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Ach, my amygdala
agglomerates ridiculousness,
a ****** laden froth
of other possibilities and lives
and loves, loves
and mitigated losses
to address the hurt
Lunar 4d
Why do good things turn bad
Or were they bad from the start
Or are they always good and it’s the lens of life that changes
How does one define good or bad
It’s all in perspective is it not
But sometimes it is black and white
Does it rot like an apple
Or does it enhance like wine
Maybe it does depend on time
For time is the key in revealing hidden secrets
Where white starts to darken and black starts to fade
If that is true
Then let time slow… cause I’m not ready to change
overthinking for so long,
Love & I shared the same air
Laying right next to me
Holding on to me
Long after the sunrise
Beyond the moment the sunsets
But the life of pride
Would never let us coincide
Love is hell
Overthinking love will leave you lonely in all aspects..
Ryan May 8
don’t understand

it’s not something i do
i’m not living in the moment or
i refuse to attend to practical matters

i spiral
because in
every moment of
every day
my mind is
seeing and
feeling and
the biggest struggles
and smallest victories
of everyone around me

years of hard work
dreams come true
my brain is a sponge
in the ocean wave of life

look around
the world is a whirlpool
of infinite possibilities and
of infinite reasons
to sit and think for awhile

it’s only natural
to be pulled
No voice
No sound
No choice
No ground
No tears
No sorrow
No fears
No tomorrow
No sight
No colour
No fright
No bother
No pain
No cries
No chain
No lies
Your brain,
The overthinker,
The catastrophist,
The evil tinker,
The Satanist,
The mood sinker,
The pessimist,
The tempter,
The terrorist,
The conspirator,
The misguider,
The obsessor,
The thought diver,
Is what hurts you most.
Martin Boško Apr 30
Here we go again
A familiar road to madness
Becoming insane
Path paved with anxiety and sadness
Worthlessness is a familiar state
Self-hate common practice
I look forward to the day
When my mood turns one eighty on its axis
Martin Boško Apr 29
Tired and numb
Falling through space and time
Limbo, despair
Life’s cruel, it’s evil, not fair
Ocean of sadness and loneliness
Suffered through, for occasional islands of happiness
Visas there are only temporary
Permanent citizenship is only imaginary
Misery is the default state of life
Eased only by love, best weapon against your mind's strife
Martin Boško Apr 29
It's curious
How a small stream of thoughts
Uninvited, unprovoked
Changes into a fast pace river
That erodes happiness, causes quiver
And in a blink of an eye, unnoticed, unforeseen
Manages to drown you, changing into sea
Cold and cruel is my own mind
Were it not within me, it would leave me behind
But since it still needs me in order to survive
It just waterboards me, breaks me, and makes me stay alive
Martin Boško Apr 28
It is night, the Sun no longer protects from the overthinking abyss
And my mind unleashes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Plague of Locusts in Egypt, rivers declared to be overflown
Just because my mind feels sad and alone
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