Beauty isn't in the breast implants
Beauty isn't in the pouty lips
Beauty isn't in the butt implants
Beauty isn't in the skin bleaching
Beauty isn't in the small waistline
Beauty isn't in the tight clothing
Beauty shouldn't be paid for just to be
looked at.
Just to have millions of followers on
social media
Just to be accepted.

And yet, we praise it.
We praise what is artificial over what's real.
We praise those willing to expose themselves
Yet you call them sluts, and slams the opposite
for being prude.

You feel entitled to see a woman's exaggerated
That contributes to their deaths
That contributes to the deep need that they ask themselves

      "Am I beautiful now?"

Women killing themselves just to be accepted and desired...
How far humanity has fallen for the impossible beauty standards

i love space.
i don't know all the constellations,
nor do i know all the moons
but i do know that
i love space.

you remind me of space.
but i know all the constellations,
the sun kissed freckles that dance along your cheeks,
and i know all the moons
the sparks that make your personality shine bright
i love space.

i love nature.
i don't know all the plants,
nor do i know how to tell what is poisonous,
but i do know that
i love nature.

you remind me of nature.
but i know all the plants,
which seeds to cherish to make your heart grow,
and i know what's poisonous,
i will not mention your family
i love nature.

i love you.
i do not know how to mend your broken heart,
nor do i know how to mend my own
but i do know that
i love you.

- i'm sorry it took me so long to say it

Unlike a woman, a flame needs no limbs to dance
She is a wonder -
Her dress and lips, a kiss of vermilion
Her hair, a corona of marigold
Her eyes, a vast sky of freedom
You can't help but to be captivated by her dance
A flurry of flames, each step adds to a maelstrom
There's something so bewitching about her tender light
In place of fear, there is hope
In place of being lost, she leads you further
  Many a man have tried to capture her, in an effort to
dull her light and steal her warmth
make it their own but
not you.
You understand that a flame such as hers needs to
fanned so her
glory will leave all ablaze

For the absence of weakness is the greatest affection
as the zephyrs you send to her fire.
Your sweet love will snuff the small
and embrace the tender and tremendous.

Love will find a way

I was going to write until it felt like the truth.

skim page, skim milk, skip
rocks and roll
into the water.

It's not sinking. It's a race.

This dance, this ricochet
roundabout remember.

Oh yes, the blinds flutter
like the wings of
a perched bird,

unable to decide where
it's off to.

Open them and we're in
the trees again,
closed November,

awake and asleep, too
black and white, too
beginning and end,

take a bite, right?

Nothing's cut and dry.
Dreams are proof of that.

Imagination doesn't follow
your rules.

The great empty plane
of this world. I'm
kicking up dust

just because I can, screaming
at the blank black sky
to show me a star

through all this smog,

meet the edge of the
world like I
always promised.

the fear of wilting grew like a weed in my head, but the gardener next door kindly pulled them and gave me new soil
thus started a new revelation
upon tending to my brain flowers began to bloom, spreading to its furthest corners
except this empty patch
a peculiar spectacle which brought me to ask my neighbor "why?"
and with a smile he said "you'll understand soon"
along came a boy i knew and greatly admired for his kind eyes alongside a sunbeam smile
shy as we may the universe still beckoned for our meeting
thus grew vegetables in the empty patch under his sunbeam smile
curious, i asked the gardener next door why vegetables grew instead of flowers
to which he responds "love brings not just beauty, but health and an opportunity for growth. upon being picked these plants are ready for consumption; a healthy lead to living. love acts not as merely an art to show but a power to grow."
and grow we will, together

the first happy poem i wrote in 6 months

Beautiful green trees
Brighten up miserable sky
With a touch of class

on way home from work I notice how lovely trees brighten up overcast weather :)
Catlynn 16h

Kneeling down before the beauty I once endured

My voice notes being smashed upon your floor.

My heart's last seconds being hung on an unraveling thread

My hand sliced open by your knife that demanded my blood shed

"Your Definition of Beauty must be contain"

"Your added Darkness to Your Beauty has put us to shame!"

My Cat eyes grasped what was left of my black filled charm

My Mask that was ripped off from me was my armor to protect me from your harm!

The blood you caused to escape stained the overcast beauty that laid shattered  and unable to fix

I burst out in a low laughing hiss "Is this some kind of trick?"

I stand up in front of you, my arm opened wide, still willing to show that I need to be redefined

You back away slowly, refusing to accept the differences of mine

My eye lids painted with black that seems to sweep off with a curl

Blinked slowly with good intentions, but it caused your body to hurl

You began to run off slowly, from the edge of my cat-eye sight

My claws dig into my palm, refusing to give up this fight

My head hung low, the mess still remaining

I abandoned it completely, the forgotten beauty is worth the learning

I'm not made to please you fools on this Earth, but for someone who is On High for deserving...

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Beauty has too many definitions. Not just what is happy and bright and colorful. Even the grave yards have a beauty to sing about through it's depressing song. Even the blood spill of death can cough out it's love language. Beauty is what you make it. It should never be abused.

Like a statue I stand,
I cannot be broken.
Sharp as a blade,
I have not misspoken.

I'm already there,
All desire awoken.
Quick as lightning,
Furry bright and smok'n.

One step ahead,
I'm the whole damn ocean.
I'll get in your head babe,
So let that shit soak in.

Sweats like a boss,
That's why I get chosen.
I am the machine,
Don't need your damn token.

Confident words,
Each one that I've spoken,
Fierce as a lioness,
I can't be heartbroken.

Beauty is a Beast™  By Nadia DeLevea
trinity 12h

the sun is setting,
colors sprawled across the sky.
ends hold beauty, too.

Emm 1d

Someday you'd ask me
in between the fine lines etched on your face
the fine lines in between good and evil
Someday you'd ask me,
on how people can be so crass,
how the world works and where do you stand in it...
So let me tell you before you ask...
Close your eyes, darling
turn your head away from all the bitterness of this world
Close your eyes darling,
from all the twisted minds, the turns and dirty tricks of it
Close your eyes darling,
from its dark secrets and its inhabitants'...
That's where the fountain of youth's at...
Look no further,
just close tour eyes, darling...
This world might be cruel and spiteful at times, but so shouldn't you be...
I do not wish you to choose,
although the choices are yours,
I would say naivety is not a sin,
a naivety is innocence
I would never ask you to participate
Although and if this world is cold,
I wish you to withstand it,
because more than the beauty they see
is the core of beauty inside you
and that is what I wish you to hold...
Remember what you've been told...

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