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Kitten Yvad Feb 26
something hurts
there are piles falling
all around me
they used to build and
corner me in

but I can breathe now
that you're gone
i used to wait for people
to say painful things like that
to me

there are ashes and
it doesn't mean there aren't
still embers in my eyes
doesn't mean there aren't
still glowing coals stuck to
my skin

its disgusting enough
when I cry I put the fire out
my skin steams and I question
my wounds, they are superficial
but the marks will always be there

they are superficial
but the symmetrical bars and pointed thick rounded
coin slots will burn a hungry
open red for days of regret

my skin

and I have to remind myself
I did not do this to myself
and so it is ok that it hurts
all that is left is for
the pain to subside

often numbness proceeds;
brief only enough for
me to rest, retrieve
lucid dreams

I want to tell the soccer coach.
it hurts and I want to show
my mom but I know

that my
brown skin will destroy
the evidence of pain on my body

eviscerate the outward signs
of my vulnerability like
an atomic bomb

"Honey there's nothing there.
Are you making sure to brush
your teeth tonight? And please stop putting your outside hands on the walls".
JKirin Feb 26
Gentle breaths, huffs, escape your sweet kiss-swollen lips.
At the feel of your heartbeat, my own wildly skips.
I am content right here with your head on my chest.
I will hold you close, dear, while you’re taking your rest.
Man Feb 24
the dove
labored by his own beak;
the last breathed breath

lungs are filled
with the salt of the sea
**** to the shackled, the non-free
do you care, or is it a play
to see what you can get
breathe in
what's left
of the clean we polluted
divinity diluted
of air cleared, not yet
Payton Feb 24
I want to become part of you the way the wind becomes oxygen
in your lungs, and the way you cannot breathe when you are without me.
I'm not sure that this is a poem but rather a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
Every breath, a weight
on my chest, reluctantly
comes, being chased
only by my
quickening pulse.
A knife slips between
my ribs and with
every word that passes over my lips, it
A silent scream is trapped
behind my teeth.
Butterflies with knives
are cutting up
my insides.

Found poem from Automatic Loveletter's song "Butterflies"
Check out the other poems in the "Butterflies" series.
This is a found poem. The lyrics at the bottom are not my concept.
This poem was written in 2016.
Bailey Feb 24
My ears hear static
The sirens so loud
I open my mouth to scream
But the words won't come out

My stomach knotted
The falling sensation won't stop
Nausea fills my chest
I try and take a deep breath

As all my warning signs go off
Rofan Feb 16
I wanted you to see me
As hard as I needed you not to do so,

I the one who lived in doubt-
for always eyeing the sky, the roof
As an escape through,

You having the gentlest sight-
to a soul not bear but to see,

I the dwell of a heart-
and the beat of a lasting whisper
You the sight of a singing bird-
in the chest
Dwelling forevermore-
in an unseen scar

If then I never heal, I only hope-
for a winter breath,
to freeze my labored lungs.
Emma Pratt Feb 2
the goldfish swim in circles
casting shadows on my skin
the ripples in the water refract the sun's rays
my eyes burn

i exhale
and bubbles of air float up

my hand drifts towards the surface
the cool air meets my fingertips
goosebumps kiss my skin

i twirl my hand and the water dances through my fingers
the goldfish disappear
like they always do
my hand begins to sink

i close my eyes

and release
Tea Feb 8
Why are we scared to breathe?
Is it because we are scared something good might leave?
Is it because we don't want to be heard?
Or do we see something that is feared?
It's so easy though...
Easy steps to follow:
And repeat...
Suddenly life is sweet...
Listen to that sound...
Isn't it a bit more peaceful all around?
Breathing is keeping us alive...
So soft, sweet, like a small wave...
Like the sea, going back and forth...
A soft breeze gliding over the earth...
Beautiful, indeed...
Like a small plant coming out a seed...
Continue lifetime-long...
You can because you are strong...
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