Seema 14h
I stood before the gods
But none had time to see me
I was kept with the odds
For unlikely reasons, may be
Besides, I am just a feather
Floating with the delirious winds
I hope to be together
But I've lost all my kins
Far and further, I rest on a tree
And see crowds gather
Fortunately, I am free
Camouflaging in this weather
Dirt and dust cover me dearly
Making a coat of foundation
It's hard to make out clearly
So, now I am in fashion
Lots sit or stick out from hats
Dipped in ink, the fancy quills
Decorated in fine mats
Processed in mills
But I am just a part of someone
Whom I've lost in a matter of time
Everyday bored watching the sun
Wonder, what was my bearers crime!

Inspired by a floating feather.
When you say I'm beautiful
it's like I'm standing on the top
of a very tall mountain
making me so scared my heart stops.

When you say I'm beautiful
my skins starts to crawl
and butterflies fly inside me
and I try not to bawl.

When you say I'm beautiful
I'm on a crazy rollercoaster that
just loops and loops and loops
until it stops and I realize where I'm at.

When you say I'm beautiful
I can't help but blush
as you smile wide at me
and my cheeks just flush.

When you say I'm beautiful
I forget how much I disagree
and simply smile back
at you with belief.
Detached from the body,
Lost within the mind,
Never able to handle troubles,
As shutting down became much easier.

Day to day holds no meaning,
Left in auto pilot nothing being fully processed.

Senseless as I walk the halls of society and home.

Absent and drifting further away,
Floating amongst the void that I made,
Now I gotten myself lost within it.

I gave a kiss goodbye to my life,
As I dipped myself in the bathtub filled with vast of nothing.
Umi 21h
I am darkness I am light, I am chaos I am might, lies and truth unite,
Fear and bravery, envy with hatred and love finally combined,
I am the difference between illusions and dreams, nothing as it seems,
Nightmares and mirrages, a realm of infinity and finite by its means,
I am fusion and fission, with one simple yet very complex misssion,
Energy and indolence, a wall, another fence, questions upon answers
If small lies give rise to grand falsities, what is the truth gonna bring ?
A place where you should be able to feel reality and fantasy's sting,
Apathy and concern unite, come closer I don't really bite, trust me,
My teeth look sharp, yet they are blunt, you can rant or stay calm,
I am a living death wandering yet standing still, does it make you ill?
Generosity and greed are both present while they are missing, still!
Control the lies of your uncontrollable tounge, listen to the silence,
Could we possibly agree that this unanimity relies in total dissension?
I am the discouragement for your precious, little yet pure intentions,
Aimlessness for hope of a future unexplored yet near enough to grasp
I am the rue in pride, a lamp without light, elusive but not transient,
A harmonic ramgage, riots over the horizon in undefined dark light,
I am malevolent and benevolent, bent yet straight, right behind you,
What am I ?

~ Umi
If you can solve this riddle I give you a cookie °^°
This took very long to make and actually combines my old rhyming writing style and the one I engaged myself in a while ago, I do hope it is somewhat enjoyable ^-^
Hey everyone, let's chat about happiness
I just finished reading a poem on the front page
of death and sadness
It's totally heartbreaking when someone
feels so low
But a beautiful enchanting thing when someone
feels happy and they glow

Once upon a time, someone once said to me
Make yourself happy
no one is responsible for your happiness
and no one should be responsible
for your sadness
Think of your emotions as a galloping horse
and you hold the reins

You know they say, money can't buy happiness
Yet, no matter what they say
money does play a part in happiness
though certainly money doesn't buy love
but as one famous cowboy strums guitar strings
and in his best country voice sings
"Money can buy me a boat
and a truck to pull it"

So your feelings are up to you, take control
and make yourself happy
Thanks to artist Chris Janson
"Buy me a boat"
Ayanda 2d
Ugh. I feel awful. Worse than usual actually. But how do I actually feel? Sad? Heartbroken? Angry? I honestly don't know. I guess I'm just tired. Of everything. The lies. The fake people. Most of all, I'm tired of being me. I'm tired of getting judged, replaced, lied to, compared to and the fake love I get from people. I find it funny how people often say hurtful things to you and expect you to not get upset about it. I hate the way people discourage each other like it's nothing. I love how people toss me aside. Like I'm worthless. Maybe I am. Maybe that's why people leave me all the time. Is it wrong for me to feel this way? About everything? I don't know anymore. I can't remember what being truly happy means anymore. This is all my fault.
Ayanda 2d
I remember the feeling I had towards you when we first started talking. I thought you were amazing. I remember talking on the phone with you and telling stories, I remember you telling me how much you loved milk and I disagreed with you, but I knew I really liked you and I never wanted to mess anything up because I didn't want to lose someone like you. You made my heart flatter and I'd always get butterflies whenever I saw your name pop up on my screen, there was no better feeling. I miss that.
Ayanda 2d
"I'm so fucking tired of everything." That's the first thing that pops into my mind every time I wake up. I hate getting ready for school. Or anything for that matter. I'm so tired of people in general. Everyone's just fake, lmao. I'm tired of constantly feeling as if I have to explain myself and everything I do to everyone. I'm just tired of everything. Even my so-called friends. I don't know what to do with myself, lmao. I used to be dependent on harming myself every day, until I told myself that I need to find another way to help myself, but how, when I can't even do things right for anyone not even myself. When I can't even make the right decisions for myself; decisions that won't put my life in danger.

Here's to another crappy day, cheers.
Akolade 1d
Why are you bottling your emotions
Why act irrational
Why get lost in thought
Why deny yourself the essence
Why hold it all in

Who shamed you out of it
Who told you it's absurd
Who said it's a sign of weakness
Who said crying is wrong

It's okay to cry
Her 1d
one of my earliest memories
is the day my grandmother
taught me how to float in the pool
it took me a few tries
before she let go of my body
above the water

she let me go
all on my own
without me even realizing

i remember looking over at her
and seeing her
great big smile
she then said to me

my girl
this is a life lesson
never believe that you need
to hold onto someone
to get things done
know that all you have is yourself
and know you are strong enough
to hold yourself up all on your own
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