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W 9h
I met you at the local coffee shop
You asked me if I wanted to leave
I was hesitant with my answer
But there was something about you
That made me trust you
I don't know if it was your brown eyes
Or the way you spoke about your dreams and fears
That made me say yes

From the depths I called your heart
Under the soft and shining moon
From a night that is too short
His voice will come to me soon

From a star bright and distant
Came the words of love and seeds
Of a forgotten past instant
Full of dreams behind your lids

From the depths I prayed for you
Maudlin with burning passions
Hearing all the things you knew
Turning them into questions

Finally we raised our eyes
And our lips became fire
And we stopped living in lies
And it made them go haywire

In the depths I turned to dust
With the broken down feathers
Uknowing who we could trust
I dived deep in your waters.
Anonymous 16h
I knew life was more than my love for you.

I just got lost in the idea that I'd suffocate without you by my side.
But I knew that with time and space, the sun would come out
and I’d remember how to breathe again.
But I guess, I never anticipated this bittersweet feeling
that arises when my mind wonders back to you.
You’re getting married this weekend,
which I’ll admit still surprises me after everything.
But I’m not shocked, nor am I angry anymore.
I’m not as broken as I thought I was.

And through this time, I learned that you didn’t break me.
But rather that, I broke myself trying fix you.
This was unfair to me, but it was also unjust to you.
Fragments of my soul were never meant
to substitute your missing pieces.
So, although there are lot of things between us,
that I guess always will be there,
I want you to know that I’m sorry, and that
I truly want you to be happy.
I’m not done growing from this and I won’t be for a long time
But I’m done letting this define me.

Because life is more than my love for you
how on earth is it so easy for you to trust someone?
we were barely friends back then when
you call me up in the middle of the day,
telling me all about your problems,
about your girlfriend,
who broke up with you.

how on earth am i supposed to open up to you?
i find it so hard for me to talk to you,
because i keep on telling myself you'll run away,
when you see all these skeletons in my closet,
when you find out why am i the person i am today.

how on earth can you understand?
when you suddenly push me away,
telling me that we should distance ourselves
because, just because, i somehow don't trust you.

how on earth can i help you?
when you trust too easily,
calling me one of your best friends,
when you're barely mine,
and im beginning to think it's more than a flaw,
than a quality.
Hailey 1d
The only person I thought
Would get it
The only person I thought
Would trust me
The only person I thought
Would believe me

My mother
The person I've grown up with
"What did you even do yesterday"
She says
"I had to handle some things"
"Yeah, like what?"
She says

Little does she know
I had lost a friendship yesterday
She tells her boyfriend what i said
In a sarcastic tone
When I start to yell

Now she cares
Now she actually cares
I won't respond to her questions
Because she didn't
Believe me at first
Trust me
So, I can trust you.
An unbitten bullet
The truth penetrates
My ears
Reverberating through my skull
A fatal headshot
To my trust
Who loves the role of martyr
Now has victims of your own
Put to death
In a covert assault
Don’t tell me to relax
Don’t tell me that
Everything’s alright
It’s not
That I’m unforgiving
You never wanted forgiveness
You wanted to sustain
The immaculate perception
You paid so much to enjoy
Trust, oaths, innocence
Everything has been defiled
Sweet angel, tell me everything.
I’m not afraid of anything.
Let your worst troubles speak aloud.
You won’t transform to a dark cloud.

Sweet angel, I’ve made space for you,
A safe place where you can be true.
My love has ears for what you say.
Your troubles won’t scare me away.

Sweet angel, we’re beyond compare,
But we’re more than a love affair.
The two of us want something real.
Stressful days are part of the deal.

Sweet angel, we’ve laughs and kissing.
There’s no fear our joy’s gone missing.
It doesn’t matter what you share;
It’s sharing that proves love is there.

Sweet angel, my love ain’t too proud.
A little sadness is allowed.
Don’t let your down times change to fear.
When those times come I will be here.
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I let my gaurd down and you slither
between my cracks, wait for my consciousness to whither,
"Perfect", you so viciously whisper.

You shut the lights and cast shadows,
and I don't see these arrows
pointing at me in full view
while I'm blinded by the assumption
that I can trust you.

Shot in the heart,
the lights turn on,
with regret I stare into my blood
for the things I haven't done.
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