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Why do it want to
Why do I always feel
Why am I so
Why can't I just be
Why do I keep writing creepy
Why do I want to
Why do I have to feel this
Why do things have to be
Why is everyone so
Why haven't things
I thought they were always just joking,
But love is harder than it seems,
Growing up as well has its tricks,
But trying to hold love, in bare hands,
Is like lighting a zippo without it's case cap,
Like touching a lightining while being soaked by the storm,
Or holding under a warm pan just taken outta the oven.

It is nothing but being a robbery victim, only the gun is invisible,
But it is still being wield by your lover one;
Love will laugh and disappear, will come and go like the waves,
And crash over you, but if you're not a solid rock standing in the middle of the ocean, be ready to drown.
tia 8h
My dear, I wish I could speak my mind.
I would write in an eloquent letter and end the words with hearts
Saying that the distance between us will not tear us apart
But how do I tell you that and make those promises?
When I'm suffocating with such deep misunderstanding..

I pick up the letter and smudge the ink
Tear apart the sentences and cross out the hearts
I love you, I love you, but I'm sure you love me not at all.
How do I feel, what do I do? I'm tired when I endlessly think of you.
And the paper cuts mock me.
I give up before it drives me to insanity.
And I will sleep, perhaps for all of eternity.
I feel like a phone that has been used all day,
Until it's breaking Point
like it has reached its lowest battery percentage,
until its dead
I feel emotionally drained.

I give i,-I give, and I give
until I've given my everything.
Until the end I feel like no one cares about
giving me a single thing, I feel used and ignored
and when lm Finally recharged Im being picked up
Woke up at 3:00am to write this
I miss her, and
it's uncomfortable.
I'm not used to
In the past, I would
drink when I
felt uncomfortable,
or felt anything, for
that matter.
Now, I identify
the feelings, like
a strange new
species of animal:
"Oh yes, that's sadness.
It's indigenous to
the western plains of
the heart."
Feeling emotions is
strange and scary,
but it beats the
feeling nothing,
and dying alone.
As the sun sets, the moon appears.
The future always is near.
As do the past will always disappear.
I stand in the twilight with my hopes and fear.

I look up in the sky.
To see the stars shining up high.
I look beyond the dark space.
To see what the future will bring to my face.

As the moon goes down, the sun rises.
I slowly disappear back to being lifeless.
I now gaze into the dark abyss.
Where no expression of emotion can be released.

I now stand once again in another twilight.
Where there is balance between the dark and light.
Where memories are either kept or forgotten.
Where pain is either ignored or a burden.
Written by: Paul Joshua B. Santiago
my wrists sink into
the bed as he climbs on top
the sheets get colder

his body is warm
a heart of gold, but stone cold
fingers trace my skin

hold the dial tones
wrap it tight around my neck
tell me you love me?

i want to hear it
it'd so be easy to fall
for your words again

calling you again
no, you don't have to answer
i just miss your voice

                                voices in my head
                                it’s harder than expected
                                i’ll finish alone
i wouldn't know what to say if you actually picked up
Trinidad Feb 20
Just rot me
I know im the only one who got me
I am the only one who can stop me
Do i want to am i even worth it ?
I never said i was perfect
Im just trying to keep it working.
But its flopin
This type of feeling rarely arise's but when it does man does it got me
Thinking bad things someone stop it
My mind just keeps thinking no stopping
Its not working i want off this bad train called my brain. Till im nothing but a stain in your mind. Till the only time i pop in your mind is a once upon a time. But trust im fine...oh No im fine
Katinka Feb 25
IΒ΄m quick to fall in love
but just as quick as I do
I fall out of love

every little inconvenience
and I think about running away
the smallest doubt
and I am questioning everything

Sometimes I just wish
I wouldn't feel as much
that just for once
I could silence my mind

To put an end
to this rollercoaster of fear
and anxiety

But on the days, I stop feeling
I forget who I am

because I  feel like
I am just a bunch of emotions
and thoughts

Stuck in a body
this world gave me
and then I forget to exist
in the present
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