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Fighting battles inside my head
You portray them as farce and dead
Yet you laugh and a vengeance peels from your lips
Let me tell you what lies I’ve decapitated from the many voices pursuing my name,
You may see my pain
But I am not weak
In fact I’ve got many a battle wounds healing as we speak
But you may say what you will
I’d like the change the play and change the bill
Yet we used to play such games hidden away rotting like the old mushrooms from another late sunny day
No I am not weak
You are indeed the weak one who’ll soon find your lips have been sewn as such to hide the dark mausoleum which once held your velvet soft tongue
Yet such words of hate spilled from that very mouth once
I’ll smile for yet my vengeance has been kept fast
I speak of peace but I dare say that hate brews quite fast
So quite instead
I can spread my peace
But my love can’t always be paid back, and received  
I’ll keep tight onto my dreams
A world I’ve built, no pain, no gain, no one to laugh and call you insane.

©Jessica Stull
My poems are about me and my thoughts, emotions, hypocrisy through thoughts, or truths through lies.
Samantha 11h
Darkness is part of my world.
You may not see that because
I hide behind smiles and laughs.
I’ll save you and leave me behind because the dark is no fun.

Darkness is part of my world.
Without the dark,
I’ll never be who I am today.
Without the dark,
I’ll never understand people
who also lives in the dark.
Without the dark,
I’ll never know how scary the world is.

Darkness is part of my world.
I cry and hide away from the world.
I blame and hate myself.
I overthink and get sad.
I bawl my eyes out and sit in the dark.
Samantha 13h
The clouds follow me every where.
No matter where and what the situation is.
The clouds are always with me.

When I’m in the dark,
there is no such thing as light
but just clouds.
Pouring rain with clouds.

These clouds would not stop following me.
They haunt me down every where I go.
In situations where I’m in such joy,
the clouds walk along with me.

I’m thankful for clouds
Because after the rain, there’s rainbows.
Even though there are rainbows, all I saw was rain and clouds.
Samantha 22h
A little of me died when you told the truth.
You never had real feelings for me.
You just wanted to play.
You just wanted me to entertain you.
You just wanted to look cool.

A little of me loved you when you told me sad things.
You never felt so loved in such a long time.
You just liked the feeling of someone loving you.
You just wanted to throw me around.
You just wanted to look cool.

A little of me opened up to you when you opened up to me.
You never meant anything.
You just wanted to see me fall.
You just wanted me to be in the dark.
You just wanted to hurt me.

A little of me died when I confronted you.
You never wanted anything to do with me.
You just wanted me to overthink and cry.
You just wanted me to feel bad for you.
You just wanted to hurt me.

I should’ve listened to everyone.
I should’ve left before it got worse.
I shouldn’t have opened up.
I shouldn’t have loved you.
Audra 1d
I want to be there
When you let your hair down,
And when you talk about your day:
Every person that got under your skin.

I want to see the kinks and curls
Each golden wave and blue pool—
The ones that draw me in.
And the curve of your perfect smile

I want to mend the
Broken and bent emotions
That you’ll never want to share.
But maybe after my begging your mind will change.

With the position I’m in, I’ll never be seen,
I’m a name and a face constantly in the crowd.
I can barely yell for you and cheer you on,
Yet somehow I still wish to be there.

When you let your hair down.
but would you want me to be there?
Today we cried
Tears of fear
While looking at our scars
Memories of a past so bitter to peace
Now we look at each other
Torn apart, broken hearts
Missing parts creating **** art
How do we grow
when pain is the only thing raising us
Insecure so we can’t trust, trust
Numb so we can’t feel what’s real
Lying to ourselves that we got it all figured out
Deep inside we suffocate our painful shout
When our tears run dry, we feast on others vulnerability,
ignoring our reality to hide behind our fantasy
Only to wake up in our nightmare
Our fears now define our reality
Zoe G 2d
I hold on to everything  
yet I can't seem to let anything go
Broken shards of
that mock me
And fight my mind.

At night these thoughts  
destroy me and take over my soul
And suddenly,
I find myself
Quiet and all alone

"It's okay to tell me everything,
Yes,every single thought"
they say.
But how will that help when these
Troubling emotions  
Won't go away

So here I am again
at night  
Afraid of myself,
afraid of the light
And suddenly I find myself
And out of control

I feel like a lonely star
in the sky.
In this life I once
felt hope but
it became too
to repair from the
troubling emotions!

My smile hides these
and you only know
my cover,
But I just want something  
to not feel this terror.

I get broken each day,
Keeping these  
emotions in my core,
I wish I'd find  
Myself very soon.

I won't practice  
my smile in the mirror
Or make my fake smiles
More clear
I'm  tired of living behind  the mask
I hope while reading this you are able to see both sides as one.
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Mona 2d
I travel through your brain waves
The static distorts your words
Emotions blow like pollen
Creating opposite reactions

Years of being a recipient
Finally I’m immune
‘‘Tis all fleeting you see
Shallow and brief engagements

What I seek was never outside
Never inside another either
‘‘Twas always beyond you and I
Somewhere deep and far
Depression doesn’t pick its victims through color,
Anxiety won’t select its casualties by ***.

The rich and poor can be picked,
As mental illness doesn’t care about money.

No matter how much strength a person possesses,
Mental illness can still prey on people.

This disease doesn’t discriminate,
Affecting anyone all across the board.
Some prisons use steel bars;
others merely use
flesh and bone.
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