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PM 8h
What if you could forget,
forget all the bad days.    
All those bad decisions.          
All the things you wish
you could be able to erase,
would you be able to do it?                    
Would you be willing                        
to erase what made you stronger.                            
What made you a fighter.                                
What are you willing to lose
in order to forget those moments.
27.2020, Wilmington, North Carolina.
Standing still,
Sitting still,
PLOP said the sugar to my tea.
Sitting and standing,
Sit properly dear.
It’s quiet, peaceful,
Yelling …

5. 1998, Chester, England.
What are you yelling at me for?
You took it! I know you took it!
I didn’t take anything,
And if I did, where would I put it?
You know I’m only ever outside.
I can’t just jam a book into a tree you know
Ugh! I told you not to call me that.
You’re my twin, I’m allowed to.
But you’re not allowed to take my books.
Elliot, I didn’t take your book.
I was playing outside.
We just had tea,
You were just inside.

Well, fine!
But I didn’t take your stupid book.
You always take my books.
Do not!
Do so!
Ugh, alright.
We are both old enough to fix this like gentle … peoples?
I’m five. You’re five … we’re five.
Okay, to your reading room!!

17. 2010, Anaheim, California.
Running and chasing and yelling,
Always more yelling,
Particularly at me.
He was always a book lover.
Maybe I shouldn’t have hidden his books.
Okay, Shane. Where did you put it now?
I haven’t put anything anywhere.
Right, and here I thought we were too old …
Shhhh, I think I hear it
Crying out for you brother.
It’s saying, ‘help me Elliot,
Help me!’
Ugh, you are so ridiculous!
Fine, I’ll go read another book.

Have you finished any of them?
NO! You keep hiding them.

20. 2013, UCI, California.
I brought it to you,
Your favorite book ‘Lelliot.
I’ll read it to you.
Even though I don’t know if you can hear me:
“Don’t let appearances fool you …”
I hear pinging and beeping.
I hate it.

21. 2014, Midway Park, North Carolina.
I’m not going.
I hate this.
It hurts …
It hurts.
You have to go.
No, I don’t.
You do.
Elliot would want you to.

He’d want me to …

21. 2014, Chester, England.
He’d want me to.
I’m here and I hate this.
Now I have to give them back to you –
All of your books.
King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table,
Anne of Green Gables,
The Hobbit,
The Road,
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,

The book with all of Poe’s works,
Moby ****,
The Rule of Four,
A Thousand Splendid Suns,
1Q84 …

There are so many.
I’m sorry I hid them all.
They’re a comfort to me now.  
Let me read them to you.

27. 2020, Wilmington, North Carolina.
I remember:
I was drinking tea,
Gently mixing in the sugar,
Getting up and sitting back down,
Grabbing more tea,
Putting the kettle back on the stove,
Sit still dear,
Right, I’m sorry.
I put down my teacup
Pick up the book sitting quietly on the table.
This was his favorite.
Different pieces of my memory, scattered but always coming back to the moment I remember them. I hope you enjoy
© Shane Leigh
Mose 5d
I realize that the time we have won’t be enough.
If you add all the moments up....
You have a lifetime that flashed by in the blink of an eye.
& Maybe if I can count all our moments together...
Instead I will have an eternity to share.
Today, I am 23 and tomorrow I shall be flowers arising.
I clench and whisper to myself to remember every detail.
Feeling the moments slipping.
As the way life arises into consciousness & then out to oblivion.
I am reminded that all of myself is only the parts in which I can recollect.
My mind the only bridge from meaningful to meaningless.
I pinch my crisp blue jeans in hopes that I can still feel that I exist.
I can feel my unmanicured nails piercing my skin through my jeans.
All in hopes of penetrating the impermanence nature of this moment.
The hourglass drips a grain of sand at a time.
Yet, it only takes a second for a desert to form.
Maybe on the edge of the world standing upon a desert I can find solace. 
Finding comfort instead of fear about where I end and the infinite begins.
Jay M Mar 2019
One day,
Through the dragged out hours,
I find a temporary happiness,
Lasting only but a moment,
Just enough to get me by for another night,
Alas, now some joy seems to fade,
Dulled by my weighed mind,
Still, there is hope for me yet,
A fragment of my true self remains,
Kept alive by friends;
The ones who care.

- Jay M
October 24th, 2018
Betty Oct 18
The thin bare bones of a silence that was

Shattered calm, a mirror cracked

Snapped underfoot like a plastic toy

Smashed, a fragile thing destroyed

Beauty broken by a careless word!
Some people can't understand the beauty of a silent moment!
Maria Mitea Oct 18
feel the time with no arrogance

and think about seconds from not above the sky

one day you'll understand


Moments  Moments  Moments


for some

they fly in love while others fly in sadness

carrying the power for those that seek it out

when many delve all their life arriving

to be born or die

Moments  Moments  Moments

a man
in the crowd
is a page in the book
one of the many
in a stack

a man
standing alone,
is a lost page, of poetry.
feeling of being one in billions
José Vaca Oct 4
They invite you to dwell on nothing and everything at once. Oddities that soften the sounds that surround you and amplify the beat of life in each breath you take. Far from strangers but hidden in plain sight. Indulging your focus through a narrow tunnel view. Dilating your pupils and lifting your skin through spontaneous extraordinary sensory awareness while depriving you the passage of time. A temporal trap in eternity before you snap and walk away.
Amanda Sep 21
Take rare moments here
Keep perfection protected
Memories stay safe
Luna Maria Sep 21
I hold the lighter
to light up her cigarette
and as I see her silhouette in de dark,
I wonder

can I also light up her life like that,
can I make it better
can I be a small, bright light.
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