It was never this easy
            Never this easy to cry
But the sorrow haunts me
And the thought of not having you
                is enough
                          to break walls and constelations.

Yet, I don't want any of that
                             Except you
And your mad smile
And waking up electryfied with the sight
                             of your breasts and the smell of eggs cooked
First thing in the morning

june 23, 2017   10:32 a.m.

The cement is covered in unwanted glass
The ceiling looks as though it may collapse
Suddenly I fall into an unwanted relapse
Where my mind floats in empty halls
Behind plaster and thin walls
Then the ground shakes
And falls apart
You cannot make
Anything of it
Or you're right back at the start

I've felt this before
It always starts
As a ball in stomach.
It begins to sink,
Pulling me down with it,
Until I can't convince myself
It's worth getting up.
Then it begins to rise.
In my chest it burns,
It pushes against my heart and lungs
I cannot breathe
I do not care.
In my throat it waits
Waits for me to cry it out
Or drink it down.
I will do neither,
Simply lay in my unmade bed
Counting plaster drips on my ceiling
Until it goes back down.




                 EYES LEAK

                        STAINING CHEEKS

How can I cry when I've never been broken?
I've never experienced the hurt people who cry are supposed to feel, never tasted the toxin that people who cry are supposed to swim in
I have felt pressure but never really pain
I have felt trapped but never really alone
I feel guilty every time my chest constructs and attempts to crush my lungs, when my breathing sounds erratic even to my ears and I know
I know
I've done nothing to be worthy of the freedom crying can bring

Jobira 5d

The sky above the earth
Through the crescent lights,
Weeps blood
To wash the soils
Into the seas,
Into the oceans
To carry the mud
As far as the
Waves can rise
As far deep as the
Blood in the soil can
Amalgamate with the streams,
For the sea creatures
Wouldn't be infected with
The unknown dirty
As far as the
Cold water washes up
The bodies to the abyss
As far as the breathless
Reached their homes.

The open sky above the earth
Through the crescent lights,
Stopped raining
For the last time.
For nothing is
Left to clean

The open sky went blank.

No sins can be washed away!!

When emotions dry
When dreams fade
When eyes die
When memories cry
When manners rude
When smiles lie
But then do stay
Willow Renee Ray.

When passions fly
When joy off mode
When mind tie
When pleasure fry
When weak dude
When face pie
But then do stay
Willow Renee Ray.

Amanda 5d

My stomach is feeling twisty,
Why are my hands shaking?
I cant believe i feel this way,
Now my bodys aching.

Where did all this time go?
It flew out of my head,
and now im lying in the dark,
With too much left unsaid.

My hearts feeling empty,
The way it always does,
When I asked "why not?"
You just said "Because."

When will you be real with me,
and show me who you are?
I remember when we were,
Close instead of far.

Im alone tonight,
I wonder if you are too,
Or if youre with some girl,
Who doesnt care about you.

Every day is harder,
Nothing makes any sense,
Im scared that you have the right tools,
To weaken my defense.

Sometimes I want to hold you,
And let you see me cry,
But sometimes I want to let you go,
Without saying goodbye.

Dirty hair, Dirty clothes
No shoes, Open toes
He sat down with a shake
But the smell of filthiness crowded the air
So eye started to stare
And mouths started to snicker
With a stand and sad eyes
He stood up without a sigh
The pressure his small weight could do
Cost more harm than a pair of two
His energy lacked,
So knees cracked cracked cracked
With shaky hands and legs
And all the might he didn't have
He walked away without a sound
His heart was far to weak to cry the sky
But his soul was so hurt
He failed to drain the water from his eye

It cost more muscles to frown than to smile

Droplets of rain
Running down her skin.
Storms in my eyes, let loose.

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