allie 2d

don't trust them.
they'll put a hammer in your heart
and refuse you from feeling.
they'll put duct tape over your lips
so and restrict you from speaking.

don't trust them.
they'll put your feelings in a blender
with gravel and ice.
they'll constantly break you
then put you back together.

don't trust them.
they can hit
and leave cuts.
they can burn
and leave scars.

don't trust them.
and you'll end off better than me.

don't trust them.

I scanned her face
I scanned her eyes
I scanned over the shape
Of her body.
I decided
That she was the type of gal.
I could trust.

This poem was originally entered into a Tumblr poetry contest.

I've been hitting the Don't Trust button for too long.

Sadia 4d

We all have a fear of something, may it be heights, drowning or an enclosed space. Each of us has the ability to overcome these fears, but can we be certain that this is the single greatest fear we have? What about walking on a path of darkness without the guidance of light. Are we really able to walk on a path that surrounds us in darkness? Many would say we wouldn't be able to walk on a path where there is no light or that there would be no way we would make it to the end of that path. Some may go one step further and say we simply fear the unknown. Let us take for example a blind man with his cane. If we were to take him to a path where there is darkness and no light he would be able to walk in the darkness without the fear of anyone or anything. His trust isn't with his cane but rather his trust is with God.

We don't need the light to guide us instead we need our faith in God. His gifts are present throughout our lifetime. He is there in every step we take. All we need is to trust him, and when we do, we can go a long way.

i'm not the kind of person who trusts easily.
i guard my heart & test people's limits.
i push & push until they're exhausted.
i'm always scared to be abandoned again,
so i leave before they can.
& when i learned to trust,
i was still paranoid.
i don't trust easily,
i don't trust.
but then there's you.
& somehow, without saying a word
i trust you completely.

(& i hear you're the same)

between the kisses
and the hours we laid
naked exploring each other
with an insatiable thirst,

somewhere our vulnerabilities had melted
by the fireplace into sweat,
gasps became moans,
and the love turned to passion

as the war ended
we retreated like causalities
snuggling for comfort in each other

I believe this is how
I felt an unending trust
that hugged me invisibly
while you slept next to me
that night.

Spike Harper May 16

The line between opponents.
Drawn in blood.
From centuries of spilled tension.
Its a tug of war.
With no spoils.
There is no obvious winner.
Just statistics of lost resources.
From the moment a baby leaves the womb.
Is there just another tally.
A collection of numbers that hold 'value'.
then somewhere along the way this becomes more of an aproximation.
Regardless of who is scoring.
Each red slash mitigates emotion and truth.
And the blurry line gets forgotten all together.
Given time and an abundance of falacies can one begin to entertain any thought.
And once logic gives way to the beast created.
Will any action become malicious in nature.
Regardless of whom the teeth doth shred.

mateo May 10

I'll keep this really quiet
Until the feelings disappear
I am not fit for this anymore
I trust no one
Though , maybe now you

A smile I adore, maybe the eyes
But let me stop there
Else it makes it fact
I could really love you
But neither of us are

Prepared for what it entails
I am not ready to be used
Once again by lovers' eyes
Once again not treated well
Once again giving too much

But I cannot stop myself
From caring about you
I could happily be used
By your loving eyes
Maybe that's why I'm afraid

Natalie May 8

I let down my walls
and showed all the things
that made me vulnerable
all the things that hurt me
all the ways to break me
and I must say
it's not easy,
but you did it perfectly

2014, but feels relevant
Dylan Jones May 8

I can see everything
Believe me, it's all I'll bring
But love is still trust
As light shines through dust
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