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Isaac 16h
Today is all you have.
It starts again every day.
This reality the world you are given,
Here for you to play.
You are inside your body,
With this world all around you.
So don't let other bodies
Keep you from living how you want to.
Written 16 November 2018
Kalarav 1d
Time keeps moving forward,
But I am in the same place as yesterday.
Everything evolved in the span of two days,
But has my heart? Has my soul?

My mind is a time machine
Swinging between the past and the future.
When will it learn to live in the present?
When will I make the best of today?
Hopefully tomorrow
I got a package delivered to me at 12:00am
It's called Today
I opened it and
It's loaded with lots of new goodies
New motivation
New inspiration
New visions
New energy
New strategy
New beginning
New promises
New hopes
New strength
New ideas

Attached is a letter that reads:
These are goodies for Today
And not 2 days
Not yesterday and today
Not today and tomorrow
Take your package everywhere you go
And remember it expires 11:59PM today!
There is something about today, if not mixed with any other day!
tonight is our day
today fog around fog
tonight is our day
tonight is fog
fog and fog and fog and fog

what is fog and what is
and what is and what is and what
is the sun and landscape and landscape
and here is that landscape in white
that misty landscape is childhood

yes i know this childhood is for sure
exactly it i see him i saw him
this is not a dream this is not a dream
i am not sleeping all right
i don't sleep hey people i don't sleep live

I've never tasted death
better than today,
And I never want to taste it again
after today.
slr 6d
“I’m sad.”
“She gets more likes on Instagram than I do.”

“I’m happy.”
“I have a bed to sleep on.”

“I’m sad.”
“My parents won’t buy me a car.”

“I’m happy.”
“I have food today.”
Why not be content with today?
Haylin 7d
It's really sad to see this world today.
Filled with life miseries of homeless people everyday,
This world today, as I see it - full of hatred, love lost, drugs and so much more.
The saddest part of it all, the users and people are so unsure, their life so blur and eyes so closed all because of one little dose.
This world today, brings tears to my eyes that was once joy.
This world today, brings hatred to those; lost, unloved, unwanted and hidden in a cave.
The tunnel vision that's in ones mind, to see those suffer of pain intertwined.
So in this world today all we can do is pray that life can be better someday.
Latifah 7d
Love me the old fashioned way,
        sneak a midnight kiss before you go away...

write me letters and
        I'll meet you half way...

we'll dance under the rain
        and forget about yesterday...

for all we have is forever
        and forever is today...
sunny spring day
but on the dial is cold
here again was deception
and the evening longing pursued
chasing me

Today I lie here
***** and Numb
Waiting for you to be a blanket
That covers me up.
Wrap me up,
With your warmth
And I shall show you
How long I have
Craved for you.

Today I lie here,
***** and Numb
Waiting for you.
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