I hope tomorrow is better than today. I hope the rain falls more calmly and the stars line up just right. I hope tomorrow love won’t knock me down once I get up again, I hope tomorrow I win the fight. Today I fell down because love pushed me over and crippled me, I was scared to rise again. The kitten embraced me like kittens do and I was able to face the day but, a presence loomed over me, reminding me of the darkness that forced me under the covers of my empty bed. The darkness that kept me tied down underneath the sheets, scared to see what the rest of the day held. I hope tomorrow I can wake up with fixed tea and strudels. I hope tomorrow the sun rises early in the am and the moon falls perfectly under the stars.
Today was a sad day but tomorrow will be just fine
Memories from a history I call yesterday
are not the reason why I feel so miserable today,
for my misery isn’t because of what I lost yesterday,
but for the history I’m not making today.
Written o January 17, 2016
Composition number: 541
Megan Apr 10
It could be the pot
or the sun
because it's hot

It could be the beer
or the wind
because it's loud in my ear

It could be the night
or the moon
because it's nature's right

That I feel this way
With you

and I don't care because
whatever we do
I'll be able to do whatever
with you
bored in love is a random collection of my own day to day thoughts on my own relationship
Sam 4d
|A sequel to 'Firefly days'|

Now it seems to me
that there's nothing I could be
if going back to past
is something I would dream.
I miss all those days
and forever it will stay
as memories in my head
to comfort me
in times of gray.
Today isn't just another day
this is a new day
to create a history
along with the mysteries
that leads me to a victory.
I should think of today.
Though I lost many
back that 'days',
I realized that things
do change
and forever will be.
Today I will work hard.
Today I won't be sad.
Today I'll ease the pain.
Today I'll do things right.
Today I will be change,
but still I will be me.
Today is a new start
to stroke the brush
and paint an art
This is the golden age
of living bright and free.
It's not wrong to reminice but, still, focus on the things in front of you. There you'll find bright ember.
Enzo 4d
we preach to ourselves that we could be better
when living in the current is all we do,
drowning in the sea of archetypal stereotypes, and the norm.
We're simplistic and boring,
never extraordinary just plain ordinary
life is getting duller by the moment; go drink alcohol
There are days,
I feel happy,
days I feel sad,
and days where I feel lonely.

However, today, I feel nothing.
It’s a strange feeling,
because is it really a feeling?
To feel nothing at all.

Perhaps it’s boredom.
Perhaps it’s not.

I could be feeling lonely or sad,
but I don’t relatively feel filled with sorrow
and I’m not dwelling on the
depressing thoughts of my world.

And I don’t feel bothered
by the fact that I am alone.
I am not craving the need for
human interaction at this moment.

There is a chance I could be
But to be content has a layer
of peace behind it.

I don’t feel peace.
There are many things
I am worried about
but for today
I feel none of those things.
Maybe today I don’t have to be anything.
Maybe today I don’t have to be dictated by an
No form to follow no thoughts to consume my mind.
Maybe my brain can be blank for a while.
Maybe I can just exist, and perhaps that can be enough…
for today.
My thoughts and feelings of today.  A very strange day. I felt like writing something and not be worried and concerned about how it looks or that everything is proper and that everything is lined up. Just letting my poem be and not be concerned with being anything else than what it is.
nim Jul 12
i had learnt that
a "today" has to be blurry,
filled with gray clouds, and painful,
so that your "tomorrow" can be bright;
happy, without worries,
full of hope and delight,
every day is "today"
and "tomorrow"
is always out of touch, out of reach,
painfully untouchable
because tomorrow is always
the next day, postponed,
as every joy turns into dark,
as every tomorrow becomes
a today.
Maxim Keyfman Jul 11
I looked in the mirror today
and again I saw the volcano
against the background of the ocean and farms

I looked in the mirror today
and again my eyes were yellow
on a strange bluish face

I looked in the mirror today
and again I saw myself
I saw a girl of future times

Wyatt Jul 11
I stiffen, I stumble,
I'm static, I'm humbled
and slowly I mumble
these words of defeat.
You're reading, I'm writing
of all of my findings.
I'm digging, I'm hurting.
Outcome, bittersweet.
The past is my mask,
and today is a blur for me.
That mask has molded me,
the future's grown murky.
In depths of despair,
I write out my affairs.
Devil thought he got me,
yet I've drained all my worry
onto the page in front of me.

I'm bitter, yet triggered
to reveal how I feel,
I'm the sender of mail
made out to you to no avail.
The girl that catches me
inside miles of magic
won't know how I'm feeling,
these words of mine are tragic.
I cannot grow wings
yet my words make me soar.
I've never had a voice,
yet the page hears me roar.
I've bled, I've fed into mistakes.
Hands write so fast I can't keep up it's pace.
That mask of my past no longer fits my face.

I hurt, yet I write to deal with that hurt.
Clutching to pens, for better or worse.
If I either merge with the clouds or go in reverse,
just know I was happy that you read these words.
It's a daily conflict and come to find out
that it's a daily that's also become my reward.
That word has multiple meanings to me,
I've always used my pen like it was my sword.
Yesterday was a day that I sold out to misery,
yet today is a day where I claim a victory.
I've come a long way. This is expression of that.
today the sea merged with the sky
and even stars and even stars
merged with the white sky

and the sea has gone and gone forward
and my soul sang and my soul sang
and the lights were singing in the sky
and the lights were singing in the sky

sea sea sea today was white
today everything was white
today everything was in perfect harmony

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