Your calm and graceful essence
Exalts your beauty in its entirety
A Humanistic effervescence,
And a sharpened wit so fiery,

I long for but a moment of your presence,
My heart yours entirely,
To be considered in such reverence,
As I with passion so admire thee.

You bring beauty to autonomy,
A spirit I would never break,
I would simply want the world to see,
This vision in the heavens make,

Such as I envisage you to be,
For driven through my heart'ed stake,
Belief in passions of chivalry,
Which leaves my yearning heart to ache.

Radiant replies of divinity,
Whose shadows could not forsake,
Light paths towards eternity,
In hopes you too desire courage to take,

A whimsical chance with the likes of me.
I see the depths beneath your waters wake,
Not many others take the time to see,
Beyond the emerald shimmering lakes

Of your eyes that shout in curiosity,
If only you'd take that fated leap,
We'd watch the worlds beneath us shake.
Stay in bed all day
and masturbate.
Sunny morning,
but the drapes are shut.
Chain smoking,
eating shit.
Reading crumby books,
tucked into the crevices
of beds and laundry baskets.
I place my pen to paper,
breathe in the disgust of life,
and exhale the beauty
onto my page.
Elliot 4h
In a garden filled with flowers
Patient like impatiens
You lay, lie
Lac of worry.

The Wisteria hands you here
another idea
‘Forget-Me-Not’ it says.
All the while the Orchids
struggle beneath
to compete;
A heartbeat you notice
as carefully and clear
as the Clematis is.

Under the sun-flowers
you nurture the buttercups
maintain the Marigolds
While through the kitchen window
he washes, watches, waves, wearing his Marigolds.

The Evening primrose shows
through the Iris of our eyes
a Lilac sky
leaning on a golden glow
in the lavender scented air
and you remind yourself
This is your Gardenia.

You made it.
Maintained it.
Arranged it.
Sustained it.

For in this garden filled with timeless flowers
you were the gardener.
and now the gardener must go
so that she, herself,
may grow.
Ormond 10h

In my working days world,
Outside little birdies do swirl,

With wings and songs saying,
Wee birds in trees are playing,

But my blue drab or grey suit,
That chains me to my roots,

With only windows to imagine
A world so colourful, tangible,

Is shroud, only wrap of clothes,
Yet little birds, so downy robed,

And within my comely, demise,
See how brightly birdies do fly,

As I shudder, muted, wintering,
O how wee birdies can sing.
JL Smith 13h
In two days
I'll follow the wind
Whichever way it blows
However it will send

I've been running in circles
Yet, idle in this spot
Caught in routine
Prisoner of thoughts

In two days
I'm a stranger somewhere new
Open to change
Alternative views

I'd prefer your company,
But I know you're needed here
It's time my freedom finds the highway
And my troubles steer clear

In two days
I'll follow the wind
Whichever way it blows
However it will send

© JL Smith
Ya Boi 20h
I fell in love with your eyes

Beautifully immaculate seas of pearly white contrasting in complete harmony with perfectly rounded island of rich mohagony

Glowing with a beautifully careless iridescence

Smiling up at me with love in their laughter

Filling my chest with a warm and familiar feeling

Leaving me entranced and wondering

How lucky I must be to have your eyes shining upon me

But you don’t bless me with light anymore

I abused my time in the sun and got burnt

Now my skies are grey with storms of uncertainty

But then again I fell in love with the sun

As has every man kissed by your light

So now I push through the harrowing darkness

Preparing and praying for my time in the sun

A time I see in silver linings

Now I know how to appreciate my sun

Now I know how to keep her shining upon me
My Love.

I will not wait to see our love fade,
Just because they laughed at your beauty,
I will not keep silent, to see you vanish in pain,
Just because they mocked you, of your weight.

Haven’t I treasured you sincerely?
Haven’t I valued your being, honestly?
Why then do you want to suffer my heart?
Just because they criticized your beauty.

I will not wait, to see you destroyed by chemicals,
Just in the name of seeking ‘true beauty’
I will still love you with my all,
It’s not beauty that binds us, but love.

I don’t care if they don’t love your décor,
I don’t care if they don’t like your weight,
I don’t care of the wrinkles on your face,
I don’t care if they dislike your voice.

To me, you are more than a Queen,
You are more than a shiny gem of diamond,
You are the epitome of my being,
And my love for you;

Is beyond physical beauty.
If you love, you won't focus much on the physical beauty, even if everyone mocked you.
I have loved you with my all,
In my heart, I have adorned you,
In my soul, I have lifted you up,
And still, I will love you.

You are the beauty of my life,
The true splendor of my being,
The adulation of my heart,
Why worry about your beauty now?

You are a reflection of true virtue,
You are the true creation of a Queen,
A virtuous woman, indeed,
Why do you fret over your architecture?

I have loved you the way you are,
I have honored you just as you are,
I have held you to me as you are,
Always cherished you for who you are.
Love goes beyond the physical beauty..for beauty fades like an old rose
How can you say that the world is plain,
When waterfalls fall with the fall of the rain,
And puddles are gleaming like brand-new veneer?
Don't you know there is magic here?

I look at the flowers and expect to see Fae,
Yawning and stretching at dawn of the day,
Or harvesting dewdrops which fall in the night,
Flitting and flying from left to the right.

Have you walked through the forest and breathed in the air?
Have you laughed as the chipmunks ran fast from the hare?
Have you noticed how leaves turn the golden light green?
Have you seen all there is in the woods to be seen?

Oh Friend, have you stretched out your hands to the sun?
Have you seen the sky change since the day has begun?
Will you lift up your eyes and be wrapped in the dark,
And watch as the moon and the stars make their mark?

Do you really not know there is magic here,
While the puddles are gleaming like brand-new veneer,
And the waterfalls fall with the fall of the rain?
How can you say that the world is plain?
is the early morning
dew sparkles
like golden wine
as the birds
start to sing in harmony
and the air
is filled with scents of pine.
Breathe in
the fresh morning air
feel all senses
come alive
as sun rays
shine through the trees
daybreak has arrived...
A soft breeze
blowing through the trees
the beauty of this place
close your eyes
listen to the sounds
as the wind
gently kisses your face.
the flowers blooming
firm on the ground
open your heart and mind
as hope
starts to zoom all around.
to the clear blue sky
the brightness
of the sun
as it lovingly
touches your face
let the joyful cry
of nature
fill your
with beauty and grace.
Just breathe it in.....
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