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i want love to feel
like i am out of breath

throat burning
chest heavy
gasping for air

lungs on the verge of collapsing

CGW 3h
Every now and then
A thought
Inside of us.
Lingering orchestral emotions stranded on the deaf note of darkness.
All this in the final exhale.
Renhui 1d
my breath is a bridge
to your breath
where 100 kisses
"A poem a day" challenge - Day 6
Touch my face
with those hands of yours
run them over my cheeks
and around my nose

Wrap my body
in your arms
and let me enfold mine
around yours

I want to feel your skin
as we lie together
in the still light of day
or the whirling half-light that comes with the moon

In summer we can rest
under the simmering brightness
that paints itself
across our room

In winter we can huddle together
wrapped around one another
sharing heat
tangled in each others hearts

I want you to be there
to hold you
I want to be there for you
to be held

So please
let that smile stretch your lips
your happiness is contagious

let your laughter spill out
into my ear
it sounds like the smell of light on water

fresh and clear
and beautiful
glimmering under the trees

So please
When we settle down for the night
under the same covers
give me your hand and rest your head next to mine

and we can lie intertwined
sharing our heart-laden breaths
because physical closeness is not necessary for all, but is everything to some (love may not fade with distance, but being together is bliss)
Arms spread wide
knees bent in respect of tension
attention on your insides
spiraling out in spirit
hearing your heart beat

Feel the hum of life
teem within the absence
Esther 3d

be aware
of what is on your mind
all the worries
all the hate
know them
feel them
steering every movement
spinning your thoughts
into oblivion
so that you can't remember
the you you once were
now stop

aquis Sep 5
your fears are not here

the last time you met them

they told you
‘on your knees’

and you were

but then the fire
in your chest
started to burn
so fast

the lion in your breath
started to roar
no rest

and you rose
from your ashes

you left them

in that moment
you knew

‘now’ has no fears
I started writing poetry not a long time ago, but ever since I started I just can’t stop writing - the words are flowing in my mind as I desperately try to catch and put them together in a meaningful way. It truly surprises me to discover this passion and constant urge to write poetry inside me.

However, as I am new in this and English is not my mother tongue, I sometimes have trouble finding the right words, and have doubts whether what I wrote is good or ‘poetic’ enough, whether I should share it or not, and so on..

But here on HP, the support I received from wonderful people liking, loving, reposting and commenting on my poems has truly helped me gain my confidence and trust in myself and what I write from my heart

Since this poem is about facing your fears and leaving them behind, focusing on the “now” that doesn’t have any fears, just the pure moment itself, I wanted to share my experience of getting out of my comfort zone, facing my self-doubts and sharing what comes from my heart, in the hope of touching and inspiring someone somehow

Thank you to Hello Poetry and all the kind people here for your support and encouragement, it means a lot to me

When it seems like the whole world is looking in your direction,
it sometimes feels as if you've lost connection,
between your senses and it's like your body forgets to breath.
The more there's focus,
the worse it gets,
and the spiral begins,
and you continue to speed,
towards the finish,
but all it does is take you more moments,
to get through what you need,
but soon you can't take it,
you just need to finally take that moment,
but it isn't enough.
Your breathing is rough,
as your words begin to stammer,
and stumble,
trying not to mumble,
you just want to pull through.
Just remember it's not as bad as you think you're doing.
Everyone's listening,
not judging the little mistakes that you're making.
Just take the time for yourself to breathe.
It's OK just to breathe.
No one's going to judge you.
You've already got there attention,
and it's no one's intention,
to mess you up.
It's just the nature of what you have to do.
Just remember,
it's OK to breathe.
I've got faith that you'll pull through.
Everyone wants you to succeed,
and I know you will.
The blade presses against my flesh.
The cool metal feels good on my skin.
I long for the pain to go away,
that harbors against my soul.

Why won't this feeling end?
This constant pounding in my head.
I want it all to disappear.
Could this be the only way?

Cut after cut,
they still aren't leaving.
Line after line,
they're still swarming.

The deeper I go,
the number I feel.
Yet the pain remains.
Nothing stops these thoughts.

If only you cared . . .
Maybe I wouldn't have done this.
Just one smile from you,
would have changed the world.

A last breath escapes my lips,
as I go to meet my maker.
Forever His.
Never yours.
If you or anyone you know struggles with anything that has you thinking of taking your own life, please don't hesitate to call this number - 1-800-784-2433. It leads straight to the US Suicide Hotline who have people willing to help you with whatever you're going through.

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." ~ Stitch
Anya Sep 12
It it better to write...

Like you breathe?
Like you're creating a piece of art?
Or like you're taking a test?
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