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The enduring ephemerality,
Strung together moments of blissfulness,
Each fleeting in its temporality,
But feeling infinite in wistfulness.

The hands of time spin circles without end,
While memories live in moments discrete.
Some moments blur to a nondescript end,
Moments with you time will never defeat.

Events live so long as not forgotten,
Life’s meaning breaks time’s continuity.
With each breath a new time is begotten,
So time gone lives in perpetuity.

When timeless blissfulness is in the past,
The paradox of time still makes it last.
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Willow 2d
It’s the end of the night
The last of the chai
With a breeze meant to cool
Our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of an era
The last of the sorrows
With a moment meant to heal
Our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of the show
The last of the magic
With a tune to send us off
To seek our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of the evening
The last of the chai
With the sky as our barrier
We ride our forever burning hearts.
soul 5d
The time stops
Rearranging memories
Some good and some bad
Kisses of future makes them last
Good one just touched the empty rood
Bad lost the journey on its way home
A day well spent
It whispers again
But ,
Again mind interrupt
You just forget the empty lanes
The one waiting to be walked on
Missed steps ,
Cart wheeled there
Head upside down
World looks brand new
The dawn appears
Sun hollers
Cheering for the day
Journey still goes on
The moments joined
Beautifully ended voyage
Other pals
Weeps the most at last,
On the death bed
Where the Soul rejuvenates
celebrating the life
That remarked its specificity
When you realize life is too short to remember past
We've never really fought
My BFF and I
Except twice
Because one of us was an ally
And the other wasn't.
Because one of us said "I'm a bad influence, you shouldn't be my friend"
And we didn't talk
At least, that was the pretense
We fought because we cared
I wouldn't say 'homophobe' becuz the direct definition is 'fear of lgbtq'
That's not the case here.
We couldn't not talk for the whole day, we ended up bursting out at each other occasionally from across desks.
Blank 6d
I am dancing
with your demons,
and you're dancing
with mine.
And for a moment,  
we forgot we're in hell.
We're not living, we're just killing time.
Merwin Nikad Oct 4
To live another day
In remembrance of my past
There is pain in these words
I miss the moments
Of nervous limbs
And questioning thoughts

I wish to relive
That nostalgia
Fire mear by
And you were just a little high
With that moment
I felt happy

Now I am far away
The south of the north
And you are where I was
Before we met
I could only ask
To relive that moment

Curious eyes
Starry skies
Nervous limbs
Fire nearby
And questioning thoughts
For a friend i havent seen in a while and that i miss dearly
Amy Krencius Oct 2
How can I say, when it all fell away?
When the tethers that bind became weathered and frayed...
When the moments I cherished, the stories I made;
They crumbled beneath me, and drifted away...

The shadows, they came for me, deep in the night;
The darkness devoured all sound and all sight.
As silence embraced me I swore I could hear;
A whisper, a warning - that the end had drawn near...

[though deep in the darkness, I will follow the light;
though chained to the empty, still I revel in life]

From shadows, they slithered (there was ice in my veins);
My dreams - once denied -  now they howled in my face.
The silence that followed, it carried away,
A lie once believed, that my life wouldn't fade.

(I could wait for my moment, there would always be time.
I didn't yet know that the moment's weren't mine.)

She feared me, refusing to look me in the eyes;
(denial) she hid under such clever lies.
As time moved upon her, she could not yet face;
Her days were but flickers, and would be erased..

Though I whispered each day, softly into her ear;
That I followed her close, that the end would draw near;
Still she told herself that there would always be time;
She would wait for her moment, but the moments were mine...

[for all the years wasted,
and all the days lost;
all her dreams unfulfilled;
much too heavy a cost.]

I shunned the whispers, though they followed me close;
Telling me nothing was yet set in stone...
That as long as a breath filled my lungs up with air;
There was still time for living, though none could be spared.

[a print in the sand that would show I was there]

An echo, a whisper, a life rearranged;
A piece left behind so the world would be changed...
Now silence and sorrow are all that I hold,
Where once was a flame, now my heart has grown cold...

So many years wasted, so many days lost,
Broken dreams (unfulfilled), much too heavy a cost.

[into this place where souls come to rest;
in darkness I stood, a trespassing guest.]

The spirits, they lingered, with sorrow to bear.
Where once there was hope, now only despair...

I saw that the darkness, it had swallowed her whole;
And I knew that I must, that I must fill my soul.
I must reach for my dreams, I must grip them so tight;
Before I am silenced, by the infinite night...

Then before my eyes, came blackened wings;
That stole my breath, and all my dreams.
I had wasted my moment, my flickering light,
Was stolen, extinguished, on the blackest of nights..
Val Vik Oct 1
my happiest moment:
when I became a laughter
in your fruity lips<3
to make someone you love laugh is the greatest feeling in the world. This moment I will cherish forever.
Take me back to the night
When we became one
With the streets
And the city lights
We flew through the air
Forgetting the sorrows
That this would be over by tomorrow
For we got lost in the moment
But we didn’t want to find our way back
For being lost in that moment
Was the best feeling I’ve ever had
Mary Shanti Sep 28
Of momentary
Burning like
An Hour glass
Seeping in
And Out
In distant passageways
Escaping me
And all the frozen
Fall from
You never sent me
I wait in
Spaces of time
For the day
I will
When it will come at me
Withered worries
Of the when
It will hit me
Like a pan
Hard and heavy
I try to remind myself I am human
Melodies remind me you are gone
And I slow my breath to catch a glimpse
Of something that once was
Written by me at a time of loss
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