Clara E 7h
I remember being offered the same bed. It was a joke amongst friends, amongst friends who'd already heard my heart flutter when I'd brought you along for quiet drinks in the kitchen. You couldn't sleep without a smoke you said after everyone had gone to bed.

In the summer air I joined you outside, turning down the cigarette when you offered. Something about the summer haze made it only natural why I'd followed you out in the early hours.

We used to talk about our lives and our feelings and the flitting of people through them. I recall the grass being wet as you paced, insisting you were holding on for something better and it was coming, you just didn't know when.

Last year in that morning dusk all I recall is the content quiet, the improbable, the quiet of the garden as your company became the volume. This was never love, this was a collection of moments that put the bird calls in the day. Placed us in orbit around the sun. Made days feel like days and nights feel like night.

(Early fondness)
Within a year we weren't speaking but this is a fond thought.
Share your heartbreaks.
the water crystal clear,
yet ice cold to the touch
like sorrowed whispers of agony
by the poolside i keep my clutch
on scorching sunny days,
and chilly, ruthless nights
the water wants to pull me in
with it's frigid, ruthless bite

these days that i keep close,
they're memories i hold dear
times with sweet friends of mine
times of crying but no one hears
these things happened by the poolside,
where fear and love have been
the water cannot drown me now,
for i have learned to swim.
Clarity May 2
2nd May
Would have been the best of all days.
If you didn’t destroy everything in your way

We used to be so happy
But now, A year later
We don’t even know each other.

You left without a word
And I felt so empty
But eventually i stopped questioning it.

I moved on
But this day,
It brings everything back.

May 2nd
Was the day you were supposed to be with me
It was supposed to be our yearly anniversary.
Clarity May 1
Even my dreams are taunting me
I guess its fitting since its so close to our one year anniversary
But why does it make a difference,
You left 8 months too early.

The first dream was us, your best friend and your mother.
The next was you and i, my parents and my brothers.
The most recent with you and my father.

I don’t know what to think anymore because every morning i wake up with a tightness around my heart
It’s tearing me apart
From the inside out
I just want to shout
Why can’t you leave me alone!
Lure Pot Apr 29
Do you remember
The first day of the summer
Of the last year
It was a great pleasure.

Do you miss that night
We were enjoying the moonlight
We had lovely eyesight
And then everything was alright.

Have I fallen in love ever
In my unrest life?
I'll never forget you, never
Even in this stormy weather!

You are still summer rain
In my broken heart
Yeah, I cannot start
My day anymore, turn me back again!

I miss you so much, I love you forever
My heart is broken without you here
I care about you, my dear
Where are you, sweetie, where?
Clara E Apr 14
When I'm drunk and dancing it's like no ounce of sadness could enter my body.
Feelings of insecure pavilions can't grow here like the mountainous structures of unturned love affairs they often turn out to be.
The lights go down and I find purity in being invisible, replaying, relaying all the unrequited sadness at its most human.
Time here doesn't count. We've left the world daring, as an unfortunate thing that needs no sense or matter to put it to rest. Here we're all too trusting.
If abandoned steps of forgotten shopping malls, lips in ear, or new found friendships entrenched in cups of coffee could show us anything it's that people never last and feelings harbour longer than I ever wished they would.
George Krokos Mar 28
Seasons come and go
in four stages of the year
one knows by the signs
It's getting colder
and the weather is changing
Winter is so near
It is cold here now
with all the wind, rain and hail
the blues of Winter
Spring has come one sees
with all the buds and blossoms
colours and fragrance
Summer is now here
with the weather much warmer
sun, flowers and fruit
Where leaves are falling
below many of the trees
those shades of Autumn
Written 1n 2017 and early 2018
Wanderer Mar 19
I can never imagine us being
after having not been for so long
the rift in time
pulled us apart
and there is no way to cross the gap
no bridge you can build
leaving my memories
floating down the stream
underneath your feet
it does not work like that
I can not
I will not
be a retrograde version
of myself
who I am now
Is not who you would want
I have come to realize time has ruined
anything we could have had
a lot can happen in a year, maybe four;
a lot can happen in an hour, maybe more.

talking is fine, but can you take on the risk?
now, i’m not just talking about an ordinary task.
whether it be a lifetime of love, the love of your life,
or one particularly special night,
it all comes down to this:
a right
of passage, a race.

who’s better?

he’s taller, but he has the nice hair;
she’s blonder, while she tries not to care.
he can’t dance, and he won’t try;
she won’t admit to the tear in her eye.
he knows what he wants, and he knows nothing;
she tries to distinguish a little bit of everything.

stop it.

there’s no winning the race yet because his shoe is untied;
she can’t stand and go face that finish line.
he tripped and fell, but so did she;
the other guy ran, only to fall to his knees.
stop panting and collect yourself- just breathe.

a lifetime led to four years, and four years to that day;
she ran and chased too many check points along the way.
afraid of being alone, she asked too many times;
afraid of dancing alone, she asked, but was still denied.
him, him, him, him, he who was possibly that sacred hymn:
one he wondered impatiently,
another he pursued contradictingly,
another he fell flawlessly;
however, no he was to be lawfully,
but only so rightfully.

this is no lifetime, but only
one evening not meant to be lonely.
the only way to win is to face them directly in the eye
and have every question answered. why?
because this is that special night,
senior year, and you have the right.

step back, step up, have courage, calm down.
ASK her to a quaint place in town,
but before she even knows you’re listening,
just as both your hearts are quickening,
surprise HER with that special something.
if she knows, you may think you blew it,
when really, this whole time, she probably knew it.
it won’t be easy, but if it comes from the heart,
there’s the finish line. all you’ve got TO do is start…

ya know, sometimes Poems Reveal Oblivious Messages...

Here’s my first “spoken word” type of poem. However, sometimes there is a hidden beauty in viewing written work for yourself...

edit: this poem has since been reformatted from the original.
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