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Nothing to compare with Intimacy with the one you
love no lines drawn free to
express oneself through the beauty of making
love two *****
bodies joining together In a loveing embrace hands exploring
the beauty of each other's
bodies finding all those little but Important things to turn on
partner then to excite and pleasure them before even thinking of your own needs then to be rewarded with climaxing together In explosion of pure pleasure and then
In your lover arms
with your heart still pounding so fast and then
to fall In to blissful sleep whilst holding on to the one you
Nothing compares to making love to the one you love together magical moments shared together In a loving
Loneliest  is the moment
When you have no one to run to
The one that eases the pain
Is the one causing the hurt
Where do I go now? To whom do I turn?
Back to the lips that lied?
Back to the finger tips that betrayed?
c 3d
And I spun and I spun and I spun
So out of control
No rhythm
Short. Choppy.
It lasted so long, so quickly.
I don’t know what happened,
But I saw it.
Even though I didn’t.
My car did pirouettes
Down the embankment
Until it found a spot to rest
In between two hedgeposts
And barbed wire.
They say your life flashes before your eyes
In moments like this,
But for me,
It was moments I wouldn’t ever have.
The things I wanted to accomplish,
The people that I loved.
It was heartbreaking.
When I crawled out,
No different than when I got in,
I laughed with tears in my throat.
Today, the world is the same,
But I will never be.
rip Beatrice
The moments....

Slip like the sand
Never come back

Hurt like the eye dust
Pass like a caravan

Err in the seconds
Punish for years

Fluid like the streams
Yet stuck in breath

Fragrant like the flowers
Scatter like the petals

People say no comeback
Yet peep in the thoughts and dreams

रेत की तरह फिसलते लम्हे
लौट के कहाँ आ सके लम्हे

धूल की तरह आँख में चुभे
कारवां रहे गुज़रते  लम्हे

दी सज़ा मुझे साल की कई
बार बार क्यों ज़ुल्म करते लमहे

धार में बहे वक़्त की रवां
साँस में मग़र अटकते लमहे

महकते रहे फूल से खिले
पंखुड़ी बने बिखरते लमहे

लौटते नहीं लोग ये कहें
ख़ाब ख़्याल में झाँकते लम्हे

Ghazal.....wrote and translated
Kanisha 3d
I remember every time I relied on you,
& Every moment I breathe with you,
Those days when words didn't need to be said with you,
Your wet shoulders and my dried tears,
I'll always remember you with your courage & fears.
I never thought even these days will have an end,
And all my high dreams will crash into land,
You ignored me like I was an ant,
And you became the elephant mingling the rest,
Everything I do reminds me of you,
Along with the times I endure the pain for you,
I'll always remember the lessons you taught me,
I'll always remember you
With all the cost you made me pay,
Just to laugh at broken me!
Your voice settles on my skin;
words like drops of liquid light
that I try to grasp in the dark
before they slip away,
evaporating like dew in the dawn.
Time is a raindrop
      Falling separately
Never landing in the

Same location.

But puddling in an
         Singugular continuity.
Black sky with pale light compared to your beauty
Your smile looks so bright on this starry night
Tints of blues, wondering how are you?

She begins to stare and laugh into the air
Will my chances be forever there?

Her sparkling eyes as beautiful as a diamond in the sky
Why oh' why is your smile so close yet, so dry.

Your smile goes up towards the moonlight,
Your heart goes towards the sun
My thought go towards my ***'

I drift back to sleep in the deep
I awake fully in my seat.
I begin to weep
I found a girl in class with an interesting bright smile. I wonder how she can smile like that? Should I ask? (I hope for her sake its reality.)
Mahati 7d
I respect myself
Maybe you don’t
I care for you too much
To walk away
From your ignorance
Teaching you helps us both
So i stay
And i bare
No, I’m sorry
I don’t
Not anymore
I have leared to say no
And walk away
So I don’t bare
I walk to a safer, more free environment
With my head just enough high
And back as straight as possible for me
And i do come back
To see your growth
I respect myself
After all these experiments
I have done to feel more
After mistakes
I didn’t think in those moments
I felt
There will be more of these
But i know where’s the line now

I respect myself
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