kate 5d

i used a safety pin
to rip my skin apart
which is kinda ironic
for safety pins are
suppose to
hold things

mjad Dec 2

"You know what's funny?"
--this phrase indicates that no humor lies ahead,

"He said he would die for me. . .
and now he wishes I was dead."

are the new sarcastics
but they are not informed
that as long as they
throw ironic phrases,
Poets already made them
as a topic for poem
with all figure of speech.

Random thoughts.

She cheated on me
With a guy that
Could speak Russian
Then he left her broken hearted

The lady I am falling
In love with
Is Russian
My heart once again repaired

It’s strange how an American that spoke Russian ended my last relationship and my girlfriend now is from Russia

What makes a good poem?
Is it the rhythm? The structure? The carefully placed similes like dog treats and the restricted use of rhetorical questions?
If that's the case,
I think I failed the test.
Oh please! Don't leave! Let me try this again!

(A cough to clear the throat)

When one writes iambic pentameter
Doth that make his good prose the worthier then?


If I write a witty couplet in a rhyme
Does that make this utter shit more worth your time?

Have I got the tempo right?
I need an exclamatory tone!
Rhyming feels better somehow
But it doesn't make trombone.

My jittery jilted stream-of-consciousness different-line-length punctuation-less word-vomit onto a page-
Pause for breath-
Can never match the likes of Donne or Keats;
But I've bled my soul and fire onto this page
And surely, that is worth more than conceits?

This is my attempt at humour. Apologies. The title is a play on 'A Good Friday, 1613, riding Westward', a poem by John Donne, who I was studying at the time. This was prompted by reading all the great poets and realising that, technically, I will never be as 'good' as them. But I like to think that art isn't quantifiable, and that so long as you write with truth and emotion, you'll create something beautiful.
Lady Grey Sep 25

I've had this crush on my best friend in my class for years
Years and years and i never told her
Why you ask?
Well, i laugh
It’s because she doesn’t like girls

The problems of being bi

they aren't always

it's grey
like the rain
going over
your head.

at other times,
it's complete
like the difficulties
of life.

how ironic it is,
that bitterness
can make it

Peter Balkus Sep 14

Waiting for war,
not wanting it,
but knowing
that it will happen one day.
Having no choice, but waiting,
not loving the war,
Watching news,
where men in suits
and shitting themselves,
not knowing what to do
to stop the war.
You can't stop the war, can you?
It's like a hurricane,
happens from time to time,
all you can do is chill,
and wait.

I'm waiting
for the bad news from out there,
I'm waiting for bombs in the air,
not because I love it,
I totally hate it,
I detest it,
and forbade it,
but it doesn't matter what I say,
I'm too small to play this game,
so I chill,
I'm not Winston fucking Churchill.

Oh silly Kim,
he'll be having fun
watching sinking Japan,
and America,
what they gonna do, man?
Will they shut the fat guy down,
before he shuts down everyone else?
while you're resting
and wanking, I'll wank
watching as Japan gets sank,
not because I love it,
but because I can't stop it,
I can only spill it,
and then quickly mop it.

I can do nothing
to save the world,
not a single thing,
I can write poetry,
be new Pete Doherty,
but it won't stop the war.
I can call them cunts and shout
at my tv screen,
but I can't stop it, I wish,
so I chill,
I pray to satellite dish
for more news, bad news on war,
not because I adore war,
no, I abhore and I am a man of peace,
but it doesn't matter, if I'm on my knees,
or if I'm on my sofa, manspreading,
waiting for the bad news, I'm more than ready,
so bring it on,
Kim and Don,
it's gonna be huge, lol.

You can't avoid the future,

JAC Aug 27

Every time I feel close to you,
I feel like running away,
which is exhaustingly ironic
because every time I run away,
you try to get closer.

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