i see your eyes dancing
to the flickering lights
as the shadows shimmer
on our balcony tiles

rocking on your heels to
the rhythm of the night
simply radiant with
no sorrows or lies

you make sacrifices
seem like your prize
breathing love and gratitude
into our days and nights

but oh baby girl
you can’t always disguise
all those dreams you have
for the sake of our lives


Carlys 18h

Give me a love story I can't forget
                 and then leave me
                                 wanting more.
                                    Baby, I'm hooked on you


Fearing the predestined path is brutal,
As the heightened response dreads an upcoming plan.

Anticipating the worst scenario possible,
Stress takes its toll on the body and mind.

Dwelling the future route with scary predictions,
Panicking as alarms blare by not knowing the course.

The puzzle will be solved through time,
Playing the waiting game through fright.

Always focusing the on riddle is unhealthy,
Yet worry is a powerful emotion that is harsh.

Controlling anticipated anxiety is difficult,
But is manageable by forming a positive mindset.

Directing attention to structured activities helps,
Taking the cognitions to a place of harmony.  

Optimistic thinking while planning a schedule is key,
Pacing yourself towards the moment of truth correctly.

Does Hurt get hurt
Bringing in Hurt...

Does Solitude
Finds a Place for itself in Solitude....

Does Misunderstanding
Ever befriends Understanding.....

Does Silence
Ever gets to speak for itself in Silence...

Do all Questions
Ever get to Answer Themselves....

Seema 1d

Grown, blown
The field of children
Warn, torn
The soul of mothers
Men, women
Slaughtered bitterly
Girls and boys
Then raped easily
Missiles and tanks
Hover every corner
Blood and decay
No claim, no honor
Green grass polished
A playing field ready
Why feel so astonished?
Dead bodies lying steady
Sprayed red on field
A gruesome planned scam
None survived, all killed
By the unnamed gang!!


Inspired by the news article. The day when armed men attacked a school in Peshawar, Pakistan killing 144 people on 16 Dec 2014. This came as the global news.

Declaring victory,
Over every part of my heart.
Holding portions of heaven,
in her cute little dimple.
She knew she will win over me
which was yes, simple
So, She took my heart

Teaching me,
the meaning of life,
The rays of her smile,
took me grounded.
The fiery feeling for her and,
intense and limitless memories, which hold me surrounded
Damn, she took my heart

Searching her,
In my imaginations.
Gives me feeling the best.
That feeling which is enough for the life to rest.
By Showing me the glare of reality.
Oh! again, She took my heart.
                        -Ajay Pandey

my body
into the water
my curves
to ripple

my eyes
fully awake
my senses
to the tune
of the moment

sweat as thick
as globs of clay
breath is shallow
like wind on a dry,
rainless day
skin sits shriveled
no flowers bloom
a drought I must purge
before I am consumed

bag is too heavy
I've carried this far
feet are all bloody
they've held their share of scars
on I travel
up the mountain I go
too weary to stumble
too tired to slow

heart is pulsating
as I reach the top
my life has been waiting
for my legs to stop
which way to go?
all roads seem unsteady
I think I'll rest
awaken when I'm ready

my body
into the water
my curves
to ripple

my eyes
fully awake
my senses
to the tune
of the moment

When people say I love you to the moon and back I feel sorry for them. Is that really all the love you have to give? The world is vast and never ending but the amount you choose to love your partner is only a fraction of that large expanse. To the moon and back is nothing compared to the ends of the earth. Darling, I love you more than all the stars in the sky. I love you more than the area of the universe. Nothing could show how vast my love is for you. So to say I love you to the moon and back is a minuscule amount to what it could be.

Burrowed intimately in my own sedacious eclipse,
I awake mid day, soaking up our heavy and expected frivolities.
As I sip from my cup, the soft silk slithers down my throat.
Unable to sustain a direct state of such, it eats at me like a disease.
The tingeling heat that wraps around my tired lips, ignites the yearn of more.
With each bat of black beneath my eyes, I shiver as I am endowed by everything that it yours.

Take me.

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