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Erian 6d
Every blush you send my way
It makes me hope we can be together
The society I wished for vansished far away,
Casteism and racism fevered all the way,
Dreams which he saw for a independent flight,
Now rested with falling into shallow dark light.
Starry Aug 31
This empty
Bottle of Lemonade
Though ankockious
It my minds play thing
I can set it up
Take pics
The way I want to.
Starry Aug 30
This is not a
Junk yard
You got it
But there stands
a piece of art
Not junk.
Johnny walker Aug 22
Tomorow just another day for now days that do no
more than come and go with very little In
Coming days soon to be forgotten lost In the passing of time not much to do or say
In a world now filled with almost
total silence for now there's only me often find I'm talking to myself often unsure what to do In world now full of madness
I'm so alive
With your face
Next to mine
I see you
In dreams
Feel your breath
Against my cheek
You're just so green
Beside me
And I'll never see
Anything besides
Those colours
Stained inside
The back of
My eyes
A thousand times
While a hundred
Springs fade
Into summer
And a hundred leaves
Tumble down
Around me
You're so green
I'd give
To watch you
Burst alive
Into bloom
Music makes my dreams come alive.
Seanathon Jul 25
And more so than the mountains

I've been blue

I've been tired
And I've been steeped in fog

But most of all

I've been living without coffee every morning
Which is the same as living without you
without coffee
Johnny walker Jun 30
So blessed was I with each kiss and smile she gave to
me the hugs
and to feel the warmth of her body that keep even the coldest days
at bay
For I had true love and she was the one for I had no drought In
my mind this love was for real for love like this one doesn't find every day so lucky I was but
the day that I lost her my whole world
apart for I
knew there'd not be another for she was the one and knew In my heart this world had been kind
to me
but It would never be kind to me not ever again for Its knows
I had my time and that time has now gone but I'll hang to my memories of Helen for rest of
Johnny walker Jun 30
I remember weeks before Helen passed on looking back now I felt that Helen was aware and knew that her days were numbered closing
That she wanted to make the most of her time left
through illness, Helen and I had not had Intimacy In a long time but all of a sudden It was
She was sat her chair and I look at her It was really hot day she was wearing very little and she looked beautiful but because of being her 24/7
I was lost In that side and therefore had forgotten just how lovely she was Helen was turning me on something wicked she started to tease
Helen was really good at I couldn't take my eyes of her she said what you looking and then she began to tease more so I said If you stop
I'm coming over there to sort you out Helen said come on then what you waiting for I did and we had a magical
but through illnesses I had forgotten that side of our marriage forgotten how to love her partly through quilt
I felt so
honoured when said you can make love me once a week she was so ill but  had forgiven me
for being totally wrapped up In the caring
We made love a few more time over the coming weeks then It was over Helen passed away but I know Helen aware  she was dying and wanted make the most of her time left
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