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Zack Ripley May 9
I have decided that today,
I'm going to try.
I'm going to try to not be afraid
of what people say to me.
What they have to say about me.
My strategy is simple:
anticipate, accept, and understand.
If you anticipate someone will say something mean or disrespectful,
you can prepare yourself.
Then, if they do say something, you accept. Accept that's the way they feel about you. Finally, the most important part: understand. Understand that it is not your responsibility
to try to make them feel differently
or prove them wrong.
I did all this today hoping that tomorrow,        
you find the courage to try and do the same.
And as she turned her hair, and ran the marathon of
make-up on her face, she glanced at me. "Aren't you going
to say, I look lovely today," she asked me .

"No," I boldly responded.
Tears started to fill her eyes, but I chose my next
words wisely. Forbidding her eyes a reason to cry.

"The phrase you speak of, is just too simple for me to say.
And being simple, you are not. So if you were to ask me how
you look like today; then this is what I have to say...

You look like a desire so unreal to me,
The calmness of love blowing in word's wind,
The strength of beauty rushing over me like the sea,
The spell of which enchanted me to your heart,
The nostalgia of my very first love scar,
The laughter of joy, to my sadness you heal,
The weakness to my step's; by their Achilles heel,
The eternity to all my favourite sweet dreams,
The first kiss of my morning, and the last of my night,
The end tunnel of light, never lost to my sight,
The shadow of pain, you're unashamed to show,
The willpower, and passion, not by actions performed,
The love of a lonely man, so possessive of it alone,
And all of that is not of today, but of everyday.

But if simple words are what you seek, let me put
your heart at peace. For these are the words you at first
wanted me to say. So for you my darling I'll tell you,
you look lovely today."
Persephone Feb 27
Today I wish to not wake up
I wish to go from yesterday to tomorrow and forget that today ever exists
I wish for the sun to stay below the horizon and the song birds to sleep past noon
I wish this world to skip today

Today I wish to be nothing
I wish to not be a mass of energy or to take up space on this planet
I wish for Einstein to be wrong and Newton to be full of sh*t
I wish this world breaks physics today  

Today I wish for fire
I wish to have water scald my throat and for food to become ash on my tongue
I wish the air I breathe turns to smoke in my lungs and my skin to char from the heat of the sun
I wish this world to burn today

Today I wish for ice
I wish for no smile to melt my bitter heart and no embrace to warm my calloused soul
I wish for Arctic wind to bring forth a new ice age and for frost to encircle my home
I wish this world to freeze today

Today I wish for disaster
I wish for my tears to flood the highest cities and my screams to cause cracks in the sea floor
I wish for wild fires to incinerate all forests and global warming to melt the icecaps
I wish this world to destroy today

Today I wish to have a chat with death
I wish to be kissed by the lips of a viper and down hemlock until I’m no longer parched
I wish for the gods to send down a new plague and Mother Nature to take revenge on us all
I wish this world to die today

Today I wish for you to not care
For today I wish that you turn your check the other way when you see me and you don’t whisper a word for the wrongness I am causing
I wish for you to let my anger consume me until she can see it from the heavens and let me destroy myself until her absence feels less empty than I do
I wish for today that you let me embrace death with open arms so I can be close to her once more
Because Today I wish to no longer exist

But if you refuse to grant me any of these wishes than grant me this one simple request
That today of all days you let me have this hate
You let me have the same hate for myself that I have for this world on the day that it took her away
Kairi Feb 20
Things that hurt you
will be the memories
that will heal you
tomorrow ...
Janna Orpa Feb 2
Fairytales let you believe that one day your Prince Charming will come looking for you
The little girl believed
She waited for her prince
She was so caught up
She thought the boy with a mask was her prince
She let him in
She loved him
Her love was so pure that she didn’t think he couldn’t ever lie
But that’s all he did
The only dragon there was to slay were his lies
She couldn’t destroy the very thing she loved
Instead, she let him go
She was a bit broken but she was happy
Chloe Jan 10
I had hope for today
You didn’t have to **** it
But you did

I had hope for tomorrow
You didn’t have to **** it
But you did
In cold blood

I had hope for it all
You didn’t have to **** it
But you did
In cold blood

I had hope
You didn’t have to **** it
Daughter of a *****
Girls can be god, too
Kassan Jahmal Dec 2021
the chitter chatter,
of the day,

are conversations of-
sun and rain,

that greeted the ground of,
this splendid rainy day.
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