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So Proud I was to walk
out with my girl, hand
on her waist though the
abuse I suffered as a
child, this was something
never experienced by me
before, this girl gave me
chance where others
didn't want to even speak
to me, but Helen was
always there for me so
sweet and lovely but could
be naughty **** wicked
laugh but nicely, so gentle
she passed away so brave
my hero
Helen was hero so brave right to the end
Sophia 11h
times when people hurt
no one cares to listen.
double-sided tape are they,
with standards just the same.

times when people fall
and no one cares to help.
a man lies dying in a street
but their phones resurrect instead.

times when people cry
no one cares to ask.
'oh talk to me, please.'
is replaced with 'goodbye'

times when we need help
and no one's there for us.
it breaks our hearts to stand alone
as if we got everything
under complete control.

how fun it is to scream out loud
and no one hears a sound.
how amusing it is to cry in public
and all they do is shun me.
how hilarious it is to care for others
and have them look down upon me.

times when i try to pick me up
times when i try to pick you up
we all come crashing down.
Boys don't cry!
A friend said to me when I was younger,
We don't cry he said,
When you feel to
Pretend to be even stronger!

Boys don't cry,
I was told we shouldn't show emotions,
Even when we feel passion,
Its blue like diamonds strewn across a blue blanket,
Its just the ocean.

Boys don't cry!
I had to grow up tough,
When the going gets hard,
We live for that,
We live for the hard and the rough.

Boys don't cry!
After my first heart break,
The tears came,
Boys don't cry!
So naturally I felt ashamed.

Fast forward I'm a man now,
Men don't cry!
We just accept it and move on.
We admire the ones that are hear,
We miss the ones that are gone.
But men don't cry!

People say men are heartless,
What do you expect ?
Some of us have been deprived of our emotions,
Obviously we won't cry, but that doesn't mean we care less.

Men don't cry!
My fiance left because I wasn't enough,
She needed someone who felt,
Not someone who was always tough.
Men don't cry!
So I moved on,
I never had the chance to say how I felt when she was gone.

Men don't cry!
One day I'd have kids of my own,
One day I'd be able to say,
I'm scared to be alone.
When that day comes I won't lie.
So son, its OK for men to cry.
I’ve found love,
Love like never before.
We show emotions,
Emotions we've never used before.

We’re doing good,
Only because I remember.
I remember words,
Words like I’ve never heard before.

“I love you” we said,
Love we felt.
Sadness we shared,
And in anger we cared.

I’m cold, you’re mad.
I wasn’t aware of me being like that.
I cry, you relax.
Now we understand.

I’ve found love,
Love like never before.
And I wish,
That it will never stop.
what has happened to me?
you are there with me in every mirror
scars that aren't mine cut into my skin
touching where it hurts the most

you place your hand against my face
I cry, your tears birth new pain
I long to free you from this world
of fire and shattered dreams

you call out to me
I speak your name and there you are
no longer lonely in the darkness
I hold out my hand, open my heart
you say, please don't leave
I say, come to me
Sayer 1d
each right turn turns into a right turn
down the alley way round the bend into suburb ****,
tired again of being tired and creating cliches in my head
better than being dead or wed on a wedding day
so far away in my mind
there is no time to waste so let's waste away in your pit
of despair and love loves to run away at my worst moments

and in your worst moments you make a joke to make yourself laugh
if you don't you'll cry your eyes out and you don't cry much any more because all the tears are gone
so maybe one day you'll run into the street and yell
"joy, joy!" a name or an emotion or both you don't know
the gps is broken and so is the sky

so clean and angry and sad every day just trying to find ways
to past the time with different girls or different hobbies
different dreams but i just sit and lay here on my cracked bed
wondering if if I can put my hand up in my sleep and touch heaven

truth be told there's nothing much going on anymore
just a a drip of a faucet and the sounds of children playing in the snow
where should I go?
a question I don't care to answer anymore

there's no joy at the bottom of your bottle
there's no happiness at the end of his Book
there's no payout at the end of the week
there's no feeling when you smash my head with your rock

My glorious Joke, he says
as i'm screaming for *** to come down here from his porch
on a deck looking at a busy street with the smell of Winter in the
poisonous air and he's looking down laughing and dancing with the devil on my decaying self-esteem and mental state
And remember when
life was so different
time didn’t seem to matter
luv wasn’t so invisible

Instead the moments
shared created a fire
that seared our skin
ravishing our senses

Hearts poured out
emotions of luv
felt so divinely
as we danced to thunder

It all felt like perfection until we fell
bruised knees with muddied hands
betrayed by joy our hearts
screamed for mercy

Surrendering sorrowful tears
hidden by pouring rain
lifting cries to heaven above
pleading for our souls to heal

and here it ends with tears streaming down the faces of love~

with memories forever making us laugh or cry~
you can't lie to me
i saw you crying
the smeared mascara under your eyes
your eyes red and full of tears
don't think i didn't see
i asked you if you were okay
and you said yes
but you're really not that fine
i know how it feels
crying in school
then pretending you're alright
when people ask if you're okay
it happens to me
every so often
you just have to lie
and say you're alright
i know you're not fine
Becca 2d
I need to ***** my tears
into the black hole of the void
You cannot heal me
for I am not a broken soul.
My spirit carries heavy burdens
but my colours never dull.

Pointed torches in my face
this light, it hurts my eyes.
I was led alone, I sobbed
thinking no one heard my cries.

I smile in the face of the enemy
and laugh in the face of a friend.
It is not that I am lying
but that I must pretend.
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