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And so they asked' bruh
What is love?
And then I said... thus...
Love is an unexplainable trago-chemical curse ******
into your heart leading to a kinda shock
That neither ABC nor CPR can resolve
But instead of dying... you hearts keeps fighting
And instead of crying... your eyes keeps igniting
with lights that's almost blinding
See, what I'm implying....
Is though love strucks like lightening,  it still feels exciting

Pretence, judge, privacy, remorse
Nah, love is far from stuff like such
Love is the brother of loyalty and trust
The great grandpa of affection and lust
Who happens to be the uncle of honesty and Wisdom
And right next to the wall of love
Lives  heartbreak and hurt
Even though they're not related by blood
The same boundary engulfed their hut 🏠

But see, even at detriment of abuse and insult
And when the whole world connive
to bring love distress and strive
True love thrives and survives
All the tempo of life
True love is the upgrade of Love and Like
Yea, I said love and like cos they're alike

Love is immortal; it never dies
Love don't give up; it don't say goodbye
And even if it gets weak; it play back the golden times

Love  attracts enmity; unlike water 💧
But like Leonidas and em 300 Spartans; love don't falter
Yea, love slaughter; any obstacles that tryna taunt her
to Moses and Samson in the bible; Love is stronger
Even box to box; Tyson Fury wouldn't last a quarter

Love don't lie, love don't hide
Love ain't fly, but it touch the sky
Love don't cry; love don't deny
Love don't oblige to picking side
Love don't die; love survive
Love don't sly when bad time arise
Love ain't man; but its arm is open wide
Like clouds up in the sky, love dont lack supply

Love is philanthropic; love don't deal in hate
White or black; love won't discriminate
If you're rich, and I'm not; love won't disintegrate
Love will share with you every grain in its plate
Love is transparent; no tricky games
Love don't give space for hate to lay
Love don't hibernate; it's brain is wide awake
Love don't stray from the right-filled way

Love forgives, love don't seek revenge
Love repent wholeheartedly; love don't pretend
Love don't hold grudges; yea, love dont resent
And when its blood boils hot; it clicks reset
Loyalty and honesty is what love do pledge
Love is trust; love don't set cunning tests
Love believes; it don't need evidence
God is what Love represents
the lake bed
was uneven
a mosaic
of large rocks
and dancing
under foot
with each
shuffled step
an interchange
of unreliable shallows
and inconsistent depths
he wasn't
particularly keen
only willing
to venture in
up to his chest
to advance
if he couldn't
plant paws
on soil
   or stone
not even
the lure of food
was enough
to tempt him;
though he wanted
his treat
a reward
   for his bravery
the murky water
   the unknown
   the unfamiliar
   the unexpected
was just
too much
My Dear Poet Jul 30
You can reach for the moon
Because heaven makes steps
of the stars

You can reach for the sun
Because heaven makes a cradle
of the clouds

You can reach for the sky
Because heaven makes a friend
out of me
Would the answers be fulfilling
to the questions of the feeling?
Will it stay a while, or just come & go,
for i’m never truly alone, but will i ever know?
Suppose it’s not for me, i don’t actually exist;
a piece of a story, a drop in the mist.
If there isn’t a beginning and isn’t an end,
what could be worth a feeling on an endless bend?
Could a picture be created with just one color?
If not for the dark and the light, what wouldn’t be similar?
Suppose sad is necessary, not scary,
and to fuse this with happiness all will marry.
If all is to come must equal what goes,
who is “I” to question the ways of the flows?
For the rain may come and a tree may fall,
the rivers could flood and the sprouts could stall,
as a speckle of time it comes as unjust,
but as one with the light, dark, and dust we must trust.
Ave Maria Jul 29
Caution is wise.. try not to be so surprised
Fiends disguised as followers, as companions
The bitter taste of open treachery as the finale
One working on the harsh words and the violent blow, the others standing by, silent as to leave no alibi
Yet of course they are just as responsible
Turning away with smiles after leaving the slash
This was in the working for some time
The naked truth when told will rip away loyalty at any expense
One of the most important laws of life is to beware, for trust can be near fatal
And these wrongdoers shall return to watch again and again, to laugh and to gossip
Hoping, with eager ears and eyes that the slash is still fresh and ever present
The secret but evident instigator dropping hints of utter despise without confrontation
Well, I suppose it is only natural to wish upon ripping off the fingers and the tongues of each one of them
To be the one who laughs last as the scar slowly fades with time
While the snakes in the grass are left with nothing but bitter thoughts, unable to speak or type a single one
Enlighten me, what could possibly be better than that?
Glass confessions
Fragile honesty
Entrusted to your
Choking squeeze
Bursting glass candor
Insulated confetti asphyxiation
Defiant Resistance
Mis-paced and misplaced jealously took every midnight confession or moment of deeply persoal sharing and twisted it, squeezed it until it shattered. Then when it was most convenient you slung those pieces as weapons while I was left choking on the glass dust particles of pulverized trust.

You underestimated the power of my lungs.
Kelly Mistry Jul 11
Trust breaking

With a bang of sound
Shards exploding in all directions

Or with slow corrosion
One drip at a time

Until it finally

Trust is the framework
Upon which we build

Everyday things like
Pick up when I call
Do it if I ask

Extraordinary things like
Travel great distances just to be near you
Even when nothing can be done
Be with you as you bear the weight of your pain
To share the load

How do we mend the breach
When trust is broken

I know there are ways
Methods to span the distance
Rebuild the framework
Patch the hole
To start again

But ignoring its existence
Pretending all is as it was before

The boom
Or the drip

Leaves a bad taste in the mouth
Questions in the mind
Shaky ground on which to stand

Will I have to span this distance alone?
Pretend the ground is solid
When there’s nothing but air

That kind of pretense only lasts so long
Before strength gives out
The truth is revealed
And we are both left free falling
                                                                                      through space
Litha Blue Jul 9
Rivers of velvet sadness
Stream through my veins at night
The heaviness of the flesh
and of my mind crippling blind
I'm crippling blind
My eyes wide open
Gradually turning black

The feeling before syncope.
Litha Blue Jul 9
There I was
I stood in the
Eternal Graveyard
Discarded melodies Long forgotten
Thought forms that could have been
Scattered across miles half buried
Broken bones
I wish this place
Was never born
in the face
But I said I'd keep going
Let this be
The time I come closest
I can't bare to see it
Happen again
Heidi Franke Jul 3
The Illness

You spend exponentially
All services of every cell in your body
For years
To keep an ill one alive

Possible prolonged moments of happiness and hope
trickle in
Between the hospitalizations

Your spending is what you find out
He doesn’t trust.

What one finds out
Is ones unprepared-ness
My son wants to claim his life
For himself, to which could be his end or not.

Like the breaking egg, beak first
Or sunlight cracking through trees
Where light comes out and gives birth
With uneven decisions
Will I live?
And what IS living with a chronic diease like?

What he believes is not that he doesn’t trust you,
He just wants to trust himself.
What other choice in the insanity defense is there
That would be as human, then giving freedom of choice to him.
Illness Trust Paranoia
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