Down from the mountain
as tablets

A relic older than the grail

Precious and guarded
as holy

Somewhat and somehow
a fail

When did It happen
I can't say

Will it ever be right?

Stone, paper, and/or gold
drinkin blood and eating body

Of Christ

Are we so horribly broken
so miserably been mislead

We can't tell for ourselves
right from wrong

Words spoken by god
passed to man

Miswritten and maybe
I don't know about you, but the last thing in the world I will ever trust is the word of a holy man, who says god told him anything :/

Hmmm, I'm understanding why this is trending, and I must apologize, the title was not meant to make people grasp at the straw of godliness, but to question why man is a likely receiver, of anything divine.
That they wouldn't pollute with greed avarice and self-serving messages.
Is it a spiritual disease? allowing you to feed, building unease.
Is it a trauma bond? That has gone along too long, ignoring the facts in the way you act.
Is it a syndrome continuing on? That you made feel peaks, that snapped me down to be a weak drained well.
Is it a delusion and an illusion? That by emotions and sympathies, that I can't set fully free in disbelief.
Is it a blindness of the moments of kindness? After the past tarring down, inside rationality warning me to leave. The reckless side wanting to see.
It is that I'm prime, an easily weakened mind?
As once I love I give myself unconditionally, deluding myself of transparency and believe profusely.
Is it stupid to repeat? After elusive actions that disallowed the rise of the brighten insides. Which in past plummeted me to a disgusting shadow, screaming for reprieve.
A right to breathe, the fear to illuminate or show my tears.

The question is can I trust?
Conflicted sides making my mind go a ride, searching for what is right.

Copyright 2018
Abigail Sheard
She told you
Cause she trusted you

She told you
Cause you're someone worth

She told you
Cause she thought you care

She told you
Cause you're her friend
16/06/18 - yes, she thought you were trusted

Trust to me is nine tenths of love;
So if you want me to love you, then have to earn my trust.

If you are good enough for me and I can make you complete;
Then maybe you and I shall become like Romeo and Juliet…

Should have been, living together in harmony
And fit together as one, like a perfected rubix cube
And happily remain, as two halves of one love.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
There’s something out there

There’s something out there, that I can’t find,
Or even knew I’d left behind.
There’s something out there, I can’t see,
Or ever knew had looked at me.

There’s something out there, for you and I,
So please don’t push this boy away.
There’s something out there, for you and I,
But what it is we just can’t say.
There’s something out there, before our eyes,
But we cannot see for our eyes are blind.

There’s something out there, there’s something out there,
There’s something out there, for us to find.
There’s something out there, there’s something out there,
There’s something out there, but we’re still blind.

There’s something right here, I wished to show you,
There’s something right here, I wished you to see.
There’s something right here, I wished I’d told you,
Open your eyes and see if you like the look of me.

There’s something out there, there’s something out there,
There’s something out there, for each of us.
There’s something out there, there’s something out there,
There’s something out there, if we are able to trust.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sometimes, I am down,  afraid yet you push me forward,
and I thought you were forcing me.
You were not forcing me, at least not for the wrong reason.
It's not that you didn't love me, you love me, and you were doing that because you want me to trust you and believe.
Thank you for telling me that.
That you love me.
And in all that you do, you would ever hurt me without reason.
That you won't hurt me for the wrong reasons.
Thank you.
Let me grow, and bloom when the time has come,
when the season comes.
Regan 3d
If you talk to me
I probably started
Trusting too easily.

My loneliness thrives
Off of you
Your attention perhaps.

I started trusting
Too easily
From just a few words.

I guess
My lack of true friends,
Makes me trust others fast.

I guess I’m just
Lonely and
My tears roll onto my soft sheets and I’m to the point that I just watch them fall.
she taught me
with respect,
not fear.
she taught me with examples,
not yelling.
she taught me with kindness,
not fights.
And I love her for that.
You rather be hated than loved
so that's what you'll get.
Do you realize the tension
during our car drives?
Do you realize the umconfortable silence?
And the avoiding eye contact?
That doesn't happen with her,
you know?
We're not frightened to tell her stuff
to ask for love,
to trust her,
'cause she never gave us a reason
to doubt her.
You always do.
Without noticing
you're building up walls and walls
and now we're so far
I can't even hear your madness.
If I had never met you
I’m beginning to believe my
life would be better.

Yes, don’t get me wrong
you have been with me through bad weather.

But the few storms that you and I have braved
is not enough for me to continue walking this hellish road
that you have paved.
- I love you.  I do.  I just, unfortunately, cannot be with you.
How thin must Cassius be
For Caesar to not trust?
He had good reason not to for
A dagger he did thrust.

But intentions unbeknownst to he
Just eyes a gossamer frame.
With an ambitious hunger
To keep crown from being proclaimed.
For in the Tiber Caesar did flounder
As if he were the archaic Anchises.
A yelp for help for Gaius Cassius
To save him from this crisis.

And he as Aeneas,their great ancestor
Lifted that mortal Julius upon his shoulder.
Waded through the angry flood
And dropped him down like a boulder.

How could you not trust
A man that saved your life?
Doing something so careless
Maybe deserves the ambitious knife.

Et tu, plebeian?
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