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Pepperdust Oct 8
Sometimes my heart aches, with a pressure of an ocean of tears I never shed.
Not because I don't want to but maybe because it seems too precious to lay upon shallow ground.
My pain, my mind, my love, my grief. All things mine in a confusion and desperation unappreciated by others and therefore unnecessary to anyone but me.
I'm desperate for connection in my own nihilist way of being miserable and forlorn. I don't trust anyone, not the ones I love, not me, nothing. But I want to want to. I want to be able to. Always mid-sentence though, always reticent, in a never ending/never blooming hope.
Andy Chunn Aug 4
Summer sun scorches
The breath still.

Morning wave
Buries its hate
In scratching grass-sounds.

Floating yellow
Line of sight bends
In brain-sensed tease.

Empty canyons fall
Beyond stillness.

Caution winds silent spirals,
Soaring distance -- unswerving sight.

Melted minutes
Sultry stares
Torrid tease
Alaina Moore Oct 6
"Just live off the grid, reconnect with nature" the heart says. Grasping onto threads of hope on the otherwise tattered garment that is my morale.
As if that were possible.

How to find freedom of any kind without freedom of the mind?

And how am I to pursue anything that brings me joy when the associated risk is so terrifying?

There is no security in this world.

Though I feel so joyless I'm losing the point of persisting. When it all seems so much easier to lay down and die.
Weekends are not long enough.
The way they describe you,
In the complex analogy,
Speak of you as an object,
Sitting here I remind quiet,
A part of the problem,
Rather than embracing your personality,
They embrace your figure,
Rather than embracing your kindness,
They embrace your figure,
Rather than embracing your strength,
They embrace your figure,
I continue to drink,
Staying to myself,
I acknowledge the problem,
That makes me no better than them.
Which are you?
kim Sep 17
it's funny
how i build these walls around my heart:
strong, resistant, resilient;
they protect it from the sharp edges of slipped words from your tongue,
they shield my heart from the harshness of spitfire.
and yet

they. always. break

even after how many times i rebuild these tall walls,
even after adding multitudes of obsidian,
it always breaks under your words

and i'm growing tired

the once overflowing energy in my veins are slowly diminishing,
the nerves building this wall around my heart are slowly losing their light

and there will come a day
where i don't have the energy to rebuild these defenses,
where my heart will lay beating but vulnerable

and there will be a day where your words hit just the right spot,
and then there i will be,
slowly bleeding out, color draining from me as i find it harder and harder to get up

but today will not be that day,
i will continue to build these defenses,
only letting those worthy to enter,
my heart will still beat and it will beat strong

today, your words will simply bounce off these obsidian walls and fall to their demise
im okay now, just needed to let it out
Kaitlin Sep 14
The rice cooker broke
because I turned it on
with no rice inside to cook
And its empty clay
couldn't take the heat all alone
So it just cracked, all spiderweb
Almost pretty.  Useless.
And I hated myself for that.
I felt pretty useless for that.

What's funny,
I think it's funny,
I want to think it's funny,
is that it's been years
but I remember, and I still,
and I am still pretty useless for that.

Once Upon A Time
Pressure cooking was exciting
It was Hot,
It was Tense,
Leading tone to tonic
Tugging me towards...

But I'm bored with that now.
I'm bored of stress.
      (but I'm stressed when I'm bored.)

I'll just go to sleep.

And in the morning

I'll remember to add rice.
chang cosido Sep 12
My mother's been asking me
about where I've been.
But I'm a younger version of her
with my father's eyes
and a tongue of my own.

The sun painted my skin
the same color as the history
of skins before me.
The same stretch insecurities carved
too lightly; for now.

My name is from the people before me;
Am I supposed to carry their ghosts when they leave?
How heavy does a name weigh?
Especially when it sounds like expectations?
Leah Hilliges Aug 29
It was the pressures of reality
that brought her the psychedelics that
finally introduced her to the devil that
had been filling her lungs with the
salty water of the sea—
Anais Vionet Aug 28
force, punish, burden,
insistent coercion, and threat,
compulsion, tension.

Stressful stranglehold,
urge, force per unit area,
fuss, influence, duress.
have you ever felt that you were under a tremendous amount of pressure?
Om Guragai Aug 17
They say pressure makes diamond
I’ve been waiting a lifetime for mine
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