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Bea Rae Mar 31
In another life

The stars align and shine

Brightly for our love
Nao Mar 8
Your fingers make their way in my mouth, wrapped in my tongue like a gift, digging my waist and softly ripping appart my psyche.
I am unwell for you, too ripe and too ready,
The sweet ache of my teeth holding down my pleas makes itself known
What is love if not ruin
Bea Rae Feb 8
My words weren't abusive

When I said them in that tone

He stated to me
unknown Feb 7
There was a night
Sitting in my room
Engulfed with pain
That old bedroom
With memories plastered on the walls
You sat next to me
Seeing the pain she had just put me through
You said to me
“It wasn’t your fault”
And i cried
Tears i’ve never cried before
Relief someone saw it too
You held me
Ever so tight
Said you wouldnt let go
“It wasn’t your fault
It wasn’t your fault
It wasn’t your fault”
Made me scream it aloud
Until I knew it was true
You kept holding me while i cried
Thinking I’d always have you

You said it was all my fault
It’s not my fault you raised me this way
Your life
The ****** ways you grew
My life
Having to start anew
You blame me for the things I’ve learned from you
“Do what I say not as I do”
A ****** thing from the both of you
Tiptoeing around a line that was askew
Her teaching me things that will never be true
Lies from the mouths of people I knew
Needs that would never be met
A million thoughts in my head
But only two that say what I wished I had said
SANA Jan 25
is it only me or everyone think:
" Sun die every night for moon.
and the moon brings him back to life every morning."
You left me crying in the hotel bathroom
You left me spying in the restaurant too

You saw me for who I am
Then went up and ran
While I’m working on my tan
Trying not be who I am

Gotta stop begging you to stay
And turning up the Lana del rey
Cause I’m no one’s Brooklyn baby
I’m feeling just a bit crazy
Siyana Jan 7
I run,
through forests barefoot
aching with sore feet,
tired legs
and a cold heart...

I run,
from wild-flowers,
daisies and lavenders.
As I cry myself to sleep-
anxiously avoidant.
Begging everyone not to leave me,
while I sleep alone in another country-
fearing closeness and distance at the same time...
For the fearful avoidants x
Falling Up Dec 2023
You don’t understand how precious life is
until you’re in a room filled with the
strongest people you know,
and they’re
over a life lost.

The tears are contagious and the hurt
never goes away
as you feel the loss radiating around
the room,
trying to fill the once lively

Life is fleeting so always
make sure to email your grandma back
go on that lunch date with your best friend
tell the world how beautiful it is
and never
waste your time away.
M H John Dec 2023
i cried this morning
while washing my fruits
my tears mingling with water
fixated on conversating
about my emotions
simply due to the fact
that everything in my garden
was grown by

the love of me

only to be harvest
on a regular tuesday sunny afternoon
by none other

than the hands of you
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