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Guden Aug 5
In the vacuum of that kiss,
Those hugs
At all the terminals
Of farewells.

In that void
What you be to me,
Lost in traducción,
Is transformed
In adiós.

Our bond
Of foods
And looks.
Smiles and rubs.
Is gone.

You're not in my day,
I don't wait for you on Sundays
I don't think of you
At the rink,
At the club,
In my arms.

Entre emociones
No te hagas responsable
De las mías,
Demasiada empatía
Es peligrosa.
LostinJapan Jun 9
sometimes I picture you
on epic adventures
battling to save the world
maybe lost in time
with no battery or reception
fighting to get back home
to wrap me in your arms
and tell me all about it

it’s more comforting
dressing you up as a hero
shining and beautiful
charming and loving
as you always were
denying the reality
that you walked away
without looking back
aviisevil Jul 30
misery finds me
   the common bird

perched upon
   branches of autumn

waiting over me
   such an old friend

hidden herein
   casket of heavy air

how i wish to embrace
her edges

with what little is left
of me

that wants to stay

Zywa Jul 23
You put on some thin

farewell words, with a vague smile --

you left shivering.
"Zoals je binnenkwam en dag zei" ("The way you came and and said hi", 1969, Herman de Coninck)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 60s and 70s"
Tran Thuy Anh Jul 19
If this is it,
don’t tell me so.
I just want
to breathe you in
for infinite moments
Descovia Jul 14
Choose your ending for your story.

You get right or you do right pick one

Everyone thinks there's no other option given.

It may seem selfish. I am not able to be fair to bare this.  I am careless.

This is it. Where the writing stops. Conjuring of spells. They were called poems right? Good times. Bad times. All of time comes to meet an end.


It's not your fault. You are more than my everything. I am tired. You give me strength to carry on. Sometimes, everything I do is not enough. Do not place your values in materialistic things. Your values and morals are worth more. Its important, how air is essential to life.

I will miss everything. While watching it all burn.

I am tired of pain in my face. I am tired of the weights on my hearts.

My soul is anchoring me to everything, I was scared of. I thought I would be. Rewind the good back to the worse things.

I can feel all of the world is reversing....
Tears in my eyes, I am letting everyone I love down
My love is dangerous and it all hurts me....
I'll be happy when the sun drowns.....

Red. Black. White fire. I never knew how to properly use these abilities.
I bleed out the negativity for an exchange of holiness.

Don't do this to yourself please. You're a father....YOUR SON NEEDS YOU

I will miss these simple things, the wind on my skin. Nature singing through the trees. Unconditional love. My soul is riddled with so much hatred towards my mistakes. I am sorry for my everything not being enough. I hope you can save this world without my spells.

I never meant to condemn you. Life and death fought for ages for me. It is meaningless, it can carry my soul away. I am just a person. I am nothing more. The light. The dark. The balance that gave me life to reality.  My belief in you, mattered more than any pain. Please, forgive me....

I must step in the circle. To exchange what is desperately needed. May these prayers save this world.

Dust to ash
I will love you until nothing is left of me
I am sorry
Rasha Joie C Jul 8
How do I stop liking you?
How do I stop talking to you?
How do I stop caring about you?
How do I stop longing for you?
Maybe, just maybe...
I'll learn how to dance on my own.
Maybe, just maybe...
I'll forget about your face and voice.
Maybe, just maybe...
I'll just remember those days when I was happy with you.
Maybe, just maybe...
I'll learn to let you go.
Tinder link from Turkey
You fly off
Head held high

Soaring through disarray
Cutting a clear path straight down the middle of the chaos

Reaching unbelievable

Past cloud 8
All the way to 9 and 10
Because cloud 9 wasn't good enough for you
Zywa Jun 26
It takes a while
before it will be over
with room for someone else
For now it is too empty

where you have always been
People soon forget that
when we have a chat
and laugh at something small

Your mother is great
She does what she can do
so without a man
You know the drill

the neighbour mows the lawn
He's really old
time and again he asks
where you have gone

But if I had known it beforehand
I would just as well have been in love
just as well be that woman
still in love with you
Album "Watertown" (1970, Jake Holmes, sung by Frank Sinatra): "For a While", "Michael & Peter" and "I Would Be in Love (Anyway)"

Collection "Reaching out"
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