do we always
have to say goodbye?
Why do
great things
also have to
Tegan 10h
Even when you were pouring poison down my throat,
I wanted to believe that it was medicine,
Because it was you.

Even when my back was broken,
I would’ve carried you,
Because it was you.

Even though there wasn’t space in my heart,
I harboured you inside my chest,
And loved you.

And when my body collapsed,
and my mind was lost,
you were nowhere to be seen.

were you ever there?
If only had one chance to a say farewell to you my darling but knowing now what I didn't a year
That you were dying and this was to be the very last farewell I would held you my arms and never to let you
go kissed your sweet and tender lips and begged to
never leave me for I was frightened to face life all alone
And wish I could have gone with you my love so I didn't have remain In this life here all alone one last farewell to my
But know this will n
  ever be, but It will never stop me from dreaming to where I hope I'll say my last and final farewell to
you there
Having never got to say my final farewell hope at least to
dream of you to where I can say my final farewell
Haylin 2d
At least say something.
Please don't leave without saying
It causes me pain that you won't have to
But don't make me wonder,
Did I do something wrong?
Andrea 3d
Say goodbye to the tyrants
Hello to lifelong companions
Love can be a cozy dream
It’s not what makes your soul scream

The pull can be strong
But I’ve known all along
I’ve settled for less
Just be done with this test

He’s not gonna change
I’m always to blame
Game player for sure
My mind has been lured

We’d dance the night away
My foolish heart was in the way
Such beautiful moments we had
A contrast to reality that’s so sad

I know I’ve been hurting
I know he’s been lurking
Unwilling to leave me alone
So I can build up my home

Build it inside out
Let love be the route
This is my castle
I’m done with the hassle

You made me think I needed you
We both know deep down this isn’t true
The glitz, the glam, the talent I am
Is greater than false promises from a sham

I will shine brighter on my own
Less verbal stabs felt on the phone
Your words pierce deeply as a knife
Condescending tones create such strife

Keep your wood so I can extinguish this fire
All I want is true love and desire
Your vile nature slithers to and fro
You say you wear love, but that’s gotta go

You must find your truth within
Or you’ll only keep spreading sin
Taking others down that dark hole
Only fueled with envy and control

I must fill my mind with peace, not fear
Drama no longer may linger here
My anxiety is lessening
My thoughts are done wrestling

I’ve made my choice
I’ve found my voice
I’m moving on with sun in my soul
I’ll dance this off and live up to my goal
This is an original piece I wrote after a final breakup... enough back and forth, I finally found my worth!
enjoy your life
before it's time
to say goodbye

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
tumblr: wordsbykatrina.tumblr.com
I think about the things we’ve said
The words that echo in my head
The promises.
The time we met I held your hand
I thought it always be this way
I was wrong
I’d never want to erase
Our memories
Or think that you would want
The same
Antio sas
My sweet dame
This is me saying
No màs, my friend
Ive given up
On our love
that wasn’t there
I was so wrong
Ike 4d
You are no longer part of
My world
Your name has been
I unmake this bond
I do not see you
I will not see you.

There is a hole in my heart
That cannot be made whole again
Because you were uncarved
And I'm ok with it.
One can only long so much
I do not beg

You are undone and absolute
This road is not a path
I am not sorry
I am happy
Without you.

This is not goodbye
This is silence
And I wish for it to
Cut deep.

I offer you peace
Without me
Carry on or not
I am now unexistence
and you are not part of my world.
I know it’s been a while
Since we’ve been able to talk.
I’ve been waiting here
While you’re already gone.

We both said some things
I’m sure we’ve thought about.
But no amount of thought
Can undo what’s come to pass.

I lie awake at night
Remembering our love,
The passion that it fed
And the troubles that it caused.

I wish I could have stopped you
From tearing it apart.
But wishes can’t always come true
And I think that’s why I lost you.

If only I had said goodbye.
Jane 6d
you. you get inside my head.
you like it in there, it feels like home.
you belong in there,
and i'm sorry, but i must ask you to leave.

you. you ****** this up.
you ****** me up, and i can't fall back.
you don't need me,
and i need to find a way to move on.
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