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decision makes action decide what fate we will belong
behavior makes people judge who we are
reason makes us decide what choice we have
personality is who we are
Maria Mitea Jun 2
I get stuck too,
I wonder
what to say
when I
myself have not finished my waiting,
my obsessions, my doubt, ...
and when I finish it,
how will I be able to advise you?

How I can be sure?

When, still, all my obsessions
and commitments
go hand in hand.

I don't know,



If these words are not superfluous,
Forgive me for announcing you
That you have your own life,
Wait for it!
As she waited for you …
”No shortcuts to the top”
K D Kilker May 27
Could I go after you
when so much is here
waiting for me?
K D Kilker May 27
This terrible freedom
pulls me;
the comfort of shackles
holds me
no longer am I trapped,
so where,
then, will I go now?
Sy Lilang May 22
Ang bawat salitang bibitawa’y
Mistulang mga butil ng ulan.
Dahan-dahang tutuksuhin ang damdaming
Hindi mawari kung saan nga ba lulugar.

At unti-unting magtatago at maglalaho,
Gaya ng mga imahe sa panaginip
Na minsa’y nagigising na lamang --
Kupas na ang mga alaala.

Naglaho at nagbago,
Tulad ng gabing mapanlinlang.
Tulad ng pag-aalinlangan
Kung bubuhos na ba ang unang patak ng ulan
O mananatili’t makapaghihintay
Kung sino ang taya; kung sino ang handa na.

Hindi ko lubos maisip
Na ang tadhana pala ay may katapusan,
At ito’y matagal nang dumaong
Sa kawalan ng tiwala.

At gaya ng mapanuksong dahong
Sumasalo sa luha ng langit,
Siya rin pala'y bibigay at mapapagod --
Mapapagod at lilihis hanggang pangako'y mapako.

Naubusan ang bawat katauhan
Ng sandatang  mas masakit pa sa ligaw na bala.
Hindi na rin nila naggawang humanap ng paraan
Para likumin ang minsang mga butil
Na ngayo'y karagatan na.

Naubusan na rin ng mga salitang maibibigkas
Pero minsan din naman nilang sinambit,
Na “ako’y handa na."
Nagtuturuan at nagtutulakan,
Kung sino ba ang may sala.
Ang rosas na alaala, ngayo'y tinik na sinusuka.

Humahampas ang agos ng nakaraan
Sa mga pusong nanamlay habang naghihintay.
Marahil, napagod nga sila
O talagang naubos na ang alas
Sa kani-kanilang mga baraha.

Naulit nga lang ba ang nakaraan?
O ito ang katapusan ng kanilang sumpaan?
Pagkat minsan na ring nalumbay
Buhat sa distansyang pumagitan sa kanila
Ngunit sa pagitan ng “oo” at “hindi,”
Hindi na nila nagawang sumabay.

Ang bigat na kargo ng isa’y
Hindi na kinayang pasanin ng isa pa.
At sa sabay na pagtalikod
Ay namutawi ang poot at tampo.

Hanggang sa dulo ng sinasabi nilang “simula”
Ay naging hangganan na.
At naputol ang pulang lasong itinali nang sabay.
Sabay nga silang nangarap,
Ngunit sabay din silang naubos.
RobbieG May 10
Left foot, right foot
back and forth
Faster, faster please
these issues might

You can’t do this
voices whisper firmly
Stop, stop please
you can’t keep

Your shoes soles
forever wearing thin
Quit, quit now
quit running scared

Be brave , face it
REALIZE it’s not
your fault
However it’s now
Sacha May 4
It’s days like this
I want to write
When everything comes to a halt

And I am left between the two
And I don’t know which way to go

Just need to choose
Which of the two
Will cause a bit less suffering

Meanwhile I am in between
But we know it won’t last forever

I’ll make a choice
Glancing at the other
The suffering is still here
No less, just different
Simon May 1
The Breach Interpretation: Is a mild chemical defect, found on the losing side of painful guilt itself.
Making (or, causing) such troubling acts of kindness, the very rhythm (full of justifiable results...), on the biggest possible gimmick...that could ever be committed.
That's just a rough outline of the very interpretation (of "The Breach") itself.
But the Breach part, is truly insignificantly broken from the deep inside out....
The Breach itself however, fully adopts the very different struggles between both "what is right", and "what is wrong" (with one's own personal image, and their own personal struggles at large).
But that doesn't mean nothing should be any different, then when it came to how right that very someone's personal image was, and how awfully wrong their own personal struggles were...when they interpreted it into millions upon millions upon millions of different fragmented individual pieces, (of their own collection). (And that's just the tip of the iceberg, when you finally console the very dynamic realization, of eventually, coming to terms with the long acts of perspectives...) That then obviously shows that those millions upon millions upon millions of different fragmented pieces (with their very own different properties and meanings), because nothing is truly conclusive in ALL these specifics areas and points (of a system that has more to offer, then any other order of things which could tilt at ANY moment...) Revealing a mere simple reaction in their form upon an even simpler side-effect.
Which tips the balance of power...and creates the most unsteady order of chaos that could become either an unstable universe (that could hypothetically become "stable", anyways).
Or just another standard, simplistic, normal sense of self full of such logical wit, (or the smallest of components of each), could then finally define both each others strengths and weaknesses.
Once this happens, everything becomes much clearer, (of course with time).
And this very interpretation of ("The Breach"), can then become fully "self-established" towards just what truthfully surrounds this very Breach itself.
Nevertheless, things now become more founded upon.
(When once it was truthfully subjected towards an unfortunate one-sided enclosure that didn't know how to officially become as one.) Because it was simply missing its other half that was an entirely unknown placement that didn't know it even existed.
The Breach Interpretation is full of all sorts of unbreachable flaws!
But for how much is truly unbreachable...fully depends on the sorts of acts you commit towards.
That's entirely why, this very interpretation is fully masked by the intentions of either others, (or your very own, intentions).
Because in the end, intentions lie their way too victory!
And that's the start (not the finish), towards an act of serious possible violence...(that truthfully defies the very expectations...), of what The Breach...truly is!
Breaching something (that should never be breached), had its own limits a very long time ago. Nowadays, things become truthfully dormant both "at the wrong time" (for the smallest number of useless reasons). And finally knowing "how to arrive at the right destination" (from which nothing comes back from, unless you specifically retrace your own possibly lackluster full of steps).
Martin Boško Apr 27
Many choices lie ahead
Many riddles to be solved
Many things are left unchecked
Many stories to be told
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