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on some days,
i want to bawl my heart out
and be surrounded by people

on some days,
i want to dissappear for a while
and don't talk to anyone.
and today,
i don't want to talk to anyone
I don't want a conversation
I want to be alone.
the ghost of love appeared today
today and unexpectedly he appeared
this ghost or more precisely not he but she
yes it was she who appeared girl
from nowhere and how it appeared is unclear
where and why I why I'm weird
then when I forgot and at all about love then
when I forgot and stopped dreaming about it
she appeared and only she began to loom
ghost ghost of love away somewhere in the fog
somewhere beyond the bridge somewhere
in the seas and in the light and moon
and again the thought of whether
she will run away from me or
she will still be with me or all the same we never
we will not meet and will never worry about leading
about the upcoming inspiration it
is unclear what will happen now and on

silently and silently the lanterns burned with their ordinary
ordinary light buzzed they and I just walked in
his usual dreams were in his dreams and in
his gloom was daily and more and more convinced
that what is material is our thoughts unnecessary thoughts
unimportant thoughts are not important thoughts first come out
outside in the light we create this light but for what purpose
i know for what but as usual I do not want this and at all
and I do not want to talk about it at all and I'm on the boat again
and where are my eyes looking really I see that fog
is it really not a dream really in my life
love breaks in love but for now only
ghost but it does not matter anyway it's the same thing

it wasn’t until the sun had set,
and the moon took over its shift,
and the morning came
that i remembered that:

yesterday kept many secrets
from me,
tomorrow makes promises
it can’t keep,
(yet still, i always find myself
giving it chances),
and today probably won’t
be any more trustworthy.
Karo 4d
I wanted to leave
but I couldn't find
the right time
or words to speak
to explain
so I ran away
JK 5d
A tomorrow for every today.
The present won't go away.
Memories fade in shades of grey,
But the future has a price to pay.
Renhui Sep 10
"Where is my poem today?"
You asked one summer night
   with smiling eyes a little mischievously,
"You sent me many lovely poems,
   but I did not receive any today."

I was startled,
And then laughed:
Oh, yes, oh!

Do you not see the misty moon
In the beautiful sky still slightly blue
Above the dancing willows?
That is your poem.

Do you not hear on this quiet canal road
Runners jog, lovers kiss,
And birds echo in cheerful tones?
That is your poem.

Do you not feel
In our walks and talks, songs and dances
That my heart sings when I am with you?
That is your poem.

Every morning you wake up at dawn,
    -- Inspired.
That is your poem.
Ivy Leigh Sep 14
You are not a cloud
but you dropped me
like rain. And you
give me shade,
but not from the sun.
Hide away all the blue
in my life and try to strike
me like lightning
when you're really just
throwing sticks. The stones
are for the thunder mouth
words thrown downhill
to roll bigger blunts for syphs
I'm not invited to.
If I get caught doing a rain dance
the clouds will come. They will
still come when I do my pain dance
because they don't know the difference.
"Uninspired, lazy, and neutral. " my classmates
anon Sep 11
long before the days of the netflix
streaming services
people either had cable
on demand
or got netflix dvds
like a mail order

but i grew up
with public television
the the public broadcast station
filled with stories
and shows
that wanted to teach
while entertaining

liberty kids taught me history
while cyberchase showed me
math can save the world
when it's important
arthur allowed children
to see that we all are equal
and we all can be friends
because everybody that you see
has an original point of view

and i say hey!
why have we abandoned
the important lessons
for the sake of entertainment

my little brother makes jokes
about logan paul
and exploiting
a suicide victim

my little brother told me
he wants to be the next
on abc

my little brother called me
a ho

when i was nine years old
like he is
i asked my mom
for extra television time
so i could tune into
fetch with ruff ruffman
at 3pm
and see science
in action

i begged for a game boy
not for madden17
i read by the light
of a little reading lamp
not with a blue glowing light
exuding from a new samsung tablet

i'm not saying technology
is bad
or that we should

i'm saying our children
our siblings
and maybe even our friends
are growing up screwed up

and we can change that
but we never do

i want to tell my children
dragon tales
dragon tales
not to turn off youtube before bed
i want children now
to learn before they even
enter a classroom
but i suspect that no one
will listen
or even stop
to care
Allesha Eman Sep 11
I was nervous for things that had yet to come
Constantly thinking about them
Shaping my thoughts and my prayers around them
The future had me caged in a timeless loop
Of overthinking and anxiety
Like a dark tunnel leading to the unknown
I had turned off the lights to my today  
And expected that I would see my  tomorrow somewhere in the blackness of yesterday
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