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If I saw you again, I wouldn’t care about things that were so petty, like whose plates and cutlery lay idle in the sink...who didn’t take out the *******...who forgot to water the plants, or who forgot to do this or that.

The only sounds I hear now are our splintered voices down the phone. Every night. They grow. They break. They hover, they drift ever-so, and they try to fade. But somehow, they are always there. Lingering. Over and over again.

And as I look out at the morning’s rusty dream of dawn, a thin film of moisture condensing on the windscreen, I pause.

It isn’t the first time I’ve tried to take a film noir journey through my subconscious.

It isn’t the first time I’ve tried to pull moments and memories together to make some utter sense of what’s happening. My thoughts seem to always unravel themselves. And I struggle with them. They don’t effortlessly slot together anymore.

I often think to myself: isn't it funny how our impression of time changes? God, reflecting back on a fading memory now seems livelier than life itself.

Now I sit here, thinking all these sad and strange thoughts – that everything – time, work, effort, money, affection – are moments that will, one day, crumble and fade – that they won’t be there forever in the physical world.

Because everything we had once cherished with such love, I still remember. Still.
ang kaakit-akit
**** bating-
ang siyang wagas
na nagdala ng madamdaming
mga katanungan
mula sa iyong puso patungo
sa iyong kasintahan,
gamit ang ibabaw ng
mga matikas na alon...
walang pasubali na ipinahayag mo
ang iyong pangmatagalang
paglalarawan sa marami,
bagaman ang mundo
ng magkabilang dako
ay pansamatalang natutulog na
... ang kagandahan niyon
ay mananatiling gising pa rin.
Dahil siya ang natatangi **** daigdig
at ikaw nga ang makulay niyang pag-ibig!
At mula sa iyong napakalambing na pagsisimula
Mayroong "kayo" na magsasalo sa magdamag
habang heto si Ako...mananatili ring tapat
at gaya niya na di nakakalimot sa akin!
Kaya naman sa iyo aking mahal,
Malayo ka man sa akin ngayon,
lagi pa rin namang merong "tayo"
Maulap man ang papawirin
Ating babagtasin
ang araw at sinag nito
hanggang sa isang kabilogan
na lang ng buwan
ang aking pananabikan at bibilangin ko!
Sa pagsapit niyon
matamis na katahimikan
ang siya nating mabubuo!
tanging sa ating pagniniig
nang may buong kasabikan
ang mga himig na maririnig!
mula sa simula hanggang
sa ang wakas ay magsilbing hudyat
na sa langit nating inaasam
ay magigisnan ang malakidlat
na tilamsik ng ating pagsusuyuan
Di-kapara ng naunang magsing-irog
mula sa bukana ng talon ay nahulog
at kapwa bumitaw sa ere sa gitna ng kulog
pero tayo...Hindi tayo sa patibong matutulog!
patutunayan nating Hindi tayo
ang tipong mauuwi sa TaLiwaS
dahil sa katunayan nga mahal ko
sa pamagat pa lang binungad ko na ang SiLaw aT
labo na nananahan sa pagitan ng tukso
at ng bahay na inaakala nilang
panghabang-buhay na tahanan!
Transferring my feelings
of longingness
from formal norm
into a tagalog love-poetry
You told me the other day that I should wait for my turn,
my turn to be in your position and understand your role.
but since I was younger and started opening eyes, I already knew what I want and what I don't want. I am sure not to be like 'you'.

You told me I was just being 'impetuous' in the way I talk,
but I say I just know exactly what I mean.
I saw you from her and her to you,
that why I despise being like the both of you, not now, not ever.

But I know regret is part of life, yet I refuse to have it...
so, if ever I'll be a 'MaterMatriarch' inevitably...
I choose to be discrete, discrete from the process you both followed.
I have lived for 17 years in your house and soon I'll find my home.

I mean no offense to those who knew what I mean by my poetry, but to understand the difference is to be different. We all knew and experienced what we want and what we hate, we saw how the world works. Not every one is the same, but similar things are inevitable, yet the works are in our hands, the choice is in our minds, the miracles are his to grant. As humans we are stuck in the reality of life, but we live everyday so let us fight. to everyone stand up and fight for what you think is right!!! (the title is my own, a word merged to create a new one)
I did
My happiness
I gave
He was
Ran away fast
Leaving me
Trust your words
It makes a big sence.

Trust your creativity
It can take you to a great height.

Trust your work
It can create a history.

Trust yourself you can do everything, because nothing is impossible
if anything is hard ,
but not impossible,
is to explain your brain,
that everything is possible.
If you trust yourself then only you can achieve success ,so first trust yourself
Zan 5d
"What is trust?"
Trust is assurance
Trust is sureness
"What does that mean?"
Its faithfulness
Some one who has access
"Is it good?"
It can be good
It has the likelihood
"Is it bad?"
It can be bad
Its really sad
"Why do I need trust?"
When you trust
You become more focused
When you trust
You adjust
"How do I trust?"
Be vulnerable
Be comfortable
Be expressive
Be progressive
"I can try..."
That's all you need
You can succeed
"Can I trust you?"
Of course <3
Its hard to trust. Ik it is, I have trouble trusting too. I am here for you if you want someone you can trust.
Aquila 6d
I am on to bigger
and better
and she will stay in
       and one day it will burn.
and I won't care
"First of all I wrote this to remind myself in the future, but then realized I should share it:> so that those people who might feel the same would know that they're not alone. Take your time to read it and please no hate, the world should always be beautiful, agree? also, to let people know that being one doesn't mean being alone. enjoy for I have taken up a lot of time to gain courage to post it on public:>>"...

Hey, you must be the future me...or just probably the aged me.
Do you remember this day? one of your good friend's day.
The day you had an open eye about the pyramids of humans.
The denial is there but fear not for it is what you call 'normal'.

You saw how people tend to change for someone, change is fine.
But when I say change... you're having a flashback right now...
again, when I say change it should be always for the better because if not... it's not change, it is just the old world and the old thing you have there. Change is something that builds you not to destroy you, agree? I'm sure you do...because you're still the old you.

The old you that believes in changes, that fights for it. That defends the people that change for the better and despise those who not. The old you who holds the past so dearly yet so ready to let go of the broken memories, because the old you only trust him to make everything beautiful again.

if not, then forgive me for I have change...

Whatever you have realized today won't change its past, but surely made a better future and a better you. For I know you have realized that have one is enough and she's still with you, am I right? those people who made you feel like you were less, don't shout nor be furious...let your success scream for you, let it fight for you, let it be your freedom, but let him finish all the battles. No one nor nothing can top the faith when it comes to your trust in him, that's why promise yourself, me, that when 99.9% of you changes...let the 0.1%  be your faith! for you know he won't let you go!

The pain, the feelings and thoughts you have there...don't be upset because bare a little more and happiness will set.

What I really mean by this note...
you felt like your too different from the others, right?
yet you defended by saying "I know and I've accepted it for a very long time now". Yes, you do accept, yet you feel like you've been trap for a very long time and accepting the fact that they're up there made you free. that's all I mean. Let it go, being cautious is fine, but guilt for the wrong thing can ****. you bared since 7th to 11th, just...just let it go...focus on greater things and wholesome realities.

If they're not like you, always remember you are not like them.
If you can't be with them, be with the people who makes you feel enough. No dramas here, being emotional isn't my thing. Pardon me, if I sounded too dramatic nor emotional...I was just being realistic about life. life isn't life without those, right? K, no more explanation about that, cause the one besides you knows what you mean.

All I wanted to say was be happy for you have lived, be grateful for you have felt, be satisfied for you were blessed. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!
To all the ones who feels like they're so different from the people around them;
DON'T BE!!! REMEBER UNIQUE IS GOOD!!! you have what I don't, I have what you don't... but still, we both have what we have and we should learn to be grateful for that.

let it go!!! let go of the things that holds you back and hides the real you. Let go of the people who makes you feel less and grab on tight to the ones who made you feel like you are more than enough. Remember you know you.

HBD to you mah friend, thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me to feel this today. I will surely do everything to make it, you guys know what you want and that's what I mean by 'make it'.

God bless you all!!!
~Being grateful with small things is better than being ungracious with the big ones.~

Hwuating!!! 01002002020012052AM
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