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Nylee Jan 17
In a matter of time
I've been losing my mind
the heat rises, and the ice melts

we've suffered enough
or was the last year, just a trailer
to what is to come more

escaping it ain't easy
it is driving me dizzy
thinking about it

Simply, there are no answers
To the times unknown
and the life that are gone

do we refuse to look up still
Or are we so used to the drill
this is no more surreal.
Alex Jan 6
this deep well simmers
this deep well of nothing
why did i even think that i was
or any less empty
just because i had more things
to distract me

almost thought it doesn't consume you
as much as it did
this is what growing up was supposed
to be like, right?
everything falling into place.

new years eve I realized,
i may really well be the one
to die
happy new year. feeling better now but the holiday seasons,,,sheesh.
Willow SR Jan 2
Dear 2022,

I will try to have hope for you.
I will try to hold you near.
I will try to love you.
And in return please be a dear.
Please don't let them hurt me.
Please hold me when my tears fall.
Please be there for me through it all.

And when it gets tough.
Let there be goodness.
Let there be love too.
And let hope blossom anew.
If you could do this.
We would all be extremely, entirely,
gratefully indebted to you.  

Those hoping for something new
Here's to hoping for a good 2022
To some,
It's just a new day
Like the days before this;
A change in a date
Like 2021 changing into 2022;
There's nothing special about today
Cuz "New Year New Me" is a myth
That's what I used to believe
Until 2020,
When I realized that there's more
It's not just arithmetic figures
But it's the start of a new beginning
Of our lives journey
To the future
Where unending opportunities await
To better education, skills and lives
Get closer to our family and friends
Build broken relationships
Work out on our bodies
Be kind to strangers and the needy
Quit drinking and smoking
Practice financial management
And it all starts with a checklist,
A plan to execute it
Achieve each of them
And review for progress
Shofi Ahmed Jan 1
Happy New Year to all,
Gluten free, sugar free
perhaps preservatives free goods
We like to be thick in stocks.

O God let it be all in all
a Covid free 2022 store.
Happy New Year to all.
sergiodib Jan 1
There is a world
Where you don't get old,
Where truth and love are bold,
Where peace is written in gold,
Where human dignity cannot be sold,
Where perfect beauty we will behold
And every secret will unfold.

For sure there is this world
But where it is, I haven’t been told!
Let’s create this world inside ourselves.
New day knocks the door
A hot, happy Sun rises
In spite of the moon...
Sun for 2022...and Moon for 2021

Happy new year guys 😊❤️
Here I am sitting
on my comfortable chair
enjoying my new years eve
smoking cigarette
and reading Zarathustra.

This is my first poem
in 2022!
Indonesia, 1st January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
It's tough to say — bye!
When you know, From tomorrow...
You will not exist!
For u — 2021... Goodbye... "We'll meet again"... I wish I could say so but we can't ...And that's what, this life teaches us... That, nothing is permanent, everything has to be vanished... Even our existence!!
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