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Laokos 17h
if you think that you are
no better than your
current circumstances
then you are right

if you think that you are
better than your
current circumstances
then you are right

two keys
one locks your cage
one opens it

which one will
you use
MoonFlow Jun 11
Today,  I picked up flowers of life with glee

Tomorrow, the thorns of death shall pick me without any glee

Today I enjoyed the temporary pleasures of the world

Tomorrow, I shall dwell with the displeasures of death

The funeral ahead is declaring ‘O humans of this earth’
‘Follow my lead since I am your guide.’
Sayyidunā Abul-Ḥujjāj Šumālī رضي الله عنه narrates that the Holy Prophet صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم said, “When the dead person is laid into the grave, the grave says to him, “May you be destroyed! Why did you forget me? Didn’t you know that I am the home of troubles and darkness? Why did you use to walk on me arrogantly?” If the deceased is pious, a voice from the unseen says, “Oh grave! He is one of those who always spread goodness and prevented evil” The grave says, “If it is so, I will become a garden for him.” The body of the person then becomes Nūr and his soul goes towards the court of Allāĥ Almighty” (Musnad-e-Abī Ya’lā, Ḥadīš 6835, V6, P67, Dār-ul-Kutub-ul-‘Ilmiyyaĥ,
Melody Mann Jun 9
a stranger to all and family to few I stand before you,
unknown and masked in anonymity my pen speaks volumes my voice could never reach,
today I lift the veil and show you the woman hidden between the lines,
Andrew May 27
So little
is as perfect
as right now, and

so few things
are as wonderful
as it is

right now
Hamas terrorists let rockets rain on Israel

Israeli soldiers shattered Palestinian dreams with shrapnel

I learned that cancer killed, again! Shyra this time. RIP

Gray, rain, pouring down depressing large tears, non-stop! Just weather, or is it?

Bleak reality, Ina got diagnosed. Hello cancer my old fiend!

Pandemic work from home blues, lonely stares at screens, empty flat, inward screams, ahuman void.

The world would’ve been less brutal without your malevolence. I hope, you do better, tomorrow. I really do hope so!

Just now! News: it’s a boy, Tomme! Lungs inflated, first screams, first breath. Hope a tad elated.

Death and life, a full circle
Bad days come and go. Take life one day at a time. Sometimes bad days end good! So today was still a good bad day!
Today is the day
Guess I might as well write this
Happy Haiku Day
Go write your own haiku now
zz Apr 17
You paint
my soul
all the colours
of the rainbow
I'm feeling kinda sick today
I sneeze at the slightest breeze that comes my way
My face is all droopy like clay
I have to cover my mouth before the germs spray
I just can’t do me today
Grey Mar 30
No words
slip from my tongue.
No words
emerge from my fingertips
as they race across the keyboard.
No words
spill from my mind,
trace the recesses of my brain,
leave my lips with the taste of butterscotch.
I have traveled far and wide,
from one pole to the other
then so far west I'm back in the east,
but I still have no words.
No words
to describe this feeling,
the one at the back of my throat every time I speak,
the one tingling at my fingertips whenever I press them against the keys,
the ones zigzagging my mind from dawn to dusk and even after that.
No words
to describe the tightness of my chest,
whether from the way she tucks her hair behind her ear
or the weight of today on my shoulders.
The thoughts --
I chase them, but they always slip away
just as I can feel them in my grasp.
No words, no thoughts, no way
to finish this poem
not when it's ever-flowing, ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-there.
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