Dont want to breathe
Dont want to move
Dont want to cry
Dont want to die

I dont know what i want
But its not this

This feeling of emptiness
And dead weight in my chest
In my head
In my legs

Everythings fading
My chest hurts
Should probably take a breath
It should help
But it’ll come back later
It always does

I can breathe later
Hollau Feb 14
the dawn of a new beginning.
siren songs of promises for reunion, quickly dying
beneath the blinding rays of hope you had sworn to me
as I waited to watch another day pass across your face.

the light I saw was an illusion for the hope you led me to believe in.
perhaps I had finally found a soulmate
to share my rotations with.

for a moment, I felt joy
it was only a fleeting moment
and just before I could fully appreciate the deep blues of your soul
you whisked your lush home away from me
and left my stone heart to freeze.

the spirit of love I had fostered
was split by the blazing comet of your cunning
and I felt my chilled core dissolve in the emptiness of space
as your selfishness broke me out of orbit
and left me to find a new solar system.

the stardust of my tears stick to your atmosphere  
to remind you of the love that we had
but what you only took for granted
as you and I drift apart in our galaxies.

when you collide with something beyond yourself
and reach the dusk of your last breath,
I hope you think of me.
front and center
is the one she blew
for me
blown from that dandelion

DNW Feb 13
Devastating existence pulls me downward

Gravity forces me down and forces me to live

Rushes of wind pull me forward

The earth says sorry and forces me to forgive

Senseless air drains my lungs

Once again, the earth pulls me down breaking my bones

Words carve and pierce my tongue

When nothings left to break, my body looks like piled stones

Wind and gravity stops as I breathe my last breath

Life flashes and before I know it

I take my last breath

As the world forgets I’d even existed.
My girlfriend wrote this and I just wanted to show it to the world cause I really like it.
SelinaSharday Feb 12
Life Is...
by SelinaShardaye
Life is so Poetic,
Rhythmic, growing, with so much

Just pulsating always waiting.
For us to inhale, exhale, breath it, live it, explore it.

Ride with it, just enjoy it.
Take Stands because of it.

Be strengthened from it, learn more about it.
Baby just welcome it.
Oh just taste of it,
When things in your life are really funky.
Don’t be afraid to cry because of it.
It’s alright to vent due to it,
Stump, pout, shout but don’t try to take your life because of it.
Just cry your way through it.
Life keep living it, breathing it, struggle to over come.
To enjoy the best of it.
When life is horrific dare to challenge it.
Life we must all live and do our best with it....
Exploring, living, giving indulging in life..
maya Feb 9
am i stoic
for not feeling anything when in the presence of death
for not feeling anything when knowing it was his last breath
am i sick
for my heart not enduring pain
for my heart disconnecting with my brain
is it heroic
for my own body not to go through the stages
for my own body to be trapped in its plentiful cages
will it click
that he's actually gone
that i should be drawn
to it?
My grandpa died today.
Haley Elizabeth Jun 2016
If he said it was right
to wake in the morning & wish to go back to bed.
To be so full of life,
then so full of these feelings for whom I've never met,
only in death,
I'm not sure if they were even a person yet. They must've been; I created it.
It was half of me and half of him, & I think I wanted it.
I've labored a shrivel of death,
far too many times to try to forget.
Back and forth in my head.
Do I regret it?
If you never let it take a breath,
then why is it dead?
That's what he said.
I wrote this for my English class, and I thought it would be worth sharing.
At last at peace
velvet and ever warm
sliding into contentment
the calm, before the storm

It never lasts
as chaos holds its sway
passing under/over head
furies now, at play

But for now
I'll wallow in the heat
of peace not everlasting
fulfilled for now, complete

Holding soul again
once more into the fray
blood and heart expended
as there's just
no other
Why does it always have to be a fight?
Searching for the calm, because, ya can't live in the eye
of the storm.... forever :)
I hit rock bottom,
and then I start again.

I don't let the bad times take away the positive things I've done.

I take a deep breath,
I get up,
I continue walking down the road.

There are so many things I would like to do before I'm gone,
I'm not letting a little wind take away my opportunities.

I hit rock bottom,
and then I start again.

Even when it seems like everything is lost.
Even when my head hurts for crying.
When my eyes burn because of the tears.
Even when my knees are red for being on the floor,
and my body can't hold itself straight anymore.

I wake up to a better day, every day.

I put on my jacket,
my favorite pair of boots,
the nice beanie my mom knit for me,

and I go out.

I keep on dreaming.
I keep on smiling.
I keep on breathing.

I live.
A reminder to stay strong, never give up, and always keep fighting.
From me, to you ::and me::
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