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My Dear Poet May 9
I’m screaming
through the eye of a needle
From the top of my voice
…I jump
Isabella Apr 28
I know you hate to see me cry
But I do anyways
I can't seem to stop the tears from rolling out
Will you hold me?
Zywa Apr 16
Nowhere can it be

safe anymore, look: adults --

too can cry a lot!
Novel "The time of the angels" (1966, Iris Murdoch), § 20

Collection "Unspoken"
nd Apr 14
Water flows through the rivers, so does our feelings.
We let the wind bring us throung the sky, to make us realize that what we feel is real.
-not only a glimpse of uncertainty

Gaudy, it says.
Brandon Jan 17
She cries—
melancholy skies draped in luscious grey
her iridescent tears falling in tempo
parched soil, drowning in generosity
leaving a damp aroma to suffuse through brisk gales
—for us
jihan kim Jan 14
is complicated
and happy
and sad
and relaxing
and anxious
all at the same time

do you even love me
why do you love me?
how can you love me
when i'm so broken
when i'm so ruined
when i'm so ugly
how messed up i am

i can't even tell you how i feel properly
and i'm vomiting out the words on pages of letters
i will never send
you will never read
my depression?
you don't need to know

your girl
is perfectly fine
she's whole
and not broken
and not bruised
and not hurt

i love you baby
i love you
you are the stars in my sky
you're a whole constellation
and this is love
this is love
this is love
is this love?

can you call this love
KG Dec 2022
Tears tear upon my ears and ring with distance resounding now
Two years.
5 days hence your 36, and I've done much to move on.
Burned the bridge with greek fire, slashed tires and bombs. The blaze I burned a pittance compared to the fire raging an inscription upon my soul.
Oh how I've learned my capacity for destruction, exhausting my ambition to scupt my sephiroth by the injustice of it all.
The pain. Would never leave. Couldn't. Shouldn't. Would not. Yet waned with each severed thread held in place by that pact. Trickling like a trickster.
I feel as If the widower now, black against even abysmal shadows, drowned out by thoughts of quicker deaths than one sought out by my shallow cuts & hours drunk to numb this, my greatest loss. Lost for words I stumbled deeper in the mines of hades, time changing by months or days.
What kills a man can be any overabundance, but you killed my spirit. It was I who offered the sacrifice. stupidly, but you I name liar. The deal was not kept, could never be, yet after dying deaths daily, my weeping heart wept, hated and forgot hailing new depths forsaken each breath taken away from me vying to make this make sense.
I'm done.
I want it back.
I want the fuel to live life unkempt and uncertain, laughing at the impossibilities lorded over those too weak to withstand the pressure and my rebelious will to keep fighting fate.
It's not too late, still I feel I've aged a decade in 2 years
Only now, waking to see the sweet nap given to me as punishment for lying under the timeless tree.
haunted no longer
By the visions of a
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