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Isn’t it funny how
Earth, forged from the universe
Will die by our hands?
don't you find it funny
how desperate we are to feel?
— what a great story!
(i cried eleven times)
chloe Jun 9
It seems I can only write about love.
Which is weird because I am completely alone.
There is no one in the world who I want to hug
And not a single person, place, or thing I can call home.

Maybe it's that I am writing for someone else?
A stranger who needs to read loving words.
I think I write for everyone but myself.
I can’t pretend that being this lonely doesn’t hurt.

I think this is irony, but I am not sure.
My life feels pitiful and stupid.
There is not much more I can endure.
Perhaps love is just not something for which I am suited.

Alas, I will continue to write.
Because it is the only thing I can do.
My silly little poems give me life.
Even though reading my beautiful words make me blue.
(Before Covid 19)

I distance you
Because I hate you!

(After Covid 19)

I distance you
Because I love you!
After hearing the advise if you are caring for fellow citizens too distance yourself from them
Michelle Apr 23
Fact is stranger than fiction.
Quentin sits for days trying to think of a plot,
As dazed and twisted as his.
And should the Tiger King take Quentin under his wing,
I am sure that Quentin's mouth will be searching for teeth.
(but then again, don't you think Quentin is a tad bit
Benevolent monarch, with peasants made of fur.
Boldy he strays upon a kingdom never his.
And the peasants,
They have no choice
Have no voice,
Nothing but the strength to look the Tiger King's
Advisor in the eye
as they say
And good old Carole Baskin watches.
From a pedestal of brie and champagne:
Money money money! Shower it.
Just not on the tigers.
No money for the peasants.
No money for the ******.
Michelle Apr 22
She held out her arm,
To be poked by the robot.
"Tell me my symptoms my symptoms
My heartache,
My pain-
Tell me that put together
They all make sense."
The robot gave but a quizzical glare.
A dead stare through emotion so dense.
It analyzed the data,
The beep boop menagerie.
"You're human."
Was all the robot could see.
Doctor, doctor! Tell me it is not so.
Why is my heart in tact,
When it is so broken?
basil Feb 29
i'm doing
for me


i don't need
to know
that i am


i am capable
of deciding
i want

i don't need you to give me validation. right?
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
i am sure you are tense
i can feel it
should i say
you have my heart
that is why i know
what you are feeling
i just wish
your heart is with mine
coz i could assume
but never consume
this feelings
this being
we were once in those state
why can't it go back this late
hey mate
can you be my playmate
is this a date
let's call it
a night

Shallow Nov 2019
If you'd have told me that I'd fall
I wouldn't have believed you
But now I lie here on the ground
Staring at my untied shoe
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