Seema 24m

Holding the paddles tight
As the boat rocks from left to right
The sun seems a lot bright
In this big ocean, no one else is at sight

You dressed in formal attire
To be with me, was your only desire
You ignited within me a burning fire
Which one of us is that perfect liar?

With my red flamy dress
I was almost ready to impress
But instead you grabbed my neck to press
The choking and fear from me, left you in distress

Pushed me over so not to cause more harm
You turned away so to maintain self calm
On your turn, with a shock and alarm
I was gone in the waves swayed unharmed

Realising your anger you searched the boat
Along the wade, my body was afloat
Now your cry was unheard as I was gone
You dropped down and sobbed as if you were torn

I was caught off guard by such death
The love we had sank with me as my last breath
Your anger and temper has pushed me over
Never again in a life, I shall trust a casanova...


Fictional write.
Juin 9h

Strangers that are very dear,
Should I trust them or fear?
"We care for you" they say,
But what if I'm their prey?

I've been careful each day,
Not to tell anything or say.
I am scared that they won't be,
The friends I think I see.

Until now still isolated,
Feel like one day I'll be hated.
People before them left,
Like I failed their test.

The group of four everyone knew,
Little did they know I was blue.
I was the odd one out,
The one no one talks about.

Now I pray every night to the God above,
Give me a friend to trust and love.
May He grant my prayer,
So that I won't be in despair.


Before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my word,
so clear and legible on the page
but now the lines are blurred.

Before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my dreams,
but the fantasy that we had woven
was tearing at the seams.

Before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my trust,
but the knives we held into our backs
were begging us to thrust.

Before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my chain,
but the bonds have since come apart
left rusting in the rain;

and even though we're broken
I'd still go back to the start,
when before it was ever broken
I'd give to you my heart.

Mirza Nov 6

Trust is a dear gift and you hesitate to give,
Will I be able to achieve, I wonder
Be sure, certainly,  you would forgive
If you knew ups and downs I often wander

Sometimes I struggle with my persistence
It tries to restore my faith and beliefs.
Only in what engaged my existence
They're only hungers and only griefs

And the coincidence that gifted me you,
Let me forget boring stuff I'm dealing
Paths are much worthier than the aims I pursue
The paths which take me to the deepest feeling

Something human, too human I feel
Believe me, it is not betrayal or love
Thank to your deep positiveness I heal
Deem it to be admiration of your laugh

Do you remember when you suddenly asked
If I had ever been in depression
It's my lifestyle skilfully masked
That contains my favorite intention

Recklessly I forget passing away,
Misery is ruined when I am with you
But I feel down, as I know, anyway
Suffering till the death I will miss you

I trusted you, but my trust changed.
It crumbled into dust. Like poison you surround me.
I want to let go. I want to be free.
But you won't let me.
I try to escape, but you grab me by my nape.
You say "You will never escape."
I know it is my fate. You caught me, I was too late.
I am stuck, I ran out of luck.
You force me to give in,
I will never win...

Words. One by one. March from my mouth,
Whispered but amplified by the silence,
Hoping to shed the skin gifted to me by nature.

Each reply slices like a dozen razor blades,
I'd hoped to be in the bath; easier to clean the blood,
Red covers, covered by a newer shade.

Dementia, deja vu
It happened to me,
It could happen to you.

Bed sheets rake flesh,
High grade sand paper,
Blades dull and rust,
As if I held my breaking heart.

Whenever, wherever,
Brain signals fire, nothing is true
Walls close in, pain takes hold,
Insanity becomes the typical mold

Why can't I respect the flow?

So they say, just apart of the waves.

I wonder why I can never just chill out.

Insane in the membrane, never normal, overbearing.

Love me.
    Hold me.
         Play with me.
   Display me.
But please, Sir,
                Protect me.

@LadyofRavenhill 2017
Alex 4d

I'm scared you'll run away If I tell you what is wrong
You can not promise you will stay
There's a pattern and I'm starting to catch on
You see, you'll act like you care
Everyone always does
But when you are needed you won't ever be there
So I turn to my drinks to feel that familiar buzz.

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