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Elle 2d
In the night,
Churned metal and motors
Give way to the corn -
Flies hum in the gloam,
- Their glowing bodies float high.
Thoughts swim through dark pools.
Eyes, wide at the unseen.
My fight, doused in doxepine,
Rides waves to dancing shores.
Fight or flight
They don't do it regularly
They do it occasionally
It's a different matter
Occasion comes regularly
They aren't habitual technically
They live life practically
Define terms, define laws
There always remain
Technical flaws
On technicalities
Law fails
They escape going to jail
K 7d
You gotta see things from another perspective in order to aprecciate what & who you have... to figure out what you want to do, where you want to live & who you wanna be with.

Don't ignore the eager to run away, to experiment, get lost, connect with people, explore places. Escape... Go!
Right now is the perfect time to do things that make you feel complete & joyful because these young years are the best to do so. To choose the life you want to live.

I don't want my life to pass me by without having the chance to actually living it.
It's a scary thought to leave, but it's even scarier to stay in the exact same place where you are no longer happy.

Right now it's hard for me to imagine living another life different than it is now, because it's been like this for 9 years now, but I can't help to have this feeling of me not fitting here anymore, at least not for now.
I want to leave so I can take distance from everyone & everything, so I can see if this is the life I want to be living or it's the life I suddenly found myself living but not choosing.
Don't worry, don't rush into leaving, when you're ready you'll feel it in every bone.

This moment right here is where there's nothing and no one holding me back... it's just me waking up.
Snipes 7d
One day
I’m gonna have to
Open up a door
To a bright light
Or a dark escape
I’m gonna have to
Walk through
One day
Wake up too
A door
Ready for
What’s afterwards
One day
I’m gonna have to
What’s afterlife
FC Azaele May 8
White walls
Does anybody see them too?
Locked in
as I am in my head
no way of escape
no way of death

White walls...
No single mark, No mess
It's so bright
perhaps for me,
this is death
Royce May 4
A Firefly is set with his heart on the heavens,
As he pushes on, with a straight face,
Barely able to see through his tiny fogged-out goggles.

He’s dead set on escaping the earth’s atmosphere,
He speeds up about to reach the clouds,
A fighter plane soars close by,
Nearly ruining it all,
He makes it through the rain clouds,
And has a few lightning bolts hurled at him,
But the clouds are now far behind him.

He is burning up, little singed wings,
And after the intense fight, and beautiful endurance,
He does it!
With the taste of black empty space in his little mouth,
And a violent earth behind him,
He knows not to look back.
He’s on his way,
And onwards he goes,
Closer and closer to the sun…
emzy Apr 29
he started as a means to escape
but now
I can't seem to escape from him
ʜAᴋAɱ Apr 27
Is it easy to escape from reality?
That why your hoping someone
Will save you from depths of well.
I saw many things that people dont
Why must I suffer from it?
When the only choice for me
Is to leave and take what ahead of me.
Easy for me to say that but when doing it... nvm.. :))
Robert Watson Apr 27
I long for solitude;
the day's barking tyrants
drained my reservoir.

Thirsty for life,
I search for my oasis
on life's arid expanses.

I witness the crucifixion;
I watch firefighters burn books;
I can't resist the sirens' call.

The ionizing words mutate me;
I read, and I'm pierced.
The tyrant's visage, shattered.
Try to spot the allusions!
My Dear Poet Apr 27
I want to hide in
someone else’s house
sleep in the retreat room
and be myself
wear a slipper
drink a cup of tea
lie back in their chair
and watch TV

I want to hide
in someone else’s house
spray some cologne
and be myself
look at photographs
forget about me
leave the noise outside
browse the library

I want to hide
in someone else’s house
deeper in the forest
and be myself
lost in their walls
as far as can be
maybe up in the attic
alone but free

I want to hide
In someone else’s house
look through the rooms
and find myself
if only I could
try find a key
for my own house
won’t house me

I want to hide
in someone else’s house
not be a Jesus,
just be myself
just another piece missing
like missing socks
still finding peace
being Goldilocks
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