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Chase Pamplin Sep 10
Beyond the matters I was guided through disasters. Every tear was due to fear, all the pain, every scrape equals a hefty amount of blood stains. No games we’re all human, we’re all built different but equally the same. What a shame to not see the difference! Our actions and words determine the reference, our backs are always on the wall, heads down because we are constantly on the defense. What position do I play? What’s the role of the day? Living in a illusion every day. What’s that they always say? Stay strong........but how can I nowadays?

Kashish Aug 19
Everything had crumbled into ruins
When I lost everyone I once called mine
It seemed I almost had no grip over life
There was no drive, no hope to rise back and shine
Not until I bowed my head down;
In front of the almighty god, the divine
And he blessed me with a basket full of hope
Once shrouded in fog, my life is now full of alacrity and I cannot decline.
Kashish Aug 16
Every time I felt insecure about us
Every time you stayed away for nights and days
Made me wonder if you still loved me
And you never failed to prove that you do and you always will, in all ways.
Kashish Aug 14
A distant village, far from here
Where people reside with love and care
Untouched by the worldly mayhem
Nothing there is illusory or sham
A corner of heaven it is. My heart lies in peace
It's the only place where loads of endorphins release
Akshita Aug 11
Climate change is real
And everywhere
It haunts our Earth
Every hour of every day

Alas! The nations
Least responsible for it
Tend to suffer
The most
Kashish Jul 26
I desire to soar high
In an iridescent sky
That coruscates variant gleams of light
When looked through different angles
Making me feel,
The same way you do.
Chase Pamplin Jun 12
It’s captivating to watch you think. You refuse to fall like deteriorated minds that use to surround you who can’t float but would rather see you sink. Every breathe you take has airwaves of knowledge in it, I can feel every word you speak. You love yourself, you know yourself, you’ve out grown yourself, indigenous one you haven’t even reached your peak. The trail of footsteps leaves remnants of lights behind you, numbers don’t lie but you don’t let them define you, the heavens do cry for our people and everyday the world reminds you. The fabrics you wear compliments the glow radiating from your skin. Unfortunate eyes belittle you, the hate they carry within. They see you as brown, you hear them talk down, it takes forty three muscles to make a frown, so instead you smile while holding your head up high to let them see a queen rocking her crown. The universe just wanted you to properly bless them.

My queens are out here suffering. Not getting the love they deserve even by our own men. As men we need to do better and show our queens how much they mean to us. Little words of care and love will turn the whole day around.
It is the default setting to hide explicit writings ,
But i don't think they had anything wrong in their writings.

It's written that if you add explicit words in your poems, it will be hidden
And apparently there are too many poems which are explicit word-ridden.

Can anyone please tell me what makes a poem explicit writing
A poem is a description of people's feelings and fighting.

I am really confused for I don't know if this poem will be hidden or not
But I think I am gonna give it a shot .

This setting has hidden so many writes  from me
And when I asked the poets why ,
there was no answer found to be .

Now it is my humble request if anyone will answer my question
This thing already has all of my attention .
I have not been able to read a lot wonderful poet's work because of this setting. The problem is that this setting is default and hence I didn't know that I was missing out on so much . When I asked the poets about this , sadly I didn't get any answers . Anyone who has information regarding this and who can help me on this matter is more than welcome to share their advice.
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