Ni 3d

The day we never spoke
was the day that I cried
I thought of all the sweet lies
and suddenly it felt like
i was no longer alive
i would remember all
of the times
that we had shared
when I actually thought
you were the one who cared
and then I realized that
I would never compare
to the one that you will now tear.

Svode 3d

Write on, you fine being.
Write on apart from me.
Write on from the east or west,
across a new sea.
Write on, my beloved.
Until the skies turn gray.
Write on, you fine being.
Write on far away.

Away you'll go;
far away to where nobody knows.
I'll stay here and go on so.
Without you.

When you were by my side,
a million worries died.
But all that is left is a whimper,
without you.

When we all began to cry,
when we touched the sky.
Where will our memories lie?
Without you.

Write on, you fine being.
Write on apart from me.
Write on from the east or west,
across a new sea.
Write on, my beloved.
Until the skies turn gray.
Write on, you fine being.
Write on far away.

I've heard that you really don't know what you have until it's gone
Sadly now, I know it's true

It was not death itself that made me realize this
But the reaction of the one's it affected
The one man that would call me a friend
In tears
With his heart in pieces

And I couldn't do anything to help
I stood there as he sobbed
I watched his heart tear in pieces
He was helpless

I can't mend broken hearts
I don't have the right words

I've hadn't ever seen broken
Until I saw those tears
Rushing down his face

Then, I realized
I cannot mend a broken heart
I can't stop the tears from falling
I can't say the right words

I just have to watch
As the ones I tell myself I care about
Are ripped to shreds
By the death of a great man

So all I can do is
Hope and Pray
That one day
He'll be close to the same

A professor of mine passed away, and the people I call my friends were distraught. What was worst was when my best friend started to cry, and all I could tell him that everything would be alright, even though I knew that was a lie.
erin 5d

There is no happiness
There is no sadness, either
I can't smile
I can't cry, either

How do I supposed to open up?
I don't even know what is wrong
I don't want to make anyone worry
But I don't have anything to make people worry, either

I'm just my usual self
Just a vessel given life
Maybe I shouldn't do this
I don't know anymore.

lostboy 5d

What would you tell yourself now
Four weeks ago.
Amongst our spirit
The city grows mist, ice, and snow.

Humors unbalanced,
Rusty reactions due to
An unfortunate but captivating trance.

Go, Leave it be!
What even is mankind now?
These hands shake
Between the blurred lines of history.

The widow screams and arches her body inwards
Morning like never before.
A loud cry of sheer pain and foolish ignorance
To the fact that the sound
Echoes through streets
With no receiving ears…
How many years?

how many years?

I watch you walk away,
There are no strength in me
to run, to catch you, to hear what you say,
After all this time,
I've been missing the wrong person anyway.

When the night came,
I leaned against the wall,
silently alone, i cry,
I got knocked down the floor,
but you stand tall,
and again I was wrong.

You put me in the blue of sadness,
But I rise like a red knight,
Without you by my side,
the yellow sunset shines bright.

just another day, another drama
Skylar Musa Nov 9

I cry while I remember the look you gave when I got it wrong
Now you've ripped my comfort way from me
The one who didn't look down on me
The one who got me to understand

You're surprised at the effect?
No you are not
You knew
You didn't care

So be it
Guess I'll cry every time I don't understand


Today's the day I mark my death
It'll be gruesome and a sight of mess.
I'll be torn up from head to bloody toe
There'll be a mask with a silver rose
She'll leave me lifeless laying on grass
With nothing but a book under my eyes
You'll find my lungs full of water
As if I had no air and I fought up
While she forced my face farther beneath the cold ice of death.
On the verge of dying, she'll help me relive.
Just long for a lung full of knife she could give.
Its nothing that causes death instantly but rather I suffer.

frankie Nov 9

i shouldn’t cry over you they say, you’ve got no reason to, he didn’t hurt you.

but i cry over the nights i lie awake while my heart yearns for that feeling and my mind gives me all the reasons as to why i am not good enough to be alive and why you left

i cry for my sanity and how it has been lost because of the way you left me, untraceable, undetectable, without reason

i cry because i can still feel your touch on my body and it has felt me feeling ice cold for weeks on end

i cry at the haunting of your laugh ringing in my head and the sound of you voice when you said you loved me

i cry at the backlash i got and how everyone thinks it’s so easy to just move on, block his number, get rid of him

but it’s not that easy you see, i cry because as much as i want you to not be apart of me, blocking a number won’t block you from my head, unfollowing you won’t make the sounds of your voice and everything you ever said and the essence of you stop following me, trying to see in others what i saw in you won’t erase these feelings of irreplaceablity i gave to you.

i cry because as much as i want to be, i’m still not over you, and i cry because even after all of this, i still don’t hate you.

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