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I live in two worlds,

one in my head, a fantasy,
a world created by my words,
a get-away, an escape from reality,

another, the authentic actuality,
a stark contrast to my verses,
in disparity with the picture in my head,

of how it's supposed to be
I want to runaway
Escape your thoughts
Runaway to nowhere
To be nothing
& to just be
Every now and then
We feel the need to belong someplace
To belong to someone
But every once awhile
We just want to be
Unable to see people
Fully isolated from the possibilities to feel

In all honesty
It is so exhausting
To feel

... my dailythoughts
You don't have to go
But if you must,
Escape to a place
Where the cold winds blow,
A place of starry nights
And even better snow.
You are the contrast between the sun and its midday shadow
The quiet soul with the pulse of a deer caught in headlights
You carry your words in your throat, your thoughts in your heart
You feel like a wrecking ball waiting to be swung
But you are a reckless force, a mountain that never cries

You string the laughs of those closest to you to wear as bracelets in your worst of times
You dwell on the insignificant things because that’s where you divide
You are the east and the west meeting at a central line

You are here in the present surrounded by people
You tell stories and you listen, you laugh and you embrace
But your head is in the clouds somewhere far away
And you look towards the windows to remember who you are
You’re struggling to be present because you’re already somewhere far
Hannah 6d
Tell me.
Do you see the real me?
Can you read inside my mind?
Can you tell what I’m thinking all the time?
Do you know what it’s like to be trapped inside
With no way to escape?
I can try and try
But will give up
Losing my train of thought.
I’m lost again.
I need help.
My mind pushes me away and I’m too far gone
For any hope that I can be found.
I hide there waiting for a knight to rescue me,
To sweep me off my feet and take me back home.
But as I sit there,
And wait and wait and wait,
I realize there is no escape.
I'm trapped in this void until I get my thoughts back.
If ever.
Finally after waiting in the dark silence,
A sliver of light shines the way
As I hear it quietly say,
This is your way out.
A way to not be stuck in silence.
A way to get out and let your mind roam free.
Hiding here behind it all is how I used to live.
Yuchu May 22
The plague took away our spring
Warm sunshine and scent of buds
It split our intertwined roots and replaced them with the barriers made by chasm
The plague covered this dark night
Darker than the night is fear, hatred and arrogance
A little spark will be seen thousands of miles away
Extinguished by the tide of the crowd
People who carried their burning head had to extinguish these flames
Therefore the believers of them are lost again
Those who were suddenly shrouded in darkness, ran around, wanted to find the gap in the heavy curtain, or cover up their eyes, ears, nose and mouth
In the darkness, there is no light
Darkness spreads like raw oil carried by ocean currents
There is no way that the darkness has a border or escape
The way to fill the house was written in the fable* a long time ago
Someday ...
*In this fable, a master asked three apprentices to buy things to fill the house with very limited money. The first apprentice bought cotton, but can only fill 1/2 of the house. The second apprentice bought straw, but can only fill 2/3 of the house. The last apprentice bought a candle, and the light from the candle lit the whole house. So the correct answer is light
Eva May 22
Running away-
I don't worry which way is wrong
or which way is right.
I just want to escape.
I just want to run away and leave my problems elsewhere...
Mercedes May 20
I'm not asking you to promise
That you'll love me forever
Because I know things change
And people do too

All I'm asking
Is that if I ever cease to be your escape
from the rest of the world
If we ever become the storm
instead of the shelter
All I'm asking is that you
Be brave enough for the both of us
And say goodbye
Aidan May 20
It floods your veins
Filling your body with relief.
You can feel your muscles relaxing,
Your body can now take a break.
No more tensing,
just calm,

You soak up the words to their core.
Slowly becoming one.
Internalizing what they have to say.
They have struck something deep within.

It is the kind of feeling
you would want everyday,
a high to stay on in forever,
free from the thoughts and stress.
The chains of reality are momentarily severed.
It is the feeling
that you would never want to lose.
One that envelops you with warmth and comfort.

The words speak to you,
they promise hope for the future,
they promise things will be better.
They entice us and make us believe in what could be.
The words are motivation to continue on
The words are an outlet.
They hold a multitude of emotions,
they hold trials
The words are a reflection of what has happened.

Music invades the soul
capturing all that is found
and all that is lost.
Music allows a break from reality
it allows us the chance to be transported away
to be understood by others.
It is the binding agent for everyone,
whether it is acknowledged or not.

It's the shot of relief
to help us continue on.
Just a nice pouring of thoughts about how music affects me and maybe others. Who knows.
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