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xavier thomas Apr 21
Future Wife-

~forgive me. forgive for
not waiting on you like I was supposed to during ***.
I allowed my hormones & flesh
give the best of what
truly belongs to only you, to them.

forgive me- I was
still developing
into a new man
from a damage soul
under numerous baggage,
carrying their faults into mine.

forgive me- cause it’s about **** time
you came my way
after all these years
just waiting. ~
There's a light, a flash,
When you live too fast...
You forget all the time
That you have...

Take it slow, and let it go,
Breathe in deeply through
Your nose,
For like a river,
Your soul shall flow...

No matter where you
Seem to go,
No matter what life
Seems to throw,

Take it slow,
Take it slow,
Take it slow...

And one day you will
Find your peace,
A gentle stream
Where you can breathe,

And you'll know,
And you'll know,
Oh, you'll know....

Don't live too fast,
Those kind of lives
They never last,
And then they pass,

Though it's fun to just
Let your spirit go!

But in the end,
I say, my friend,
Breathe in deeply
And ascend,

Take it slow,
Take it slow,
Take it slow...
A poem I wrote for a friend of mine who lives in Croatia. He has problems with pressure and impatience, the hustle and bustle of life. I decided to post it here for those of you who feel the same way. Sometimes we just need to stop, clear our minds of all the pressure, and just breathe and take it slow...
max Dec 2022
the pressure's getting heavier
i need to figure myself out fast
i don't have any time for fun
i need to focus
but where's my focus?
why's it down the street?
i can't do this,
i guess i'll wait til it's back.
but it never comes back
im stressed lol
Ken Pepiton Nov 2022
Ai, as it is, in my nature,
my bend in the river, rounding an edge,

question I have ever had, is how's they do it?

Jeffers and Emerson, rich men, to begin with,
eh, what a difference
a childhood makes,

or a pension, I suppose, as good as rich,
growing old and happy, satisfied,
with what the rich man had, had he had
this satisfactory mind,
in my time.
Immersed in the life and work of men who may have seen the monstor pickling its liver, as now it's liver is nearly gnawed gone... in the civilized mind.
daphne Oct 2022
pressure makes diamonds
but humans are too delicate
their fragile hearts easily shaken
if you put too much pressure
they'll only end up


                  ­                                    e



         ­                     i                      


Samantha Dietz Sep 2022
If someone were to make you, where would they begin?
Would they need a bowl, a cookie sheet, or some kind of molded tin?
Would you be sweet, a little sour, or even have a kick?
Would it be the knife that cut you, or the spoon from which they lick?
Would they start with cream to soften, or flour to make you thick?
Would the eggs just make you runny, or would they make you stick?
Would you need lemon zest, or pepper flakes, or chocolate chips?
Would you melt inside their mouths, or would you burn their lips?
Would you rise inside an oven, or would you boil above a flame?
Would they have memorized the recipe, or would they only know the name?
A prompt from a friend, thank you.
Nexus Apr 2022
I feel so alone like I'm trapped in my home.
and these thoughts in my head tell me I ought a be dead.
I ******* **** at this ****.
"No you don't you're just tired."
"Everyone loves you, cant you see you're admired?"

But I don't believe what I conceive in my dreams.
So you must be a liar.
This isn't how things in this life should have been.
My soul is on fire.
This isn't how things in this life could have been.
My soul is on fire.
But I don't believe what I perceive in front of me.

Sands of time made from liquid-solid-matter.
People flowing like atoms recycling motions.
I know in my mind that things don't really matter.
Climbing the planet and mapping the oceans.
I would loose my mind if my brain got any fatter.
People flowing like atoms recycling motions.
Struggling to be social.
777 Mar 2022
under all this pressure
do i crack and sink lower
take shape and start all over
What do you do for a living?


No stress
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