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Lily 33m
Her skin was the color of the sand,
And her freckles landed like lost driftwood on her cheeks.
The waves shimmered brighter than her eyes,
And the ***** were a hue darker than her hair.
But to him, her blue eyes and red hair
Were the best shades of blue and red,
And her face was the most gorgeous beach.
I'm already wishing for the summer :)
i asked him

how he stood on the shore

of the ocean

and let the waves crash around him

(i was afraid i would be pulled under)

i asked him

why he always wore white

how those fabrics

seemed to shimmer with every color

and none at all

(i was afraid to stain my clothes)

i asked him

if those trailing tears on his cheeks

ever stung as they fell

(i was afraid to let them see my own)

i asked him

how he got

his big beautiful wings

how he soared so smoothly in the skies

(i was afraid of those herculean heights)

he told me there were times

he had inhaled the salty water

blood had stained his clothes

his tears had left scars in their wake

and he had flown too close to the sun

and when he talked

every word fell on my skin

like a star from the heavens

and when he stood in front of me

i was no longer afraid

to touch

an angel
just tell me that you think I look pretty tonight
and that my eyes look dazzling under lights
please don’t hesitate on all that you’re thinking
because now all the thoughts in my head are spinning
Clair 5h
I like it when you wear yellow
It makes it easy to see the
sun embracing your skin and
Allowing your melanin to drip gold,
From your head to your feet
Your steps leak rainbow
And paint canvases of different colors and shade
You make your way to shine
The corridors of your surroundings
As if God himself place his lamps
Unto your feet
You carry yourself higher than any standard
A bonafide version of simplicity
But this could never surpass your understanding
Your mirror became the boogeyman, you
Think if you look to much you’ll become what you see
You fail to realize how bent your shoulder
Looks from all the insecurities
that your Spine failed to carry
By any means
Still cracked that cocoon
And shine again
Bright as the moon
And you’ll fly
High as the bright yellow star

But try not to fall
Like a falling star
Try not to bend
Like a dropping rose
Try not to keep your head down
Like an army waving the white flag
Embrace the waves like the fish in the deep
And walk straight like your mama taught you
Maybe to me yellow shine on you the most
But, all the colors of the rainbow
Make your melanin drip gold
From your head to your toes
You wear the sun as your cape
You are modesty
Which is how
You shine the corridors of your surroundings
As if God himself place his lamp unto your feet
You are a blank rose doused in wine;
Too thrilling for my pen to hold,
You shed your petals in my mind.

I want to freeze your face in time
But flowers blister in the cold-
You are a blank rose doused in wine.

My morning sunshine makes it fine,
Repaints the waste in liquid gold-
You shed your petals in my mind.

I'm veering off the railway line
Grasp out for hanging vines to hold;
You are a blank rose doused in wine.

The thoughts dissolve in seafoam brine
As if my memory's been sold;
You shed your petals in my mind.

But I still hope to find a sign
A crumpled map into your soul;
You are a blank rose doused in wine,
You shed your petals in my mind.
I tried to write a villanelle haha
This was pretty fun
Juhlhaus 10h
A sidewalk canvas
Half done slush
An oil slick
Twice frozen ice
And boots that slip
A train just missed
The red eyes glare
Rain that floats
In bitter air
Brutalized concrete
Bleeding rust
Filthy floors
And alley walls
Spent cigarettes
In every nook
Steel that shrieks
In cold protest
Blue lights
And a defiant poet
On every corner
An inventory of materials.
Eric 13h
Morning brings , a sunshine that sings . As it may lift us brighter then normal days . Ice upon the ground to reflect our ways . Salt to melt past's bitter taste . Lets not forget how unique you are , just like the falling snowflakes . Keep changing everyone's life with your smile , thats all it takes . There's nothing better then not wearing a mask and traveling with the fakes .a smile is all it takes.
I wish I told you
how beautiful you were,
dancing alone.

And not just pretty,
though that you sure
were too, and I’m kicking
myself for not having
that courage either.

But your beauty was
one of strength,
a resolve within
yourself that you
are all you need.

I don’t mind being alone,
and I’m often more
secure in my
own little den.

But when I’m not
alone I can’t be alone.

May I borrow your strength?

I wish I told you
how beautiful you were,
dancing alone.

But maybe it’s best
I left it.

Left that impression
seared into my skull,
of you swaying in
your own embrace.

I’m glad we shared a smile,
before you carried on
into your own self,
while I lost mine
on a floor of misfits.
I get so somber after being the only one raving and Usher-ing at a nightclub lol
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