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Amanda 3d
Is it fire seen flickering in your eyes?
Calls out to me in the frozen midnight hour
Mistaking your raging inferno for warming embers
Hate discovering how wrong I was

You body was hot to the touch
Your passion lit my soul in scorching flames
Our love was fire

But inside your chest your heart was black and charred
Fire is beautiful to look at but painful to feel
Daksh 4d
Stars, hearts and anything beautiful
Are when seen close
Burning, broken, and fragile

Anything that's beautiful dear
Is destructive
Like Flowers and spikes
You and me

It's not what you are dear
It's what you choose to be
And when you are broken beautifully
I'll come close
To sacrifice myself
Please be warned everyone to be on your guard when dealing with this person, Marie Lewis from Elgin on Facebook Marketplace or anywhere else. She obviously has something wrong with her. She sold me an item recently, namely a shell type Art Deco lamp and claimed it was genuine. It turned out to be both fake and broken. When this was pointed out to her Lewis became extremely abusive and threatening sending me endless messages containing increasingly vitriolic abuse termed in illiterate pidgin English which is apparently her usual style. I have counted circa 18 such messages since I first expressed my concerns to her. She could not even spell her own postal address properly and it's difficult to comprehend her broken English. I believe that she has treated other people this way. I stand by my claim that this item is fake and if it is genuine as she claims then she is guilty of selling an item belonging to an endangered species a matter that will have to be reported to the authorities. I thought there was something wrong with this person when she sent the fake item to me wrongly addressed and before I could even pay for it. I had only expressed an interest in this item. She subsequently sent me demands for money couched in threatening terms. I will now have to send this item back to this person who even mispelt her own address which I had to research again. She continues to send me abusive messages and photos and unfortunately has my private address. Be warned everyone! Jack in Perthshire.
Please be warned everyone regarding this person, Marie Lewis she is dangerous
It began with a fiery passion
   Formed deep in the earth
      Where heat raged against pressure
         But it was a love that possessed
            Too much pressure
               That burst at the seams
                  From the very depths
                     Of an ancient volcano
                        And unleashed a rain of ash and smoke
                           Now these two lovers are
                              Free falling
                                 And winding
                                    They clash against the water
                                 In the heat of a riptide
                              Yanking back and forth
                           Until the water threatens
                        To drown their lungs
                     But a wave of sorrow
                  Carries them
            And completely exhausted
         Onto the beach
      Where coarse sand is their bed
   And salty water
Is replaced by salty tears
                                                           ­              As a storm begins to form
On the black and white horizon
What doesn't **** you
makes you dangerous.
©2018 by VenjencieCliftonAronold
helena alexis Nov 24
her tongue is a serpent
slithering slowly into my mouth
careful not to let the poison touch me

she tastes dangerous like smoke
and breath mints

i can feel her pumping through my veins,
coursing through my heart

she is now a part of me
Efa Nuryani Nov 16
Me, my dear
The complex melody of rain and thunder
of sin and danger
Rippling infallible chords to your soul
annihilating your self-control.

Evenoer. 2018
divinity m Oct 26
You light up my sky
brighter than lightning does.

But you're even more dangerous
when you strike.
I've been obsessed with storms lately cause it hasn't stormed in foreverrrr and i miss it
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