In this dance of duality,
with its endless pain and cruelty,
and that creeping fear of death,
remember the gift that is each breath:

that unmerited offering,
sure to soothe suffering,
a reminder to drop this fight,
to kiss the now, to take flight,

to let silence carry away
today's troubles on a wave,
those trials, those tribulations,

the mind's voice will soften,
as will the shame, the blame,
for here, there's no condemnation.

You were one
Of seven stars
In the sky,
Bleeding life into
The endlessness.

Until you gave
Your last breath
And left us with
Six stars
And a beautiful death.

I love the sound of your breathing
Perhaps it’s just the rhythm
That I find so soothing
Perhaps it’s just your presence

When I wake from a fright
And hear your breath
I can fall asleep without fight
You’re my safety blanket

Bella 3d

I taught myself to breathe underwater
So that I didn't have to touch the air anymore.
the water was much more beautiful
Much more serene.
little did I realize
I was just hallucinating
to avoid the pain of drowning.

You think you'll be satisfied in another life, but you're just running around in circles. Your search will continue until you end up on a desolate beach,
and one day when you have to face the tide, you're going to wish i was there to find your breath in once again.

I place my head on your chest
Let the rise and fall lul me to sleep
Feel your warm breath
Send shivers down my neck

Our legs intertwined
Your hand lost in my hair
I listen to the music
Of your heartbeat

My dreams come
To whisk me away
But I know I’m safe
Snuggled in your arms

Free verse about snuggling :)

When I close my eyes I see your face
And wish to feel your warm embrace.
I run my fingers through my hair,
And wish instead that you were there.
I wake up craving the touch of your skin,
The warmth of your breath,
You pull me right in.
Everything about you is extraordinary.
And how you surprise me with the weight that you carry.
The weight of the world you try to rest on your shoulder,
And when you’ve had enough you still balance that boulder.
I wish that you knew that it isn’t required,
That you give up yourself to lift everyone higher.
To think of yourself every once and awhile,
And do something for you to make yourself smile,
Does not make you selfish,
Does not make you cruel.
There is no such reason to stand by that rule.
You may not be perfect in all eyes that see
But there’s no other being more perfect for me.

Sanny 6d

I heard death calling for me as I layed there in the hospital bed.

His voice came closer, and I could feel his cold breath on my face.

He tried to convince me to give in to him.

I wanted to go, that was my goal.

But something inside me told me it's not my time yet.

I fought back and somehow I'm still alive.

Watching people go on with their lives,
not knowing that today I planned to be dead.

A sad story of how I almost ended my life last night

there will be dozens
of people
who will take your
breath away
but the one
who reminds you
to breathe
is the one you
should keep

Laura 7d

he raises his hand
raises his head
cocks a gun
and turns a key
he's not quite sure what he's looking for
but he can't stay here any longer
can't keep screaming into the quiet
can't keep gasping for breath
way out in space
he cocks a gun
turns a key
and he inches forward
he's desperate to find it
but not so sure he wants to see it
he spots it there
centimeters through the veil
mirror twins
only he can't tell
which one in real
and which one is an illusion
on cold reflective glass
the girl and the faceless thing
the nameless thing and the hopeless thing
he cocks a gun
and turns a key
and he tilts his head
and breathes
only he's forgotten that he can't breathe
so he chokes
and they turn
the girl and the faceless thing
or maybe it's one thing
a faceless girl

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