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Heera 8h
You never said goodbye

So i like to believe

There is more to it

Than what appears...
Thorns 9h
I take hold of the black cord I wear around my neck

I never take it off, for when I need it I know it will be there

Either one of my hands has a grip on it

And I pull tight and hold my breath

Soon I won't even have to breath

Then I black out slowly...

I'm fading into black

Into the darkness

I'm falling

I want to see him smile though that means I have to leave...
If I don't write anything soon, then I'm long gone. Goodbye...
A broken promise, but never made.
The wedding ring, but never worn
A touch done too many others.
The love given too many men.
A dream of happiness, never fulfilled.
Her last words "I love you"
My last words "Where are you?

- L. Andrade
Promises that were never named, but were broken.
I think I'm gonna take another break,
this time I mean it and it will last longer
than a day. I don't know if I'll start again,
honestly, I don't know if I can. So until I
figure this life out I guess this is goodbye.
Ffimax 1d
I'm so scared that you love me more than I love you
My heart, soul and eyes are aching
I'm all busted up too
How can I say this without breaking?

In the ember of love, you're my light
Where the darkness is in me, I want you by my side
Even though you're lighting other candle
I'm still the one who's ready to cuddle

But my room is a wrong place to think about you
I know that I love you so
If this is the right thing to do
I love you enough to let you go

I've been strong enough to fight for us
Strong enough or just enough
And after all this years,
I finally said my goodbye.
He created The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man.
Stan Lee has died and it has devastated millions of his fans.
He also created The Fantastic Four.
But he didn't stop there, he created even more.

Fans are sad because he didn't survive.
But he did have a long life, he was 95.
If it wasn't for him, the X-Men wouldn't exist.
He was loved by many and he will be missed.
Dedicated to Stan Lee (1922-2018) who died on November 12, 2018.
One More Kiss
by James Foley

So one more kiss and then it's over?
We'll say goodbye, goodbye forever?
Though each of us could find some other
Lover, we'd never rediscover
Those fiery hours that once were ours,
If our love ends, if it's all over.

But let our wanderlust recover:
Living to rove and loving roving,
Living to love and loving loving.
Couldn’t we set out, our hearts on fire
To reach the land of heart’s desire,
Where love won't end? It's never over?

Beyond blue seas we'd find new Floridas
Where panthers' eyes shine in the flowers.
Then go again: no bounds, no end.
Just go and go, and never know,
Like careless rivers, where we go:
In love forever, never over.

James Foley
Verses from the past: the love did last.
Tell me you don’t **** with that ****.
Babe, tell me you don’t.
Tell me you don’t need another hit.
Babe, tell me you don’t.

I thought I was enough
I thought you could change for me
you wouldn’t get rough
with yourself anymore.

I became someone new
So that we could start a life,
me and you.
I got good, I thought you did too
But you’re still in the hood
of addiction
Should I stay and help you through
this affliction

We’ve done it all before
Should I stick around once more
‘Cause I’ll tell you now
I’m done picking you up
Like your mother
I’m your girl, not another
enabling brother

I love you, I do
I just need more than half of you
So that I can prove to myself
That I'm not walking back into ****
With no exit plan
And no escape route
Except a ****** man and a raincoat
There was a time
when the sight of your lips
made me want to **** you
inside bar bathrooms
and atop the kitchen counter.
Those days are now gone,
and I no longer have any desire
to own you. There is nothing
remaining inside to give or say.
So I will walk away
alone, upon tired sidewalks
to never love again.

—Ron Gavalik
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