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The youthful
one is amongst
the flowers, her
dream is in
her breath,
the birds
sing in
and so
does the
the poet
her harp,
in thoughts
as clouds
rise before
her feet,
a white
is a petal
in the light
of sun
robes of
the wind,
it has been
a while, since
she truly felt
forever in
the dew
upon her
the little
in the
rain of
fell from
the fair
one, all
moves at
the tremble
of leaves,
the wings
of birds
have made
homes in
little worlds
where you
would not
expect to
find it, the
wonder in the
fair reader,
there is
a place
the sky
parts in
fields of
love and
time itself,
they are
as her,
in the
of the
Shofi Ahmed Aug 30
A drop of snow on the face of the sun
a stone throw from the rainbow
fondly close over the tulip colour stroke
next to the Snow White's looking mirror?

What a sniff it gotten on the way?
Turquoise butterfly is on the fly
up on the top floor is lapis lazuli sky.
Did it not only deduce the hunger pang
time is on the run took the breath away
even forgot the death maybe an inch away!
New words that part my lips are vast and wide
Still sometimes spilling sweetness, shame and spit.
A pattern simply changing with the times,
So I can't say that you're to blame for it.

New insights, clouds, dark lakes where pebbles drop.
Ideas float around that serve me well.
The light with shadow, night with glowing dots.
Sweet intricacies dance while we repel.

I've learned to ebb and flow beside my lungs,
To hold the space, despite the urge to run.
This burning flame needs fuel to elevate,
To learn the lesson. Protect me, I'll wait.
It's been a while! Hello again 🦋
Eve Jul 27
I swear it, I'm not suicidal or anything,
But do you know how hard it is to breathe,
It's so hard that I just wished that I stopped.

Of serene eyes that follow gently
the illicit pill she could not let go
it was heavy as the waters pulling her inside
serenading her with an estranged voice
coming from within —
her minimizing the desire to let it out
as the sun quiets down
and the gibbous moon exhibiting itself at night,

resisting the waves occurring —
as if it loathed her whole being
of her justness and the absence of these causes
her grieving and the sirens waltzing,
talking through an absentminded eye
eyeing her soul
finding love that seizes it
but hers were two feet and one mouth to breathe in
even in all shades of blue,
she can get a glimpse of the dark hue
illuminating the downside of the ocean
pulling her, wrecking her soul.

Redemption does not lie —
humoring her with plainly just truth
craving for the applause of the moon
only observing the depth of the ocean
eating the once alive soul
of her saving her last breath,
chiming in with the conversation, she
once had with him.

It could have been nice the resistance
he once had — to throw himself out
to the beauty of his light that shed
her whole body
he once was able to have
and he stayed there, eyed her the whole time
being eaten on the lonesome of the night
for he himself, shading all the blueness
like a requiem for the dreams
she kept on having
like a composition giving life
to new generations, he was still on
a token and a curse, and he let her be —
in all shades of blue.
Wrote something again. Thank you.
Nik Apr 2
my love feels infinite.
my love extends beyond the barriers of sound,
moves faster than the speed of light—
my love is strong.
my love is often a burden, a weight on my shoulders dragging me to the crevices of this earth.
flesh burning, oxygen depriving love.
my love is infinite.
often feeling like glass penetrating my skin—
air losing its way from my lungs.
flesh burning, oxygen depriving love.
my love is often limitless, weightless to those i love. my love is abused.
snipes Mar 20
in the radiation of the sun
you give your love,
As the first day of spring
you give your breeze

I’ve felt it from afar
The distance falls in awe,
Blemishes running blind
I see you in my mind,
But I’m dead beat
My hearts in defeat,

Can you
Catch my breath with me
LC Feb 26
this day weighs the world down
as we hold a collective breath,
waiting for the future to reveal itself.
we pray to every deity,
toss every coin,
and carry love in our hearts
for all who are suffering.
we are here to lighten the load
in any way possible.
I posted this on my Instagram, but I wanted to post it here as well. I am sending my love to everyone at this time.
Shofi Ahmed Feb 18
Every now and then
dip in the water
and every mo
breath to live.

Man comes and goes
it’s a bottomless sea
and the air is still deep
Moe Feb 7
i am left with
all these alien feelings
as you stand by the window
rain and wind slowly
make their way into you
the light from your cigarette
becomes colorless
in and out...every breath
the whisper of being here
gives the idea of being out of place
as you will without-end be a long goodbye
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