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Neelam 3d
Eyes painted vivid streaks
that filled up the amorphous
teeming in the mildew...

Different shades of grey
rendered by emptiness
vaporized into the sky,
Touched by the wings
of the mighty glow
afloat in the clouds,

Bearing your name,
the name engraved in
my heart.
The elements in the nature, sky, Sun, wind and mildew remind me of him.
Shadow 3d
Endless sky 
Bleached with orange
And a touch of pink
Scenes like this
Showcase how a beautiful moment
Is only ever temporary
Zywa 4d
I do love flowers,

not for being beautiful!

For being flower.
“O que ouviu os meus versos disse-me: que tem isso de novo?“
(“Someone who heard my verses, said to me: what is new with it?”, 1918, Alberto Caeiro [Fernando Pessoa] )

Collection "Appearances"
The taste of my lover is like a scent from a rose
Like a melody from the singing bird
With the beauty that covers her face
Like an apple tree in the forest
l long to have her in my arms.
horizons of

Tipsy light
touching golden
Kisses in the

with bleeding

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

I feeling a friends
Hurt she was really depressed but we talked
and she's well and
I have many more from
feeling her pain as
we are very connected
my soul sister  we understand each other very well as I've had my moments of dark days and sadness
and depression it's not
Being that beauty
Simply as she breathes
Every leaf is shaking
She enchants them for real
Her touch makes them red,
Yellow, orange and brown
Now they can't help
But gracefully fall
Like ballerinas they dance
In musky-sweet air
A short moment of joy
Before they join their colleagues
In a pile of fallen leaves
Glowing under the sun.

Maelynn 6d
Ripe feelings fill the balmy air
And ride the summer breeze
They twist and dip and whisper
Throughout the wizened Trees

They paint a vivid picture
Full of memory
Of a once caged heart
Now soaring full and free

They tell their tale with gusto
A sense of hushed pride
They speak softly to the flowers
Of a love that’s undenied.

The flowers tell their flower friends
Then those, they do the same;
Every blooming rose bush
Knew the couples names

They gossiped and they whispered
All chattering with ease
Till the story shuffled off
With a couple bumbling bees

These bees they traveled far away
Telling the tale along their ride
Of loves triumphs and elations-
And soon they heard she’d be his bride
And buzzed “congratulations!”

The couple looked into each other’s eyes that day
And said their loving I dos
While Mother Nature smiled on
Delighted by the news
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