What is love?
I have yet to fully grasp its meaning.
I've had my moments where I thought I knew.
But each of those moments ended up proving I didn't have the slightest clue.
It's mind blowing how a simple 4- letter word could leave one feeling a plethora of different emotions.
I've been happy, sad, confused, abused and used, all from its definition being misconstrued.
And I never had a front row seat to see what its true definition looked liked.
My track record alone speaks volumes to the type of "love" that was shown in my home.
So, I'm over trying to figure out what love is.
I'll just continue to do me; fuck it!

You tell yourself, be on your guard
It's a new place, nobody knows you
If thinking everyone is against you is what it takes to succeed, do it.

You fail.
In your defense, it was way too difficult.

Speech is like a pretty snake.
It's beautiful, flowy, and distracts you, but in the end, it's probably full of poison.

So, you start over again.

You keep these experiences in mind,
Like a machine learning algorithm – Observe, Learn, Adapt.

Always remember, be on your guard.
It's when you let your guard down that it hurts the most.
If keeping people at a distance is what it takes, do it.

Just as it says on the carton - misjudged a situation, learnt from it, moving on

Sometimes its planned, sometimes its not,
most of it depends on what you think,
We don't do, they just happen

Sometimes drunk, sometimes enamorado
Just go and save yourself and give it a bunk,
We don't do, they just might happen

Sometimes sweet, sometimes not that,
and it all slid farther the Sun,
We don't do, they just happen

Sometimes I say, other times I don't
but please be back home soon hon'
I did, but they just don't happened

But yeah, that just did happen...\m/

My 1st 4-Paragraph style poem by me...\m/
Seema 2d

Love is pure
Are you sure?
The hearts get lured
But not insured
The feelings get broken
When love finally is woken
One sided love sick
But the other has their own pick
A handsome fellow or a wealthy chic
Love is no longer pure
It's just a bait to lure
Then left out for sure
Most of us would agree
That love comes as free
So we all take it
Cause love doesn't grow on trees
It's a freebie token
You get tossed once you are broken...


Fictional write. Just few thoughts in. I'm sure we all have our own perceptions.
Seema 2d

The blood spills on the floor
The paramedics rushing through the door
Me laying half dead in the hallway
Just remember the hands that took me away
Such a traumatic tortuous killings
Foreheads stamped with karmic billings
Most heads slayed only few spared like mine
It was impossible to recall as there was a long line
As the monstrous acts lasted just few seconds
For sure I read about purgatories
But such only existed in the mythical stories
Holy God, if this is what is like to be in hell
Then the dark days on earth has began, I can tell
The nightmares coming alive for most
There are demons there is also a host
I know my life days has been marked today
There is no miracle, just killings everyday
Therefore God, I pray for forgiveness of my sins
The doctor's are hopeless and just work on the wins
For the people half dead in comma like me
They left their concerns and let us be
I wish never to wake up from this painful sleep
As the sights are unbearable to see and weep
I shall not witness my death afterall
I bid my farewell to this wicked world...


Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
Seema 3d

The beasts leached from east
Firing, bombing, slaughtering to feast
I could barely move a mile forget the quarter
Every corner laid body mass out of slaughter
I moved towards the dug ground
And laid there with all the pains that surround
I grief for all the lives lost
The helpless paid the price baring the cost
Laying in shallow pits are the scenes of the worst
We don't deserve this! I shouted and screamed
But only my echo replied as it seemed
Roting bodies, decaying fleshes, the unbearable sight
I lay in this grave today with no hope of bright
The smell of blood filled the atmosphere
No more pure, no one left to heal or cure
The plight of countries resulted with poor
Killing was the mission to endure
I look up the blood filled sky
That my time has come but I still grieve, why?
This world war tore the nations apart
If only there was no misunderstanding at the start
I hear the tanks roving in now, I hear the blasts
Don't know how long this war will last
Now I close my eyes, as I've been hit
Right here where I lay in this pit
I am next,
Here death, welcome me in your nest...

                                       ~The War Victim~


Miss Me 3d

These emotions lay dormant
    For many long days
Soon they'll erupt and spew
   The vile in which they were made
The pretense that promotes
   Such hateful descriptions
Only pulls away the flesh and exposes
   The innocence

Seema 4d

HERE! burn me
Take me to hell
Who is me?
Can you tell

Why bandaged wrist
Hang in there
Who are you beast?
Came from where?

Hello world creatures
What ya looking at bitches?
Sorry, who am I?
And who is that guy?

No, no...not another shock
Stop, stop! Stop this clock
Who are you, who is me?
What am gonna be?

Please, no...no injection
I...promise to be good
With no objection
I promise to be good

Eyes closing...
Another dose...
Nurses posing...
Handing me a last rose...


Fictional write.
Seema 4d

The message from our creator
Is like a leashing sword
Crossing a cemetery, chanting his name

Going to college everyday
Is like an everyday job
Sitting for an exam, chanting his name

Applying for a job interview
Is like a yes or no
Waiting for an interview, chanting his name

Getting marriage proposal for the first time
Is like, oh God I hope he's handsome or rich
Proposal results, chanting his name

And the list goes on.....
Everything we do, its a phobia of being unsuccessful
Therefore, chanting Gods name
Most only to motivate themselves
Others to believe
That he hears and delivers...


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