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Amanda 6d
I am holding onto something
I'm scared it isn't real
Is this an illusion?
Is it what you really feel?

I know it is wishful thinking
Wishes don't come true
Every time you're on my mind
I hope I am on yours too

I am waiting for your attitude to change
Wondering when it will end
The moment heart finally breaks
Allowing it to start to mend

Labyrinths have me trapped
In each feeling you raise
Searching but I still can't find
My way out of this maze
You ah-maze me...
ChrisE Feb 14
Have you ever noticed the patterns on the brain resemble a maze
once you try to delve too deep into someone's temporal lobe you can easily be led astray,
misled if you wonder too far up an unfamiliar path
sometimes it's not worth trying to understand their amygdala
but often sometimes you meander hopefully and eventually get past the labyrinth which is their emotions
encountering a true understanding of an individual in the core of the maze
this I desire more than riches
Silver Feb 7
try to find your way when

the voices are far
and the fog is near.

try not to get lost when

the eyes burn
the tongue dries
the ears fall away and
the heart falls apart.

like two lips that lose their
words and choose to breathe instead,
to pacify the aches in the head.

but most important is what you find beneath the haze.

the art
of the maze.
time is passing slow but the hours go fast
We splashed colors on the blank walls
And made funny faces at each other.
With my little steps and
Yours which were bigger,
We ran around the little house
And made me a hero at 5 years old.
I miss that little house,
When we were still close
And only four walls surrounded us.
Now there are more halls and walls,
A maze too tiring to figure out
And you and I were lost at both ends,
No longer chasing each other,
But too busy in our own lives.

I miss you, mama.
But, I hope your new four walls
With your new little prince
Would have a better ending
Than you and I.
As impulsive_thoughts, I posted this on Mirakee last year. I think I'll be posting more of my earlier poems here just so I can share it to a different audience
It comes and goes
When it stops
I'll never know
Living in this life
Its all quite a maze
Going here maybe there
Quite confusing
Time doesn't stop
So you really never know
When or how
So as you grow
Your dreams may not be
Only now can you guess
Live it now let it go
Don't reach to far
Keep it real feel it breath it
It's all just a maze
So as you go
Remember you never know
© Jennifer Delong 1/2019
Lilywhite Jan 19
irreprehensible state
becomes constrained
and ridden with angst
incomprehensible dealings
with endless halls
and no ceilings
drowned out
by the sound
of silence
I cannot speak
for one must look within
to find their peace
faced with fate
brain overload
we detonate-
forever yielding
and there;
never revealing,
it remains
lying in wait
within the maze
to take us back
from whence we came
July 26, 2011

mushroom meddling
Skyler Jan 6
I spent many days and many nights
Lost, in a labyrinth of lights
A dance in the eternal twilight
Never saw something so bright

A flash, before the night
Seeded with desire
And wrought with color and fire

In it countless sweet simple things
So obvious and plainly seen
When I was eighteen

Something faint in the sky
Catches the inquisitive eye
Watching it struggle up there so high
Reminds me to say goodbye

Now I've spent many days and many nights
Lost, somewhere I'm not yet aware
Still, a flower here or there
An answer to my empty prayer

Even after all this time,
I find those familiar lights
Haunting me in the nights
And torturing me with forgotten delights

Just for a moment
I see them in puddles of water
A flash in the reflection
Or is it just my shoddy recollection?
Hidden under all that lukewarm affection?

Entombed a part of me seems to be
In the depths of the colorful tones
Buried under far too many stones
And something else's bones

Spent so much time looking into those lights
They've been burnt into my eyes
Got me addicted to those old highs
The ones full of lies

Even still after all this time,
I find myself wanting to be,
Lost Again,
In a labyrinth of lights
YY Dec 2018
They don't know you like I know,
Precariously balanced life taking its toll.
Don't be a Theseus, I'm not an Ariadne,
No threads to pull in our mazes, madly.

Its not a puzzle, we made our sacrifices,
No battles here to fight, no throwing dices.
You can never pretend to love or hate,
Nor can you hide your anger or elate.

There is no riddle, no evil lion-sphinx,
You're not an Oedipus, who's journey above links.
The problems you are running from - just face it.
I hate to know that I need you - embrace it.
Sean Achilleos Dec 2018
For years I turned right
For years I turned left
Believing it would bring me some form of happiness
Perhaps the lack of Love in my life caused me to do so
However I soon discovered that turning only in one direction
Left me moving in a circle
Thus was my cycle ... Thus was my life
Going round and round like a Ferris wheel
In ways I guess it kept me sane
In practice it wasted a lot of time ... Precious time
And so my soul had to be dragged through the dark woods
Lost in a maze
A whirlpool called life
A gloomy forest filled with hungry wolves
The only way out was to try all exits ... Break the pattern
To turn in all directions
From afar I could see a light
This light reflected ... As light usually does
But this light also attracted
I focused on it ... Progressed to where it was coming from
I was not afraid
I ignored the growling sounds of wolves trying to close in on me
Gnashing their teeth as if they could already ******* blood
I soldiered on towards the light
Finally I had reached the open door
I stepped into the light as if it had been waiting for me
Then I turned to see from whence I had come
But the ocean water had washed my footprints away
I was standing on a sandy shore
Children playing in the golden sand ... Building sandcastles
People sunbathing ... Sapphire blue waters
In the air the distinct smell of coconut
A mirror in the sky reflecting my life story
I was able to edit it ... pause and delete
Cut out the bad parts
But then I realised that without them my journey would've been incomplete
Written by Sean Achilleos 21 December 2018©
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Ankita Gupta Nov 2018
Let them run, wild in the fields

Your thoughts, they need to breath

They have been captivated

Captivated long in the maze

Of lost love and future that seem astray

Let them go to a place they know

Where they find solace

But don't loose sight, they tend to wander

Go to the places they still fonder

Guide them to come back to a place so safe

Green fields and everything but maze
Thinking about the thoughts
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