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The fall of beauty,— a rose buried beneath the
soil of time. A gazelle; prancing in tall grass,
Quickly noticed by attraction and hunt.

How fair does beauty stay in tune,
as like in a jungle...Time preys on you like the
hungry Lion.
Zywa 11h
There's enough spring green

for one hundred thousand eyes --

I only have two.
"Lentegroen" ("Spring green", 1901, ***** Gezelle)

Collection "Held True"
The temporal beauty which fades and falls,
vigor of body that to vale gives way—
dissolutions of bloom—have much to say,
as life’s costly sermon achingly calls:
“Put not your heart’s hope in gifts eyes now see
nor set store by charms easily broken.
Vibrant buds o’er which praises are spoken,
erstwhile by Fall, forgotten shall be.
But in Christ waits sure glory eternal
and by loss here that beauty there’s gaining
its resplendent weight, e’en now attaining
through Jesus intimate gem troves internal.”
God’s wisdom turns decay and frailty’s gruel
into a Homeward driving kind of fuel.
As the morning sunlight rises,
In the East, behind my back,
To start this day, lighting everything,
The warm rays, touch along their way.
A few hours later, the dark nimbus cumulus clouds,
Start to cover the sky, blocking  the sunlight rays,
From my eyes, after a few rounds of thunder,
Raindrops start falling to the ground,
Nothing in its path stays dry, as the wind,
Starts blowing the falling moisture around.
The darkness continues to increase,
Looking towards, Schooley’s woods,
The white and yellow honeysuckle, I could normally see,
Across Maxwell’s creek, hiding in darkness, the only,
Light for a landmark, a lone light on, Schaubert’s bridge,
As I look downstream taking a peek.
The rain will slowly fade,
The sun will light the rest of the day,
The water in the creek will flow under the bridge,
Downstream on its, way.

The Original: Tom Maxwell  copyright 5/19/22 AD
2:00 pm
Yemaya 6d
blue bells for eyes
her name was a song
that made the graveyard hum
for the dead become flushed
her beauty reminding them of life
Light is the tongue that speaks his heart, using 'aql
I don't want to fall in love at the end of downfall

I want to fall in love when the world starts to come to an end
Only to witness true strength, true principles, true colour

I want to fall in love with one who already has fallen dead in love with his Lord

And when I do,
It's because he asked Allah swt to whiten his sight, and to increase the glowing of his chest

And when I do,
It's because He placed love in me too

Alex Braun May 18
Jewel of the Hellenistic
for True Beauty
and Passion
for my name, for me.

"A Spirit, yet a Woman too!"
She Was a Phantom of Delight
for the life of me, I can't believe
that when you think, you think of me.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci
the painting
the poem
the story, a familiar story.

Oh, a long one
years worth,
hours worth,
all worth it.

How do I survive?
being loved like this?
when I don't deserve it?
when I don't return it?
f May 13
beauty has sharp teeth—fire claws
there lies no redemption in Her fiber,
solely bites of uncut consumption.
Yemaya May 11
My body was art --- not to your taste,
you covered me in criticism.
Your words molding me like clay
until the mirror reflected a shell.

The child inside,
forever lost.
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