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i soulfully wonder
of these devoted feelings i have.
because the quality it posses
is abysmally surpassing
the extremities of emotions.
simply to tell that,
i am madly
I hope we made it out
Of this tornado mind of mine for the last time
This one went too far
Cut too deep
Violently swirling
Whipping my thoughts
Destruction I now can’t comprehend
Ripping the light from me
I’m at a loss for words with blood on my hands
Before we even met,
I wondered if it was

Wise to make the jump
And be led
On and fall in love,

When all that was
On the table was
Lust, entangled

With words that
Made me believe
you wanted more.

I tried my best
To open these

Make the best
Out of something

Because you didn’t
Want more.

I tried to give
Myself every reason

To not believe
In love again

And now I’m certain
It’ll be awhile,

Because I’d rather
Be lonely than

To have my heart
Led on and broken
With you.
has been my selling point for years

so you can imagine my surprise when
my buried anger erupts
while I'm zipping my lips shut
then hot tears from a boiling kettle

the "intelligence" part is what they see
an articulate observer from above
a collector of cause-and-effect facts
displaying a bit of empathy and curiosity

but the moment I take control of my emotions
I unleash a torrent of every imaginable color
a surge of energy condensed into the palms of my hands
filling every crevice of the earth with bright orange

the same palms that press into my bruises
constantly reminding me of the commitment
The unspoken contract of embodying existence
A responsibility I was never prepared for

but "how resilient I am" to have
survived everything and learned from it
when all I want to hear is
'that should have never happened to you.'

Night mood-- a pond,
obsidian surface sleet-
metal smooth, patterned
by shaded spectres.

A brutal sky, winter’s
cold corpse, mind’s
underwater blackness
reflecting dark hollows
inside or morning mood
dark as coffee sipped
in loneliness.

And yet dawn’s sun-bleached sky,
a wistful mist clearing
to pure daylight. Hope
on the white wings of gulls.

Pearl-drop tears of joy,
the freshness of a summer’s
evening, a glass of wine
shared with gladness,
and mood, ever-changing,
blooms like an exquisite
pale rose.
It's a beautiful thing,
to feel emotions so deeply.

There's nothing I can do,
but to feel my heart beating.

It's pounding me alive.
Incapable of sleeping.

I am permanently wired
to be open to receiving.

Collecting dust from comets,
to carve out my own meaning.

The universe, she needs me.
For transference she is seeking.

Pouring feelings down my throat,
so they can find releasing.

I make light codes out of lessons.
I upload them when I'm dreaming.

Slowly taking all the pain,
and I turn it into healing.

And for every cleanse completed,
she leaves me with a teaching.

And the world's a little wiser,
a little more appealing.

• • •

Then I get another download,
and the cycle keeps repeating.


▪︎ mica light ▪︎
A queen will always turn pain into power.
Gabrielle Sep 17
Your freckles are in all the wrong places,
There should be one on the back of your hand

And one on your knee, a little to the right
That you can see when you sit but not when you stand

He had one on his neck also, I used to trace every day
On the ***** where throat turns to shoulder

Your freckles are wrong, its alright, that's okay
Lets put our clothes back on before we get colder
This poem is about sleeping with a new person after ending a long term relationship.
Joshua Phelps Sep 17
Hypnotized and,
Captivated by the
Love that led
To a blindness.

The images,
By the once
Warming glow

Lay buried, just
Like a love lost,
So cold.

Once untangled,
Estranged souls

A bond formed,
And we became
entangled by

Love, loss, and regrets.

And it all took
A toll.

Never able
To save ourselves,

We went deeper
In our thoughts

And we ended up,
Digging so far,

That both of us,
Eventually fell

Like letters to
A loved one,
That used to
Have the heart

You wrote to me,
And I wrote to you
With a heavy heart.

Once hypnotized
And captivated by the
Love that led
To a blindness.

I sit here in silence,
Surrounded by a deep,
dark sadness

Still wondering why,
I still haven’t gotten
Over all this madness.
Some songs I listen to really get me going emotionally. Especially during a dark period in my life.

It will mark one year since my downfall from grace, and with that downfall, was a former relationship of around 9 years.

Sometimes I romanticize the past, knowing well there were flaws in-between, and tell-tale signs it was headed towards a breakup.  

And it frustrates me, nearly a year later, why I haven't fully gotten over it.

I'm starting to think it never goes away.
leeaaun Sep 15
In the heart of my dream place,
where I'd always yearned to be,
there's an inexplicable melancholy
that wraps around me like a heavy shroud.

It's curious, you see,
how one can stand in the very midst of their dreams
and still feel so profoundly distant from happiness.

It's as though my emotions have been muted,
rendered numb
by the overwhelming weight of this place.

The vibrant colors of my aspirations seem dulled,
the laughter I'd imagined echoes
only faintly in the recesses of my mind.

Here, amidst the fulfillment of my desires,
a shadow lingers—
a persistent ache that refuses to be dispelled.

I thought I'd soar in this dreamland,
but instead, I find myself
tethered to the ground,
my spirit heavy with an unexplained sorrow.
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