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Robby 7h
I have words that I just can’t say
I’m not even sure if they’re true
The thought of them terrifies me

I keep them locked up in my head
Sometimes they get out and roam
Those are the days I’m afraid of the most

What would happen if I stopped and listened?
Sylph 4d
Bad choices will always
come back
she loves to make sure
you pay the price
for what you wanted
so i hope it was worth it
So far i think it was, if i thought it was a bad choice that is...But i dont regret it.
A fire on some distant mountain under the grey sky,
the beauty of it's shape halting every passer-by.

I hope it keep me warm during a stormy night
and shines my path brighter than the moonlight.

The fire, a solitary goal for every lost soul,
fills the void of emptiness that takes a toll.

Survivors have named it "The Illusion of evasion"
and preach, it's the mind's creation to end desolation.

Am I a fool to have jumped into the common crowd
and reached out for hope sailing on a fluffy cloud.

This grand leap might bring me a merry evening
and let me enjoy my tea in Japan's pink spring.

The scenery I see in the fire has set me free
and I feel destined to become it's devotee.
Zane Smith Sep 25
I have the urge to start over
to throw everything away.
tell me why some days
it's impossible to get dressed,
to get out of bed.
tell me why I want
to throw my phone in the ocean
to delete social media.
tell me why my best friend
isn't home yet
it's been over a year.
Tell me why my life feels
so put together
so far away
where am I going?
Maya Sep 23

Between running to catch you
And keeping you safe in my mind

Holding you tight
And watching you from afar

Crying out my distress
And Praising your happiness

I love you so much
That I can not bear to lose you again
And even the thought that I might hurt you terrifies me

So it is so absurd to say
I love you so much
That I want you to stay away
Lace Sep 22
I can't ever
Make up
My mind
But with you
I don't have
A decision
Amanda Sep 22
Can’t sleep at night
Whispers fill my head
They are known to me, these
Voices of the long dead
Looking for guidance
I should listen to their counsel
But who am I fooling.
There’s only one voice in this skull

Guess I am just missing
The guiding hands that raised me
Always there to turn to
When life got a little scary
So now I have to be the strong one
Trust in the decisions I make
Be true to the values they taught me
And hope I don’t make a mistake
Di Verce Sep 19
We want to be the pretty gal,
Object of worship, outer glory.
What all does that get us, goo?
Used and using, sold wholly.
How do we reflect an inner soul
When fully occupied by facials?
*Note: Rather profane words follow (but only to shine the truth)*

Thy whorey 'ficial glory hole makeup maketh not your glory whole, are you only a fake ******* moaning groaning or do you have a soul?
Di Verce Sep 19
If they had love, they would embrace criticism
Else they are hate
And not only that, hypocrites
Indeed, evil
Change or face Justice
Love the truth
Or stop claiming to love
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