Isaac 1d
My youth is nearly sealed,
A letter for anyone to read.
All my choices noted down.
God's judgement guaranteed.
I made so many mistakes,
Though I tried my very best.
Whatever challenges life gave,
I hope I passed the test.
My joy lies in being
Pottery in my creator's hands.
I know he is the only one
Who forever understands.
Written 15 August 2018
Amanda 4d
Life is
A bag of choices
As changeable as socks
You can’t darn up the holes
Stop the mistakes
As they slip through
See them pass on to someone
New. Who’s life is
A bag of choices
As changeable as socks
For all my tales of braggery
I am the eloquent loser.
Out of thousands of choices
I will pick the boozer,
The liar, the layabout or thief.
Then starts my florid tales
Designed to mask my grief.

I list the virtues of the guy,
The Prince Charming I caught
And talk about his attributes
None of which he has got.
I treat him like aristocracy
Even though he never works.
My friends wonder how I can
Align myself with such a jerk.

So, that means more stories
To extoll his many talents
Even though he has so few
To brag about on balance.
I keep thinking my eloquence
Will overcome his character,
His many alluring facets
Or lack of which whatsoever.

It’s sad the lengths I have gone
Trying not to be so alone.
I have been accused of being
Like a dog with a favorite bone
In my attempts to justify
The awful choices I have taken.
But I don’t listen, I only talk
Any advice is all forsaken.

That’s how it goes with me
If I can explain things away,
Like Scarlett, I'll think about it
Maybe on some other day.
Maybe then I'll finally understand
Why I do what I always do.
But we eloquent losers don’t care
So very much what is true.
I love to see you fly.
But don't count on me, as they say.
Cause you're the one with wings at the end of the day.

So it's been said that it's natural in us,
To fly high and look so mighty in sky
While millions of others are letting life pass by.
I tell you it's the biggest lie that everyone here can fly.

A hunt to take us down usually succeeds but doesn't get us all.
Sometimes it's because we are already falling to our deaths.
Sometimes we just wanna give in.

You see us run into cars and run into windows.
We just let it take us down cause we're either too caught up in the moment or it's just being caught in our arrongance.

It's just something that's just happening to us.
We can control how we fly or live but in the end...
Our path can lead us in a a path of wrong and hurt.
And it's sometimes just out of our hands...
I miss my bird a lot. But the more I look at it, were more alike than I could ever think.
We're the same in a way
the same eyes
the same bad temperament
but I'm a mess
you can't clean up
and you hate that
no lemony freshness could work
on the broken hearts
day dreams spilt in ink
the time wasted searching
for something that matters
A Poem a Day : Ten
Ana Ehlana Aug 6
how do i give up something
that makes me happy in all its entirety
how do i know it’s really time to go
when all i do is keep coming back for more

how can i leave a place
that has made me feel safe
how do i say goodbye
to all the great times

God, how do people make these decisions
Harry Kelly Aug 4
She stubbed her toe.
And she did something about it.
Without letting me know.
Ended it.
I wonder what that means.
It was her choice.
I will never argue otherwise.
And my ego may ask
What is it about me
that she would so quickly
make that choice?
Late at night with my head on the pillow
I imagine what it would have been like.
Pushing a carriage
or changing diapers.
But the timing was off.
And sometimes
timing is everything.
Isaac Aug 3
Life is made up of choices small.

It's easy to think they don't matter at all.

The present strides with confidence,

But the future knows its consequence.

Each choice is a direction,

Branching from an intersection.

Live with eyes that look ahead,

So the future you is not misled.
Written 3 August 2018
If only I could decide for my own
without thinking of anyone for once,
then maybe I don't have to die everyday
to see my dreams disappear.
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