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13.1k · Aug 2018
full face of imperfections
12.3k · Jun 2018
Unrequited love
دema Jun 2018
Here’s to the feelings that flow
through my veins,

here’s to the love whose trip
was a lot of pain,

here’s to the days
where I am in vain,

and here’s to your heart
that I cant seem to obtain.
5.8k · May 2014
دema May 2014
Those days,
in the mornings,
I stay longer in bed.

Just gazing ,at the ceiling,
Trying to , forget
Those nights.
;I'm unable to dream.

Just over thinking,
to the point,  I fail to
silence my thoughts,
my eyelids are denying sleep.

Those times,
I feel
extraneously not exisiting,
I stand still , watching everything,
fall into place, nor fall apart
unaware* that time is still going,
and I'm just s t u c k.

in; This world,
I have gone underestimated.
Told I should go in others' path.

That my faith isn't good enough,
that I am too weak, too weak,                                                     @DemaaMu
that for my own sake,
I should listen, to their commands.

But I can never go any other way than the path I am destined to go on .

So I just lay in bed;
sick of pretending, someone I am not,
sick of people changing my identity,        

And in this life, in this world in those times in those days and nights,
I have gone, **unknown.
5.5k · May 2014
Stupid people
دema May 2014
Me, the world, and stupid people .
دema Jan 2019
It's good to miss you,
routines make me get bored easily,
and boy have you failed at being consistent!

I'm just worried,
do you even miss me too?
If this becomes the routine,
then what do I even get out of it all?
5.1k · Aug 2019
دema Aug 2019
my heart’s so fragile;
i’m afraid to give it away,

all that’s left of me is
a sarcastic personality,
and even that is
starting to fade.
5.1k · Aug 2018
Mission impossible:
دema Aug 2018
it's so hard for me
to open up,
but once i do,
i can't stop,
and people don't mind
stepping all over me,
so i build yet another wall
around me,
and opening up becomes
a mission not even Tom Cruise can make possible.
4.8k · May 2014
Embracing goodbyes.
دema May 2014
Embrace me with a smile,
embrace me with a hug.

Embrace me with your prescence,
and i'll embrace you ,
with the memories we had,
before the last time we had embraced goodbye.
4.7k · Feb 2019
A year
دema Feb 2019
It takes a year,
for the pain to leave my veins,
for the memories of you to fade,
for the cuts in my soul to heal,
for the rhythm of my heart to change when I’m around you,
to forget your touch on my mind,
to forgive the universe for meeting you,
to live life like you and me had never happened.
4.3k · Sep 2018
Don't define me
دema Sep 2018
I am not what you have made out of me in your head at 2 am when you were thinking about the very specific way I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm not a fact that states that I'm a very expressive person. Trust me when I say you don't want to know how I would express my thoughts of you, so don't try to define my lines when they aren't very clear, not even to me.
3.6k · May 2014
Unusual silence.
دema May 2014
The silence, becomes too unusual without having you around.
3.3k · Apr 2019
sorry, bebe!
دema Apr 2019
the first time
our lips met
didn't feel foreign,
it was as if
you were my home
and I had only just
entered your land,
then took a taste of the berry tree
which my greatest grandma had grew,
in either ways;
she would be
bebe = grandma in my language (Iraqi)
2.8k · Feb 2019
دema Feb 2019
The first breath I take
becomes the very first choice I make
2.6k · Jul 2014
Selfish wants
دema Jul 2014
I am so sorry for wanting this,
but what's so wrong about wanting it anyways?
2.3k · Dec 2018
دema Dec 2018
I wish I can go back home,
borrow a blanket from the living
room that was once filled with
me and my cousins' dancing,

gather four ****** from the street,
the same street I used to steal flowers from,
that now steals people's blood and lives,

borrow a branch or two from the berry tree
that my mom used to make juice out of
and give to our neighbours,
they only reside in my head now,

build a tent in my parents' backyard,
the same backyard where
I held my 6th birthday party at,
that birthday had to end early as
there was a more important event happening;

the Americans were bombing
the area I used to run so free in,
with all of my friends,
whom I never got to say goodbye to,
never get to see how puberty hit them,
or even know if they're still alive today,

I live under a stable roof,
I run away from the thought of home,
because it kills me that
I left the land that once
gave birth to me,
kept me warm,
warmer than I would personally like,
2.2k · Apr 2019
my favourite sin
دema Apr 2019
gold in your hair,
denim on floor,
mistakes in bed,
bathing in each
other’s cologne,
i trace the freckles
on your back,
no more time to
talk, time has
hopped on a Cadillac,
purple becomes
my new skin tone,
one seal breaks
and now im in the
lost virtues zone,
my name becomes
your only vocab,
shortly after
I had it unwrap.
2.2k · Mar 2019
hold on
دema Mar 2019
I told you that you should always be
thankful, things are getting
better, the process
is just rather slow,

and I told you that the proof lies
in the fact that you still have some
sanity left today,
if things weren't getting better,
then what else
could you be holding onto?
2.1k · Dec 2019
i am me
دema Dec 2019
i am the best
version of myself
when i am comfortable
surrounded by my loved ones
and knowing there are no time restrictions
2.1k · Nov 2017
That night
دema Nov 2017
Grey sky,
black branches cracking through,
wet grass,
broken bench,
green in your eyes
and sparks in my heart.
2.0k · Feb 2019
cry out loud.
دema Feb 2019
the tears stroll down my cheeks,

the words come out all wrong,

as your perspective of me isn’t my reality,

under construction,
is the fight against my tears,

that there is strength in vulnerability,

your tears from their cells
and let go of the custody of pain.
1.9k · May 2014
Sad cycle
دema May 2014
You make me

he makes you

and that still
makes me

what is going
on here?
1.9k · Mar 2019
gold plated silver girl
دema Mar 2019
You gift me gold,
bringing back old habits,
remember though that
I never aimed for the stars
nor the way they shine,

I wear the gold around my neck,
with no sparkles in my eyes,
wishing it was silver instead,

you see;
gold bends and stretches,
but silver reflects and deflects,
it can handle reality,
even when things heat up.
remember that personalities shine brighter than any star
1.8k · Aug 2019
دema Aug 2019
i wake up
unable to
shake the
fear away
that lingers
in my head,
but i don’t
face the
I just lay
in bed.
1.7k · May 2014
A cancelled world.
دema May 2014
Isn't it weird how one bad comment can overcome several good comments?
Isn't it weird that it's easier to feel bad about yourself than feeling good about yourself?
Isn't it weird how evil can be acomplished faster than the good?
Isnt it weird that we live in such an intricate world, where the negativity always outcomes the positivity, because no good is left, when the bad often lets you down.

Alike charges repel, opposite charges attract. This was our philosophy  in dealing with the atoms in our world. But what about our world? How come all the positivity and the negativity in the world in all of their different forms,  , as they cancel each other, get the world cancelled along?
1.6k · May 2014
The vitality of my words.
دema May 2014
When I write, I am in my own world. An entire different world.
Putting this world into words to bring it to vitality , where the true me indepth exists.

My thoughts are my enemies, and overthinking is my best companion , joining along with my soul that ignited the two different worlds , as the world inside my head and the world where my unfortunate reality lays , are connected in those writings of mine.

Once I hold my pen, it seems like I could write endlessly for eternity.
The intellectual me is raging for more and more vitality , it's deeply intricate where my thoughts and those worlds meet.

But my thoughts are the biggest cravers for their freedom. And there, in my mind , I live and in words and letters , I expose my true inner self.
We were asked in class to write about "what do you do to connect to yourself?"
So i thought i'd share it here.

*vitality means life*
1.5k · Apr 1
دema Apr 1
you make me feel beautiful
in three ways;

one - by calling me beautiful,
two - by looking at me with such
loving eyes,
and most importantly,
three - by being with you
1.4k · May 2019
دema May 2019
I think I love
with every cell of my being,
with every drop of soul in me,
with every breath that visits my lungs,
with every fingerprint I’ve ever left,
with every laugh that parted my lips,
with every language my tongue pronounces,
with every way I know how to love,
with everything, yet I end up with nothing..
1.4k · Jul 2019
lake-ing 101
دema Jul 2019
close your eyes
and feel the sea
watch the water
turn blue, green and teal,
let the wind take the lead,
breathe in the sun,
don’t let your sins bleed,
exhale out all the deadlines,
and shine.
دema May 2014
We were on a road trip , on our way to meet the cousins of my father for the first time. I couldnt help but be curious about how they looked like. What they were like.  Year by year I'd discover more family members that I never knew about.

"Mom, they lived in Basrah?"

"Yes , they had."

"Huh..Basrah" I said sarcastically.

"Are they good people?" I asked.

"Yes they are, why wouldnt they be?" She said with a confused look in her eyes.

"When was the last time you saw them?" I asked, not ignoring her question quite much.

"Years ago." I was still confused because she did not number the years.

"How come I didnt meet them when i went to basrah with dad 2 years ago ?" I asked.

"Last time I had seen them myself was before we came to this country." She said.

"8 years." As I realized.

"I dont think so mom. People of iraq changed. A lot. From my latest visit." And perhaps the last visit it would be, I thought.

"Trust me on this dear." "Their father is as elegant and as royal as the head of ministry. He used to manage the biggest hotel in Iraq before he had retired." She said.

Suddenly the old images of iraq flashed in my head, and along came the current image of iraq, The comparison in my head between how great iraq used to be, how rich and beautiful the land Basrah was and how it is all gone. No admiration left, it's all an intricate matter.

The stories I hear about Iraq and the wars and the people of iraq, are close to infinity if you saw the destruction that occurred. The beautiful past, is all we have.

Sometimes, I feel like home doesnt even exist.
"Iraq". Those four letters , it's like thy dont mean anything to me anymore.
A home is a place that holds you, that keeps you warm. When did iraq ever hold me? Other than holding me backwards not forward. Other than leaving the poor cold and the rich hungry too. Where did all the blessings go? Where are the beautiful green lands? The River Tigris and Euphrates ? Helicobacter ?

It's hard to IMAGINE a country with such power, such good , such greatness , such grandeur,  magnificence, fall. But it's even harder, to WATCH it fall , and having nothing in your hands to do about it.

Such blessings, that got destroyed , on the hands of those who envied it once. The enemies destroyed the only thing that I had to believe was home.

"You know mom.. Sometimes I hate Iraq."
"Because it ruined our lives."

Silence filled the car for a couple of moments before anyone spoke. It was true, Iraq did  destroy us along. Iraq ruined our lives and everywhere we went our identiy was exposed but not lived by others. We once had a wealthy country, now the country is dying and the people are shattered. Mother knew it was true, even more than me, because i was just a child who couldnt remember and didnt live half the events mom had to go through. She witnessed it all.

"No one can hate their country dear, it is still your country."

It was true too, wherever I shall go, I will make my country proud, and not just a maybe, one day,Iraq will rise again, and I will have enough faith in my country that it will.
My country is not destroyed, my country lives peacefully in my heart. The people may ruin it, but it will always be as great as it used to be in my eyes.
Written today and posted today, from real life. P.s. I love my country no matter what.
1.2k · Jul 2018
Feelings from Amazon
دema Jul 2018
A boy bought me new feelings from Amazon,
I couldn't install them right,
so I gave them a 1-star rating.
1.1k · Apr 12
دema Apr 12
It's funny when 4 walls start to feel like 6
1.1k · Jun 2018
Dear Time,
دema Jun 2018
Stop chasing me,
I see you watching me when I'm waiting at the bus stop,
I feel your presence when I'm preparing my 1 sugar 2 cream coffee,
I know you're with me when I'm counting sheep as I'm falling asleep,
you're there in my nightmares,
your reality is the maze I am trying to escape from.
1.1k · Jul 2019
this year
دema Jul 2019
this year,
i’ve met too many people,
i’ve let go of a lot of these people,
i’ve lost a lot of respect for
so many more,
i’ve given up on others,
not just me, myself and I.
it’s a pun, hehe
1.0k · Jan 2018
nonsense dreams
دema Jan 2018
I keep having dreams of you,
and they're absolute nonsense,
you're absolute nonsense,
please let me be,
leave my dreams be
nonsense, but without you in them.
Kind of have been dreaming about a person for months now.. and I hate it. Nothing makes sense, why are you in my dreams?
1.0k · Sep 2018
دema Sep 2018
At times,
my heart pumps emotions
that don't belong to me,
that cut deep enough to
make me acknowledge that self-destruction can
never take a form stronger than this.
980 · Jun 2018
دema Jun 2018
Remember when we first met?
                  I wish we could meet again for the first time.
973 · May 2014
Grandpa , my dear.
دema May 2014
Grandpa my dear,
a few years when I was younger you'd let me sit on your lap and you would call me cute nicknames.

a few years after when i grew a bit older, you'd get me sweets and we would compare our heights , but you've always been taller.

a few years when i was your height, and we shared the same weight. But oh what a coincidence and i wondered.

I remember the sweets you used to give me, I remember the love you used to provide me.

I remember how I used to hit you in my sleep when i was younger, because I used to move alot in my sleep. ( I still do)

But what I dont remember is, every imagining you ending up like this?

The time has betryaed you and you are no longer as healthy as the young are, and i cant imagine but i can realize, that youve grown weaker. But stronger too, in the same time. Because you are a survivor, and you will stay alive for us, because you are all what's left for us and we're all what's left for you, and i know that one day my kids will get to hear your stories about the life back your time.
late night thoughts.
953 · May 2014
دema May 2014
I wish I could gather all your broken pieces ,
and heel the scars that the shatter had left in you.

But here I am, oblivious of how to gather my own wreckage.
Inspired by someone.
934 · Oct 2018
Wake up.
دema Oct 2018
Yet another dream of you,
yet another day that we are breathing the same air,
only difference is my lungs are warm and your heart is cold.
                       ­                      Wake up *****,
                                                                I tell myself.
928 · Feb 2019
How I really feel
دema Feb 2019
Am I upset?
No, I don't think so.

I think the best way to describe how I feel towards you right now
is to buy a ******* useless vase, instead of adding it to the rest of your collection of useless stuff down in the basement, use it as a decoration, give it life and purpose and make a pretty flower grow in it, every now and then water it, clean the mess it makes, heck-- even take selfies with it. Next, I want you to unwillingly do the following:
put this vase on an ad on Craig's list, give it for free to someone who is on the same continuum of uselessness. Done? ok, now go break that ******* vase. What? You can't? It's not yours anymore? How does THAT feel? Do you feel upset? Angry? Confused? No, you feel helpless. Well now you know how your friendship feels like and what your friendship means. Not cool. We aren't cool. Don't make me break you, it won't fix you into becoming someone I need.
915 · May 2014
دema May 2014
I* wept,
till my eyes were dry,
and I could feel no more.

In a statment of ,
complete numbness,
I layed in bed,
in hours,
for days,
s a d.

I wiped,
away the tears.
And my feelings ,
wouldn't stop ,
reminding me.
And those memories,
wouldn't stop,
chasing me.
And I couldn't just,
let go.
914 · May 2014
Every breath, each time.
دema May 2014
I exhaled the last breath,
And i felt like my soul was about to leave.

Because with every breath, the air becomes harder to inhale each time.
912 · May 2019
words I needed to hear
دema May 2019
“You’re not that weak,
                                  and it’s not that hard.”

“You’re beautiful,
                 but more importantly than that you’re wonderful.”
895 · May 2014
I had to let you go.
دema May 2014
Just one message from you, and just one sentence made me this way.

You said "I cant forget our old good days" ,
and you said you didnt want to disturb me anymore.

But sadly , you dont know half the reasons of why I had let you go.
884 · May 2014
I and It , why?
دema May 2014
I am happy,
But why is that those tears wont stop falling?

It's the right thing,
But why is that it doesn't feel like so?

I am strong,
But why is it that I need to be strong?

I should not feel this way,
But why is it that my feelings have become so bipolar ?

It's bravery,
But why is it that I feel it's an act of fear instead?

I am not oblivion no more,
But why is it that i feel there is much behind every path?

I fear failure,
But why is that I feel that it is a fear of success?

I should enjoy the moment,
But why is it that my brain cant comprehend to happiness no more?
804 · Jun 2018
Late night thoughts
دema Jun 2018
I want to cry.

I dont know why.

My heart aches
my head hurts,
my body is tired,

and my thoughts have gone wild.
دema May 2014
So many things on my mind, so many wonders going like how and why?

I didn't know you too well, for goodness's sake I didn't know you at all.

But your death, made me realize you've been in pain,
But left me oblivious of the reasons behind.

I wish I knew, I wish I could've helped.
I know it wasn't my fault,
and Even tho it was your decision ,
to commit suicide,  
to let go,
I know that, it wasnt your fault either.

But maybe, just a little maybe and a little of hope that I hold onto ,
you just wanted , a different life, that you could re-unite in with your dad.

But I wish you knew, the impact you left behind.
Because you truly have changed my life ,
you may not know it, and you may never have the chance,
or what's more insane is that maybe one day you will.

Everyone truly is in regret , and even the ones who were far,
have always been there for you, if you could've gave them a chance.

You'll always be in my prayers, and I will make sure to complete the purpose of your life.
الله يرحمك
751 · May 2014
In my dark world.
دema May 2014
What if all the flowers died , and the world turned black and blue.
What if all the flowers blossomed in dark colors, and the world died.
What if beautiful things disappear and my eyes dont tear.
What if the flowers' beauty fade and the colors blossom, in my dark world.
749 · Oct 6
(I've had) enough.
718 · Oct 19
دema Oct 19
is not a feeling,
but rather a process,
it’s wanting to burst out
in laughter when you fall
for the same trap twice,
and shedding tears
when you least expect it,
it’s being able to experience
emotions that you thought you had lost
touch of, sight of,
it’s looking at yourself
in the mirror
and loving the broken
version as much as the healed one.
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