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دema 28m
Yet another dream of you,
yet another day that we are breathing the same air,
only difference is my lungs are warm and your heart is cold.
                       ­                      Wake up bitch,
                                                                I tell myself.
I can attack you with a thousand hugs
And Compliments.
I can also attack you
With coldness
Explosive anger
And tears of anguish.
Which one will you be?
We sought a world of pleasure,
One we could not measure.
We opened our hearts to pray,
for what would make our day.
Cause we live a life so empty,
One not worthy of envy.

For so long we waited,
in search of a sign of what would save us.
But as memories faded and our lives wasted,
we found comfort in what would erase us.

Sold to slavery, prisoners of our own greed.
We sought more pleasure, now want nothing more than to be freed.
Time has flashed us by and our tears have gone dry.
And with torturous screams,
we are left with nothing but faded dreams.
You roll over
I feel worthless
You abandon me
My heart a mess
Am i not enough to make you stay?

I give my body to you
I give my soul to you
Yet when I ask for something in return
I receive nothing, not a word
You make me feel so stupid and useless
Why do I continue to let you do this?

I love you so much
But you don’t feel the same
I’m simply just a body
Another promiscuous chase
You say you don’t want a quick lay
But when I tell you i love you
You mumble same and turn away
I love you so much
Please love me too
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Hailey 1d
Right when you
Think you have everything
Right when you
Think you're happy
It all ends
Someone ruins it
You ruin it
Life ruins it
Because it always ends
Today that Bliss
That one day of Bliss
Then its gone
A simple text
A simple statement of
"I don't think we can ever be friends again"
As the sadness washes over you
You realize that text
Can kill a soul
Can kill a mind
Can kill a heart
And can kill a friendship
A friendship of four years
That you will always remember
With a person you trusted
And to realize
You will never celebrate a birthday
With them
Never have that hours of laughs
With them
Never walk the hallways talking
With them
You hope the best
For them
You want them to thrive
You want them to have a great future
but sadly
You will no longer
Be a part of that
Sage D 5h
Love is just a four-letter word,
that begins with L.
Lust is just a four-letter word,
that begins with L.

Two very different words,
with much in common.
One may easily be mistaken,
for the other.

Both yearning for someone,
but in different ways.
Both feel great at first,
but may die over time.

Lust is secretive, hot, and sexy,
but who says that can't be love?
Love is passionate, confident, and loyal,
but who says that can't be lust?

You'll think you feel one,
when it's actually the other.
Or maybe you got it just right,
and know yourself better.

Love and lust,
similar, but not the same.
Love and lust,
different, but not opposites.

Love is just a four-letter word,
that begins with L.
Lust is just a four-letter word,
that begins with L.
There's a surface,
...strange enveloping.

There's a surface,
A mindset; no?

There's a surface,
you feel it.

Surface to reality,
doesn't make sense.

Feeling, -a feeling...
a feeling
...doesn't make sense.

. . .
Anya 1d
And me
We both debate
The only two
To do that type
In our school


He always advances
I don’t
We win the same number
But different points
He just has

I just...

I want-need-to improve
To beat him!

An inferiority complex?

For me it was debate but for those of you who understand the frustration involved in being behind but unable to catch up to a competititor no matter how you try, feel free to mentally replace debate with whatever activity you do.
My anger seems lethargic not bothered bathing in serenity trying to keeps this symmetry don't you peep this energy, not gravitated towards negativity, no compound particles of bad vibes gotta keep this chemistry, it's better to live stress free confusion creates too much problems for me, exposing my emotions like a leaked nude, I don't mean to be rude I need my own space go about it at my own pace, no bad news constantly in my face get away to a quiet place I need a clear view, no bad attitudes cool off in high altitudes postive vibes only, a comforting atmosphere I care about what my spirit consumes, can't let negativity doom this mood coolest dude in a room refusing to be shadowed by gloom smooth

In my chill mode
In my chill mode
Chillin in my chill mode
I'm chillin in my chill mode
Chill mode
Chill mode
In my chill mode
A second Version of chill mode, Tell me what you think
Do you mind if I sit back and observe the process of the lords creation the subject matter is miraculous the beauty is elegant perfect in every scence my baby girl you stole my heart such a thief ain't you, thinking about seductive things we do sinners ain't we, naughty deeds but the intentions is good it serves needs

What pains me is that I have to let go to regrip your sparkling eyes again, got to move fast so quick that I don't miss the chance to clutch you in my arms again, heaven sent such a gift I cried when you was born I ain't even know you back then because, GOD made you for me I picked up your scent, I know from day one you was mine let us age old together bad and boujee like expensive fine wine, my kiss is possessive the beat of your heart is mine let that foreplay tingle down your spine, open wide going deep let me reach your soul climax our achievement together it ain't sex it's love

I love you girl no sex postion that can top this deposition let me show you its deeper than sex, I'm still into you watch me shift working overtime full time love baby moan out affection go on say the name, our body hum harmony can feel this body heat that steamy love, open wide in deep that creamy love that dreamy love, its deeper than sex, the agony an orgams of how our love make our body shiver, I love you, I love you! I rejoice I could say this a thousand times it's deeper than sex
This is a redo of my very first poem, tell me how you like it, I would apperciate the feedback my fellow poets!

Love it's deeper than sex!
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