Kit 30m
Still my mind,
Because it refuses to believe
I am
zeebee 5h
i haven't
felt like this
in a while.

letting my hair down,
feeling its softness.
doodling tiny feathered wings,
feeling the pen pull at
the skin of my forearm.
(three little hearts and a rose, too
when i think of you.)

i feel innocent again.
i forgot what it felt like.
i feel like the mistakes i've made
are in the past,
because you don't even know i've
made them.

my soul, the core of me,
is fluttering its wings
(the little wings
i drew on my arm)
and it feels-
i do not know how else to describe it.
it doesn't feel small in the fact that
it could be easily trampled;
but small in that fact that
you could cup your warm, steady hands
around the bird that lives in my
and remind me that everything's okay
because i trust you.
The Poetess

I need a Poetess to steal my heart,
In the depths of the dark night air,
That carries her cries, near and far…
I see before me,
An angel of my forever heart.

Her words shall guide me towards her heart
And in the depths of the dark,
I shall let her take my huge heart.

For I have no need of it to live, when I am with her.
She keeps me alive, with her Heavenly words.
Words of trust and promises of faithfulness;
These are the charms of The Poetess.

For she could be trusted to speak from the soul.
I could once more stupidly believe her promises to never go.
So I write you a poem from the bottom of my soul;
You words are worth loving;
My Magnanimous Noun.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
How do I dare trust
Without getting love sick again
How do I dare lust
Without getting my heart broken  

I don't know if I can do it
Be as trusting and caring
Not knowing if our love is a trick
My heart is still repairing
Enjoy hopefully
I remember,
A precious hours, minutes and seconds
I remember,
A tender talk

Since the day
I first saw you
I feel reflection of my mom
Silent, kind and sensible

The same day,
I wished for togetherness.
Genre: Love
Theme: Truth never dies.
Nyx 16h
I can't trust you anymore
I won't deny my feelings on that
But I know I might be overreacting
I know I'm acting a little bit like a brat

But I can't help but take this hard
I feel completely and utterly betrayed
Because I thought that maybe this time i could trust you
Maybe this time I wouldn't get played

Its happened so many times
You've stabbed me in the back
But each time I forgive you
And each time I get the backlash

You want me to trust you
You want me to tell you everything
But this is exactly why I dont
Because with drama you bring

I've noticed that all my problems started with you
The ones that really hurt me at least
Because in my head I've noticed this recurring pattern
That without involving you in things, my issues decrease

I've reach a point where enough is enough
A simple apology wont cut it this time
I don't want to get hurt again
Is that really such a crime?

My breaking point for this
Wasn't even the worst thing you've done
You forget that I'm the one
Thats aline with the gun

So cut me and stab me
Beat me till I'm blue
Each wound that i've received
Isn't in clear view

Maybe its my fault
For never uttering a word
Pretending that each time
That I wasn't at all hurt

I'm sorry in a way
That its gotten to this point
And the fact you will never see it
From my viewpoint
After all this time with you
My trust is finally broken
And in all honesty, I don't think its ever coming back
The greatest minds have repeatedly said
The matters of the heart are delicate & bare
So I looked & I looked, for the magical potion
Everytime a glimmer of hope shows, I think in slow motion

Wondering what this person would mean to me
Overthinking if I should just shut my brain & let it be
“Let’s see where it goes” if it goes, it never does
Let’s just have fun instead, ignore any real bonding or trust
I keep her inside the heart of my thought
Whatever I think, I first think of her
Whatever I do, I first think of her

I started to follow her
my peace resides there
she is inside me, that much

I stopped,
Unfollowed her, in my consciousness
To wish her grow in her personal space
Feeling, she may want this

Then, I was nobody
But my love holds the same

If this is not love,
I lost my faith on it
Because of  _

I don’t mention
Because I will,
love you,
Genre: Love
Theme: Then she happened.
zeebee 1d
i've been taught
that i can't trust the
people i should be able to trust most.
so i stopped trusting others.
and started closing myself off.

i wonder,
what is the ratio
of tears i've cried silently
(sobs i've suppressed into my pillow
gasping breaths that hurt my chest
hiccups, undoing the fibers of my lungs
wheezes, like those of a drowning child
all so silent.
i can't let anyone hear.)
to tears other people have seen.

what is the formula
i need to learn
to both protect myself
and keep myself from ruin?

because, surely
if i let others
see me at my most vulnerable
then i will expose my soft heart
and my fragile bones.

because, surely
if i do not let others
see the pain i carry
then eventually i will fold
under its weight.

what is the mathematical constant?
is there anything that stays the same?
is there anything that i can cling to?

i've become so afraid
of showing anyone anything
that no longer are my darkest fears secret.
now everything i am is.
everything i love is a deeply-kept secret.
even passing interests
are never spoken of
unless i am absolutely sure
they can't be used against me.

i've been taught
that the very words i speak
the thoughts i formulate;
they don't matter.
my opinions
come second to everyone else's.

i would ask you to trust me
and take this poem as something meaningful
but i've been taught
that trust will kill you
and my words are insignificant.
i'll always listen to you rant after a long day

i won't share any details of that night out

i'll always have room in my life for you and your son

i won't tell your boyfriend about that kiss

i'll sprinkle your ashes over the river and in the ocean breeze

i won't talk about your addiction

our hiding spot will remain hidden

i'll marry you

pinky promise
what you speak in whispers
is safe with me
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