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My face covered by a pink mask
In my openess you cannot bask
Flirting became an impossible task
What's the struggle you may ask?

You cannot see my charming smile
Our hands won't graze even if sterile
Apart from each other we stand a mile
Unmasked me you'll only see on my profile

I cannot punch your arm jokingly
I cannot hug you lovingly
I cannot pat you reassuringly
I cannot be near you willingly

We're like Romeo and Juliet
To each other we are a life threat
I cannot allow such Russian roulette
We cannot be together yet

Covid has destroyed lives, life as we used to know it and.... Love..... 💔
Poetry is a dangerous thing
It can make your head sing
It can make your mind zing

Beware the depths it finds
In our vulnerable minds

Take care how you give
Those words that live

Try to lower down slow
So the spirit doesn’t sink so low

Still the truth it may find
To bridge our connected mind

This is such a responsibility
That I hesitate to test
The effect on life’s fragility
UDID: 9002-1006-1.0.0
Title: Poetry’s A Dangerous Thing
Date: 27 AUG 2020 10:48 BST
Thomas W Case Aug 15
It's always the bat-****, rabid dog
crazy ones that will put up a really
good front when you first meet them.
You're always amazed at how normal they appear.
They are intelligent, hold down jobs, drive Volvo's;
maybe they even have children that they
seem to take care of.  They pay bills,
celebrate holidays and have houseplants.
They might even have a
dog or a cat, or a sickly looking bird in a cage.
But, just underneath the false facade of
lucid smiles, lurks a whack-job from hell.
They make Sybil and Lizzie Borden look
like Mother Theresa.

If you find yourself with one of these
women, don't confront them, it only
makes matters worse, and could prove deadly.
Just smile and nod, and slowly back out
the door.  Don't stop until you see the
Pacific Ocean.  Get in and wash yourself off.
Your safer with the sharks and the riptide.
Colourful tattoos lingered your arms
Showcasing your past
Full of mistakes and moving on
Imprinted me with soothing warmth
Tugging me towards the dangerous art
Falling for you was never the part
Sitting behind those silver bars
Holding us hundred feet apart
Both serving mistakes, they took part
You tearing apart innocence
Me falling for your dangerous art
Carlo C Gomez Jun 24
Fireworks are a blast
Until they go off
In your garage
With you trapped inside
Lara Jun 19
Everybody lies at some point in their life
To protect others
To protect themselves

Lies are supposed to make situations in life easier
But most of the times the lies come to light.
Your protection will become your biggest enemy

Starting a lie starts a Desaster of more upcoming lies

Lies can be dangerous
But still lies are protection

Lies don’t have to be bad all the time
Keeping a secret from someone might be a lie
But a good one

Use lies wisely and don’t get yourself in trouble

Lies can be used as protection
But also protect yourself and others from disappointment because of lies
Mrs Anybody May 19
i was
with fire

i let
tiny flames

and they grew
with time

burning me
just a little bit

but i
to juggle
also check out my other poems!  :)
Anna May 17
Who's the crazy
To climb on the roof of the tallest building
And scream to the whole city
***** this plastic love
And the liquid lovers
Out of the lungs
Feelings are too dangerous
To be taken as something beautiful_
But truth be told
We all love the danger behind the fire.
Maja May 15
What is the most dangerous, between hate and love?
They both makes us blind,
one makes us ignore,
the other makes us find
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