MU 10h

When I
Your name

When I
Your smile

Heart beat...
                   ...Heart beat

When I
A message

Some of
Your thoughts

                        Bright eyes...    
Bright eyes...

When I saw
Your face

That I did

                     Hot ears...
                     Hot ears...

When I listened
To your voice

So cute

Goose bumps...goose bumps...

When I
Noticed that
Your eyes

Started to
Tear from
My talk


But since all
Is over

So mundane




Interactions feel so stimulating and emotions so intense when we are in love. The rush disappears after its over, and only silence and a feeling of tiredness remains...
Doodle v 15h

What you know love is
Love is this what i do
I dont cheat you
I come forward and fight for what is right and what i feel
I dont have any intention to steal

I give, you take
I play to the heartbeat once which was lost in memories of you and me sitting in corner of our broken fate

Love has power which makes us believe
It never listens to other voices which only want you to fail

Devil can catch you and evil can blind you
But there is some light which finds you even if you are at end of a tunnel no can reach you

But darkness will try you and test you to the limit where even light cant escape
but light will travel with you till it reaches the end
and when the journey ends there is a new galaxy and a new world where our stars wont fade

So i love and make everything right..
And i create the love with broken peices of my heart in time tillit breaks again

Matt Earl 1d

Your emotional insecurity is none of my concern
An unrequited love on life’s funeral pyre does burn
A thousands dreams over a hundred days led to our demise
Restrained and so constricted an epitaph to your lies
A once bright sun has died and turned a blackest black
The remnants of my sanity has begun to crack
Silent screams echo in the recesses of your mind
Fragments of remembering’s of a love you left behind
The banality of my existence on show for all to see
Destiny sings it’s hallowed song I ache to be set free

Carly 1d

What's going on in my head,
Is something I cannot explain
A lot of shit goes unsaid
bottled up and emits pain

I am the sparks leaving a fire
looking for a place I belong
Deep in the forest, I find my choir
I go to sleep, after a little song

Here I am, peaceful, as i wished

A little late night something
carter 1d

a library opened late last night
an abundance of books
yet, all i want to read
is the emotions on your face

- c.j.

Jaimi M 1d

Eyes that
convince a
girl to forget;
forget the world
forget her name
forget to breathe.
Such a convincing
smile and hands
that tease
and please.
A man made
for destruction;
destruction of a
girl with
no world
no name
no idea
how to breathe.

Thought of Spring cleaning tonight
took out everything which was
closed in my closet..
started segregating into
necessary, unnecessary
and for later use again..
And all these seemed
too much of work..
as with every piece of thing,
I had my emotions attached!
But suddenly a thought arose..
why not all seasons cleaning
for a mind?

cleaning of home happens every now but I doubt whether cleaning in life happens that often...why not leave behind attachment and see what is actually necessary for us in life...

Wore the flattest shoes tonight
So I don't foolishly tumble
Adored the comfiest XL size
For if my chest begins to crumble

The white noise shot-out, let's run now
In the oversized grey tshirt, all is numb now
"Do you want? Need? Like? SAY something!"
I can fucking scream but now I barely mumble

Don't sympathise, I do that just fine for me
Hold back or let me go, either way you can't see
Shadows of the noise that I can't shake when I am still
So I run and I run, until it's a distant melody

lutia 3d

I´m trying to understand
my desire
oceans divide my mind & body.

Summer air
water, fire, love
everyone understands, but me.

Man of constant sorrow
burning notes in my brain
memories u may borrow
all of the efforts are vain.

I´m so unsure!
Clock is ticking
Quarrels I´m picking
between me and my mind
Desire I can´t hide!

I may follow roads
or enter the void
darkland without clothes
gloom everywhere.

Dream with in a dream.
Unexpectedly fleeing this feeling.
Beauty is just a reflections of reality
The pain I'm feeling is fading through my veins
Learning about the air I breath,
Makes it hard to live on in peace.
As I continue to loose control
To really feel utter defeat.
This cant be salvaged.
My world is shattering
The sun is invincible.  
Shadow is at its peak.
Darkness overrun.
Nothing is feared.
I am dreaming on top the hill
walking past the bigger picture
I'm told about the stars.
About the nations broken tears.
Life-breaking situations.
Can feel the pain in my right shoulder
As i carry this shocking event deep in my heart.
I can still feel my nose itching.
As i Sat there contemplating
where i went wrong in life
To be in this, Hand cuffed.
Learning the biggest lesson.
Never Trust anyone and continue Dreaming
I'm More drowning in my own water
I cant swim up, How can i save myself?
Its an Earthquake, But only My life is shattering.

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