kgl 13h
if your body is a temple then i am my safe house
but even the safest places can be seduced by a flame
and every time you touch me, you set my world ablaze
I found this on my notes from June 29th - I'd obviously woken up and written it while I was semi-asleep because I have no recollection of it and the timestamp on the note is 03:42. Thought it could live here for a while.
Aa Harvey 17h
Things that = I love you

Everything you do for me = I love you.
Everything you did for us two = I love you.
Everything you would have done = I love you.
Everything you are yet to do = I love you

Every thought that is on my mind = I love you.
Everything I am yet to find out I like = I love you.
Every sense that draws us together = I love you.
Every second we spend with each other = I love you.

I love you, do you love me?
I love you, do you want to be mine?
I love you, could you love this?
I’ll love you until the end of time.

All of this, is to show - I love you.
All I ever did, was to prove – I love you.
All I could ever want is for you to say – I love you.
All I dream about every day, is the day you say – I love you.

I love you, what do you love?
I love you, who do you love?
I love you, who do you trust?
I love you, because in you I can place my trust.

If you love me, then I love you.
If you hate me, then I love you.
If you say you will never speak to me ever again!
I will reply – I love you.

Go away! = I love you.
Come here = I love you.
My girlfriend = I love you.
My everything = I love you.

My love – I love you.
My love is telling me that – I love you.
My love wants me to show – I love you.
My love I want you to know – I love you too.

All I do is to show how much – I love you.
All I want is to prove to you – I love you.
Everyone who has read this poem – I love you.
Everyone I have ever known, or never met – I love you.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 18h
Falling in love

In love with you was never easy;
I fell for you and landed flat on my face.

We fall and became undone, lacking in trust;
Love echoes inside each and every one of us.
We try to believe, but life takes it out of us,
Because love is killed, once you have broken that trust.

I’ve got high hopes of leaving you forever;
High hopes of moving on without you.
High hopes I had, when we first got together.
No hope is all I have now thanks to you.

Take a pill to numb the pain;
Every day is never/always the same.
Teach me how to feel again;
So I can hear you when you call my name.

My love and I want to die;
We used to believe, until we cried.
Now all we believe is too many times,
We have had to say goodbye.

(C)2015 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Wyatt 1d
What I would give
to have somebody
who I could trust
with catching me
as I fall,
but at the same time
it feels unfair
to expect this
out of the ones
we’re supposed to love.
Should we trust in the fall
or fall in the trust
of one another?
Illusion is as real
as a moment in hand.
Time passes, intangible.
Illusion is cast

by illusionists.

Are we clear?
Oh yes,
every window
is clean.

Pork chops, ephemeral
in a market's world,
otherwise in wilderness,
form shrinking circles:

cull or be culled.

Are we clear, here?
Oh yes, loud and
crystal clear.

Are we clear?
Oh yes,
every window
is clean.

Allow, then, this question in turn:
-- never mind. Of an offer
of trust, an offer of truth beneath a crust,
you demanded Heaven.

I have no question.
do I dare depend on you?
in honesty it scares me.
how can I bare to trust
when I myself am a liar.
Should I start by saying
I call myself a tranny?
Not all the time, but when I feel.
I'll be damned if I'll
lie down and beautify
my language.

I am, without a doubt,
harming our political cause
-- but, I am too human,
and there are phrases yet to yell.
I am human first.

Am I a 1/1 token
you'll sacrifice
to an enemy's sweeper?
Am I a 1/1 token
you'll sacrifice
to the loop of an outlet?

Should I start by saying,
I have noticed some women
and some men don't even
understand a basic piece
of my foundation?
Bottom line: I barely
produce testosterone,
and I'm fucking full
of estrogen.

So, bitch, how do you picture
my emotional output?
How do you picture my
emotional output?

I'm unimpressed.
And who am I,
but some stupid tranny?

If I'm really nothing to you,
why do you have such a hard time
pretending, every day, I don't exist?

Amber 3d
there is no us anymore
i wish i could go back to the times
that us existed
but without u
us won’t exist
and without me
us will be broken
all smashed to million pieces
picking up those pieces
stitching them back
to the right places
hoping that they won’t leave a scar
hoping that it would look the same
hoping that u would come back
I been hurtin for a squirtin, intense,
from a passionate fucker
possessing intent, directly meant
for pleasure over pain,
keeping in mind, mind over matter,
they're one in the same.
I been travelin with a party of thieves,
learnin my designation
may be more of a disembodied hand
hovering, pulling the string.
Spandex wearin body behind the scene,
black as the shadow,
sad as the rainbow
using dithering.
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