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i used to hide from your pain
change myself for you
and i called it love
blindly following you
until you broke me

so i sat in my room eating icecream
when was the last time i was without you?
my heart is bruised, but its healing
cause i found people
that loved me through my problems
and they mended my tender heart

so that one day,
i can truly find love
and be reborn
HeyitsAngel Dec 2020
We had agreed to be friends
I felt like I couldn't
It hurt too much and I felt I wasn't healing
We both broke down when I said I needed time
When I told you I couldn't handle a friendship
Because I didn't want us feeling something for each other
Its been a few weeks of us not talking
I notice so many things we haven't been able to talk about
That we bonded over
I thought us having our own space
Would help us heal
Without you its been hard
I miss my best friend
That's all we were
Two hockey-loving best friends
I miss talking to you about football
But it's okay
I hope you are okay
Just know I thought this was for the best
Without you
Without you, I haven't been the same crazy sports fan
Tylor Nov 2020
In the journey of my life, I will encounter people many
But nobody will ever be close to being who you are to meย ย 
I am looking for words to define your greatness
But I don't think I will ever find any

I look up to you in ways you can never comprehend
That is how great you are, mother
You wear a smile on your face, keeping all the pain quelledย ย 
How strong of a woman you are, I wonder.

You have loved me a tad more when I have burst into tears
With colours of passion and warmth, you have filled my life
I have vicariously lived through you, my whole being, with no anxieties, no fearsย ย 
You are the only one without whom I will fail to survive

If ever I have to go miles away from you
Remember, I will still be the closest to you
Nothing can ever get in between you and me, I am nothing without you
And for everything that you have done and you will do for me, I thank you
GrumpyTurtle Nov 2020
hey dad
i knew talking to you was pointless
cause you still think you were right.

you don't wanna know my hurt.
you don't want to understand the pain and agony in my head, in my heart because you never cared enough to ask.
you never even tried to be there.
none of you did.

where were you when the leaves fell off the trees like the tears from my eyes in the cold winter air as you smoked away your problems.
as you smoked away me.
one puff more as i begged you to stop, but of course you didn't.
you never listened to me anyways.

threaten to put your hands on me.
you always seemed to fix your problems with drugs and violence.
every excuse is a new step towards the breaking point.
the breaking point is what i'm scared of.

its like every hurtful word is another blade on my skin.
crimson blood puddles flowing out of every crack you left in me.
if my own father left me.. how am i supposed to trust that no one else will?

it seems i cant be happy.
whenever it gets better, i fall back down into the dark.
broken even more as i smack down at the bottom of the pit.
in my
left alone

you scorched the burning hate in my soul for anyone like you.
you showed me that no one can change.
not even after my 14 years of life, have you changed.

i hope you feel your empty soul ache as you see me finally happy that i let you go.

i hope you break as you hold the little necklace i held so dear to me.

i hope you feel your heart rot as your kids go on to live their lives without you.

i hope you are happy.

i have been disowned from my dad's side of the "family"
guess they can stand on the sidelines and watch my success from there
but they wont be part of it
Brejesh Shan Nov 2020
I am the nothingness that engulfs a dying star,
I am one third of a negatively charged down quark.
I am the rage that sparks Zeus's lightning bolt,
I am the constant difference between fission and fusion.
I am that transient sigh between two zeptoseconds, so insignificant I have no essence.

I am that pestilent cosmic conundrum of how to prove string theory,
I am that inevitable faux pas; who mimics a rotten black cherry.
I am the rip in the fabric of space and time, I transcend the unknown.
I am nothing but a forsaken speck of dust existing in a parallel multi-dimension of possibilities, waiting to be reclaimed by the nebula that I once called home.

She is the light that brought life to the Garden of Eden,
She is the beating heart of a neutron star.
She is the gravity to my anti-gravity,
She breathes the cosmos into reality.
Her elegant essence evokes my euphoric entity from oblivion.
She is the astronomically accurate measurement of the companionship between space, gravity and time.

She is the;
Sanctuary of my heart, the
Archangel who guards my soul, the
Neutron that forged my being, and the
Andromeda who owns my love.
to my bear
Rox90 Oct 2020
In your eyes,
I see the sky in gleaming blue

In your heart,
Never thought it would be true

In your walk and in your pace,
I donโ€™t wanna go no other place

Without you.

When you smile,
My thoughts just flutter all around

When you talk,
Music spark so clear and loud

And when you laugh and when you dance,
I never thought I had a chance

Without you.
Wrote this poem from sudden inspiration, hope you enjoy.
Felicity Paris Jun 2020
the curls in my hair
unwind without your touch;
they long for the aimless love
you give so generously

the thoughts in my mind
spin endlessly without you
as if every question worth asking
is answered by your voice
Far away from here,
There is somewhere.
I dnt need to cry,
and bow down to all your whys.
The questions and demand,
Here i  burden myself with all your commands.
But somewhere,
My view matters,
My choices are better,
I dnt need to follow command
And my desire expand.
I wish to meet you there too,
So that you see how happy i am without you.
Meet me there in a better place
Sago Apr 2020
I donโ€™t know what iโ€™d be doing without you
I donโ€™t know where iโ€™d be without you
I donโ€™t know if iโ€™d still be here without you

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