she gave her best
but it wasn't enough
she gave her everything
still, it wasn't enough

her trust got destroyed
her heart got broken
all that she have
is totally shattered

i look for you
in crowded places
but all i can see
are unknown faces
wondering where you are
maybe you're somewhere far
even now i'm feeling blue
you don't even have a clue
keeping our memories together
though i can't have you forever

Harsh Sandhu Apr 6

U left me
As well as forgot my innocence
I hold the pain
As well pen!

Vihan Apr 1

The mind;
It is a castle full of thoughts
The lonely bag of desires;

The power, greater than the machines
A friend, of the books, quotes and scripts;

An ambition, higher than the mountains
A breeze, feeling in the dawn inside my veins;

The wealth of our greatest imaginations
And health of the artistic bodies and souls;

The mind, Tool of an abundant energy over control
From destroying to rule the world with love and joy.

Quettevio Mar 15

my kind of guy is quiet, sort of,
my kind of guy wears long-sleeve striped shirt,
my kind of guy has voice so warm and encouraging it makes me feel brave,
my kind of guy listens to ed sheeran and sam smith and knows i love kelly clarkson,
my kind of guy wears black shoes on daily basis like a charm,
my kind of guy gives me a bottle of water when i was dehydrated without i even realized,
my kind of guy saves the hardest thing for himself,
my kind of guy sacrifices his own freedom for a friend,
my kind of guy is ambitiously calming,
my kind of guy babbles non-sense and laughs at his own jokes,
my kind of guy receives a scholarship and is an internal field coordinator at student council,
my kind of guy loves to listen to people like it's the bestest thing to do,
my kind of guy has the kindest eyes and smile so endearing, the kind of smile that doesn't take away your breath but grows the even bigger smile on your face,

my kind of guy is him,
my kind of guy is the kind of guy
i don't deserve.

blxodorchid Mar 15

Used to be that one friend
The one you'll look up to
Whenever you need a safe space
I know everything about you

But that was before
Before you leave me like a fool
I'm not here for the part two
Just to stand for the truth

Am I hurting?
This is something I used to
Am I immune?
Yes to the pain from people like you

‪Living with the heartbreak, the one to blame
Left behind far away, no one remembers her name
Only will be heard when she's left this place

This is something I used to;

being used.


I'm used to it.
Afiqah Mar 9

I took an unfamiliar trip
way down under to bendemeer st. today
which later,
got me slowly stirred by
one of my old dreams
that strangely took place right there
the tellings of it all says,
they’re probably a small visual part of our future
it’s unusually kind of erratic at how
wicked my brain could keep such delusions
and I could bloody swore I wasn’t
wildly straying off in that foreign place alone since
it now seems to have you,
as well


Afiqah Mar 8

I like to believe that
no matter how
fearfully replaceable things could be,
this almost heart had once held
little storms weighed under thunders in your veins
to let us grow and toss away
those days we overly sanked
from old wounds and turned turtle
was the most beautiful things I've ever
taken an oath to and yet,  
it's pretty wild
to be the strange, selfless one
to unforget such love


My forgiving bones
yearn to be

My tattered heart
aches to be

Frozen quakes ripple
across a charred body
that never should have been

Afiqah Mar 5

I shifted my bed
to the side of the window
and began to hold my heart subtly
in a fist, once night falls
I could cite and pore over
to the sound of dusk
everything else became somewhat gawky
the minute
I witnessed all these meant
I need to replace the daisies draping
over the lace curtains
to forget-me-nots then perhaps,
this almost heart would sigh
a little less bluely


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