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SGP Jan 29
The world likes to bring you down
The people around you drag you to the ground.
How can someone so happy crumble
They don't like you, want to see you under.

What can I do to change this solem state,
The funk I'm in is not easy to break.
I can see the light shine bright through the window above me, far from reach and its there to taunt me.

A thousand words want to scape me but I have no chance or break, I can barely free myself.

Prison cell I'm in.
If you could feel, would you be happy I'm here?

Messy mind is a messy state,
I want to break free of your chains.

if i could just
find the trick
to remembering
that i was right
               all along
for a change
that i am willing
to sit through this
suffering discomfort
and awkwardness
repeatedly and
of my own volition
must be a testament
to something
i am just not clear
whether it should
be taken as a positive
         or negative
it might show courage
could merely be folly
a sign of resilience perhaps
or remnants of my naivety
it could be inspirational
belief in oneself or
simply a case of conceit
let's be honest
it could be any of those
or it could be none
yet more than likely
i am overthinking
everything again
Francis Oct 2023
What does it matter?
These thoughts,
Are merely passers-by,
In this life of uncertainty.

No thought goes unforgotten,
So why do I think so much?
Arsala Aug 2023
Indecision dances in the mind's embrace,
A tangled web of choices to chase.
Between the paths, uncertain we sway,
Seeking clarity to light our way.
Noah Kernan Jun 2023

close the door.
headlights too.
it's dark at this time of year.
to think, that to live is to be lost.
north, east,
orientation is confident;
with a destination, bold.

roads are busy.
other drivers, bold themselves.
to go and stop.
those stopped are not those going;
a permutation of an uncertainty,
decision one of a thousand.

a left at the light means The Waiting Game,
a test of patience.
enough to pander one's position on a map.
relative to home, not very far.
a few minutes,
the answer.

the eternal search for an answer,
emulated and abstracted in a metal box,
the pilots so sure of their actions.
they're sinking so far in to the game now that
their origin's memory is too obscure,
to see the irony is to think too much.

open the door.
tired hands and feet inherit a mission--
next objective, in this much time.
a stone path is a suggestion,
it'll do.
who is to argue with the ground underfoot?
skilled men though they found the answer on their search
and were so kind as to lead the next.
wrong as they were, it's the thought that counts.

of course the mistake is made in kind,
a pilot's success and the search complete.
a sigh.
and the resigned optimism that perhaps instead
a bit of reconnaissance is enough for now.
maybe to find oneself here is success.
would they buy that?

relative to home, not very close.
a more abstract train-of-thought-type piece. not super crazy about it, but i liked the style
Ash Jun 2023
in my dreams, I fall upon the altar
time and time again, the dagger
piercing my heart, for you to witness me
M Jun 2023
i'm still in love; despite the occasional madness,
i am in love. even if time opens a cavern beneath
our feet and spreads us thin, i know it'd be best
i try to jump to your side and stagger to cheat

but if fate wills i fall off the edge,
ill face the ground with a sincerity of heart;
not that id resign seeing u again,
but ill wait...

maybe one day ill find a rope
i could climb to see you one more time.
if college comes and drives a wedge between us
ill try to find you and take u back...

(only if u still want to love me again)
She Writes May 2023
Whispers of doubt and regret
Ring in my ears, a deafening duet

With every passing moment, they grow louder still
A cacophony of chaos; thoughts continue to spill

I try to drown them out, scrolling, music, T.V.
Yet they persist, keeping me constant company

I try to reason with them, to find some reprieve
They are stubborn and unyielding, just won't leave
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