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Hello past and future me,
How's life?

I'm saying goodbye to all that doesn't show,
Finally moving on.

2023, the year I leave,
Goodbye everyone I knew.

Hopefully it's a good year,
At least better than 2022
Last night we said goodbye to 2022.
Out with the old and in with the new.
The new year is here at last.
2022 is a thing of the past.
I hope that 2023 will be a terrific year.
And when I say that, I'm being sincere.
I hope the new year will bring happiness and prosperity.
We said goodbye to 2022 and we're saying hello to 2023.
Alex McQuate Dec 2022
Fight, Love, Look, See,
Take in such a beautiful brawl that stars you and me,
Flying chairs and broken glass,
Blackened eyes and much-kicked ***.

One more time around that big ball of fire,
What will this trip bring this time around?
Some mud and hard to trek mire,
Or gold and diamond laid ground,
An easy path ahead towards we joyfully bound?

Such wisdom must lie in the future,
Startling realizations and obstacles we approach,
Yet stretches onward like a magnificent azure beacher,
That one might upon first glance be wary to broach.

But saunter forth we must,
With the trodden gait of some war-weary old sailor,
With a rind of salt crust,
Who has been both Captain and Bailer,
Lost-Limbed and near broken.

Such a great journey this last trip was,
Such changes it has brought,
With a son I learned caution and to be more kind,
Abandoning my careless risks,
To have more presence of mind,
To weigh my options and be more careful with my money,
And to always be more kind.

But roots you should not forget,
To take chances still,
To still live life with no regrets,
For no flour is made in a place that is a still mill.

Love this world,
But don't hate the things you can't change,
Fight for those things,
With tooth and claw,
For those things will be the most relished victory of all.

I sit here typing this,
A bittersweet adieu to the year 2022,
For death rung in the year,
And leaves me with the gift of a new life,
The start with a startling pain from the stab of a knife,
But ending with the approaching of joy that is oh-so-near.

Lace up your boots,
******* your pack,
Take a seat,
Buckle in,
7 seconds left on this bucking bronc,
A last kick that will bring a few more knocks,
But will bring in the new year with smiles that lets the last stings of death defrocked.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
This year drawing to a close
Mind clouded by memory;
Your name
Future is a mystery but one thing is certain
Nothing ever will again be the same
I never thought I'd have to live without you so soon
Cameron Nov 2022



The clock keeps ticking on.

First a second, then an hour.

Then a year, then a decade.




The sun had always shone for me,

but now I stand only in the dusk.

The clock keeps ticking on.




Two decades dead and gone,

How many more have yet to come?

The clock keeps ticking on.
Nylee Jan 2022
In a matter of time
I've been losing my mind
the heat rises, and the ice melts

we've suffered enough
or was the last year, just a trailer
to what is to come more

escaping it ain't easy
it is driving me dizzy
thinking about it

Simply, there are no answers
To the times unknown
and the life that are gone

do we refuse to look up still
Or are we so used to the drill
this is no more surreal.
Alex Jan 2022
this deep well simmers
this deep well of nothing
why did i even think that i was
or any less empty
just because i had more things
to distract me

almost thought it doesn't consume you
as much as it did
this is what growing up was supposed
to be like, right?
everything falling into place.

new years eve I realized,
i may really well be the one
to die
happy new year. feeling better now but the holiday seasons,,,sheesh.
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