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You want me to stand face to face,
Look deep into your eyes,
Expose to you the inside
Of my heart and mind,
Show the depth of my love,
The intensity
And truthfulness of my feelings,
All for you.
If I were blind,
And you knew
That I loved you as much as I do now,
You would not have searched my eyes,
You would have been my eyes,
You would have guided me to your heart
To stay.
Abby 1d
The first time i met you i told you "Everyone is the same"
"Everyone leave"
You seems a little angry, you told me your not like everyone else, i stayed and conutine wandering around ur arms, you really prove my words wrong.

I've never cry infront of anyone but

I've never see someone did so much for someone

never ever see someone being upset because of me.

But time pass by, its getting colder and colder

I guess you had enough of me
And you left like how everyone did

I really trusted you, i thought you would stay forever, i guess I was too relax, i put all my trust on you and get hurt so badly.
Exhaustion creeps in and the fog settles down.
It is time for sleep, but never rest.
The moment you close your eyes in peace.
That is the moment you get hurt by those you trust the most.
Chris 4d
I don't trust you anymore
I'd have to lock you up In a f cage.. Weld the door shut..

Give you water to drink & give you food to eat...
Blanket box Covered sheet

So I could know that you'd be your only temptation..
******* And **** disease...

**** must start somewhere...
But you will stay locked up
For my mind to be free...

Tried deceit
Tried trust
Both failed
Trailed off n left us...

Tried death
Tried ****
One came back with vengeance
The other came back laughing...
It's not over yet...

I'll come home everyday
To lift your shielding cover
I'll reach my loving ,trusting hand In To show you I still love her...
This piece came from that moment of the tip top " peak " of one trusting another...
unwavering guarantee
once found
nothing last forever
crash n burn
leather is no match
inevitable skin burn
relentless search
easier finding a creature
trench in the ocean abyss
without a flashlight
if you’re lucky enough
to find someone loyal
cherish the preciousness
hold it tight
grab that hand
don’t let it go
all the same
holding on to hopes
emergency cord
plunging parachute
one love
a cold night
with hundreds of stars
there we were
trying to count the stars
trying to find what's inside
trying to understand
what is this feeling in our heart.

the acoustic guitar that you always play
the sound of the piano that lingers in my heart
the warmth of our hugs
the memories in our heart
we were clueless
we were dumb
but the love felt so real
felt so calm.

we were too young
too innocent
and too serious until everything messed up
the glass in our hand shattered
it dropped hard to the ground
it left us with scars in our hand
the story that we made didn't end with happiness
neither it ended with angriness
but it ended with laughter
because we were just a child
just a kid trying to find what is love.
There is a tempest inside of me,
Everything I touch turns to rust.
You run, feet kicking up the dust
I can't see you no more, nada trust.

A neverending thirst for dopamine,
listen to my heart, it's still beating,
It pumps crimson blood, I can't stop living.
I can't stop the needle, I just keep giving in.

My whole being ripples and aches, it does.
Diversifying thoughts, my body still wants you
My mind keeps wandering, how is this really true?
I feel like a part of the ocean, taking up its hue.

It's hunting season, pick your prey
And always keep doing what you do best.
Who will you dance all night with next?
Who is going to drool for you like a fool?

I keep making the same mistake, I am insane, double-take.
Spiraling down, neverending set of stairs, fall for levity's sake.
I still feel the same, carrying a burden made rack,
Even though you are just another knife in my back.
Loyal to a fault.
Finally opening up freeing
myself of that laid deep within all my fears, facing my demons to which there are many, thing of the past once never spoke
Finally surfaced displayed for all to see, free of abuse suffered as a child that ruined my time as I grew up as a young
I was saved by the love of my lovely wife who gave a life I'd never known before for she understood all I'd been through, so she put all of her trust totally In
Helen understood me and therefore put all her trust
totally I'm me
Aurora 3d
Sometimes, it’s very difficult to trust you.
The butterflies in my stomach are alive again
But not because of love
This time
It’s because of incertitude
You changed
The sparkle in your eyes is gone
Your smile is so fake
Your chest is so cold
So I know
It’s not my brain
It’s your attitude
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