Is a deceptive god.
Just when when we think
We've done it
We realize
That something about what we've done
Just isn't right!
Mollie Jul 5
sometimes it feels like fire ants
crawl through my veins
masquerading as a bleeding,
pumping heart
they nibble at my nerves and
catch against my skin.
am I buried in the ground?
an indescribable weight against
my chest,
is it soil?
is it pain?
what's the difference, I am buried either way

- mollie traylor
Arcassin B Jul 3
By Arcassin Burnham

Pretending I am kissing the lips that
I am missing,
Love is at its peril if you think that I'll
be skipping,
Out on you.

Pressure builds up like receipt listings,
Thinking your Gonna leave me one day
And have me crying,
Not over you.

Love will be dying slow right now
because of the betrayal,
Peace in a hot dinner plate , I will not
Let it go stale,
Words I'll send to you.
Ordeezy Jul 3
I am what you might call an abnormal specie
Although I possess most characteristics of homosapiens I feel homo...different
People say I'm an epitome of art which I find amusing
I feel more like a homeless spirit tossed around by the wind without purpose.
I hardly do things my friends do, sometimes I try hard to blend
My friends tell their love stories and emotions
I go to my story pot and cook creative stories of me spiced with scenes from Indian movies
I have a barricade of fear, anxiety and distrust around my stomach so you can't find butterflies there
Don't get me wrong, I haven't had any heart breaks... Maybe once or twice... I don't remember because I'm not bothered
I gave up on love long time ago... Maybe I didn't... Maybe it just... Left.
So here I am on a serious relationship with depression and solitude
My friends tell tales of their sex experience with girlfriends, party strangers but I'm too shy to tell them of my daily threesome with my lovers.
I flirt sometimes and it seems like a natural gift, I could say sweet words that will make Shakespeare's grave tremble but I never have the strength to go further; to lie on their naked body because I fear I might break their hearts if I go too deep. She might think I'm in love but get disappointed the next morning then sing aloud the daily female hymn "Men are scum"
I'm considered the devil's agent because I'm one of the few species who dare to ask "why" whenever it comes to religious matters.
I am a stranger to myself, I say and do things I never thought I could. I'm a coward, luckily my alter ego is fierce, he's the gifted one; the poet and smooth talker, I just take the credits.
I'm scared of marriage, will I marry because I love her or because my mother desperately needs grandchildren so she can sing lullabies to their tiny ears? Will I love my wife? How will I when love seems like a foreign, ancient and forgotten language?
I am the only one of my kind.
I am... I really don't know who I am.
Stella Jul 2
-I seem to be doing lots of that-
I’d swear there’s smoke trapped under my lungs
My gut’s caught on fire
Consumes me
Red hot coal,
Two bags of air ousted
By toxic smoke building up,
Fragrant like tobacco
Wild like wood.
I often dream about
Driving a knife into my stomach
Just a pop and an excess of smoke
filling the room
No blood at all.
I’ll open the windows
Turn off the fire alarm.
I’ll leave the wound open.
A gaping, smoking wound is more dignified
Than screaming in the flames.
Pressure on an open wound stops it from bleeding.
Pressure on the heart stops it from beating.
Rachel Watson Jun 28
If I don't get an 'A' will you view me the same; an intelligent girl who will accomplish great things?

Will you be let down?
Expectations crumbling to the ground,
like a majestic castle
once standing tall,
now barely seen at all?

Will you envy the gold in my peers' hand, while I hold the bronze?
As they get the roses and I the thorns?

If I don't get an 'A' will you view me the same?
Or will you be ashamed?
Lyn-Purcell Jun 27
Loathe me for owning, wearing and
being my truth than adore me for
hiding, faking and being
a lie
I just want to be my authentic self.  
Why should I be pressured into being anything else?
Anyway, thank you everyone for all the likes, loves, reposts and follows!
I truly am grateful!
Lyn xxxx
and when there's nothing left
don't forget me
but don't remember me wrong

i am buried under your idea of security
in separate rooms, where the only sounds are the
summer fan and the laptop keys, not the keys
that made me flinch when i heard them in the door

i am buried under your idea of forever
location dictated by your success, which
apparently, i lack so much of when you tell me
all about the things i should have done
(which wouldn't have changed your mind anyway)

i am buried under your idea of home
where the holes were filled two years ago
and the sound i heard
the thud, thud, thud against the drywall
was the beating of our hearts when we make it through
another one

and another one,
and i'm buried in the pillow
and it's the duvet, not your hands
(even though i still feel them all over)
and they hurt, and your lips taste like
rotten fruit and guilt and shame
and no amount of scrubbing will
let me forget you

and when there's everything left
i'll remember you right
where i found you, and where you will stay
in a cold glass box, all locked up
sound familiar?
Jo Barber Jun 12
That first inhale
is like every small joy
wrapped into one neat package,
assembled in a nice, red box
meant just for you.

Flick, flick,
go the ashes,
the end burning brightly
like a firefly on a dim Southern night.

When my lighter blazes
beneath the light drizzle of tonight,
I'm reminded that life
can be so delightfully decadent,
so enchantingly effervescent.

The good times
are made all the sweeter
And the bad times -
the car trouble,
the failures,
and the lost hopes -
lose their edge,
and take on a shape as soft as smoke,
subject to float away with time,
leaving only a sharp smell behind.
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