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Elegant roses with petals so bright.
I think about you often you left in the night.
You said I didn't care but you didn't either.
I'm tired of being sick.
Am I running a fever?
I was once a strong beliver in someone above.
Now I can't see past the stars.
I think about love.
I'll drink in the night; sing in the morning.
I have a lot of problems, but cant start the mourning.
Warning signs keep me awake all the time.
Because I don't wanna be alone when I die.
So I have made a goal.
I think about it often.
It's already been done.
Believe me it's important.
The key to my sadness is what drives my life.
Metaphors and smiles are what I show outside.
I cant sleep alive, and I dont dream about death.
Maybe one day I can see you again.
It could be the first time, but its probably the last.
I won't know until the time has past.
So I'll sit around with my pack of Turkish Royals.
Thinking of you.
Thinking I'm Royal.
She hides behind a raven’s wing
Drawing in, the cool night air
Those that bow to her cry as she sings
Know the honey, dressed as poison.
LadyRavenhill 2019
A mother watched
Her son play games
He ran around.
She said ‘Son sit down,
And let me tell you
A bit bout life
And what is true
You wont need it now.
When you are older
You’ll find more friends
You’ll pack you bags
You’ll go to school’.
The little boy
Looked up with drool
She wiped it off
Then told her babe;
‘My son you’ll find
A wife for you.
And in your troubles,
She’ll help you too.
She’ll wipe your tears
Together you’ll last
You live together
And have a past.
Never forget my son
To live your life
but when all is done
Be a man.
Take care of kids
And help them grow
Never take
What you haven’t sown.
Don’t worry about money
Because in the end
The greatest gift
Is time with them.
I love you my boy
Don’t ever forget
And when I pass
I’ll say God I’ve met.
I’ll look down on you
From up above
I’ll smile down
And share my love.’
The baby boy
Fell fast asleep
So then She sighed
And had thoughts deep
She ran her hands
Over her bald head
Then looked at her son
And smiled instead
mere 2d
I don't know to
what am I scared of,
Is it on the pain after
this last cry,
or on the no-more 'hello'
after this 'goodbye'?
Everything is blurry
Not because of my lack of glasses
But because of my surplus of tears
Mother Nature fights and cries

Her children thrown onto the floor and die

Unless we decide to choose and change

Our future's path will be small in range

Swallowing, Crushing, burning all through

Mother Nature's prodigies will become few

In the Seven Seas, fish and whales swim

Before they choke on plastic and their eyes go dim

Count the amount of animals who could've avoided signing their death case

If all we had done was not put on our hunting game face?

In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

It is up to us to leave it in satisfaction

Soon our tomorrow will crumble and burn

Nothing left maybe a single fern

Are all humans so deviously rude

Taking even the ocean's crude

Why must we act so? Cause damage to and fro

Reap these seeds that we badly sow

Everyday we hear on the news

Murders, scandals, causing us blues

Serious acts, a despicable thing,

Yet we fight over petty bling

Our future might not be so bright

Don't let it put you in a fright

Maybe Mother Nature won't cry

Maybe her children won't die

Everyday a chance to use your voice

You can help; its your choice
This is my first poem so to anyone who reads it please leave helpful notes in the comments!!!!!
Today, the love of my life left me.
Am I sad? I don't know.
I tried to hide myself and not let it affect me.
Am I okay? I don't know.

Today, I decided that it's time to grow up.
Do I really want to? I don't know.
Time doesn't stop, the older I get the more I want to give up.
Will I really give in? I don't know.

Today, my heart ached as I think about the mistakes that I made.
Why do I do this? I don't know.
I felt tears in my eyes but I forgot how to cry.
What is this feeling? I don't know.
You cry,
I cry.
You laugh,
I laugh.
You hurt,
I hurt.
You love,
I love.
You hate,
I hate.
You leave,
I stay.
I love how we
feel for each other.
But what will
I do
when you are
TD 3d
Go away,
If you run you won’t be like them,”
My anxiety says,
“You won’t be stuck,”
It repeats over and over.

What it forgot to mention,
What my heart says,
“If you run you’ll never rest,
Never get to try to be happy,”

When I go to sleep,
I wake up in the middle of the night,
Stuck in my spot as my muscles tense,
Visions of what might happen blur past,
Stamping my brain,
Again and again,
Until what feels like hours on end,
I can move again,

I wake up,
I tell my heart
“I’ll follow you today,”
I’m scared to,
But I’ll try.

My anxiety bubbles over,
Seeing me succeed week in and out,
It rages,
It brings a friend to this fight,
A friend called depression,

As I try,
As begin to fight,
My heart follows,
But it is scared too,
We both hide instead,
I’ve lost.

Anxiety holds my lungs captive,
Pushing them as if they were in a 5K,
I breathe fast,
My brain is visited by anxiety’s party,

“Your past should show you to run,”
“You’ll end up like them,”
“Run while you can,”
“You’ll be stuck,”
“You’re ignoring all the signs,”

Tears spill down my face as I believe them,
Suddenly my lungs go faster,
And I realize I am running,
Running from my own  happiness,
Away from my stability,
Away from everything,
All I do is run.

Just like my dad,
You think with all the running his heart would be healthier,
I thought that, too.

I was wrong,
It made his heart weak,
It shied away much too often,
It killed him in the end.

Will that be me too?
TD 3d
A smile,
A breath,
A new chance,
Something to try,
A reason to try,
There are many,
They might seem ******,
They might seem small,
They may not seem to be worth it,
Know that they are worth it.

A fight,
Inside a mind,
A never-ending battle cry,
It rings inside a head,
Sometimes soft,
Sometimes loud,
But it’s always filled with dread,
Dread to keep fighting,
Dread to accept the reasons,
The reasons to try.

If you never try,
You may never lose,
But you’ll also never win.
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