Seema 3h

When the winds will blow
And the stars will glow
When the waves will pour
And kiss the sandy shore
When the dark night shines
On the growing vines
When the thorns will wrap in
And I bleed from within
When my lips get sealed
And no one by to heal
When my tears will dry
And my surround gets dead
Don't you cry
Don't get sad
Just wipe the dust off my lips
And kiss me a goodbye
So my spirit feels at bliss
While flying out, up in the sky...


My heart is quicksand,
everything's sinking in.
I'm tangled in the wires I hardwired to my brain and I'm about to short circuit.
I lost 4 poems in the wash,
washed away my memories,
like a wave crashing on the shore of my brain,
dragged away the footprints.
Maybe that's why I'm short circuiting,
water and electrical wires don't mix.
But here I am,
an electrical storm in my head,
much like myself.
in my head,
much like myself.

Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Seema 11h

It's my fears...
That track down my tears
Long been years
Yet no one hears
Listening lies through my ears
It's my pain...
That drizzle like rain
Who else was at gain?
By pronouncing me insane
Here am held inside this room
Questions and questions
My colorful world, now a gloom
A fresh flower, lost its bloom
Now I rest with painful treat
Tomorrow another sorrowful greet
Death where are you?
Why am I standing away from the queue?
I am getting better, ain't I?
Please don't give me false hope, don't you lie!
Smiling away, hands in cuff, covered in blood
Drooling like a dope
They gave me a false hope
So I killed the robe man, thinking he was Pope
No escape, am doomed for eternity
Poisoned my food, later they blame the security
A hell on earth, now kneeling to my death
Happy are those but they'll soon feel my wrath...


Fiction write.
Seema 11h

Tho you're losing your respect for me
I know you will never be able to forget me
I feel, you will not destroy or trash my love for you
Whenever you'll sit alone,
Everything around you, will remind you of me
Whether it be any song or times of tears
You may feel restless as when I am gone
I don't know, but I am certain
That your love for me is strong
Proving your own faith in love wrong
My love has shown us the light
Even if you try to extinguish, you will not be able to
Coz my love ignites and radiants through your heart and mind
Tho you're losing your respect for me
If ever my name crosses your mind in future
And you become sad sitting holding your heart
While your eyes gets blinded by darkness of sadness
If that time someone may ask the reason of your tears
You may not be able to tell even if you wanted to
Coz you have lost your respect for me
But you will not be able to forget me, coz I still love you and I know you still love me to...


shiv 1d

dream me a world,
where the stars in my veins
are put to good use.

I was doing fine until I turned the radio on,
Any happiness I just had is now gone.
Reminding me im at a place where I need someone to depend on.
The weather has now changed,
My cry is thunder, my tears are rain.
The lyrics is speaking truth to my pain.

The guilt kicks in
Tears run down these cheeks
Bedrooms dark,
thoughts become bleak
Haven't eaten for a week
All these feelings consuming me
Torture my heart, ripping it apart
All these drugs just aren't enough
To cleanse me of all my mistakes
Tried locking all the memories away
And nothing seems to be working for me
I'm pushing through each day
Looking for a reason to live
And everything I've tried to give
Hope has been stolen out of my pocket
I've been left an empty shell of nothing
Thought I was something
When I was with you
Truth is I'm nothing
unless I have you
To keep me grounded
You were the one
that reinvigorated my soul
You were the one that brought me up
When I was low
When you were around
I never felt alone
You were my safety, my home

©2017 Written By Benji James

Do you remember the time
You committed that crime
You took what was mine
Thought you were a sign
To become the good in my life
Instead, you torment my mind
How did I become so blind
To everything you hide
Deep behind those dark eyes
You were never going to be mine
Together I thought we would shine
But instead, I got bind
To the hate that you gave
And now I'm a slave
You anticipate every move that I make
Now it's the choices I made
That is controlling my fate
It's the love that you take
But all that you gave was fake
And I hate everything you do and say
Because with my heart you play
And that is not fair to me
Cuz I gave all I could
If I could trust you I would
But I don't know if I should
All I saw in you was so good
But you mistreated my trust
You caused such a rush
I've spilt so much blood
Thinking it could gain your love
Instead, it got tough
And the road became rough
Wasn't strong enough
To overcome your touch
I wanted so much
But you threw it all back in my face
My faith in you was misplaced
Should have tried to escape
Your lovesick game
You've drowned me in my shame
But I'm the only one to blame
Because I should never have played
Into your hands
But all this has given me a plan
To take all that I am
To become a better man.

©2017 Written By Benji James

There is
a certain kind of
my body feels
when I pull
my heart out of my chest
and place it
in front of you

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