The second cold night,
She heard no wind making sound
Left her with the noise of silence
And her poor broken heart,
Left to be scattered apart.

By the day has come,
Her heart is nowhere to be found
As the night has brought her along with its soul.
Oftentimes I feel
Like I'm stuck
You drift away
Move to another day
And on this plane I'm struck
By pain like cold hard steel
And you stop drifting
You start walking
Outrunning reality
And me?
So it all fell apart again
My search history is full of numbers to overdose on
Maybe now it's the end
After all, I'm the irrational one
The world "revolves around me"
I think this time I'm done
The shattered pieces of my life slice deep
No one cares anymore how I feel
Every night recently I've cried myself to sleep
There is no point in trying to "prove them [everyone] wrong"
My heart has grown heavy and I see nothing to smile about
Regardless they'll still play my Funeral March song
And as they carry me away and into the ground
There will be music and my voice will ring in their minds
I will hear the cries screaming so loud
Mom, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, mon ami, did I ever make you proud?
The beauty of Chopin and Beethoven in their minor keys is that the chords on the piano or the harmonics of the violin soothe my sorrowful soul with singing symphonic melodies that capture my sadness in a sometimes simple tune
To those who see this, will you tell them I never left a note?
I couldn't devote the time or bring myself to write to them a final goodbye
I want them to hang on to what ever words I last spoke to them
I want tears shed over my cheap gravestone that my parents didn't want to spend good money on
Especially for someone who was dead
Because they knew I couldn't complain if I never saw it
I want the "annoying" songs I used to play for them on the piano to fill their hearts with pain every time they hear them
I want the nostalgia and longing for me to linger in every lucid dream
I want my straight A report cards to receive a mere "good job" even if posthumously
There is pain in the most beautiful things in life
My eyes sparkle the most when I cry the hardest
The vibrant green becomes even more vivid with each swelling crystal drop
Tell them I was finally able to do something correctly
That I was finally able to succeed and go through with it
Tell them to wipe their tears with my lavender scented t-shirts
Tell them my love of pink and black was the weirdest thing about me
Although we know that wasn't quite the weirdest
Tell them whenever they see a butterfly or a flower or an animal crossing the street, that I would've shed a tear for its natural beauty
Tell them I tried my hardest to keep up with the rigor of life
Tell them that eventually every car runs out of gas
Tell them that the song, even if on repeat, will always end the same
Tell them to read my favourite books and try to understand why I loved the literature so much
Tell them not everyone is cut out for life and that sometimes people break and can't do it anymore
Towards the end my heart only struck dissonant chords
My fingers bled trying to pull the piano wire back into its proper position
I just wanted to be happy but the major chords and the consonance were out of reach
With my stick straight back I tried to fix the broken keys but nothing seemed to stay in place
I wonder what will happen now when I close my eyes and enter a deep sleep
Will I meet God or the Devil himself?
Or will it be just that... sleep
So many thoughts and so little time for me to complete them
The hourglass pours the sands of time too quickly now
The blurring ceiling sways in patterns, then up and down
I reach my hand to the sky as I lay on the ground
My tears cascade into the watery red pool around me
I don't want to bring this to an end
You who read this are my only friend
I said I'm tired and I should sleep
But you didn't know I meant I'd forever be done counting sheep
The moment I slip into an unconscious state
Saving me will already be too late
Play on repeat Chopin
Tell me how the song makes you feel now versus then
And only silence remained
As her tears still rained
And her last fleeting breath was drained
Megan 22h
i have so much to say to you,
and i want to see you again,
but you said that we are through,
you said we can’t be friends.

now i lay awake through the night,
and i am thinking of you again,
wishing you would hold me tight,
struggling to forget our conversation.

it shouldn’t have ended like this,
but you deserved more,
i then gave you one last kiss,
you didn’t love me anymore.
savs 1d
i think we were never meant to be together,
if you are one of those who believe in destiny

friendship wasn't our thing
but romantic love was too much for you to handle
and i couldn't stay knowing that all i would get was broken promises and an old piece of clothing

perhaps we will have wonderful lifes,
and hopefully, we won't cross paths again

it sounds kind of awful, but is it really?

you brought beautiful memories
but they couldn't overcome the bad

and maybe, if we were meant to be in some parallel time-space
we would have disappointed fate
because even though i was good at staying when i got hurt
you were the best at being bad for me
when i just wanted to feel adored
the concrete beneath our feet
turned to shag rugs peeking between
our toes.

headlights from a passing car
illuminate what is already clear
as you pull my waist in closer.

music drifts in the background
as words unspoken
spark creation under the soft
sounds of our eyes meeting.
have you ever wanted someone to stay so badly that simple goodbyes make you ache?
Seema 2d
Walking with you, talking
Smiling, hand in hand
I recall those days of ours
And how it all came to an end

You'd never known my heart
The million things it had for you
But soon came the day, I realised
My love was not enough for you  

A peace breakup, was a great deal
That brimmed my eyes with tears
Pierced my heart with infinite thorns
Gone are the days, and so has the years

Just mist of faded memories linger
With time and again gone in flames
Nothing of feel is left to feel
Burning down, kissing flames

Dancing on thorns, it tickles my veins
No more pain is left to endure
Eyes drained, like draught of rain
I am out of breath to ensure

Living is no regret or sly guilt
Moments come and pass by
Lifting my spirit once more
I bid you, a thousand goodbye...

Fictional write. Spilling imagination.
We were just two people
Lost in each other's hearts
trying to regain the trust
We had so painfully lost
We were just two people
Missing the strength to walk away
And say goodbye
For the very last time
We were just two people
Dancing to each other's heart beats
trapped in each other's mind
To never escape
For we were just two people
Lost in love
Talia 2d
you called me another womans name
who is she?
she has the same name as the girl who was contacting you
all this time
you cheated on me, I know it
so please get out of my head
please get out of my life
i never want to see your face ever again
or hear your voice, the sound that shattered my heart
so please
I beg of you
get out
Talia 2d
from the start
I should've saw your mischievous heart
Like the girl who talked to you when we were eating lunch
"But, you said you had a crush on me." she exclaimed, yet I didn't have a hunch.

you're.. a player.

I should've saw any sign.
but slowly the shards of painful memories pass by that I find
you took two girls to the homecoming dance,
but before that, we had our first romance
why did I trust you to be loyal
maybe because I was blinded with love and was treated royal
there was too many signs...
Like the messages I saw on your phone when I checked the time,
that person calling you the same loving names you wanted me to call you?
her name, "Alaina?"
You convinced me it was just a "role-play" and I didn't see any red flags?
I just wanted to believe you loved me
the girl's name, Alaina
...who is Alaina?
From the very start I checked the time on your phone. I asked, "who's Alaina?"
"she's just a friend."
as months go by, you start calling me Alaina more and more.
you didn't even notice.
I strongly believe she wasn't just a friend the entire time.
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