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Empire May 8
Oddities of flesh
Pale and sickly
Necrotic, peeling off
Craving death so near
But if treated with care,
It will glow like fire
Radiant, vibrant
And it will be so
Impossibly beautiful
Full of vitality
But, it must be
Treated with care
A friend mentioned a few days ago that my skin looked really vibrant, and she asked if I had been doing something different. It dawned on me that I had finally been taking care of myself for the first time in a very long time. I had been outside more, relaxing, eating better, taking walks. And I physically looked and felt so much better! Not long before, I had been deeply depressed. (If you don’t believe me, go back and read some of my work from then a few weeks back or so) Please don’t give up hope! There will be days you are glad your heart is beating!
Zywa Feb 14
I decided not to lament
over my homeland, the trees
of my youth, I don't want photos

I decided not to be angry
with my father, his rules
and the proud family that is silent

I decided to live yellow
Sun in my house, on the walls
my belly and my bare feet

I decided to dance
to be my own story
for my own eyes and ears
“Wosenku” (2008, Minyeshu)

Collection “Once more”
A color of light.
More blatant in the dark.
We all seek it,
But we can't see it.
It's listened for,
But unheard of.
So bundle up,
It's cold outside.
You will freeze in your stride.
The weight of your grin
Will keep you here.
And all that is dear
Will become folly.
I am folly.
I am your folly.
And I will see to it
That you will never see
The color of vitality.
What is the color of Vitality?
Glenn Currier Jan 23
Samarian Effect
By Glenn Currier

There are some who sparkle and glitter
so full of thought and creative power
they’re like human transmitters
their minds and eyes seem to flower
and being close to them seems to bring
you zest and vigor, to a peppy place
wanting to search for the next thing,
to discover a quiet thoughtful space
within to water and cultivate
the seed of your own creative force
that something in you that’s great,
so you too will be a fruitful source.
Samara are the small winged fruit of the elm, ash, maple and sycamore trees that can be found on the ground or sidewalk, evidence of the tree’s desire to procreate and create more trees and a beautiful fruitful planet. The Samarian Effect is a term I made up to encourage all of us to radiate creativity, life, grace, and love.
E McNamara Mar 2018
My freckles
Lay among the clouds
As shining stars
Shimmering as angel hearts

My hands
Caress the sand
Of the ocean floor
Far below the shore

My hair
Waltzes with the wind
As an aerial dance
A ghost at first glance

My vitality
An elemental force
Never to be extinguished
Never to be vanquished
Samantha Babe Feb 2018
It is now the ending
Goodbye to our tale
Where the story's sad
When love was just what we had

I take back the reality
Where I don't know you
Cause in that dimension
We lack vitality
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Hopeless endeavour.

The desecration of vitality,
Melancholy entices the pond of hope, repelling golden shimmering.

Infernal tendrils bringing insight to carress in snide
Dug its sharp elongated thorns inside, mending its stride
Gently encompass its roots around the mask,
The concrete veil that shone brightly in false atonement.

Expulsion from the realm of gold, sent astray for an eternity;
Such naïve, brazen happiness, ignorant of the caveats
The mere playground of unbridled mania quarantined.

Faux manifestations of an illusory smile,
For the horizon cast mere wisps of blight,
Rejecting heartbeat of rays gone awry.

They smirk as they watch you flee.

eternity flee happiness heartbeat hopeless insight melancholy playground smile vitality
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Predatory traces remain amongst the spread soot
The ashes that bore the incentive of a smile
A lonely ribbon flew along the scene - it was caught;
Grasped by the canids of a desperate pastime.

"Papa, can you hear me?"
"I will be holding the candles today"
"You have returned at last..."
"... but why did you leave again?"

Muffled screams, stinging pain, faint echoing of what remains,
The vitality that lingered in the sun,
Disappeared, in its stern gleam.

Trails of anguish resonate through the field, a grand feast
Clotted tufts, sent with grief, are held and spread over the field
My dearest father,
When the light shone down and revealed its deceit,
A realm that struck me headfirst, belittling me,
As you dance with the wind, I cry for an eternity.

The hounds of decay sing a melody, so daunting, intimidating tones
In deafening ecstasy, the games the shepherds play,
The ceasing of a prosperous juvenescence, killing feisty innocence.

In a loud cascade, the scenery deteriorates
Lush wisps of fire, dulled petals flourish in the wind
Dim embers, odoriferous leaves that dwindle amongst the feet
In anger they remained at the efflorescent poppies
The putrid grave that yielded

The warmth of the snow felt enticing, exciting
The numbed senses within the blank slate.

"I will be home tonight"
"Crying in the darkness"
"For my dearest smile..."

"... exists no more."

This poem is to be read after "Homecoming, incorporeal oath".

anger games loud pain sing vitality eternity smile papa ribbon
Amelia Robin Aug 2017
A stumble may prevent a fall.
Rise like the sun for every surge that's coming.
A wavering ocean won't wait for you to realize as the captain of your own ship.
Either you keep on cruisin' or follow where the cached stars are leading you.

Throughout the voyage, be reminded you're surrounded by adversities.
Your ship won't be sinking unless you let the water in.
The waves are telling you to be still, and reminding you that they just come and go.

Patiently waiting for the time when the stars can be vividly seen under the sky of dreams.
Mind setting like the sun at every end of the day.
Deep down within, I know there could always be a good thing to sustain me.
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