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Phia 5d
It is 6 AM
And the light of the morning
spilling through the cracks of the blinds
is a bittersweet reminder
that yet another day has passed
and I am still here.
I can't help but think
with each rising sun,
that maybe,
just maybe,
I will be okay.
This was the first thought that I had when I woke up this morning so it's a little rough
I woke early
Enough to meet the stars
Like diamonds in a mine
Or apples on a tree that never fall
They weren't there for me or you
They just are.
A man coughed
Walking up the sidewalk
In the dawn
As he passed by my house, startled me
While stargazing.
I am reminded
There is now,
then and there
I am reminded to let things flow
To Let things go
As the wave does
When encountering the ocean, disappearing into it.
What today is your humility looking to?
Renae Aug 22
She was an open book
He was illiterate
He kept trying to
slam her shut
She didn't know
how to deal with it
She tried to give
him a summary
he wasn't listening
She tried to make
It about him
he called her boring
Finally she turned
the page
and began to write
a new ending
David Hilburn Aug 17
Hello, anarchy
Which to fame, has us at a loss...
Speed and deliberate need
Come compare the such, much more than what was

Life in the shadow
Of couth, the tale to tell
In the reach of so, the only more
To well put sorts, give a hell...

The flight of fate, in a fanciful eye
Succor and the distinct, preparing a same
To rid a single now, of roles of reversal in line
With the cares of seclusion, a worldly name...

Made ours, for doubt or pout of adding avarice
Such as known, no man without his hap...
Making souls a redoubted glance, a have of what sides
Of reason meant, a dross made sensation, keeping only apt

Done with the total of seem and decision taxed
Here to aim, the solace of strength, at could
Whimsy in whether's esteem, the doles of wisdom's act
Is a child of avidity, come by you, with an eye for should...
Waiting on a sun's shadow, is like waiting on the ends of the earth...
Shofi Ahmed Feb 20
The moon amidst
the celebrations of stars
still in its proverbial stance
only the eye no fingers!

If there ever a moment of flower
let it be today the rose
in the tips of the fingers!
Zack Ripley Sep 2022
Today, I'm going to give you a chance
I never gave myself.
A chance to understand that you don't have to compare yourself to anyone else.
A chance to understand that you are enough, you've done enough, and you will do enough
to make your life worth living.
You may not feel like you deserve this chance. But you need it.
Leocardo Reis Sep 2022
The pale blue
that filters through
my closed curtains;
the sting of light
as it pries open
my eyelids,
one at a time;
today, i am alive.
snipes Aug 2022
foggy memories arise as the sun speaks

peace of mind falls as the moon winks

                                                 - ups and downs
                                                 a life of balances

                                                      ­                  …
Everyday now seems like Today
Glenn Currier Aug 2022
When I start to regret the past
I have to ask
what does that piece of me mean
is it something best forgot
or a lesson
that turns my dark to green
It might make my dust into stars.

I should not waste my scars.
I thank Archer ( for the idea for this poem with his poem, “Waiting Game (
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