Her smile dissipated and her tears ceased flow.
She was refocused.
Her right arm bleeding all over, Chrimson moved her other hand
She fell
Her head colliding with the chilled floor
It didn't hurt.
Raised her arm to the sky, deathly solemn her face was
Her weaponry pressed the flesh
Her mangled arms somewhat symmetrical
Gazing at the glazing of her appendage, she felt not happy
Not glad
But she felt justice.
This was what she deserved. What her sins had bought her.
What she needed.

An edited passage from one of my recent narrative pieces.
I thought it good to put here among my other writings.
Things are getting better on my end.
Mims 1d

I just had the best conversation
I think I have ever had in my life
She cried
And told me so many things
And I told her so many things
We talked about everything
It felt so right
So relaxed
No yelling
Or screaming
Or hurtful words
Just two people
Talking rationally
And letting each other be heard

It might not sound like much
But with my family such grace is nonexistent
Such kindness
Such respect
Is nowhere to be found all my sibling's conversations always ends in insane screaming matches
But here
It is warm
And calm
Here we listen to understand
Not just to respond
I hugged her
We laughed
I love feeling accomplished
Like we're getting somewhere

I love speaking with kindness
I love getting to know her

There's 12 sides to every story
10 siblings
2 parents
One big broken family
Blake 1d

On a day like today, flurries and all, it should be giving off warm feelings.
Instead, my home is full of loud, crisp noises,
shouts and screams,
shivers and cries.
The soft greens we should have, are replaced by blistering cold attitudes.

when I first heard your voice,
I never had the idea
that it would still echo until today.

when I found myself
staring at the rotary dial,
I never had the idea
that I would be waiting for your call.

when I came for you,
you did not look at me
the way you used to.

and then I reckon,

when I questioned,
"what do you see in me?"
and with a smile on your face,
you said:
"your eyes are galaxies I lost myself in."

and then it came to my mind,
how you woke the side of me
that I have buried deep


years ago:

a renaissance.

if only you knew i loved you

With you is like ice cream on a summer
A blanket on a cold weather
with my favorite tune on the radio
It's an understatement when I say that simple things are better with you
Sleeping was calmer
Tomorrow was a motivation
But now I cry over spilled coffee and a ruined sunny side up egg
Everything is gray and blue
24 hours takes weeks to end
My bed is a coffin for a wide awake corpse
And now I see my hand as an unsolved puzzle
missing another piece that was once filled by you
The sun is not as bright as before
I tried looking at it directly
And it's not shining for me anymore


I smile a lot
and never cry
my heart is soft,
my mind is sharp,
my eyes are dulled with truth.

Painful words ignites the soul
Don't take it back 'cause it's sore
Eating me up on my very core
Its already leave scars that you can't cure

Emotions and fears, lullaby with tears
Singing out loud with all of my peers
Dancing all night shouting it cheers!
Tonight I will drink till his memories fades!



play darts.

i will stand by

that wall; you should

aim and aim for my heart.

paint my white t-shirt red or

wait, white and red make pink.

just throw them, don’t even blink.

cause if you do, you’ll miss my pain;

i’m sorry, but i can’t cry again and again.

i’m sure it will wash off, where is the sink?

Lin 4d

It is easy to lie
About how much I cry
I barely even try
It is kind of scary
That it is so easy
Who else lies?
Who else secretly cries?
How much do they try?
I can lie
And so can everyone else
We let life fly by
As we constantly lie

A poem for all the liars out there who might stumble upon this. Why do we do this?

the room is red, through
eyes stained by
blue glass ,

vague memories plague
(a girl in a dress,
the orange sun, and the red
and white
of his walls)

i can’t believe i know you,
with water leaking
from your eyes .
one day,
i think —
while gassed,

ill carve our initials into
the first
tree i find ,
and cry into my palms
to help it grow .

maybe that will make me love you

im trying to get back into the groove of writing because things have been weird lately. This was supposed to be based off of my feelings about how nervous I am in my relationship but it turned into a poem about the video game bioshock,,,,: lol.. which I love no doubt but still.... I wish I could feel normal, I think my meds have stopped working.
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