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lua 5d
im too old for teenage heartbreak, too young to die
im too old to make mistakes, and too young to cry
over things that seem bigger than me, over things i cant see
over things that dont make sense, over things i cant be.
It's cos Love lives on desire
as much as patience

A little spark
A little fluke
A little tingling sensation,
Behold an avalanche of emotions
So love makes you cry, my friend.

Precious moments go out of touch,
Highly treasured, but
Now trapped in thoughts
(as memories)...
So love makes you cry, my friend

If love makes you cry, my friend...
You should consider yourself lucky;
Lucky to have loved,
bold enough to share,
Strong enough to hold...

But again, if love makes you cry my friend,
Fix it or
Love lives on desire as much as patience
Jaxey May 9
I was at your funeral
before you had given me a reason
to cry
lua Apr 12
a ringing in my ears
as water fills them
like a kiss from a gentle ghost

parting between my skin
hazing through like gentle winds
passing by without a sound

soft and delicate
like a petal's touch
against my lips

a final goodbye.
Estelline Apr 11
I just needed you to be here
I needed someone to wipe my tears
And hold me close
With a tender gaze

But you couldn’t see me cry
Or know the feeling
That made me want to die

Pushing my own joy aside
Without even trying
Is something I’ve done throughout time
So maybe I’ll be fine
Like all the times before
I’ll say I never need more

Maybe you couldn’t see it
Because you closed off your eyes from me
Or maybe my hand is so weak
It crumbled when I tried to reach for you
Leaving a trail of sadness
Drifting away in the sweeter spring breeze

Either way
I have no choice
I don’t know how
I’ll move on from this pit I’m in
But I don’t see any other way
It’ll always be like this
Won’t it?

So let me just sit here for a bit
To brood in a greater depth of darkness
Than you would ever see
Because after I’m done
A smile will appear
Pretending a frown has never been.
Himani Dhaka Apr 4
Eager emotions depart from their destination
For they have travelled all resisting
From heart to the eyes with caution
Then, tuple! Comes the first sound faintly

Tear shreds all around my eyes
And make me more alive
For, a teddy smiles with no lives
Tuple! Comes the sound from tear-hive

Tears come down kissing my red cheeks
Making me realize I care
Worries for me and mine leak
When tuple! Come the sound from eye glare

Tears cling to the cliffs of my face
Thought clings,” I feel more intensively
And express more intensively in every case
For tuple! Comes the sound intensively.

Last tear finally falls on the ground
Teaching emotions to have fluidity
If you stop—you drown
Then, tuple! Comes the last sound with serenity.
my mind is soft and malleable,
my heart is exactly the same.
i resent myself for it and get
angry again and again.
i crave the same as others do
when no one's in the room.
i want lasting companionship,
really and truly, i do.

i shed tears to God and ask
to fix what is wrong. i know
it's a test, but for how long?
my mind is a never ending maze.
every nook and cranny,
and whichever corner i go to
there is more to see.
dear God, fix what's wrong with

my anger gets the best of me,
my mother has always said.
i use harsh words at the ones
i love and then i'm hit with regret.
words don't go back, they destroy
whatever good you had.

so i cry time and time again.

Afiifa Jeylani ©️
it really does get loud in here.
It then comes to a point where in there are no more tears left to be shed
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