What defines a family?
Is it the blood that we share?
Is it the love that we've been taught?
Is it the similarities in our skin and hair?
When you were born, you were taught that family is everything...
But what happens when family breaks your heart?
What happens when family tears your entire foundation apart?
And then pretends like it never existed?
Growing up you were told love your family because that's all you have...
What happens when that same family turns their backs?
What happens when family assaults you?
Touches you inappropriately?
What happens when they all turn to you and say you are crazy?
We were TAUGHT that family is the foundation of life but they never TAUGHT us that sometimes family just isn't right...
You follow blindly without questioning
You take the pain and you move on
You grow older & you learn
You knew they were wrong
But instead of speaking up
You keep moving along
The cycle continues
Generational wedges are placed
But who will stand up and say it to their face?
Out with old and in with the new
Your job was to protect ME
& What did you do?
You decided to protect the family
Thinking these walls won't fall
But the foundation is corrupted
So it's time to let go
This house has been flooded
We can start from scratch
Family should listen
Family should learn
Family should protect each other
Even from their own..
Can we rebuild family?
Can we recreate unconditional love?
Can we stop pretending that bad doesn't happen?
Because it most definitely does...
What defines a family?
I seem to have lost it
Somewhere between disappointment and down right exhausted...

It is easy to get over someone

If you never seen them.

The hard thing to do, is to be able to look them in the eye

And say to yourself,

“This is not what I want anymore”

I’m not
KC 10h

I don't trust you anymore
You've broken that for me
You only know how to take and lie
You've shattered everything

The pieces will surround us
To broken to be fixed
You'll be left to wonder
"How could I do this?"

You'll be left to choke
On all of your mistakes
How do you cope
With the weight of all your hate

I'll never understand
Why you would betray
A true and loyal friend
I guess that's why you're fake

You don't know how to care
Or how to truly love
One day, when you're left all alone
You'll really know what you've done

MfP 1d

The silence that lies between us
Echos louder
As I try to adjust
To this deafening noise
I get ready to leave for now this Love has turned sour
No more zest
No more desire
No more passion
But I beat at your chest begging you to want me
Hoping I can bust
You out of this darkness
That is now infatuated your every being
As your blank eyes stair into mine
You speak words over me
The words that used to mean much now are empty
Why must I plea
To have this Love that once seeped through the knitting of our skins
Now gone dry
For now I know it’s too late
Farewell my love
This was all but fate

January fills us with hope after gluttonous end of year,
Those of promises
A new body
A brighter brain
A better personality
A person who isn't really who we built ourselves to be..
And those cracks appear the ones where
Your body's not quite summer ready
Your brains not quite accident protected and the person you promised your self to be in January quickly falls apart at the seems.
We make the same mistakes
Shed those same tears for fears we thought we'd forget..

January feels us with hope,
The person you are is good enough,
The body you are in is perfect
And the person you want to be shouldn't matter..

You are enough,
To fall head over heels in love
To find a person you never could of imagined quite existed as if they were made by the missing parts of you simply just made for.
To spend night after night chasing the starts with them,
To sit and watch the sun rise and birds cherp and find the innermost beauty in the things you took most for granted.
Because all the stars you the simply couldn't keep you from one day being totally, truly and immersively happy...

Because we were enough


No matter what you do for him

He will never feel the same as you

Something I need to realize
linhp 2d

love knows no flaw
nor imperfection
love sees you
perfectly beautiful
dressed in gracefulness
even at the worst of times
love teaches you
that to love is to let go
and say "thank you"
for the memories
love always asks
to give more than you receive
because love knows
what you deserve best
so love
and trust love.

LNI 3d

Never trust an uninvited body
Lulled to sleep by rage songs.
Waiting is desire
Yearning is surrendering


You keep leaving me lonely ...
Keep leaving me broken ...
Leaving me open ...
Got me caught up in so many emotions .. I thought I was the one you had chosen.
Maybe, it wasnt me for you ... But it was always YOU for me.
Some things are meant to be, why do you fight it !? Said you don't know how to love, but you never even tried it.
Broken promises is all you knew.. Let me show you something new. Baby, all I want is YOU.

Jessy 4d

I have trust issues
So if I confide in you
Please take me seriously
And understand
This is a big step for me

I have anxiety
And I’m embarrassed about it
So if I have a anxiety or panic attack
In front of you
Please don’t make fun of me

I have depression
So if I look down or sad
And you ask me if I’m okay
Please realize I will just say I’m fine
Even if I’m not

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