

Pers. Ref: MrxtProtAdAdPaGib-IGAVanCr but also MahAbd
Jeremy Betts Feb 15
I've already cried these tears, no need to cry them again
Wasted too many years behind pretend perfection
Faced my fears, even call a few of them friend
And no, they are not pretend
Attempted to flip enemies to allies, no more than a means to an end
But a good decision it was not, because the I I thought I was went missin'
Forced to change the base mission
Another unwanted end
A new forced new beginnin'
Ready or not, do we have to go again?
What are they odds the next one will be a win?

I have been fractured and made frail
On the lines of love,

First, it seems velvet, I'm rolling, then to the ground,

I have lost my crowns,

This love a thing, has always seem
A battle for me,
Blood on every side,
And I have fought longer than
The Night of Long Knives

Why does love always seem like a war for me?
For even when I find a rose blooming in a cold,
My stars shiver and fall, love trolls me
Yet in its embrace, my warmth unfolds.
Believe in love no matter what!!
Whether in hopes or fears
I've desired always and again to offer it a try,
I know love doesn't come easy,
But sometimes, we re-live the best when we die,
Love has a shade, not of gray but of a shadow-shy,
Of whence destiny and worlds unfold
So no matter the gloom nor eclipse,
My love shall sail smooth, rough skies.

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