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Zywa Nov 20
Back in the Garden

of Love, I walk around lost --

among gravestones.
Poem "The Garden of Love" (1789, William Blake), set to music in 2003 by Jacob ter Veldhuis ('Jacob TV'), performed by Lichtbende in the Organpark on November 17th, 2023

Collection "org anp ark" #319
Zywa Nov 17
I left her behind,

'See you tomorrow', I thought --

it would be okay.
Poem "antie Gerty, suster Kamfer, antie Trui" ("aunt Gerty, sister Kamfer, aunt Trui", 2016, Ronelda Kamfer)

Collection "Home sea"
Kyla Nov 15
I know it is time to let this go
And that right there hurts me so.
My heart is breaking,
My head is aching.
I should have known from the start
To listen to my head and not my heart.
I shouldn't have let it go this long,
Because I knew it was so wrong.
But you brought me on this crazy ride
Which I really couldn't just slip aside.
And you brought me to a place
That made my heart race.
I'm writing this so I can let you go
And just so that you know
My feelings for you were real
But I can't keep letting myself feel
Because it's all too much to take in
And makes my whole world spin.
Without you here to tell your story
It makes me feel so sorry
But I can't keep feeling this way
Knowing it may never go my way
Just remember You had me at hi
And now I've got you at goodbye...
Sombro Nov 12
And thus she went
Leaving behind her the many kind words
And lingering hopes that make all good things seamless,
But which fade like her perfume in places she slept.

When I saw her face disappear
Behind mirroring train reflections
I saw those who stared when we waved
Caught in the crossfire of our connection.

They should know, as all should, how
Our iron-clad love is feather armour
Marking a true knight of the cloth
The world's spasms worn about our backs with many gold brooches.

Such it is to be anointed, to filter all out
With your inestimable standards
Held high for those to see
How much she loves me.
Saying goodbye to a loved one
tumbledry Oct 23
our time short lived
your curves unmatched
a definite favorite ride
I’ll carry your caress
and thrumming beat
in my journey with
each step of my feet
thank you
for healing something
i didn’t know I needed
I’m sorry they broke you
rest easy with your next partner
hope the ******* who stole our ginger ale chokes on the not so great fruit snacks lol
James Study Oct 14
arthritic hands search the fretboard
finding chords that hurt the least
the old guitar brings a toothless grin
then we sneak a sip of whiskey
i cannot, cannot carve myself
into a stone; as a mind set in stone
and all of it's memories, are made of gold
as i'm buried in the dark,
like all of the seeds of my words
i spread so many in the world, hoping
one day some wisdom would grow
longing of a day, a day
that I find my composition as a poem
but what is even a poem,- a piece of
writing; i'm a piece nowadays, with an addiction
to a scanty diction
an imagery i myself pretend to imagine,
and a passing time of passion in a tone
of passive

it's me. no it's we,
it's they who try to be them
it's all of us; related- but our words'
seem not to be so relative,
these days i a poet cannot, cannot relate
to my very own poems .....  ......
Phia Oct 8
I gave you
A piece of me
Under the impression
That you
Would put a piece of you
Back in its place.
But time and time again,
I am left wanting.
And alone
With nothing left
To give
Getting some feelings out. I am so sick of people leaving. I can’t do it anymore
Phia Oct 2
One by one
the list gets longer.
Promises of continuity
turn into emotional tourism.
The word "goodbye"
has built a permanent home
behind my teeth.
But despite the familiarity,
I am still left with a bitter taste.
Alone, I choke on the silence
as I sit in the presence
you once filled
wondering what the hell
is so wrong with me
that no one ever stays
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