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I tried so hard.
I tried to be pretty and funny and spontaneous. I tried to be better for you.

I know you’re not supposed to change yourself for someone, but I honestly feel like you were bringing out the best in me.

You didn’t make me change myself. I chose to. So it hurts that I still wasn’t good enough for you.

You didn’t try very hard. You didn’t have to.

I was head over heels for you, and you knew it. You abused it.

Now you’re gone, and I can’t even recognize myself.
sarah 1d
silence, my heart beats too fast for acting normal
blank stares, you catch me reliving the same daydream
where i confess and you feel the same
but, every time i wake up

i missed the part where you said you loved me
or did you even say anything?
i guess it's all in my head
why would you love me when you could love her instead?
It doesn’t hurt that you chose her. She’s prettier than me, smarter than me, not broken like me. Her smile is bright like the sun, her eyes are as blue as the sea, and her laugh is like the melody of the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. She’s your favorite book, and I’m just a page of it. She’s really the obvious choice.  I’m happy for the two of you, honestly.  Sometimes I see you holding her, and it looks as if you’re scared to let go. I see her smile up at you, and I can just tell that she’s lost in your eyes. I’m glad that you found love.  It doesn’t hurt that you chose her, but you wanna know what does? The fact that I almost had you. You almost loved me. You held me like that, and I smiled at you the same way she does now. But something happened, and suddenly you’re all I can think about, when to you I’m just a distant memory.
Astral 2d
One day you make me laugh and smile,
You make my face flush,
And my heart rush.

Some days I just don't feel it,
And there isn't a spark there too,
Sometimes I just can't talk to you.

I wish my heart could make a choice,
That it knew what to say,
Or what to do at the end of the day.

And I just feel lost,
Like my feelings are unfinished,
Like I'm missing something,

But I don't think that something is you...
I guess I'll have to wait and find out.
Broken friendships are hard to fix
when your head is full of anger.
I once had a best-friend
who is now a stranger.

Broken friendships are hard to fix
when you’re feeling cold and blue.
I once had a best-friend
who met someone new.

Broken friendships are hard to fix
when priorities aren’t in equal proportion.
I once had a best-friend
who thought I was just an option.

—-Poetry by Paras.
In this life
We have one shot
One chance
To make the best of it

In this life we all have a choice
To follow God
Or turn the other cheek ( or way)
And do what we want
With no help
Except for some who or close to us
Family and a few friends

In this life
We can choose to be spoon fed everything
Like a mother bird feeding her young ones
And stay a baby
Or we can learn from others
Like Timothy learns from Paul
And later be a Paul who teaches Timothy

In this life
We can choose to do right
By not just yourself
But by others
So that when we pass
Good word will be passed down to others about us

In this life
We can choose to make a difference
Like Jesus did who led by good example
Or bad
Like Lucifer when he thought his way was best and led to destruction and lies instead

In this life
Are many choices
Good or bad
Right and wrong
Like the act or s a t test
We all take in school

In this life
We can be alone or
Find friends to take this journey on with
Like those guys who have played tag
Ever since they have been in school
And Still play today

In this life
We have one chance
One shot
To make the most out of our life
So choose your choices wisely
For we cannot all go back and change our answer.
You are not the first that I had ever lost.
You are not the last that I would ever love.
You are not the first who came and lied.
You are not the last that I would ever trust.

You are not the first that took my peace.
You are not the last who’d give me relief.
You are not the first who caused me pain.
You are not the last that I would refrain.

You are not the first who misunderstood.
You are not the last I am gonna believe.
You are not the first who left, never stood.
You are not the last I am gonna receive.

—Poetry by Paras
ThatBrokenOne Jan 15
I have feeling, I know I must have
But they are not here, not that I know of
I don't feel anything, I must be dead inside
Or they are just turned off, shipped to the other side

I don't know where to look for them
The must have left me, I don't hear the anthem
Am I going death
Or did I breath my last breath

Where to go
Where to look
Without guiding
Without a path to walk

It's dark inside
It's dark outside
I must have set my feeling aside
To live or to die, is what I must decide
Walking along,
Stopping to pick the ripened berries
The sweet sour taste entices the senses.

Cars passing quickly
My feet stagger on
Slowly falling into the tempo.
My thoughts wander
My troubles arise.

I reach a split in this mental road
Should I go left?
Should I go right?
Should I just turn around and give up?

I’m at the dead end
Looking over a cliff to the rough water below.
Maybe I should just jump in.
Feel the cold daggers against my skin.

The water draws me in
Welcoming me
Beckoning me.
Telling me to jump.

Should I take this leap into the unknown?
Prepare myself for the worst.
In order appreciate the best.

I need some help,
A lighthouse in the distance
The light giving guidance
Offering peace
Breaking though the night.

Where is my lighthouse?
Is there one?
Or is this the dead end.
Paras Bajaj Jan 14
Someone pulled me closer,
when you pushed me away.
When you told me to get lost,
someone asked me to stay.

Tell me what I did wrong?
Tell me what I did right?
One threw me into the dark,
and the other, into the light.

While you counted my flaws,
someone loved me anyway.
While you ruined my nights,
someone saved my day.

Tell me what I did good?
Tell me what I did bad?
One made me the happiest
and the other, only sad.

—Poetry by Paras.
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