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anotherdream Nov 2022
You said not to fall apart
And yet here we are
You went on to neglect me
When our troubles became hard

You said I couldn't see
What you imagined us to be
Fully awake but you're still asleep
Always dreaming instead of accepting me

I admired you from afar
With my own kind of art
I guess I'm a painter after all
But my work was mine and never ours

And then you found it was always me
That I was all you'd ever need
Guess you finally came around
To acknowledge I'm a human being

But love, I'm gonna accept you
Like the way you accepted me
Hoping that the flaws I see
Will eventually come to be
The end of you.

The irony of it all is that she broke her own rules
spacewtchhh Aug 2022
Ironic as it seems:
I know someone unfaithful
longing for real love.
Sabika Mar 2022
A cloudy sky is a terrifying one.

See it’s subtle ripples
Through the brisk autumn wind.
See how close they come to suffocate,
As they trap the light within.
Ebb and flow,
They shrink and grow,
Patched, attached, detached,
A cloudy sky is terrifying.

See the colours dull.
Everything washed over with a grey hue.
Don’t get me wrong,
I still find it beautiful.

Heads are lowered and humbled.
Travellers move faster with direction.
Chats are shortened.
Thinking “get out of the way of a rainy day.”
Like a cloudy sky is an affliction,
Strengthening the addiction to the sun.
A cloudy sky is a terrifying one.
pilgrims Nov 2021
The petals are already wilting
Is their stay really so short?
What irony twists is whim
but such is life
there is no end to a rim
The hoops of my own eyes mirrors that of reality itself
also that of my own sanity
Is it sanity that makes me seek infernal truth?
Is it a different sanity that makes others blind?
Is it insanity which seeks eternal youth?
Is it insane to wish
of seeing petals in perfection
one last time?
Reposting this because I've decided again that it's important to me and worth having on my profile ;P
mica Jan 2021
thanks for letting me know you won't feel the same, it made me more inspired to write about you. how ironic.
Nat Jan 2021
Said I was sheltered
Then showed me some real ****** up ****
I could never forget
You left a mark
In the worst way
Like an earthquake
You shook me up
Opened my eyes
To all the lies
Opened the door
To all that was hidden
I should have never seen
Knew me the best
And still did what you did
No respect
For me
**** hit differently
After seeing it so vividly
And I can’t deny  
Thought **** wasn’t fair to me
But now I see it so clearly
Tunnel vision
The bigger picture appeared to me
Something bigger
I’m meant to be

Isn’t it funny how
Earth, forged from the universe
Will die by our hands?
Faron Hymn Yang Aug 2020
don't you find it funny
how desperate we are to feel?
— what a great story!
(i cried eleven times)
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