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I fell in love with a player
Which screamed danger
But I feel for the charming words they used
Everything about them is adorable… but I guess I’ve been used.

But now i try to distance myself from you
Because I know deep down you don’t feel the same. It maybe hard to do but I’m gonna give it my best shot as I’m playing games with my own heart.

But I don’t know if I can out live this one
It’s getting bad for my health
When I fall in love
I become obsessed.

it all controls me.

All my insecurities exposed,
my anxieties
come out of obscurity.

For rejection, unrequited love
and deceptions,
I have no immunity.

But falling in love requires false expectations.
Chrissy Ade May 18
You've taken a step into dangerous territory
Unbeknownst to your wide, naïve eyes
You're heading into a deep abyss
Where only the lucky have survived
Before you proceed any further
I will give you this warning now
I'm utterly and dangerously fragile
And my patience is running out
My warning signs are on full display
For those who dare on this journey
Caution is written everywhere
So that I know you won't take this lightly
I see the longing looks you're giving
And I can tell you see me as a challenge
Your cockiness will lead to your missteps
A guarantee I experience irrevocable damage
You think you will treat me different
But I know you'll ignore the signs I carry
There's no easy way to let my guard down
When your intentions with me make me wary
You continue to walk into dangerous territory
Unbeknownst to your wide, naïve eyes
Foolishly, you jumped into the deep abyss
But you were not lucky enough to survive
Watch your step
I'm split in two...
Entangled in my mind...
As Two forces Collide,
A predicament that should be so very simple
Yet far from simple is it

I know what I should do and
I know what I desire to do...
The Two... vastly different

Therefore I do not Know... What I shall do...
Out of fear? Not for myself but for you

For Dangerous things I've done
But in comparison this is beyond those
Because... it won't be me alone exposed

It's a bad idea
I can see it ending with heartache and tears

This might **** me but I know it's time to turn back the dial
I don't want to break your smile

I'm willing to sacrifice mine
And that.... That is fine...
The last of 6 agonizing stages
i wish you came with a red warning,
if you got to this point, go back, forward ain't safe;
If you could get inside my mind,
Youd look for something deep, dark, and dangerous
But I,
I would just look for hope
Illusions of space
Illusions of time
We skillfully handle
In everyday life
Some suffer from
Illusion of knowledge
Worse than ignorance
May result in crime
Handling and convincing them
Giant Devil to fight
Sandoval Dec 2020
Daydreams are

they carry this false

that confuses our anxiety.
Then they leave us,

vulnerable to cope
with our reality.

An ode to daydreamers
Sincerely, a dreamy Pisces ✨
GQ James Nov 2020
I can't get caught in love no more,
Love can get real twisted real quick,
EMOTIONS involved changes everything,
Can't make promises,
Things always happen unexpectedly,
EMOTIONS can get the best of you.

Web of lies get real wicked,
Web of destruction gets real twisted,
Web of love is dangerous,
The webs ties you in deeper and deeper,
Can't help who we get tied into and with,
Our EMOTIONS take over our judgement.

Loving the wrong one can have somewhere you don't wanna be. Loving the wrong way will show you things that you thought you'd never see with your eyes. Love is more fatal than the drugs we take.
Your heart can mislead you,
Follow your mind not your heart.
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