REM sleep
In a lucid state
Starving spiritually
Living paradox
Mystic, 6th sense
Way out of illusion
Saw a shining path
With a smell of spring
In a garden of humanity,
Holy land
A living soul
Spreading both wings
A name is born
With a peace of mind
Decently perceived
Code of strength
Let’s be awesome
Life goes on………..∞
A day in a count

Happy New Year
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
glassea 7d
where i am, there aren't
many people who understand
the clean start you bring.

if i could i would
pluck you from the sky,
walk you through my life.

say, "this is where i saw you first.
this is where i turned my prayers
to you instead of god."

say, "this is where i stared at
the pale insides of my wrists
before i matched our glows."

say, "this is where i realized
you are the closest i will ever get
to a culture i'll never know."

if i could i would
polish you to perfection
and push you to the heavens.

i'd cover you with
my mother's silk scarves,
drop them one by one.

dear moon, old friend;
thank you for this hard reboot.
i'll pay you in red envelopes
the next time we meet.
chinese new year has a lot of personal significance for me, and i hope i've captured that at least a little bit.
Brianna Feb 15
The summer in Texas took everything it could from me -- my confidence, my soul, and all the sweat my body could produce.
But it also showed me happiness.
It showed me lake days and laughter, drinking in the sand with my best friend, and searching for alligators in a swamp.

It showed me that  sometimes you need to go to Louisiana and gamble until 3 am then drive three hours back home.
Reminiscing about your youth and making new inside jokes to talk about later.

The summer in Texas showed me good food and country music is something I didn't know I was missing from my life.
Showed me dancing on rooftops and art all over downtown Dallas and in Austin too.

This was a year I will never forget-- dreaming of new beginnings and spending a year with my best friend just being twenty something year old for the first time in our life.

A year spent remembering who we are and trying to grow instead of putting ourselves down.
Rachel Feb 12
I'm finally learning how to be the very person I dreamed of being.
I'm learning that I am worthy of holding the stars,
and that breathing in the sky was exactly what God designed it for.

I lost myself a lot in the past year, but I'm back.
I am more confident in my purpose than ever before.
I am mentally and emotionally stronger.
I will not do anything less than the purpose I was created for.

You all may not be ready, but I am.
Sanny Feb 9
It's 6 AM. I'm a wanderer.

Walking around my empty city.

Overwriting my patterns of memories.

The past is haunting me where I go.

Erasing my old tracks with new ones.

Year after year, with new memories connected to my feet.
Samantha Feb 6
The idea that something good was only one magic step away.
The idea that some things never change, and the hope that some do.
The idea that love is hard, but holy shit, the reward.
The idea that someone's skin can be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, and to touch it is the idea of human comfort.
Here's to feelings that we thought were lost, only to be found, and lost again.
Here's to the child-like wonder that come from discovering love for the first time in a long time.
Here's to the idea of believing in the blonde boy more than I've ever believed in anything.
Here's to the idea that it doesn't matter how you get to Sunday, as long as you get there.
The idea that the only thing the soul needs at the end of every day is just to laugh.
The idea that people can sweep you away, just like a hurricane, the prettiest natural disaster ever seen.
Here's to all the secret stolen moments that didn't belong to us in the first place, but we're made ours.
Here's to all the nights where the only thing that mattered is the emotion that overwhelmed us.
Here's to late night car rides filled with music that was everything to us.
Here's to the morning where we weren't fully awake yet, but still found each other's company.
Here's to the idea that love would outlive us all.
Here's to all the moments where anger should've been squashed and hearts should've healed.
Here's to all the harsh words that were never meant.
Here's to waking up and finding a way to fall in love all over again, everyday.
2017 was filled with the regret that kindness and understanding did not prevail over everything.
But how can you really regret a year filled with the idea of love in the air and feet dirty with adventure.

And for 2018, the idea that love comes, and is not required to stay. But we are made of pure Earth with hearts that come from the cosmos, and there are things inside of us that will always outlast time.
The idea of giving your heart, completely recklessly, with no abandon, even if it's only just once. The notion that someone will come and when they do, they can have everything and you will hold nothing back.
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This is MLK Day!
The Trumpoet Jan 14
We've reached the end of year one
and Trump says he's done more
than any other president
from any time before.

So, what are the accomplishments
of Trump and his intrepid crew?
Well, here now is a partial list
of what they did, or tried to do.

They lied about inaugural crowds
and introduced "Alternative Facts",
inspired a worldwide women's march
to protest Trump's disgusting acts.

Hollowed-out the E.P.A.,
deemed climate change a Chinese hoax.
Paris Accord and regulations
gone, in puff of toxic smoke!

Wrecked the State Department and
Muslims, he said, must be banned.
Insulted NATO and U.N.,
brought shame upon his own homeland.

Attacked the mainstream media.
Railed and ranted of "fake news",
unless it came from Fox and Friends
and others spouting all his views.

Gave praise to Russia - Putin too.
Investigations started.
Comey started digging and
was forcibly departed.

Poked and taunted Kim Jong Un.
International drama!
Obsessed with slagging Hillary
and Barack Obama.

Battled healthcare, N.F.L.
and Planned Parenthood.
Tried to ban transgendered troops.
Claimed that coal is good.

Would not condemn the Neo-Nazis
down in Charlottesville.
Filled his swamp with sycophants
up on Capitol Hill.

Puerto Rico half destroyed.
Paper towels he gave.
Huge cuts to the National Parks,
decreasing land to save.

Claimed that Trump saved Christmas and
gave massive tax cut presents
to the corporate oligarchs
with crumbs tossed to the peasants.

Debt ballooning! Conflict looming!
Divisions far and wide!
G.O.P.'s not stopping Trump.
Have they even tried?

Claims to be a stable genius;
A smart and big success!
What legacy will Donald leave?
What awful, dreadful mess?

These were just some accomplishments
of which I have kept score,
but they just scratch the surface.
I could rant for hours more!

But haven't we all had enough
after Trump's first year?
It feels more like twenty!
Let us hope his end is near.

This was my Year One "trumpoem"
that I wrote for you.
Hope I won't have to write another
after year two!
You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: January 14, 2018
Kasey Lee Jan 7
I never thought that I could ever feel this pain.
The pain that never ends.
I thought I knew what this feeling was...
Until you showed me otherwise.

I never thought I would end up this way, weak and fragile,
Always broken.
I thought I knew what heartbreak was...
Until you broke my heart.

It has been so, so long since it happened,
But I remember everything vividly,
Like it all happened yesterday.

I feel so useless, so hopeless...
Without you....

We talk every now and then,
Because I need to know how you're doing.
I can't stay away for too long.

I told you not to drive in the snow and to stay safe.
You said " :) nice to know you care that much"

Of course I care

Why wouldn't I?
I care more than anyone and you should know that by now.
I care more than I can put into words,
More than the earth needs the sun...

I care.
I've always cared.
I've never stopped.
And never will.
You know that.

I just wish I knew if you felt the same.

I miss you,
Even more than a year later.
I'm still so broken hearted, I don't know where to go from here.
Let us do New
Something indeed,
You celebrate my Diwali
And I your Id.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved
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