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Nyx 16h
Yet again I have crumbled
Underneath the pressure of your voice
Given in to your demands
Letting go of my free choice
And yet again you have leverage
Blackmail against me
I'm ****** I know
It seems I've lost that key
Don't betray me again
I don't want to feel so helpless and used
I dont want to feel ***** and trapped agin

But this pressure is far to much

I was ****** and gave in to the nagging a pressure to tell him something.
And now he holds more power to use against me, yet again I will have to listen and do as he says... ****.
some are hard to explain.
I've been holding it for a long time.
it hurts, like a slash.
this heart screamed for a long time.
I feel unappreciated even by the people closest to me.
I can only tell God.
I will not allow the world to know.
this is too painful.
What great sins have we in secrets
Peering at exertions too quickly,
Even in new dawns, regrets are made burgeoned
And with every leniency given
We maul at our grievance.

But time measures our sorrows
By faith
Haylin Jan 30
a day that never ends
fears, pressure and fake friends

playing with teenage hearts
seems just like playing cards

thousands of sleepless nights
and absolutely no rights

but where┬┤s the education?
Ruhani Jan 25
Pressure can make,
a diamond out of coal
but often, takes out the fun
from the journey of the goal
It is always said that best comes out of the hardest situations, which is true. But no one wants to remember those tough times one goes through.
Em Jan 23
Let us take a gamble
You'll have nothing to lose
Only fun, only fun
I will swear to you.

Come and observe this fire!
It's not dangerous, you'll see
Run your hands, all over
The flames won't hurt thee.

Glide your hands over this knife
Feel the adrenaline course!
Your running blood of crimson
Your death you won't have to force.
i dunno what im doin
peer pressureeeee
Chris Jan 23
No pressure
But can you clean the car?
No pressure
But you need 100 or you won't go far.
No pressure
But your next needs to beat the rest.
No pressure
But you need to be a step above the best.
No pressure
But you need to find the liar.
No pressure
But you're getting fired
No pressure
But you need to lead your peers.
No pressure
But you need to beat your fears.
No pressure
But we're gonna add another problem to the pile.
No pressure
But if you fail, we'll move on all the while.
No pressure man.
all by leigh Jan 21
You can water your plants.
You can walk your dog everyday.
You can feed the birds in the park.
But the day that you forget to sustain your plants,
or are too busy to cater to your dogs need for the outdoor experience,
or run out of bird food for the park,
things tend to fall out of balance.
Plants survive,
so do the dogs
and the birds.
They start to believe in an entitlement to your generous acts.
Something I've learned
is that it's not always your job to take care of someone else.
There's always rainstorms,
back doors,
and picnic crumbs
waiting for their turn to take care of someone.
I used to feel pressure for having to be the source of someone's happiness.
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