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The summer air lies
Thick and sweet
It reeks of flowers and over ripe berries
The sweat drops twinkle in the heat
A visage of the real pearls we wish we could carry
The girl breathes heavy
Is it the summer heat?
Glittering eyes at the sweat that glistens
And the muscled hands that trails
The fascinating work of waves and dunes
It runs along and dives into an unknown world
Her eyes flutter at the sudden chill
The clouds roll in with the rain that wets
Everything to cleanse a world of sins
The thunder is loud and she violently shudders
It’s as if she’s the source
Like atoms come together.
Tethered ©️ 2021 Jana Pelzom
I don’t know if I can ever write about *** like it wasn’t some horrific thing or something to be unconsciously ashamed of or afraid of, but I tried. Most of us are bound, by fear, curiosity or lust for more.
Sometimes I wish to sit with you on the dry ground
Our hands plucking at the grass around us
The vermilion painting hanging above
In the wind, the mellowed songs of distant trucks
And I will let my subterranean feelings emerge
Let the chrysalis open
And I’ll tell you
That I don’t love you
I need you

Trouble brought us together
Back then, it still does
You only call me when you are troubled
And on the other side and I am ready
Need, is how I describe our relationship
Not friendship, not comradeship
Not existing in the same space and time
And certainly not love
I need you

Because if I tell you that I love you
It will only boost your ego
You see, in all your little stays in my nest
When you were ambling around as I was working for you
I learned quite a few things about you
You want to be looked at
You unveil yourself in front of others
Slowly peeling the mask off your face
You know who you are
You’re the alluring fruit at the peak
You know you’re desirable
You know you’re out of reach

Sometimes I wish for adversities
I want you to have problems
So you can come flying towards me
And I can wrap you in arms
and tell you there I’m here
that I’ve been waiting to tell you,
that I don’t just love you, I need you
And you will tell me too that you don’t love me
You just need me

And I’ll be lying if I said I am not fine with it
Even though you are selfish
You just sit and don’t speak
You eat me from inside like a disease
You make me feel so insufficient
So powerless, so weak
But when you are here, with me
I just want you to stay
I just want you to keep needing me
cleobug 4d
in the backyard
lighting up a smokescreen
high on all the thoughts
of what once was and could have been

filled to the brim with these emotions
but i don't feel a thing
how tiring it is to always think so much
and still remain the same
If everyone felt the earthquakes I feel
When you look at me that way
The world tremble and shake
Until the tallest mountain fell
And all the oceans were dry.
© LadyRavenhill 2021
Silence is still...
A Rose thorn ****** into the darkness of the night.
Ghosts and ghouls wander a yard of thee,
ones who sheltered by the tree, 6ft yonder.
A veil blows as the river flows,
lost bride who can't find her ride.
Chills of the midnight light ***** down
unto your spine and you begin to run,
but their following you, chasing you-
and they won't give up until you're out of luck.
Angels fall and lose their wings to grow again and recover
their ancient beings of heaven's dream.
Silence is still,
Morning comes to greet you,
and all the spirits of the night find a place to rest,
until the next time, they may deplete you.
NOTE: The day time is beautiful, but the night is when magic happens and all things truly come to life. All the memories, spirits, time lapses of horror and pride, come to haunt you or love you. It's up to you to decide your fate.
there are many nice words,
some more eloquent, others simple
but still beautiful in their simplicity,
and I use these to accurately (or as accurate as I can get)
to express the intense emotions I feel with my whole chest
with my whole head.
I write
because it's my freedom.
Jana Pelzom Sep 12
My love is like the ocean
You’ll never know where it ends
My love is like earths mantel
Mans assumption that it exists
It flows like the Nile
Loving no one but ones’ dear
May the dried lands and dune sands
Wither at love that lives so near
But never extends a helping hand.
Love is a dagger ©️2021 Jana Pelzom
I was thinking about what and how I perceive love after watching Loki (marvel studios) and his line about love being a dagger. Romantic love is something I smother and stomp out whether consciously or subconsciously; I don’t know why I do it but I do.
grace snoddy Sep 12
what is the meaning
behind all this commotion?
i unravel my feelings
and regain my devotion
to deciphering the thing
we call our emotions

i pick and poke at them
in a familiar notion
i guess some would call
a deprived locomotion
despite the fear
of what i may find
i begin to finally
dissect my mind

somehow and some way
i find my composure
surrounded by physical manifestations
of whatever’s left over
the sadness and pain
the disappointment and shame

i find a sacred meaning
in all of this commotion
i look at myself
and im filled with devotion
i allow myself to feel
these emotions

and just like a storm
they eventually pass
the peace i sought
setting in at last
the sun begins to rise
reminding me that its okay
as i begin to look forward
to a brighter day

i will not allow my fear to guide me anymore.
hi im alive and well and i hope you are too <3
Troy Sep 10
Going about the day
Like there’s nothing wrong
Smiling and laughing
Like nothing is going on

Playing games
Hanging out with friends
All bubbly and happy looking
Like nothing is wrong

But under the surface
Ready to burst
Fearing the moment
It boils over

Putting on a fake smile
To hide the tears
Threatening to burst
Without a moments notice

You put on masks everyday
To hide the pain
You wish to not share
In fear of being a burden

Silently hoping
That you keep it together
So you don’t get called attention seeker
Drama queen or a burden

Holding onto that pain
It steadily gets worse
Thoughts race
Mind goes dark

Demons stir and awaken
Shadows twist and warp
Causing panic and fear
Is it real or just your head

Too afraid to ask
Too afraid to speak out
Too afraid to ask for help
Too afraid to push it away

Too afraid to run
Too afraid to cry
Too afraid of being judged
Too afraid of everything

Now hiding alone in the dark
Staying away from everyone else
Hammering your skull
Hoping to beat them out

Breaking down
Silently screaming
Eyes shut tight
Tears running down your face

You break down
Wishing everything was different
That your mental state was normal
Not so tattered and broken

Knees to forehead
Squeezing your legs tighter into you
Hoping the pressure will help
Tears now running down your legs

There a knock at the door
And you switch everything off
Clean up your face and smile
All in a few seconds

Just another mask
Put on daily
In a never ending cycle
Of constant torment
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