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Whilst laid on my bed
I'm closing my eyes on today because Its one
those days, I don't want
to see nothing so far has gone right for
With only one thing to do close my eyes sleep my troubles away In hope I wake to a better day when  my ability to cope hopefully will be
A bad day today so Im going to sleep It away In hope I wake to a better day
Matthew 3d
I know one day I will love and feel heartbreak.
But today,
I decide to live.
A day of true happiness.
One more day to enjoy my youth
with all its stereotypes and flaws.
Another day to look forward in anticipation of the future
instead of fear.
Because I started caring years ago,
I don't have to care now.
A poem that probably has flawed logic, but I'll fix that tomorrow.  If you have a complaint just leave a comment.
is a gift.
why it's
You've probably already heard of this one...
i feel sick today
not cold chills
or a runny nose
not body aches
or a sore throat

i feel sick today
no not in that way
it's my mind, not my body
that is beginning to stray

i feel sick today
but i can't describe it
it's cloudy for some reason
i don't recognize it

i feel sick today
but tomorrow will be better
this just happens sometimes
i’m sure it won't be forever
Carolina Jan 15
Is going to be ok.
You are going to be ok.
I love you.
Light and Dark balance
Today's gift of these hours
At one with The All
Ejike Pius Jan 13
Just biting my tongue
So words will not slip out
Like rock thus
Water gush out
Like a drop of ocean
Upon a mankind

Just shutting my eyes
Wide open
So not to see that child
Cry as if in an oven
Haven seen heaven
We were given
Turned to **** driven

Just closing my ears
With candle's wax
So they won't ask with axe
If I heard the ululation
In the nation
Where lullabies in the days of yore
Is now lamentation for all.

Just crossing my hands
But I can't
'Cos even if I do my pen rants
Like a child who learnt a new
Rhyme, chant.
For that child who in the
Street cry

Even if we can't help,
Lets try
For the river down their cheek
Even if it is one, try
+234 8122245919
After a long day,
To have you in my arms,
To kiss your cheek,
To tell you I Love You,
It’s the best of Today
Thinking about my children, Diamond, Chikite and JackJack
enjoy your life
before it's time
to say goodbye

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
muna Jan 10
i have to admit
i'm pretty unimpressed
with life so far
don't ask me how today's going
i'm not even looking forward
to tomorrow
nothing new here..
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