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Insha 3d
you ask me if I talk to god
because he is important to you
and I reply saying I do
but not in the way you think

I speak to god when I’m all alone
crying and screaming and
even though no sound may come out he hears me
he understands what I am saying to him without me having to say a word
because he is always there listening and loving

just like I’ll be for you
Before meeting you I have
Hope for the future
Trust from the people
and love of the unknown

But after you left I have
Taste the emptiness of despair
Doubt the words of the people
And fear of the unknown
The way he looks at me
I melt on the inside
He holds me
Not caring about my flaws
These stretch marks
My ***** hair
Flabby stomach
He grabs it all
And tells me
"You ain't gotta worry, woman"
"I'm not going nowhere"
The sweet soul of him
The toughness in his hands
The gentleness of his heart
He works hard
He comes home
He still treats like the first time
We met
Bright eyes
Pearly white smile
And goofy *** attitude
Makes me feel like a Queen
And he's my King
He's enough
And he tells me I'm worth it
He's my King.
Our Love
Has been forged
From the hottest hardships
From the strongest materials
Of faith, trust, hope, and joy
We are now
The strongest item
That no sword can pierce
No ram can batter
Come what may
Our love forged
Will stand strong
Each day I am with you, you remind me why I am.
I used to get in my own way, questioning if things needed to change, needing to control every little thing.
But at some point there I took a breath, relaxed a bit, and dove in head first. Thank goodness I did.
Fabiana Oct 7
trust me,
i know how it feels like
to carry the world in your heart
to carry your heart on your sleeve
to give your sleeve to a stranger’s arm
just for it to be taken away
trust me,
i have a world shaped heart and the world is my heart
banks . till now
It has been so long since I’ve admired someone from afar
You seem to give me hope for my likeness of black men
From the smooth texture of your complexion
Down to the toughness of your strength
You seem to fill my every thought even when I’m asleep
It has been so long since I’ve met someone like you
You see me, but do you really see me?
Would it be rude if I told you I admire you?
Would you know I am talking to you?
Would you know I like you?

It has been so long since I’ve admired someone from afar
You seem to make me happy by just your presence
The things I would tell you
If you gave me a moment

Of your time
Patience with love is so hard.
i tell myself i'm independent and strong and made of metal
but the minute somebody comes into my life and holds me
the minute arms press against a heavy hearted chest
the second lips kiss a tired body
iron turns into honey
and they
the bee
midnight cuddles are no joke
Why does the water salty
While you are bitter
Yet those lips are tasty
a facade I want to remember.
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