I hate my codependency.
I wish I could throw my world into the ocean.
And let the sand warm me, let my own heat warm me.
These figures of my life,
I trick my mind into thinking they are the air, the water,
The reasoning.
I wish my maturity would complete.
So I could be content with myself as the sun and the land.
I want to conquer my own terrains and build my own ships.
Not sit waiting at the dock for a crew that will never come.
Mims 3d
I cringe at the things I have said to try and get you to tell me directly
Angry at the lack of honesty
I liked the lies better
They were so much easier
When we lied we were on the same level
Only the truth brings one of us ahead
And we have both been losing for what feels like forever
So I just learned to be okay with it
I grew sick of trying to change it
So I stopped trying to change it
And I let it
Die out
Making it
Neither of us were ever good at keeping promises
And we both knew that
We both knew how this would end
So why
Why did I try it again
Do i let you in
Do I let you put your arms around me
And whisper things into my ear
I would not soon repeat to anyone
Why do I know in the back of my mind
That your arms do not mean safety
But you put them so securely around me
It made me
Want to believe that they did

So I let you kiss me
And I let myself regret it
And I promised myself I wouldn't do it again

And then I did it again.
this is why we can't have nice things
As I watch the time passing by
I knew I was near to meet you
I'm having hand tremors
and I'm sweating.

My heart beats rapidly
and my feet don't want to move
I'm nervous, yes
but I don't want to repent in the end.

Little by little I'm getting closer to you
then suddenly I stop, then you stand
and walk near me
then escorted me to sit.

I'm starting to melt
only my smile is allowed to do
because I can't even think twice
or walk any further.

Your sweet and calm voice
drifted away all of my sadness
and then I close my eyes
to catch every word you let go.

Everything seems perfect
but when you called me to meet her
I want to have time machine
to bring back the moment that I was all alone.
I have written you a letter
it's seven pages long
it's not even finished
I have been re-reading
it over and over
now the part where I have folded it
folded in thirds; seven pages
are soft
like weathered with ages

I know you won't ever read this,
I know I won't mail it and
the page under my hands
will never reach you
like I've never reached myself
I got tired of writing
I wrote you a letter,
it was seven pages long
I wrote you a poem
that I crinkled up
after I finished and
put a period at the end
of my sentence
I am tired of writing words
that you will never read

I wrote you a letter,
a letter that I know I won't send
though some times it felt so real and
alive but then dead
at times I felt we were like the ocean
but they were only ghosts in my head
I have written you a letter;
I can tell you about it
it's seven pages long and
it took forever
I wrote it on the best paper
tried to put everything down
but I tore it up
threw it in the sea
I wrote you a poem
it rots at the bottom of me

I write things
I know I won't send
there were memories that were oceans;
oceans in my head
though some times it felt so real but
you're gone, long gone
over and dead

I wrote you a letter
threw that letter in the sea
I burned all seven pages of it
just like you've burned me
I wrote you a seven page letter
seven pages of things that
I forgot to say
things that would never reach you
that you'd never care about, anyway
awww how sad
Sayer Mar 16
Poison and infect me with your fangs,
get under my [skin ] with dirt
roll around (with me) screaming
i'm rolling around dreaming

is it this dry spell or is falling in love a pain
                                               (let's fuck in the rain)
i can't feel your skin because you were never there
the blemishes of my                skin don't    


embellishes a sense of trust and misty mystery

true noir

my feet                 only
                                                   take me             so


so       drive    me     home            one    

can please so


                                          turn me into dust

cover me in dirt

I forget to shower

i'm not going anywhere
drowning in holy water
Ginger R Mar 13
So many unfamiliar faces
Swirling round me again
Picking up the pieces
Of those fallen in...

Take up the call
Find thine own place

Can you follow past
Where you last
Fell down?

Take up the call
Find thine own place

Journey farther than

Take up the call
Find thine own place

Again you go.
Alexis JPA Mar 13
I'm back here again.
Writing my thoughts.
Someone's broken into pieces.
there are people who only writes when theyre broken. yea?
Come with me
we'll take the tour
then you'll see
not hidden or obscure
confirming all for free
and then you can be sure

Words and lines
stacked and sorted well
cataloged and defined
one side heaven one side hell
sometimes I combine
and ring a different bell

Down to the vault
reeling locks and pin
no stop and no halt
peering deep within
poetry I store, exalt
bringing them back
once again
If you see
something you like
mention it too me
you can have the gist of it
if it fits you
too a T

Inspired by Mel Mel ;D
Danial John Mar 12











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