Danneli 14h
Look down the river, into the leaves
Do you see the lone cross that hides near the trees?
It tells of a tale only I can recall
I watched from the side, I lived through it all.
In the winter she cried, her note told of wrong
Her father had passed and her mother was gone
She screamed through her pain, the walls had foretold
But then she grew quiet, her heart had grown cold
In the spring she was gone, shut up inside
He knocked at her window, in him she'd confide
I cried in my room, my mind left my head
But I remained there
Nearly dead in my bed.
There has always been an obvious difference between my sister and I. She is the sun and I am the moon. This turned out to be another example of who we are and who sees us.
Sagar 1d
I have no idea why,
But I just wanna cry

This is something I haven't done in a long time
So let's just give it a try

At some point in time, I have got to stop asking why
I have to learn to let go or just walk by

Don't know how I'll think after I get down off this high
I wish this was easy, I am not gonna lie

For now, I have truly realized that the cake is a lie
I just wanna cry... I just wanna cry...
Was it over
Right then and there
I loved her
But were we meant to pair

Our arguments
Were getting out of control
Adding to the detriment
Becoming to much to uphold

I said I would try
But it would be pointless now
So lets just cry
And let it all out
Dust blew,
It flew,
Into my eyes,
Out burst my cries.
In my heart first,
I put his trust,
He broke it,
Bit by bit.
Both brought tears,
Caught me unawares.
toward thee spunky gal,
     whose impregnation and debut appearance
     way to brief a tale for Aesop
cuz, (umpteen iterations recounted),

     out the birth canal aye did bop
analogously compared
     to a mealy mouthed measly crop
a spindly tangle of arms and legs

     radiated (starfish like)
     dangled and would uselessly drop
like a raggedy ann male counterpart
     (raggedy andy - how original)

     with limbs that didst flop
and tis no small wonder, thyself as one
     newborn baby body electric
     easily confused with bony glop,

which skimpy weight
     leant convenience as sigh grew older
     to alternate jumping
     (ala pogo stick mode) and hop

from one skinny spindle shank leg to another,
     and manifold orbitz whip
     sawing round the sun
     bore witness to puny laughable specimen

     of a nerdy lad, who (in hindsight)
     grew long straggly hair,
     which NO ONE (except me) could touch,
     nor most definitely NOT lop

off (this fetish) compensation
     for very slight physique
     in dewed time begot
     pencil necked geek milksop,

now at an age prowl lix sing viz
     dragging, crawling, battling...
     slight abdominal bulge  
unlike widower octogenarian biological pop

whose once strapping superman
     like build atrophying (sad sight)
since grim reaper put objectionable stop
upon head of harriet harris,
    whereat two and a half score years
    her longevity did top.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
now, comb may tooth how zen,
sans eight plus ten
'twill be thirteen yars
when me late mum agonizingly relinquished

     an indomitable loo ving life,
     which strong fighting spirit
     (spittle and vinegar) yen
reached a juncture,

     (sans metastasized ovarian cancer)
     forewent heroic measures, which ken
not avail bottled anger within this sole son
telling thee, he didst love ye
     never communicating NOR often!
A boy who tries to make everyone happy
He looked very strong and confident from the outside
but nobody knows how he really is

Why does he help everyone?
Why does he never get sad?
Why is he so kind-hearted?

Questions upon questions ....

These questions can only be answered by his heart
Because the boy has experienced many things in his life
His confidence was broken even though he helped everyone with their problems
His heart was broken in thousand pieces, although he brings every broken heart back to beat
His body is full of scars although
he protects everyone

He feels no pain
He can not cry
Because his heart is crying every night
but nobody hears his heart crying.

But still

He does not want someone to fall on the ground
He does not want to see everyone sad
He only wants the best for everyone
His hearts wants so.
I've never been so afraid
Hidden beneath bed sheets
and no one to comfort me

I do not understand
How to let people see me cry
I just feel I need to hide

Not because of pride
but I feel I must always be okay
But usually, I am not okay

I get lost in my head
As I lay still in my bed
And alone, I always feel

No one to help me heal.
No one asks me if I'm okay.
Milk a cow of all its milk

Milk a cow of all its milk.
Silk feels like a Dairy Milk Silk.
Fire your conscience and burn in Hell’s eternal fire.
Hire yourself a team of lawyers, if you decide to get any higher.

Mean what you say, but don’t be too mean.
Leave a puddle of tears in a tantrum,
When you have had enough of smoking your leaves.

Times they are a changing.  I think it’s a sign of the times.
March to war to administer peace,
Before the funeral march in March.

Water down your bottled water,
Before you get a problem like before.
Mother Nature is trying to tell you,
It’s time for you to become a Mother.

Dance a dance of lust and romance,
With anyone who loves you to dance.
Build up your hopes and fill up their lives;
Be happy together in the restaurant, before you get the bill.

Daughters don’t trust anyone;
For even a saint can bring the slaughter to your daughter.
Dress a Queen in a wedding dress.
An ant is still just an ant, even if you have named it Anne.

Break a promise to yourself of independence.
Fix it up with make believe and find a new romance;
A new way to dance the horizontal mambo.
Work for free, to find release,
Of money causing problems…Oh!
And don’t forget to quadruple,
Your first and last by-pass.
Sell your soul to Santa Claus;
Mom’s gone to Iceland to buy some Reindeers in packs.

Phone home E.T., there is no-one home.
Speak a little louder, use a megaphone.
Space – The Final Frontier.  
If you need to find some space;
Face the music, sing an encore,
Replace your hate with a smiley face.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I used to be nice.
I used to be fake.
I used to smile.
I used to love.
I used to hide.
I used to care.
I used to be free.
I was used to being hurt.
I used to give up on living.
I used to believe in their lies.
I used to miss who I once was.
I used to pray that I would forget.
I used to be afraid of being alone.
I used to go weeks without crying.
I used to be human.

But that was a long time ago.
I’m better now.
I promise.
I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think. And if you liked this one then go check out my other poems!!
Haleigh 4d
"She is so nice!
She is always smiling and happy."*
-they said,
as she passed by them.
But *her pillow told a
totally different story!
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