When my heart bleeds
And I can't sleep
I cry poetry

When I feel sad
Or I get mad
I cry poetry

When I laugh hard
And my tummy hurts terribly bad
I cry poetry

When I lose faith
In my unknown fate
I cry poetry

And as I sit here
Without you here
I cry poetry

For the one that is to come,
Please stay.
I can be a very hard person to love, I know.
But my darling hey,
You would be the only one I'd cherish
My eyes would only have sights for you
My hands would only hold your heart in them
My mouth would speak only of your love
For the one that is to come,
Please stay.
I can be very annoying sometimes, I know.
But my darling hey,
I'd always apologize for my flaws
I'd love you till kingdom comes
And even though love is never always enough,
We would always be enough for each other.
For the one that is to come,
Please stay.

How many tries till we get it right?
Sandoval 14h

That empty feeling inside of me,

when everything reminds me of him.

I cry and I sigh, but the pain just wont subside.
How do you hide from whats inside?

When its your soul who cant breathe,

and hes everything you need.


Tife 1d

They cry out in vain
For they refuse to believe
The truth that stands in front of their faces
And it yells and screams for them to come home
To end the taunts
That grew into battles
that turned into wars
That are never won
All because they still refuse to obey
They built their lives on towers of lies,
Pride fills their heads with idiotic ideals
And blind them with darkness
Like lost sinners with no saviour
The light moves further away
As they stop talking
As they stop loving
As they stop.
It never worked
It's not the answer
But what is the question?
How many must they kill?
How many must the slaughter?
How many must suffer?
For the the extra bit of land
Is not the answer
But it is the question
And the answer is peace!
The answer is love

I wrote this a really long time ago and just found it recently. I understand that it sounds a bit naive but I was trying to get across the problem we have with violence and hope you liked it.  Please comment at criticisms you have or things you liked
Perri 2d

I'm crying out for help
But I'm invisible
My pleas are going unnoticed
I need reassurance
So instead, I scream
While flailing my arms
In a dance on the edge of death
No one is watching my performance
So I decide to wail
Sweat is dripping down my face
As I beg for someone to hear my pain
My soul is aching and I need help
Please someone rescue me
You will feel guilt
When you realize I was begging
And you turned a blind eye
But by then
It will be too late

First you will cry.
You will feel every emotion that you've ever felt being washed down the drain
and you will taste the sour, bittersweet heaviness of sobbing at 4:38 AM on your lips
and you will scream so quietly it will be a whisper to others but a clap of thunder inside you
and your lungs will stop working
and your ribs will feel as if they were collapsing
and you will not be able to walk the next day because you will feel as heavy as a truck full of rocks.
Next you will be silent.
You won't speak,
you won't nod your head,
you won't smile,
you won't write,
you won't move.
You will suddenly be able to feel your bones and stomach caving inwards inside of you
and your skeleton will become so thick with the secret carvings in your skin that it will become a labyrinth that even you will not dare to explore
and the world will continue to spin, everything will go on,
and you will just stay numb to keep yourself from falling apart.
Then you will hate them.
You will curse every single person that pushed you to talk to them,
you will rant about how terrible they are
and how fucked up your love in the first place
and that it hadn't meant anything
and you will say they were just another burning star in the sky,
you will say that their light has started to fade,
you will say they never cared about anything,
you will say that it didn't matter,
and you will yell until your voice is raw and your throat is hurting
and you will go to bed silently wishing that the tears on your cheeks would stop pouring
and you will feel your inner self loathing at the core of chest for being so stupid, for caring in the first place, for being pathetic enough to keep all their things.
Then they will call.
They will make you question every single thought you've ever had,
every damn moral that you had created for yourself
and they will tear down your walls with an ax made out of love and nostalgia
and they will say that leaving was a mistake
and they will make you remember memories you had blocked out.
The old conversations have been deleted, all the photos no longer on your phone.
You will still cry at night sometimes
but your heart will become a boat sailing on rocky waters
but you will be okay.
The world will finally come to you on a cold Tuesday morning.
You will go home
and they will not call you
and you will not care.
This means that your lungs still work
and your ribs are in the right place
and you will go to sleep that night with the taste of happiness on the tip of your tongue.
In that moment
you will feel better than you have in months
and you will realize that you are okay,
your boat will not sink,
the storm is over,
the aftermath has passed
and you will be okay.

I'm not even a freshman in high school yet, please don't roast me

It's a good thing I guess
Now you can focus on yourself
You probably deserve to be treated better
You guys weren't meant to be together
That's what I hear when they notice the sad gloomy face I wear.
I guess a heartbreak gives you a certain kind of look. Your face is colored by pain and regrets, regardless of how hard you try to hide it. People would still notice. But why wouldn't they?
When your happiness is gone. The real reason for why your face is always lit. A message from that special person sends your heart beating twice as fast. It's that adrenaline rush you get from getting to see their glorious smile outshining the sun on the brightest of days. The warmth feel of their hands wrapped around you in a hug, that feeling of knowing there's nowhere else you'd rather be than with them at that present moment. But when all of this is gone, there would be a new tone to your face, a new look….that makes people know something is right.
I wear a smile to disguise my look, I smile as often as I can. I tend to push thoughts of you out of my mind knowingly. It's the only thing I can do if I'm to wear my new look without people knowing what's up. I miss you a whole lot. But now it wouldn't show on my face anymore. And if I'm to meet you again?...you would be greeted with my new look and I'll hope you like it.

i swear these days
i can’t cry
and when i do
my tears sting
my eyes

i told so many lies

Beneath the white snow of her
flowing gown,
                 a beauty is motionless.

Waiting for her moment as wilted
rose petals fall motionless,
               crimson tainting her purity.

The words still lingering, buried within
never to be exhumed from her thoughts.

This bride forever waiting , still holding
on to the rose, she is wilted like it,
but her beauty is motionless as others cry.

Seema 4d

She sat, head down in her rags
Probably waiting for a meal
The deep silence in her eyes
Gave me the strangest feel
Not a beggar but a homeless,
A young kid, so innocent
Life miserable and in a mess
On the streets, her days were spent
So delicate, like a blooming rose
Her emerald eyes follows me around
She rushes to glimpse, then goes
And sits head down on the ground
As I reached to hold her hand
She moved her hands away
I felt her pain dig deep in my soul
So I left, to go the other way
Astonished, to feel her little hands,
Grasps my legs, tightly
Holding onto me and crying,
As I brushed her face slightly
I smiled at her cold face
And she hugged me again
Now she stays with me, at my place
Recovering from her past pain...


Partly Fiction
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