Emmalee 23h
The average person
They take
Between 12 to 20 breaths per minute.
With you, I barely took 2.
I could not feel my breathing anymore,
I could not feel my breaths,
While tears shed from my eyes,
To my cheeks,
To my legs.
I could not feel anything.
I could not feel me.
Instead I felt sadness,
The loneliest and most empty feeling
One could imagine.
I felt suffocation.
And suddenly, those two breaths,
They turned into none.
And I did not feel myself anymore,
My self as a whole.
I was gone,
Gone like the last flower of summer.
Goodbye, my oxygen.
It would have only took one more tree, to keep me breathing.
The stars
To me
Are so close
That I forget
The distance
Of you
Breathe in, out, up
Would you dream of me in the space of a breath?

Please say yes.
Short and sweet. Oddly this poem was a pain to write, it's been titled rough start and been sitting in my saved folder for like a year or so. I think it wasn't working because I was trying to add more to it and it didn't need it at all.
Amanda Jun 14
Emotions have a hold on me
Will not let me go
I wish I could end it all
You keep saying no

"You would leave me here?" You ask
I do not know. Would I?
Never want to hurt you
But it is easier to die

I cannot face life anymore
It is too hard to carry on
You are the only thing I have left
Every other positive aspect is gone

For you I continue to push forward
Another day I try, take one more breath,
I wish you would just let me
Succumb to the certain peace of death
Written 2-12-17

I remember writing this to my now-ex-boyfriend when we were in the throes of a crippling heroin addiction and I honestly did want to die I hated almost every second of my life, but he was the one thing that made staying here worth it. I could never leave my loved ones here lile that.
Poetic T Jun 14
We are martyrs of deaths breath,  
       concussive retribution for living
in the light of decay.
Matter is a virus of consumption,
           exhausting the filaments
of extended fulfilment that will never
                                             be quenched.

But death is the saviour of existence,
      collecting on the overture of a
living rhythm, what sang to loudly
         now nullified beyond continuality.

The martyr did linger in disparity
       for life was a creation, but existence
is but greed. So let all ponder the
          expenditure of self and repercussions
of what existence brings to all.
             Death isn't an enemy,
its the saviour of existence.
Coalescing the need for continuity.
Aa Harvey Jun 13

I’m breathing oxygen into my bones.
How can I help myself, when I cannot love alone?
Bubbles flow through every wire;
Microbubbles flow through every vein.
I need to breathe your love into my heart,
So I can feel alive once again.

Broken thoughts wait to be repaired
And understood,
Until they appear in your view.
Waiting on a memory to come into focus;
Do I whisper or shout a prayer?
I would make my destiny appear to be in my hands,
If I only knew…

All I see are random images.
Random pictures, random memories,
Written down like a crossword clue;
I breathe out my thoughts, as I breathe in you.
A wish to improve us in this moment in time;
I’m breathing in oxygen.  I’m breathing out life.

I’m just breathing oxygen;
I’m breathing oxygen…
Still searching for new memories, I hope I am still alive in your eyes.
Chasing my future, when I am so weak; I have never seen my optimum.
I’m breathing life into my day; I’m floating into the light.
Up through the water currents, I am rising with the sea;
My heads bursts through the barrier and I can, at last, breathe.

If breathing is all that I can do,
Then I will breathe for you too, if you need me to.
If love is all that I can give,
Then I hope my love helps you to once more breathe.
Let me breathe into you the oxygen you need,
To love this life that we live.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Poetic T Jun 11
We escape the confines of the flesh
         through the skin of the dead
for we read unseen words woven
                   like a tapestry on them.

But you can only read what you
have vanquished, and momentarily
it will tell you the future of
                              8,409,600 breathes.

But once the last one expels you must
read upon another for the future has

Only the dead can tell you the words
of the future as there's was taken for
                                my continuation.
I have read many words but soon
                       I must read them again.

My future out ways yours, for I must
breath and read the words of a future
                                      you'll never see.
I walk down the empty streets
Right before the sun rises,
Dark shades disappear,
Baby blue hope
Cracks the never ending horizon.
I breath spring flowers
and shy gold-backed sunbeams.
I dance with the wind
and I race with the clouds.
I am not afraid of my shadow,
I am not a stranger in my own mind.
N E Waters May 18
Pure and light
Like a bubble, a moment
Of humanity encapsulated

through drowning lips.
Amanda Jun 13
We always said forever we would be together
Would take it to the end
Said we would never give up
This time my heart cannot mend
Miistrust cuts so deep into me
I know my words hurt you too
When you lied again
I had to say that we were through
I gave you all I am
Tried to make it last
But you didn't care if we found forever
So I will only ever be your past
You forever changed my soul
I look at me and what I see
A girl broken inside
Who has been through a lot of misery
You are the one who tore down my wall
I was your world, you were mine, so it seemed
You opened my heart to love again
I hoped we would have the happy ending we dreamed
Gave you everything i had to give
Trying to face life day by day
Now its hard to take each breath
Wanting traumatic emotions to go away
I tried so  fucking hard
I tried my very best
I gave you all of me
Now there's nothing left.
My mothet wrote this actually, i did change some things though so we'll call it a collaboration.
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