The Times
The Tines
The Ties that bind.

Fruitful flower of misery,
Open you buds to the cold touch
Of Death.

No green thumb, just green with envy.
Sitting so sunny, in a field of falsehoods.

One slip, a skip, and a broken promise.
Have you, too, forgot the deal.

We are all stuck in the mud, so stick.
Live together, die together, no solo act.

So stop holding out, keep the pact.
Enjoy these moments, they'll be your last.
Being with you is like
Running with scissors
Or gambling with my last 10 cents
I never know what will happen
But the moment it is so intense
Reaching in to a bubbly sink
Or running alone in the dark
The rules tell me to stop it right now
But I feel like I  just have to start
Meeting a man I just met online
Or drinking up all of the booze
Loving you now is a risk that I take
But it’s one that I consciously chose
Some of us
Seduced by the darkness
Manipilated by its power
Addicted to the light
Praising with hands held high
We stand baffled
In midst of our choices
Neither makes sense
Neither is us
Neither one is the way
You wake up in a grassy field. There is nothing but you. You look around and four different places beyond the horizon.
To the north, tHere is a marsh.
To the south, therE is a desert.
To the west, there is a Long road that leads to nowhere.
And to the east, there is a trail of Pink flowers.
You choose to Move east.
After all, the sun is setting and the East sky is painted with vivid colors of warmth.

You follow the path of flowers to a fork road.
On the left, is a road that leads to a habitable-looking place but no life.
On the right, is a road that leads to a dead forest with lots of life, thriving and growing.
You choose to go the the right.

You walk into the forest, as a dark figure stands in the distance, staring coldly. You feel uneasy and decide to go back and take the other road. You turn around to leave but you’ve seemed to have wondered off the trail and are lost. You look back at the figure, but he has appeared to have vanished.

Darkness surrounds the forest, slowly engulfing it. The darkness closes in and there is no escape. You are trapped, alone, afraid, empty. The last bit of light disappears as you struggle to reach the top of the dark cloud. Everything soon disappears, and you fall.
Too deep
Shayn Powell May 4
Hanging my head heavy,
like a boulder.
Sick and tired of you,
So I get on with life
With a cold shoulder
And a blunt between
My middle and index fingers.
I don’t have time
To listen to your reasons.
Your breath smells,
Like Grey Goose, it lingers.
Man get it together because
Were losing you,
And we don’t know what to do.
You’re drifting away,
Keep treating yourself
Like this, you’ll end up
6 below one day.
I need you to explain
Just what it is
Playing with your brain,
‘Cuz if you keep acting this way,
Someone’s gonna
Pop your head like
President JFK.
I’ve got a blunt
To ease the pain,
Take a hit of it, and maybe you’ll
Remember who you were,
Maybe our names.

Taking a hit to alleviate the pain.
Take a hit, my weed taste like
A souffle.
sleeper green, you’ll wake up
In a daze,
I know what you’re
Dealing with is only a phase,
So show me a glimpse of you,
A replay of the good ole days,
Before we lost you in all of this craze.

Stop with the delays, the betrays and cliches,
It’s all a game that we don’t want to play
Because you did it to yourself,
You left your life a maze with no
Clear way out, so don’t drop your head and pout
Your sorrows away.
It’s a hard knock life
For those of your kind, you watched
Your life fade away, decline,
With only a glimmer left to shine.
We’re at the end of this road,
The ball is in your court. Tell me,
What are you going to to this time?
Whatcha Gonna do?
Persephone May 2
She stayed up in her high tower
Not knowing if she should come down
She was warned that the world outside was dark and dreary
But the tower within was as well
She had a choice
To choose which demon she wanted to dance with
The one with in or the one out
No one else would tell her
So she was left to scream, and to shout
Lonely Peony Apr 28
He turned to the ornate seraph of a human, her whole life ahead of her.
"What do you want?"
"The sun the moon and the stars." She replied.  
"My child," life said while patting her head. "I cannot give everyone all the sun, all the moon, and all the stars."
She is all these things, a mind like  bottled eternity and a Hand full of ideation. But in return feeble things like the state of her human life suffers. Choices must be made, not everyone can have all the sun, all the moon, and all the stars.
The smoke fills the air, poisonously stifling.
The destruction of my lungs, i'm forever denying.
Others see the destruction, reflecting it to me.
And when I look into the mirror, death is what i see.
Does this art of decay express my true being?
Nay, the only purpose it serves is the creation of a deadly scene.
Life without death, I strive for a balance
And I manifest such through the expression of my talents.
xditania Apr 26
true nothingness seen perceptively brings fondness.
triumph over an identity coercively molded and shaped
by the malign lips of judgmentality, we volunteer to believe.

existing in an overabundancy of choices,
feeding one's soul, is one merciless virtue.
written for
Alice Lovey Apr 25
Those nights are colored colors of catastrophe;
Where all I see are the blacks of my eyes.
A love that is not mine,
Yet I’ve pined
For the gaze gone in line
To the face you’ve longed for.

I’ve watched you touch her hair;
The lover’s stare, too much for me to bear.
Yet I’ve seen you hesitate...and pull away.
In my nightmare.

The wet rainy street in the small city
Called to me
But I walked alone as I watched her too.
And soon
She was alone without you.
Blankets on the floor,
Without you anymore.
Because you’d chosen and she chose her choice long ago.
Returning doesn’t rectify or redeem our mistakes.

You lied alone and I quieted, coming into your bed.
“Can I sleep next to you?”
You stirred, sleepy head,
Looked away and rejected.
Though before I left, you stopped me,
And pulled open your arms.
I could see your pain in the dark.
You chose me.
I've always had really vivid dreams with color and sound and feeling. I've even written some short stories of them before. I had to get this out.
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