liv 7d
i’ve realized why you still leave me so speechless
it’s because my vocabulary has never found anything so deserving of such amazing words
you’re so much more than just amazing
In the nappy root,
the scorching wave
at coconuts's palm,
the black sun was born.

since then , the sun
and him lived the more,
and woke as one
every morning

and today like the sun,
I reflect, and set
the mind to beam
at the one years wish.

the golden treasure chest,
much promise,
with the hand of
a renaissance god.

and like the sun,
I'm in peace. when you notice
the universal power, could not
move the sunshine's seat.

God Almighty, thank you.
The dead cannot see the sun.
and even the black sun,
who may be hard to understand.

life's content,
will wave or rush,
but in all, it's all
under the sun.

and the sun shines.
so tonight I say thank you,
and develop the thought
that life, life is forever beautiful.
A poem I composed and recited on July 27, 2018 - My 23rd Birthday.
Inspired by Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine.
vic Jul 29
Today, I am falling.
I don’t know where I am going to land
Or how I started falling in the first place
But I can feel my heart smashing against the ground
Can feel rocks landing on my lungs
I think it was a landslide.
A storm of the false assumptions my brain makes
Forcing me off of my mountainous high
Some people say seasonal depression happens in the winter
I think mine occurs during the hotter times
When things stay still and dry
But that one rainstorm can cause an entire mountain to slide
Hands no longer moving on my school papers
No longer babbling to teachers who see me as one of the hundreds of faces
What do you do when you're only memorable cause of your tragic backstory?
How do I become something more than a tale of depression?
How do I stop falling?

Today, I realized that I can never seem to stop my fall
Try and grab on to the cliff or the rocks
But they all slide with me.
We fall down together
Fading under heaps of mud that dirty our visions of life
Becoming nothing more than another lost fossil.
Bones under so much pressure we become fuel for successful people.
Why can’t I be the successful person?

Today, I wondered if there’s even a point in trying to stop the fall
Every mountain I conquer collapses anyways.
Becomes heaps of rocks and rubble for colonists to make skyscrapers on
My methods of success are outdated
For even the biggest mountains have been conquered before
I am nothing more than an unidentifiable face
That will be lost to the world shortly after her demise
Only remembered for her tragic backstory and a too short life.
They say in your senior year you should feel on top of the world
But I have yet to climb to that overhyped sensation

Instead, I am falling.
Alex Jul 17
The World spins so fast that we can’t feel it
This planet we are standing on is moving at 1000 miles an hour
But we can’t feel it
It’s a constant rate of movement, no speeding up and no slowing down
Which is why we can’t feel it
The earth is just spinning,
and we are just a passenger
Moving throughout space on a giant flying rock
No control over where we will end up
No control over where this rock is going
Yet we just keep moving forward
Launching ourselves at 1000 miles per hour
Straight around the sun
Which seems to be a good motto for life
We should launch ourselves at whatever we want to do at full force
1000 miles per hour
Straight around the sun
Moving us forward
Step by step
Mile by mile
Year by precious year
The earth is proof that we can,
We will, make it through this
We will push through and live our best lives
We will.
Your all I think about. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year.

It’s always been you.
It will always be you.
Every choice.
Every breath.

It’s you.

                            With love,
this time last year
i was a completely different person
i had a heart depleted of hope
and eyes filled with dark matter
all life was lost

this time last year
i left a relationship that was destroying me
a relationship that was grinding my bones into dust
just for amusement
just to see how far i could be pushed
until i would crumble

this time last year
i felt like dying
i felt like disappearing
running from this small town
to a place where no one knew my name

this time last year
i started meaning something to someone
someone who wasn't myself
and once again my world began turning

this time last year
i was at the lowest i had been in a long time
but i was also at my highest
a walking paradox
my body felt dead
but my soul was still breathing

and because of this time last year
and the people who started caring
i am here today
365 days later
Lily Jun 25
Every year visits to grandparents occur,
And the grandkids have “grown so much,”
And they need to “put bricks on their heads”.
Every year the family is updated about
The sports and the activities,
The good dates and the not-so-good dates
Of the previous year,
The births and baptisms,
The deaths and funerals.
Every year we endure the
Sometimes awkward, always long conversations
With the friends we see just once a year,
Maybe less, and every year we seem
To get further and further apart,
And the conversations are shorter,
Maybe even just a “Hey”, and you
Wonder why we can’t talk to these people anymore.
Why do people so close to us in heart become
So much more hard to communicate with in person?
Is it technology, fooling us into thinking
That we are connected to each other, when really
We don’t know each other at all?
Is it time, slowly eroding our years of
Memories and similarities, leaving us
Longing for the “good old days” instead
Of embracing the new ones?
Is the problem simply us;
Are we not willing to create new memories,
Go through the stresses of trying to forge
A new relationship when distance
Becomes an issue?
Maybe that is the problem.
Yet no one is willing to fix it,
So every year is the same.
I’ll probably be writing a poem about this
Next year.
Cece Jun 19
The blush of warmth
catches up with winter's withering sprint.
Thousands of petals bloom
into gorgeous flowers
swaying in the pretty breeze.
Even winter's finest snowflakes
can't compete with the vitality of the season.
As trees shake off their snowy coats
and don leaves once more,
the birds announce
that spring has come.
Their pretty song
driving away the lasts
of the cold, howling, wind.
The days grow longer,
the temperature grows warmer,
the plants just grow.
Soon it seems the subtle coolness of spring
is melted away by summer,
with it's burning sun
and disheartening heat.
But all kindness is not lost
with the loss of spring's gentle embrace.
Thunder rolls in with the coming of summer,
announcing a burst of rain
to sooth raging anger
left by raging heat.
And as beach vacations and summer break
come to an end, the productivity of autumn
must begin.
The trees display an astounding array of colors,
before eventually letting go of their leaves.
Dry leaves coat the ground,
giving a satisfying crunch
when they are stepped on.
clouds come and go with little rain,
leaving gloom and chilly nights
in their wake.
The fallen leaves are picked up by the wind,
taken up and away.
The trees, stripped from their glory,
sit solemnly,
waiting for the first snow.
And as the chill in the air starts stinging cheeks,
biting noses, and numbing ears,
it comes.
Children laugh at the white, puffy snow,
while parents sigh at the prospect of shoveling.
The grass and any lucky flowers,
now not so lucky,
shrivel under the blanket
that provides them no warmth,
just a frozen death.
Yet the short nights grow longer once more,
and a sweet breeze distracts winter
and keeps it from staying too long.
You can start over at the end and it should blend in to the beginning again, which was fun to try. i was working on descriptions, so tell me how I did, if you want!
Sanny Jun 19
A year I never thought I'd survive has passed.

I leave behind heartache, anxiety, loneliness and bad energy.

It's all washed off.

Now I look forward to fulfilling dreams, self-love and laughter.

Last year was about surviving.

This year is about living.

Today I celebrate me.
George Krokos Jun 13
Another year has just gone by and what seems to have happened there
is that someone has forced me to incur a bad debt by deception's flare.
That's how it seems to me now with some people who're waiting to see
what they are entitled to get in this multi sided settlement and spree.
Some evil people have a way of getting what they want and are after
even if it means deception, in breaking the law or by causing disaster.

They must be brought to justice to face the consequences of their action
only then can I rest and prevent them getting away with any satisfaction.
The problem here is that, one of the suspects is the next door neighbour
while the other being someone who could do another offence to savour.
Written early 2018.
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