Her departure was my deepest sorrow
Knowing that i'll wake without her tomorrow
I gave her my heart, my soul
Looking back now, I'm left to sit here hollow
Hiddenly I watch from a distance
As you spoil her, who was once my princess
Cherish her in your arms as I would've
And give her everything that I couldn't
Be her reason to smile every single day
And remind her how beautiful she is in every single way
I'm unable to do so from where I stand
Even when I try to make amends
My mistakes were made and time has been lost
She endured the pain that i've caused
I wrote this in hopes of common peace,
As her heart is one I can no longer appease
From the words of her former to her lover
I wish you both happiness together
leaving the house
isn't a common occurrence
once i would do anything
to escape the tense air
these rooms hold
i hide away
in my room
with my mind
in complete control
i guess i don't care anymore
the thought of you
makes me shiver
what we once had
is lost forever
He unbolted the locks
and untied my restraints,
which left painful bruises
and permanent marks.
  I could barely gather up
the strength to stand up
and make it to the door.
Then when I tried my
legs gave out and I fell
right on to the floor.
  As weak as a lamb
that can't hold the
weight of it's own wool.
He told me the shackles
I've worn were years ago
  There is a new pair
somewhere that I must fit into.
I listened because being in
a cage was all I ever knew.
you don't understand
how much it took for me too finally ask you out
and how happy it made me feel
when you said yes
i was so happy
finally, happy
you told me it was mutual
you felt the same
now it's beginning to feel like a twisted game
you go away on summer camp
you say you're having doubts
i thought you'd at least give us a chance
but it was over before the month was out
why allow me to believe you liked me
when you only saw us as friends?
why allow me to smile and be happy
when you were just waiting for it to end?
what do you expect me to say now
when i'm sat here crying?
knowing you had no intention
of ever really trying
there's nothing more i can say
now than it hurts
and that she won't be the same
because it was me who loved you first
you don't even have to speak
the look on your face says it all
i don't think this is right
i'm your daughter
where is the love?
has it been lost
through the lies
and the judgement
all you would do is deny
shut up
i don't want to hear it
i don't care what you have to say
you don't know me
you don't want to know me
i'm better off without you
I sat on the side of the hospital bed waiting for the tubes to be removed
I sat on the side of the hospital bed praying for you to breathe
I sat on the side of the hospital bed hoping for you to live
I sat on the side of the hospital bed happy your pain had been relieved

They said it’s okay to be sad

I sit on the side of your grave praying for a sign
I sit in the rain praying for more time
I sit in the coffee shop reading a book I thought you might like
I sit in an office waiting for a chat

They say that crying helps

I cry out to the heavens why
I cry out if you love me then why did you leave
I cry and sob and break

I sat on the side of your hospital bed, I sit in the rain, I cry out for help
a nod of acknowledgement
as you walk past
that's all i get from you now
once you were my everything
now we are merely strangers
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