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Farah Taskin Nov 23
in the twinkle of an eye
you can revivify
MsAmendable Nov 10
Life is like the air;
Always changing, always moving,
We breathe it in with ever-gasping lungs
It sustains us,
Keeps us moving, keeps us going
Keeps us changing.
It flows around us, through us
In us.
I love the storm.
It fills the sky with power
Becomes a masterpiece of air;
The wind ripping through the trees,
Swirling skittering leaves left scattered 
To dance on wet grey pavement 
The unassuming air reigns supreme 
Lord of the elements,
Firey and wild
Ces Aug 2020
The sensation of one's vitality
is the doorway to a deeper understanding
of exquisite inner joys
and the tranquility of being.
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
A scent that makes me cry
Takes me back to newly time
I smelled it today
I don’t know how
Can I bottle it please
And use it when I need
To feel young again
And free from age
I search for it in my head
The merchants helped
Discontinued they said
How can it be ...
I needed it for me
Longing for something you can’t get back
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
As time passed
We forget to laugh
Invested in materialistic
Some burdens
******* apart, the joy of heart
As time passed,
Not even mirror can tell
Us apart,
When we came crashing
To ground,
Coercing the internal
As time passed
We forget to love
Our own ‘vitality’
Wake up fresh - start new today
Each morning a new beginning
I push aside my past mistakes
For this day I choose winning

Disregard my faulty thoughts
Today I think the higher way
I see my clear priorities
And act on them without delay

New beginnings give to me
Vitality and strength of mind
And with my fresh start every day
I live my life from my design
This is Prosperity Poem 50 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here You can sign up for free weekly delivery of poems at Prosperity Poems (.com)

You can start your day out "new" at any time.  You can "reboot" and have a new beginning.  It may take mind strength and it may take some practice, but the benefits are incredible!  No longer do you have to be "controlled" and down because something didn't go your way in the morning.  

Claim your "New Beginning" anytime you want!

Empire May 2019
Oddities of flesh
Pale and sickly
Necrotic, peeling off
Craving death so near
But if treated with care,
It will glow like fire
Radiant, vibrant
And it will be so
Impossibly beautiful
Full of vitality
But, it must be
Treated with care
A friend mentioned a few days ago that my skin looked really vibrant, and she asked if I had been doing something different. It dawned on me that I had finally been taking care of myself for the first time in a very long time. I had been outside more, relaxing, eating better, taking walks. And I physically looked and felt so much better! Not long before, I had been deeply depressed. (If you don’t believe me, go back and read some of my work from then a few weeks back or so) Please don’t give up hope! There will be days you are glad your heart is beating!
Zywa Feb 2019
I decided not to lament
over my homeland, the trees
of my youth, I don't want photos

I decided not to be angry
with my father, his rules
and the proud family that is silent

I decided to live yellow
Sun in my house, on the walls
my belly and my bare feet

I decided to dance
to be my own story
for my own eyes and ears
“Wosenku” (2008, Minyeshu)

Collection “Once more”
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
A color of light.
More blatant in the dark.
We all seek it,
But we can't see it.
It's listened for,
But unheard of.
So bundle up,
It's cold outside.
You will freeze in your stride.
The weight of your grin
Will keep you here.
And all that is dear
Will become folly.
I am folly.
I am your folly.
And I will see to it
That you will never see
The color of vitality.
What is the color of Vitality?
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