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i had forgotten how to breathe, darling,

since i first laid eyes on you

until now

when finally

you look back at me

and you fill my lungs

and you circulate throughout my body

i couldn't rid myself of you if i tried

i gasp for you with every breath

all i can do is pray

that you will not be poisonous
I smeared myself against your bottom lip,
To feel the same warmth
That rests at the caress of
Your lip.
Each breath a breeze,
I myself, resting in the hammock your lips make.
If you sigh I have no fear of being blown away.
Knowing that I've reached the peak of where I've climaxed most.
I don't mind if you bite down.
Being caught between your bottom lip and the top of your grin.
If I could lay here for a while longer,
Caught in the explosion between us two.
The way I've smeared myself far from subtle.
Drowned in the corner of your mouth.

Your lips the softest pillow
I could rest my head.
Your lips the softest kiss I could drown
Like wings on the thumb;
If you pay attention, they flutter in your chest
Like waves on the lips;
Tumultuous, pummeling, magnetizing,
And then words, not a covenant, but a confirmation
of intentions
Like the nuzzle of a rabbit, push
1 2 3
And part for breath to move through
A study
It stabs
you in the face
every time
it gets a chance.
It takes
away your breath,
making it impossible to breathe.
It freezes
your limbs
and your insides.
Though it hurts,
I still love it.

It's a blizzard out there right now...
❄️ Can't wait to get out and see how it feels ❄️
TD 4d
A smile,
A breath,
A new chance,
Something to try,
A reason to try,
There are many,
They might seem ******,
They might seem small,
They may not seem to be worth it,
Know that they are worth it.

A fight,
Inside a mind,
A never-ending battle cry,
It rings inside a head,
Sometimes soft,
Sometimes loud,
But it’s always filled with dread,
Dread to keep fighting,
Dread to accept the reasons,
The reasons to try.

If you never try,
You may never lose,
But you’ll also never win.
I think of him.
Not of those before,
Who I have left.
Dream… and
My mind dances
Over to the man
I haven’t
He does impossible
Things to my mind.
We will not yet
My body.
I know he wants to
Make me.
And I live everyday of my life
with my exhausted soul,
Which is waiting for a magic
to happen with her.
Releasing her from such burning fire,
Making her full of strength
that can make her able to
forgive herself for all those
times she tries to remember him..
Remember him in vain..
The pain will start to lessen
On its own,
When she will take a breath
So light as her soul.
Mercia 7d
Under my skin
Cyan blood flowing through my body, sending my heart on a drumming quest for a feeling
A feeling that wants to escape through my knife tattooed wrist
We fall in love and hurt one another.
We live with hidden emotions.
We live with a camouflage hiding scars from the human satellite,called eyes.
Falling in Tim Kuilmine, creating a comfy home for the lovers of solitude

I fell into this safe haven, knowing that no one dared to enter the world of the hurt
Until life sent a Prodigy into my hollow life
He was the moon on my sleepless nights
He was the sun shining on my cloudy day
He is the rain that kisses me on a beautiful stormy day
This Prodigy came into my my life like a feather causing mass destruction

I hated this Prodigy who took me out the comfort of my hole
Who made me laugh when depression clawed under my skin pleading to be released through my wrists
He caused a hail storm of emotion when he hugged me
Here today gone tomorrow i chanted
But he was here today and tomorrow
He made me stop giving the demon a path to dance from my mind to paper
I started seeing stars after months of solitude and clouds
Prodigy became VY Canis Majoris.
Greek Gods never understood him for he was sent to save Proxima Centauri

My love for him as my depression turned into insecurity
But he saved me
For now
This poem is a poem that is still being edited. There are a few things you need to know before reading the poem.
When a colour is described/said, it will be given in the photo negative form. The poem is a mixture of love and self-diagnosed depression. Names are never mentioned in the poem. This might be the whole poem, or just the intro. (As i said it is under editing). This poem was written at 3am and is inspired by a wattpad book called Saving Everest. If you dont know the names of the stars please google it
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