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One year from now, where will you be?
Will you choose? Or just wait and see?

Choose to act - create some changes
From small steps, life rearranges

One year from now, will life be great?
Will you take actions that elevate?

Read new books and learn handy skills?
Or just cruise along to pay the bills?

One year from now, you’ll be the same
Unless you act to increase your game

Think new ideas - meet some new friends
Better thoughts lead to better ends
This is Prosperity Poem ** at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

I often share with people the general idea, "One year from now, you'll be much the same as you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet."  

Sometimes I use "Five Years", but the idea is the same.  And it's true!  You can choose to make changes.  Get those new ideas!  Read those best books and listen to life changing audios. Meet new people.
maria 3d
I, no more
count years
in new year's eve,
I, count years
in birthdays,
your birthdays.
Not speaking for months,
a happy birthday
and a new roller coaster
Written on March 04, 2021
© ,Maria
Walking down a peaceful mountain,
where shiny snowflakes fall beautifully and elegantly.
A nuance of white floats in the air,
painting the ground, coloring our vision.
Each one is unique, but all have the same structures,
yet are pretty similar despite their differences:

They are like you and me.
Some disappear and some appear.
The cycle of life we all center ourselves and move forward.
The new year is there to offer us something different.
We can make the difference like we ended all past years, in inference.
Zack Ripley Feb 14
If a picture's worth a thousand words,
What's a life worth?
It's crazy to think that life can be lived
A million different ways when,
at most, we'll only see 36,500 days.
Especially these days, people worry
They don't have time to figure out
How to do, how to say something meaningful.
So think about it like this:
You may only have 36,500 days, 100 years. But it doesn't take days or years
To make a difference.
It only takes a minute.
And EVERY YEAR, you get 525,600 of them. 525,600 chances to change.
Seconds, minutes, hours, days.
All of these times come, and then go away.
For some men live but a second, few a hundred years; but rest assured all return to the dust, then fade. So spends your time wisely, if just a hasty second or patience year.
Elorai Jan 28
We got so hyped for 2020 and we hoped it won’t ****,
but, man, we just really ran out of luck.
A lot of famous people died,
while all their fans cried.
So many talented people lost,
oh, and global warming is melting our permafrost.
But even though this year is rough.
I am just like “fair enough”.
Cause what can a poor man like I do,
when everyone is sick cause of some **** bat stew?
And now cause of that flying creatures,
we are discovering Zooms new features,
because some pandemic can’t stop us from learning.
Also, forests in Australia were burning.
But even when the world is going through some stuff,
I am just like “fair enough”.
In the USA they are fighting for equal rights,
while Europeans are just scrolling through their social sites.
The stock market crashed,
and ****** hornets were a bit rushed.
There was a tragic explosion in Beirut’s port,
while the US unemployed because of corona fought for support.
But even whet 2020 was tough,
and I was just like “fair enough”,
I hope that I’ll see y'all later,
and that next year will be greater
Cause if we won’t have some fun,
it would mean that 2021.
And now I have to go – my assignments are due,
I just hope that the year after won’t be 2022.
don't take this too seriously
Man Jan 28
when you make learning the goal
the world opens up
into a fantastic phase
of color and light

light's not quite the weight though
and color bleeds through
cause they don't pay the rent
they don't keep the gas

so a lot of us close the books
putting the pen down
with faux intent to one day, pick it back up
but that day's never coming

the years, they draw in on you
and responsibility bears down on you
the person you thought you'd become
is replaced with the one you did

but you can always make a change
Mitch Prax Jan 17
Each year is
a roller-coaster
of disappointment-
why would this year
be any
rig Jan 11
cobblestones bespeckled
with golden remnants of
last year’s celebration
of the present future:
little universes
of possibilities.
Yet another decade begins, another choice we get
To create  a nexus or a vicious circle

Its time to reflect back, and know
What it means for your soul, your inner sparkle
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