Amanda 9h
You were the one who said goodbye
With hurtful actions, not your voice
Stop acting like I wanted to leave
Long before I walked away you made the choice.
You are so good at playing the victim.
Aa Harvey 14h
Coincidence is the hope of a non-believer.

Living in a house, in the middle of nowhere,
No noise, no commotion, just lots of fresh air.
Oh isn't this the life? A perfect holiday;
A perfect time, to get away.

The sad dark man with no hope in his soul,
Has now finally found, what he is looking for.
You’re not looking for love, but it's jumped up and bitten you.
How do I know this?  Because it's bitten me too;
But you are the cause for me being bitten.
Once shy; now forever smitten.

Speaking is hard and thinking is harder when you are high,
But I've been thinking of you, since I said my goodbyes.
Awaiting the day I see you and your peacock feathers raised high;
Every colour of the rainbow is all I see in your eyes.

It was hard to say goodbye, because I wanted to stay with you,
But if our future is together,
It's something I'll have to get used to;
But complications, have built a wall between us.
Only together can we bring it down,
If in each other we truly trust;
But you’re not looking for love, so what’s a brother to do?
I can't simply find someone else, when all I think about is you.

If you would let me in, to open your mind
And let you embrace darkness, you wish to find;
As well as the bright white shining light, you have followed,
Then two of us then, shall shine together.

The darkness has now passed and we’re addicted to the sun.
We love this warm weather; we love to have fun.
We love unbridled passion and satisfaction.
Can this just be a coincidence?  
Or is it just an undeniable attraction?

You make my heart purr, like a cat with the cream.
I love to sleep each night and meet you in my dreams.
It's a shame you only want, some fun and a fling,
For now I must leave and go do the whole mundane love thing.

(C)2006 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amanda 16h
When it is all said and almost done
When you are through with me and have had your fun
You will not be able to look me in the eyes
Burdened down with the weight of your lies

Dark secrets you refused to show
And heavy guilt you carry in tow
Will be way too much for your soul to bear
Goodbye will kill whatever love remains there
Love is powerful
Quoth the Raven...

I found solace in those words,
every day for the past year.
PC, you have been my solace,
my notebook,
my home,
and I can't bring myself to hide this
in poetic confusion
and metaphors.

and everything that you are,
are sinking into the void
that holds only trolls
and phrases that barely pass
as poetry.

Your colors are fading,
no matter how fast
a select few of us
try to paint them back.

God, I'm so sorry I couldn't do more.
I poured my heart and soul
into you, and yet
it wasn't enough.
Why couldn't I be enough?


I know that's not fair.
I know you hold so many
beautiful people with beautiful minds.
People who spin feelings
into such perfect words,
people who are slightly
(or more so) insane
but all the best people are.

This was originally a goodbye letter.

But honestly,
I couldn't make myself do it.

A girl who found a home
in your insanity
A letter to a favorite writing app of mine.
imai 1d
white petals have bloomed
in the sky
as i waited for you.

  the Sun has gone down,
  it could not wait,
  but i waited for you.

    i asked Time to stand still,
    it did not wait,
    not for you.

     it seems as though the
     world still carries on,
     even when every part of me
     aches for you.

   as i wait,
   i’ll think of an endless number
   of ways to get
   through you

  let me see you
  one last time,
  underneath the lonely
  deep blue

let me tell you
i love you
before you
lay with somebody new

let me hold you
on our last moment,
our final
thoughts of a lover preparing to bid farewell.
natalia 1d
she was
as healthy as a baby
when she woke up
she was as optimistic
as a child
as she walked the paths
that could be the
next thing to death
but every time
she slept
she was as sickly
as an old woman suffering
from a disease
for she sniffed,
her eyes puffy
wishing that she never woke up once more
and it was always the cycle
she wasn't the problem
the people were
but she always thought
she was the problem
so one night
she didnt want to be sick anymore
and it was one moment
that time had to close his eyes
for a sad girl living in a sad world
and a knife
wasnt always a good combination.
4/22/18 10:50 PM im tired
my thoughts
get scrambled
alphabet soup
poured in a blender
pulsed for three seconds

yet still letters

now pour that in a bowl

a jumbled mess
the only utterance
made out
the only thing that sticks





 ­                      cause






        com­eback pls!
why am I like this now.
Honey, sweet fresh warm smooth

You're my bee and I'm your flower
I love you more with each passing hour
The bee to my bloom
The sun to my moon
The sound of your voice is my favorite tune

Buzzing with life
I warm to your touch
I need you to know I love you so much
There's never a morning or an end to a night
Where I don't think of you before I turn out the light

I love when you smile I love your big hugs
I love when you're thinking and I love your smirks and your shrugs
You give me a look and it gives my heart a tug

I know sometimes I seem only covered with thorns
But when I'm without you my heart is torn
When you hurt I hurt
If you push me away I'll always return

Our lives are heading in different directions
But you'll always hold my deepest affections
You can laugh at my stupid rhymes all you want
but I hope you read them to pass you the time when I'm gone

Don't ever feel lonely or scared or abandoned
Through the dark times I'll remain a close companion

I love you, peach
Wherever you are my love will always reach
No matter how far, or difficult the road
You'll always be my bee and I'll always be your rose
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