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Find me
In your breath
I'm infinite
Search me as absolute
Genre: Love
Standing in the midst
of your lightless
you have lost self,
ground and perspective.
Listening to others
tell their stories
of their time
in your current residence,
(I have lived there too)
has taught me
the task
of finding
is possible
though painful,
hard and seemingly
from one breath
to another
is still living.
So please,
keep breathing...
Mathieu Aug 18
In The Night I Stare At The Waves
Wonder If They're Calling me
And The Breath of the Wind, Bellowing
I Let It Know I'm Listening

A Thousand Stars Erupt To Life
My Heart Beats Faster Every Time
As The Blood Comes Rushing In
The Blood Comes Rushing In

All The Time It Hurts To Fight,
But Against The Coast I'm Glistening,
The Chill Like Silk Against My Skin,
I Breathe It In and I'm Home Again
I live in a series of moments, that feel like a photograph.
Tonight was wonderful.
As I  look to the sky
Through the depths
Of the night
I  see you shining
In your own right
For you are
A Shining Star

Then when I  wish
Hope or Dream
Even experience reality
I know exactly
Where you are
Dear Shining Star
You Witness Me

My every breath
That I  take
Showing how
I partake
In a sense
Of being struck
Star Stuck
By your  Love!

Debra Lea Ryan
My Heart Today!
Mark Wanless Jul 31
multi path a breath
all travelers are welcome
Glenn Currier Jul 22
Here among the trees
leaves, birds and bees
breathing in summer air
the sun embraces me
into its life-giving energy
I feel loved
and part of the great mystery
each day is a homecoming.

Here I can just be me
fearing no judgement
or condemnation for my sins
but pure acceptance
and bliss.

This day, each day
is my birth day.
RQ Jul 7
although you're gone
the traces of draft remains
i followed hoping it leads me to you
i wandered through the gales
you are nowhere to be found
i still feel it around me
hoping and praying you'd return
come home
maria Jul 7
never thought of forgiving someone for something like this,
yet you're making me lose every breath
The birds are whistling
and the trees are listening

To the sway of a branch
and the ending of a decade
gone away with the facade

Of trickery wrought from calloused tongues
And seeds of deceit planted in the young

Come away my friend, watch the decade of the end
Again once more, before the flowers get sore
Bending into death, and ending their breath
Come away to endings, and the long awaited sending
Watch the decade of the end
my dearest friend
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