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Ellesora Rue Sep 13
green hedges tower over,
grey stone boxes in.
there is no way back home:
this is the price of sin.
we are all lost in the maze of life
all around us are the sounds of strife
I am lost in the maze of events
Blazing trails to find no ends
Looking towards her spirit for guidance
Brilliance appears on the horizon
Leave it to Providence in silence
I'm trying to trick my brain to be happy
Although it is hard to face reality,
Carrying remorse and guilt from my past
It's stopping me in my tracks to run away fast,
But everyone is running away from their paths sought
The only question is for what?

I'm trying to lie down and take a break,
But there's always this urge to stay awake,
Just trying to give my heart a rest
From this unfair pain in my chest
Used to think I was clever
Are we going to do this dance forever?

I want to run the clock back to the good old days,
When I was carefree and outside the maze
Here I feel stuck with my feelings,
Does this prison have no ceiling?
Maybe the time I stop lying to myself,
Is when I finally start trying for myself.
Words just wander
In my mind
But all the pieces
Hard to find

What are they?
And where do they
come to go?
Like missing pieces
of a puzzle
I’ll never know
Ashley Rowan Sep 6
Your face is like a labyrinth

I could get lost in it
Lyn-Purcell Aug 12

Sleeps with skein in hand
Wined promise upon her lips
Threads hold up labyrinths

New day, new haiku!
This one is for Ariadnê, the Cretan Princess who is heavily associated with Labyrinths. She is also seen as a goddess to some to!
This haiku alludes to Theseus and the Minotaur to which Ariadnê is included in. She supposedly fell for Theseus and helped him to slay the Minotaur and they eloped but he left her. There are many variants of why, her being in a relationship with Dionysus (lover and in some his wife also) or that he was bored of her.
Even so, this haiku does hint to the Minotaur with the first and last line (threads have also become her symbol also) and Dionysus with the second line. The second line also hints her natural seduction also which I imagine Theseus and Dionysus found her to be too!
Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
IMCQ Jul 5
Take of the fruit that thrives here.
Sleep soundly in the sycamore's shade.
In time, what you've enjoyed will replenish.

Open to all.
My garden.

You may find my spiral staircase;
But do not wander beneath my Eden.
No trove exists to entice you.

Twisted alloys sprawl from floor to ceiling.
Life choked out from within its passages.
Shrapnel covered pathways and barbed footholds.

A price of iron.
My soul.

You breathe light into pallid tunnels.
Padlocks crumble under your touch.
Pave your own path through my body.

An empty auditorium, walls ascending into the void.
Center stage, a single flower encased in a ray of light.
Scentless, white, sepals of stainless steel.

It's yours now.
My heart.
It's hard not to love you when you've ignored my every obstacle.
Now take it and leave.
LRF Jun 28
I eek out meaning
where I want it
twist your tongue into
the shape of words
you didn’t know
you wanted to say.

Then, you ask,
how we got
to the centre of the maze,
our footsteps covered
with pine needles
and no breadcrumbs
to lead us back out
of the dense hedges.

We would not be
in the dark
if you had not
left spaces
where meaning
got lost.
June 2020
Jenish Jun 24
With timid steps and a trembling heart
I walked through verdant barren paths.
Toward a rusty gate it took my feet
Into a garden of roses among the weeds.
Carmine flowers, dripping in blood
Wrung my heart in pain of fear.
They caught me from every side
With their lithe and sharp thorny fingers.
Raveled in clutches of copious wines
Turning and twisting I struggled to escape.
Evening shades pirouetting ghosts
Trapped in light tracing fiery faces.
Pouring perspiration pooled my feet
Shedding grappling thoughts I decided to run.
Back to the sinuous path,
Away from the puzzle of life,
Till I reached the black bricked wall,
Beyond it I lost my memories,
Maze of mind closing behind me.
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